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Ivan Tedesco


Ivan Tedesco
#9 Ivan Tedesco

DoB: 8/12/1981
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 160 lbs
Residence: Tallahassee, FL
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Bike: Kawasaki KX450F


Growing up in Albuquerque gave Ivan Tedesco ample opportunity to ride in the desert. His was a gradual transition into the world of professional racing-one that included working his way from an amateur all the way to the top. When he went pro in 2000, he turned a lot of heads, eventually winning back-to-back AMA Supercross West titles in 2004 and 2005, plus the 2005 125 National Motocross Championship. In 2005 and 2006, Tedesco was one of the Team USA champs at the Motocross of Nations.

Career Highlights

Member of the winning Motocross of Nations USA Team

19th AMA/FIM Supercross Series
13th AMA Motocross Series (shortened seasons due to injury)

5th AMA/FIM Supercross Series
11th AMA Motocross Series (shortened season due to injury)

4th AMA Supercross Series
33rd AMA Motocross Series (shortened season due to injury)
Motocross of Nations Team USA Winner

1st AMA 125 West Supercross Series
1st AMA 125 National Motocross Series
Motocross des Nations Team USA Winner

1st AMA 125 West Supercross Series
6th AMA 125 National Motocross Series

10th AMA 125 East Supercross Series
8th AMA 125 National Motocross Series

3rd AMA 125 West Supercross Series
23rd AMA 125 National Motocross Series

5th AMA 125 West Supercross Series
22nd AMA 125 National Motocross Series

18th AMA 125 National Motocross Series



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Apr 3

athew_conogolist09 Apr 3

Such a sick jam.

dlz1000 Apr 3

Turn it up to 11.

ste1908 Apr 3


cudby Apr 3


joebondio Apr 3


btrux101 Apr 3


adamjones760 Apr 3


mkerk Apr 3

What's that on your headphones while you're practicing

chile_brad95 Apr 3

Hell Yea!!

blackdiesel666 Apr 3

My favourite heavy metal album of all time. Life changed after I listened to that album. My last speeding ticket was thanks to Jump In The Fire @hotsauce9

dcastillo89 Apr 3

Bro I always feel like I need to go 10 over the limit when I'm cranking Metallica or some iron maiden haha @blackdiesel666

blackdiesel666 Apr 3

Fuckin rights! @dcastillo89

finalmoto Apr 3

One of, if not the best Metallica album

jessejamez4five0 Apr 3

@shanlen1029 he even rocks Metallica

kirk666 Apr 3

@metallica best fucking band ever \m/ #metalupyourazz

zw47 Apr 3


seth_fiscus55 Apr 3

Good choice

gage_ktm125sx Apr 3


sassychassis Apr 4


jdlovemykids Apr 5

@hotsauce9 my favorite love Metallica

hotsauce9 Apr 3

#tbt checking out my front fender.

ctrefz Apr 3

That bike was good for you

tara717lythgoe Apr 3


johnny_mo311 Apr 3


rickycarmichael Apr 3


rickycarmichael Apr 3

You got that perfected

ro5830 Apr 3

Got what? Hitting a wall? Lol @rickycarmichael

crobin_nikka Apr 3

Looking at his front fender @ro5830

thereal_523 Apr 3

Are u on the yamaha now

msnyder542 Apr 3

How you feeling bro? Andrea and I are gonna go out to Perris this weekend and watch Ryan ride. You should come out and bring the kids. Going to Hopefully hit the course soon with your pops. Take care bro and I hope all is well. @hotsauce9

ant413h Apr 3

Is that the Valli motosports bike

bobbydavisp8t Apr 3


jme16 Apr 3


vmsmx Apr 3


doublejreid Apr 3

Jacksonville? @hotsauce9

hotsauce9 Mar 28

Flat track #hotshoe

alex_jeffery31 Mar 28


reinke799 Mar 28


ace86amo Mar 28


cooperwells Mar 28


factphil426 Mar 28


peyton_heavener243 Mar 28

I love that feeling @yaboiikaleb

k_ando25 Mar 28

That's what we all gettin western @factphil426

tfng Mar 28


korny71 Mar 28

@rosscop23 @tim2189

_gpugliares_ Mar 28

#twerk @meza444

jlil101 Mar 28

@nicky_hayden will approve

benjamin157 Mar 28

@phill684 @elied918 @legrandbryan Γ§a skidddddd la sauce !!

skora6056 Mar 28


txmoto11 Mar 28

@ttbc @mikemyers112 sign this cat up!

zw47 Mar 28


raystovall Mar 28

Hell yeah

dylan_lawson24 Mar 28

Omfg 😍

michaelcirillo1 Mar 28


bsmithforty2 Mar 28

Get it @hotsauce9

jrush318 Mar 28

@hotsauce9 Speedway!!

jake_fw3 Mar 28


thornyninethree Mar 28


eschroeder927 Mar 28

@jordannielsen951 cock sauce is flying! lol

ashtaig Mar 28


prostartime Mar 28

@hotsauce9 dood do you still have both feet on the pegs?? Now that's commitment man!!

kadota_snommis Mar 28

If that's a flat track you're goin the wrong way haha

jsouth49 Mar 28


yoshimanley Mar 28

Its a right hander on a tt track

zg897 Mar 28

@the689 little pine shit here

krazykev9 Mar 28


redsnapper9619 Mar 28

he is drifting!

tim2189 Mar 28

Is that the pic you got of me on the 200 at neerim? @korny71

wyatth_07 Mar 28


callen_11 Mar 29

Are you at the 100% bus

hotsauce9 Mar 27

#tbt not really sure what I'm doing here? #2005

hotsauce9 Mar 27


randyhalbert Mar 27

Your pinning it. Duh.

buckwild303 Mar 27

Blitzing the shit out of those whoops

jimvilla2112 Mar 27

How are you feeling? Looked like you went down hard in Toronto.

tommyc272 Mar 27

Being rad obviously

chaunking Mar 27

Being a goon! πŸ‘Œ

brockselnick Mar 27


jd172 Mar 27

It doesn't matter son you're rockin the number one haha

mr_mitchery Mar 27

Throwing a little hot sauce on your style

rickycarmichael Mar 27

Checking to see how much gas u have in your tank?

crtwotwo Mar 27

Tucked in #aero πŸ˜‚

piratepegleg Mar 27

My favorite kawasakis!!

michael750a Mar 27

You were winning!! That's what!!!! @hotsauce9

motokid325 Mar 27

Sendin it✊

let_me_ride_that Mar 27

Before the red plates came around.

trein318 Mar 27

Gettin hyphy

thereal_523 Mar 27

Going trough wbooops

geeeevz Mar 27

Haulin ass

rp7l Mar 27

Crankin by the looks of it. !!!

airryno17 Mar 27

Who cares it looks F'N awesome!!!!

dylantgod Mar 27

The crown is so classic

karalynbear Mar 29

Nice job @hotsauce9

hotsauce9 Mar 22

Whip it

earlmay82 Mar 22


ughhnatalia Mar 22

Ugh im goin to a XV so im not gonna watch it ._.

danielbaker__ Mar 22


gurecki_39 Mar 22

Right on man fuckin sick

josh_259 Mar 22

Is that u

christianb306 Mar 22

Do you even whip? @hotsauce9

bgilbey Mar 22

Welcome to canadaβœŠπŸ‘

mikkelskjoett22 Mar 22


martzy42 Mar 22

Riders going to get nasty off that triple tonight

slcchuck Mar 22

Cool whippersnappers bro!!

louielister Mar 22


nhutch77 Mar 22

@flaherty170 @190mxbmx

ace86amo Mar 22

@dusteddesigns fatty!

nolansweeeeney Mar 22


gkg_nardo Mar 22


toddpotter1 Mar 22

@hotsauce9 good one!

jdonaher50_ Mar 22

@jakeformica @joelformica @jakeamcnally

therealjoshschulz Mar 22


bigd663 Mar 22


airryno17 Mar 22

@b2350 @dsherlin196 😱

monstermerritt Mar 22


coolcrazyredneck7715 Mar 22


loris__06 Mar 22

@sascha__777 😜😜

emig47 Mar 22

Whip it real good...

kielellis199 Mar 22

@jonts_14 @brodieellis75

jeffersonmallmann Mar 22

@cassio_castro @marciotimm @manocross11 @andremfeitosa63

thechad727 Mar 22


josh_tarango Mar 22


motoxworks Mar 22


scuba821 Mar 22

Ole meathead having fun. I like it

kolby_b Mar 22


kevinduranmx44 Mar 22

@santidavisjunior shit

mxbars Mar 22

@teddy_121 😜😜😁

sobritolife Mar 22


kevinduranmx44 Mar 22

Ese es Santidavis jajaja @santidavisjunior es tedesco

j_barker Mar 22

@dirtindustries Tedesco with a sick one

dickybride Mar 22


trevitt69 Mar 22


kai_writer Mar 22

Super Sick

wright_622 Mar 22


luke_aldred17 Mar 22


bodirty419 Mar 22


orionjackson319 Mar 22

@one9saucy7 @monsterenerg218 @zbryant_925 savage-whip!!

smcelrath87 Mar 22

WOAH SON!!!!!!!

gabedutton150 Mar 22

@ratterree17 what is this guy doing in super cross he could enter the whip contest

coultas51 Mar 22


ktaylor115 Mar 22

@bodirty419 ohhh

j_smoker Mar 22


94mim Mar 22

F&$k Yeah!

jaredjstar25 Mar 22


big_matty_zee Mar 22


claytontheboy Mar 22


bradylowe9 Mar 23


coryevenson Mar 23


jakeformica Mar 23

@jdonaher50_ so good

johnny_cotta_223 Mar 23

@cody1965 @ryanholden377

mxpimp47 Mar 23


eionnnn Mar 23

Whip game too strong @jesusmurillo_49

ttew_171 Mar 23


justin_niziak Mar 23

@esargent66 @kevin_couturier

zmaga22 Mar 23


jdonaher50_ Mar 23

@izaacjones @chris_parker202

iankordich101 Mar 23

@jayjoseph_k @john_sea

the_real_jk Mar 23

@dicky_10_ @cowboytoto not bad tho

mitchtaylor35 Mar 23


jarrydl Mar 23


jakeamcnally Mar 23

So good! @jdonaher50_

matteopappopapini990 Mar 23

@hotsauce9 πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Šβ€ΌοΈ

ryandungey Mar 23


wille_923 Mar 23


marco_prosperi Mar 23

@fabbrifilo deoboooooo

austinmx65 Mar 23

Get nasty

dam991 Mar 23


clements121 Mar 24

Keep strong @hotsauce9!! Heal up quick man πŸ‘

spanddrew Mar 24


mattdewski Mar 24

@shawnwiddicombe50 @hotsauce9 keeping the grease meter at one hunned

bsmythee Mar 25

The whip @dylanjobin @coltsgongshow

ekkdup273 Mar 25

Hope you ride nationals.. Saw you in 2012 at highpoint, you were the only one hitting the RC Catapult in practice πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ™Œ @hotsauce9

brettdizzle11 Mar 25

Hey bro, these your boys in the future? haha @markky_markk1

markky_markk1 Mar 25

Ha dope hopefully @brettdizzle11

jonts_14 Mar 26


lewisthellama Mar 26


derekg333 Mar 27

That whip was nasty😝😧 @hotsauce9

eblansett1023 Mar 28


andrewblansett24 Mar 29

@bleezsteez @carsonwieland

studva Mar 29


ohead7 Apr 3

Thats me all day boi

jakktm Apr 10

Awesome !!

tomasaulenti_mx6 Apr 11

@leopoldo224 @aliriex @adriansinho @epolini @maikollmx24

wright_622 Apr 12


hotsauce9 Mar 22

This triple is so fun up here in Toronto. Nice shot @cudby. Your the man!

backie913 Mar 22

Dude that is amazing hanging off the scooter like that !!

ezyp26 Mar 22

Attttddddd a boy hot sauce

kurtmx67 Mar 22

That hot sauce is particularly greasy.

dylantgod Mar 22

You hucked it on the first lap of final practice it was sick

cudby Mar 22

Good one Phil! @hotsauce9

pg12mx Mar 22

Not bad for an old timer!

ridesktm Mar 23

He ain't even old!. 0_o.

speedymateos Mar 23

Hope you're ok after that crash! Get well soon!!!

mitchel101 Mar 24

I was there. It was sick.

hotsauce9 Mar 20

#tbt SX 2006 racing the two best of all time. @jeremymcgrath2 @rickycarmichael

hotsauce9 Mar 20


whitener30 Mar 20

I have every race from that year recorded on VHS tapes. You rode great that year.

tylerdurstphotography Mar 20

Look at ol Michael byrne. He still racing? @hotsauce9

hondaderek Mar 20

Awesome picture glad your racing again This year..!!!!!!

chadwilson56 Mar 20

First comment! πŸ‘

krazykev9 Mar 20

Yea glad you are back out there racing Hot Sauce #angelspringspowersports #angelspringstrainingfacilitys

millertimez2 Mar 20


dudeitskeegan Mar 20

What an awesome pic

spyr_409 Mar 20


emig47 Mar 20

I'm more impressed that your got a start over @byrner26 !!! All four of you in this pic are pretty good out of the gate.

rickycarmichael Mar 20

You were a holeshot machine that year

dereklodato7 Mar 20

Awesome pic guys! @hotsauce9 @rickycarmichael @jeremymcgrath2

matt_jones119 Mar 20


t_harmon1 Mar 20

Miss these days

maxfutema Mar 20

Best days of supercross... Even the best days of the Thor core series!!!! @hotsauce9 #respect

byrner26 Mar 20

They must of got lucky. Lol @emig47 all those guys in the picture killed starts

braplife141 Mar 20

Good ol days

roxydesertrat_surfchik Mar 21

Ur dog chewy is adorable!

cold_man44 Mar 29

I miss the old number plates

hotsauce9 Mar 20

Sick @jsanders photo from milestone today. #whipitwednsday

ind73 Mar 20


vay956 Mar 20

Pussy shit

woahhnickle Mar 20

drink haterade much @vay956

vay956 Mar 20

Lol no I'm really jealous I want him to say Somthing back. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ @woahhnickle

marvin757romkee Mar 20

Bad ass whip!

theoneandonlydub Mar 20


ridindrty Mar 20


juhaydun Mar 20

@brennenladd is that you?

debbiepilo Mar 20

Great shot!

cfhno7 Mar 20


mxdesigns Mar 20


kolby_b Mar 20

Are u going to race this weekend? @hotsauce9

itslaceytodd Mar 20

@natemoto103 u can do it πŸ‘

doeco65 Mar 20

Why didn't @tedescophoto take the pick. Hope you get back soon love to see you back racing again.

eight_six_inds Mar 20

Whips don't win races, Son....wearing casual & pit gear by EightSix Industries does !

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