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Ashley Fiolek

Ashley Fiolek
#1 Ashley Fiolek

DoB: 10/22/1990
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 106 lbs
Hometown: Dearborn Heights, MI
Residence: St. Augustine, FL
Bike: Honda CRF250R
Favorite Book: Soul Surfer and Racing Fuel for the Spirit
Favorite Movie: She’s the Man
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, photography, making videos, texting/IM
Favorite Track: Millcreek, AL

Despite what some may consider a handicap, Ashley Fiolek is deaf, but she does not see herself in that light. “It doesn’t bother me at all. It is just my life.”

In 2008, Fiolek made her professional debut in the AMA/WMA Women’s Motocross Championship, amazing industry veterans by winning four of the six rounds to snag the overall title. Even a mid-season wrist fracture did little to slow her down.

“2008 was a great year for me,” said Ashley. “Winning the title in my rookie year, it was a great feeling to see all of my hard work pay off.”

Fiolek is well aware that making history as the first woman member of Honda Red Bull Racing and piloting a factory-prepped CRF250R is an opportunity most motocross racers chase their entire career.

“My family and I have dreamed about this for a long time and worked hard to try and make it happen, and now that it has finally come true, I can’t even believe it. When I won my first WMA championship, I thought it was the greatest feeling ever. Then I found out about this. It tops everything.”

Bursting with energy and possessing a perpetual smile that’s as disarming as it is contagious, Fiolek is dedicated and focused on her racing. She’s also always looking at the bright side, even viewing her deafness as a competitive advantage. “When someone is close behind me, I can’t hear them so I don’t feel any pressure. I do have to be very careful and hold my lines. I have to wait and make absolutely sure that it is clear before I can move over.”

Nor does Fiolek feel alienated from her competitors. “I can read lips fairly well, so I don’t have too much trouble communicating with my fellow riders. Also, a lot of the girls and guys have learned how to sign, or at least to spell in sign language, so I don’t feel left out at all.”

Fiolek launched her amateur quest at age seven on a 50cc bike. “I had a wonderful amateur career, and my family and I traveled to as many of the amateur nationals that we could. In 2004 I won the Loretta Lynn’s Air Nautique Amateur National in the girls 9-13 year-old class, and that was my fondest amateur racing moment.”

Fiolek rapidly found her form, winning 13 amateur national titles during the next four years. In 2006 at Loretta’s, she even took on the boys and placed 11th in the 85cc Mod class for ages 14-15.

“My family has always been there for me through my whole amateur racing career, and now my professional career,” says Fiolek. “My mom helps me to set up flights and interviews. My dad helps me train and is my coach. My brother is my cheerleader! It is comforting to know that they are there for me during my races and will be there when I am finished.”

Career Highlights

AMA Women’s National Motocross Champion

AMA Women’s National Motocross Champion

X Games 16 Women’s Moto X Super X – Gold Medal

AMA Women’s National Motocross Champion
X Games 15 Women’s Moto X Super X – Gold Medal

1st AMA/WMA Women’s National Motocross Championship
2nd GNC International Final, Women 99-250F Pro

1st Lake Whitney Spring Classic, Women’s 99-250cc 12+ Amateur
1st GNC International Final, Women’s 99-250F n/p
1st World Mini Grand Prix, Girls 65-85cc
5th WMA Steel City National
6th AMA/WMA Drill Tech Women’s Cup
2007 Xtremey Award – Most Inspirational Athlete

1st Lake Whitney Spring Classic, Girls 12-15 85-105cc
1st GNC International Final, Women’s 99cc and up (250 max)
1st NMA National Championships – Women’s 125-250cc, Girls 65-85cc
AMA Winter National Olympics – 1st Women’s Supercross 99cc and up, 3rd Women’s Motocross 99cc and up
AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships – 11th boys 85 Mod 14-15, 14th Women’s 99cc-250cc

Lake Whitney Spring National Girls Champion
NMA Branson National Women’s Champion
1st GNC International Final, Women’s 99cc and up (450 max)
1st Branson MX National Championship, Girls 12-15 class
7th AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships, Women’s 99cc and up
#1 Woman/Girl Amateur Racer of the Year, Amateur MX magazine

*Champion – AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships, Girls 9-13 class
1st AMA Winter National Olympics, Supercross Girls 9-13 class
1st AMA Winter National Olympics, Motocross Girls 9-13 class
AMA Youth Motocrosser of the year
AMA Youth Rider of the Year
AMA Winter National Olympics – Thor MX Outstanding Achievement award

* First deaf person to win an AMA National Championship



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