Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team 2013

Blake Baggett

#4 Blake Baggett

DoB: 03/31/1992
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 135 lbs
Hometown: Grand Terrace, CA
Bike: Kawasaki KX250F

Career Highlights

2012AMA 250 National Motocross Champion

Secured multiple AMA Supercross Lites East podiums and captured wins in Daytona and Las Vegas on his way to fifth overall in the series. The momentum continued into AMA Motocross 250cc series where he achieved the most overall wins of the field and ended the championship in third place.

Captured an AMA Supercross Lites win in his rookie season at the Dallas SX. Finished sixth overall in the AMA Supercross Lites East Region. AMA Motocross Lites season cut short with an injury at Budds Creek.

In his last year as an amateur, Baggett earned his second career championship at the prestigious AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s. Earned the highly competitive 250A/ Pro Sport championship with a 1-2-1 finish.

Baggett earned three championships including his first title at the esteemed AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s in 2008.







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blakebaggett4 Apr 16

Reduced prices for BB merchandise! go and get yours now! #blakebaggett #merchandise #sale #chupacabra

jshow88 Apr 16

Miss you bro, hope all is good! @blakebaggett4

filthe158 Apr 16

Things are gonna be sellin off the hook when moto starts. Can't wait!

jbird715 Apr 16

Dude...I can say without a doubt in my mind. El chupacabra is going to win the nationals.

nathan_moto14 Apr 16


blakebaggett4 Apr 11

Went to war against a Glen Helen rock yesterday, rock was the winner.. #fleshwoundfriday. @iainsouthwell

chrispass18 Apr 11

Damn buddy

strokov747 Apr 11

@blakebaggett4 noo😭😨

zbfreeride Apr 11

Damn bro!

ally_ashleigh Apr 11

OMG Blake!

alexbeasley18 Apr 11


tjs962 Apr 11


tjs962 Apr 11


tjs962 Apr 11


jrush318 Apr 11

Look like a UFC fighter!!!!

racesocal Apr 11

Did it go through your goggles @blakebaggett4 ?

alexcarrillo21 Apr 11


paul_blomgren Apr 11

You know have a nice MMA scar πŸ‘. How the hell did that rock make it through the goggle?

126ofwilcox Apr 11

Damn! ???? Helmet an goggles???

spam14h Apr 11

Fuck.. @dumpstin231

shirley_128 Apr 11

@radshirley @czesiger754 @st3v3nw4yn3 @rustyshacclford

slowbagger Apr 11

Damn! Feel better soon bro.

jacksparrow25 Apr 11

Noooooo @blakebaggett4

bradcavill Apr 11

Omg heal up fast dude!

adubbble Apr 11

Oh man! Brutal...

bradylowe9 Apr 11


tylerhoar98 Apr 11


dillonhoar210b Apr 11


vettelove84 Apr 11


isaacmx211 Apr 11

get well soon TEAM GREEN

verrone Apr 11

@afmangabeira caralho

ccardoso317 Apr 11

Ouch bro😨

masonwaylnad Apr 11


j_maginn Apr 11

Should have used super glue @gffbss

holmesracing Apr 11

I've got one in the same place from my bars

sebastien_gomes Apr 11

@jeycrunch724 putain de merde celui qui me dit que y'a pas de cailloux au us

kellimillertime Apr 11

That's gnarly.

5one7films Apr 11

@bigcappy10 @gavin_foy144

kawigirl0305 Apr 11


kailee22mx Apr 11


kawirider49 Apr 11


kawirider49 Apr 11


earlmay82 Apr 11


shane822 Apr 11

Hey me now we are stitch brothers cause I had to get stitches at Glen Helen also lol

zg897 Apr 11


craig_powell77 Apr 11

@todd_russell91 @rturner18

kaylamack93 Apr 11

Holy crap! Hope not to much pain ! Get well

gotiteasy Apr 11

Get well soon!

lukasyamaha160 Apr 11


gennusa15 Apr 11

@mike_daniele_21 @tgennusa

kurva_vs Apr 11


spinney682 Apr 11

Get well bud! @blakebaggett4

brandont908 Apr 11


lebel402 Apr 11

@pro857 @lebel412 ouch!

seven1two Apr 11

Rock 1 face 0

landon1550 Apr 11

Are you still racing

2wheelrider Apr 11


codyboyer Apr 11


choppermike76 Apr 11

Chicks dig scars your good!

therealchrisandrews Apr 11

Get well soon man...preying for ya!!

lindsymalinoski Apr 11

Oh Blake!! 😱😱 Get well soon, buddy!

foxracing_66 Apr 11

Are you still going to shred this weekend in Seattle

therealchrisandrews Apr 11

.....really? @foxracing_66

therealchrisandrews Apr 11


dbkblake_316 Apr 11

@dbk_nate118 @dbknick_718 @ess_35

kburgess484 Apr 11

@alexhughes447 @babich180

alexwissler Apr 11

@shrum217 @ferrara_16

themitchture557 Apr 11


mackencw Apr 11


tomson265 Apr 11

@moi301 @fisher922 @tim_palmer

jepskie25 Apr 11

Get well soon bro

courtnilynn Apr 11

Break out the brow liner @k_shai πŸ˜‚

fred_787 Apr 11


logangough_24 Apr 11


roley_1 Apr 11


green450 Apr 11


charlie_hutchinson Apr 11


dmoney917 Apr 11

Don't piss me off, next time we ride and you are behind me, this could be you! Hahaha @pirateslife341

vurbwes Apr 11

Holy ouch

pirateslife341 Apr 11

Hahaha oww.

matt729 Apr 11

@blakebaggett4 must have been coming fast don't even look like you were wearing goggles dang

vinnie_109 Apr 11


damon259 Apr 11

@ryanglasgow98 @dustyklatt @turner247

fastlane225 Apr 11

@kfdesigns @brandi_milligan

matti_tama Apr 11


rugbyismylifeftw Apr 11

I swear all pro riders have goggles

moi301 Apr 11

Chicks dig scars @fisher922 @tomson265 @tim_palmer

free759 Apr 11

@rider_girl_15 Γ§a me rappelle quelque chose lol

manny_dulligan Apr 11


connerkusturin Apr 11

Damn man, heal up

ryguy9061 Apr 11


cracksmith92 Apr 11


lukeb11rocks Apr 11

Feel better

dunnaraine Apr 11

Ouch πŸ™ˆ

austinmedley Apr 11

Nice scratch man! Hope you get to feelin better

justinpischke Apr 11


kx250frida Apr 11

Damn dude.

pinkgrayracing Apr 11


jennifermariee_xo Apr 11


trinamceuen Apr 11

Ouch! Get to feeling better! @blakebaggett4

tex6 Apr 11


sickler27 Apr 12


motomom_36 Apr 12

That sucks

rossnorby70 Apr 12


mx_332 Apr 12

@tunaz28 just like Hopkins

tunaz28 Apr 12

Ouch @mx_332

claire_hudson5 Apr 12


jablonskimx289 Apr 12


pdmc32x Apr 12


mevans3131 Apr 12


motomandp Apr 12

How does that happen with goggles on??

nooough Apr 12

Let's NOT make #fleshwoundfriday a thing.

rider_girl_15 Apr 12

@free759 oui moi aussi mais lui c'est un peu plus important

cubegleamer Apr 12

Dang! That looks bad. We'll at least you'll have one of those tough looking scars through the eyebrow.

hdn2mtb Apr 12

Dang! @k_shai will need to lend you her eyebrow pencil 😜

spresutti960 Apr 12


ryandew54 Apr 12

@pdmc32x man that sucks!

bowlds_22 Apr 13


socalcasey Apr 13

Man, can you not get a break?!?!?! Hope you're feeling better soon bud πŸ‘

courtneybriley05 Apr 13

My dad says looks like you were breaking up a dog fight haha @blakebaggett4

corneliusbruce Apr 13

Kiley says get better soon.

rachelshuff3 Apr 14

I'm so sorry this happed to you! Please get well soon! I'm glad it wasn't really serious! Keep up being the best rider in history! Your my number 1! Love watching you fly.

alejoespinosa281 Apr 14

@johan58 @chucho259

blakebaggett4 Apr 4

First day of outdoor testing Track was awesome thank you rain πŸ˜‰β˜”οΈ@pcraceteam @iainsouthwell @monsterenergy @thormxofficial @ridedunlop @alpinestars @officialleatt @wristbraceguy @iamspecialized @srammtb @socalsupertrucks @scottmotosports

kogrom Apr 4

@blakebaggett4 Glen Helen!!

jgextracts Apr 4

@patternseeking jesus do want.

kyleharkabus123 Apr 4

Can't wait for outdoors

jonbond527 Apr 4


jordan_jeanette368 Apr 4

A wet glen helen.. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

mattanaya Apr 4

Hey saw your pops tom in glenns shop today

baldwin695 Apr 4

Aren't you suppose to be in Texas @blakebaggett4 ??? News said they had a possible chupacabra siting!!

blakebaggett4 Apr 3

Check out the sweet event @iamspecialized is putting on #bicyclingspringclassic #iamspecialized.

twowheeldynasty Apr 3

Is their an age limit

like_the_wheel Apr 3

@twowheeldynasty there are actually discounted prices for younger riders, go to the registration website and check it out! @blakebaggett4 thanks for posting πŸ‘

twowheeldynasty Apr 3

@like_the_wheel thanks man appreciate it

capillac_66 Apr 3


nickkordana Apr 3


dylanjords Apr 3

Just bought my plane ticket @nickkordana

rickym31 Apr 3

@blakebaggett4 is it strickly road bikes?

aswanson84 Apr 3

@103dubfamily @mike_monroe183

blakebaggett4 Apr 2

White Wednesday ... @socalsupertrucks #snowday

joshuathomas51 Apr 2

Heck with snow lol @blakebaggett4

davehootchie Apr 2

Must be back in cali...I'm up here in arrowhead n there's snow everywhere

slasher200 Apr 2

Let's jet ski

jamiebist Apr 2

πŸ˜‚ @sethpatison116 dude are you high hahaha Theres snow in Cali

motocrossdominicano Apr 2


tommydallaire13 Apr 2


lukasfleury74 Apr 2

Y doit pas cutter @tommydallaire13

jackfield1 Apr 2

Shit that's not at riverside home is it? Il be over in couple weeks to do some tricks on the Trialsy at Rutherford and Vegas have to catch up for a ride if ya got time @blakebaggett4

brookie_5242 Apr 2

It's like 82 in Kentucky and Tennessee πŸ˜‚

lgm_motorsports Apr 3

The ponds full it's ready for Jet skiing let me know

blakebaggett4 Mar 26

@iainsouthwell had his work cut out for him after last weekend, but we regrouped and are ready for battle this weekend! #alittlebitbent #nothrottle #throttlerippedoff #BB4 #4 @pcraceteam @monsterenergy @thormxofficial @scottmotosports @alpinestars @officialleatt @wristbraceguy @ridedunlop @srammtb @iamspecialized @shockdoctor

motocross__boy Mar 26

@dalethewhale17 @ktmracer6

lucas_surdam Mar 26

Step up to the podium Saturday @blakebaggett4

dfrieze410 Mar 26

It will buff outπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚

putte745 Mar 26

@larzzan πŸ™ˆ

ryansmith831 Mar 26


five4one_ Mar 26

That thing looks beat... @iainsouthwell

natejanis39 Mar 26


donaldchilds512 Mar 26

ehh it looks fine

jennings128 Mar 26

Naw its good just loosen the triple clamps and straighten it up! Hahaha

dnasty621 Mar 26

So that's how you ride soo fast Blake, I gotta set my bike up like that lol @blakebaggett4

derek492 Mar 26

@iandretke @c_patt79 @whetzeljkoleton @j_hofer92

derekhopkins264 Mar 26

@jfrank353 thought I was bad

jfrank353 Mar 26

πŸ‘ Kinda looked like me after Daytona! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @derekhopkins264

derekhopkins264 Mar 26

or me at gatorback I lost my left gripπŸ˜‚ @jfrank353

thewyattbarker Mar 26

@tsimm00 ok you didn't bend my bars to the worst I've ever seen this defiantly takes the cake #shitwhipped

brodygant47 Mar 26


jacob_olivas15 Mar 26

@mattsdubarex @everyday_work

aphenson Mar 26

@grizzlybear421 worse than mine haha

cplumer Mar 26


cammcleod27 Mar 26


drash370 Mar 26

^im with this kid, damn dude! @blakebaggett4

mxspaggio_563 Mar 26

@danielesx22 @zanna525 @andrevez

brandonproulx56 Mar 26

what i don't see anything but a scratch

dclark445 Mar 26

Moto goes Nascar I bet it turns left really good! Lol

brycehodoras93 Mar 26


blkjohn221 Mar 26


matty429 Mar 26

@andrewp86 @eli_747 @nathan_169 pala all over again

eli_747 Mar 27


eduardoduboy Mar 27

Nao, o Twinwall nΓ£o entorta @edgarcamargo79 @divanir28 @fabiosandin

stevenmdavies Mar 27


jacob_verran Mar 27

That's not very good

ccs_32 Mar 27

@mdavidson78 Easily could have pushed it to 1st with his legs!!!

schoents Mar 27

Oh my god id be devastated if that was my bike but, it happens

tackett11 Mar 27

Dafuq @stevenmdavies

mt_701 Mar 27

@romaintonicello @paulmartinez26 #chiffon #tordu #cabanesurlechien

blacksmokemafia Mar 27

@366burnside he must of tried your pit road stunt

boekemeier Mar 27


ramzii_alfonso Mar 29

You fucking suck, you can't ride a bike with bent bars #poser

mattg312 Mar 29

Good luck tonight!

austinsmith421 Mar 29

You dont even fucking ride you bitch ass! @ramzii_alfonso

gmanpeters Mar 29

Like the @maximausa sign in the background

blakebaggett4 Mar 25

@cudby photo from Toronto | @monsterenergy @pcraceteam @kawasakionline @thormxofficial @scottmotosports @officialleatt @alpinestars @iamspecialized @srammtb @shockdoctor @ethika @socalsupertrucks | #sx #supercross #toronto #canada #blakebaggett #4

brasileiromx Mar 25


bootmangunna Mar 25

What place did he come N

ccardoso317 Mar 25


thezachshaffer Mar 25

@bootmangunna He didn't finish.

bootmangunna Mar 25

Damn all man thanks @thezachshaffer

blakebaggett4 Mar 25


rossjones43 Mar 25

@callumwilkins4 is that you?;)

callumwilkins4 Mar 25

I wish @rossjones43

eight_six_inds Mar 25

Why are you not winning ? Youre in-shape, super fast and experienced. Go Win. NOW

ryanrobles655 Mar 25

@eight_six_inds Blake's a beast you right!! Classes are stacked though.. id like to see a few more wins too from the #4

shah149 Mar 25

common blake, get a win!!..u noe u got it!

squints625 Mar 25

Look at ur tear off lol Good pic

peck_taylor326 Mar 26

Blake bagget the fagget

blakebaggett4 Mar 21

New road steady.... Thank you @iamspecialized @srammtb @sramroad #zippwheels #red22 #SRAM

jordanpowell37_ Mar 21

Wow she's beautiful 😍

socalsupertrucks Mar 21

That things badass!!!πŸ‘

brooksd625 Mar 21


hunterreynolds226 Mar 21


aa163 Mar 21

So sick. They make the best stuff

willsalazar34 Mar 21


rstone712 Mar 21


pochitomx Mar 21


timmyweigand Mar 21

You need green bar tape, unless you put red on to pass it over to meπŸ‘

slasher200 Mar 21


ktmjoe345 Mar 21

Nice bike

rathaddum Mar 21

They name that bike after two Taylor Swift songs?

justinsoule Mar 21

Venge with some 404's, that's a solid crit ride right there.

brookie_5242 Mar 23

Are you okay? I'm sure you'll do better next week!!! #teambaggett :)

woe_isnt_reid Mar 25


igetfreeshitbro Mar 27


loganvanway Apr 13

@sullivanway I hate Blake

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