Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team 2013

Tyla Rattray

#28 Tyla Rattray

DoB: 12/8/1985
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165lbs
Residence: Murrieta, CA
Hometown: Durban, South Africa
Bike: Kawasaki KX250F

Career Highlights

His first full season of AMA Supercross Lites West region where he earned two podiums at Anaheim 1 and San Diego to finish seventh overall. Rattray placed second in the AMA Motocross 250cc Championship after capturing four overall victories.

Sat out of the supercross series while recovering from injury. Returned from injury to finish second in the AMA Motocross Lites point standings, with two overall wins at High Point Raceway and Moto X 338. He also earned six additional podium finishes in the 12 round series.

Raced in the AMA Motocross Series 250cc class earning two podium finishes and a moto win in his rookie season. Missed four races due to injury. Represented South Africa at the Motocross of Nations.

Won four Grands Prix and scored 13 podiums en route to the MX2 World Championship. Represented South Africa at the Motocross of Nations and was named South African Sportsman of the Year.

Represented South Africa at the Motocross of Nations in 2002, ‘03, ’04,’05, and’06 winning the MX2 class in 2004. Won 11 Grands Prix between 2003 and 2007.



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Tyla Rattray Instagram

tylarattray Apr 21

Bulgaria GP Moto 1. Looking forward to the next round in Valkenswaard. Feels great to be back racing healthy! #mxgp #nofilter

john_champion_ Apr 21

Looking sharp buddy! Keep it up.

leeroyemslie Apr 21

Solid results this weekend man! Slowly getting back to form💪

krazykev9 Apr 21

Yea watched the race, good job and keep it up buddy #teamhusky #angelspringspowersports

paradaise__ Apr 22


tylarattray Apr 19

Need ruts? Bulgaria has some!

rdcjuanb Apr 19

Handguards 👍

crackers_88 Apr 19

Up to ur nuts in ruts.......... @tylarattray

swapmoto Apr 19

Your whole kit looks 👌

traceylumgair Apr 19

That's a great pic! Be strong. 💪🏁

mxdose Apr 19

To ride this kind of ruts you need the skills of a champion 💪 @tylarattray

jeffcox82 Apr 19

Looking on point china @Ty larattray

alex2wheels Apr 19

@tylarattray FINALLY CHINA !!!!!! HAMMER DOWN

wavell222 Apr 20

Howzit boet, glad to see you running hand gaurds brother....good luck!

haileywells_ Apr 20

GO LIKE MY MOST RECENT PHOTO FOR A SHOUOUT!!!! Please?😁 I have a bet with a friend to get more likes...🙏🙏🙏🙏

jonny_lohr10 Apr 20

Ruts before sluts @hunter_watt126

hunter_watt126 Apr 20

#true @jonny_lohr10

hunter_watt126 Apr 20

I broke my hip tho @jonny_lohr10

krazykev9 Apr 20

Lookin good on that Husky #angelspringspowersports #proactionsuspension #teamhusky #angelspringstrainingfacility

leeroyemslie Apr 21

Those ruts look lekker! Lekker kak🙈

tylarattray Apr 15

Great to be back riding again!

samantharattray Apr 15


plonsracing Apr 15

You look so fast

plonsracing Apr 15

Are you on Starbucks fuel ?

liamkx32 Apr 15

Should go race the AMA again you were going awesome

purchase120 Apr 15

Good to see u back out there @tylarattray 👍

john_champion_ Apr 15

Nice one Bru. Look forward to seeing you dominate again.

shaunwhite111 Apr 15


alex2wheels Apr 15

@tylarattray About time China! Cheers

michael_greenblatt Apr 15

Was keen to see u race at the brazilian gp, i even had the sa flag with me in the stands.. Maybe next time... @tylarattray

leeroyemslie Apr 15

Are u dragging that left leg like @bradcox300 now?🙊

bradcox300 Apr 15

@leeroyemslie he's digging up 2 seconds for me 🙊😂

krazykev9 Apr 16

Lookin good ! #teamhusky #angelspringspowersports

travbarkus Apr 19

You the man bro!! I love you.. So fortunate to be your friend!!! Your a legend well done Tyla ✌️

leeroyemslie Apr 19

@travbarkus is drunk again🙈

tylarattray Apr 3

Found some sick trails in belgium today. #mtb

liamkx32 Apr 3

Dirt bike or mtb

plonsracing Apr 3

Look choco, cum over to my place rafters : its a Mtb heaven and perfect mx training

the_smekke Apr 3

It's just the country that makes it sick :D i'm happy you're in Belgium again!!

adamcianciarulo Apr 3

Looks rad!!

mxunlimitedonline Apr 3


j_ide711 Apr 4

Hows gp going? Miss seeing that 28 over here! @tylarattray

motorcycling_online Apr 5

Nice woods section!!

arktoken Apr 5

@tylarattray hey never got that Jersey in the mail ..from returning your wife's card.what are chances of getting the new husky Jersey for my office wall ? Either way can't wait to see you shred that husky. Keep it on two wheels

leeroyemslie Apr 6

U going so slowly u got time to snap pics while riding?🙈 @tylarattray

tylarattray Mar 17

Do I really have to get my princess ball dirty daddy?? 😂😂😂😂😂

bwilluminati Mar 17

She's adorable man

somercboyd Mar 17

So cute

samantharattray Mar 17

❤️ that princess of mine!!!

rdcjuanb Mar 17

She is growing up so fast.

adamcianciarulo Mar 17

Little diva

swapmoto Mar 17

So cute

traceylumgair Mar 17

Missing her 😿 such a little character she is! 😘

kristenv2 Mar 17

So cute

101lucy Mar 17


tylarattray Mar 10

Captain Hook lol. #taketheseout #ouch

plonsracing Mar 10

Where is stompy when you need him ? @bt1zero1

motocrosssa Mar 10


gravitybmxracing Mar 10


aldon104 Mar 10


wesryan1 Mar 10

@tylarattray that looks pretty hey

samantharattray Mar 10

Sketchy 🙈🙈🙈😂😂😂

crackerjackjrod Mar 10

I had that in my pinky haha. Not fun

2driver_big_b Mar 10

My man!

kristenv2 Mar 10


motocox_307 Mar 10


jeffcox82 Mar 10

Sorry ratterz, ouch!

seandubai Mar 10

Just some steel no need to get exited you will be fine back on attack in no time

leeroyemslie Mar 10

Ey lanie that finger would be bait to catch fish off Durban pier.. Hooks n all👳

ja441 Mar 10


steph_touz Mar 10

Tyla that looks freaking rough man! Just don't try pick your nose with that finger, you could get a lip piercing

kellylumgair Mar 10

That looks nasty my man

travbarkus Apr 5


jodi_cox Apr 15


tylarattray Mar 1

Man what a bummer start to the season. Got hit with a rock on my right pinky finger 2 weeks ago and tried to pull the trigger at the 1st gp but it was a no go! Gonna get it sorted next week at the doctors in belgium then I'll return to racing when I'm 100% healthy. Thanks for all the support!

jimvilla2112 Mar 1

Aww man! Get we soon

rdcjuanb Mar 1

Get some hand guards you have bad hand luck. We want to see you out there.

alexwissler Mar 1

@shrum217 now you see why I have my queer handguards

alesiktylesik Mar 1


alexk114 Mar 1

Bummer dude, here in SA we routing for you man

chk666 Mar 1


krazykev9 Mar 1

Dang, heal up fast

donk122 Mar 1

You're a gnarly dude!

kristenv2 Mar 1

Yikes. So bummed for u

rwhite541 Mar 1

@tylarattray hand guards please that sux it happened again. #healfast #hardtokeepachampdown

adamcianciarulo Mar 1

Don't worry about it @tylarattray you'll be fine come back stronger

alex2wheels Mar 1

@tylarattray You're still my China! Cheers

kenroczen94 Mar 1


tylarattray Mar 1

@kenroczen94 uselesssss my man 😂😂😂

ellisfamily1 Mar 2

Heal up fast brew @tylarattray

andyf218 Mar 2

If it wasn't for bad luck you would have no luck at all. Heal up quick Tyla.

nickwey27 Mar 2

@tylarattray tough break. You will be healthy in no time. 👍

asmitters Mar 2

Heal up quick we don't get the greatest coverage for mxgp here in the states but when we do I'm pulling for ya @tylarattray

jasonmeara77 Mar 2

Lmao @kenroczen94 😂😂

leeroyemslie Mar 2

Heal up fast buddy! Still plenty GP wins up for grabs👍

sabrinadereuver Mar 2

Gutted for you, hope you heal up fast xxx

markmccann_frosystems Mar 2

Miss you mush. See you soon

plonsracing Mar 5

are you in Belgium little munkey ?

mike_ssignature Mar 18

Don't cut it short recovering. Same thing happened to me on my right pinky and now I look like Captain Hook.. Feel better! x

tylarattray Feb 27

#TBT #2011 MT Morris. Great year racing my team mate @deanwilson15 for the title. #funyear

zachharrington277 Feb 27

Where have you been you this year for the sx season? Miss you bud. Best of luck to you and your family your daughter is beautiful. Can't wait to see you compete always cheering for you @tylarattray

k1rby74 Feb 27

@zachharrington277 he's over seas riding for husky

noah413 Feb 27

Tyler idc what people say you were my favorite 250 rider you kicked ass that year and the next I miss hearing your name at the AMA nationals and supercross wish you could come back :)!!!!!!!!! @tylarattray

alexmakarski Feb 27

Come back to America u wernt finished here yet! @tylarattray

deanwilson15 Feb 27

Such a good year good luck tmoz mate best o luck @tylarattray

lucas_surdam Feb 27

Ur in the back @deanwilson15 u and @tylarattray did really good that year!

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