Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team 2013

Darryn Durham


#44 Darryn Durham

Motorcycle: Kawasaki KX™250F
Number/Class: #44 AMA Supercross Lites, #44 AMA Motocross Lites
Age: 24
Residence: Murrieta, CA.
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 155
Marital Status: Single

Career Highlights

A broken foot at the first round of the AMA Supercross Lites East series while battling for the lead put an end to his title hopes. During the AMA Motocross 250cc series Durham could always be found near the front of the pack and collected two top-five finishes to end the season with 10th overall.

Durham had an up and down season that was plagued with crashes. He would miss most of the AMA Supercross Lites East series but had multiple top-ten finishes in the AMA Motocross 250cc series to finish 13th overall.

In his rookie season Durham had a consistent year where he finished as high as fourth to complete the AMA Supercross Lites East series in 10th overall. In the AMA Motocross 250cc class he showed impressive speed on multiple occasions and finished the series in 12th overall.

Durham was the 2008 AMA Horizon Award Winner and won the Lites A Pro Sport Championship at the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s.



Darryn Durham Instagram

darryndurham Aug 29

I didn't race in this helmet much because it is too damn awesome to ever get roosted. The #wizard helmet. #tbt #2010 #volcom

jacob.gillies Aug 29

damn bro Aug 29

That is sick!

bschempp Aug 29

That's so dope!

mike_earnest123 Aug 29


imnutzz164 Aug 29

@lurch304 @bryce_krispies1

jakechandler81 Aug 29


broom486 Aug 29

Wizards @scottiealexander

mariohsoodope Aug 29


brad_bicsak Aug 29

If your winning u won't ever get roasted wich u will be

garrettmendes252 Aug 29


i_rebel12 Aug 29


ddhalpain Aug 29

@klavicka @shortstack_132

a_wax Aug 29


srhode_81 Aug 29

lazor katz

theseven2three Aug 29


ne47 Aug 29

#KillingIT 👊

tatummayumi Aug 29

@i_rebel12 Sweeeeeeeet!!!

bmeade147 Aug 29

@dawsonstark91 fresh as fak

jojowrangler_ Aug 29

So dope

ryneswanberg Aug 29

That is the dopest helmet job ever. Fauck.

8codi9vega7 Aug 29

Wizard sleeve

burnz555 Aug 29


pattern33 Aug 29


m66productions Aug 29

Holy shit dude 😍😍😍😍

brant_durham Aug 29

I wore that one went we went go karting 😂😂

jeffa317 Aug 29

@mattu521 @montemcgrath @tyler387

shawnca Aug 29

That was hands down one of the sickest helmets ever @darryndurham

chaseyocom Aug 29

That is dopeeeee

vdcheathens Aug 29

#Wizardry4Lyfie cunts get turned into cats like that @darryndurham

patrickfarris32 Aug 29

Ride the tiger you can see his stripes but you know he's clean!

carloc97 Aug 29

those volcom lids were so sweet!

hawkins379 Aug 29


ryan507 Aug 29

The sickest helmet in the world

ryan507 Aug 29


d_tovar Aug 29


berni131 Aug 29


aaronjamnik Aug 29

Fuckin dope

bronson905 Aug 29

@taggerdesigns #taggerdesigns #screamingcreative

darryndurham Aug 25

The first open face helmet to set the fastest lap time ever on the new Pole Position track. Hard to focus the camera but I had @joshhansen100 focused on my times #openface #rolloffs

_littlepiratexo Aug 25


eric_j_palmer Aug 25

Mario kart on shrooms...

motoduff Aug 25

Picture qualities pretty solid

alexahpearson124 Aug 25


joshhansen100 Aug 25


darryndurham Aug 21

If everyone else in California has wiper blades as shot as mine, I understand why nobody knows how to drive in the rain.

jessejames_954 Aug 21

Just stick your head out the window lol

mezakid172 Aug 21

@darryndurham it's crazy how it started raining for so long that's rare here in Cali

bigdaddyyjake Aug 21


thall767 Aug 21

Just ride your bike to the hills bro

_littlepiratexo Aug 21

Bahahaha same thing here in Arizona!

motoman10 Aug 21

California is full of shitty dumb ass drivers @darryndurham just dont go to AZ because they are worse lol 😂😂

jlomeli137 Aug 21

Ace Ventura that shit DD

brianwilkinson Aug 21

Same shit here

handy417 Aug 21

😂😂 shit up here in WA we got water skis as wiper blades haha @darryndurham 💦☔️☔️☔️

georgiaalbertson Aug 21

@darryndurham or they are all typing and instagramming because is a one off! Lol

goddessjohnnie Aug 21

Where are you in Cali that it's raining?

markopolo1992 Aug 21

Was pouring In elsinor today

tommyb172 Aug 21

Hahahahahah @georgiaalbertson

ryneswanberg Aug 21

Damn I need to fly to Cali

borky_ Aug 22


darryndurham Aug 18

This is just depressing.. I grew up racing #steelcity since I was 4 yrs old and now the hills are green for the first time since the 80's. Lots of #memories here and it's a bummer that we won't be spinning laps here again! Rip in Peace 💀

vargus21 Aug 18

I didn't know they flattened the place after they dropped the national. That sucks.

nicksonfirst Aug 18

Should anyone tell him what rip means?

bsharff150 Aug 18


chris_tedesco Aug 18

They just did it a few days ago @vargus21

mxcrazymom Aug 18

@darryndurham This is how my son feels about Pala! All Great things come to an End! Miss seeing the Black PA van rolling up to the booth! Have fun in the PA Double D!

jake.morris Aug 18

@nicksonfirst lol

kcamps301 Aug 18

@nicksonfirst I believe he was going for a pun, ya know like rip on a dirt bike

whittheshit333 Aug 18

I'm sorry for your loss 😘

rz636 Aug 18

@zachfiscus 😩

nicksonfirst Aug 18

@kcamps301 never thought of that. How poetic

rz636 Aug 18

Sucks to see this. This is the first national I been to as a youngin.

zachfiscus Aug 18

@rz636 wow... What a sad site, few good trips up there with you homie

bridegrayy Aug 18

Wow I can't believe they did that

garrettoth Aug 18


stroupyy Aug 18

Crazyy shitt homiee

chieffeef858 Aug 18

Dude :( what a shame

alexahpearson124 Aug 18

I'll miss that place! First podium there thanks to you!

nynetwo9 Aug 18


nynetwo9 Aug 18


simon_ocampo Aug 18

Hopefully this doesn't happen to southwick

bcotton792 Aug 18

Dude this has been happening WAYYYY TO MUCH lately! Tracks are shutting down left and right now a days....tracks that have a lot of childhood memories on them, including mine 😫😖😥

orapp614 Aug 18

@darryndurham it's crazy my dad raced at the first ever race there. Nuts

gasolineroots317 Aug 18

That sucks ass

goat46nesbitt Aug 18

Sucks ass

_littlepiratexo Aug 18

Why would they get rid of it? @darryndurham

relicroger Aug 18

I'm gonna cry....

zjh624 Aug 18


a_emory38 Aug 18

I feel ya, I grew up riding this track too

chuckenscoe Aug 18

That's weak @darryndurham they should at least shit can Utah. What a joke.

bdub894 Aug 18


mamapitzz Aug 18

Thank you for depressing me.. First n last time at steel city a few years ago with good old @imccue66, it was fun, high point takes the win with burning camp sites.

bigbakes167 Aug 18

Damn no way! 👎

fain100 Aug 18

@motoninja212 @nathanbass101

bschepdael Aug 18

In belgium whe only heave 3 more tracks left of 15!!!!!!!all closed for bird spotters..........

tomparsons930 Aug 18

Steel City was so awesome. I always did the Am days before the national.

coltonhaaker Aug 18

That's a bummer.. My condolences homie! RIP

elementmx Aug 18

Whaa? I didnt know it was closing

laramie680 Aug 18


joshsmelser850 Aug 18

That makes me sick to my stomach!

giegsey Aug 18

Such a bummer. My first pro race was at steel city. Good memories and some bad ones too.

bradpearson_424 Aug 18

Why? 😭😭😭😪

jwinn509 Aug 18


fendley731 Aug 18

Such a bummer. Was always one of my favorite tracks

scottsepkovic Aug 18

Bummer, many memories for me too.

dabraapman Aug 18

That was a great track

stevenclarke511 Aug 18

@chrisclarke511 😱😱😔😔 loved this place @darryndurham

_alicarmichael Aug 18


mikey410pres Aug 18

That just killed my buzz 😔

mikesmith_994 Aug 18

Fucking bullshit. Legendary

jp_money250 Aug 18


sethgoheen_10 Aug 18

@jbhoss504 damn...

ah387 Aug 18

Sad to see it go.

rusch26 Aug 18


brensterb_boi51 Aug 18

What the load!!!! @b_radboi

b_radboi Aug 18

WTLSL!!! @brensterb_boi51

mxrewind_zach Aug 18

@simon_ocampo it wont, its been bought out by alias owner Grondel and will be open as an am track next year with plans for gps or mxon on year.

jimimorrison14 Aug 18

Hit up @prostylemx track

simon_ocampo Aug 18

Good to hear, hopefully a mxon that would be awesome @mxrewind_zach

mxrewind_zach Aug 18

@simon_ocampo yeah its my local track and it was so bad to hear it closed when it did

simon_ocampo Aug 18

Same, I'm from revere next to Boston @mxrewind_zach

prodigy318 Aug 18

Noooo fn' way!!

bustbigmedia Aug 18

Can't even double tap that. One of the hardest things I've gone thru trying to let my steel city go. 20 years straight never missed a national

imnutzz164 Aug 18

@lurch304 @bryce_krispies1 @kodegreen @mkozz117 @sullyscrubbin

adambernard57 Aug 18

@megerinxo :(

kpulley821 Aug 18

@armoredgraphix @armoredgraphixinc @frosty601 just like the 418ranch #mx #memories #rip #bringitback

novs321 Aug 18


davidkellydotco Aug 18

Sad shit @mxkromel30 @ryan358kelly @shucky414 @cody_shuckhart

mxrewind_zach Aug 18

@simon_ocampo im from fall river mass shoot me a follow so i could dm.

quadracer71186 Aug 18

It a shame that was a fun track

clarky294 Aug 19

@darryndurham its real sad. I live north of butler. Had been going to that national ever since I was a kid. This is sad . #ripsteelcity

tbarlow193 Aug 19

Lots of racing and memories here I'll miss that track @darryndurham @shucky414

ginkel989 Aug 19

Loved watching the #95 tear this place apart @darryndurham one of my favorite tracks to race for sure

milby721 Aug 19

Man. I grew up an hour away from there, Raced a few amateurs there and didn't miss a national since 95. I'm bummin big time. Didn't think they would shut it down even for local races, anyone know why?

colby0614 Aug 19

@zjh624 that's depressing as fuck!

hibbert.76 Aug 19


steven_c324 Aug 19


ryank_423 Aug 20

So many memories , good times , and great races--- such a shame. Someone needs to buy it and bring it back to the legendary track it was.

scalamita301 Aug 21


rutslutrippa937 Aug 22

@bigd663 @stunna_641 @sreckovich52 @vin_murphy @

stunna_641 Aug 22

Wait wtf @rutslutrippa937

rutslutrippa937 Aug 22

@stunna_641 she's gone loved that track

sreckovich52 Aug 22

Heartbreaking @rutslutrippa937

mblasko26 Aug 25

@darryndurham #sucksass

rhurren505 Aug 29


jrhurren Aug 29

@rhurren505 what a bummer. Hate hearing some people say "good riddance" and whatnot because they didn't like the track. Another national caliber place going away...

rhurren505 Aug 29

Only went there a few times but I have a lot of memories of that place @jrhurren

khines545 Aug 30

Such a bummer @darryndurham

darryndurham Aug 17

Excited to go home and see the family next week! I need a dose of the east coast. #pittsburgh

mondore22 Aug 17

You're a great racer keep it up!

colten_boswell_8 Aug 17

Keep up the great work @darryndurham

_littlepiratexo Aug 17


sethgoheen_10 Aug 17

Is your dads number still the same bro?

c_coffee Aug 17


briana.moon Aug 17

are you still in Pittsburgh??

_littlepiratexo Aug 17

It says he will be in Pittsburgh next week 👍

brant_durham Aug 17

When u coming home? @darryndurham

moore_on Aug 17

Mt. Washington brah @darryndurham

sickmotopictures Aug 17

Check my page

kaylamack93 Aug 17


craracer Aug 17

You going to do riding at any local track

rudeboy17 Aug 17


gudat71 Aug 17

Ahhh,.. The Burgh !! Yenz, WDVE & Primanti Bros !!

thereal922 Aug 19

Can't wait to rip with u bro @darryndurham

luke_himler_ Aug 19

@darryndurham text me

darryndurham Aug 15

I should be rolling thru the airport right now, but I'm not.. I've made the decision to sit out this weekend to get back to 100% before hitting the racetrack. #gutted I hope to be back out there soon! ✊

nate_blanchette Aug 15

We will miss seeing you at the races @darryndurham I've followed you since you were on 11 ten mods Honda and you gave me a signed front fender at Southwick in 2013 made my day and have been bummed not seeing you out racing

_littlepiratexo Aug 15

Difficult choice I'm sure but definitely for the best! You'll be ready next race 👍🙌

math_f1gures Aug 15

Rest up man, no worries we want you at 100% WFO

theseven2three Aug 15

No worries we still behind ya Dale!!

mondore22 Aug 15

Does your head still hurt from the whiplash?

qdogg691 Aug 15

Dang man, track is gonna be sick!!

bagsbr Aug 15

You could take a trip to Montana :) relax here haha! Hope you feel better ❤️

andyt_151 Aug 15


kkeefer120 Aug 15

Still fun to watch you ride dude. Keep your head up because that sick ass style that you have will be unleashed for everyone to see very soon. @darryndurham

colt_147 Aug 15

@darryndurham you will be crushing them be the time sx rolls around!

darryndurham Aug 15

@kkeefer120 thanks brotha! I appreciate it. Any riding plans this weekend?

kkeefer120 Aug 15

Might rip a sand track Sunday. You need to come up after a rain and shred some dez tracks. @darryndurham

shaneheinle Aug 15

I popped a boner today @darryndurham

chuckenscoe Aug 15

Smart move @darryndurham

cindygodbout Aug 19

Miss seeing you on the racetrack, hopefully you're doing better ! 🏁4⃣5⃣🏁

darryndurham Aug 13

Turndown Tuesdays! I love testing the laws of physics ⚡️ 🎥 @prodigy318 #turndowntuesday #havemorefun

deanwilson15 Aug 13

That pic is dopee @darryndurham

johnnylouch Aug 13


borky_ Aug 13

Redefining Newtons law, all three of em!

brant_durham Aug 13

Darryns a fag!

thall767 Aug 13

Bad dude

_littlepiratexo Aug 13


theartofmoto Aug 13

What goes up must come down 🍎

halkellysteve Aug 13


lsmith817 Aug 13

🙈🙈🙈 @halkellysteve

cindygodbout Aug 19


devilsbeauty Aug 26


darryndurham Aug 12

Part 2.. Flying Veeeee!! Coach Bombay taught me well. 📷@codym49

jeffnix_screaminzero Aug 12

Omf'ng first like ... darryn will u have my baby and shit !!!!

jamaki604 Aug 12

I watched the first one the other day. Nice reference

jordanrammon Aug 12


_littlepiratexo Aug 12

Watching that now!!! Haha Classic.

everyones_favorite_ging Aug 12

@hands_of_zeus that caption tho

adamjones760 Aug 12

Was this in practice? I thought I saw you down when I was watching the live stream

jose_sanchez54 Aug 12


iceman_559 Aug 12

This ain't real

mikeyp851 Aug 12

Quack, quack Mr Ducksworth

djeduardodeleon Aug 12

La verdad que tu eres el rey de los chotas de la 250, monta patines mejor

lisakmoore123 Aug 12

Oh geeze!! R u ok?

jpolentz37 Aug 12

Haha @iamfoxy428

prodigy318 Aug 12


dannystu Aug 12

Was that first or second practice? 🙈 idiot haha good seein you man wish the weekend could have gone a little better for ya

codym49 Aug 12

I not sure, but looking back at the pictures I believe it was second practice @dannystu

yz450f_19 Aug 19


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