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Vince Friese

#59 Vince Friese

DoB: 10/19/1990
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 165 lbs
Residence: Cape Girardeau, MO
Hometown: Cape Girardeau, MO
Bike: MCR 250F

Career Highlights

6th place Atlanta Supercross Lites



Vince Friese Instagram

vincefriese Aug 26

@wlangstonphotography @motoxxxofficial @sikkshades @motoconcepts

astatler11 Aug 26

I love ur shirt

brockpingel888 Aug 26


thelifeof_tyler Aug 26

Looking like a boss @vincefriese

motoxxxofficial Aug 26

We so happen to like his shirt too @astatler11   

dougwilson94 Aug 26

Those Hucks rock ✌️

malessi800 Aug 26

@vincefriese SIKK glasses bud 👌

rcltraining101 Aug 26

Like a boss kid!!! @vincefriese

wlangstonphotography Aug 26

@malessi800 I thought those looked familiar, did Vince steal yo shades? Lol

chrisbuckrell Aug 26

Please Stay out of canada

mxculture Aug 26

Yeah ^ stay out of canada and come back to USA.

malessi800 Aug 26

@wlangstonphotography lol no he got his own

wlangstonphotography Aug 26

@malessi800 Just checkin... They went along great with his pink coffee mug he was drinking from that day... Lol

malessi800 Aug 26

@wlangstonphotography I bet it did he @vincefriese loves the color pink 😂😂😂

wlangstonphotography Aug 26

@malessi800 pretty sure it was his moms... Then again it could be his....? 😂

malessi800 Aug 26

@wlangstonphotography haha 👌

vincefriese Aug 22

2015 O'Neal gear is now live on! Go check out all the new styles and pick out your favorite. @onealracing

thefactorymetalworks Aug 22

@vincefriese I want that jersey ! Washed and mailed out

dougwilson94 Aug 22


stacyjoyner718 Aug 23

No way @thefactorymetalworks ...I want that jersey!! @vincefriese ...seriously...I really do :)

vincefriese Aug 22

Me and @1real_deal checkin out the @thefactorymetalworks bike at Dallas.

dhoppanonomous Aug 22

Get one

mohead25 Aug 22

Lookin righttttt

taraharley Aug 22

I'll take one please. Good luck in tournament today. You sure have a very proud dad!:) @vincefriese

14eray Aug 22

When's the @thefactorymetalworks gonna get u yours

babiedollxo69 Aug 22


lisagruwell Aug 23

You can just go ahead and ride that back to Cali!! hurry home babers..Cancun is calling our name!! 💑✈🏄🍹

kjc_fitted Aug 25

Thats an I O U... You might wanna hold on to that one

vincefriese Aug 21

Coffee with the dogs

mol_ray Aug 21

Doesn't get any better than that. I love that porch lol.

tbrick563 Aug 21

Are you gonna do the last round in Utah?

rcltraining101 Aug 21

Pretty sweet scenery!

sjb269 Aug 21

I hate crape myrtle's.

vincefriese Aug 12

Ummm you ok @malessi800 ??

zjenkins25 Aug 12

Guessing he didn't feel like getting dressed to set the sag! We've all been there 😂😂😂

jeffalessi801 Aug 12

Didn't win so he had to do a third moto. Unfortunately most of his stuff was packed so this was his gear.

mb1suspension Aug 12

Keep doing what ur doing Vince.. @vincefriese fuck those haters! Race em hard!! :)

brian__foster Aug 12


carsonpalmer1999 Aug 12


8te6ix Aug 12

I wanna know what size of man that dome fits! Hahaha @vincefriese

kyleward321 Aug 12

We consider Quebec another country aside from Canada @vincefriese

malessi800 Aug 13

@vincefriese dang bro I'm over that 3rd Moto lol. Great pic bro

bretthellyer Aug 14

#Quebexico @kyleward321 @malessi800 @vincefriese

jasonrust186 Aug 18

Nice Canadian championship Friese lol

vincefriese Jul 22

Loretta's 2007

k_bosch Jul 22

Chris angel mind freak???? @vincefriese

jakedeer.316 Jul 22

😂😂😭😭 @k_bosch

jakecanada Jul 22

😂😂😆 haha @k_bosch

k_bosch Jul 22

@jakecanada @vincefriese keeping it 100 haaaa

beastmode_edits13 Aug 9

Hey man!! I make edits. Check out my profile, and if you want one, DM me please. Thanks!!

vincefriese Jul 15

Gopher Dunes podium @motoconcepts @onealracing @xbrandgoggles @motoxxxofficial

heaththebaseballkid Jul 15

I was there

heaththebaseballkid Jul 15

I was cheering for you

kjc_fitted Jul 15

First time rider trophhy? Things tiny!!

rmccarthy121 Jul 15

Congrats dude!!

tlrperf Jul 15

Could've smiled at least. I guess things are smaller in Canada, like that trophy.

dhoppanonomous Jul 15

Good boy

motokillmx Jul 15

@vincefriese you do not look pumped at all. Lol 2hours in that sand pit will do that to anyone!

malessi800 Jul 16

@vincefriese killing it bud

carsonpalmer1999 Jul 16

I told ya!!! @wnp90

lisagruwell Jul 16

☆☆☆☆☆ ♡ @vincefriese

wnp90 Jul 16

Benoit will come back and kick everyone's ass @carsonpalmer1999

carsonpalmer1999 Jul 16

like hell! @wnp90 Friese's got this!

heaththebaseballkid Jul 17

Do you drive 4 stroke or 2 stroke

___krista___ Aug 10

Go win tomorrow dangit!!!!!! Good luck!

tylerdelormier Aug 11

I must say that was an intense second Moto today lol

mb1suspension Aug 23

Why did u not run ohlins on ur Canadian bike the last few rounds? @vincefriese

vincefriese Jul 14

Hitting eject!

jeff_riccitellimx28 Jul 14

Dam bud u were sick at gopher this weekend I seen vids all over

bobbyg296 Jul 14

Wonder what @ryandungey is thinking

huntersebastien Jul 14

@_tdon426 @mcormier319

mcormier319 Jul 14

Aw boy😂 @huntersebastien

mx207billy Jul 14

#airfriese 😳

mcormier319 Jul 14

Go watch the vid @huntersebastien

huntersebastien Jul 14

Where @mcormier319

beastmode632 Jul 14

I believe i can flyyyyy 🙌 i believe i can touch the sky @vincefriese 😂

mcormier319 Jul 14

His profile @huntersebastien

henderson_oo Jul 14


jademacdonald Jul 14


sethro672 Jul 14

hhheeeerrreee iiiiii gggoooooo!!!!!!

ajayxxx Jul 14


jonesyy253 Jul 14

Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!! That's what you like to do 👍

cn_70 Jul 14

Looks like good dancing skills😂

mohead25 Jul 14

Ghost rode the bitch like what it do

shepherd_101 Jul 14


motolife_609 Jul 14

Touchdown dance

ckill14 Jul 14

@chesterk44 @gooky15

jakecanada Jul 14

Cat like reflexes!

eizy80 Jul 14

Ha ha ha.....prick @h.tickle

cotysmiley42 Jul 14

@sampey_711 @whitetailfreak @jpaul138@dannymccon yup usual for 42 haha

dmatt27 Jul 14

That doesn't look like fun @cotysmiley42

mwacek614 Jul 14

@thatwhitepowerstroke @srt8blackout

jpaul138 Jul 14

Yikes neutral @cotysmiley42

racheelthehoff Jul 16

@land1s nooope.

laurenwirdzek Jul 16

@michaelsimao56 you lol

wyattwaddell573 Jul 18

@kylespringman @casey_keast21

abro125mx Jul 24

Look mom no hands!!! And feet... Uh oh...😂😂😂

_emmaruth_ Aug 2

😂😂 @abro125mx

motoxxxofficial Aug 26

That is an awesome picture. Sick timing from whomever the photographer is   

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