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Cole Seely

#34 Cole Seely

DoB: 3/10/1990
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 150 lbs
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Bike: Honda CRF450

How I got started:
My Dad got me into Motocross when I was young.

Goals for the Future:
To have fun and win races.

Why do you like this sport?
Because it’s fun and it never gets boring.

Something personal about you:
I like to ride BMX when im not racing. I play guitar. I also like to ride minis with my friends.

Describe your style:
My style on the track is very smooth.

Atmosphere, Hollywood Undead, Avenge Seven Fold, Bad Riligion, Pennywise, Danzig, Guano Apes, Heiroglyphics, Sweatshop Union, Refused, Misfits, Metallica, Hazen Street, Anti-Flag

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coleseely Apr 20

Happy Easter!!

californiagoddess Apr 20


motocodycross Apr 20


hondaracer427 Apr 20

Poor dog lol @coleseely

caseylangosh Apr 20


hansen259 Apr 20


reeceoxley Apr 20


tylerbarrettt Apr 20


and_drew114 Apr 20


kylewilliam38 Apr 20


andrewxferren Apr 20


jennaeveee Apr 20


jeffmoto5 Apr 20

That is what I did to my dog

jennahillenbrand_ Apr 20


dumbbfounded_ Apr 20

Getting big!!

therealjakethesnake48 Apr 20

Happy easter to @coleseely and @danielleebrownn hope u guys have a great day

ryanwardle37 Apr 20


nirvanasinadex Apr 20

Awwwwwwww!!!!!! @ryanwardle37

dylanlima Apr 20

Was thinking you'd be out riding Como street today on the break @coleseely , fast pace today.

danielpatten Apr 20


lee_lpcustomz Apr 20


okayitsmattyho Apr 20


foster_917 Apr 20


eddieacosta51 Apr 20

@coleseely @deanwilson15 @cooperwebb_37 happy Easter boys

elewis_15 Apr 20


megsters_ Apr 20


marandahvint Apr 20


eddie303 Apr 20


derschlingel Apr 20


theresavona Apr 20

Schweet 😍@derschlingel

motonews97 Apr 20


motocrossmama Apr 20

So cute❀🐾🐢

flinbrian309 Apr 20


thatzackid Apr 20


marandahvint Apr 20


noeadler Apr 20

Oh my 😍😍 I love !! @and_drew114

kuztomhead Apr 20


matt_johanson454 Apr 20

@emilymcnamaraaaa πŸ™ˆπŸ˜

emilymcnamaraaaa Apr 20

@matt_johanson454 can we get one! πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ

andrewkenny_94 Apr 20


calencox Apr 20

@livmynard ❀️❀️

coleseely Apr 19

@brianlopes always pushing us.. Sometimes into gutters

mini_mitch Apr 19

What's up with @brianlopes specialized gear I know he rides for intese cycles now

brianlopes Apr 19

Keeping u on your toes man, never know when someone's going to pimp u right? πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ u handled it just fine...I was impressed u bunny hopped out of that ditch

ehrengeersema Apr 19

@mini_mitch It's because Brian pushed Cole into the ditch. The video is in Brian's perspective.

relampagoracing Apr 19

@coleseely will we see you at Overthehump this year?

brianlopes Apr 19

@mini_mitch come on bud, u think I'd do that? I'm not even this clip, I'm doing the filming

chris_america_delay Apr 19

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @chandlerwest612

mini_mitch Apr 19

@brianlopes I didn't realize you were filming, I thought you being the mountain biker you are would ride in the ditch for fun

coleseely Apr 19

@brianlopes @mini_mitch you think lopes legs are that skinny? Haha

mini_mitch Apr 19

TouchΓ© @coleseely

cantheman_171 Apr 19


pete_ber Apr 19

@coleseely along 215 N Murrieta? I thought I seen you lol

crtwotwo Apr 19

Elbow back is what ya should be teaching!😜πŸ’ͺ @brianlopes @coleseely

_kjohnson28_ Apr 19


maxlee_50 Apr 19

Amen to that @crtwotwoπŸ™ got a championship to win @coleseely

tanner_nuse Apr 19

Green river nice

_the_coconut_ Apr 19

#braaaaap lol

jasonschnell Apr 19


nickcali81 Apr 19

@brianlopes you killed it at Sea Otter!

wearespecialized Apr 20

Haha, nice @coleseely @brianlopes

coleseely Apr 18

The AMA motocross nationals are right around the corner. Watch the first motos LIVE on @MAVTV @lucas_oil @troyleedesigns #MAVTV I am not racing a 450 just practicing on one today

ozamataz__buckshank Apr 18

Dude. Your going to kill it

d_flo711 Apr 18

@coleseely no a-kit on the beast why not?

_jeffbarnett Apr 18


fmf73 Apr 18


eddieacosta51 Apr 18

@coleseely your my hero

matthew_r91 Apr 18


deadbeatolly Apr 18

Coming to watch first 2 rounds dude @coleseely

williameldridge Apr 18

Thought you were slated to ride 450s this summer? @coleseely

mlapaglia31 Apr 18

#stocklife @coleseely

benchills Apr 18

Everyone who has at&t go request mavtv! Lol blows not having the channel.

siegel723 Apr 18

@starwestmxpark ?

mitchellheney18 Apr 18

What channel is MAVTV? I've never heard of it before

brandonyz1 Apr 18

Saw u at Lucas oil right now u fast man !! @coleseely

seth00staley Apr 18

When is it on?!?!?!?!!

ryansaccutelli Apr 18


isaiah200523 Apr 20

Nice BIKEπŸ˜ƒ

coleseely Apr 17

@brianlopes getting the best angles possible for his roadie selfie with the @gopro πŸ˜‚

elemental_eg3 Apr 17

πŸ˜‚ get it!!!!

bee1_760 Apr 17


brianlopes Apr 17

I was just taking pictures of u behind me with your tongue on the floor while I cruised one handed... Will post shot later

coleseely Apr 17

@brianlopes if my tongue was out how'd I get my phone out to take this??

keithsautel Apr 17


fbbicycles Apr 17

@brianlopes ur getting ready for a KOM

neal_richardson337 Apr 18

@brianlopes damned roadies

jf16x Apr 18

Left turn clide

coleseely Apr 17

Can I get a lift?? @brianlopes @jessynelson50

lancecoury Apr 17


coleseely Apr 17

@lancecoury please

bobbyedwards929 Apr 17

@coleseely sick backpack! good job last weekend !!

_taylor_cauthron_ Apr 17


dannyb695 Apr 17

^^^ hahaπŸ˜‚

shelbylynn138 Apr 17

Yes haha

yamaha_737 Apr 17

Lol look where @jessynelson50 thumb is. @coleseely

wesley627 Apr 17

Guy in the middleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

adam_engbrecht Apr 17

Damn hoodrats

iss_mee_bwaddd Apr 17


allymcguireee Apr 17

@jacksonmcguireee you babe

c_coury Apr 17

Your thumb is not looking too enthusiastic. Might be stuck there all night πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

jphil8 Apr 17

It's like my thumb is my cock.!

wageman Apr 17

@jessynelson50 I'm liking your style hahaaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

moto_kid672 Apr 17


ricky_booby41 Apr 17


cambriabryce Apr 17

You sure as hell can πŸ‘πŸ˜ @coleseely

beth_martin555 Apr 17

πŸ‘that's funny as hell !!!!!!

loganread Apr 17

The dude in the middle!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!! @coleseely

lizxg3bxlemon Apr 17

@katkilla187 nice back pack they got you...

coleseely Apr 14

I'm still not sure how I got here.. I'm loving every minute of it though. Pic by @cudby

chase_sansom_20 Apr 14


wilhahn23 Apr 14


winter_co Apr 14

You worked your ass off. It pays. Good for you kid.

k__dub84 Apr 14

Nice job on your win

evanlongacre14 Apr 14

Third πŸ˜‚

bee1_760 Apr 14

Go get em this ones yours @coleseely RIDE RED

czmotox23 Apr 14

Don't ever quit early!!, keep going and don't waste that talent and hard work it took to get there. I hate seeing these dudes quitting early. Your blessed to make it this far bud.. @coleseely

_morr_is_better_ Apr 14

You weren't loving it when anderson passed you in the last corner hahahah

jwilson553 Apr 14

@tleeman259 I thought this was pretty kewl

michael_duh Apr 14

Nice job saturday✌️ it was a great race for you. Glad to see you do so well

doorman123 Apr 15

πŸ‘ nice job @coleseely !!! Mo is butter is a Punk. Keep up the good work, I'll see you at Glen Helen! 😎

ivovicente Apr 15

Lets goooooo Cole! @coleseely

glamrockcycles Apr 15

Good works

lancecoury Apr 15

You are a result of Jeff and Caryn making love, and that's how you got here. πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

youngtallsmall Apr 15

@wilhahn23 πŸ‘Œ

gabbysdado Apr 15

@lancecoury OMG

lifeof_riley Apr 15

Heavy visual @lancecoury

jillkovick Apr 15

@lancecoury high five!

shredder_mcgnarlson Apr 15


carynseely Apr 15

OMG @lancecoury!!!! TMI

tbeh13 Apr 15

Good ride Saturday been rooting for you to get that W

dd410mx Apr 15

The wise words of Lance. @lancecoury @carynseely @coleseely

bvb1991 Apr 15

lol @lancecoury wise words dude and @coleseely im glad u got here watching u race is so awesome!

briansiegrist Apr 15

@coleseely your agent

briansiegrist Apr 15

@lancecoury LMAO!!!!!!

mlapaglia31 Apr 15

You believed in yourself teammate. And talent. You can't teach talent. Enjoy it while you got it!

beth_martin555 Apr 15

We always said you would make it @coleseely! Its been a fun ride watching you excel. Can't wait for Vegas!

sxsunlimited Apr 15

@briansiegrist tru that.....

fitwithfrankie Apr 15

Sweet pic

mattyjory Apr 15


ry_hendie_21 Apr 15


wenc4 Apr 15

Beautiful !!!

flo_touze900 Apr 15

Love your style !!!!!

sarahgillick Apr 15


coleseely Apr 14

Cool pic of me and @danielleebrownn hanging out in Seattle on Friday.. Pretty rad city!

motoempire Apr 14


kordelcaro Apr 14

Look at that done did it sticker @chazklein

chazklein Apr 14

Haha it's the Nike swish upside ow haha what if that's what it is on my car

klenlaundry Apr 14

Keep it KLeN #socks #bamboo #briefs @coleseely

brittshel Apr 14

Nice πŸ‘Œ

brennnanicole Apr 14

She's so gorgeous

cowpiee Apr 14

You're not cool

brennnanicole Apr 14

neither are you, pal @cowpiee

danielleebrownn Apr 14

I had so much fun I love you!!

alleyesonmenow Apr 14

@coleseely wait til you see NYC

evanbrown23 Apr 14

Nice job last round get that championship @coleseely

seeoffey182 Apr 14

Seattle IS a very cool place.

jennaf1054 Apr 15

cant wait till next year in seattle!!!! im going again! you have no idea how much i miss it already!!! :D

coleseely Apr 13

Last night was awesome! Had some issues in practice and in the heat race but made it count for the main event!

chance_seely Apr 13


ma651 Apr 13

Great ride cole!

jennaf1054 Apr 13

That was awesome!! I loved watching supercross last night!! Great job cole!! :)

norcal_lowlife Apr 13

Congratulations! I love the feeling, years of hard work paying off!!!

markfatlace Apr 13


landin_brice_1 Apr 13

Yeehaw cole! Keep up the good work!

druku14 Apr 13


jasonschnell Apr 13

@coleseely love you brother πŸ‘ #hardworkppaysoff

b_west15 Apr 13

Go Cole!! Super rad you took it here in Seattle. βœŠπŸš²πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

dubgana Apr 13

Congrats on the W last night.

garyjohnson Apr 13

you're the man!

dereksavoie Apr 13


brittshel Apr 13


dd410mx Apr 13

Yeah budddy! Sick race last night Cole! @coleseely

willysimonssr Apr 13

Cole great ride stay focused and we are all pulling for you.... YOU CAN DO IT!!

j0s3qh_simonton Apr 13

Take it for the win man

alexis_lee333 Apr 13

@chey_york15 the babe!!!!!

sean_colburn Apr 13

@coleseely you the man dude. Good job last night.

freakella31 Apr 13

Congrats cuz!!! Good job!

nvs_fab Apr 13

Just watched it, awesome work man!

swagstrom Apr 13

Nice win

ry_hendie_21 Apr 13


beth_martin555 Apr 13

Vegas,,,here we come!! Nice job @coleseely

diirtbikemomma Apr 13

Wtg Cole. Would love to c u win this Championship1 #honda

super_tann Apr 13

Well, No need to watch last nights race now. Lol. Good job Cole!

gregash05 Apr 13


benhagle Apr 13


kienun_kocan Apr 13

Has he bit u

hancockab Apr 13

You're on it Bro! Awesome

dennisfoster8 Apr 14

The man!

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