Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team 2013

Tyla Rattray

#28 Tyla Rattray

DoB: 12/8/1985
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165lbs
Residence: Murrieta, CA
Hometown: Durban, South Africa
Bike: Kawasaki KX250F

Career Highlights

His first full season of AMA Supercross Lites West region where he earned two podiums at Anaheim 1 and San Diego to finish seventh overall. Rattray placed second in the AMA Motocross 250cc Championship after capturing four overall victories.

Sat out of the supercross series while recovering from injury. Returned from injury to finish second in the AMA Motocross Lites point standings, with two overall wins at High Point Raceway and Moto X 338. He also earned six additional podium finishes in the 12 round series.

Raced in the AMA Motocross Series 250cc class earning two podium finishes and a moto win in his rookie season. Missed four races due to injury. Represented South Africa at the Motocross of Nations.

Won four Grands Prix and scored 13 podiums en route to the MX2 World Championship. Represented South Africa at the Motocross of Nations and was named South African Sportsman of the Year.

Represented South Africa at the Motocross of Nations in 2002, ‘03, ’04,’05, and’06 winning the MX2 class in 2004. Won 11 Grands Prix between 2003 and 2007.



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tylarattray Jul 22

Great ride this morning on my @iamspecialized always makes training easier when you got the best equipment!

rdcjuanb Jul 22

That smartweld Allez is nice.

alex2wheels Jul 22

@tylarattray Ui China !

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swanie387 Jul 8

Hahaha just like Brooke when you scare her too.. Hahaha

mdavalos31 Jul 8

@tylarattray haha thats so mean lol

tylarattray Jul 8

@mdavalos31 bud I'm getting him ready for u lolol

mdavalos31 Jul 8

@tylarattray hahah that's awesome true story thou

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fabulizbodz Jul 8

@tylarattray oh my gosh that is do mean!!! Aldon said he can't wait to put a dress on him!😂😂

fabulizbodz Jul 8


jeffcox82 Jul 9

Too cute buddy! Can't wait to meet the little fella!

tylarattray Jul 9

@fabulizbodz yes we can dress Luke up in a dress at the same time 😂😂😂

traceylumgair Jul 15

Aaah shame man. I'm going stick teddy in your face next time. 😳😳💙💙

tylarattray Jun 26

Happy 30th birthday to my amazing wife @samantharattray not only are you a great wife but you an incredible mother! We ❤️ u! 🎂🍷🎉🎁 #gettingold #alldownhillfromhere 😝😝

tsimp16 Jun 26

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lucaszarzecki259 Jun 26

Will I see you at muddy creek

plonsracing Jun 26

30 ? Time to get a refund and get a new one ! Lol xxx to her and you rat

jcjillcox Jun 26

Happy Bday S!! 💗💗

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n_nolte Jun 26

Happy Birthday Sam! ❤️ @samantharattray

karoliinaleok Jun 26

Happy birthday @samantharattray! Enjoy! Xx

snoegbug Jun 26

@samantharattray happy birthday Sam, hope Tyla spoils you rotten 🎉🎈

gravitybmxracing Jun 26

Happy Birthday Sam. Have an awesome one.

kellylumgair Jun 26

Happy Birthday Sam. Have a great day.

samantharattray Jun 26

Thanks @jcjillcox @kristenv2 @n_nolte @m6mmipeebi @snoegbug @gravitybmxracing @kellylumgair 😘

leeroyemslie Jun 26

@samantharattray happy birthday Sam! 🎉🎁🍰Hope u have had a nice relaxing day with your feet up while Tyla cleans the house, cooks and looks after the kids☺️☺️

samantharattray Jun 26

@leeroyemslie haha thanks!!

jeffcox82 Jun 26

Happy Bday Sam, i was a fresh 32 just yesterday lol hope u have a great day, ratters what's for dinner?

somercboyd Jun 26

Happy Birthday🎉🎉💗 @samantharattray

samantharattray Jun 26

Hahah thanks @jeffcox82 hope u had a awesome day!!

samantharattray Jun 26

thanks @somercboyd 😘😘

bfulton67 Jun 26

Happy Birthday! Take her to Starbucks @tylarattray lol! Hope all is well buddy

tykady Jul 6

@tylarattray ....nice family u have there Kevin

tylarattray Jun 19

Dad's girl!

jeffcox82 Jun 19

You're little family has grown so much since I was with u guys in Cali 3 years ago, time flies huh! Hope u keeping well buddy, miss u guys big time @Ty larattray

tarravizenor Jun 19


samantharattray Jun 19

💕😍 my little princess

traceylumgair Jun 19

She's so beautiful. 💜💛 love her!

tylarattray Jun 16

Always sad to see one of your competitors get hurt! Stay strong Joel! Your a fighter! 🙏 #JR34

adamcianciarulo Jun 16

@bwagner711 how disrespectful.

bwagner711 Jun 16

Lol all I said was first like 😉 @adamcianciarulo

living_the_ugly_life Jun 16

#jr34 stay strong budd and hey @adamcianciarulo

living_the_ugly_life Jun 16


biggsy1084 Jun 16

@bwagner711 nobody cares about a first like. This is so much bigger than a fucking like. #SupportJR34

bwagner711 Jun 16

I actually didn't read the caption sorry @tylarattray @adamcianciarulo

mogsy1989 Jun 16

Well said @adamcianciarulo little prick! Get well soon #supportjr

living_the_ugly_life Jun 16

@biggsy1084 thanks just a like doesn't do with any thing a crash in a life or death probally #jr34

bwagner711 Jun 16

U didn't even read the caption I just like tyla rattray so I commented they but I'm sorry for saying that @biggsy1084

brettnugent17 Jun 16

@bwagner711 really man?

genewilson167 Jun 16

No kidding! Thanks @adamcianciarulo!! Hope the best for your friend @tylarattray

biggsy1084 Jun 16

@bwagner711 You're a kid so people shouldn't be too hard on you, but think before you write in future. Read before you post. Life isn't about likes and comments.

bwagner711 Jun 16

I know I just posted it so fast I didn't even read it sorry @biggsy1084 @adamcianciarulo @tylarattray

biggsy1084 Jun 16

@bwagner711 it is what it is mate. You made a mistake when you commented before reading. Simple as that. You're not the first person to do it. I get that you're a Tyla fan. It's easy to miss things

alexmakarski Jun 16

Just maybe he liked the fact that @tylarattray put a post saying "hate seeing my competitor get hurt" most likely not a like for being hurt. Instagram no need to bash on a kid

alexmakarski Jun 16

He just wanted the world to know he was the first to like

aaronbrandt75 Jun 17

@alexmakarski too true

shaylee1223 Jun 17

Thats sick

leeroyemslie Jun 17

Nice pic! Mx is one crazy sport , let's hope we hear some good news in the coming days for JR🙏

maria_landthaler Jun 17


raz0rs_edg3 Jun 17

Get it!

tylarattray Jun 2

Love these 2 so much! 💗💗 @samantharattray

traceylumgair Jun 2

I tried FT you guys this morning! Will try tomorrow again. 😊😊😊😊

sam__williamson Jun 2

Lucky guy! They are pretty rad!! 😊

leeroyemslie Jun 3

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ratterree17 Jun 19

Srry to bother u haha but we are like second cousins haha @samantharattray.

ratterree17 Jun 19

I even have are family symbol and everything.@samantharattray

ratterree17 Jun 19


leeroyemslie Jun 23

@samantharattray @tylarattray I'm also a cousin

tylarattray May 26

Good day at the uk gp yesterday. Still got work to do. But we will get there! 💪👍 4thoverall

ksep191 May 26


andreaciro71 May 26

Good Tyla push more

remy164 May 26

Good race Tyla! Keep going!

dstar2one May 26

Was good to see you again bud and have a chat, need to make a plan to come ride with you soon @tylarattray

samantharattray May 26

So proud of you!!! ❤️

leeroyemslie May 26

Keep flying that SA flag bru👍 good job💪

alex2wheels May 26

@tylarattray Great job China ! Cheers

adamcianciarulo May 26

@tylarattray Awesome bru!!

turkx1 May 26

I came over to MXDN in 2006 and was impressed by you then... Wow, you are simply awesome :-)

aldenchambers75 May 26

Dude I was watching it u looked good

shaunwhite111 May 26

Awesome 👍

sam__williamson May 26

We were watching you on tv tyla!!! ✊👏

jaredjstar25 May 26

I watched it yesterday u were killing it!!! Good luck this year!

michael_de_vos Jun 4

Great ride Tyla, was good to see you back in the uk!

tylarattray May 13

Great shot from massimo last weekend in Spain.

eddiejking22 May 13

@tylarattray liking that husky?

markgold May 13

Great picture ....

joecoates2 May 13

Yeah @eddiejking22

jo_swanepoel May 13

Woohoooo Ratterssss @tylarattray

antoceemeceskater May 13

In talavera?

jack_arch1 May 13


leeroyemslie May 13

I hope this isn't the only time we see u Infront of 222..

krazykev9 May 13

Go team Husky #angelspringspowersports #teamhusky

landervs May 14

I had a deja vu, Remember te battle for the world title in MX2 class with tonio! I think in 2008 in mallory. That was a crazy battle dude.

thesangst523 Jun 14

@tylarattray rad pic bru!! Keep it going

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