Broc Tickle

#25 Broc Tickle

DoB: 11/21/1989
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 165 lbs
Residence: Holly, MI
Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Career Highlights

Tickle showed consistency by never finishing worse than fourth place throughout the AMA Supercross Lites West series. He collected seven podium finishes and a win in Oakland to secure the AMA Supercross Lites West Championship. After an up-and-down AMA Motocross 250cc series, he grabbed a podium finish in the first moto at Budds Creek and finished seventh for his second straight outdoor season.

Earned his first career win with a victory at the Seattle SX. Also earned second at Anaheim 3 and third in San Francisco. Placed fourth overall in the AMA Supercross Lites West Region standings. With a string of top-10 finishes in the AMA Motocross Lites series, he finished seventh overall.

Injured for first half of the AMA Supercross Lites East Region rounds. Finished on the podium in Toronto with a third-place and finished 12th overall in the AMA Supercross Lites East Region. Consistent finishes in the AMA Motocross Lites class helped him finish seventh overall in the standings.

Injured elbow before the start of supercross. Rode select AMA Motocross Lites races, but his lingering injury kept him from good results.

Finished with a fifth in St. Louis during his rookie year in the AMA Supercross Lites class. In the AMA Motocross Lites class, finished with six top-10 finishes throughout the season.



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broctickle Aug 22

#repost last year at Utah national @rchracing @soaringeagleresort @foxracing @sycuan_casino @bentley_kyle

itstheteacherrr Aug 22


g_bullock9 Aug 22

Jonah Hill is that you?

mj618_ Aug 22

Hepler chillin in the back

itsdang Aug 23

@broctickle no love.

broctickle Aug 23

@itsdang ahh I'm a bad friend but it was awesome having you around last year

hybridplumbing Aug 23

In n out burger

nicomx449 Aug 26


broctickle Aug 22

#TBT US Open 03' @motoduff @wilhahn23 @devonpilk @ryandungey @pineconemx972 @joshill75 @zacho_16 @nicoizzi

nicoizzi Aug 22

@broctickle daaaammmmmnnnnn sonzinnie that's a throwback

thisfellonc Aug 22

So great!

devdean15 Aug 22

Legends in the making

skyman21 Aug 22

That's what you call a crewβœŠπŸš²πŸ’¨

skyman21 Aug 22

And Duffy was in it dang

_hwalt Aug 22

Lol you all look exactly the same! @wilhahn23 @ryandungey @broctickle

bryson27olson Aug 22

Troy Graffunder up front haha!

dhr_1 Aug 22

Check my boys @broctickle and @motoduff

frita26 Aug 22

Is this when your height started to plateau @wilhahn23 ? πŸ˜‚

bgairsoft1234 Aug 22

Hey man it's Bryan griffin / rob griffins son from the serious team

flow_motocross_sx Aug 22

Where was that ?

devonpilk Aug 22

Those were the good ol days man

thereal246 Aug 22

Probably the coolest pic ever

crtwotwo Aug 22

Lol now I feel real oldπŸ˜‚ I won that year and guys are just on 80s #kids

googoofreak3 Aug 22


shorty_doherty Aug 22

@pineconemx972 Babe! You look so cute! β˜ΊοΈπŸ™ˆβ€οΈ

rickycarmichael Aug 22


taylorpilk Aug 22

Oh my lord. Your hairrrrrr @devonpilk bahaha

aurewintxii Aug 22


wilhahn23 Aug 22

Heck ya. Good times

zach_andrade33 Aug 22

Hahahahaha best tbt hands down

hapa21 Aug 22

A lot of DUDES right there!

oshow1 Aug 22

Wow is right

kpulley821 Aug 22


thahn58 Aug 22

About 7 or so championships in this picture.

geisele373 Aug 23

Little you. @seanhackley

broctickle Aug 18

Hmm @oshow1 πŸ‘πŸ˜œ

jordan.colon Aug 18

First like may I have a shout out plz man

zack_lansford Aug 18

I would love that bike

acemx20 Aug 18

Wow πŸ‘†

cam_ibanez98 Aug 18

^ nobody cares dude just saying so don't get butt hurt @jordan.colon

jordan.colon Aug 18

So u wanna be a fag @cam_ibanez98

jamesstrickland Aug 18


zack_lansford Aug 18

What ???? @acemx20

thereal526 Aug 18

Chick fight^^^

jeffman_yzrider Aug 18


dobson4_321 Aug 18

βœŒοΈπŸ‘Œ #throwback

justynamstutz Aug 18

Sick pick Tic! I think we need to incorporate into the 15 throwback / retro kits! When u gonna be back in MI @broctickle ? Best to Jess!

oshow1 Aug 18

Haha yep that's one of my old RM's! Nice # we had!

g.13_ Aug 18

@jordan.colon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ u ride ATVSπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

edthemotohead Aug 18

That was the bike Johnny had the field covered at the Anaheim Supercross and the steering stem broke.

jordan.colon Aug 18

Ok and u don't ride shit!

adamrides646 Aug 18


jordan.colon Aug 18

@g.13_ ur a fag

devin_metzger Aug 18

You ride a quad! Dont act tough when you ride a quad fagπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jordan.colon

chris_mcleod271 Aug 18

What year?? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

liveridemoto Aug 18

@javafreak this was the same year bike I had . It was the Suzuki that the scooter 9000 was being parted from ...

captain_peg_leg Aug 18

So much needless hate these days.

jademacdonald Aug 18


edthemotohead Aug 18

1989 @mcleod_271

brian21sanchez Aug 18

1987 Rm. 250

chris_mcleod271 Aug 18

Sick I'm building a 98 rm125 @edthemotohead @brian21sanchez @broctickle

239films Aug 18

@jeremytheallamerican @scootinnewton

edthemotohead Aug 18

Had a 250 in 98 (that was the year Suzuki turned the forks right side up ;-) ). Loved that bike. Good luck with the build @mcleod_271

chris_mcleod271 Aug 18

I'm not sure if I should keep the traditional style or go inverted @edthemotohead

edthemotohead Aug 18

That was one of the best suspended/handling Zooks I had. If the 125 was as good, I'd go traditional for sure @mcleod_271

beckwith117 Aug 18

Ooooooohhhhooohhh dandy @crow916

twoasandaron Aug 18

I think that's an 89'?

trentberryofficial Aug 18

2 stroke the best

samuelepepe Aug 18


fitzystar13 Aug 18

@lukepieremont your old ride

motomike894 Aug 18

@zm895 hot

lukepieremont Aug 18

@fitzystar13 she was a beast. The helmet was a close second.

june111176 Aug 18

Sweet Bike!!

endurofreak_ Aug 18

Simply the best

jimbohogan Aug 18

1989 RM 250. I think he jumped the whole track once.

acemx20 Aug 18

@zack_lansford that was meant for the first comment , it didn't show your comment when I posted it. So Wow at @jordan.colon how about you stick to the quad posts πŸ‘Œ

coleseely Aug 18

@oshow1 @broctickle that lever position is crazy!

oshow1 Aug 18

@coleseely That's what 25 years do to the sport! Wait another 25 and see what's next? #progression

tykady Aug 18

@oshow1 ...think I watched the front end break on that thing.....live at A1 when you were leading?!! Damn zooks! 😜

jeffroh717 Aug 18

I ride one every weekend.!!! #89RM250 braaaaap

tomi_knocker_ghc Aug 19


borky_ Aug 22

I'd laugh myself to the death to watch you rip around on this πŸ˜† one day u have to get an old bike like me u and darryn talk about and straight thrash😭 then my life will be complete !

broctickle Aug 17

@drake #DTE @liltunechi

stroupyy Aug 17

They are sikk live. @broctickle.

smans2 Aug 17


broctickle Aug 17

@stroupyy just killing it

mikeyojeda Aug 17

take the knife off the AK

broctickle Aug 17

@mikeyojeda πŸ”ͺ

kyle100king Aug 17

u crowd surfin into the bushes or wuttt??

rchalk Aug 17

Damn I heard the show was unreal @broctickle

rctribalguy Aug 17

Get on the damn bike.

broctickle Aug 17

@rctribalguy I would if I could, still have another 2-3 weeks

rctribalguy Aug 17

Right on. good to hear. Not many of you cats would respond to a comment like that. Fans dig it. Much respected.

rctribalguy Aug 17

Good luck to ya in supercross.

broctickle Aug 17

@rctribalguy thanks dude!

broctickle Aug 16

Mark your calendar if you haven't already, #edgeofsummer @soaringeagleresort check out @redbudmx for more info.

kraemoe Aug 16

Bought my tickets this morning☺️ @broctickle

broctickle Aug 15

@cudby πŸ“· #DallasSX @rchracing @soaringeagleresort @foxracing @foxheadinc

cmsartworx Aug 15

Gear is badass !

rdcjuanb Aug 15

You back on the bike now?

broctickle Aug 15

@rdcjuanb not yet but getting close πŸ‘Š

keegan_craddock16 Aug 15

Good dude can't wait to see you back out there!!!

bfg185 Aug 15

Feels like a long time you've been off for us fans, bet it feels like forever for you!

antyreon115 Aug 15

Fresh set upπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

breananicole_ Aug 15

Yeaahh BT πŸ’ͺ

70cobrascj Aug 15

Brock are you from Holley Mi? You ever ride BAJA? The sand there is DEEP!

beau.castanon50 Aug 16


broctickle Aug 16

@bfg185 ya I'm ready! Thanks for the support πŸ‘

sidsager22 Aug 16

You always have the best gear! Can't wait to see you back on the bike!! 😜✊

monsterenergy218 Aug 16

Ya I know ahahah Ryan showed me earlier haha hella dope @beau.castanon50

jmartin454 Aug 16

2015 sx champ #Beast #Confident #Michigander @broctickle

laser_ghost42 Aug 16


laser_ghost42 Aug 16


otto242 Aug 16

@broctickle can't wait to see you back on the track! It's Otto from xbox y the way.

rchracing Aug 16


broctickle Jul 29

Happy anniversary to my wonderful wife @jessicatickle #3yrs thanks for everything you do for me 😘

jennabugz Jul 29

Happy anniversary love bugs 😍

wipeoutmx Jul 29

Congrats man.

brrragen Jul 29

Here's to many more.! 🍻

johnnylouch Jul 29

@broctickle how about that big big treat on the far right 😝 congrats guys

firefighter357 Jul 29

Congrats to you both! @jessictickle

josephhill016 Jul 29

Congrats fellow michigander

sheababi5 Jul 29

Happy Anniversary guysssss @jessicatickle @broctickle love your adopted daughter ❀️

kennyparrish Jul 29

Happy Anniversary guys! Hope u have a great day. Love u guys! @jessicatickle

50_beeks Jul 29

Happy anniversary @broctickle @jessicatickle

carolemx4me Jul 29

Awww, Happy Anniversary to the two of youβ™‘ Love you two! (Michael in the background cracks me up)

jwlzsparrish Jul 29

Happy Anniversary! Love you both! @jessicatickle

emileefeilmeier12 Jul 29

@haleybreshears 

haleybreshears Jul 29

R.i.p. @mychances @emileefeilmeier12 😭

justynamstutz Jul 29

Happy Anniversary @jessicatickle @broctickle !!! Nothing but love from Lo & I.

miltoncaputti Jul 29

@jessicatickle is a great picture lol Congrats

miltoncaputti Jul 29

@broctickle congrats man! Cant wait to see ya at SX 2015 #BringItNow

puro_lechuga Jul 29

My niggah

mikeglennie Jul 29

πŸ‘ Big treat on the far right looks like #mclovin @johnnylouch @broctickle

npwilliams Jul 29

Happy Anniversary!

tilldeathfilms Jul 30

Congrats bud!!

mystickle Jul 30

Happy anniversary @broctickle @jessicatickle ☺

matcox Jul 30

Congrats brus πŸ‘πŸ‘

therealtourettsguy51 Aug 4

@shoutout1us got me 1k

beastmode_edits13 Aug 6

Hey broc! I make sports edits! DM me if u want one please!

katz_99 Aug 11

@broctickle @jessicatickle r u guys Mormon ? 😊

jessicatickle Aug 11

@katz_99 catholic πŸ‘

woodcock248 Aug 12

Happy late anniversary u guys back in town. @jessicatickle @broctickle

dam44 Aug 13

@shoutout1usa got me 1k

broctickle Jul 28

Ready to be back #ATLSX @rchracing @soaringeagleresort @suzukicycles @foxheadinc @sycuan_casino @officialleatt #motivated

firefighter357 Jul 28

Hell Yeah!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘

mav_41 Jul 28

Yeah buddy! #comingbackstrong πŸ’ͺ

etgeenen Jul 28


etgeenen Jul 28


tjalex27 Jul 28


jdubmx764 Jul 28

Love this shot @broctickle πŸ‘Œ

itsalvyy Jul 28

Your still ugly tho @broctickle

justynamstutz Jul 28

You in mi or ca @broctickle ???

broctickle Jul 28

@justynamstutz ca πŸ‘

tylerdaneswart Jul 29

Can't wait to see you ride again we rooting for you broc here in mi

litpro Jul 29

Welcome back! The LIT Pro crew is looking forward to working with you.

aldenchambers75 Jul 29

#tb to when the fagget alessi took you out

justgarcia27 Aug 8

Hey do u race in supercrosses

a.s_201 Aug 22


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