Broc Tickle

#25 Broc Tickle

DoB: 11/21/1989
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 165 lbs
Residence: Holly, MI
Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Career Highlights

Tickle showed consistency by never finishing worse than fourth place throughout the AMA Supercross Lites West series. He collected seven podium finishes and a win in Oakland to secure the AMA Supercross Lites West Championship. After an up-and-down AMA Motocross 250cc series, he grabbed a podium finish in the first moto at Budds Creek and finished seventh for his second straight outdoor season.

Earned his first career win with a victory at the Seattle SX. Also earned second at Anaheim 3 and third in San Francisco. Placed fourth overall in the AMA Supercross Lites West Region standings. With a string of top-10 finishes in the AMA Motocross Lites series, he finished seventh overall.

Injured for first half of the AMA Supercross Lites East Region rounds. Finished on the podium in Toronto with a third-place and finished 12th overall in the AMA Supercross Lites East Region. Consistent finishes in the AMA Motocross Lites class helped him finish seventh overall in the standings.

Injured elbow before the start of supercross. Rode select AMA Motocross Lites races, but his lingering injury kept him from good results.

Finished with a fifth in St. Louis during his rookie year in the AMA Supercross Lites class. In the AMA Motocross Lites class, finished with six top-10 finishes throughout the season.



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broctickle Sep 1

Nice cycle today @rideshimano #laborday #solo

wemigwans32 Sep 1

when you guys coming back @broctickle

flynbryan19 Sep 1

#bikelanes Wish we had them around town here!

joelawwill Sep 1

What bike are you on?

youngtallsmall Sep 1

1998 Huffy 10 speed

mxrenner Sep 1

About like my view..

broctickle Sep 2

@mxrenner driving eh?

mxrenner Sep 2

@broctickle 1 more hour!

broctickle Aug 30

@hotsauce9 @lancecoury πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

tannernelson85 Aug 30

Niiiice tear it brotha

slop169 Aug 30


slop169 Aug 30


jessicatickle Aug 30

Where's the video of you doing it @broctickle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

getlikemike41 Aug 30


james_damone11 Aug 30


atvmxracer48 Aug 30

Goons. Now try the 450

tykady Aug 30


cloiselle1 Aug 30

Quads are so retarded haha omg

danielman1800 Aug 31

Davis be like @nick_andres31

ruleej32 Aug 31

what a bunch of quadtards

nick_andres31 Aug 31

Haha @danielman1800

broctickle Aug 30

@suzukicycles @hotsauce9 @lancecoury just quading πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

seabass292 Aug 30


tannernelson85 Aug 30


slop169 Aug 30


slop169 Aug 30


suzukirider_96 Aug 30


_shit_just_got_real_nigga_ Aug 30

Post a video of them full throttle

8codi9vega7 Aug 30


lucky_mx Aug 30


cameronm356 Aug 30


csoldevere Aug 30

@d__swing us on quads

d__swing Aug 30

Hahaha! @csoldevere

devannn_32 Aug 30

@zackguebara good day of some nice quad riding with the squad

lil_quint Aug 30


broctickle Aug 29

#Pohlcatgolfcourse @soaringeagleresort @rchracing

lucas_surdam Aug 29


mxrenner Aug 29

Let me know if you need a fill in on the back 9

stellarmx Aug 29

I heard that course is sick @broctickle!

broctickle Aug 29

@stellarmx it's tight but everything is in nice condition πŸ‘Š @mxrenner lol might need you all day

a_stark_492 Aug 29

Vineyards in Escondido is a pretty sweet course @broctickle you should play it sometime

mclain_fleming Aug 29

Wow. That looks amazing.

tonyd831 Aug 30

Hope your well Bruva!!

broctickle Aug 28

Last #TBT πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they are just too good not to post #douevenwearachestprobro

danmitch6641 Aug 28

What track is that @broctickle ?

chicken31little Aug 28

Holister @danmitch6641

oshow1 Aug 28


aaronfox46 Aug 28

Look at homeboy in the back on the Suzuki, just sendin it haha

epm107 Aug 28


chrisbeeler46 Aug 28

Wow! Old school Muddy Creek #victorysports @broctickle

frenchy508 Aug 28


dms_945 Aug 28


harrybeary Aug 28


badum7 Aug 29

@adriannetzer_411 vadammt... des isch z neuere bike als mi erstes ( i hon meh violett und ka schiebabrems ket)

duckiller2787 Aug 30

Is that when you race with Jason Howard

broctickle Aug 28

#TBT just killing it #1992

devonpilk Aug 28

I remember are amateur days we'll haha

jlewis722 Aug 28

That helmet doe πŸ‘Œ at least yours wasn't pink... 😳

ch1protraining Aug 28


howell177 Aug 28

Are those Mr. Motorcycle boots? @broctickle

mattlemoine Aug 28

I think ole papa Oneal has a boner! ☺️

filthyphil38 Aug 28

92?! Dang son you missed the Tonka truck days if you were behind the gate already!

broctickle Aug 28

@filthyphil38 prolly 93 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

michael_k150 Aug 28

@broctickle this could be '92 or 82' the look stayed the same

willy_harris Aug 28

He looks like a ninja turtle. πŸ˜‚ @lorden27 @shane151

aaronfox46 Aug 28

That number has it goin annnnn!

brochowerton Aug 28

Rolling hills in reidsville nc? @broctickle

tslangdon264 Aug 28

I'm thinking it's about 93 or so. I don't remember you racing against Brandon on 50s and his last year was 92 on those. Hey Broc the family says hello.

drock508 Aug 28


etgeenen Aug 28

Just a little nugget!! So cute

canehdian09 Aug 28

Looks like whoever is standing next to you is a little excited to see you race.

breananicole_ Aug 28


josh_quail Aug 28

Dude has a boner! !!

rickycarmichael Aug 28


pickering992 Aug 28

@jackbaetsle542 @apickering975 @krieg822 @bryce104mclaud @roderick_philipp

cschiller204 Aug 28

Ninja turtle

kriskorn127 Aug 28

That bike was so fast !

jp_money250 Aug 28

πŸ˜‚ awesome

andrianalyns Aug 28

this is the cutest pic I've ever seen!

colton_densmore337 Aug 29

Hahahaha! @cschiller204

nui_paweena Aug 29


aggielisa06 Aug 30


jessicatickle Aug 30

@smithoptics @b2therod

broctickle Aug 28

Missing this more and more the closer it gets to being back on her. @soaringeagleresort @rchracing @foxracing @sycuan_casino @suzukicycles πŸ“· @cudby

rchracing Aug 28


adron75 Aug 28

Let me ride it. I get down in glamis. I got a banshee so I can handle this little guy

sebbyy4 Aug 28

Just go out and do some testing

102hambright Aug 28

πŸ‘ ready to see the tickle monsta

rdcjuanb Aug 28

You all signed for next year?

josephhill016 Aug 28

Bike looks sweet

cnelly138 Aug 28


colefranks289 Aug 28


mav_41 Aug 28

She's waiting for you bud! βœ‹

grant_l_cooper Aug 28

Oh man oh man oh man!!!!

chuckry204 Aug 28


etgeenen Aug 28


ammarmal Aug 28


mccrimon112 Aug 28


dobson4_321 Aug 28


nol274 Aug 28


jsteed930 Aug 29

Beauty @dmo519 @surformoto

surformoto Aug 29

@jsteed930 that's clean lookn

broctickle Aug 22

#repost last year at Utah national @rchracing @soaringeagleresort @foxracing @sycuan_casino @bentley_kyle

itstheteacherrr Aug 22


g_bullock9 Aug 22

Jonah Hill is that you?

mattjordan68 Aug 22

Hepler chillin in the back

itsdang Aug 23

@broctickle no love.

broctickle Aug 23

@itsdang ahh I'm a bad friend but it was awesome having you around last year

hybridplumbing Aug 23

In n out burger

nicomx449 Aug 26


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