Red Bull KTM

Ken Roczen


#94 Ken Roczen

DoB: 04/29/1994
Height: 1.7 Meters
Weight: 60 Kilos
Hometown: Apolda, Germany
Bike: KTM SX-F 250


Ken is the 2013 AMA 250 West Supercross Champion, and the 2011 World MX 2 Motocross Champion. He’s originally from Germany, and incredibly likeable and talented. Ken’s best racing memory was at the age of 15 when he became the youngest Grand Prix Motocross winner at his home GP in Germany 2009. His advice to young riders is: “Take things easy. Don’t practice or train too much at a really young age, but let it come to you. You’ll know as you get older if you should build more upon your conditioning and training”.

Career Highlights

AMA 250 West Supercross Champion

FIM MX2 World Motocross Champion





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kenroczen94 Aug 30

new family member:-) brand new 2011 sxr800 😊😊 thanks @bongsonthings for finding it and picking in up:-)

mstolinas406 Aug 30


__e__z__r__a__ Aug 30


souzayzlife Aug 30


betancourt951 Aug 30

Looks clean sick @kenroczen94 πŸ‘

kelliegalland Aug 30

@kenroczen94 send me info πŸ˜… @mariahpaige94

joey_berg238 Aug 30

@kenroczen94 now u just need @blowsion to hook it up!

jakob_smith_24 Aug 30

😐Nobody Gives A Crap😐 @mstolinas406

theozoey Aug 30

Check out lake havasu. They have a track set up all the time fir jet skiers

motomatt278 Aug 31

Why don't you pros ever talk to people like me who ride and aren't pro

maxek22 Aug 31

Helll yea!! @markdr94

mstolinas406 Aug 31

Shut up!!!πŸ˜‘ @jakob_smith_24

jerm5591 Aug 31

@kenroczen94 I have a friend that does carbon stand ups they are sick and in the central Florida area

arino7 Aug 31

De plano la estoy cagando ??? @pikey83

ktm_races198 Aug 31

Lucky but

chlorinne Aug 31

"Brand new 2011" lolol

norcalsj Aug 31

Gay should have got a Yamaha superjet or a rickter or krash hull @kenroczen94

gavin_duke2002 Aug 31


waynep_two_one Aug 31


brandon_rymarzow Aug 31

Sxr is like riding a wave runner while standing. Get a fx1 or superjet

evander105 Aug 31

@colby005 @cameronjoye @trevor_mccutcheon

landon_d_5 Aug 31


aza912 Aug 31

@standup_nation @bun_freestyle

cballz_18 Aug 31


curly.johnson197 Aug 31


bluntz_252 Aug 31

too lazy for that shit. i got the wave runner 800. i like sitting down lol

rodgers218 Aug 31

@marvinmusquin25 has a sick one

kenroczen94 Aug 31

@chlorinne 2011 was the last year they were made. so yeah it is brand new

files_224 Aug 31

Now ken out the big bore 1100 Kawasaki kit on it! Thing ell scream

thesqueekywheel Aug 31


nick.field Aug 31

Get an super jet way lighter

joelbuxton Aug 31

@brandon_rymarzow bring your fx1 or superjet to the buoy course and then we will talk!!! #limited #sxr

cksvg45 Aug 31

@bongsonthings is an impressive human.

bongsonthings Aug 31

@slasher200 , @kenroczen94 decided to join the party !

brandon_rymarzow Aug 31

Sxr are the easiest things in the world to ride. Superjet takes some skill @joelbuxton

bongsonthings Aug 31

@cksvg45 #takesonetoknowone #yourtheking

ill_bill_ Aug 31


fnm22 Aug 31

Get some @ipdgraphics on !!

justinjames137 Aug 31

@joel_gram804 roczen joined the club. Twistyyy

shannonwhe Aug 31

Need a @blowsion paint job!! 😜 @john_dady_22 @senna3x

roxyyee Aug 31


aza912 Aug 31

Shit for surf though you need a superjet πŸ‘

cfarrar77 Aug 31

@ryanf7711 I guess they still make them

jackoson019 Aug 31

So it's been sitting in a shop for 3 years? @kenroczen94

tylerjamestyty Aug 31

That's how you do it #jetskiracing

bobbys247 Aug 31


nick_layson Aug 31

Got him haha @kenroczen94 now whip dat bitch!

ipdgraphics Aug 31


ljb_88 Aug 31

Go kawasaki

ljb_88 Aug 31

How long have you had it

foxsurf Aug 31

Let's get some #XXL surf @kenroczen94

cwilson1201 Aug 31

Enjoy @kenroczen94 you deserve it

moonbuilt Aug 31

Dude, with your money you should have bought a Rickter. @standup_nation

robyn.greer Aug 31

fuck yeah dude

ethan__swimmer Aug 31

Looks like mine

standup_nation Aug 31

πŸ‘πŸ‘ @kenroczen94

aaronlewi Aug 31


ryanguevara397 Aug 31

Should of got a superjet @kenroczen94

amy_cd313 Aug 31

Buy a XScream DVX 1200 and you can backflip it! @kenroczen94 πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

bmx_tylerpeters Aug 31

urs sucks! mine is better

jakepabst88 Aug 31

Got the same thing!!

dean_caudill4 Aug 31

that house...

hunterbrockway Aug 31


shaun_steezy Aug 31

Come ride the surf! @kenroczen94

jaredrogers55 Aug 31

Welcome to the ski club mane!!

goldchriss Aug 31

Tune er up bud! Dasa 800cc, new carb setup and pipe with some racegas and blowsion pole.. you would love it!!! Your bike has maybe 55-60hp these can easily hit 180hp with 800cc in em! You just won the ama pro MX treat yourself to this :P

dan_simps Aug 31

Why not a Yamaha Superjet..! Or custom Rickter...I guess it means you might of signed for Kawasaki..! Just a thought..#mxrumourinoffseason where ever you go mate and if you stay at Ktm, my 8yr and my family wish you all the best! Top rider 9⃣4⃣K'Roc✊✊

jetgirl_777 Aug 31

@bongsonthings is that why you asked? Hahah should have told me!

slasher200 Aug 31

@bongsonthings πŸ’ͺ @kenroczen94 let's ride! @wmgastephen if you guys need any tips let me know! Cheers

lukaskats Aug 31

@searso_ @codytoms

bryce63a Aug 31

That Orange one is sick @kenroczen94

pikey83 Aug 31

Te estoy diciendo!!! @arino7

cody_hawkins Aug 31

@slasher200 is king when it comes to the stand up department !!

skwid339 Aug 31

You idiots think too hard about shit. Just because he bought a Kawasaki jet ski does not mean he signed it Kawasaki. He can ride any kind of jet ski he wants. His contracts are for dirtbikes. Anything else is fair game. God damn, get a life and stop speculating on bullshit.

skwid339 Aug 31

He signed with*

hrsepwr_ranch Aug 31

Funniest you ever dude. Have fun

mikedelley Aug 31

Aren't stand up's the funnest things ever??:)

windham_16 Aug 31

Get a factory dry pipe on that thing and start ripping!!

crunchberry7 Aug 31

@doobydale sxr 700

crunchberry7 Aug 31


paczowski123 Aug 31

@klipmx once again, your the only one not on this train...

pachollpride Aug 31


siegel723 Aug 31


daniel_172 Aug 31


224_tannerkotara Aug 31

@kenroczen94 are you going to race dirtbikes and jets skis now?:-0

stevenwilliams34 Aug 31

@224_tannerkotara those are for fun?

stevenwilliams34 Aug 31

@skwid339 exactly my god these kids assume any little detail

potsie701 Aug 31

when did u get it @kenroczen94

tipton84 Aug 31

@thepenthief @matter1 brappp

torireann Aug 31


alphaconcretepump Aug 31

Get you a drop nozzel and a pipe and you'll be lovin it. Congrats 94!!

freem77 Aug 31

@kenroczen94 superjet all the way dude

xx_chloec_xx Aug 31


kevincasqueiro1 Aug 31


el_vicious13 Aug 31

@kenroczen94 sick will I be seeing u in havasu?

valeriocalderoni Aug 31

@kenroczen94 i have parts for you😁

marvmwoe Aug 31

@kimgaul_94 brauchen wir

patrickeibner Aug 31

@gomezfederico @peibner

aliegal Aug 31

@kenroczen94 you should come out to the jet ski world finals in Lake Havasu AZ! October 4th-12th!

ride_kawasaki_ Sep 1

Did you go out today

samarth987 Sep 1

Nice ride

tm_one_zero_zero Sep 1

Heut ist der Tag da Suzuki ist ab heut dein Motorrad viel GlΓΌck auf dem Monster hau rein Kenny πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰

ellis_181_mcmaster Sep 1

Nice ride there ken

kenroczen94 Aug 30

good times out here with @mariahpaige94 @adamcianciarulo and @jordanweiske

kruz_21 Aug 30

First comment I'm a bossπŸ˜‚

panchoverasayp Aug 30

Na de leso los cabros @giulianozazzali

jakob_smith_24 Aug 30

😐 Nobody Cares 😐 @kruz_21

ktm_26_madness Aug 30

Second coment congrats on championship winner ken

poly021 Aug 30


castorzimeri Aug 30

Bike riding tomorrow? @adamcianciarulo @kenroczen94

poly021 Aug 30

@kruz_21 I care 😁

123rabbito Aug 30

A lil chill out before the MXdN hay dude. Looking forward to the MXdN???

markhickerson Aug 30

Hey Ken, why can't you get Cianciarulo laid??? @kenroczen94

bleary___ Aug 30

@markhickerson i thik thats what he is doing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

cclarkracing Aug 30

@kenroczen94 Leave the jet ski there, I'll be back in a few days πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

pauandraded Aug 30

πŸ˜‚baaaaajajaja. Sure bro, at Clermont. @castorzimeri

13timmyski Aug 30

Where's Adam?

castorzimeri Aug 30

Jajajajajaja sos sumamente mala onda @pauandraded

dylanbeaucamp Aug 30

@kenroczen94 @adamcianciarulo @mariahpaige94 @jordanweiske looks like fun cheers 🍺🍺🍺🍹🍹

coletrail_37 Aug 30

What lake?

cibowe Aug 30

@britneey_howard it's been so much fun ☺️

kenstadj Aug 30


giulianozazzali Aug 30

@panchoverasayp jajajaja asΓ­ nomas!...

patogeraldo Aug 30

Que a toda madre se la pasan compa lo mejor y unas a su salud!!

cdub2is Aug 30

Nice we just got back from the lake a few minutes ago. You live at the lakes here in Arizona !

roeybs Aug 31

@dekels איזה חיים...

chrisiro28 Aug 31

@123rabbito KROC isn't going to MXdN this year because he hasn't had time to dial in his new bike, he needs a break from training, and he can't leave the US while he's in the process of obtaining a Green Card so he can stay here long term.

123rabbito Aug 31

Hey @chrisiro28 this can only be good news for GBπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ an the other Europeans hahah I do like see him ride at the nations, it's gonna be another good one this year

chrisiro28 Sep 1

@123rabbito yeah I'm sure other teams were happy to hear KROC wouldn't be there reppin for Germany haha

kenroczen94 Aug 29

Check out the the link in my bio for my @gopro footage from Utah second moto

philipp7204 Aug 29

First liker

michael_the_blonde Aug 29

First comment!

dcombe410 Aug 29

Any onboard footage of your near miss in Moto 1? @kenroczen94

zacf7r Aug 29


michael_the_blonde Aug 29

Hey ken can you like one of my pics so I van show my hommies?

wollemtb Aug 29

Nice man herzlichen GlΓΌckwunsch ken πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ @kenroczen94

januaryeleventh2k11 Aug 29

Such a badass vid

wrightpeyton1 Aug 30

Sweet videoπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

nameonface Aug 30

I want to see the near crash with the two benders that dumped it next to you. @kenroczen94

norcal923 Aug 30

Bad ass ridin my dude!! Lots of hard work Congrats!! @kenroczen94

lucasslac Aug 30

@nameonface me too

justinjenny Aug 30

Congrats Kenny! Certainly deserve it! It's been an honor cutting and editing all your GoPro footage this year! Looking forward to next season πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ’ͺ Do Work!

declan_casey Aug 30

Dude you were FLYING just like all the other races and I live how you hit the rev limiter at he end πŸ˜‚

trentberryofficial Aug 30

yeah i watched it on tv live

raidermiolo Aug 30

I watch in youtube GO Pro : Ken Roczen Moto 1 lap 1 Unadilla MX lucas oil

b_pateman Aug 30

@kenroczen94 what is your real Facebook page??

landon_barton_ Aug 30

Getting one for Christmas

sophie9327 Aug 30


kravtsovmaks Aug 30

First good person

fabey1999 Aug 30

Gopro is beschte @kenroczen94

dustburn11 Aug 30


moto_forever15 Aug 30

Did u get 4 th

motocross_xg Aug 30

Kenroczen94 stay on KTM your really good with that bike u and Ryan Dungy are the best riders ever

lynsflinders Aug 30


tallon671 Aug 30

Hi u don't know me but I'm your biggest fan and you rocked at Indiana

hayleyhoneyy Sep 1


kenroczen94 Aug 29

@bongsonthings #BONGSONTHINGS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

20teddy01 Aug 29

Bist der beste Ken :)

kyle.mccool Aug 29


codebrown121 Aug 29

@kobe_swanson1 NO ONE CARES WHEN OR WHY YOU COMMENT!!!!!!!!! You really think some dude is gonna look at this and go. Well son of a bitch. This kids got it figured out!?

brandonoanderson Aug 29

MASSIVE! @bongsonthings

tannerellingsen Aug 29

@bongsonthings you better show the German some buck hunter action 🍻 Aug 29

Lmfao best comment ever! @codebrown121

zedlaray Aug 29

B U R P !!

kpbadwrench Aug 29

That's a lethal combination. Bring over buckhunt!

liveruthless Aug 29

Rippa on the Pipe #inhale #liveruthless

bongsonthings Aug 29

@tannerellingsen #triplebuck

mikeodell13 Aug 29


bongsonthings Aug 29

@kpbadwrench where u at Odysseus? U lost in the valley bro?

bongsonthings Aug 29

@brandonoanderson long time bro! Hope your doing well :)

rippinruts Aug 29

@kpbadwrench aka Big Oz

poly021 Aug 29


kkaayyllaann Aug 29


kkaayyllaann Aug 29


monsterenergy55555 Aug 29


uncleshoe Aug 29

Ha! @bongsonthings see ya in Oct maybe....

bongsonthings Aug 29

@uncleshoe that would be epic my man!

tannerellingsen Aug 29

@bongsonthings #75andaride

jodie_94_46 Aug 29

I don't see a bong on anything................ :)

davidegatti94 Aug 30

Aspè il polpaccio è proprio polpaccionevole @digiammatteo555

jolenevanvugt Aug 30

#bestworstroomate @bongsonthings @kenroczen94

lindsymalinoski Aug 30

The nucleus!!! @bongsonthings πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

bongsonthings Aug 30

@lindsymalinoski omg thats so funny u remember that lol

klmoosey Aug 30

VP FUELS are the best

sammy.kenny Aug 30

Fucking rig!!

_iamlukeallen_ Aug 30

Do you live on maui

ll240 Aug 30

@gaemx7 Γ  l'aise Kentin Rivier mdr

kenroczen94 Aug 29

@gopro sweet shot

j.rouse.31 Aug 29


tycho_205 Aug 29


marysauvee Aug 29

Don't hit your head 😘

ugh.deadly.alive Aug 29

Hold my beer, I can do that.

maleana38z Aug 29

Your talented on a bike and in the water!! πŸ˜„πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

janmx681 Aug 29


twhiteman19 Aug 29


borjaqueralt Aug 29


monsterenergy55555 Aug 29

Du bist der Hammer

soccerbubbyrules Aug 29


simo_cpd Aug 29

Awesome! πŸ‘

lauren.eddy Aug 29

@meganvince_eminem 😍😍😍😍😍

goprosteez Aug 29

So sick man!

ktmjoe345 Aug 29

I know an amazing shot

mister_rob Aug 29


lukas56_ Aug 29

Bitte folge mir

dreamgirlx33 Aug 29

Haha :D β™‘

meganvince_eminem Aug 29

Hahaha @lauren.eddy

allie_ballie10 Aug 29


gotzeeeel_ Aug 29

Bestes Bild ΓΌberhaupt diggi

d_dubb11 Aug 29

What settings did u use on ur gopro to get that shot?

conwayfmx Aug 29

Backflipping out of the pool. I Havent mastered that one yet @kenroczen94

steezymeech Aug 29

Sick on a dirt bike and you know how to float!!?😱

steezymeech Aug 29

Exorcism shit

kaa_wi Aug 29

^^ lol

cole194 Aug 29

He'll probably get on go pro's page from this @kenny123me @ryan_bowman

joeecon98 Aug 29

@brianaaawilliams he's the man.

robylynn117 Aug 29

😍 @allie_ballie10

nico_lombardi Aug 29

Been watching you since you were in germany ken, one of the fastest guys out. I knew it from day 1. Best of lucky buddy keep it up!

dilaratcmr Aug 29

@chefjohnwheeler sΓΌper GoPro

monsterenergy55555 Aug 29

I love gopro

specialaustin Aug 29

Looks like yer about to hit the concrete

victorialape Aug 29


bougeey Aug 29

gainer selfie

casual_rog Aug 29

Looks like your getting abducted my aliens lmao

tyler_b_917 Aug 29


chevy_heavy_01 Aug 29

@kenroczen94. Nice win

poly021 Aug 29


andresarambula66 Aug 29

Nice shot!

dub353 Aug 29

Is this ur house?? So bad ass

towlex Aug 29


masyn_taylor743 Aug 29

That a pool. @dub353

kenny123me Aug 29

@cole194 that's a dope shot

bugspray94 Aug 29

Hooooly crap you can jump high xD

chrisgrunert836 Aug 29

@soernyausbln @mhbmx

flyin_stoner725 Aug 29

Danggg I'm tryin to chill with you an ciancarulo lol

andrepotgieter94 Aug 29

@dewaldtvdmerwe kan n beter backflip doenπŸ‘‰

roryschultz414 Aug 29

Black guy hops @kenroczen94

xxisilverfoxixx Aug 29

No running!

jodie_94_46 Aug 29

Your neighbors must think you guys are crazy.......... :D

slayerlayer44 Aug 29

@mxbean u gain like my boy @kenroczen94 ???

_bertdick Aug 29


tayenicole468 Aug 29

It does not look like this had a very good ending

natedog_211 Aug 29


jordanpetzz Aug 29

Me and @caseyd288 are on our way over I love across the lake

guilhermenovaes17 Aug 29

@raphaelcapuano te lembra alguma coisa? Hahah

dylantgod Aug 29

Gainer err

ge3na Aug 29

super cool

nanoo176 Aug 29


holly.langford Aug 29

This nigga fell from the sky

xlucaxkickx Aug 29

nice :

dom0770 Aug 29

Looks like he's gonna hit the ground

ben_mcdonald7 Aug 29

what is the framework around the pool area for?

alessandro_wolfango Aug 29

@cezcesare altro che i nostri tuffi... πŸ˜„

chris_is_rich Aug 29


chloelovie Aug 29

@ben_mcdonald7 it's for alligators because they live in Florida :)

fjs1977 Aug 29

I was going to ask the same shit @ben_mcdonald7

cola Aug 29

rain @fjs1977 @ben_mcdonald7 its an indoor and outdoor pool

joel_guy Aug 29

@bradhedges @barclaypierce remember a few bomb drops in a pool like this in Orlando...

alexandria_dragt Aug 30

It's helps to keep all of the Mosquitos and noseeums out at night so you can hand pool side and not get attacked by bugs

reed_57 Aug 30

Sack flip?

coach413_316 Aug 30

😍😍😍#Bae @cruzer_99 @hoffman_71_913 @the_real_316 @brauch413 @daddy426

bradhedges Aug 30

@joel_guy @barclaypierce oh yea!

vettskiiym Aug 30

Excellent photo~

barclaypierce Aug 30

Back in the day! @joel_guy @bradhedges

klr1026 Aug 31

Freakin nuts

chrisiro28 Aug 31

@ben_mcdonald7 keeps the bugs and gators out of his backyard. Florida life haha...

kenroczen94 Aug 29

pool side with my @gopro

kaaylanewton Aug 29


matthewgray513 Aug 29

I can't wait to see you in supercross

elluuu01_ Aug 29


dreamgirlx33 Aug 29

β™‘ Ich muss dich unbedingt mal wieder sehn *-* :D bÀÀm beim nΓ€chsten rennen hier (;

nikenshaine Aug 29

Your awesome

arianavillafana Aug 29

Awesome pool

monsterenergy55555 Aug 29

Du bist der beste

nibler828 Aug 29

Js7 cribbb @kenroczen94

twhiteman19 Aug 29

Love you!

coricreveling Aug 29


savannah.newcomer Aug 29


madison_131 Aug 29

Love you

tevintapia Aug 29

hahaha @coricreveling

madison_131 Aug 29

Big fan

tevintapia Aug 29


coricreveling Aug 29

@tevintapia HAHAHAAHAH SHUSH πŸ˜‚

tevintapia Aug 29

thirsty hoe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #jk @coricreveling

brwests_18 Aug 29


zethcobb Aug 29

@michaelmanhire shit was good #posted

coricreveling Aug 29

@tevintapia Kenny is bæ ❀️☺️

taylin_smail Aug 29

Kenny is the most the bae ever @coricreveling

allie_ballie10 Aug 29


sataninheelz Aug 29

Can I go swimming with you ☺️😏 @kenroczen94

t_tipp111 Aug 29

Nigga must be bored lol

nikimajor Aug 29

@jessicaaalaa @jazzween hi

astroud36 Aug 29

Right?! Lol @t_tipp111

poly021 Aug 29


gymstarscoachlolo Aug 29

Make some tumble videos bro!

jodie_94_46 Aug 29

GoPro and no videos?

klubester Aug 29

😍😍😍 be mine kennyyyyy

jimefuentes Aug 29


brunequiroz Aug 29


nacermalcolm Aug 29

Hey ken please i'm a french rider please what you're mail please

michaelmanhire Aug 29

@zethcobb πŸ˜‚

rociolima Aug 29

@jimefuentes o m g πŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ’˜πŸ’™πŸ˜»β€οΈπŸ’š

shazam1968 Aug 29

I see a great place for a 450 SX - F burnout poolside. Look forward to that IG. Congrats on the title KR, great times well deserved.

jazzween Aug 29

ummm kkk @nikimajor 😍

sweetlove0018 Aug 29


deansauce Aug 29

It's hot at home! I need to get out there that pool turned out so bad ass!

heatherc77 Aug 30

Hottie! Racing does you good! @kenroczen94

motorman203 Aug 30

You look so tall

mila_knezevic Aug 30


kenroczen94 Aug 29

early morning chilling with @adamcianciarulo

carliitoslpz Aug 29


shaneyelverton10 Aug 29

First like!!!😎

trentberryofficial Aug 29

nice man @kenroczen94 ✊

carliitoslpz Aug 29

First like de que gilipollas first like me! @shaneyelverton10

dendisandyawan Aug 29


lena_grass Aug 29

So geil

lance_mx_65 Aug 29


josh.byrne Aug 29

few pingers to get them through the night @luke_freeman1

mieslmatthias Aug 29


belenguinsel Aug 29

@tb737 vamos ahiiii

chiara_geltz Aug 29

@habitzki_144 lass dahin πŸ˜­πŸ’—

chucky2007 Aug 29


chucky2007 Aug 29


i_am_michael_98 Aug 29

Can't wait till you guys are battling @kenroczen94 will be revolutionary

bigbasti94 Aug 29

Keene Hobbys πŸ˜„

baz237 Aug 29

Please put on some pounds enjoying your championship @kenroczen94

baz237 Aug 29

Lose Alvin's number too...

keira.strong Aug 29


monsterenergy55555 Aug 29


fooood_is_life Aug 29

Someone's hatin @baz237

baz237 Aug 29

How's that @fooood_is_life ??? I'm saying he needs to live it right now and not train at all. The amount of effort he has put in he deserves time out before Monster Cup.

131_rj Aug 29

Pass the blunt ken!

habitzki_144 Aug 29

ja?:D @chiara_geltz

thatbmxguy98 Aug 29

Swear to god this looks like the place u stay at.. πŸ˜‚ @lauren_2345

tomgreen44 Aug 29

@baz237 I agree with you 100% man

jimloundagin Aug 29

@baz237 that's why their at where they are. Because they get up at the crack ass of dawn and train every day.

aj_267 Aug 29

Early bird gets the worm @seang_11

megan_be Aug 29

😍 πŸ‘Œ

baz237 Aug 29

That's why they deserve to cook a tyre and try to blow up a Kato @jimloundagin @tomgreen44

mrtbone6 Aug 29

Or up all night? πŸ’

glueksbaerchii2002 Aug 29

Kenny kennst du die Strecke in Blumenhagen noch ??? Eddy Schulz wΓΌrde sich mal wieder freuen wenn du dort hin kommst

paul2060 Aug 29

Hi Ken ich bin 13 Jahre alt und fahre auch motorcross du bist mein grâßtes Vorbild <3

lumvy_325 Aug 29


hunter_brewton Aug 29


wemoto72 Aug 29


coach413_316 Aug 30

Romantic and gay of course!!

miatze Aug 30


aqualagoon94 Aug 31

Thats so pretty !!

kenroczen94 Aug 28

#tbt France 2010

mx_honda150 Aug 30

I love this photo

mila_knezevic Aug 30


__xx_anni_xx__ Aug 30

Next Year Suzuki β™‘πŸ˜

http.langworthy_522 Aug 30

@look_shouts got me 1k

fisherhuckaby Aug 31


jao_andrianjaka Sep 1

The Man >>> The Bike

ktmengland Sep 1

Don't go back Suzuki

ktmengland Sep 1

If u go to Suzuki u won't win a 450 championship like u did on ktm Suzuki is crap

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