Red Bull KTM

Red Bull KTM

Rodger DeCoster (Team Manager)

The RedBull KTM team has a very strong lineup of riders – American Ryan Dungey (2010, 2012 AMA Motocross Champion, 2010 Supercross Champion) and two European riders, Frenchman Marvin Musquin (two-time MX2 World Champion) and Germany’s Ken Roczen (2011 MX2 World Champion). The team is managed by the legendary Roger De Coster.

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ktmusa Sep 2

Watch @kenroczen94 celebrate his @promotocross championship! Link to video is in our bio and below.

luis_valle21 Sep 2


mxdirtlove Sep 2

That "Yeah baby" at the endπŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

sophie9327 Sep 2

Great Video πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

sixfignig Sep 2


drea.marie517 Sep 2

@izytravis 😍

jennerz00005 Sep 2

@katieb_503 slow motion moto butt shot 😍

cam_andrews1212 Sep 2


colegrom11 Sep 2


katieb_503 Sep 2

@jennerz00005 πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜› #dolphinately

loll_paula_xd Sep 2

Du bist einfach spitze

marc_bmx Sep 2

Nice Job @kenroczen94

mat131x Sep 2

Fuck yes go KTM good on you 😝n

havaheart Sep 2

Great job Ken and KTM! Nice language mat131x.

colebaler11 Sep 2


ktmusa Aug 31

Congrats @grbaylor1 on his first @nepgenduro victory today! The most stacked race this season! #repost from @anttikallonen

kawi_girl_5 Aug 31


vinipiloto_oficial Aug 31

ParabΓ©ns pilotos roias

liam_br22 Aug 31


_katelynchilders Aug 31

Yay! Congrats @grbaylor1 😎

savage510 Aug 31

@sidiboots sweeps the podium again

michelle_coffey Aug 31

Praying for yall

thorny_45 Aug 31

Way to go GB! @grbaylor1 sickkkk

bronson905 Aug 31

@joshstrang good job!! @taggerdesigns

swagi7710 Sep 1


enduroday Sep 1


ktmusa Aug 31

@taylor_robert33 takes the win at the Columbia EnduroCross!

braapfiser Aug 31

5th like

the_real_524 Aug 31

@braaplane115 no one cares

salasmauricio Aug 31


mfreydell Aug 31

@ktmusa, it's Colombia no Columbia

danielborrerokaiser Aug 31

Its COLOMBIA @ktmusa

simon_stewart_p Aug 31

A mi tambiΓ©n me doliΓ³ ver eso @mfreydell jaja

redtidepictures Aug 31

Yeah boys!!

ktmusa Aug 29

KTM proudly launched the new RC 390 to media today in Italy! Look for this bike on display at select @motorcycleshows this season!

nilflorensa Aug 30

OhhhhπŸ˜°πŸ˜±πŸ˜·πŸ’© whats wrong with that front?? Awefull light

julinhowingert29 Aug 30


jessypayne Aug 31


collinh17 Aug 31


99dirtrider Aug 31

Nice dude

brapp2smokin Sep 1

That's sick @doodles233

brand_hartnell Sep 1


split_lanes Sep 2

I was told you might be able to help me. I just rode a 360 single sided GSXR across the county on @ride4humanity for animal rescue and representing all of humanity Being the only team on the road this year. While waiting for a new sprocket to come in, my bike had been stolen. I hoping to replace it to continue the 7200 mile pledge for humanity. I was thinking if you can help me with a bike I can get it back to catching everyone's attention to be able to spread the awareness and continue the humanitarian journey. Partnered with cbs and fm radio, as they wait for updates to enhance the this story. Please consider this opportunity as an excellent marketing opportunity for social media. I have a photographers eye and capture very rich shareable content across the country. Please refer to Instagram

ktmusa Aug 26

A little celebration with the KTM staff to celebrate finishing 1st and 2nd in the 450 Pro MX Championship!

freakin_seb Aug 26


philipperlm Aug 26

@larissaeremulo olha queπŸ”πŸ”πŸ”

pirumotocross Aug 26

Great job to the riders, Roger and all the staff behind them. KTM has stepped up the sport in a big way. πŸ‘

19_js Aug 26

I see the man

holyy_coleyy Aug 26

are they giving those to the ktm staff?

zdizyll Aug 26

Soo muchhhh orrangggee

ktm_clawson Aug 26

Favorite color... The OrangeπŸ‘Š

brandon_ktm3 Aug 26

@snyderbraap51 @joelhaulk847 @prestonmeihls223 @corbin.mennen

ckarkowsky Aug 26

do i see 2015 graphics??

hill_blake99 Aug 26

@duckhunter_austin πŸ˜²πŸ’¦

aeg357 Aug 26


courtenayolivia Aug 26

Awesome job boys! #orangealltheway

bernardo088 Aug 26

@celiobrasil acho q essa eh a nossa sala de aula

n0ty0ur5 Aug 26


rmc_217 Aug 26

Ktm needs 2 more 450 riders! Shut the door for the other manufacturers! Make them go back to selling lawn mowers and pianos! 😎❀️

dylannn_dixon21 Aug 26

That would suck cuz ktms blow to shit and parts are expensive

mwberse Aug 26

@dylannn_dixon21 you pay for what you get. That's why they are the best in the industry.

justinmatthew688 Aug 26

This kid is obviously retarded^^^πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

dylannn_dixon21 Aug 26

Yamaha is where it's at really good horsepower handling and reliability

justinmatthew688 Aug 26

Hence why ktm is dominating almost every off-road/motocross championship

201jaden Aug 26

You guys put on the best ride day down in NH thanks

tracey_gaede Aug 26

Because of Roger!

rauljreyesrevilla Aug 26


rauljreyesrevilla Aug 26


agaggia Aug 26

@sandrogaggia @juangaggia

akw44 Aug 26

@dylanj707 @moto365sb @dylong3

akw44 Aug 26

@buell957 that's bikes πŸ˜‚

mangtek Aug 26


miltoncaputti Aug 26

Little party cuz Roczen got the 1 lol

wilfredtorres Aug 26


once_happens_twice Aug 26

I am so lucky to be a part of Ktm's family (,:

lucasvarela7 Aug 26

Manda um pra cÑ que eu faço um estrago!!

celiobrasil Aug 26

πŸ”πŸ”πŸ” em @bernardo088

4strokeshamburg Aug 26


pedrowhehaibe Aug 27


danielbreder Aug 27

Ooo aula boa @pedrowhehaibe

jmr_956 Aug 29


ktmexcguy Aug 31

It's good to orange

222_toni Sep 2

orange is the best color for my

ktmusa Aug 24

Taddy Blazusiak on his way to the win at last night's EnduroCross in Atlanta. @enduro_cross #ktm

pawelphotos Aug 24

Awesome final!!

bigd53_dirtbiker Aug 24

I was there

therealchrisandrews_7 Aug 24

@timmy9419 @cam_andrews1212

ldhondasrule Aug 24

I watched on the coumputer

crownmotousa Aug 24

moto :)

rmuguinho101 Aug 24


dandoran69 Aug 24


jmr_956 Aug 29


ktmusa Aug 23

Huge congrats to @kenroczen94 your 2014 450 Pro Motocross Champion! @promotocross

b_gumulak67 Aug 23

Yes!!! Way to go Kroc @kenroczen94

motocrossman127 Aug 23

Cough cough Suzuki cough cough

samuel_cade_12.97 Aug 23

Knew you had it ken congrats long hard work and dedication pays off!!!!!!

carson.84 Aug 23


naaat_p578 Aug 23

Anyone know What was the points difference between Dungey and Roczen?

tagan551 Aug 23

Kenny!! #champion #therookie #kroc94 πŸ˜πŸπŸ†πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

mcodi95 Aug 23

@codipilly97 wtf is this!!!

doody_squirrel Aug 23

πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž dungey all the way

anna_hx9 Aug 23


mattg312 Aug 23

@c_day3 it's cool, he got KTM a championship what more can they ask for

tannerberry14 Aug 23


mikeyvanr0y22 Aug 23

@joelmotta_ legend

5holefingerblaster Aug 23

Hope he eats shit at some half ass Suzuki team #notfactory

live_wire66 Aug 23


stewieee_g Aug 24

It's actually factory @5holefingerblaster but all the same Suzuki is shit

5holefingerblaster Aug 24

@stewieee_g the factory team is JS7 .... RCH is a joke they change their name every year season depending on who wants to pay the bills team is a joke

drew_sells Aug 24

@dani35_ 😍😍😍😍

stewieee_g Aug 24

It's stated on yoshimura website that they have direct factory support. Look for yourself. @5holefingerblaster but yes Suzuki is a joke atm and any team would change their name or they wouldn't get new sponsors

dani35_ Aug 24

MY BOY 😍😍😍😍 @drew_sells

jonesy3308 Aug 24

@ktmbrap hurda hurda

patric166 Aug 24


rgmx4 Aug 24


jorgecorral_ Aug 24

Is it me or is he wearing his shirt backwards ?

tony_audenino Aug 24

He is. @jorgecorral_ its because its his championship Jersey with the #1.

kaybaedree Aug 27

@t_s_t_ @mytytymyty

ktmusa Aug 23

@ktmusa heading back to the pits to prepare for upcoming moto two

whipper_snapper225 Aug 23

Congrates boys @kenroczen94 @ryandungey

rynopower Aug 23

Amazing racers and sportsmen right there! #chargelife

dclassrider Aug 24

Two words: Brand Ambassadors...

chrisiro28 Aug 25

Is Ryan trying to force-choke Kenny there? haha.

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