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Cole Seely

#34 Cole Seely

DoB: 3/10/1990
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 150 lbs
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Bike: Honda CRF450

How I got started:
My Dad got me into Motocross when I was young.

Goals for the Future:
To have fun and win races.

Why do you like this sport?
Because it’s fun and it never gets boring.

Something personal about you:
I like to ride BMX when im not racing. I play guitar. I also like to ride minis with my friends.

Describe your style:
My style on the track is very smooth.

Atmosphere, Hollywood Undead, Avenge Seven Fold, Bad Riligion, Pennywise, Danzig, Guano Apes, Heiroglyphics, Sweatshop Union, Refused, Misfits, Metallica, Hazen Street, Anti-Flag

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Cole Seely Instagram

coleseely Sep 14

Fun weekend with the boys! It's just like throwing a dirt bike sideways haha PC @brianlopes

wilhahn23 Sep 14

@coleseely your a bad dude. That's bad ass

johnson_556 Sep 14

Is that at The Canyons Resort in Park City?

jakallen244 Sep 14


racinjayson88 Sep 14

I saw u in big bear lake Friday at #chainsrequired...did u hit that new ramp hit

frankieflows Sep 14

The DH bikes feel just like a dirt bike! Killin it!

bambambyku Sep 14

Great pic!

_oscardawg_ Sep 14

When will the bike park be close?!?!?

tripl8 Sep 14

@seth_pruett just like throwing a dirt bike sideways

kade_korbel Sep 14


dylangranberg Sep 14

@coleseely what trail I'm up there almost every other weekend doesn't look familiar

chasehenderson117 Sep 14

@zachvogt @peace_hawk if only we had gone..

elliotphelps Sep 14


peace_hawk Sep 14

@chasehenderson117 @zachvogt scrubs like me

nilsgranger Sep 14

@jamescaskey where's this??

stefaniaornela Sep 14


sean_colburn Sep 15

He'll yeah. Badass. Even on the bike you shred @coleseely

eliotjackson Sep 15

I need to get out there!! @coleseely

motohead77 Sep 15

You may be faster but seely sure knows how to make pancakes @blutaco

_andrewday_ Sep 15


jrb124 Sep 16


coleseely Sep 13

Big bear!

ryandaw125 Sep 13

I live like right over there omg!

chancelloyd Sep 13

Chance is a cool name πŸ˜‚

apandaassassin Sep 13

I Camp there all the time and I use to live in lake arrowhead

beaucottington Sep 13


lt_dann_ Sep 13

Big bear is amazing. Hope you hitting the DH park at summit @coleseely

wattsracingmxdad Sep 13


cchristianruvalcaba Sep 13

@chance_seely how many followers did you just get.

randylawrence4130 Sep 13

@coleseely dude I though that was you pulling into town as we were leaving. Lol

julieolson Sep 13

Hey @chance_seely πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ£

sieber_fever42 Sep 13

You shred some trout today Brah?!

dylangranberg Sep 16

@coleseely anything cought?

coleseely Sep 12

Head over to (@twmxdotcom) and check out my interview on the new bike new number and new team!

mikeyhonda15 Sep 12

Already did man

cowpiee Sep 12

'Why yes, I do like guys..'

swapmoto Sep 12

I cut out the #pussyrichsimmons part πŸ˜‚

coleseely Sep 12

@swapmoto haha yeah I noticed

logandale51 Sep 12

"i just don't what do with my hands"

gavin915 Sep 12

Three stroke?

danielleebrownn Sep 12


seth___207 Sep 13

^^ @jacobseeley233

venji123 Sep 13

@gavin915 three stroke!?

gavin915 Sep 13

Maybe 5 @venji123

sieber_fever42 Sep 13

@swapmoto @coleseely ...wait, Dick Simmons is a pussy? I bet he really enjoys his alone time.

taylor_smith_412 Sep 13

So you are gonna throw big whips and do transfers? Haha good number pick can't wait to watch you at a1 on the 450 class

fmf27 Sep 14

Can you come to manhattan ks

coleseely Sep 12

Happy pup! My Molly PC @danielleebrownn

coleseely Sep 12


kawasaki_517 Sep 12

Golden retriever?

westcoastmotocross Sep 12

Good words to live by πŸ‘Œ

hurley_tommy Sep 12

No black lab @kawasaki_517

adam_engbrecht Sep 12


jroward246 Sep 12

@ sydlove

ceh376 Sep 12

@hurley_tommy @kawasaki_517 das a pitbull fikn ediut ?:/

becksims_ Sep 12

@hurley_tommy lol

jamieleighv Sep 12

That towel...I like πŸ‘

marandahvint Sep 12

Soooo cute! I don't know what to do😻😻😻😻😻

tormentality Sep 12

So domesticated!

_rayn_nowak_ Sep 12


nickwould Sep 12


wakkins Sep 12

I found Molly @the_real_rconner @tyler_dale56 @frank.479

frannnnicles Sep 12

he's out at Glen Helen with trey canard in California at the supercross track right now.

coleseely Sep 11

PC @swapmoto

rgraham10 Sep 11

@jack_smyth_741 14

banders675 Sep 11

Staying on a honda?

snow197 Sep 11

@t_noe the weekend is coming

jschreiner_ Sep 11

No disrespect but that number just doesn't look good unless your name is Kevin windham

whoretonn Sep 11

@banders675 he's on factory honda

addictedd2wheels Sep 11

U better hit the transfer in opening ceremonies (':

h.lunsford714 Sep 11

Oh my gosh yes ! @addictedd2wheels

dfaye11 Sep 11


mike_salvato Sep 11

I see a transfer coming @coleseely

b_west15 Sep 11

Go Cole!!✊✊✊

deejay161 Sep 11

14 doe?

wilhahn23 Sep 11

No style

grodriguez51 Sep 11


wess215 Sep 11

@kevy717 @nickaa42

coleseely Sep 11

@wilhahn23 can you teach me

jeffseely21 Sep 11

Looks good Cole !

tomknight_241 Sep 11

@coleseely supercrossin tht fo fiddy

coleatk Sep 11


william17obrien Sep 11


hoffman_71_913 Sep 11

Sweet! Glad to see a great kid running K-dubs number @coleseely @jeffseely21 congrats!

b_gerek Sep 11

@chadgerek 450s are gonna be so loaded this yr

oxley697 Sep 11

Exactly! @jschreiner_

smcelrath87 Sep 11

Hey cole😍😍😍

dylenbacon Sep 11


buttphace Sep 11

Kdubs number oh damn. Gonna kill it this year

sean_colburn Sep 12

Sick whip!

wesjj Sep 12

Hey I'm gonna start racing what 250 should I get?

ben_pavlich_968 Sep 12

2014 yami 250f @wesjj

wesjj Sep 12


shawn_weaver400 Sep 12


dirt_bikeking21 Sep 12

@beast_boy20 that's you me and Corbin

_christiancraig Sep 12


coleseely Sep 9

I've always loved the @spyoptic image so I'm stoked to be wearing their goggles heading into my first 450 season! #seehappy

_8_4_4_ Sep 9

Those are nice

illbeyourdoug_ Sep 9


junior92008 Sep 9

We πŸ’› @spyoptic also. They take great care of my son @rileyojeda best goggles, love our minis.

mintuhh_ Sep 9


jreeves_884 Sep 9


drowse77 Sep 9

I find it extremely difficult to breath out of the omen series goggles, i switched to oakleys and even the cheaper pair of spies I found better

drowse77 Sep 9


kylemx61 Sep 9

But you ride quads so....^^^^

dimitridekker Sep 9

Wahahaha +1 ^^^ @kylemx61

starr761 Sep 9

Nice picture with your cute and sexy self! To bad u got a girlfriend. I hope she's taking care of u n more ways than one!

jessevargas244 Sep 9

Well that was forward.... ^^^

ajl414 Sep 9

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @kylemx61

dylanbouchez Sep 9

@jessevargas244 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

bsrednicki Sep 9

Best goggles hands down. I have been running them since 2004. @spyoptic @coleseely

jaymack56 Sep 9

They spelled Oakley wrong

motofarrell Sep 9

Hahahah @jaymack56

scottprior63 Sep 9

Dude, those pants are REALLY to tight.

chrislay761 Sep 10

Hard work pays off! @coleseely

_christiancraig Sep 10

Think you can get me a Pair dude??? I'm your biggest fan. Kill it this weekend #champ

dd410mx Sep 11

Hook me up with some shades! haha just kidding, Spy's look sick!

coleseely Sep 9

#14 @troyleedesigns

ryder_heikkila809 Sep 9


ohhtodd Sep 9

1st like

ryder_heikkila809 Sep 9

I was^^ @_chief_queef2__ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

bossmain Sep 9

Dope city

yavs228 Sep 9

Too soon.

atlxboi Sep 9

Dope nigga

danielleebrownn Sep 9


nathanfelts27 Sep 9

@troy_22 @hot_rod30

ryandew54 Sep 9

@pdmc32x he better do the number right.

carynseely Sep 9


lance_harp Sep 9


ryanjohnston128 Sep 9

@justinklinger822 @austintyleroneal

motohonda70 Sep 9

@kdub_14 you gonna allow that?! Lol

rudiwilliams193 Sep 9


drock508 Sep 9


jblain619 Sep 9

He already did last wk @motohonda70

motohonda70 Sep 9

Oh right on @jblain619

jessgarcia14 Sep 9


philthy_phil138 Sep 9

@motohonda70 read kdubs post from the other day seely talked with him about it

bradgebhardt88 Sep 9

Wow!! @sweeneyphoto @tonyblazier thoughts!?

tormentality Sep 9

Dem big shooz

baker740 Sep 9

1111th like

sweatytaintlicker69 Sep 9

@coleseely you better not lose anymore cuz nothin other than a win can that number justice

nathanfelts27 Sep 9

@troy_22 @hot_rod30

mikeyhonda15 Sep 9

One more number man u could've had my number πŸ˜”πŸ˜ž @coleseely

nonemaker_10designsinc Sep 9

Hellllllls ya!! #LegendsClub

mbmoto118 Sep 9


dmoney525 Sep 9

Big number to live up to

dmatt27 Sep 9

@coleseely needs to come ride at K-Dubs Party in the pasture this year

_xramirez135 Sep 9

@_ryanlopez5_ 😱

jake_the_lion827 Sep 9


lucasgreer Sep 9

@jcrum_14 @luke_crum96

__tashutch__ Sep 9


garrett.ahlf Sep 9

Love it!

thomas_at_magnusonsupercharger Sep 9


edelgado243 Sep 9


cmsartworx Sep 9


mxrider_763 Sep 9


econo_mig Sep 9


_b_weezy_ Sep 9


therealjakethesnake48 Sep 9


db_eats Sep 9


sandomarciniak Sep 9


luke_crum96 Sep 9

Sweet @lucasgreer

tricerrotops Sep 9

@coleseely do that number and @kdub_14 proud you have some big shoes to fill ✊

williamcturner Sep 9


y_dub_14 Sep 9

Rocking mg number

y_dub_14 Sep 9


adamro Sep 9

TLD has best looking gear period

johnny_mo311 Sep 9


qhoward_14 Sep 9


biggeezoid135 Sep 9

O dizzzammm

jeremymalott Sep 9

Come along way since 220 .. Or whatever zip code you were back on the day

jbbrozz Sep 9

@joeclayton10 going to #KDUBs old number?? #badass

sobbyroffe Sep 9

Oooooo lookin good! Pretty soon that number 4 will drop. And you'll have # 1 . @coleseely good luck in training and in season πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

bigbent256 Sep 9


laketimemike Sep 9

Cool number, some very big shoes to fill. Do the number and those who used it before you proud! Glad it is someone from 805!

keegan525 Sep 9

@stinftw looks like he stuck with TLD

mxculture Sep 9

Congrats man. Too cool.

joeclayton10 Sep 9

Saw this about a week ago brozz @jbbrozz

l1v3s3y Sep 9

That number should be retired...

skylezz331 Sep 9

Gonna be so weird seeing someone else run that number

760froader Sep 9


victorgj199 Sep 9

Congrats man!.. A legacy number πŸ‘ @kdub_14 @coleseely

s_neco765 Sep 9

@gabriel_cespedes 21-7=14

throttlejerky Sep 9

Welcome aboard @coleseely !!!

vincebruington Sep 9


jf16x Sep 9

I liked 21

lukejohnson14 Sep 9

Love the number good luck this season man!

renzo229 Sep 9


jwbray01 Sep 9

@renzo229 I'm surprised they let him rock 14,, that's dope

andrew21flo Sep 9

Some numbers should be retired

renzo229 Sep 9

K dub was down he let him Rock it

ajwells93 Sep 9


peter_macalpine Sep 9

As long as the number stays with Honda

noahaaron21 Sep 9


therealrickiefowler Sep 9

@coleseely πŸ‘

gwynfosss Sep 9


raisch0722 Sep 9

@coleseely good luck.. Those are some big shoes to fill. @kdub_14

shawngute15 Sep 9


mattyjory Sep 9

That's nice!

nickoxl3y Sep 9


beth_martin555 Sep 9

Two legends in my book!! @coleseely and @kdub_14 🏁 BEST WISHES to you Cole.

rickysummers11 Sep 9


gabriel_cespedes Sep 9

@s_neco765 qual o sentido?

s_neco765 Sep 9

@gabriel_cespedes nenhum, eis a chave da questΓ£o

brandthiles Sep 9


gabriel_cespedes Sep 9

@s_neco765 e eu aqui prestando atenção na sua explicação..πŸ˜‚πŸ’©

stylwire Sep 9


_joe_dirte_ Sep 9

You 14 I'm confused

noelege Sep 9

Em r soom big shoes to fill, have seen u throw some pretty nice whips...

baru_103 Sep 9


ollytownsend Sep 9

The real #14 will always be K-Dub

publiopg Sep 9

the flow will be alive in the number 14 for years!!! Yeaah...@ollytownsend dude, really??

kogel55 Sep 9

@william141 vind jij mooi he

william141 Sep 9

Haha! Dat vind ik zeker! πŸ’ͺ Net zo smooth als Windham! @kogel55

therealchrisandrews_7 Sep 9

@redneck_cody97 @cam_andrews1212 @timmy9419

shortstuff614 Sep 9

You stole my number... 😒 @coleseely

martyparty11 Sep 9

Totally agree @ollytownsend

ollytownsend Sep 9

@martyparty11 not hating on cole.. I'm a fan. Just K-Dub is a legend and the 14 will always stay with him everytime I see it

martyparty11 Sep 9

Ya I see it that way to!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘@ollytownsend KDUB is my fav rider so to me that number will always be his!!

keane_cody Sep 9


aarongarcia24 Sep 9


motoxracer107 Sep 10

Holy shit @coleseely you gotta represent man.

datonetti Sep 10

Well deserved

jpmoto115 Sep 10


cam_ibanez98 Sep 11

@shawn_howard269 interesting

junebuggy392 Sep 11


dupappy Sep 11

Only K-DUB should have that number

addictedd2wheels Sep 11

If ur gonna run that number you gotta Huck the transfer in opening ceremonies @coleseely @cole194 @coleseely

ride Sep 12


coleseely Sep 8

It's good to be home!

_jeffbarnett Sep 8

Sushi this week on u

coleseely Sep 8

@_jeffbarnett Javier's tomorrow night on the girls?

_jeffbarnett Sep 8

I like itπŸ˜πŸ‘­πŸ‘―

mxrider_763 Sep 8


_kelsss_ Sep 8


druku14 Sep 8

Boat cove

tbuz15 Sep 9


cam.conte Sep 9

@hescroff this is the photo I was trying to show you

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