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Cole Seely

#34 Cole Seely

DoB: 3/10/1990
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 150 lbs
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Bike: Honda CRF450

How I got started:
My Dad got me into Motocross when I was young.

Goals for the Future:
To have fun and win races.

Why do you like this sport?
Because it’s fun and it never gets boring.

Something personal about you:
I like to ride BMX when im not racing. I play guitar. I also like to ride minis with my friends.

Describe your style:
My style on the track is very smooth.

Atmosphere, Hollywood Undead, Avenge Seven Fold, Bad Riligion, Pennywise, Danzig, Guano Apes, Heiroglyphics, Sweatshop Union, Refused, Misfits, Metallica, Hazen Street, Anti-Flag

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Cole Seely Instagram

coleseely Aug 29

I have to send out a HUGE thank you to @troyleedesigns and @lucasoilproducts as well as all the companies and people who supported me these last 5 years!

gone_mx Aug 29

First like @coleseely

dylan.blethen Aug 29

Does that make you feel special @gone_mx

mxrius Aug 29

Good job with this team ! Good luck for the futur Cole ! @coleseely

juanpa_celis_299 Aug 29


gone_mx Aug 29

He'll yah it does @dylan.blethen

jricksecker57 Aug 29

Congratulations bro!!!!

braaap38_rockstarenergy Aug 29

@dylan.blethen chill, he's just thirsty lmao

therealaj20 Aug 29

Second comment

therealaj20 Aug 29

Can I have a cookie? @coleseely

bikelife_nation Aug 29

Good stuff @coleseely 

charlie_justdrift Aug 29

@coleseely congrats amigo... Does that mean Your drift car gets done sooner? ;)

dumbbfounded_ Aug 29

Your the man!

nicolas150 Aug 29


k_boatman Aug 29

Cant wait to see you rip a factory Honda!

bsrtechtalk Aug 29

I like your brothers grey sweater!! Lol

cowpiee Aug 29

His brother is a douche @chance_seely @bsrtechtalk

chance_seely Aug 29

Fuck you @cowpiee

bsrtechtalk Aug 29

Tell him @chance_seely little buddy

bsrtechtalk Aug 29

How are u buddy? Im also @bsracing109 haha

markfatlace Aug 29


brandonsmith0317 Aug 29


thats_why_we_love_motocross Aug 29

Your bike is so f*cking awesome!!!

coleseely Aug 27

Morning walk to the beach with @danielleebrownn

bkg_88 Aug 27


morgan903 Aug 27


lancecoury Aug 27

You don't even like the beach!!!!!!!!

jamiemstevenson Aug 27

πŸ‘πŸ‘ @lancecoury

wilhahn23 Aug 27


coleseely Aug 27

@lancecoury you're not invited now.

jordanpowell37_ Aug 27

Look at that kook at your beach!

coleseely Aug 27

@jordanpowell37_ bro look what he has in his hand, he's clearly a fellow shredder. Now if it was @sieber_fever42 id kick him off my beach

lancecoury Aug 27

@coleseely u can't uninvite. Not possible.

mike_salvato Aug 27

Nice view @coleseely

ryan_rowell Aug 27

Definitely beats the views of canyon hills...pumped for you πŸ‘Œ

kodikramer Aug 27


dave_castillo Aug 27

Grab a muscle milk and your sponge... get out there, buddy.

tannasaurus_rex Aug 27

Where you at, dude?!

coleseely Aug 27

@dave_castillo get mine and @brianlopes boards waxed up were riding down to Newport in a few hours to show you kooks how to surf the wedge

dave_castillo Aug 27

@coleseely I'll alert the coast guard.

coleseely Aug 27

@dave_castillo yeah do that we might need then to tow us in

dave_castillo Aug 27

@coleseely to bad @lifeof_riley isn't available to administer you the mouf to mouf you're gunna need. You'll have to settle for @_jeffbarnett, I guess.

coleseely Aug 27

@dave_castillo @_jeffbarnett that's fine he's hawt

sieber_fever42 Aug 27

Nah man, Brah over there has a board in his hand. Walking down with a handful of surfborts doesn't make you a shredder.

_jeffbarnett Aug 27

K I got u son πŸ”žπŸ‘¬

brianlopes Aug 28

@dave_castillo @coleseely and I didn't see u out there in the line up. What happened?

dave_castillo Aug 28

@brianlopes well, after @_jeffbarnett an I dominated the swell, we did brunch at the Library. So...

coleseely Aug 26

Happy #nationaldogday! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

mellow_279 Aug 26

what a sweetie @coleseely

caitlinxxhunter Aug 26

What a cutie!

phillipallen45 Aug 26

I'm a huge fan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

cowpiee Aug 26


mx_sav259 Aug 26

Awwhh what a cutieeπŸ˜­πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’•

amoilsr Aug 26


nickramzy Aug 26


logan_g_larson Aug 26


le.schoochy Aug 26


mason_dobbs8 Aug 26


andersen_wideout Aug 26


mx_honda150 Aug 27

:0 I want him

rayjaykaupel Aug 27

@paulkaupel so awesome.

csmitty94 Aug 27


maxidenatale Aug 27


tylerbarrettt Aug 27


ty_boyd Aug 27


analeha Aug 27


howardbeast Aug 27

@coleseely that looks just like my dog!

codykukuk Aug 27


marandahvint Aug 27

Omg stop so cute!

chris_rivers Aug 27


ricky1080 Aug 27


dirt_biker85 Aug 27

So cute

carosauve Aug 28

wow <3

ohblaquepanther Aug 28

2 cute

coleseely Aug 26


chad.west Aug 26


balbahar_51 Aug 26

First comment!!

ryanpenhall Aug 26

Congrats!! Stoked for you

only_one_age Aug 26

Moving up to 450's?

braaaaaah._ Aug 26

@balbahar51 your fucking stupid

_paigecraig Aug 26


davin.y0 Aug 26

@balbahar51 no you're not.

coleschroeder_ Aug 26

@balbahar51 no your not

balbahar_51 Aug 26

@braaaaaah._ loool thanks

dr3wp Aug 26

@braaaaaah._ You're*

ryanciabata Aug 26


hill_dawgo Aug 26

@_paigecraig hahaha

taylorydgn Aug 26

I want to try and meet you again at Phoenix next year (:

beth_martin555 Aug 26

CANNOT wait @coleseely πŸπŸ‘

derekg333 Aug 26

@bourquesenda320 better than you

jake_davidson8 Aug 26

@bourquesenda320 I watched your dirtbikes videos, your probably one of the worst riders I've seen who think they are good! You suck ass and on your "wideopenwednesday" you were gojng like 10 mph so don't feel badass

ducks_swag14 Aug 26

Yea you suck @bourquesenda320

bourquesenda320 Aug 26

@jake_davidson8 u play soccer shut up πŸ˜‚

michaelshortino Aug 26

Hahahhaha @bourquesenda320 sucks cockkkkk

punter6669 Aug 26

Hey @jake_davidson8 you're a fuckin donkey ! Why don't you do use all a favor and find a rope , go in your garage , or closet and hang yourself. #kook #donkey

dpingree101 Aug 26

@coleseely Lava flow

ravsten24 Aug 26

Got your same gear

jonnyhabs125 Aug 26

@coleseely Such a sick pic cole!! I think your going to do really well on the 450 especially in supercross you have so much natural talent in supercross! You ride alot like McGrath you have the same bmx skills you stay low on the jumps and have a great technique when you ride an great style. You soak up the jumps and bumbs very well an carry your momentum awsesome! Good luck on the 450 I hope you get faster at outdoors

burrows259 Aug 26

Great addition to the team. I've always believed in your programme @coleseely

elliottswope Aug 26

Congrats on the new ride cole! #movingforward

aaron13mcg Aug 26

good luck, you deserve !!

venji123 Aug 26

450 champ soon!!

irvin_e30 Aug 26

@braaaaaah._ you're*

barrious355 Aug 26

@coleseely i have this very sneaky suspicion you're going to shock the world of motocross next sx season. Glad to see you're on honda

cole_gardo22 Aug 26

@elijahneal @_cade_4

braxtonbeebe_ Aug 27

Seely is a pro. Are you a pro motocross or supercross racer? Didn't think so... Have some respect, these guys put every second into doing this, everyone deserves respect, no matter what. @elijahneal

oldiesspeedshop Aug 27

Congrats to vc local Cole Seely well deserved

markfatlace Aug 29

Congrats man. You definitely deserve this.

coleseely Aug 25

@danielleebrownn and I moved into our new place! Stoked to live by the beach

smithbyjosh Aug 25


t_dot333 Aug 25

Man your so lucky! Btw your girl is beautiful!!! Get her on a 125 or a 250!!!!

trevorsanders Aug 25


jasonhair Aug 25

Welcome to the good life

t_dot333 Aug 25


willynillyknowsbest Aug 25

Yeahhh dawggy G time for some beach art! @coleseely

coleseely Aug 25

@rogerlarsen off my beach kook

__whitneyleigh__ Aug 25


motofamily Aug 25

So happy for you!!

rogerlarsen Aug 25

@coleseely πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚congrats! Stoked for you two. Welcome to paradise!

_maddiee_schmidtt Aug 25

That's so cool !

beaucottington Aug 25

What beach?

no4hl4ne Aug 25

Dutch Door... Central California coast?

hill_dawgo Aug 25

Wait did you just move into a pad a couple years ago? Either way, hope you're still in the 805! Congrats!

nate_blanchette Aug 25

@woodsracing_2020 doesnt she look kind of like @mckennagraham_

mckennagraham_ Aug 25

I don't see it @nate_blanchette

lancecoury Aug 25

Who's @danielleebrownn

nate_blanchette Aug 25

At a glance! @mckennagraham_

brooks525 Aug 25

@hill_dawgo he lives in Murrieta area. Not 805

ryo942mx Aug 26


mattyjory Aug 26

Nice man! πŸ‘Œ

braydencapitano Aug 26

Nice dude! See you at ocrc soon?

kaelyn253 Aug 26

Dude I thought that was madalyn😳 @i_drive_tha_23car

jeremymalott Aug 26

Once you get that honda money you can afford the rest of that door ! But congrats !

fd8_ Aug 26


brandonoanderson Aug 26

@jeremymalott πŸ˜‚βœ‹

theheiz Aug 26

@coleseely hell ya man congrats!!

_jeffbarnett Aug 26

Hi n'bor πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

nonemaker_10designsinc Aug 26

Where at brotha?!

instaean Aug 26

@jeremymalott hahahahah

coleseely Aug 26

@nonemaker_10designsinc Laguna!

i_drive_tha_23car Aug 26

Hahahaha I thought it was too!!!

i_drive_tha_23car Aug 26


nonemaker_10designsinc Aug 26

Double date at Javier's ASAP! And congrats on FACTORY HONDA too!

chronicsolutions Aug 26

Good for you! Where's your helicopter? Need it at shoug next time. Lol

kodyedwards Aug 26


jeffward3x Aug 26

Very cool . Looks awesome !!! Congrats

afistfulofdollars Aug 26

You know you have made it when you sign with factory honda and Jeff Ward says congrats on your new house. Proud of you brotha! @coleseely

mike_salvato Aug 26

Nice @coleseely you deserve it!!

doorman123 Aug 26

I'm jealous! @coleseely it's worth the drive! C U Guys soon!

coleseely Aug 25

Also so happy to continue my relationship with @troyleedesigns

travishudson77 Aug 25

Boo yeah buddy! Wish you the best this year.

brent_lee16 Aug 25

How long are you going to be with Honda? @coleseely

d_rash13 Aug 25

Another year obviously

jreeves_884 Aug 25

Drop the Spy news!

anthony_mostdope Aug 25

Hell yea!!!!

bee_kay1 Aug 25

Pumped for you πŸ‘

taylor_smith_412 Aug 25

You're gonna give those old guys a hard time I can see it

magiksc Aug 25

Sick dude! Good for you

jaroddeanda Aug 25

Word up man! Congrats

vincentmurillo_23 Aug 25

Congratulation bro @coleseely

ryanjohnston128 Aug 25

@justinklinger822 @austintyleroneal

mski_708 Aug 25


thugathuga_101 Aug 25

Flex for the Honda

thugathuga_101 Aug 25

Flex for the Honda

doorman123 Aug 25

Soo excited to watch the next chapter in your career. You have an awesome Family and friends behind you! πŸ‘ @coleseely @jeffseely43

the_old_style Aug 25


the_old_style Aug 25


brandonlgang Aug 25


vanroylouis Aug 25

Tld is the best!

yoshimura_rd Aug 25

Awesome! Great to see you move over. @coleseely

2thferry Aug 25


motostuff_com Aug 25

Welcome to the Team Cole! #bladerevolution

conway_christopher Aug 25


brandonoanderson Aug 25

Congrats hot stuff ❀️

jmoto224 Aug 25


sean_colburn Aug 25

Nice. Stoked!

fendley731 Aug 25

So pumped for you bud

billyl_49 Aug 25

@zach_andrade33 yaaasss tld!!

jeffseely21 Aug 25

Very proud of you !

chrisjonnum Aug 25


aliciarick15 Aug 25


seandoyle618 Aug 25


brad_the_man39 Aug 25


mdj723 Aug 25

It's a bummer for TLD to lose you as a rider but you've earned it.

lightning0821 Aug 26


hibbert.76 Aug 26


coleseely Aug 25

The cats out of the bag! So stoked to let everyone know where I'll be going. Thank you to everyone involved! #hardworkpaysoff

tannerman164 Aug 25

Good for you man!!

tpitts87 Aug 25


lifeofmotororo Aug 25


ipostyourelate Aug 25

Good job Cole!!! @coleseely

twmxdotcom Aug 25


maystephanie__ Aug 25

Maybe now I can have your jersey you owe me from when you were a fill in rider!!

johnny_mo311 Aug 25

Congratulations @coleseely bbrraaaapppp

brandon_128 Aug 25


grenade89 Aug 25

Congrats @coleseely

thetommyburns Aug 25

fuck yeah

danielleebrownn Aug 25

Yeah babe! Hard work pays off😘

themstreets Aug 25

Congrats @coleseely keep up the good work. Go get em

dom_bell_2 Aug 25

@tylerkuhn274 I knew it😍

alghanim21 Aug 25


christopherln Aug 25

Are you sticking with TLD gear?

scroggins111 Aug 25

@coleseely good job man you deserve it your gonna kill it on the 450 next year.. cant wait for a1

toobaru_ Aug 25

Bout time cole, proud of you brother!

slop169 Aug 25

Way to go all the fill in riding an bar to bar action paid off @coleseely

fmf73 Aug 25

Hard work you deserve it!!

haleyzink Aug 25

@lilmetz823 honda

jamiemstevenson Aug 25

Duh that's what he hash tagged @danielleebrownn

shadski1 Aug 25


ajabuell Aug 25

Congrats but this was in no way a surprise !!

victorp747 Aug 25

@coleseely please stay with the fresh troyleedesigns and oakley gears πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

kyle_zirbes Aug 25

Congrats! @coleseely

miltoncaputti Aug 25


landonguilbeau404 Aug 25

@_travismullen @_kingdylan_

j5valencia Aug 25

@valupiak @monstermoto .. seely kicked barcia out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

danielleebrownn Aug 25

@jamiemstevenson haha oops I never read his captionsπŸ˜‚

cygrace974 Aug 25

@j5valencia barcia bailed and seely got what was left

nonemaker_10designsinc Aug 25

Ya brotha!! #legendsclub

johnjuan812 Aug 25

Nice work!!

penner794 Aug 25


ian_33_ Aug 25


crtwotwo Aug 25

Congrats bud

calderonfelipe998 Aug 25

Hi @crtwotwo

the_old_style Aug 25

Such a big fan for so long, super pumped. I'm all giddy inside.

loismxc Aug 25

Happy for you ... great move!!

mj618_ Aug 25

Good work mate you will kill it next year

_heatmoss Aug 25

Yuhh for Honda!!

chris_delay Aug 25

@chandlerwest612 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

mikeysakowski Aug 25

So happy for you dude ! I was hoping you would stay on honda can't wait to see you run up front good luck this next season kill it πŸ‘Š

sean_colburn Aug 25

Awesome. Stoked!

chandlerwest612 Aug 25

πŸ‘πŸ‘ @chris_delay

lachyeurell Aug 25

@grasso84 why not ktm :(

glennmerg Aug 25


grasso84 Aug 25

Cause red is better @lachyeurell

joekendall21 Aug 25

Muscle Milk??

itsrickdude Aug 25

Gotta ride a big red machine! Congrats @coleseely

mommamel5 Aug 25

So proud of you!!!

masonfriestman Aug 25

@throwbower @travis1209 barcia teamate

sobey_156 Aug 25

Barcia is going to Yamaha @masonfriestman

masonfriestman Aug 25

@sobey_156 yeah i forgot. he will be back on a Honda

t_hunt66 Aug 25


garyjohnson Aug 25


carsonpalmer1999 Aug 25


spolsky94 Aug 25

@yurcho44 @allenvaldez_2 @joeygill1327

juddtaylor Aug 25


ricky_lee_eufers Aug 25


joesonny Aug 25


sommacalale Aug 26

Quien ira pa fuera @tomasmolina212

jackkilgen45 Aug 26

Replacing barica?

kmoto786 Aug 26

Good job bud

shootermcgavin23 Aug 26


chelseahahnxo Aug 26


wbn_142 Aug 26


laramie680 Aug 26

@breemackinzie see

breemackinzie Aug 26

I've already seen it 29 times thanks. @laramie680

coleseely Aug 24

It was an amazing 5 year run with my @troyleedesigns / Lucas Oil / Honda family! Such a great group of guys and so many awesome memories. The mechanics, team manager, and our awesome truck driver @coreyjustcruisin all work so hard and I can't thank them enough for everything! I'll see you dudes next year, save me a seat in the rider lounge!

lucasoiloffroad Aug 24

@coleseely @troyleedesigns πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

jeremymalott Aug 24

You are a stud man . So proud of you Cole

coleseely Aug 24

@jeremymalott thanks man!

stephen_davis7 Aug 24

I'm gonna miss watching you! Great run!

jakeweimer12 Aug 24

Team manager is a douche. Just sayin @coleseely

sethheiner_ Aug 24

Best team out there!

logang723 Aug 24

You did great Cole @coleseely

hadaway289 Aug 24

Are you retiring?

coleseely Aug 24

@jakeweimer12 yeah he is #CheifKeefe

scroggins111 Aug 24

jake weimer12 is just sad he lost his ride cuz he can be consitint..@coleseely i cant wait to see u in the 450 class next year putting it to them.. thats were u need to be

d_harris21 Aug 24

Don't change your number from 21 dude, that's my number and also my favorite number

rbuchanan972 Aug 24

And you're wondering why you don't have a ride. Just sayin @jakeweimer12

team_tansley Aug 24

No you have another team now greedy gitπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

beth_martin555 Aug 24

Awesome shot!! Great team and even better people! Love you all @troyleedesigns !!

schmidt_stains Aug 24

@scroggins111 you should be mad that you cant spell "consistent".......chud

that_black_guy_from_falken Aug 24

Retiring to compete in formula d @coleseely

fmflild Aug 24

Stoked for you dude!!!!

coleseely Aug 24

@that_black_guy_from_falken haha!

mike54lansing Aug 24

Don't switch to ktm! TLD Honda is the sexiest bikes out there

coleseely Aug 24

@fmflild thanks dude!

h_troumbly Aug 24

@coleseely you had a great season.

sbrookhouse176 Aug 24

Good luck on a 450. Your dad came over and was talking to us Friday when we were taking the bike out of my cobalt in the parking lot. Told us we were crazy but he liked it

logster_55 Aug 24

I'm pumped on you man! You definitely earned it!! @coleseely

jg.37 Aug 24

Congrats Man U are doing good. @coleseely

paulson303 Aug 24

So killer dude happy to see you get that win. On one of the hardest races of the year. Keep holdin that throttle open. @coleseely

bubba2597 Aug 24

Who you going to?

scagliaj Aug 24

Good luck on the geico honda!

coreyjustcruisin Aug 24

Love you @coleseely Thank you for the unforgettable memories and hard work you put into your riding. Your first SX win is something I was honored to be a part of.

jamiemstevenson Aug 24

He meant you're. Siri isn't that smart

mxgearspy Aug 24

@scagliaj *Muscle Milk Honda

motocrossmama Aug 24

So excited for you Cole! Good luck! Can't wait to see you kill it this year!!#1#alltimefavoriterider# @coleseely

evelynj94 Aug 24

@coleseely are you racing in the 450 class next year

mikeyhonda15 Aug 24

U killed it man. U were my inspiration for me to get my 150 and ride hard!! Good luck next year man. Not sure if u remember but at budds creek I was the kid wearing the white tld Lucas oil honda shirt and camo hat. And that was my dad saying ur name to give me a handshake before u went out for practice @coleseely

mattyjory Aug 24

Big love. ❀️

lachyeurell Aug 25

@grasso84 is he going to 450 next season?

josh41guthrie Aug 25

Going to muscle milk honda on 450s next yer I heard

grasso84 Aug 25

Yer @lachyeurell

angove177 Aug 25

Congrats on the factory ride! So pumped for you man @coleseely

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