Red Bull KTM

Ken Roczen


#94 Ken Roczen

DoB: 04/29/1994
Height: 1.7 Meters
Weight: 60 Kilos
Hometown: Apolda, Germany
Bike: KTM SX-F 250


Ken is the 2013 AMA 250 West Supercross Champion, and the 2011 World MX 2 Motocross Champion. He’s originally from Germany, and incredibly likeable and talented. Ken’s best racing memory was at the age of 15 when he became the youngest Grand Prix Motocross winner at his home GP in Germany 2009. His advice to young riders is: “Take things easy. Don’t practice or train too much at a really young age, but let it come to you. You’ll know as you get older if you should build more upon your conditioning and training”.

Career Highlights

AMA 250 West Supercross Champion

FIM MX2 World Motocross Champion





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kenroczen94 Apr 20


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sjb13_ Apr 20

😍😍😍😍 @kylewilkos

eric_up_in_yo_grill28 Apr 20

I'm a big fan of you:) and @ryandungey

aporter17 Apr 20

Super cute :)

jarrett_ridebmx Apr 20

I go to p.f. Changs just like Ken RoczenπŸ‘

hey_its_alyssa42 Apr 20


missykatie Apr 20


heyits_missnicholea Apr 20

Awe she's soo cute! @kenroczen94

mx_sav259 Apr 20


heatherbekanich Apr 20

aw this is so adorable! happy Easter Ken!! πŸ‡πŸ’˜

gituciitis Apr 20

Happy Easter u both :))

tres3leche Apr 20

Looks Milenia Mall. Orlando, FL

californiagoddess Apr 20


silviabusnello Apr 20

Oh signoreeeeee 😍😍😍 @shauni94_mx

joel_610 Apr 20

The hat I want

got_that_nurse_life Apr 20

Happy EasterπŸ‡πŸ™ @kenroczen94 also to @mariahpaige94

dianacolleen Apr 20


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Ahahaha @silviabusnello πŸ˜‚

shauni94_mx Apr 20

Ahahaha @silviabusnello πŸ˜‚

shaunarnold2001 Apr 20

Out shopping at Millenia? Bet it's a busy day over there!

silviabusnello Apr 20

Il papà perfetto 😁😁 @shauni94_mx

brettrussell Apr 20

I literally was just there a hour ago . At least I got to talk to you in Detroit !!!!

kennyparrish Apr 20

Happy Easter u guys. @kenroczen94 @mariahpaige94

kyle_914 Apr 20


shauni94_mx Apr 20

Ahahaha @silviabusnello πŸ˜‚

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ericaa_white Apr 20

What state are y'all in?

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@kenroczen94 #rainshinestateFTW

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he's so freaking amazing... @caitlinfullerton

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brettrussell Apr 20

@gorddonn we were just there ......... This is killing me

caitlinfullerton Apr 20

and so hotttπŸ˜‚ @aspenperkins_

aspenperkins_ Apr 20

too bad he's got a gf... @caitlinfullerton

caitlinfullerton Apr 20

I thought they were married? @aspenperkins_

aspenperkins_ Apr 20

shut up. @caitlinfullerton

caitlinfullerton Apr 20

ehhhhh.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @aspenperkins_

aspenperkins_ Apr 20

at 19? @caitlinfullerton

caitlinfullerton Apr 20

appearently @aspenperkins_

fabulizbodz Apr 20

@kenroczen94 my favorite!! @aldon104 his, not so much πŸ™ˆ. I go when he's gone!πŸ™‹

the_repunzell Apr 20

Destin, fl.

bambam266 Apr 20

La goorra @marcomx66 @lucianaporras24

yonnery Apr 20

Millenia mall

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Nooo amoor 😱que finooo!!! @bambam266

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El puchancho

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Carne asada is deliciouso

miss_motocross_xoxo Apr 20

😭😭😭❀️❀️. This is precious!!

dirtbiker226 Apr 20

Happy easter!πŸ’πŸ°β€οΈ @kenroczen94

allie_the_slayer Apr 20

Omg that's so cute

benchills Apr 20

Lmao uno does trace bro @chrisfreeman708

rsoriano12 Apr 20

Nice !

suga_shane199 Apr 20

She must be happy to be celeb status with superstar uncle Kenny!

meganmx11 Apr 20

Oh my goodness, what a guy

linzg04 Apr 20

Your legs 😳😍

chrisfreeman708 Apr 20

@benchills haha

katelyn9518 Apr 21

This is like the cutest picture ever!

nolin_c_06 Apr 21


_hannah94_ Apr 21

Can u like one of my photos please!!

nicomadriz Apr 21

@cmadrizv !!!!!!!!!!! Mira donde van a comer !!!!!!!!!!!! Hero.

nooough Apr 21

Some awkward calf muscles.

peanut594 Apr 21

So cuteeee!!!! @kenroczen94 you are so sweet to her!!!

courageousdad Apr 21

How many kids does Mariah want

jake_hambly228 Apr 21

Hey @kenroczen94 I'd love for you to follow me I'm ur worlds biggest fan plz plz keny😍

jake_hambly228 Apr 21

I ride to and it's a ktm

jake_hambly228 Apr 21

65 tho

koenmeestringa Apr 21


kenroczen94 Apr 20

happy easter guy's:-) 🐰

iibradxd Apr 20

happy eastern @kenroczen94

iibradxd Apr 20


93sabs39 Apr 20

Happy easter @kenroczen94 ;)

ashlyn_boatman Apr 20

Happy Easter Ken :) have a good day!

kris_warner Apr 20

@kenroczen94 happy Easter to you too

cmundell7 Apr 20

Happy Easter! See you next weekend at MetLife

thomas_motocross Apr 20

Happy Easter bro!!!

hollyroseandrew Apr 20


harry_wales_fmx Apr 20

Happy Easter Mr Roczen

pedro_novais Apr 20


youcancallmestephanieee Apr 20

Happy easter @kenroczen94 we hope to see u at unleashed motorsports again!! :)

leesbrooks Apr 20

@connerjgarcia what u sayin cuz ?

that_boy_tall71 Apr 20


mx532 Apr 20

Thanks kenny right back to u to

mx_sav259 Apr 20

Happy Easter @kenroczen94

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Frohe Ostern aus Deutschland :) @kenroczen94

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@lindastephens100 @brap712

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Happy Easter πŸ˜†

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Happy easter @kenroczen94

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Happy Easter!!!!

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Happy Easter.

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Happy EasterΒ₯

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Happy Easter:)

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Happy Easter everyone have a good day

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happy easter!:*

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Happy Easter

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Happy easter @kenroczen94

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Happy easter

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Happy Easter @kenroczen94 πŸ‘πŸ

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Happy Easter to u too mate @kenroczen94 πŸ‘

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Regalame uno por favor! @sotoboarding

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Happy Easter

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@flimsydingus @brobertson84 @danimal

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Frohe Ostern:)

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happy easter!! πŸ°πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒ·

sotoboarding Apr 20

@sandra__vr jajaja no prefieres a @kenroczen94 ?

tanner_valore Apr 20

Thx u too my fav rider ever

rosi775 Apr 20

ey alles gute ge! krachen lassen! @kenroczen94

gucci_niall Apr 20

gleichfalls :D

k_rum24 Apr 20


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bueno tampoco me importa @sotoboarding ajajajaj

danielpatten Apr 20


sotoboarding Apr 20

@sandra__vr 😐

shadoweye98 Apr 20

Hahaha ... πŸ˜ƒ frohe Ostern, viel Spaß beim Feiern und so 😎

aliciamk15 Apr 20

Happy Easter @kenroczen94 πŸ°πŸŒΊπŸ’πŸ« 😊

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Happy Easter! :) Ken

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Lo perdimos @lupito5

thenativeripper Apr 20


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Frohe Ostern Ken :D

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Happy 4/20 ken hope u have a good one

d_stora5 Apr 20

Some Phat rabbits

colemayabb Apr 20

Big ass bunnys @mmmadison15

303_monster_energy Apr 20

HAPPY EASTER..u riding today @kenroczen94

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p_grinds Apr 20

El puchancho

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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @colemayabb

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Aiii @milen_aha

aporter17 Apr 20

Happy Easter. Enjoy your day today Ken :)

ryan_h0use Apr 20

Happy 420 k-roc

big_bo_164 Apr 20


ps_i_love_you1398 Apr 20

Happy Easter!!! Ride on 😎

camsbeast Apr 20

Happy Easter bro 4 ever 49 #kr94

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Zedge y

hanni_12345_ Apr 20


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Happy Easter

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@camilaf02 mira.amor

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Happy Easter Ken!😘

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Los quieroooooooo amor @robins46 T.T

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@noel_pretorius 🐾

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Happy Easter @kenroczen94

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Happy Easter Ken

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Happy Easter @kenroczen94 and @mariahpaige94

marylaurab Apr 21

Demasiado tu herma @vanessahornf

vanessahornf Apr 21

No puede seeeeer, que adorable estÑ foto herma jajajaja, quiero un conejo 😭😭😭 @marylaurab

marylaurab Apr 21

Jajaja supeeer bellos, el 13/01 te dare uno @vanessahornf

vanessahornf Apr 21

Por favooooorrrr😍😍😍 @marylaurab te amoooo

marylaurab Apr 21

Yo tambien te amo, muchisimo @vanessahornf

kenroczen94 Apr 19

fav T! @foxracing

calumkilgour_mx Apr 19


mitchell_levi Apr 19


yannickhonda16 Apr 19

Looks wicked! (27s 43 likes 😳)

ralli_phipps Apr 19


lakelan1199 Apr 19

Ya it is cool I am your biggest fan @kenroczen94

dangerboydeegan Apr 19


dickkyc_21 Apr 19

We should go riding sometimes man!

foxpetefox Apr 19

πŸ‘πŸ‘ it's pretty badass

whitley_brow734 Apr 19


alec_hudler391 Apr 19

@kenroczen94 I have the yellow and red fox jersey T.

muscrat96 Apr 19


b18soccer Apr 19

There's this place by my house that is really fun to ride in if you ever want to check it out then dm me it's in Tulare,ca

b18soccer Apr 19


tyler_brannigan25 Apr 19

I saw u on the road today @kenroczen94

byrdman818 Apr 19

Nice shirt

amasupercross2014 Apr 19

Could you follow us and possibly shout us out!πŸ‘ @kenroczen94

_hannahmarie11 Apr 19


adrianoferi Apr 19

Hallo Ken bitte schreib mir

justinbittinger Apr 19

Go check out @twowheelwhips they posted a SICK picture of you

twowheelwhips Apr 20

Thanks bud! @justinbittinger

justinbittinger Apr 20

No prob @twowheelwhips

p_grinds Apr 20

El puchancho

nwallace13 Apr 20

Love it!

photos_videos_moto Apr 20


kenroczen94 Apr 19

fam. brunch :-)

staceyadams7 Apr 19


beton6 Apr 19

LA costeΓ±a salsa, nice!

keatoncolca Apr 19

Yumm looks good

blakeepting Apr 19

No invite?! Da hell 😭

brettmike689 Apr 19

Looks tasty

kevinrivero94 Apr 19

Tranquilo men!!!

rideblue429 Apr 19

That balsamic glaze is fire. Throw some fatty whips in NJ next weekend. @kenroczen94 our crowds gonna be bananas..

ktm715 Apr 19

you gonna

ktm715 Apr 19

eat that

kalib43 Apr 19


kalib43 Apr 19


17synergy Apr 19


pbherzz Apr 19

What is that green sauce?

polarisrider22 Apr 19

All the oj and than a coke....

tyler_scurria Apr 19


bayleeburton_ Apr 19

@saaammmmetterrr HE USED THE :-)

jeff_henkle Apr 19

Salsa verde "la costeΓ±a" la mejor πŸ†#1

jeff_henkle Apr 19


aterye Apr 19


alexacoso791 Apr 19

HAHAHAH someone has an inner mexican side to them @kenroczen94

chaserdavid Apr 19

That toast n lettuce looks bomb @jamie_fry

cameronbalsam Apr 19

Hey Ken how's it like to be friends with like everyone in the pros and livin the good life... I wish I was you so much but I'm on my way on my kx!

snoboardpro23 Apr 19


morganluvies Apr 19

Epic meal time

jan_maie Apr 19

Gude Appetit

nagibofedor Apr 19


alajeunesse254 Apr 19

Pardon me, would you have any grey poupon?

stan_281 Apr 19

Where is the food?

jojoschmid716 Apr 19

Schmekts ?

__stefanie_31 Apr 19

Awe reminds me of being in Germany with my Oma and Opa πŸ’œ

mysterious_tim Apr 19

My favorite kind of hummus!

slow_clow Apr 19

@alajeunesse254 you stole my joke haha

majochavez23 Apr 19

La costeΓ±a πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ looks delicious ! @kenroczen94

pbherzz Apr 19

@jeff_henkle Thanks!

abundzuzu Apr 19

@kenroczen wo ist der Born Senf bitte?

love_brookelyn Apr 19

@mxer96 you can no longer tease me for eating salsa on egg whites!!! #yum

p_grinds Apr 20

El puchancho

luishondacapistran Apr 21

la costeΓ±a ahuevo a el le gusta el sabor de mexico city

kenroczen94 Apr 19

hittin the road bike now with @aldon104 and @cclarkracing @iamspecialized

jon_thompson33 Apr 19

At 5:57am!?😳😴

staceyadams7 Apr 19


faded2black141 Apr 19

Let me come

koster_712 Apr 19

It's 9:00 on east coat bro @jon_thompson33

azza_maynard Apr 19

At 10:30pm?! 😳 @jon_thompson33 haha nah that's the time for me

tristenmorris Apr 19

😍😍😍loveeeeee u

footballcrusher555 Apr 19

Good luck tonight

motoup_enterprises Apr 19

Hit the hills @kenroczen94 ! Good luck tonight #eastrutherfordsx

therealchrisandrews Apr 19

Go look at my page!!

na5h Apr 19

Nice looking bike!

curtiss938 Apr 19

They ain't racing tonight lol #truefans @motoup_enterprises @footballcrusher555

mansquadspot Apr 19

Nice bike!

ricardoaazevedo Apr 19

@cascao90 @weslleygcs

collin_sanders1 Apr 19

Nice bike

lincoln_clegg217 Apr 19

I have those same wheels Kenny

supercross_is_the_best Apr 19


tarocroze Apr 19


fastmq Apr 19

Raiders bike

sublime929 Apr 19

Decent, lemme get those wheels though.

gkg_nardo Apr 19

@fastmq no LA kings bike haha

paul_vitale721 Apr 19

Is there no supercross tonight wtf

markocross Apr 19

Lmao @curtiss938

victorjosue_11 Apr 19


brycehunnings305 Apr 19

@paul_vitale721 there isnt because of easter

paul_vitale721 Apr 19

Oh ya New York is next week @brycehunnings305

bee1_760 Apr 19


50_beeks Apr 19

@kenroczen94 πŸ‘

scottyb718 Apr 19

It's in New Jersey not New York @paul_vitale721

qstone822 Apr 19

@_nicolemiller need 1like this ;)

toobias1992 Apr 19

@drfugl lækker:(

mackwish54 Apr 19


colbypastore Apr 19

@kenroczen94 did I see you floating around at the sea otter classic??

nickf416 Apr 19


calebsmith1265 Apr 19

Y aren't u on the Venge??

jon_thompson33 Apr 19

@koster_712 totally forgot he's on the east coast.. That's not as bad I guess haha

alex2wheels Apr 19

@kenroczen94 106 miles today n u didn't follow my wheel. Shame on you !

p_grinds Apr 20

El puchancho

massimofoschi Apr 20

Ok specialized

kenroczen94 Apr 19

just chillin:-) super excited. picked up my mum sis and niece zoè from the airport:-) beyond happy. bummer @mariahpaige94 is in CA hope u feel better babe. 🌹

jillibeaean Apr 19


stonecw Apr 19

Is she beating your best lap in mad skills mx?

dawsonw345 Apr 19

That's cool,hope she feels better soon,good luck tomorrow mate! @kenroczen94

itroutman222 Apr 19

There isnt a race tomorow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jcuster44

connorpawlowskii Apr 19

1st like

connorpawlowskii Apr 19

@hwalk28 first to suck dick at motocross

bee1_760 Apr 19

#familysmostimportant @kenroczen94

matt_island Apr 19

Check your DMs I got a funny vid of you

tywig13 Apr 19

What are you talking about roczen is beast @connorpawlowskii

_nrm245_ Apr 19

well we know he didnt upload this..

grif68 Apr 19

Damn people. Are you seriously getting tough in the comments of a picture of his little niece??

nicomadriz Apr 19


pulpmx Apr 19

What about rocky? U get him also? 🐢🐢

_zoegrossman_ Apr 19

my name is zoe

kaylamack93 Apr 19

Ur so sweet to Mariah!

epz831 Apr 19

She's gonna πŸ’¨ on your bean bag!

gregwolfe_89 Apr 19

Technology tho

motostuff_com Apr 19

K-Rock bringing back the Bean Bag Chair in style! :-)

tristenmorris Apr 19

Your my role model❀️😍😍😍LOVE U KENNY PLZ FOLLOW ME

born_to_brapp Apr 19

Hey @kenroczen94 can you follow me you are my roll model of Dirtbiking

suga_shane199 Apr 19

Hahahah she is chillin on "all" of your living room furniture! Tell her to make room for everyone else! Hahahah saw an interview of your house life on tv or online @kenroczen94 @kenny_roczen94

suga_shane199 Apr 19

^^^^ @_zoegrossman_ did uncle ken get anymore furniture in his house? Hahahah

t_da_man_four20 Apr 19

Those bean bags tho>>>>>>>

jcjillcox Apr 19


___baylee413___ Apr 19

Ugh..Read his caption on the picture!!! About Mariah his Gf! I hope she gets better but dang he needa hit me up sometime!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @_melaniemiller_

salestielyr Apr 19

Are u racing tomorrow @kenroczen94

sonofthor32 Apr 19

@salestielyr it is Easter... There isn't any racing this weekend.

ty_sutton29 Apr 19

@sonofthor32 no pro racing but LLQs are running today and tomorrow

scottyb718 Apr 19

Are you stupid ? First off no races this weekend and if was a race why wouldn't he be racing ? He has a contract that he has to fulfill , he's a healthy factory rider not a privateer , obviously he would be racing @salestielyr

wesleyjamesedward Apr 19

@scottyb718 that escalated quickly.

cassydaniel Apr 19

@scottyb718 did you not stop to think that @salestielyr is just a kid? He may not realize there's no race due to Easter. Lighten up fella.

jakecooke50 Apr 20

Big beanbag

kenroczen94 Apr 18

watch out peeps. i passed everything for my motorcycle test😁 soo happy haha. something i always wanted. now i m good.:-)

maggiestubblefield Apr 18


lukefeagley Apr 18

Rt^0"800$eh @psgallnightt

lukefeagley Apr 18

0"0"0" rt^? @psgallnightt

awenglish Apr 18

Did you learn how to not ride like a little girl!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

darius_dbk Apr 18

Id be concerned if you failed. 😜

evankoach22 Apr 18

Don't get killed on the street. You're at the top of your game in sx

official_jessegordon Apr 18

Wait you race professionally and don't have a motorcycle endorsement? Haha that's epic! Lmao. Love it!

mxmason Apr 18

Got mine not to long ago @kenroczen94

psgallnightt Apr 18

Ehh $800 rt^^^^^^^ @lukefeagley

definitionofswagger Apr 18

If that guy just knew who you were...

johnnylouch Apr 18

Yea u can come ride with me and @justinhill35 πŸ‘Š

stenhassler Apr 18

Haha wie ironisch das du eine PrΓΌfung machen musst aber Same for everyone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @kenroczen94

lukefeagley Apr 18

Ehhh Rt^ af af 800$ 0"""" ^^ @psg

bri_marie_06 Apr 18


jcfarmer47 Apr 18


ver0nicaaaaa Apr 18

you were probably the most qualified one there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

babycainncrystal Apr 18

😘 @kenroczen94

mariahpaige94 Apr 18

Yay happy for you babe! 😘

dawson_bradford_3 Apr 18

Me too @mariahpaige94

jbm722 Apr 18

Better hope you pass your ridding test 😜

norman_175 Apr 18

Great job

ryansmine Apr 18


djpaulone Apr 18

Do they even know who you are? You have to video your road test.

shaylagoche Apr 18

HES AN ANGEL @mirandabook

bkent136 Apr 18

If they only knew...

jalop515 Apr 18

Don't triple into any turns on the riding test

julianpantoja95 Apr 18

I took that course too an you don't have to take the riding test if you take tht course

connorlacourse Apr 18

@jbm722 I would hope he dose lol

blakerow Apr 18

Races motorcycles professionally... Still forced to take endorsement class #america #firstworldproblems @kevinjknudson @kjmerriman

chi_oe Apr 18

Congrats @kenroczen94

mirandabook Apr 18


jordan_131_ Apr 18

Hahaha @blakerow πŸ˜‚

youknowwho007 Apr 18


maniw96 Apr 18

Actavis free shipping

jennystranahan Apr 18

πŸ‘ Got mine a few years ago j

esparkr Apr 18

Must have been really hard for you. Did they tell you the throttle was on the right?

couto99 Apr 18


tylersshark Apr 18

^^^^^^^ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

rodrigoviolante Apr 18

Damn .... There is no quality control this days! They let anyone pass!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

zinger101 Apr 18

Congrats!! πŸ‘

kkyrabrianne Apr 18

Oh my 😍 @marissat_03

velocity635 Apr 18

Remember it takes good balance to ride a motorcycle, you will get it with practice. Lol

b0brangel Apr 18

Yeah buddy! πŸ‘Š

marissat_03 Apr 18

😍😍 @kkyrabrianne

jboatmeal Apr 18

Now buy a supermoto and let's ride! @kenroczen94

katie_681 Apr 18

Do those people even realize they're in the same room as Ken Roczen!!!!?????

johnmurwin Apr 18

Lmfao thats awesome! Haha

alwest63 Apr 18

Bet the instructor still thinks he's the best rider in that room

heatherbekanich Apr 18


scottyb718 Apr 18

@jbm722 he's gonna be dragging his knee going around the cones and shit

kortamfnt Apr 18

@kenroczen94 lets #turnup

emilyhemmings14 Apr 18

Congratulations Kenβ™₯ @kennyhamilton

rachee41063 Apr 18

@ktmkid_17 guess who has a street bike?

jvdlinden23 Apr 18

that smile 😝😬😬😬😬

stephenhanna Apr 18

But first let me take a selfie. #yuppp @kenroczen94

jesse_ansley103 Apr 18


kathleenlaurak Apr 18

Great job !!

micah519wilson Apr 18

It's Cade!! @ellie_leeann07

ellie_leeann07 Apr 18

@micah519wilson whatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

02_4_life Apr 18

Good job Brotha!!!!

ashleydenney47 Apr 18

Ur adorable

rayherring Apr 18

Haha did anyone notice you in class? @kenroczen94

shanerxx Apr 18

Hahaha.. please say you had lessons

jackwinthrop30 Apr 18


crispy764 Apr 18

How did Ninja do on the test?

elflaco0505 Apr 18


peanut594 Apr 18

I would love to be in that classroom the same time he was!!!!!!!!!!!!

bee1_760 Apr 18

Becareful a lot of people r dying on the road these days @kenroczen94

foxracer737 Apr 18

Is there a race toinght

lancecoury Apr 18

You took the class!?!?

lucasslac Apr 18


davemashour Apr 18

too bad you dont know how to ride a motorcycle...

williams_brayden Apr 18

You race professional and yet you don't have your motorcycle license? πŸ˜‚

jeffrehhw Apr 18

Look at al these negative comments. He took the red plate for a while!! Wankers ✊!

jeffrehhw Apr 18

He is a rookie from germany and is already a legend haha ! U MAD ? ✊✊

alajeunesse254 Apr 18

Be careful dude, riding a 2 wheeler is very difficult

sweetbmx Apr 18

Hahaha. Rookie. ....

zuraw5kj Apr 18

@kenroczen94 dude u look like bevis in the selfie... Chill out on the selfies... Earth to ken, it's no wonder dude can't win ... Head got big like bevis... Lmfao

zack_knierim Apr 18

@jeffrehhw I think if anything he's glad...that he passed his test while posting pictures on Instagram. Haha

knut_egil Apr 18

S1000rr next? @kenroczen94 ;-)

cathydavies210 Apr 18


calebsmith1265 Apr 18

@zuraw5kj I don't see you in Supercross...

grovzy1080 Apr 18

Meanwhile the teachers all like "Oh shit hes taking a picture, let me fix my hair"

terryikeclanton Apr 18

Years ago I showed the DMV my AMA pro license and they told me I could skip the riding test! Try it!

samwellburt Apr 18

It would of been disappointing if you failed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

chicagolandoset Apr 18

Did the others in there know who you were

mxgirlfriend47 Apr 18

@cupcakekier so funny 😜

kenziebeatdown Apr 18


kenziebeatdown Apr 18


gonzinm27 Apr 18

Go to Suzuki today?!

caseyy_harrison Apr 18

How have you not gotten it yet? Haha

motoup_enterprises Apr 18

πŸ‘ @kenroczen94

ktmkid_17 Apr 18

Just get a KTM

micah519wilson Apr 18

This looks like Cade. @ellie_leeann07

drakevizcarra22 Apr 18

Pro supercross rider. Ya they'd be stupid if they didn't pass youπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ @kenroczen94 your my boy!

hansson_jonas Apr 18


reynolds1415 Apr 18

Do you even ride broπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

mike_adam_4 Apr 18

Be careful!

matt_island Apr 18

100th comment

bilko22dotcom Apr 18

Can you even ride a bike ya spud πŸ’ @kenroczen94

louiseisfab Apr 18


mallory_perry_ Apr 18

OMFG . 😍 @abigail_perry_

bmmendivil Apr 18

Now your a pro. Haha

cbousquetkx250f Apr 18

I would hope u would pass bc u ride bikes for a living

answavey Apr 18

Haha that's one of the most ironic things ive ever heard! That's like Jeff Gordon getting his drivers license!!

sambo_559 Apr 18

I'm surprised you're not up the front teaching. @kenroczen94 #ridelikeaboss

bobby_j91 Apr 18

What kind of bike are you going to ride? An r6 maybe? @kenroczen94

jones_33 Apr 18

Uhm.... Probably a KTM I would guess.....

boxy67 Apr 18

Time for a super duke @kenroczen94

jarreth_353 Apr 18

He's got a badass bobber! @bobby_j91 @jones_33

bobby_j91 Apr 18

@kenroczen94 show us some pictires of your street bike

ingalls71 Apr 18

So hilarious!

davenport8878 Apr 19

Dnt do any stopies on the test bike..I can see ya coming in Hott and clamping that front break and swing the bike around 180Β°and the trainers mouth drop to the ground.. @kenroczen94

cinnamon_bear Apr 19

Haha I did the same class

jruinb Apr 19

@kenroczen94 um just saying, but haven't you posted video riding on the road? Lol g`d up 4 life

gabbymorales95 Apr 19

I just did that last weekend 😲

zuraw5kj Apr 19

@calebsmith1265 ohhhh cuz to be in supercross u have to look like bevis and take selfies and post pics of how great u r.... Any racers career culd end in a sec. It's the way it is... He wuldnt have shit if it did... He don't kno anything but riding a bike. Dude thought painting his garage floor was a monumental accomplishment... Lmao smh... Just saying. These kids now are brought up on it,they kno nothing but riding, and give credit where it's due, kens has awesome talent on a bike, but w/o it.... He's ur next door neighbor ...

scotty209 Apr 19

^true story

___baylee413___ Apr 19

Your so perfect!πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ @kenroczen94

giegsey Apr 19

You going to ride your street bike on the new turn track thru the woods? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @kenroczen94

taurean421 Apr 19

Too funny

cody0148 Apr 19

Going to get yourself an EXC?

jtrg1 Apr 19

Wasn't that figure eight a blast!!!

miss_motocross_xoxo Apr 19


mxdanne Apr 19

HAllo i'm a big fan to you Ken go and win all the supercross raceπŸ˜ƒ

p_grinds Apr 20

El puchancho

acejas33 Apr 20

Sweet man, you finally learned how to ride!

blake_s97 Apr 21

Just don't race those street bikes.

kenroczen94 Apr 17

got class this am. lol

kdubb124 Apr 17

You must be ninja..

da_niggah_gray Apr 17

Furreal huh xD @brittanyrlee

miss_motocross_xoxo Apr 17

I wish I went to school with KennyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜»

evancummings94 Apr 18

What for

velocity635 Apr 18

he was shooting spitballs

kassiorosa Apr 18

you not finish the school class?

jeremymoser5 Apr 20

No @samforty Stewart

p_grinds Apr 20

El puchancho

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