Red Bull KTM

Ken Roczen


#94 Ken Roczen

DoB: 04/29/1994
Height: 1.7 Meters
Weight: 60 Kilos
Hometown: Apolda, Germany
Bike: KTM SX-F 250


Ken is the 2013 AMA 250 West Supercross Champion, and the 2011 World MX 2 Motocross Champion. He’s originally from Germany, and incredibly likeable and talented. Ken’s best racing memory was at the age of 15 when he became the youngest Grand Prix Motocross winner at his home GP in Germany 2009. His advice to young riders is: “Take things easy. Don’t practice or train too much at a really young age, but let it come to you. You’ll know as you get older if you should build more upon your conditioning and training”.

Career Highlights

AMA 250 West Supercross Champion

FIM MX2 World Motocross Champion





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kenroczen94 Apr 24

@uber is the easiest way to get from A to B:-) thank's for being so quick and simple! #livesafer

sarah_ross__ Apr 24

Number one he's way older than me, and im just making a point cause he doesnt have time for your bullshit. Hes got bigger and better things to be doing. Like actually training. @nathaniel_bourque

cspicer_ Apr 24

So famous he has Drake driving him around #some #new #friends

rodamp36 Apr 24

Was President Obama your driver??

richiemorrocco Apr 24

why do people always gotta be starting shit on famous people's instagrams

msjennlala4 Apr 24

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @rodamp36 .... I thought this was some sort of political post at first ...

crash_boii Apr 24

@kenroczen94 Am 06.05 kommst du bei wieder auf Pro7πŸ‘Œ Muttersprache im iphone πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ‘Œ

telsa_hildebrant Apr 24

U are an amazing guy im so glad i Got to meet u @kenroczen94

desilouu Apr 24


kenroczen94 Apr 24

hahahaha 4:0 @shecks

keatondurham248 Apr 24

First like!

swoleson_ Apr 24


teegan_m Apr 24


swoleson_ Apr 24

Your gay! @keatondurham248

keatondurham248 Apr 24

Thanks! @swoleson_

karrloper Apr 24

@mariahpaige94 😭😭😭 @kenroczen94 I can't stand you right now Hahahaha so jealous

blakeepting Apr 24

Oh laaa ohh laaa ohhh laaa ohhhh laaa ohhh laaaa

tywig13 Apr 24

Dude you are living the life. Hard work pays off @kenroczen94

braaapgf_113 Apr 24

Oh would I love to be there . πŸ’™Scored my first high school goal tonight . ⚽️ @kenroczen94

brittgoulartxoxo Apr 24

Come to NJIT! Its not far away and we love you!!! Lol not in a creepy way

el_maui Apr 24

@charly_mac @_thehomiecheps

richmx226 Apr 24

Let me buy a redbull hat off you? @kenroczen94

bilko22dotcom Apr 24


jakecooke50 Apr 24


seanbrown937 Apr 24

I bet @kenroczen94 plays soccer

messerjokke Apr 24

@seanbrown937 ken is from germany... First you learn to kick a ball like Lothar MatthÀus then you learn to eat! 😜

deantr Apr 24

@seanbrown937 this sport includes using your foot and a round ball, it is called football my friend

rschaeben59 Apr 24

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @messerjokke

magic_max357 Apr 24

Qualcomm Stadium?

jack_dimmock Apr 24

That one good goalπŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ

andresmorenoi Apr 24

@deantr well soccer is football in usa but football is american football you know?

kenroczen94 Apr 24

#repost from @wmgastephen out here watching the game with @shecks @hartluck @wmgastephen @crtwotwo good crew. fun times

shanee_koeppee Apr 24


lawyer232 Apr 24


louchmontana Apr 24

Tryna hit the pits of jersey we can make that happen

louchmontana Apr 24


4chulo0 Apr 24

Roczen on team RCH in 2015 !

nateh2202 Apr 24


the_fresh_guy14 Apr 24

Men in black haha

beach___babyyy Apr 24

Haha @nateh2202

kimberrae_ Apr 24

Tooooo many amazing/sexy people in one picture

jabimardones Apr 24

Con ryan 😍

sophie_smiles22 Apr 24

My two favorite riders are friends!

_pey_ton_ Apr 24

Ommmggggg it's Ryan 😱

matidre3 Apr 24

@nicoelgueta_d3 ahi deberiamo tar nosotro! Tan pencas como riders lo qlos jajaja :(

haleyziolkowski Apr 24

LOVE ❀️❀️

willy_f_baby Apr 24

That is a good crew

martzy42 Apr 24

No way is roczen going to RCH

zachabbott22 Apr 24

You should ride for @twotwomotorsports in 2015???? @crtwotwo

mintons_ Apr 24

Needs to hop on poto's team

gasolineroots317 Apr 24

Why is everybody all bundled up with coats? πŸ˜‚

gennusa15 Apr 24


snyderbraap51 Apr 24

😜black guys

rtodd617 Apr 24

Go to Suzuki

ttr125racer Apr 24


thomas_motocross Apr 24

How is that gay

hutchy828 Apr 24

Good luck on the Suzuki nexted year, no more ktm steel frame

jennycphoto Apr 24


andyserreino Apr 24

You guys should come rip out in Clayton pits in jackson...lots of cool hits @kenroczen94

brandondalton Apr 24


j_bravo432 Apr 24

Whats really gay @ttr125racer is openly claiming to ride a fuckin ttr 125 and calling urself a "Racer" fuckin poser quit hatin

pharriott Apr 24


atv_chick324 Apr 24

Two favorite guys 😍 Ken and Shecks

villamegan Apr 24

my babies πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

ttr125racer Apr 24

@j_bravo432 says the pussy who can't even ride a pw50 I ain't hating jus saying I'm faster then tham by 30 seconds I've raced him

ttr125racer Apr 24

U spode

murray891 Apr 24

@ttr125racer are you fucking Kidding me you ride a fucking ttr125 you fucking pussy

ttr125racer Apr 24

@murray891 ur a spode bro don't even comment

jake_searle98 Apr 24

Haha wow fuck. Settle down now ladies. ;) @ttr125racer @murray891

g00d_burger_____ Apr 24

You have stock suspension. And a Yamaha. @ttr125racer

ttr125racer Apr 24

Who are u call in a lady u selfie taking Faggot @jake_searle98

ttr125racer Apr 24

@g00d_burger_____ it's fruitlooop suspension bitch best out there

jake_searle98 Apr 24

Fuck you you faggot cunt. If your better than these pro grades then fucking qualify for ama 2015. What a knob. @ttr125racer

ddonn611 Apr 24

Some serious cats right there!

richality Apr 24

Lmfao at @ttr125racer i feel bad for you bro, only time i road a ttr 125 was when i was in grade 6 and weighed about 70 pounds haha you ever going to ride a big boys bike!! #growup #move #on #yzf250?

ttr125racer Apr 24

@richality u never rode a tar 125 u over grown lil shit head becus if u did yud know they're the best moto bikes out

ttr125racer Apr 24

Than realized yer to big a pussy to touch a bike again @colton_ward_

colton_ward_ Apr 24

*worst @ttr125racer it's a "beginner" bike for beginners like u

ttr125racer Apr 24

Says the squid @colton_ward_

natalyboskoski Apr 24

4 most amazing guys in one photo! @anthonyboskoski

colton_ward_ Apr 24

If you ran as much as your mouth does, you'd be in shape @ttr125racer

ehr400 Apr 24

God if Kenny sucks off this agent and these other clowns anymore it will turn into a full blown balloon knot poking session.

colton_ward_ Apr 24

@jake_searle98 he didn't respond back.πŸ˜‚

jake_searle98 Apr 24

Yeah i know haha @colton_ward_

meganmx11 Apr 24

Wow when are you not beautiful

stac_ers Apr 24

I thought chicks only color coordinate! Nice! #meninblack

suga_shane199 Apr 24

You guys plan to dress all black ??

_wyatt177 Apr 24

All black

kenroczen94 Apr 23

watching soccer game

cbousquetkx250f Apr 23

First like!!

peter_popiel27 Apr 23

1st like

kade_carlson_ Apr 23

First like

tomomx Apr 23

Who's playing @kenroczen94

logan_miller_7 Apr 23

Soccer is fucking gay

loganlol8 Apr 23

Who's playing???

kimberwatson21 Apr 23

Go dynamo

hey_its_dick Apr 23

Firster like

logan_kenney_ Apr 23

Do y'all want a medal or something? @kade_carlson_ @peter_popiel27 @cbousquetkx250f

ughhnatalia Apr 23

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @logan_kenney_ nice one

peter_popiel27 Apr 23

No shit Sherlock @logan_kenney_

moto883braaappp Apr 23

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @logan_miller_7

sjb269 Apr 23

A little different compared to the Bundesliga aye?

e_ton102 Apr 23


tomomx Apr 23

πŸ‘Œhave fun kenny

chaser910 Apr 23

If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all

mike_masuck Apr 23

@cbousquetkx250f @peter_popiel27 @kade_carlson_ we'll, looks like you three have some shit to settle

jpablo357 Apr 23

soccer sucks! hahaha

peter_jacobs Apr 23

@logan_miller_7 respect others in what they like as a sport because others respect what you support as a sport

kunzweiler Apr 23

Red bulls vs dynamo

chaser910 Apr 23


2014lifestyle Apr 23


benfrancis2012 Apr 23

Wow lol 3 people liked it first πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

mitch_cumsteen Apr 23

You don't have to write watching soccer game if you post a picture of a soccer game

k_ballin__ Apr 23

@poolfloaties here's ur favirote motocross racer I found him jus for

peter_popiel27 Apr 23

@mike_masuck nah maybe u should stfu

slowhand909 Apr 23

those "first like" people are the ones that kiss ass and blow their way to become manager at mcdonalds. and think they're better than everyone hahah

bilko22dotcom Apr 23


brocka_flocka Apr 23


c0ltius Apr 23

The red bulls :D

tedwardvogel Apr 23

@kenroczen94 probably should say something about how wonderful NY is. Even if you don't think it is..,

kendylhedberg2 Apr 23

⚽️⚽️ my sport!

420jay297 Apr 23

@jpablo357 . yea, it's only the most popular sport in the world!

jpablo357 Apr 23

@420jay297 popular ... Not the best ! Motocross 4life

spencerking06 Apr 23

Ya got that right @brocka_flocka

davisluna Apr 24

βœŠπŸ’¨ and ⚽️ are my sports

staciemorann Apr 24

yaaas😍⚽️ @alyssaakristinee

alyssaakristinee Apr 24

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜­ can he be anymore perfect @staciemorann

ahughes_126 Apr 24

Lawn fairys.

teegan_m Apr 24


dubsmx13 Apr 24

They should do a supercross in there

nick_chase18 Apr 24

My friend @julianstahler play for them!

amy_veredas_13 Apr 24

😱R u gonna be on RCH Racing next year!!!???πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜„

laynebaenninger Apr 24

Y'all where totally doing the same thing @maggiestubblefield

maggiestubblefield Apr 24

Omg I know. I just seen that too! @laynebaenninger

julianstahler Apr 24

@nick_chase18 What'sup yo!!

onealmxwilson Apr 24

@amy_veredas_13 no? They picked up tedesco

ttr125racer Apr 24


alekrocks1 Apr 24


dhewitt50 Apr 24

Keep your opinion to your self when talking to the big man (@kenroczen94 ) @ttr125racer

ttr125racer Apr 24

He even knows I'm faster srry to say I ride with him all the time

ttr125racer Apr 24


dhewitt50 Apr 24

Ya sure

dhewitt50 Apr 24


so_im_sequoyah Apr 24

@merk_7_ oh my gersh😍

meco02americong Apr 24

@kenroczen94 Youtube arΓ© Real Madrid or Barcelona???

siggy7778 Apr 24

I watch both soccer and supercross! My two favorite things in the world! Also IM GOING TO METLIFE STADIUM SAT!!!!!!!

siggy7778 Apr 24


b_honda_s Apr 24

That's basically my life soccer and riding

kelly_alred Apr 24

Soccer and MX racing - it's all i do! Love them both but my non-soccer racings buds don't understand @jwood1313

sethkavert_13 Apr 24

If you ran you ran whenever you'd run your mouth you'd be the most fit person out there @ttr125racer

ttr125racer Apr 24

I am the fittest fuck out there bitch @sethkavert_13

sethkavert_13 Apr 24

More like the best endurance eater @ttr125racer

sethkavert_13 Apr 24

Like you got 12th at Red Bud more like I got half way up Loracco's leap. @ttr125racer

kelsey_10_10 Apr 24

@motoblock123 now I like him even more! ;)

jeycrunch724 Apr 24

Where is the supporters?! πŸ˜‚

callenorelius Apr 24

Soccer, really? Haha

frontside360mueller Apr 24

Alda, das geht ja mal garnicht! Wo kommst du her?

pdbert Apr 24

Already partying with the @rchracing crew looks like a good fit

bjograf Apr 24

you are from EU! it football;)

aaronbadger Apr 24

Wow that's a shit atmosphere, European football is so much better

kenroczen94 Apr 23

@supercrosslive #sxnynj @empirestatedg

tyler_adams_273 Apr 24

πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ @dearman26

dearman26 Apr 24

Love laughing at these goons πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„ @tyler_adams_273

tyler_adams_273 Apr 24

I don't know if he's serious or joking?! 😧 @dearman26

dearman26 Apr 24

Hahahahaha you can never tell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @tyler_adams_273

bondoslinger Apr 24

@bandylicious724 you're right kid. The only sx I do is with your mom. I never said I did or said he's not a bad ass rider. He's just a douche. Like you.

jpro710 Apr 24

#supercrosspacecar @malessi800

blake_s97 Apr 24

@juliette_dominique I have a cr125 and it would kick his ass in 1st gear while he's in 5th gear casing a single lol

blake_s97 Apr 24

@juliette_dominique he is a pro..... A pro dumbass lol

kenroczen94 Apr 23

86th floor

ashmx2 Apr 23

@pamela_mx22 😁😭😭😭

_collin1234_ Apr 23

How long was the elevator rude ? πŸ˜‚

maddie_leigh_miller Apr 23

That's awesome! @kenroczen94

emilytrainna Apr 23

ugh so beautiful, love my city

foxpetefox Apr 23

Iphone photo??

kernicky69 Apr 23

Your thumbs in the corner. You had one job

trenton_woodford_805 Apr 23


wvbeane275 Apr 23

Hahah @kernicky69

rever_trevor452 Apr 23

@kernicky69 you had one jobπŸ˜‚

ktm_man_183 Apr 23

That veiw is sick @kenroczen94

john_fleming5070 Apr 23

@smontegari @samventola4

dickkyc_21 Apr 23

Are you aladeen????

cheylynch13 Apr 23

@ansley_jane023 ❀️

michelleroldan78 Apr 23

@kenroczen94 What a beautiful view

mitch_troyer Apr 23

Is the mustang up there @kenroczen94

ughhnatalia Apr 23

That finger doe πŸ˜‚

johnnykruse Apr 23

@nickilishious why aren't we at this press event???

ps_i_love_you1398 Apr 23

So pretty 😍

martin_racing Apr 23

@kernicky69 I'm done

marc_4nthony Apr 23

Will u or anyone be practicing at like englishtown @kenroczen94

nimrod8o8 Apr 23

And ur finger in the corner lol

bentoye Apr 23

@azarkiewicz200 @pmg91 NY supercross

scottyb718 Apr 23

They have the Supercross track to practice on when it's ready.. Why would they travel an hour south.. @marc_4nthony and it's nj supercross not New York @bentoye

adamcianciarulo Apr 23


bentoye Apr 23

@scottyb718 shut up goon. you don't think I know that?

mysterious_tim Apr 23

Ermahgerd gerrrprerrrr

therealaj3 Apr 23

You're just jealous you couldn't go @adamcianciarulo

heyits_missnicholea Apr 23

That finger though. That's a nice finger ;) @kenroczen94

scottyb718 Apr 23

Obviously not if you said ny , oh man you called someone you don't even know a goon , you must feel like a badass now...always those little tough guys on the internet who start the insults over a simple little comment lol whatever makes your e-penis bigger dude @bentoye

bentoye Apr 23

New Jersey is in New York State you dumb fuck. I didn't say NYC I said NY. And you're a goon, let's just get that straight. @scottyb718

seanstribling34 Apr 23

Haha #gay @adamcianciarulo

scottyb718 Apr 23

Cool im a goon, you really hurt my wittle feelings 😒 plz say sorry tough fast moto pro racer @bentoye

diego_trujillo_11 Apr 23

Lol @adamcianciarulo

ovoevan Apr 23


shaneyfree Apr 23

New jersey and new york are to separate states @bentoye

leahrodriguez46 Apr 23

Paybacks haha!! @kenroczen94 @adamcianciarulo

scottyb718 Apr 23

Great now he's gonna call you a goon, come join the club @shaneyfree

m_defillipis Apr 23


mgassner34 Apr 23

Thats my apartment right across the river by the pepsi sign! Cant wait to see ya'll saturday! You going out of poll position at all?

phil_arsteezy Apr 24

Welcome to the NYC!!

jane_isklar Apr 24


connorburkholder31 Apr 24

That high up, and fingers still linger in the top corners of pictures πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

kenroczen94 Apr 23

in the Empire State building!

swoleson_ Apr 23

Dope pic

bartmorshuis1 Apr 23


mhams0007 Apr 23

Looks like fun! @kenroczen94 enjoy it!

nicomadriz Apr 23

@cmadrizv !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gdubs_18 Apr 23

Can't wait to see you at Metlife!

mx_linus Apr 23

SchΓΆne Aussicht

nstalletti Apr 23

See you on Saturday :-) @kenroczen94

shellie_322_moore Apr 23

Beautiful @kenroczen94

dansquair Apr 23


justinpischke Apr 23

@tobifuchs1 @speedy_kkklaxxton

_mike__smith Apr 23


sammie_rose15 Apr 23

Can't wait to see you race in person on Saturday @kenroczen94!!!!!!

jaypat455 Apr 23


esr13 Apr 23

Yeah new york race .so close .

scottyb718 Apr 23

New Jersey race @esr13

jelly_hannah Apr 23

I got I go there and the view is breathtaking!!:) @kenroczen94

erik199 Apr 23

Cant wait!!!!!!!!

samzpawz Apr 23

Thanks @scottyb718 for stating the race is in

samzpawz Apr 23

NJ. NY getting credit is NOT fair.

jack_cassidyy Apr 23

#bestcity int the world

rideblue429 Apr 23

Race is in NJ. NYC is a dump wtf is it getting credit lol

derekfrey Apr 23


greerr80 Apr 23

Can't wait to meet you Saturday!πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸ’¨

camirancannon Apr 23

@rachsweitz this will be us

sbradness Apr 23

Everyone's at #milestonemx today @kenroczen94 duh

agentry5 Apr 23

@derekfrey its pretty much the same place. Its like on the line of NY and NJ

tim_botbyl Apr 23

Since you have the money and all go check out a helicopter tour down behind 125 broad street in the financial district. From the empire state building go down to 23rd street head west on that all the way to the west side highway (12ave) make a left and take that down to battery park stay to the right. It's in the area of that. Smart phones should lead the way

dozer_26 Apr 23

The race is in New Jersey. Just how the Super Bowl was in New Jersey. Get wit it @kenroczen94

jeff_riccitellimx28 Apr 23

Dude ill never forget the first race u had In the US

jeff_riccitellimx28 Apr 23

As a pro!

henri_heise Apr 23

NIce echt cool da will ich auch schon immer mal hin

gavinbrown Apr 23

I was there yesterday

jruinb Apr 23

You guys are so funny ny and nj coexist don't hate on either just b proud they're hosting it here. Ps. I live in Jersey lol. Good luck on sat. @kenroczen94

sydney19marie Apr 23

Luckyyyy duckyyy

kylesalomone124 Apr 23

Who the hell cares what state is getting credit? The only thing that matters is how Kroc's going to kick ass

nicolewynn14 Apr 23

Its beauitful at night

goforjones Apr 23

New Jersey smells like shit and no one gives a fuck bout it hence the reason New York is getting the credit.

zakeeen Apr 23

VoilΓ  oΓΉ je me trouve actuellement @juliedefranceschi

juliedefranceschi Apr 23


zakeeen Apr 23

Bah dis quelque chose @juliedefranceschi

juliedefranceschi Apr 23

Mon commentaire a un peu dΓ©connΓ© alors tu t'calmes @zakeeen

zakeeen Apr 23

Tant pis moi je chill à NY pendant que t'es dans ton village PAUMÉ. @juliedefranceschi

ste10gomes Apr 23


kenroczen94 Apr 23

@adamcianciarulo made a funny little edit of me riding the other day. check it out:-) we ll get better :-)

lauren_moss Apr 23


craigwalters12 Apr 23

the squats at the start was hillarious haha followed your riding for years love your style, could i have a follow ? @kenroczen94

bencecil_00 Apr 23

I'm wet guys πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

mhams0007 Apr 23

Do you have a link? @kenroczen94 thanks man!

joebenbow Apr 23

Can't find it @kenroczen94

c_nadeau8 Apr 23

It's in @adamcianciarulo bio @joebenbow @mhams0007

ughhnatalia Apr 23

Its says its not available ._. When i click on adams link

mhams0007 Apr 23

Me too @ughhnatalia I tried it @c_nadeau8 but wouldn't work

juancarrin15 Apr 23

The link is in the adam's biography @mhams0007 @joebenbow

jvarnham861 Apr 23

@joebenbow because you arent allowed to watch it

igorlimamartins Apr 23 This is the link

ughhnatalia Apr 23

@mhams0007 yes! I clicked on it several times and it just kept saying "not available"

dallinhorne Apr 23

Yeahhh the video says not available

supermommya7x Apr 23

Not available

kimberrae_ Apr 23

Go to @adamcianciarulo page and click the link in the biooo

asimons89 Apr 23

Still says unavailable

parker_berg Apr 23

Open in safari people.

steezy_k_114 Apr 23


angelmarq13 Apr 23

No se ve

aj17ktm Apr 23

Squats in your riding gearπŸ˜‚

blakev322 Apr 23

πŸ˜‚ nicee

ughhnatalia Apr 23

You guys go to adams link and the. Go to his profile on youtube and click on the one that says copy of ken roczen whip it, and those squats doe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ninous Apr 23

Dope video!

king_ripper1546 Apr 23

Watched it. You really ripp it up

jannik_stadtlaender Apr 23

Bei mir steht : Dieses Video ist nicht verfΓΌgbar :( @kenroczen94

thefarmerfamily Apr 23

Lol I love it! :)

eminemrapgod196 Apr 24

Dude Nice win in Anaheim you deserved it

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