Red Bull KTM

Red Bull KTM

Rodger DeCoster (Team Manager)

The RedBull KTM team has a very strong lineup of riders – American Ryan Dungey (2010, 2012 AMA Motocross Champion, 2010 Supercross Champion) and two European riders, Frenchman Marvin Musquin (two-time MX2 World Champion) and Germany’s Ken Roczen (2011 MX2 World Champion). The team is managed by the legendary Roger De Coster.

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ktmusa Apr 17

@ryandungey lands on the cover of this months @racerxonline, go pick it up!

rayherring Apr 17

And @twmxdotcom cover

jeremy13133 Apr 17

Dungey the bestπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

ktmusa Apr 16

Pretty cool to see the KTM Jr SX riders come up through the ranks - here is @michaelmosiman342 in his #KJSC race and with his championship plate last week! @orangebrigade @fmf73

adubbble Apr 16

This photo is awesome! Many years of greatness from this dude @michaelmosiman342 and many more to come!

lacihinds Apr 16

This is so coolπŸ‘!!! πŸ‘ŠβœŠ

duckhunter_4_life Apr 16

That kid Is cute

ktmusa Apr 15

#repost from @fmf73, it's so hard to believe it's already been five months since we lost @kurtcaselli66 #kc66

blondheimofficial Apr 15

First douchebag @official_dna8

_daffydylan_ Apr 15

Ok whatever

kapono_hughes Apr 15


josh_brinker Apr 15

i have the same hoodie in your profile pic dude. @brentothedan

brentothedan Apr 15

@josh_brinker ball is life

gavinmerlone Apr 15

Yooo!!! Drop me a follow right quick!

motoeuropa Apr 15

Still play as the gear turns Movie about Kurt at the shop! Never forgotten!

jordan_jeanette368 Apr 15

Woke up, saw that, tears came to my eyes. Kurt was an inspiration to me, he was way too young.

chasethekook Apr 15


ahart2828 Apr 15

What happend

tonyhul69 Apr 15


peluchito829 Apr 15

@Ktmusa @Fmf73 how did he die ????

hansygram Apr 15

Great Caselli!! Never forgotten

pulidoflorez Apr 16


rider2_2_1 Apr 16

How did he die @hansygram

d_stora5 Apr 16

Ride like Caselli!!

gibb199 Apr 16

How did he die?

gibb199 Apr 16

How did he die?

nixonphotos Apr 16

True heroe!

emmalei Apr 16

For everyone asking, he crashed in the Baja 1000

endurox530 Apr 16

Awesome photo

thereallakerbrady Apr 16

He was my favorite rider

ljforrest34 Apr 16

@gibb199 he was racing in Baja 1000 and hit a animal at like 100 mph

gibb199 Apr 16

Dang that sucks RIP KURT

hansygram Apr 16

@rider024 in Baja1000 it was said he hit a horse, got on the bike again, a few seconds after got off sat down and died. He was a great person and rider #specialK

wisconsin_hick_ Apr 16

Died doing what he loved. Respect

tjsktm Apr 16

The other day we where riding and I Felt like I rode LIKE CASELLI !! Epic day and also I did one thing that scared me πŸ‘

rider2_2_1 Apr 16

RIP will be missed ride hard every day for the rest of my life

havaheart Apr 17

To those of you making rude comments I ask you to think of your mother. Kurt was my son and I miss him. Please only share kindness or keep comments to yourself. You will be a better person for it. Thank you.

havaheart Apr 17

@brentothedan @official_dna8 please take off your very mean post on the KTM post of my son Kurt Caselli. Have a heart please. From Kurt's momma.

brentothedan Apr 17

@havaheart i show 100 % respect for kurt, that comment wasnt at any means generated towards kurt. It was towards a rude idiot who commented "first like", so i told him no one cares at all, and this is a post for kurt, not for a first like.

ktmusa Apr 15

If you're in need of some new reading material, pick up the latest edition of @motocrossactionmag and read all about the new factory edition.

thereallakerbrady Apr 15


thereallakerbrady Apr 15

The bike

claiiirebud Apr 15


sabrinabook Apr 15

@mirandabook why don't you get this one

jgraves82 Apr 15

@hollygraves82 :) β™‘β™‘

thewyattbarker Apr 15


moto_land Apr 15

Post my giveaway please lmfao

eliuamir Apr 15

@danylac85 tu moto

motocrossactionmag Apr 15

Thanks guys!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @ktmusa

cody1965 Apr 15


charlierayfieldmx Apr 15

Come follow me! I own latest mx videos!!

we_the_rigsbys Apr 15

Most ktm's are over 9k. Who can afford that!

davidhoward614 Apr 15

All new big bikes are.. check the dealerships... @we_the_rigsbys

alexv_188 Apr 15

@danylac85 tu moto! Hahaha

lildauber866 Apr 16


ktmusa Apr 15

@ryandungey on his way to a third place finish in Seattle.

c0nnerwhite Apr 15

Tired of this villipoto crapπŸ˜’

slamshady9 Apr 15

Who got second? I missed that race /: @c0nnerwhite @ktmusa

wadecassar98 Apr 15

Stewart @slamshady9

chasem60 Apr 15

@slamshady9 Stewart

slamshady9 Apr 15

Oh ok thanks @chasem60 @wadecassar98

as_oficial Apr 15


lafranca104 Apr 15

Awesome shot!

austin_neal_12_16_1997 Apr 15

The next G.O.A.T. @ryandungey

l_baldwin145 Apr 15


jeremy13133 Apr 17

You good dungeyπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

ktmusa Apr 14

The 1290 SuperDuke R landed on the cover of Sport Rider.

jayproffer Apr 14


miah02 Apr 14


zach_fassp Apr 14

Deserves it

atqaaa_ Apr 14

@muhdarifsgdukers77 😍😍😍😍

e_knight_s Apr 14

Can't wait to read this and the upcoming shootout! @motorcyclistonline

shaneoer Apr 14


zackdunne Apr 14

@dat_savannah euro even killin the crotch rocket game

larkin181 Apr 14

That thing has got to be a beast

alleyesonmenow Apr 14

@ktmusa what month issue is that

bennmanning Apr 14


renoktmnms Apr 14


dokoto123 Apr 15

@gick_n_naby @redline7k @swilli_ismyslavename @curbsthegreat

ktmusa Apr 14

@kr557 on his way to the overall win at yesterday's Big Buck GNCC. @gncc_racing #ktm #gncc

c_phyland Apr 14

First comment yay @ktmusa

suzuki_runner Apr 14

#kc66 he has j

suzuki_runner Apr 14

His number

landonvanway Apr 14

Nice job! @c_phyland

ktmusa Apr 13

Seattle SX 450 podium @ryandungey @ktmusa

honda_life2005 Apr 13


tysonpym Apr 13

Ryan villopoto won?

superman_crittendon Apr 13

Poto nigaaaaaa

_bens33 Apr 13

That's what being in the middle means smart one @tysonpym

erica_sellars Apr 13


tysonpym Apr 13

Shutup dumbass ik i just didnt think he was going to win @_bens33

mermaidheartandsoul Apr 13


teteussaldanha Apr 13

@therealjs7 e @ryanvillopoto

gibb199 Apr 13

Turn up Villo

as_oficial Apr 13


_bens33 Apr 13

Shut your little whore mouth. You arent old enough to even be using that language kid @tysonpym

adamdeneve383 Apr 13


adamdeneve383 Apr 13

@ryanvillopoto sucks

krista_1d Apr 13

Come on Dumgey :(

_bens33 Apr 13

Yet you have a shirt with a picture of him? Kid, you are stupid @adamdeneve383

adamdeneve383 Apr 13

@therealjs7 can beat @ryanvillopoto @_bens33 your stupid

_bens33 Apr 13

Even if he can that doesn't mean he sucks. I am willing to bet money that all of the kids in your 65 class can beat you because you're garbage. Villopoto is a great rider and that's why he's leading the points. Fag @adamdeneve383

_bens33 Apr 13

Anybody else agree with me?

avamariem Apr 13

Go dungey ! @ryandungey

jboldt5 Apr 13

@weave06 where's barcia haha

mrthibault Apr 13

Just shutup little bitch @_bens33

fox_rider_928 Apr 13

Go Dungey and. Villopoto!!! Shut up @_bens33

_bens33 Apr 13

How am i one!?! @mrthibault

damon_cornelius Apr 13

Quite picking on kids asshole @_bens33

exguy Apr 13

James on the podium again, whoop there ass and show them who is boss @therealjs#7

oyvind227 Apr 13

Villopote best rider

_bens33 Apr 13

I'm not picking on kids. He was hating on one of the best riders in the business @damon_cornelius

stewieee_g Apr 13

Yous are all little keyboard warriors, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Thank you @_bens33 @mrthibault @adamdeneve383 : have a nice day!

mrthibault Apr 13

Thats what im trying to say to @_bens33 thank you @stewieee_g have a great one too sir ✌️

_dalton_beiser_ Apr 14

Go dungey

tysonpym Apr 14

@_bens33 i am so stfu and im not hating on ryan villopoto

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