Red Bull KTM

Ken Roczen


#94 Ken Roczen

DoB: 04/29/1994
Height: 1.7 Meters
Weight: 60 Kilos
Hometown: Apolda, Germany
Bike: KTM SX-F 250


Ken is the 2013 AMA 250 West Supercross Champion, and the 2011 World MX 2 Motocross Champion. He’s originally from Germany, and incredibly likeable and talented. Ken’s best racing memory was at the age of 15 when he became the youngest Grand Prix Motocross winner at his home GP in Germany 2009. His advice to young riders is: “Take things easy. Don’t practice or train too much at a really young age, but let it come to you. You’ll know as you get older if you should build more upon your conditioning and training”.

Career Highlights

AMA 250 West Supercross Champion

FIM MX2 World Motocross Champion





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kenroczen94 Sep 2

Adam is a beauty isnt he!?

gringottii Sep 2


erik199 Sep 2


maria26sanchez Sep 2


therealchrisandrews_7 Sep 2

Hell nahhh XD

zjenkins25 Sep 2

Mmmm the taste of dick in the morning

gdubs_18 Sep 2

My eyes😒

brandonpagano Sep 2


spencer_powell2 Sep 2

Hes so dreamy

hayden_alexander91 Sep 2

@adamcianciarulo panty dropper for days ;)

drew_gassner Sep 2

Are y'all like married or something?

adamcianciarulo Sep 2

Booty had me like

dhonick1 Sep 2

Payback`s a bitch. Lol! Frankenrulo!

jt_sanders_ Sep 2


moto.joey Sep 2

😡😡😡 @adamcianciarulo

dennington_17 Sep 2

LolπŸ˜‚ @adamcianciarulo

shelly.507 Sep 2

Omg y'all are funny!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

zach_the_ginger Sep 2

Y'all have a serious bromance lmao @kenroczen94 @adamcianciarulo

julius_mx Sep 2


707_grows Sep 2


babenotincluded Sep 2

So hot right now @adamcianciarulo

crash871 Sep 2


scott_sionni Sep 2

He looks like he needs to take a huge shit after a serious session at Chipotle

thereal_ic_oneal566 Sep 2

@adamcianciarulo Lol perfect

annageorge17 Sep 2

Yes. @jflock67

blang805 Sep 2

#PostChipotle 😡πŸ”₯πŸ’©

jaredwalker27 Sep 2

When she says moto is easy

ed_head818 Sep 2


matteobagnatori6 Sep 2

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you're the best @kenroczen94 @adamcianciarulo

jeff_riccitellimx28 Sep 2

That moment u realize u hit a laced bong

5dollarpizzaplace Sep 2

@kenroczen94 @adamcianciarulo you know sniffing race gas will not make u any faster

lance_131 Sep 2

@adamcianciarulo still won this battle πŸ˜‚

youngtallsmall Sep 2


shelbyyoung21 Sep 2

Cutie😍 @kenroczen94 @adamcianciarulo

natalie_dennis22 Sep 2

Oh that's cute πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

moto.joey Sep 2

Yes he did @lance_131

cesi.11 Sep 2


girls_motocross_94 Sep 2

U r hotter Kenny

hannagirndt_ Sep 2

When the booty game isn't strong

jesse_doodles Sep 2

Haha xD @billa_dilla

flori_jann Sep 2


james_s1990 Sep 2

@nickyelloly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

kenroczen94 Sep 2

out with @adamcianciarulo as a spectator lol with @zimm763 @aldon104

alessandro181yamaha Sep 2

First Like yeahh

mduett211 Sep 2

229th like

morgan.dodsworth Sep 2


woahgrier_ Sep 2

would u guys like an award? @mduett211 @alessandro181yamaha

master_splinturd Sep 2

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elementmx Sep 2

@alessandro181yamaha eat shit u little twerp

master_splinturd Sep 2

I want one @woahgrier_

troy_scoots Sep 2

1,474 like

ksep191 Sep 2

How About those factory suzuki bikes @kenroczen94 you already got a set standing in your garage?

connorfortune Sep 2

Is this coyote?

derekhopkins264 Sep 2

Yeah @connorfortune

connorfortune Sep 2

I wanna go there.... Didn't they change it up @derekhopkins264

rlswifey Sep 2

@kenroczen94 so Ryder and I were making his birthday invitation list yesterday. Out of the blue he says mommy I want Kenny to come!! Lol he's having a BMX party with pros coming to ride ramps if you want to come let me know. At our house! lol

bwiltse155 Sep 2

He's back son!! @austinandrews171

austinandrews171 Sep 2

I know 😈 @bwiltse155

2smokers_4strokers Sep 2

@fartshield @markcampbell707

morgan781 Sep 2

@kenroczen94 hows that florida humidity? it's brutal today

dylantgod Sep 2

Kenny but his autographed jersey for like a gino so you both can help out team canada😏

dylantgod Sep 2


blindbryan Sep 2

@dyelon_the_moonshiner look at that dirt

vollmer59 Sep 2


ksmith_9 Sep 2


fernando_de_oliveira Sep 2

Pika essa

mjensen1984 Sep 2

This looks like paradise

derekhopkins264 Sep 2

Ehh a little but awhile go place still sucks @connorfortune

kenroczen94 Sep 1

@bongsonthings and i having a blast out today

125alyssaneuer Sep 1


rylee_zitterkopf Sep 1


mech4u Sep 1

Man I miss riding those things

cameron.daley Sep 1

@kenroczen94 ur a g

jan_maie Sep 1

Nice πŸ˜ƒ

zachhhh_116 Sep 1

Switched over to Kawi now 😏

jetgirl_777 Sep 1

@bongsonthings k I totally want to come now

amatarazo Sep 1

@emersongodeiro ja queria :(

hawks_1618 Sep 1


tattooish Sep 1

Stand ups are always a good free ride training!! But some more power will not hurt anyone!! @kenroczen94

fnm22 Sep 1

@ipdgraphics @ipdgraphics @ipdgraphics !!!!

aaroncrease Sep 1

@martein_505 lined up next to himπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

brodybell736 Sep 1


jeremy39_ Sep 1

Nothing like riding a bike huh @kenroczen94

martein_505 Sep 1

Ya me and Kenny were shredding today @aaroncrease πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

danielcafferata Sep 1

You need to turn this thing into a limited. Factory Dry Pipe and a head from @kommanderind would do the trick! Plus some graphics from @lg1designs

fatcat_593 Sep 1

@alexjetskieur @plb_916 Γ§a Γ§a marche !!!!

aaroncrease Sep 1

@kenroczen94 you rippinum with my friend @martein_505 sendin it for days huh?πŸ˜‚

hugoceotto Sep 1

I practise jet ski

hugoceotto Sep 1

In the vacances

nleroy22 Sep 1


paytonbrown18 Sep 1


alexjetskieur Sep 1

@plb_916 @fatcat_593 jet de gay yamaha forever !!! <3

mxriderandhisstonerbarbie Sep 1

Good timez πŸ˜ƒ never forgotten!

luft40 Sep 1

@visrael99 @benjaisrael les copio el culiao

nicksantossss Sep 1

When he is not riding the dirtbike of the land he rides the dirtbike of the sea, those things are a blast @kenroczen94

vince_adair Sep 1

Shouldn't there be a number 1 on that standup...? 😏

robyn.greer Sep 1

yeah bruh!!

a_smith197 Sep 1

@mattyis2awesome what we need to do

jreilly26 Sep 1


itsonlykyler Sep 1


borkowskidonald Sep 1

I remember my stand up days then your knees go outπŸ˜€

reednewell Sep 1

Looks like a ton of fun!!

dbgclemson Sep 1

Hey ken roczen great job on the outdoors man and would you go fallow me that would be great

j_apple10 Sep 1


marcusnilsson497 Sep 1


filfrillbur Sep 1

looks like a killer whale😎

wyatt124 Sep 1

Kawasaki πŸ˜‰

emersongodeiro Sep 1


bwindham14 Sep 1

Is this a carpeted ramp that you guys leave your skis on?! Just gave me an idea.

ethancliver Sep 1

Thats a pretty old ski looks pretty good though

water_melon_331 Sep 1

8237th like!!

water_melon_331 Sep 1


parker_johnson492 Sep 1


kwright762 Sep 1

God I want a stand up so bad

alexanderjthegreat Sep 1


rborycki Sep 1

Any buddy looking I have a full race Kawi sxr for sale. Sorry @kenroczen94 for intruding

ill_bill_ Sep 1


lezstagram14 Sep 1

No Kawasaki logo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

kevinrohmer Sep 1

@juliancotton fait lui une dΓ©co bordel...

blong_to_something Sep 1

Enjoy it, you da' champ!

eminem8011 Sep 1


jbaldwin312 Sep 2


rafaelsantanafreires Sep 2

E ai voce vem pro brazil?

slasher200 Sep 2

@kenroczen94 let's hop it up! 😜

juliancotton Sep 2

@kevinrohmer il faut tout lui dire aussi.πŸ˜… @kenroczen94 it seems like u need a graphic kit right! I m your man.

kevinrohmer Sep 2

@juliancotton πŸ‘Œ voilΓ 

kravtsovmaks Sep 2

@booga505 505

boczas_505 Sep 2

Druga motoruwa jest moja

kretschemx Sep 2

Da sind ja garkeine RΓ€der dran!? :D

booga505 Sep 2

@boczas_505 моя πŸ˜‚ @kravtsovmaks

thedoctor527 Sep 2

Does Kawasaki are legit πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

ljb_88 Sep 2

Sick is it still stock

cr604 Sep 2

KAWASAKI Juuuuuunge πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

kenroczen94 Sep 1

those things are so frikken fun:-)

jonmuncaster94 Sep 2


georgeh_2004 Sep 2

I've got one of them

nzocarrico137 Sep 2


loris94suzuki Sep 2

Kenny der rast ja wie du @kenroczen94

moto_martin Sep 2


thibeaujanssens Sep 2


nlbikerboy171 Sep 2


hellocarlos Sep 2


Sep 1

shelby.mitchell Sep 1


sembooyink12 Sep 1


kendrak_ Sep 1


_ddxxy_ Sep 1

Megga nice

seanlangholm Sep 1


damegrease746 Sep 1

Tat new @kenroczen94

stusi_ Sep 1

Omg @xpix_girlrider

j_demay Sep 1


jerry_cochran7 Sep 1

127 freaking likes in 30 sec

wenzelpamatz Sep 1

Nice! About to do the same @kenroczen94

lindy_annabelle Sep 1


mxtt44 Sep 1

682th like!!!

cloiselle1 Sep 1

2 championships in 2015?

mrrocket20 Sep 1

Nice tattoo!

billyoshow171 Sep 1


josh_47_ Sep 1

16 th comment

williams_brayden Sep 1

Omg no one gives a flying fuck @josh_47_

jens.hartmannbartz Sep 1

Hast du dir verdient, nach der Saison.

sorkser Sep 1

Richtig fett! Weiter so, Grüße aus Thüringen Bruder

mariczka_kaa Sep 1


klubester Sep 1

Ohmygod I want to have your children 😍 @kenroczen94

anthony.casias Sep 1

I named my dog roczen :D

klsakaske324 Sep 1

@lindy_annabelle YAAASSSSSS

brenden_clark565 Sep 1


nikimajor Sep 1

@jessicaaalaa @jazzween yes

yeah.imlazy Sep 1

I already saw itπŸ’πŸ˜πŸ˜ @brenden_clark565

josh_47_ Sep 1

Haha @williams_brayden

cody_for_real Sep 1

Man SXR's are for beginners that can't ride stand-ups, get a Superjet, way more fun @kenroczen94

berev521 Sep 1

@marlengalindor @johannitafonseca @teresapalacioss @melissajimenezm

kenroczen94 Sep 1

@cody_for_real not for racing buoys!!

ashleeymariee__ Sep 1


jetgirl_777 Sep 1

@cody_for_real dude no pros race superjets anymore unless they're racing stock, @kenroczen94 is right, SXRS are built to carve.

clemencedebuire Sep 1

J'adooooore @kenroczen94 !!!! Bisous de France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·βœŒοΈπŸ˜š

omam.bey Sep 1

literally perfection. ❀️

zanndraa_mariee Sep 1


sethlevy141 Sep 1


verdthom Sep 1

Yeah K-ROC !

demariachi Sep 1


madison_joness Sep 1

Dammmnnnnn😍😍😍😍 @ndowney13

jwinn509 Sep 1


tasha_shibley Sep 1

@malrayray 😍😍😍

lizabelle6 Sep 1

@misslizzaay 😍😍😍

s_koots Sep 1

@niicoledawnn_ πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ™Œ

ndowney13 Sep 1

Yesss😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @madison_joness

kurtis_schatz Sep 1

All the fan girls

delaney_woods Sep 1

@giannahagedorn it's bae😍

brandonnn_118 Sep 1

Your soo sexyyy

anyssa_13 Sep 1

@kaililynn_ 😍😍😍😍

theseven2three Sep 1

No life jacket? @kenroczen94

onealmxwilson Sep 1

@tristanw20 how about that shorty lever lmao

kazz0graphy Sep 1

Wish the stand ups were legal in our lake...

jphil8 Sep 1

On your knees?

jimefuentes Sep 1

#mino @rociolima 😍

ctheojr450 Sep 1

Kenny boy how come that 800 hammer isnt fully down??

jeffejames93 Sep 1

That's a drowning waiting to happen, no life jacket?#tard

y_hartwell Sep 1

@jeffejames93 #liberalpussythatsyou

dk_169 Sep 1

You seriously think he's alone? He can make his own big boy decisions. Lmao you people kill me

ahlixxj Sep 1

@honz_2 our fave

markpool Sep 1

@jeffejames93 I didn't realize this was any of your concern.... #pussy

co10mbian_santi Sep 1

@jeffejames93 he doesn't need a life jacket HES KEN ROZCEN

aclark_51 Sep 1

@jeffejames93 ur a #pussy

deathdealer3000 Sep 1

"@y_hartwell liberalpussythatsyou" Ahahaha that made my day. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

lauramyamaha Sep 2

Looks fun

sarahc_2923 Sep 2

@emilee_danner 😍😍

jessicaaalaa Sep 2


logan_telfer510 Sep 2


cartwright_89 Sep 2

Who DAT? @logan_telfer510

maggiefittler_955 Sep 2


klx140racer Sep 2

mor bad form u must b hangen wit adem 2 much

sixinchracing Sep 2

Zieh dir bitte eine Weste an nicht das du mir noch absΓ€ufst πŸ˜„πŸ‘

kevinmx40 Sep 2


jjlarsen270 Sep 2


__sanatra__ Sep 2

xpix_girlrider Sep 2

omg dieser himmel @stusi_

miss_motocross_xoxo Sep 2


kenroczen94 Sep 1


_devin_smith_ Sep 1


hitman2627 Sep 1

Sick @kenroczen94

b0brangel Sep 1


kyliewaggoner Sep 1

First likeπŸ™‹πŸ˜

johnbracher Sep 1

Sweet !

deozinhomx8 Sep 1

Top !!! @kenroczen94

frank_liblikmann Sep 1

Nice bro✌✌

bootmangunna Sep 1


valeriocalderoni Sep 1

πŸ‘Œ @kenroczen94 @standup_nation

jackgroenewoud Sep 1

Put an lifejacked on ! @kenroczen94

tonygee729 Sep 1

Did your guns break through the life jacket @kenroczen94 ? Lol

manzogolf Sep 1

Put a life jacket on you meat head!

alejandrofrancisco Sep 1


c_smith426 Sep 1


taylormiller450 Sep 1

Life jackets are for pussies #bellybuttonballer

aleenamariee9 Sep 1

469-396-7107 ask of she likes Italian dressing

charli_124 Sep 1

First time he gets a fine for not wearing one he won't go out without one again but I'm surprised RC is even letting him do this stuff he should be on the bike testing.

jeannekitchel Sep 1

Holy dang😍

dmedak12 Sep 1

I just won the 450 championship. #icandowhateverthefuckiwant @kenroczen94

maclovesyah Sep 1

πŸ˜€πŸ˜€marry me plsπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’¨πŸ’‹

michael_lynn_bell Sep 1

Kill it !! Fuck the #shallowwaterpierqueers #coasties

_hey_its_kayla_mx94_ Sep 1


jarrett_1999 Sep 1

@charli_124 there not required on private courses

kenburg651 Sep 1

Dude imagine how annoying it must be to @kenroczen94 to have a bunch of assholes criticize like every photo he Post's. He just won a championship I think he's all good on local district riders advice.

brwests_18 Sep 1


geek.dylan Sep 1


hyde88 Sep 1


pistons_n_paint Sep 1

@kenburg651 haaa. I say that to myself all the time. Wth are people thinking?

verrone Sep 1


rwhitegon Sep 1

All you dick heads saying he shouldn't be doing this or that and should be training obviously don't know shit do realize ken is a human being just like you and I they can play and have fun all they want the kids won two championships in a year period let him have some fun but no that would be dangerous and wrong of him

rodgers218 Sep 1

Bar drag that thing

stusi_ Sep 1


xpix_girlrider Sep 1

ohoooo fuck @stusi_

rob_120 Sep 1

Sweet pic πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ enjoy ur free time

jefe8732 Sep 1

@kenroczen94 at least wear a life jacket my dood. One smack on the nogan lights out and you drown.

mikeybillon Sep 1

Shut up honestly he doesn't care about your opinion let him have fun you don't know shit about what your talking about and his team or training @charli_124

carlsen121 Sep 1

@jefe8732 so true

jeff__bell Sep 1


asierra20 Sep 1

@clarigernat quierooo!! YAAAAA

jaxonlouder177 Sep 1

πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ @jefe8732

asierra20 Sep 1

@clarigernat en punta πŸ˜³πŸ„

ignaciopazosmx Sep 1

Dios Mio las piernas de ese hombre 😱 @karlolopez151 @danielramirez312 @felipepazos @apl_800. X cierto, vean q anda en zapatos πŸ“

dylancrabtree Sep 1

Stick that hip in the water!

edwardsa647 Sep 1

Sick pic!

jackmedawar Sep 1


slasher200 Sep 1

@wmgastephen today !

afmangabeira Sep 1

O cara eh pouco forte neh...ahhaah @verrone

borkowskidonald Sep 1

You better hope a gator don't get your ass

borkowskidonald Sep 1

Ps sick pic

laurentelesio_ Sep 1

That's sickπŸ‘Œ

herriman945 Sep 1

@jsouth49 We need standups

_lisadouglas81 Sep 1


codyb146 Sep 1

No life jacket, living life on the edge, haha

sverrir892 Sep 1

@elliotstones jetski

ktm_clawson Sep 1

GoPro Yeeeees

jackoflynn Sep 1

To hit me up (845)-499-1151

elliotstones Sep 1

@sverrir892. We need jetskis so bad!! And winter dry suits #winter season

charliebernis Sep 1

@b_citty this cats legs

nleroy22 Sep 1

@jtr_jefftherealtor @bitto__

itsonlykyler Sep 1


sergi__47 Sep 1


711kevin Sep 1

Too cool, ur ripped there KROC

iambkay_ Sep 1

aw come on dude you set an example for the youngins. put a life jacket on :/

bhinked715 Sep 1

@dustinfarthing glad your son has more sense than this pro..

brookfro Sep 1

Put on a life jacket young man. I want you alive to win another championship @kenroczen94

brandunnnnn Sep 2

@rv120 sick!

kira_cosmo Sep 2

@trey114 thought this was youπŸ™Œ

klx140racer Sep 2

bad form

michel_feuchter Sep 2


kenroczen94 Sep 1

love playing with my @gopro for the best shots

kaaylanewton Sep 1


jeroen1286 Sep 1

1 Bro

sidneyholmes22 Sep 1


_joe_boe_ Sep 1

Stand up jet skiπŸ‘Œ

geek.dylan Sep 1

@standup_nation @standup_nation @kenroczen94

kamron_duque Sep 1

That's sick

mx_empire Sep 1


moffmanjr.55 Sep 1

It's a blast! I love trying new angles

dfwmoto Sep 1


nicholas_wd Sep 1


jakem.32 Sep 1

Put a life jacket on

damien_baechler98 Sep 1

The real Life @kenroczen94 #sxr #pwc #standupforever

n_f_mx Sep 1

@tomvathjr could be us but you playin

dk_169 Sep 1

@jakem.32 he doesn't need one

slake_blayton Sep 1

Try wrestling shoes to get the best traction, they also don't get water logged like regular shoes

verrone Sep 1

@afmangabeira faz uma foto dessa. Haha.

pistons_n_paint Sep 1

@jakem.32 get a life and put that one! Wth is wrong with you people making all these stupid ass comments?

pistons_n_paint Sep 1

On....not one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ashlandmine Sep 1

Even National Motorcross Champions can drown with no PFD! Put one on.

alexkoretoff Sep 1

@allisonmatsumura on second thought, maybe jetskiing today isn't a bad idea

allisonmatsumura Sep 1

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ after you fall in the bushes it won't be @alexkoretoff

afmangabeira Sep 1

Vou fazer!!! @verrone

mitch5157 Sep 1

Are you serious fall in the bushes ?? @allisonmatsumura

miltoncaputti Sep 1

@cooke_monster09 The USA Motocross national champion having fun #IseeJetAndRememberYou lol

aaronbellmx355 Sep 1

@jimbo12mx we need these skis

keifer_king_714 Sep 1

@kenroczen94 @guygeegreenland

nickvandenberg1 Sep 1


beton6 Sep 1


edelrivero4 Sep 1


joefnpublic Sep 1

You need to check out the swivit for your gopro. #swivit

mhenriquebarcelos Sep 1


rachelbigelow Sep 2

@mmonteleone10 😍😍😍

aliciapigeon Sep 2

@riling354 we need to try these

klx140racer Sep 2

bad form

kenroczen94 Aug 30

new family member:-) brand new 2011 sxr800 😊😊 thanks @bongsonthings for finding it and picking in up:-)

mstolinas406 Aug 30


__e__z__r__a__ Aug 30


souzayzlife Aug 30


betancourt951 Aug 30

Looks clean sick @kenroczen94 πŸ‘

kelliegalland Aug 30

@kenroczen94 send me info πŸ˜… @mariahpaige94

joey_berg238 Aug 30

@kenroczen94 now u just need @blowsion to hook it up!

jakob_smith_24 Aug 30

😐Nobody Gives A Crap😐 @mstolinas406

theozoey Aug 30

Check out lake havasu. They have a track set up all the time fir jet skiers

motomatt278 Aug 31

Why don't you pros ever talk to people like me who ride and aren't pro

maxek22 Aug 31

Helll yea!! @markdr94

mstolinas406 Aug 31

Shut up!!!πŸ˜‘ @jakob_smith_24

jerm5591 Aug 31

@kenroczen94 I have a friend that does carbon stand ups they are sick and in the central Florida area

arino7 Aug 31

De plano la estoy cagando ??? @pikey83

ktm_races198 Aug 31

Lucky but

chlorinne Aug 31

"Brand new 2011" lolol

norcalsj Aug 31

Gay should have got a Yamaha superjet or a rickter or krash hull @kenroczen94

gavin_duke2002 Aug 31


waynep_two_one Aug 31


brandon_rymarzow Aug 31

Sxr is like riding a wave runner while standing. Get a fx1 or superjet

evander105 Aug 31

@colby005 @cameronjoye @trevor_mccutcheon

landon_d_5 Aug 31


aza912 Aug 31

@standup_nation @bun_freestyle

cballz_18 Aug 31


curly.johnson197 Aug 31


bluntz_252 Aug 31

too lazy for that shit. i got the wave runner 800. i like sitting down lol

rodgers218 Aug 31

@marvinmusquin25 has a sick one

kenroczen94 Aug 31

@chlorinne 2011 was the last year they were made. so yeah it is brand new

files_224 Aug 31

Now ken out the big bore 1100 Kawasaki kit on it! Thing ell scream

thesqueekywheel Aug 31


nick.field Aug 31

Get an super jet way lighter

joelbuxton Aug 31

@brandon_rymarzow bring your fx1 or superjet to the buoy course and then we will talk!!! #limited #sxr

cksvg45 Aug 31

@bongsonthings is an impressive human.

bongsonthings Aug 31

@slasher200 , @kenroczen94 decided to join the party !

brandon_rymarzow Aug 31

Sxr are the easiest things in the world to ride. Superjet takes some skill @joelbuxton

bongsonthings Aug 31

@cksvg45 #takesonetoknowone #yourtheking

ill_bill_ Aug 31


fnm22 Aug 31

Get some @ipdgraphics on !!

justinjames137 Aug 31

@joel_gram804 roczen joined the club. Twistyyy

shannonwhe Aug 31

Need a @blowsion paint job!! 😜 @john_dady_22 @senna3x

roxyyee Aug 31


aza912 Aug 31

Shit for surf though you need a superjet πŸ‘

cfarrar77 Aug 31

@ryanf7711 I guess they still make them

jackoson019 Aug 31

So it's been sitting in a shop for 3 years? @kenroczen94

tylerjamestyty Aug 31

That's how you do it #jetskiracing

bobbys247 Aug 31


nick_layson Aug 31

Got him haha @kenroczen94 now whip dat bitch!

ipdgraphics Aug 31


ljb_88 Aug 31

Go kawasaki

ljb_88 Aug 31

How long have you had it

foxsurf Aug 31

Let's get some #XXL surf @kenroczen94

cwilson1201 Aug 31

Enjoy @kenroczen94 you deserve it

moonbuilt Aug 31

Dude, with your money you should have bought a Rickter. @standup_nation

robyn.greer Aug 31

fuck yeah dude

ethan__swimmer Aug 31

Looks like mine

standup_nation Aug 31

πŸ‘πŸ‘ @kenroczen94

aaronlewi Aug 31


ryanguevara397 Aug 31

Should of got a superjet @kenroczen94

amy_cd313 Aug 31

Buy a XScream DVX 1200 and you can backflip it! @kenroczen94 πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

bmx_tylerpeters Aug 31

urs sucks! mine is better

jakepabst88 Aug 31

Got the same thing!!

dean_caudill4 Aug 31

that house...

hunterbrockway Aug 31


shaun_steezy Aug 31

Come ride the surf! @kenroczen94

jaredrogers55 Aug 31

Welcome to the ski club mane!!

goldchriss Aug 31

Tune er up bud! Dasa 800cc, new carb setup and pipe with some racegas and blowsion pole.. you would love it!!! Your bike has maybe 55-60hp these can easily hit 180hp with 800cc in em! You just won the ama pro MX treat yourself to this :P

dan_simps Aug 31

Why not a Yamaha Superjet..! Or custom Rickter...I guess it means you might of signed for Kawasaki..! Just a thought..#mxrumourinoffseason where ever you go mate and if you stay at Ktm, my 8yr and my family wish you all the best! Top rider 9⃣4⃣K'Roc✊✊

jetgirl_777 Aug 31

@bongsonthings is that why you asked? Hahah should have told me!

slasher200 Aug 31

@bongsonthings πŸ’ͺ @kenroczen94 let's ride! @wmgastephen if you guys need any tips let me know! Cheers

lukaskats Aug 31

@searso_ @codytoms

bryce63a Aug 31

That Orange one is sick @kenroczen94

pikey83 Aug 31

Te estoy diciendo!!! @arino7

cody_hawkins Aug 31

@slasher200 is king when it comes to the stand up department !!

skwid339 Aug 31

You idiots think too hard about shit. Just because he bought a Kawasaki jet ski does not mean he signed it Kawasaki. He can ride any kind of jet ski he wants. His contracts are for dirtbikes. Anything else is fair game. God damn, get a life and stop speculating on bullshit.

skwid339 Aug 31

He signed with*

hrsepwr_ranch Aug 31

Funniest you ever dude. Have fun

mikedelley Aug 31

Aren't stand up's the funnest things ever??:)

windham_16 Aug 31

Get a factory dry pipe on that thing and start ripping!!

crunchberry7 Aug 31

@doobydale sxr 700

crunchberry7 Aug 31


paczowski123 Aug 31

@klipmx once again, your the only one not on this train...

pachollpride Aug 31


siegel723 Aug 31


daniel_172 Aug 31


224_tannerkotara Aug 31

@kenroczen94 are you going to race dirtbikes and jets skis now?:-0

stevenwilliams34 Aug 31

@224_tannerkotara those are for fun?

stevenwilliams34 Aug 31

@skwid339 exactly my god these kids assume any little detail

potsie701 Aug 31

when did u get it @kenroczen94

tipton84 Aug 31

@thepenthief @matter1 brappp

torireann Aug 31


alphaconcretepump Aug 31

Get you a drop nozzel and a pipe and you'll be lovin it. Congrats 94!!

freem77 Aug 31

@kenroczen94 superjet all the way dude

xx_chloec_xx Aug 31


kevincasqueiro1 Aug 31


el_vicious13 Aug 31

@kenroczen94 sick will I be seeing u in havasu?

valeriocalderoni Aug 31

@kenroczen94 i have parts for you😁

marvmwoe Aug 31

@kimgaul_94 brauchen wir

patrickeibner Aug 31

@gomezfederico @peibner

aliegal Aug 31

@kenroczen94 you should come out to the jet ski world finals in Lake Havasu AZ! October 4th-12th!

ride_kawasaki_ Sep 1

Did you go out today

samarth987 Sep 1

Nice ride

tm_one_zero_zero Sep 1

Heut ist der Tag da Suzuki ist ab heut dein Motorrad viel GlΓΌck auf dem Monster hau rein Kenny πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰

ellis_181_mcmaster Sep 1

Nice ride there ken

gkcworldwide Sep 1

@bongonthings. Nice! Miss you guys out there!

chase_1500lt Sep 1

You need to get a Rickter XFS. You would love em

robyn.greer Sep 1

fuck yeah bro

alex.abad Sep 1

@daniel.dirtyd.kelly brand new 2011?

potsie701 Sep 1

That thing is so nice

jordankuettel Sep 2

Thats a sweet ski those things are impossible to find

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