Red Bull KTM

Ken Roczen


#94 Ken Roczen

DoB: 04/29/1994
Height: 1.7 Meters
Weight: 60 Kilos
Hometown: Apolda, Germany
Bike: KTM SX-F 250


Ken is the 2013 AMA 250 West Supercross Champion, and the 2011 World MX 2 Motocross Champion. He’s originally from Germany, and incredibly likeable and talented. Ken’s best racing memory was at the age of 15 when he became the youngest Grand Prix Motocross winner at his home GP in Germany 2009. His advice to young riders is: “Take things easy. Don’t practice or train too much at a really young age, but let it come to you. You’ll know as you get older if you should build more upon your conditioning and training”.

Career Highlights

AMA 250 West Supercross Champion

FIM MX2 World Motocross Champion





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kenroczen94 Jul 25

@amos528 with the vid cred

melissaranae Jul 25


gmh62681 Jul 25


levisutton511 Jul 25


_7ninety2_ Jul 25


_lucreziagabrielli Jul 25

Ken you are a big champion!😍 @kenroczen94

noahbroc737 Jul 25

Fat tits

trevorboldi_1 Jul 25


jodee_elaine Jul 25


leandroneves27 Jul 25


thiagotenorio21 Jul 25


coreycreech4 Jul 25

@jonahsethbowling @jamesbarrett21

jamiedec82 Jul 25

Can't wait to see you ride for #RCH

dirtybrad Jul 25

@tspooner_70 @6goon4life9 @undead_yoter this is actually me, got the bike runnin again πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

5ryanpuckett5 Jul 25

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ @trevorboldi_1

duducosta72 Jul 25

@kenroczen94 Roczen bin Brasilianer, ich folge alle Rennen, ich hoffe, den Titel im ersten Jahr der 450 cc, viel GlΓΌck

50shades0fgreg Jul 25


50shades0fgreg Jul 25


codyray211 Jul 25


eli______49 Jul 25

That whip do

braxton211 Jul 25


jizzzzzy_j Jul 25


cdub2is Jul 25


alyson_brooke_3 Jul 25

That whip doe>>>

retschgy Jul 25

@pascal_r11 like me? πŸ˜…

thomasperger Jul 25

So sick!

poncho_155 Jul 25


edsalaza10 Jul 25


stetsonnordic Jul 25


dirtracer94 Jul 25


scottkawi11 Jul 25

Kids kinda slow

motosnell Jul 25

Looking good as always

scottkawi11 Jul 25

@therealpontz he thinks he's fast

elworthy657 Jul 25

@michaelaranda looks just like us at club

random_k Jul 25


elementmx Jul 25

Fawkin booter

dmode_zizz Jul 25


dirtracer94 Jul 25

U r my supercross hero!

joerussell45 Jul 25

Heck yea @braxton211 I want to whip like that

micahbhook Jul 25

@scottkawi11 Hahaha good one

bl0wnm0t0r Jul 25


wilkins_333 Jul 25

He is fast @scottkawi11

grace.76 Jul 25

he's probably faster than youβœ‹ @scottkawi11

becauseninja Jul 25

@tdsocold his style>

cgalvis23 Jul 25

@brayansantos03 @svergiovera90 @sebastiancalderonf @andresbuenom @jhonnatanpardo suave el nene como vuela

perran_11 Jul 25


natecamasura_ Jul 25


cordshea_817 Jul 25

Be expected to see a lot of this Saturday @joel_b_carnes @snowboarderguy25

nick_bates626 Jul 25

Well a guess your gonna have to wait for long time @jamiedec82

joao_aguilar Jul 25


emilylane.26 Jul 25

oh that's hot @izzy_simmons

vassump Jul 25

@mecenis @victormeceni voa baixo hein

tdsocold Jul 25

I could do that.... @becauseninja

kaially_chico Jul 25

@andrephelipy see? Easy kkkkkkkkkk

kevin_pearce Jul 25


gunner_jones Jul 25

@_andrewday_ booter

jayman601 Jul 25

@jtown21 @clifton_james

sxr_800 Jul 25


holmes3oneone Jul 25

@scottkawi11 nice piece of shit bike kid. I like your chest protector too you goon you must be a pro rider #squid

trevor612 Jul 25


johnnykruse Jul 25

@daslinder hot daymmmm

massimoindependent Jul 25

This is sex @kenroczen94

df121 Jul 25

so siq

nick_buzzetti Jul 25

@b_rad771 @tadeo_g802 big jump

mhussey Jul 25

@cstewy07 pretty small hit

rummy250 Jul 25


ironchestcharlie1 Jul 25

Soooo sick @lordtiblier

bayley_forsey Jul 25

@tristanbird @connor_bird100 @adriandeviveiros

cruzestagram Jul 25


adamcianciarulo Jul 25

I was wondering why the angle was so bad @kenroczen94 @amos528 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jk

amos528 Jul 25

@adamcianciarulo sorry I'm not pro picture taker like your self!! Lol.. dick

james306_ Jul 25


tristanb_steezy Jul 25

Because Adam also is a pro photographer @adamcianciarulo @kenroczen94 @amos528 πŸ˜‚

youngmezzy Jul 25

@mes321 @tydietz429

ace_jj007 Jul 25


_steven11 Jul 25


landontwardoski Jul 25


landontwardoski Jul 25


ikua327 Jul 25

Come on @amos528 you got better skills than that

fabiodelarue Jul 25

Caraaaaaai isso e um whip @dariopaes @ozieljunior946 @matheusarraess

murrdizzle51 Jul 25


chalvorsen__17 Jul 25

@t_nag let's see a whip like this

hannagirndt_ Jul 25

Too sick

jparker177 Jul 25

@scubasteve100 look at that

joeltaylor94 Jul 25

@t_pons damnn

_mattstutz_ Jul 25

@cstutzwhattup @datthechief6 holly shit!!!!

dluth899 Jul 25


nnaasshh Jul 25


lukemiller_32 Jul 25


jjackson106 Jul 25

@lippeb @jrhough105

jwbray01 Jul 25


johnlangaas77 Jul 25


austin_phillips40 Jul 25

@autumnhord me at apple cabin tonight ask dad.

izzy_simmons Jul 25

smexyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ @emilylane.26

jeff_henkle Jul 25


kenroczen94 Jul 25

@adamcianciarulo @amos528 and shaking like a donky's tailπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

nathanhuftalin Jul 25


lebel402 Jul 25

@pro857 @lebel412 @saltydalty495 ✊

dylankudrick Jul 25

@kenroczen94 straight rippin dude

mitchtitaniumbones Jul 25

Epic air @kenroczen94

sebbrini Jul 25


dylanmorgan12 Jul 25

Smooth πŸ‘Œ

this_guy_tyler10 Jul 25

Kenny you are the man

rgroffy_03 Jul 25

This is what we need at your track! @benwolge

bikeboyshawn45 Jul 25


saulocoite Jul 25

@matheusmx25 @juliocesar154 @alefbrandao @ernandescoite

carlitoficial Jul 25


diegoalmanzaw Jul 25


dariopaes Jul 25

Caralho! @fabiodelarue

mart1n_4 Jul 25


daltonlucas123 Jul 25

Um ok. @trevor612

mattmckenna7 Jul 25


therealraymondlerch Jul 25

@juddh38 fucking nastyy

aidenwalsh92 Jul 25


fjlaurens Jul 25


chatorosa Jul 25

Aajjaj era esta la foto jajajajja @emilianodelpup

lunch_box_76 Jul 25


jesse_kennedy Jul 25


aiden_shmaf Jul 25


kelly_alred Jul 25

@jwood1313 JayDub!

btoteda Jul 25

@etoteda @sandro_digiovanni

the_jake_brown Jul 25


cowles165 Jul 25

@mitchyboy163 best part is when he lands how he's on it and that bikes tracking. Thinkin does it on its own

ruslanyz250f Jul 25

@daniel_mrpro @dannyac9 @davidsarafinchan

jamesbulte Jul 25


justus151 Jul 25

@eliobarbon @franzini29 @felipealbie @lincoc101

ttr125racer Jul 25

Such a small ramp and kan rockzan yer not suppose to stand up whin u land u goof thats y yer back tiar got all squirrely n shit plus that whip wus goonish..... look at me and bryan villoslowpoke ride we sit the hol time an r wfo hol time standing makes u look like a goon anyways

isaiah_perez_ Jul 25

@itsgonnahurt I hope you know who this is πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‚

itsgonnahurt Jul 25

@isaiah_perez_ lol

mackgarrabrant Jul 25

That's all u got @ttr125racer?!? Tell him what you REALLY told me earlier

ttr125racer Jul 25

What did i tell u?? @mackgarrabrant

diegofonteg Jul 25

Nadaaaaaaa Jul 25


ericswanson111 Jul 25

@mattmoto441 this is so sick

crispy764 Jul 25

Hey @ttr125racer hope you're remembering to keep the elbows down too lol

ttr125racer Jul 25

Well jo shit its betyer aerodynamics @crispy764

snopro227 Jul 25

Durty whip

trever_davis Jul 25

Gotta build jumps like this @djmb_racing

mrvwguy Jul 25

@derekson1 @alan_campbell1

ttr125racer Jul 25

Yer all idiots this isnt ken rockzan its like adam ccinkarualo er sumthin

ericrupe Jul 25

Sickness !!! πŸ‘

rock_sara_24 Jul 25


instabean35 Jul 25

Holy shit @_buehler_

luketownsend8 Jul 25

@ttr125racer it's Anthony Amos

lucas15_mitchell Jul 25

Mate u can't even Adam cianciarulo @ttr125racer

super_tina_83_ Jul 25

Teeee a chi c era giΓΉ a Crotta! ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @corvocrf450r

boywonder_iam Jul 25


liamdraper Jul 25

@jamesscott108 we should have a jump like this

josemanuelmg96 Jul 25

@antoostos iyo esq vuela eh

ste_lao Jul 25

@fedetirelli @japoscaltriti

kenroczen94 Jul 24

#tbt me and shorty riding the 350 in houston 2011 hair look goodπŸ˜‚ @andrewshortmx29

j._o._s._h Jul 24

1st comment

danm00re Jul 24

You mad cunt @j._o._s._h

roman123pierce Jul 24

Geile farbe :-D

hartman383 Jul 24

Don't look so happy @kenroczen94! Lol come ride mount Carroll motopark sometime sickest track in the Midwest!

gils91 Jul 24

Helmets...?? Damn. .

nicebike_sweden Jul 24


nicebike_sweden Jul 24

Nice hairπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ktm_coops9 Jul 24

Your my favourite ride

giulyjet Jul 24

Yea... bad boys

mduett211 Jul 24

How did you get your hair to come through your helmet like that? That's so dope I didn't even know you had red hair bra... πŸ˜‰

vas_vasiloglou Jul 24

apo edw tin eixes dei ti moikana ? @stef_zakkas_199

jemima_dance10 Jul 24

Great mohecan!!

roland_ufoplast Jul 24


jemima_dance10 Jul 24

No its a mohecan, decoration on the helmet @mduett211

leandroplasencia Jul 24

Hahhahahha yeah

berm_blowinmx Jul 24

man I live in Houston

go_roczen_or_go_home Jul 24

πŸ”πŸ”πŸ” braaaaaaap Style for days hahaha

piewoo Jul 24

Ma tenue fetiche πŸ˜‚ @adrienpoppy

3rdcoastmotocross Jul 24


3rdcoastmotocross Jul 24


motocross.brap Jul 24

Style @neymarjr ?? @kenroczen94

ca_mila16 Jul 24

Style @neymarjr ?? Hahha @kenroczen94

clemonemo Jul 24


andrewshortmx29 Jul 24


adrienpoppy Jul 24

Mdr oui mais sur toi ca rend pas pareil ! 😏 @piewoo

slawrence1523 Jul 24

Nice u should wear that at unadilla

heezy26 Jul 24


blueberryrider40 Jul 24

@andrewshortmx29 now is roczen fast!:D

p0low Jul 24


stouder_31 Jul 24

such a babe

sethwillardsen_801 Jul 24

Who knows what happend to chad reed?? @kenroczen94

b_colucci Jul 24

My lover

motorbikeshu Jul 24

Great shot

kenroczen94 Jul 24

got my first set of golf clubs today. cant believe i still payed 1300$ even tho i brought a 20% couponπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BUT I LOVE IT

brennen1787 Jul 24

First like

jconeill1500 Jul 24


j_a_y_c_e_n Jul 24

2nd comment

captain_rouse7 Jul 24


yessjordan Jul 24

2 comment

aem03 Jul 24

Like it too Ian a huge fan of u and chad reed @kenroczen94

7scottylee Jul 24

Got the same wedges πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ @kenroczen94 #atv

7scottylee Jul 24

Hope you got a 60* @kenroczen94

ktm715 Jul 24


renner153 Jul 24

Shoulda had @rendawgfmx hook it up bud!

bobby_stokes Jul 24

Have fun!

lopaka007 Jul 24

Can't use them till you win a moto πŸ˜¬πŸ‘

stephenson102 Jul 24

@boettcher450 ...

fuk_u_iam_tiger Jul 24

With that red plate you can just chill I dig it @kenroczen94

chancelloyd Jul 24

@jesserodebaugh my next set

rodny989 Jul 24

Golf Wang

leviharmon Jul 24

Your hooked! @kenroczen94

scissorhands999 Jul 24


singermichael Jul 24

@kenroczen94 thats your retirement sport.

55frogger Jul 24

@kenroczen94 golf is bad for your back so take it slow

all_td_up Jul 24

@tallcan110 @shankenstein122 wow bet still won't buy him a golf game. Better take lessons from @elitomac

runnerchick70 Jul 24

Where did you get them!? We just bought the same ones and paid $3000! 😳😳

derek988 Jul 24

@kenroczen94 bring it on

nwescott11 Jul 24

Gotta get a golf sponsor for the ktm.

emmasdaddy3 Jul 24

@kenroczen94 so when we going golfing?

bergman71 Jul 24

Taylor Made all the way!

mango596 Jul 24

Dude come play sanctuary ridge its in clermont.!!! @kenroczen94

nakoma_20 Jul 24


jarret_11 Jul 24


stantonit Jul 24

@kenroczen94 golf! excellent downtime sport. yes, a sport. #taylormade #golf #mx

estebeaner526 Jul 24

Aye I'll play you 😏

cpaulsell Jul 24

Should have got the hookup from the @therealrickiefowler

jlipp522 Jul 24

Dayum kenny

sethheiner__ Jul 24

Taylor made gang

mr_josh_johnson Jul 24


new_mee Jul 24


ki_taylor Jul 24

1560 basic math

pasquel83 Jul 24

Nice club and the best brand!!!

lennyalleaume_156 Jul 24

@kvong64 je t'ai trouver un partenaire de golf⛳️

taylor_byrd420 Jul 24


o_gattis Jul 24

@melanieeeq 😍

velocity635 Jul 24

Lol u rich bastard

zach_360 Jul 24


thrill_billy Jul 24

Worth it

sk_sledder Jul 24

Sick as fuck

211tyler Jul 24

That's what I'm saying ^^^^*

tennantparking Jul 24

Hahaha because taylormade πŸ‘Œ

jorgepiwinski Jul 24

@jpiwinski @gonzalo_schez

tbavdek Jul 24


gonzalo_schez Jul 24

Ta frontiando el bobo este @jorgepiwinski

sethn210 Jul 24


jacobbbeyer Jul 24

Get some ping eye 2's pussy @kenroczen94

chayybo Jul 24

sweet clubs Kenny! how do u like the atv wedges?

jorgepiwinski Jul 24

Deseguro ni sabe que hacer con ellos jajaja perp estan guillao @gonzalo_schez

trevor_marthoski12 Jul 24

You could get a older 85 for that much!

steph_carty959 Jul 24

Golf is lifeπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

tosh2_7 Jul 24

Speed blades

hayden_stark_27 Jul 24

@jesse_soccer_graham15 @rosa_parks2

caliboy251986 Jul 24

What's up buddy boy, hey I'm a golf pro assistant in northern Cali contact me anytime u need any golf stuff or free golf. @kenroczen94

pdolan440 Jul 24

They look to good to use

speedychad813 Jul 24

Ha!!! So sick, nice buy ;-)

lawc4 Jul 24

Should have spent the $1300 on lessons but I'm sure he can afford to still do that.

tylergrinde Jul 24

@tosh2_7 those are burners not speed blades

tosh2_7 Jul 24

@tylergrinde yup I see the green now.

mxrenner Jul 24

Looks like it went just like this. "Yeah I need a full set of clubs, the best you have."

mxrenner Jul 24

"Don't worry, I got this, I get 20% off πŸ˜‰"

griff452 Jul 24

Well your world has changed forever. Now go get lessons

duckhunter737 Jul 24

Those aren't speed blades or burners those are RBZ's

drewbieclark Jul 24

You need some more wedges @kenroczen94

colt_sanderson224 Jul 24

Welcome To the 1500 club πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that's what it cost for good equipment not wal-mart crap. Just spent $1660 for my whole setup πŸ‘ŠπŸ’―πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ @kenroczen94

thetwotwo Jul 24

Never go full retard man... Every body knows that! @jhen1493 @storrie73

zuraw5kj Jul 24

@all_td_up ... Dude had to put how much he spent... Culdnt just say he used coupon... This dude is in for a rude awakening , when he figures out what life's about. Smh.... Love the comment @all lol!πŸ‘πŸ‘† @elitomac .... <----πŸπŸ† staying humble cuz he's a thug! @kenroczen94

oliver_patterson Jul 24

Id rather just ride on the golf course..

nickpingel68 Jul 24

@maddieleigh414 maybe you can teach him how to swing πŸ˜‚

slammin_poon Jul 24

Nice set up

jhen1493 Jul 24

@thetwotwo weren't you the winner at top golf...

thetwotwo Jul 24

This nigga swings cheap! @jhen1493

jhen1493 Jul 24

@thetwotwo lmao didn't even read the caption

sweeneyphoto Jul 24

Get them fitted, it makes a big difference

benstudders Jul 24

That would be an hours work for you @kenroczen94

colton_schlegel Jul 24

Best driver in the business

drtracer191 Jul 24

Fitted makes a huge difference. Like suspension does on a bike. @kenroczen94

mattmooree Jul 24

Nice @kenroczen94 would love a set like this

slop169 Jul 24

Nice set up I have those hybrids an a RBZ driver

cvanerman Jul 24

@kenroczen94 I hope you had them custom made for that price. I could have got you a set custom made for that price or less.

dylantgod Jul 24

Those irons

lifeofmotororo Jul 24


chancelloyd Jul 24

Taylormade is the way to go πŸ™Œ

lovefromalyce Jul 24

I think we should get back into golfing again. @alexpiazza71 @daniel_lavis

thebmflexer Jul 24


hcallz Jul 24

SPEEDBLADES I called it!

dakotajones34 Jul 24

Big fan u ever come to ohio lets hit the greens man

___jakeb___ Jul 24

Should've got a Scotty Cameron @kenroczen94

princess.gabbyy Jul 24


jim_niemeyer Jul 24

@kenroczen94 You need to get a sponsorship deal. I'm sure they'll hook you up.

michaelk358 Jul 24

So jealous... Saving up for almost all the same clubs :o

remy_smith53 Jul 24

Super nice clubsπŸ‘Œ

pattyfitz80 Jul 24

i wish mine cost that. I spent 2300 on mine

easyrider_77 Jul 24

Nice sticks @kenroczen94

__matthiggs Jul 24


dirtbike_rider03 Jul 24


bsharff150 Jul 24

Good choice kid

capyasella Jul 24

I have the rocketbalz 5 wood....and I LOVE it!!

jbruhn Jul 24

@kenroczen94 if your ever in SD let's play some golf

coach413_316 Jul 24


the_real_316 Jul 24

@coach413_316 nice!!!

maclove1 Jul 24

Good job at redbud

owenryan58 Jul 24

Organize your bag πŸ˜‚ but solid i see your a Taylor made kinda guy. Keep grindin out there on the track!

mariahgilessxo Jul 24


alexpiazza71 Jul 24

Sounds good @lovefromalyce

heaton334 Jul 24


ivesgavin Jul 24

Wtf sldr. Thats a 300-400 dollar club

protested_racing Jul 24

I'm racing amature days and It got rained out tommaro but going to the Friday night race

protested_racing Jul 24

Or Thursday night

jordan_mandel Jul 24


nickkersten154 Jul 24

#kentigerwoodsroczen πŸ’ͺ

tylerrobinson56 Jul 24


kvong64 Jul 24

Oui j'ai vu Γ§a @lennyalleaume_156 :)))

gazb46 Jul 24


csoldevere Jul 24


dustinp040 Jul 24

Must be nice to throw $1300 on golf clubs just for fun when I can't scrounge up the money for a new set of gear for the season πŸ‘Œ

ridezz Jul 24

That's taylor made for ya ken

jamesmasters Jul 24

@dustinp040 life goes on

bigbasti94 Jul 24

Das nenn ich mal eiserne ostdeutsche Sparsamkeit πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

dustinp040 Jul 24

Thanks, I wasn't aware of that. @jamesmasters

vd888 Jul 24


b_dausa8 Jul 24

Check out this set @mjstone1

lucascole23 Jul 24

Putter? @kenroczen94

dloth Jul 24

Du ser @nilleniles vad som vΓ€ntar πŸ™‰

dropbeardotcom Jul 24

I have that same putter @kenroczen94 :P she goes alright

lindrothmx Jul 24

@860331mx gΓΆtt:-)

lukeatkinson21 Jul 24


rettmarshall Jul 24

Mmm dat driver tho @nico_ormerod

nico_ormerod Jul 24

Oooh very nice πŸ˜‚ @rettmarshall

howorth_71 Jul 24

Dude ur loaded with money

rb351 Jul 24

The second most expensive sport... I think we all know what the first is.

beks__x Jul 24


lorcansagherkin Jul 24

Same clubs as me tooπŸ˜‰ @beks__x

camerondyson32 Jul 24

Taylormade all the way!! @kenroczen94

jpratt3 Jul 24

@kenroczen94 dude sick set but you have GOT to replace those wedges with some Titlest Vokey designed wedges, they are by far the best in the business

filipegurjao Jul 24

Can't believe you're giving #taylormade free advertising an they had you pay for those clubs!

chasedaniel46 Jul 24

Of course he got Taylormade so gay

johnmx77 Jul 24

Nice sticks

gmichael33 Jul 25

@ktmkid769 told you it wasn't 2100

kenroczen94 Jul 24

having fun with @mariahpaige94 @wmgastephen @aldon104 @kpbadwrench @zimm763 and the girls and kids

j._o._s._h Jul 24


alexhammer Jul 24


chandler_nida Jul 24


alexhammer Jul 24


younggun88 Jul 24

Do u have a kid?

tanner_ritchie_313 Jul 24

Who's house @kenroczen94

briana.moon Jul 24

then why look at his profile, if anything you're the gay one βœ‹πŸ‘Š @alexhammer

cole.warner Jul 24

Coolest pool I have ever seen

k_ballin__ Jul 24

@younggun88 no he doesn't

jordanpetzz Jul 24

Me and @caseyd288 are on out way over

brandenkirky Jul 24

So sick

michelle_coffey Jul 24


matt_perry12 Jul 24

@tanner_ritchie_313 it looks like James Stewarts house

dirt_addiction13 Jul 24

#Childish #YoureTooCool #IWannaBeLikeYouWhenIGrowUp @alexhammer πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘βœŒ

island_breeze305 Jul 24


robsyrett Jul 24


sierra_james46 Jul 24

Is adam included in the "kids"? πŸ˜‚

lindsymalinoski Jul 24

Thanks again! Marek had a blast and talked about it until he fell asleep! Good luck this weekend!

dusty_55_ Jul 24

I love u

ignasiserra11 Jul 24

@bertaserrariera this was like our house in Florida

bertaserrariera Jul 24

Yesss @ignasiserra11

kenroczen94 Jul 24

@lindsymalinoski thank u:-) we ll get together next week:-)

trishuhmarie Jul 24

Zimmy =] @zimm763

kenroczen94 Jul 23

bought my first set of clubs today with @wmgastephen and he makes fun of me cos i brought a couponπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

justiceperri123 Jul 23

O us

troy_krupa Jul 23

Smart shopping

justiceperri123 Jul 23

O ya

katie_1_three Jul 23

Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

dustin_418 Jul 23

Next tiger woods right hereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

jeremymalott Jul 23

Hahaha @therealrickiefowler can't you help the kid! He's at DICK's

nicolschelski Jul 23


nicolevinny Jul 23


adamswack Jul 23

I saw u there earlier lol @kenroczen94

cheylynch13 Jul 23

@ansley_jane094 πŸ˜‚

wriiight Jul 23


brennanholly Jul 23


soehnimd Jul 23

Dicks :D

paul_blomgren Jul 23

That's definitely a good purchase to use a 20% coupon on πŸ‘

neal_wheels Jul 23

Nothing wrong with saving a little money, regardless of how much you make.

6dicks Jul 23

I would too man!

jduncan65 Jul 23

What kind

zuraw5kj Jul 23

πŸ‘†πŸ˜‚ @j0n3z11 dude looks like bevis! Lmfao

thereallukeharding24 Jul 23

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ why not

melissacball Jul 23

Smart people with money keep their money by being frugal!! πŸ‘πŸ‘

kylejohnson40 Jul 23

Go to roger Dunn

makncoop Jul 23

@melissacball you are totally correct!!

kylet177 Jul 23

Lol watch the movie Happy Gilmore. Best movie to learn how to swing 😝

leslieagates Jul 23

Keeping it real ! That's why I admire you @kenroczen94

db947 Jul 23

Golfprofi oder was πŸ˜„

campbell__16 Jul 23

Golf clubs can get expensiveπŸ˜‚

pommier921 Jul 23

You don't stay rich by giving all of your money away haha

yehbrah Jul 23

@tdashtill most legit pro

claiiirebud Jul 23


krystinc03 Jul 23

Free $$ using coupons, why not!

kevinriccitelli14mx Jul 23

You Should Be On THe Show #extremeCouponers

ryan22williams Jul 23


chrisgeeee Jul 23

Wish I could afford a new set of irons

thomasperger Jul 23

No tipping valet or pizza delivery either.

smyth3rs Jul 23

That's classic!!

tylerp28c Jul 23

Da Germans like saving za monies @kenroczen94

brittaineyv29 Jul 23

Goes to show no matter how much success..Roczen is still down to earth.

jyeoutsider Jul 23


randy40p Jul 23

That shit's just damn funny!

dickforth Jul 23

Golf really sucks

hcallz Jul 23

πŸ˜‚ tell me you got some speed blades

deansauce Jul 23

Bought time

burkey_44 Jul 23

Golf is class! Well done @kenroczen94 you won't regret it... #gentlemansclub #allthegearnoidea

hm11_215 Jul 23

Haha that's awesome man πŸ‘

piercehawthornee Jul 23

@dickforth your name says enough

bilkofmx Jul 23

You need coupons for everything after his commission πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @kenroczen94

tracymcgrathgallaher Jul 23


baynard89 Jul 23

Typical DDR man lol

nickosphotos451 Jul 23

@muzcuz87 hahaha

sheilamckowan Jul 23

Wise man. This momma is proud. Enjoy

speedychad813 Jul 23

Are they TaylorMade brand? Let's hope, lol. Although I'm looking to get me a different driver, maybe the Callaway Big Bertha

miss_motocross_xoxo Jul 23

That smile though 😍 you in Washington yet??

spikelesspalmtrimmingofflorida Jul 23

he's jelly

foxpetefox Jul 23

He didn't hook you up?!?!!

czykone Jul 23

Nothing wrong with spending it wisely!

shellie_322_moore Jul 23

Make sure you get the Ogio golf bag :) @kenroczen94

slop169 Jul 23

Hope u got callaway xhott irons they are the best in game improvein clubs I used my 20% on mine also clubs are pricey @kenroczen94

tmoney87013 Jul 23

Awesome! !! Enjoy your golf!

cdub2is Jul 23

Smart shopping nothing wrong with that.

jstargell34 Jul 23

Never too wealthy for a discount. That's how you keep the bank fat @kenroczen94

mtlsfaw Jul 23

love it,nothing wrong with saving some $$$

558lee Jul 23

Nothing wrong with saving money!

__brewcrew Jul 23


john_rice05 Jul 23

Should have went to Edwin watts

kmh0731 Jul 23

Best way to have money is to be cheap!

your_boy_ant Jul 23

Why would he need to save money lol

wedgeshot Jul 23

Saw your swing video... I can fix that for you, will trade for some swag and riding tips :)

lovecamping Jul 23

Coupons are awesome!

dirtbikinman Jul 23

Good for you @kenroczen94 ! It is a fact that most athletes blow their cash and have nothing left a few years after they're done. This proves you know better. 20% off was like printing a $100 for those clubs most likely. Anybody who does not do this is just plain dumb!

bcluff11 Jul 23

Ken have you heard of the #92milclub ??? Nothing but savings my man, on groceries, phone bills, rent, golf trips!!!

mcernicky Jul 23

I wanna golf with you

gretchen_sheckler_hachee Jul 24

@kenroczen94 now that you have clubs we need to get you out to @shecks foundation golf tournament

cam354 Jul 24

@kenroczen94 I'll hook you up with some Callaways 50%-70% off with my discount. I'm no @therealrickiefowler yet.. but I still get a discount thru them. When your ready DM me! πŸ‘ŒβœŠβ›³ crush it the rest of the season bud!

jollyroger22 Jul 24

Should of gone to Roger Dunn for clubs!

kenroczen94 Jul 24

@gretchen_sheckler_hachee YES!!! i d have a blast:-)))))

motorj321 Jul 24

@kenroczen94 I work at a private club in Lakeland, FL let me know I'll get you on for free.

jshala48 Jul 24

@kenroczen94 what kind did ya get man ??

emmasdaddy3 Jul 24

@kenroczen94 when we going golfing

bobby_j91 Jul 24

@kenroczen94 a rider that is smart with his money. Dont matter if your rich you always want a good deal.

cjamesohara Jul 25

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

melissa_vozar52 Jul 25

@kaity_meyers10 @breydyn_cook94

kenroczen94 Jul 22

almost paddled out to far today with these 2 dorks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jessynelson50 @amos528 good times. almost got eaten by a 🐊

alyssam_46 Jul 22

Cool! Jul 22


austin7891 Jul 22


zach_360 Jul 22


scarborough19 Jul 22 gator

water_melon_331 Jul 22

Obviously a alligator look at emoji

codykidracing Jul 22

@_b_v_p_ @tbach918 Nelson is fully perked

samibeggs Jul 22

Luuuuuuuuuv you 😍😍 Jul 23

Can't see the emoji haha @water_melon_331

ashleydenney47 Jul 23

Ahhhhhhhhh his smile omg I love him @__mary2024

kayla1812 Jul 23


5sos_girl46 Jul 23

You should go follow @trenna_mcdaniel31! She has an awesome motocross page:) and she rides too!

adamcianciarulo Jul 23

@kenroczen94 of course you guys do something fun as soon as I leave

savanawest71 Jul 23


dylan_blethen Jul 23

There all goons @adamcianciarulo

welch915ktm Jul 23

Middle men chillen

mequi99 Jul 23


__mary2024 Jul 23

Oh my goodness I could just eat him and I loved him too @ashleydenney47

nike147mx Jul 23

Esse do canto batendo a foto parece tu @erosjr15

erosjr15 Jul 23

Nada a veeer @niike147 haha

nike147mx Jul 23

Parece sim nem vem @erosjr15

aleex034 Jul 23

Moopio nde vairo, vos sos mas feo que el gordo ojeda🍩🍩🍩🍩 @alro_51

erosjr15 Jul 23

Lindo tipo eu? @nike147mx

joshua_nickell Jul 23

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1000

chance_the_wheelman Jul 23

@ptays thought you were in mid

mucraz12 Jul 23

@kenroczen94 I pooped

_zanephillips_ Jul 23

You better train so eli wont win again

keelan_southwood_44 Jul 23

@010k_shoutout_u u got me 1k

nike147mx Jul 23

Igual tu n tem @erosjr15

danroy413 Jul 23

@elitomac is gunna be on top of the podium the rest of the year @_zanephillips_

_zanephillips_ Jul 23

Amen to that @danroy413

tcnorlin Jul 23

Yo u should really wear Thor

kenroczen94 Jul 22

to all the shit heads that think they know all about moto and need to give training advice...✌️

makaylanicole13 Jul 23

?? @alexasims

hunt_her_like_heather Jul 23

C'mon Keeeenny

aricmarriott Jul 24

Haters gonna hate

kxllervauhn Jul 24

Dude we gotta chill haha your my twin man! Haha

squid_a_licious Jul 24


stephenhanna Jul 24

Forgot to #selfie man. Easy mistake if your new at the selfie game @kenroczen94

jhor_olivier Jul 24

Sigueme y te sigo ;)

cheyyy_208 Jul 25

Can I marry you?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜β€οΈ

kenroczen94 Jul 21

@cudby where r u getting these shot's from!? did u buy them from someone or what;-)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

gerzhot_dv Jul 23


mastro711 Jul 23


robertkeightley Jul 23


thomasazzolin Jul 23

@sebast14ncarollo par El salto dell arrivo de fara!!!

efffaaaa Jul 24

@craig_owen now that's bent

_kawis4life_ Jul 24

@_andrewday_ @weemsworld @gunner_jones

andre_greppi Jul 24

Ma te non stai bene ahahahha

brendan.chaple7 Jul 24

Now that's awesome

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