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Ivan Tedesco


Ivan Tedesco
#9 Ivan Tedesco

DoB: 8/12/1981
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 160 lbs
Residence: Tallahassee, FL
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Bike: Kawasaki KX450F


Growing up in Albuquerque gave Ivan Tedesco ample opportunity to ride in the desert. His was a gradual transition into the world of professional racing-one that included working his way from an amateur all the way to the top. When he went pro in 2000, he turned a lot of heads, eventually winning back-to-back AMA Supercross West titles in 2004 and 2005, plus the 2005 125 National Motocross Championship. In 2005 and 2006, Tedesco was one of the Team USA champs at the Motocross of Nations.

Career Highlights

Member of the winning Motocross of Nations USA Team

19th AMA/FIM Supercross Series
13th AMA Motocross Series (shortened seasons due to injury)

5th AMA/FIM Supercross Series
11th AMA Motocross Series (shortened season due to injury)

4th AMA Supercross Series
33rd AMA Motocross Series (shortened season due to injury)
Motocross of Nations Team USA Winner

1st AMA 125 West Supercross Series
1st AMA 125 National Motocross Series
Motocross des Nations Team USA Winner

1st AMA 125 West Supercross Series
6th AMA 125 National Motocross Series

10th AMA 125 East Supercross Series
8th AMA 125 National Motocross Series

3rd AMA 125 West Supercross Series
23rd AMA 125 National Motocross Series

5th AMA 125 West Supercross Series
22nd AMA 125 National Motocross Series

18th AMA 125 National Motocross Series



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hotsauce9 Aug 31

Practice is going here at the edge of summer mx @soaringeagleresort someone walking away with $10k tonight. Should be some good racing!

8codi9vega7 Aug 31

Is anyone covering this race? Will it be on YouTube or anything

sober26 Aug 31

Nice view

hotsauce9 Aug 30

I think I'm gonna go to 4 wheels. Sending the king quad 750 at @soaringeagleresort race. @suzukicycles @rchracing

atomaspired112 Aug 30

Killin the farm implement game!

braedenturner202 Aug 30

@hotsauce9 please follow me I'm a huge fan πŸ‘βœŠ

bmeade147 Aug 30


rchracing Aug 30


chriswattsmx192 Aug 30

I can't believe you turned gay

josh_miller_howard38 Aug 30

2 wheels only

vital277 Aug 30

@swapmoto apparently he's lost his mind

twistingrip Aug 30

That landing sucked!

thornyninethree Aug 30


crtwotwo Aug 30


motomike894 Aug 30


nickwey27 Aug 30

That helmet though! Sick

mattbisceglia Aug 30

Hahah yessssπŸ‘πŸ‘Š

gkg_nardo Aug 30

Nothing but style

moto2four Aug 30


tqraracer3 Aug 30

Ok gay look at @joelhetrick he can throw some sick whips on a quad

mxaddict392 Aug 30

The landing had to have been painful

deanwilson15 Aug 30


stelts Aug 30


kasey_clark64 Aug 30

@mccoynelson he's got nothin on you!

frankiegarcia24 Aug 30

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ time to send it on the Roadrace track Wednesday and Thursday πŸ‘Œ

d_foster_17 Aug 30

@hotsauce9 sending it!

atvmxracer48 Aug 30

That had to hurt

tonyblazier Aug 30

Bad idea!

brian.owsiany Aug 30

Most of hurt follow me

cameronm356 Aug 30


cody_gaszak Aug 30


burrows259 Aug 30


hotsauce9 Aug 30

@frankiegarcia24 I need to find out what days I'm testing this week. I want to come for sure

djmattsather Aug 30

The hardest part of riding a quad?????....... Having to tell your parents you're gay....

cb43_ Aug 30


salbert714 Aug 30

@djmattsather what does being gay have to do with riding? That's right nothing. That kind of remark only comes from a guy who's been out ridden by a guy with training wheels πŸ˜‚ @hotsauce9 doesn't matter what you ride as long as your having fun not getting hurt. Bring that to Glen Helens 6 hour ATV race in December with some buddies and hammer that thing!

stevewoodnfab Aug 30

Hay haulin, alphalpa totin, barn yard beater

yzriding Aug 31

Quads are gay

cmireau134 Aug 31


djmattsather Aug 31

Thank you @salbert714 someone almost got away with an off color joke. Where would we all be without you policing the internet. Now get back on your quad and ride baby ride!!!!

bradesper27 Aug 31


bradesper27 Aug 31


devinhazlett Aug 31

Ain't got shit on the legend @bradesper27

turnuptyler Aug 31

@jaxonkemperrrr lmao sendin it

baaayleee0101 Aug 31

@hhaannnahhhhh lol that's me

hotsauce9 Aug 28

#tbt freestone 2008

cross_affe Aug 28


i_rode_suzuki_4 Aug 28


peyton092 Aug 28

When Stewart was dangerous

nate_053 Aug 28


jmcdonell Aug 28

That gear>>> @hotsauce9

bikelifevin Aug 28


cam_andrews1212 Aug 28

@therealchrisandrews_7 @sweethoney1971 @therealjs7 @malcolmstewart

dylpickle117 Aug 28

i posted that to

sweethoney1971 Aug 28

Oh yeah @cam_andrews1212

travis590 Aug 28

08 Honda 450 😍😍

smc917 Aug 28

@mlangley_700 back in them good days

aaronhoogers Aug 28

That's when @therealjs7 had a perfect season

ferganielperfekzione Aug 28

24over24 for @therealjs7

scott_sionni Aug 28

@therealjs7 and @hotsauce9 this is a crazy ass picture boys

ctrefz Aug 28

Stewarts gears is sick

qdogg691 Aug 28

That Honda was sick!!

brandon_218 Aug 28

@_mikebeck sick

rupertmarcjames Aug 28

That's mint

schwanz583 Aug 28

I bet that was one of @hotsauce9 favorite bikes!! That was a good year for Honda

s_durr4 Aug 28


aokmxer99 Aug 28

@swampy_302 @five13productions

jonesmoto618 Aug 28

The 08 bikes were awesome. I miss my 08 kx250f

ardi022 Aug 28

That Fox zebra gear tho πŸ˜‰ loved it and had both colour ways πŸ‘ on point you two

james_salmeron330 Aug 29

Those where the days of racing @seasalt_vanilla

seasalt_vanilla Aug 29

Awesome in deed @james_slingnasty330

hotsauce9 Aug 24

Congrats to @kenroczen94 on the championship! This kid is the real deal.

_shleee Aug 24


5holefingerblaster Aug 24

@hotsauce9 future team mates

abdo_mx Aug 24

Tedesco retired. @5holefingerblaster

5holefingerblaster Aug 24

@abdo_mx he is the test rider for @rchracing he is developing next year's bike for ..... Ready ? @kenroczen94

jrodnames Aug 24

@kenroczen94 Congrats #therealdeal

hotsauce9 Aug 20

Getting her dialed in. SX track is good today. @rchracing @soaringeagleresort @suzukicycles @foxracing @sycuan_casino @teamdodge @bel_raycompany

paczowski123 Aug 20

@klipmx see, they removed the front suspension in one piece.

klipmx Aug 20

@paczowski123 improper

gordon_mx_24 Aug 20


kawjumper201 Aug 20

I think the SX track is good anyday!

swapmoto Aug 20

Getting ready for #twslam 😜

hotsauce9 Aug 20

@swapmoto haha you never know. Might show up

rodriigobarross Aug 20

SX testing for Roczen?

hotsauce9 Aug 14

#tbt Hanging out at Indy SX

521_life Aug 14

You bike is like 4ft from the ground lol

airryno17 Aug 14

How many times did he dump the clutch before he figured out why his rear was locked up @hotsauce9

coreywill335 Aug 14


thejdm11 Aug 14

Tevin is still a badass

joeylethbridge Aug 14


dalton_hunter Aug 14

Show mitch this @tayenicole468

polak191 Aug 14

What do you do ? @sulivanjaulin211

sulivanjaulin211 Aug 14

I try to kill @hotsauce9 But you like i didn't Give up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

coreyg123 Aug 14

How did that feel. Im assuming it sucked. Looked terrible

paulson303 Aug 14

Isnt that tapia @rodgers218

brandonbarnhill Aug 14


tayenicole468 Aug 14

@dalton_hunter lmao I will!!

jkasper31 Aug 14

Hahaha thats literally exactly how i was too @brandonbarnhill

colby261 Aug 14


rodgers218 Aug 14

@paulson303 yes

i_ride_for_23 Aug 14

I remember that @hotsauce9

super_cracker_33 Aug 14


jr343 Aug 14


diffysmooth Aug 15

Yessss #DiffySmoothPhoto

diffysmooth Aug 15


freshprinceofelsinore Aug 15


tbsg_brice Aug 15

That had to have hurtπŸ˜– but he said it didn't @6.52pm

8codi9vega7 Aug 24

Where's your gopro footage of this @hotsauce9

shannycohen_27 Aug 26

Oh god @tevintapia πŸ™€

hotsauce9 Aug 12

@cudby interview from today. Thanks Phil!!

racerxonline Aug 12

Happy birthday 🍻

hotsauce9 Aug 12

@racerxonline thanks 23 feels old

mieslmatthias Aug 12

Oh happy birthday ! 😊 @hotsauce9

irie_life1 Aug 12

πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆHappy BitthdayπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆ

jamest2193 Aug 12

Happy birthday @hotsauce9

reuben_ Aug 12


desibaca Aug 12

Happy Birthday @hotsauce9

judithduffy Aug 13

Happy Birthday!

sharifogell Aug 13

Hey Ivan Happy Happy Birthday ;) tried to call you but your voice mail isn't set up Love you :)

kilee283 Aug 17

Happy late bday πŸ˜‚

itsdang Aug 25


hotsauce9 Aug 12

Clocked in this morning. Can't complain about my job

youngsteeeelyyy232 Aug 12

So you gona retire or not ?

gnunley16 Aug 12

Do you ever ride in bourque anymore? @hotsauce9

bbkushh Aug 12

@youngsteeeelyyy232 he is. He's just helping out at RCH now.

adamdagostino Aug 12

@hotsauce9 don't retire man you still got it!

hille138 Aug 12

So jelly.

dahleric Aug 12

That is one big ASS muffler😳

126ofwilcox Aug 12

Hell ya no pressure just shredding! that's bad ass!

kmaddux418 Aug 12

Where is your new mechanic?

jermo191 Aug 12

Congrats on the retirement bro! Gonna miss watching you ride.

rickycarmichael Aug 12

Nice fellas!!!

jadedungey Aug 12

@factory_phill that looks like an in and out red tray! 😜

thereal526 Aug 12

Your exhaust looks huge!

hotsauce9 Aug 12

@whitesell_526 that's what she said

thereal526 Aug 12


two_twenty Aug 12

I thought you were retired

hotsauce9 Aug 12

@two_twenty test rider

two_twenty Aug 12

Ohhh alright

chappyhud Aug 12


cudby Aug 12

@hotsauce9 #heartrate πŸ‘Š

canyonkurz Aug 12

@jakepatridge they're on the in n out tray game too πŸ˜‚

tomoastispumante Aug 12

Is he a test pilot now?

prokopow94 Aug 12

What happened to retirement? Lol

rezzi903 Aug 13

Best job there is.. loving the retirement plan @hotsauce9 =D

melissa.sherrell.judith.ortiz Aug 13

Best job ever

redsnapper9619 Aug 14

Looks like your pit crew could lose some weight.

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