Red Bull KTM

Red Bull KTM

Rodger DeCoster (Team Manager)

The RedBull KTM team has a very strong lineup of riders – American Ryan Dungey (2010, 2012 AMA Motocross Champion, 2010 Supercross Champion) and two European riders, Frenchman Marvin Musquin (two-time MX2 World Champion) and Germany’s Ken Roczen (2011 MX2 World Champion). The team is managed by the legendary Roger De Coster.

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ktmusa Jul 23

Watch @mfalk612 and the rest of the @orangebrigade team do some training in Southern California in preparation for @lorettalynnmx. Link is in profile and also here

island_breeze305 Jul 23


mfalk612 Jul 23

πŸ‘πŸ‘ thank you for making a awesome camp!

kittennettik Jul 23

god i love this shit!!!!

rafaelrramirez Jul 23


yamil_saab Jul 23


michtroncoso Jul 23

πŸ‘ @rafaelrramirez

agungboncel Jul 23

@nandaediansaputra @dwihananto57

jorgelozada83 Jul 23


cudby Jul 23

@mfalk612 =next

hfalk128 Jul 23


dannyyudman Jul 23

@birdman9495 we need to take the gopro to croom

birdman9495 Jul 23

Once I rebuild my dirt bike and atv engines lol @dannyyudman

fleurwess Jul 23


frank9848 Jul 23


ktmusa Jul 22

@marvinmusquin25 hitting the whoops at Millville on his way to a second overall finish. @thormxofficial @redbull @ride100percent @promotocross @cudby photo

dylan_tamborella Jul 22


ktmusa Jul 21

@chrisfillmore11 laying over his #rc8r in Ohio yesterday.

nickhfromlh Jul 21

@svt1 thought you might dig this pic.

themainlinecoffeeco Jul 21

@chrisfillmore11 is a bad dude

daaydreamm Jul 21


kush_master_slump Jul 21

How your knees πŸ˜‚ @daaydreamm

geard_up Jul 21


grnarlsbarkley Jul 21

@robertsilva92 @nicholus94 @spncrjk Laying it flat!

gomoe_24 Jul 21


jalzik Jul 21


jntrcs_ Jul 21


nataliakatja Jul 21


ktmusa Jul 20

@marvinmusquin25 @ktmusa 2nd overall at Millville MX.

jcfarmer47 Jul 20

Fantastic job @marvinmusquin25 !πŸ‘ keep up the good work

ivanramirez450 Jul 20

@marvinmusquin25 πŸ‘πŸ‘ yeah buddy!

as_oficial Jul 21


_dalton_beiser5 Jul 21

I forgot to go this year:(

ktmusa Jul 19

Millville MX 450 Overall 1. Tomac (1-1), 2. Dungey (3-2), & Roczen (2-4) @ryandungey @kenroczen94 @ktmusa

mikeyvanr0y22 Jul 19


_wolf902 Jul 19

Same podium different order

prostylemx Jul 19

Great battle between Tomac and Roczen moto 1!

katiee_808 Jul 19

@steve_mcaleese πŸ˜’

d_lewis321 Jul 19

Where does roczen stand in the points now? @ktmusa

thaddkasper Jul 19

Roczen 327 Dungey 301 Canard 264 @duncan_lewis321

steve_mcaleese Jul 19

Dont want to talk about it πŸ˜• @katiee_808

mgregg627 Jul 19


pray4alex116 Jul 19


ctrefz Jul 19

Haha yeah Tomac showing what he's got!!

t_ful15 Jul 20

Tomac was flying today. Nobody was gonna keep up with him

as_oficial Jul 21


ktmusa Jul 19

@kenroczen94 finishes moto two 2nd @ktmusa

juhasz13 Jul 19


_obeyykirt_ Jul 19

The girls face πŸ˜‚

a1adaze Jul 19

I believe that was moto one.

powell273 Jul 19

Second moto he got this go kr94

rogersonmx Jul 19

@_obeyykirt_ that's @georgiaalbertson

justinwoltz Jul 19

Huge KTM fan, but have to be honest, @elitomac broke him that race. It was clear as day. Come on dungy!!!!!!

dboy355 Jul 19


johnnyredline Jul 19


quentin243lemay Jul 19

What's with her face?

xxblarexx Jul 19

Who won?!

gute_15 Jul 19

Tomac won @xxblarexx

eaypov Jul 19

@valyapopov Π² мотокрос падался ?)

bvddha Jul 19

Doesn't look too stoked on 2nd.

svaldezzz Jul 19

That face. Hahah

_callan_trott_ Jul 19

I guess villipoto won

davidweldon51 Jul 19

@_callan_trott_ Villipoto isnt running outdoor series

sickly.child Jul 19

@jimmyalbertson look at cho wife.

dulin272 Jul 19


ktmusa Jul 19

Millville moto one @ktmusa @ryandungey finishes 3rd

joelhoffman97 Jul 19


dboy355 Jul 19


mike_adam_4 Jul 19

He won Moto 1

dirtrider727 Jul 19

No he got 3rd moto 1

caden1095 Jul 22

Great job dungey you tried to pass @elitomac but you couldn't .you tried your best but you couldn't

ktmusa Jul 19

250 practice results: Musquin 4th

jahn_75 Jul 19


thomassileika Jul 19

@erkikahro411 πŸ‘

connell270 Jul 19

@canning598 do work kid!!!

j_savatgy88 Jul 19

Come on Joey!! @versacesavatgy πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

paul_f_22 Jul 19

Musquin πŸ‘Œ

roczen_fanpage Jul 19

New ken roczen fan page right here

thereal_t2 Jul 19

@derek_drake33 Nelson not even top 16

fran6_87 Jul 19

@mastorgne @ktm125excfactory

cayle_higgo Jul 20

Good job @deanwilson15 πŸ˜„

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