Red Bull KTM

Red Bull KTM

Rodger DeCoster (Team Manager)

The RedBull KTM team has a very strong lineup of riders – American Ryan Dungey (2010, 2012 AMA Motocross Champion, 2010 Supercross Champion) and two European riders, Frenchman Marvin Musquin (two-time MX2 World Champion) and Germany’s Ken Roczen (2011 MX2 World Champion). The team is managed by the legendary Roger De Coster.

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ktmusa Aug 19

Nothing better than trying to muscle your KTM over some Volkswagen sized boulders. @grbaylor1 demonstrates on his way to third overall at the TKO in Tennessee.

5c3n1c Aug 19

That's the moment when having ridden a trials bike makes a world of difference:)

forne47 Aug 19


breck726 Aug 19

@happy374 killin it.

brdydvs12 Aug 19

@brady314 looks like you! Almost thought it was for a bit

cmoto14 Aug 19


castroeucir Aug 19

Olhaew @quesnaymota e @roniesley_dias . Bruto ai.

quesnaymota Aug 19

É show demais maxo @castroeucir

roniesley_dias Aug 19

Show de bola. @castroeucir

nick52waters Aug 19

@swirly314 you ktm now?

dixiebrooks Aug 19

Another great TKO! These riders were amazing!

ktmusa Aug 18

@ryandungey battling the slop at the Ironman @promotocross. @cudby photo

tori_292 Aug 18

@cheyyy_208. Your man! :p

cheyyy_208 Aug 18

Hello hottie😍😘 @tori_292 @ryandungey

miguel46hc Aug 19


ktmusa Aug 18

@marvinmusquin25 went 3-1 for the overall win in the 250 class at Saturday's Ironman @promotocross.

ktmusa Aug 18

@cudby photo

efred9 Aug 18


mateitoovilla Aug 18


jarmanbrad Aug 18

The mud was freaking gay!

motoup_enterprises Aug 18

Fun race despite the mud. @ktmusa

amatthews879 Aug 18

@jarmanbrad that's a awesome part of racing.

courtenayolivia Aug 19

You guys did awesome this weekend👌

ktmusa Aug 18

@taylor_robert33 finished second overall yesterday at the Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro that was held at the Trials Training Center. Photo @shanyphoto

randallmasiers Aug 18

I live right by it and didn't know😭

jakethor34 Aug 18

And @grbaylor1 got 3rd

brapp2smokin Aug 18

That's orange just looks so good in the trails. @allconsalvo @doodles233

mateitoovilla Aug 18


kevinmoberg2004 Aug 18


doodles233 Aug 18

@brapp2smokin I have a soft spot for the orange frames on the 2015s

dixiebrooks Aug 18

Amazing race!

brapp2smokin Aug 18

The orange frame with the works pipe. Hot damn

brapp2smokin Aug 18


jmartin6777 Aug 18

@156wb @andy_willard

grayson_ktm Aug 18

I was there,I got soaked.Those boys did great though!!

chasenwi Aug 18

...xc or ...sxf?

macdaddy4four Aug 19

@your1shoutouts got me to 1k!

ktmusa Aug 17

@kenroczen94 on his way to the overall win at the Ironman @promotocross yesterday. @cudby photo

mateitoovilla Aug 17


carsonpalmer1999 Aug 17

He went 1-2? @wnp90

wnp90 Aug 18

Think so @carsonpalmer1999

carsonpalmer1999 Aug 18

I think! @wnp90 Cause didn't Canard win Moto 2?

lucasfpossamai Aug 18


boofhead101 Aug 18

Like it @kenrozen94

beaucollicoat Aug 18


awsomeguy36 Aug 18

Look at that radiator😷

ktmusa Aug 17

Congrats to this guy @r_sipes for an amazing second Moto charge to finish on the podium!

nickyd358 Aug 17

GNCC racing was good training

motoxmomma Aug 17

Such an amazing rider!!

chriskhatch Aug 17


thebignick44 Aug 17

Excited to see him at the ironman

stevepodraza Aug 17

I know outdoor motos are tough as hell but 3 hour GNCC racing is really bad ass tough! Love em both!👍🍻

stevepodraza Aug 17

Congrats to Sipes! U r one bad dude!

justinmatthew688 Aug 17

Gncc paid off for something!!!

thomasperger Aug 17

@ktmcleopatra lil moist over here as well haha!

ktmcleopatra Aug 17

Ha ha @thomasperger, watched a bit of the AMA race yesterday, crazy conditions!! Enduro on the mx track!!

demolition_troops Aug 17

Congrats!! Yeah !!! Please check our Site

thomasperger Aug 17

@ktmcleopatra definitely made it way more interesting! Hope it drys up where you are soon.

ktmcleopatra Aug 17

For sure, now it was fun to watch @thomasperger :) I'm having vacation, and I hate rain... need a loooot of sunshine!!!

mbarnz21 Aug 18

Hell yea go r-dog

dixiebrooks Aug 18


ktmusa Aug 16

@kenroczen94 coming in while @marvinmusquin25 stays clean. It's pouring at Ironman @promotocross

ktmusa Aug 16

From this morning before both riders took impressive wins!

rafael_gh Aug 16

Esto era lo que firmaba hoy perro ! @pinchor

pinchor Aug 16

Jajajasi mismo teniamos q ir ahorita @rafael_gh

motocrazed762 Aug 16

All wet.... go muddin

maddygross10 Aug 17


abbyspence_ Aug 17


ktmusa Aug 16

REPOST FROM @racerxonline: "@ryandungey #IronmanMX #motocross #promotocross #motorcycles ##moto @cudby photo copyright"

josed99 Aug 16


mbastias1 Aug 16

@teo848 inmadurez 1000%

leonard_m_mann Aug 16

@ryandungey good luck today!! #muddy

marcusanilsson Aug 16


dylan_davis2504 Aug 16

@ryandungey #muddy

mxryder231 Aug 16

@cord_shore @borders760 @760froader @jordanl218 @worm27319

ndrslpzsmng Aug 16

@sebastianj77 @luisdelgado89 @miguelmoreno_j @nrudolf2010 q rrico la concha de la lora!

aj_malave Aug 16

Wish this was me. @natalie_elizabethk

tha_tall_guy Aug 16


l.ouie__ Aug 16


nathanael_afonso Aug 16

This will be me one day with the klx @2_smoke_slut

jeremybegert Aug 16


stephen10999 Aug 16

I miss that..I retired after a crash and I broke my knee so never been back riding since

zack.the.kid Aug 16

@shoutout1usa got me 1k

derryharry_4417 Aug 16

@theeflaccid827 Looks like wild ride a few years back😂

hambone297 Aug 16


jorgelozada83 Aug 16


kylecarlisle12 Aug 16

@curtisstorm awesome

thaisperaza Aug 16

Ricoooo @jorgelozada83 😜

gclim12 Aug 16

@joseph_264 @__monte_ looks like a blast!! #MuddyAsFuhh

__monte_ Aug 16

@gclim12 hell with that. Lol

krampussftw Aug 16

@svrfnazi mud @dsnowlin

rhasara Aug 16


espagrud Aug 16


m_jassim89 Aug 16


lafranca104 Aug 16

No handbars.. Whew.

trent_r_twombly Aug 16


yuyushanty Aug 16

Uuuuufffff que estilo

avi_ntloko Aug 16


as_oficial Aug 17


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