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Vince Friese

#59 Vince Friese

DoB: 10/19/1990
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 165 lbs
Residence: Cape Girardeau, MO
Hometown: Cape Girardeau, MO
Bike: MCR 250F

Career Highlights

6th place Atlanta Supercross Lites



Vince Friese Instagram

vincefriese Apr 16

Thanks @jgrmx @jbonejgr @sheetmetal220 and everyone on the jgr crew for an awesome weekend! Sorry I crashed your bike so many times! Wish the result could have been better but I had a blast either way! Thanks guys! @vitalmx photo

ericreinhard86 Apr 16

Ben puts together a beautiful bike. You should buy him a beer @vincefriese

78_fan Apr 17

Not a bad night for someone who had 10 minutes on the bike before having to actually race it.

xbrandgoggles Apr 17


djandrade Apr 17

Solid effort. You'd be a beast if you had time on that bike during an off season.

jeremywitek Apr 17

Need that #RB set up on that blue bike!

mb1motorsports Apr 18

Congrats Vinnie.. U needed a break..:) @vincefriese

vincefriese Apr 14

The mug explains it

wheeliewill111 Apr 14

@vincefriese glad you were able to walk away from your mid flight eject Vince. That shit was nuts. Pretty sure your dog would of been pissed to if you weren't home today LOL

joshhansen100 Apr 14

I need one

myers678 Apr 14

He's a bad dude

matthewg577 Apr 14

@vincefriese are you back in Missouri? Because it's way to cold to be wearing sandals

bulletproofwelding Apr 14

Your hair was on point during your interview on tv last weekend dude. Best hair in SX lol

slop169 Apr 14

@bulletproofwelding hit it right on point u need a hair care sponser

the722 Apr 18

What's your email doggy!!!!

vincefriese Apr 13

Rough start to the day

whyzee400 Apr 13

What the heck happened ? Glad you are safe

adamjones760 Apr 13

Wow dude, lucky to walk away from that one!

rodrigoproracektm2 Apr 13


r3volution327 Apr 13

Damn, that looked brutal! Are you still in the night show?

toma2983 Apr 13


oj__96 Apr 13

@lovett29_ @haydenjames463 @pennerz_784

wydawg921 Apr 13

How you're feeling alright dude

dillonhoar210b Apr 13


sethro672 Apr 13

No way are u kidding me

jakecanada Apr 13

Boss hog outlaw

vannman421 Apr 13

Damn man. That's gnarly

mattmoto441 Apr 13


kremkow388 Apr 13

Not many people have the balls to let go on a supercross triple when it's going bad like that @gam058 @devonhardies

sup_jordan Apr 13


riling354 Apr 13


frita26 Apr 13

Shit! @nath51lalicz @m4thew5 @sheppo119

mylofmx Apr 13

Ouch hope you aren't too sore!

thereal_523 Apr 13

What happen there bike just get too nose down @vincefriese

steven_111x Apr 13

@stevelawrence36 @zak__grossman @tylerduarte5 @the_showgun @mikieeepyleee

k_bosch Apr 13

Dude wtf

chriismiith Apr 13


ryanq414 Apr 13

@dcope708 @chase_blakely

allenvaldez_2 Apr 13

@yurcho44 @joeygill1327 @spolsky94

lou_christian Apr 13

Damn son

jonbond527 Apr 13

You all good man? @vincefriese

ears979 Apr 13

@c_b_s_d @codeman209

purplerain_18 Apr 13

@blizzard896 @cpru992

bradygaga293 Apr 13


edenfarley10 Apr 13


mike_mason81 Apr 13

Damn dude!

cblose Apr 13

That's some ninja shit. Tuck and roll! Glad ur ok bud

labmatt88 Apr 13


wesshields122 Apr 13

Dang @tannercoop

kimballer126 Apr 13

Mis shift?

thrumyeyes143 Apr 13


wmoore313 Apr 13


lisagruwell Apr 13

I refuse to like this pic..nothing to like about seeing you fly through the air and land like that. Happy you are ok..lets have an awesome night! ❀ @vincefriese

rothmeyer328 Apr 13


dtrail22 Apr 13


lhuebsch131 Apr 13


kitzmiller044 Apr 13


peyton_heavener243 Apr 13


peyton_heavener243 Apr 13


dc445 Apr 13


kolton_ray414 Apr 13


j_e_n_k_i_n_s Apr 13


j_e_n_k_i_n_s Apr 13


keith636knight Apr 13


jhunt_87 Apr 13

Hope you still can make the night show @vincefriese

labbizzle Apr 13

Damn @labmatt88

adriancottrell Apr 13

@joshhhbarnett @_jessehite_

jlambe67 Apr 13

Looked like front shocks didn't rebound hard enough @Vince efriese

tc310 Apr 13

@novack147 @casey_compton46 @kk_108 @adham94 @tmacsphotography @tmcclain31

devinstewart198 Apr 13

Shit man. I hope your alright

pfleger_t Apr 13


courtnilynn Apr 13

Lol way to walk it out

b_raw17_ Apr 13

Damn dude! Hope you're alright πŸ‘

klmoosey Apr 13

That was so big. Hope yur good

rhurren505 Apr 13

@yumyum197 @jrhurren dang

dunegoon501 Apr 13

Thanks for the number plate man @vincefriese

cwilson212 Apr 13


stefan_ekerold Apr 13

@ok503 @pe441 @henryjacobi29 @kaihaase810 @wunni75 @jonno911 @chrisgrunert836

travismccarthy208 Apr 13


jrhurren Apr 13


alexisgaudree Apr 13

@kvong64 visière ?

cberensphoto Apr 13

Craziness! I'm just watching the race from last night, hope you're ok!!

kvong64 Apr 13

Mdr! @drego40

rebelyell22 Apr 13

Damn. That suspension was wack

adrienlopes15 Apr 13

@soub120 @sorby917 @romrom_514 @rombocop @florichier @thomasramette @themetronome871 il me bas ???

braap79 Apr 13

@braap39 braap

brabalais312 Apr 14

@kylie_wallace even after this I still do!

j_e_n_k_i_n_s Apr 14


ehmorrow568 Apr 14


tristen314 Apr 14


tomcortvriendt Apr 16

@laurenssx @wilkoox @martijnr9

taylormuto Apr 16

@jonnymuto @dano348 @dkirchner @664tparry @mike_monroe183

gunnxr268 Apr 17

Fuck me @shylee268

shyleemelita Apr 17

Why are you making me watch these @gunnxr268

j_e_n_k_i_n_s Apr 19


secret717 Apr 20

Fuuuu @agent2fifteen

loganvanway Apr 21

@sskobel428 @lejeune37

vincefriese Apr 12


maxgerston Apr 12


graysonthekook Apr 12

Fuck yea

dkzthekid Apr 12


aray314 Apr 12


dmoney_royalty Apr 12

@vincefriese pumped for you, pal!

slammedmind Apr 12

@vincefriese good luck man, well deserved, give em hell

haleyynicoleexo Apr 12

Love the new look ! Go get em

jclapp333 Apr 12

@jclapp310 @hurricanemills

wittmx551 Apr 12


vurbwes Apr 12


mxculture Apr 12

Too cool. Good luck.

johnny_kress_808 Apr 12

U deserve a win

jamieroutley93 Apr 12

Can't believe they let you on that bike with that clutch lever

jamieroutley93 Apr 12

-jimmy @vincefriese

mol_ray Apr 12

Goodluck @vincefriese Miss ya. Brett and I will be cheerin you on!! ❀️

rp7l Apr 12

Ride it like you stole it !!!

mb1motorsports Apr 12

Good luck Vinnie! @vincefriese

nickdez Apr 12

Rippp it

tlrperf Apr 12

Looks good with that 42 on there.

lisagruwell Apr 13

@vincefriese couldn't be more pumped for you love! So proud of you!! Don't forget to enjoy it!! πŸ˜˜β€πŸ‘

soupy119 Apr 13

Are you freakin kiddin me

sean_lipanovich Apr 13

Kill it tonight bud!

lbakes74 Apr 13

Awww sheeeiiiit! Super awesome πŸ‘Œ

aldenchambers75 Apr 13

Dude congrats you deserve it!!!

vincefriese Apr 9

@racetech_rob giving me a tune up at the track! @racetechsuspension

brianwilliams_143 Apr 9

Good luck on the #JGR ride this weekend! @vincefriese

garret__ftw Apr 9

Hes dreamy @racetech_rob

mikewendricks Apr 9

@vincefriese your holding up my MTB suspension job he's doing for me, ha. Great guy!

spinndawg Apr 9

Tuninum tuninum wiiiide

ttr125racer Apr 10

Hey vince do you remember me i was the guy who did that huge whip over you when you were only doing the triple when i was quading it the other day

j_ide711 Apr 11

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†look at his profile, kid cracks anyone up!!! @vincefriese

vincefriese Apr 1

@thefactorymetalworks @racetechsuspension @xbrandgoggles @spectrooils @wideopengear @onealracing

ethanhutsonn Apr 1

Nice ride in Stlouis doing good in the main event 5th too 20th then back to 11th! You need to come back to sky high and ride again! Missed you last time my dad was there though!

hwalk28 Apr 1

Agreed ^ @ethanhutsonn @vincefriese

tlrperf Apr 1

And @tlrperf

vincefriese Apr 1

@1real_deal @thefactorymetalworks @onealracing @motoxxxofficial @wideopengear πŸ“· @wlangstonphotography

thyde911 Apr 1

It sucks that that happened I was rooting for ya @vincefriese

rbrown58 Apr 2

3rd fastest lap time of the race I think, just some bad luck. Rode great get em this weekend!!! @bigstcharles

vincefriese Mar 31

My @shoeihelmetsusa painted by @taggerdesigns

skylerad8214 Mar 31

Badass bud...looks like pastranas old school paint jobs!

jeffparke Mar 31

@dillon_swaim @mitchell_lane @big_beeeezy @wil_miller

brackenhall Mar 31


krazykev9 Mar 31

Cool lid

rick_walker9 Mar 31


taggerdesigns Mar 31

Still looks sick! You should wear it more?

drschaefer Mar 31


robertvdn Mar 31

sick helmet. but weird place for a gopro. on the back of the helmet like that

craig_sharf99 Mar 31

@jon_nasceif13 see how far back

dhoppanonomous Mar 31

Why have I never seen this?! Harrrrd

sethro672 Mar 31

Wow soo sick

suga_shane199 Mar 31

I love this helmet! Reminds me of pastranas helmet he had and pastrana is my dude! Keep up the good work man your having an awesome season

nclark559 Mar 31


oj__96 Mar 31

@pennerz_784 @haydenjames463

jon_nasceif13 Apr 1

@craig_sharf99 yeah so it's more of an angle

craig_sharf99 Apr 1

@nglenn78734 see?

nglenn78734 Apr 1

@craig_sharf99 I love it look

nglenn78734 Apr 1


the_real945 Apr 3

Looks like pastranas old helmets

williameldridge Apr 4


a_silva79 Apr 4

That things rad af

kibby66 Apr 11


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