Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team 2013

Blake Baggett

#4 Blake Baggett

DoB: 03/31/1992
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 135 lbs
Hometown: Grand Terrace, CA
Bike: Kawasaki KX250F

Career Highlights

2012AMA 250 National Motocross Champion

Secured multiple AMA Supercross Lites East podiums and captured wins in Daytona and Las Vegas on his way to fifth overall in the series. The momentum continued into AMA Motocross 250cc series where he achieved the most overall wins of the field and ended the championship in third place.

Captured an AMA Supercross Lites win in his rookie season at the Dallas SX. Finished sixth overall in the AMA Supercross Lites East Region. AMA Motocross Lites season cut short with an injury at Budds Creek.

In his last year as an amateur, Baggett earned his second career championship at the prestigious AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s. Earned the highly competitive 250A/ Pro Sport championship with a 1-2-1 finish.

Baggett earned three championships including his first title at the esteemed AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s in 2008.







Blake Baggett Instagram

blakebaggett4 Jul 25

Autograph signing tonight 6-7pm Pro Caliber Motorsports 10703 NE Fourth Plain Rd. Vancouver, WA 98662 Photo @cudby | @monsterenergy @pcraceteam @kawasaki @thormxofficial @alpinestars @scottmotosports @officialleatt @wristbraceguy @shockdoctor @iamspecialized @srammtb @ridedunlop

grata_cul Jul 25


camspam Jul 25

I'll be the first in line :)

caleb858 Jul 25


andrewsanchez124 Jul 25

Makin that #4 #plate look #epic @blakebaggett4 keep up the hard #laps and hard #motos #braaap

calismail_ Jul 25

It's really muddy here out at the track

baggettsis Jul 25

Hahahaha @camspam πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

mx_editz_002 Jul 25

In Vancouver?

taylorslocum23 Jul 25

I'll be there πŸ‘

kaylamack93 Jul 25

Goodluck Blake ! πŸπŸπŸ’―

boyracer2 Jul 25

Good luck

tylerhagerman4 Jul 26

Hey Blake.. Coming from Salem Oregon. If you could stay at Pro Caliber for an extra 30minutes I would be so happy. I was begging a ton of people to take me and I finally got someone to take me and we'll be there at 7:12 according to the GPS. I'd really appreciate it if you'd stay for a bit longer. Thanks for considering - Tyler

tylerhagerman4 Jul 26

Got there at 7:02... Darn

yan_tubias Jul 26


finfinley123 Jul 26


mattyboo58 Jul 27

@blakebaggett4 check ur DM man sent a vid from today

lucawalter12 Jul 27


max.biederbeck Jul 27


blakebaggett4 Jul 25

Just got my USADA test results back that were taken at Thunder Valley. To see the whole report, visit

jackdrogan734 Jul 25


bps338 Jul 25

Aye! El chupacabra is clean

jordonnwomack Jul 25

That's dope πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

knel_ Jul 25

People are hating @blakebaggett4 , we just had RZR front sway bar outlawed in the Lucas oil regional series because it was too good.

picchbike Jul 25

@blakebaggett4 is clean...of course! It's about the integrity and respect for the sport. Way to represent @blakebaggett4 @vurbmoto @vitalmx

coreynorth Jul 25

@knel_ seriously..,about the sway bar? I run GORs in Georgia in my xp1k.

th3kidd225 Jul 25

@jakebergonia57 it was aderall and it's funny that your taking a picture with him..

dbxtn346 Jul 25

Calling him out @jakebergonia57 ^^πŸ‘

timcaruso Jul 25

Want some salsa?

knel_ Jul 25

Ya @coreynorth it's a shame. We're working in getting it resolved though. Lucas deemed it illegal because on page 1 of the rulebook it says "anything not stated in the rulebook will be considered illegal", which is a bullshit rule because they don't say you can run aftermarket shocks or axles and everyone does.

dylaningram413 Jul 25

Come over to smiths corner and hang with me☺️

dbauer428 Jul 25

@blakebaggett4 time to step up to the 450 class. Then you will need some drugs...!!! Ha ha

blakebaggett4 Jul 22

Traction is the πŸ”‘ to Winning and fun. Thanks @ridedunlop for always hooking me up moto and now street! πŸ‘

noahbroc737 Jul 22

fat tits

scottnoblemx852 Jul 22

@blakebaggett4 bring her over tonight lets see those bad boys in action !

justincpower Jul 22

fat tits

lancecoury Jul 22

Dude, send me my set!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀

datbearsfandoe24 Jul 22

I saw u at comp today man u were shreddin

mike_gonz Jul 22

Yea Blake

patrickblanch2 Jul 22

What place did u get in millville @blakebaggett4

tjtaylor926 Jul 22

Thanks for flagging people off that jump for me @blakebaggett4

landoncurrier Jul 23


ali_fricken_tee Jul 23

@blakebaggett4 what kind of roady do u ride?

jrod_racing Jul 23

Pics of the street machine!

blakebaggett4 Jul 13

Budds Creek 2014 | Photo: @cudby | @pcraceteam @kawasaki @thormxofficial @scottmotosports @alpinestars @ridedunlop @iamspecialized @srammtb @socalsupertrucks @wristbraceguy @shockdoctor @renthal_moto | #buddscreek #motocross #mx #moto #blakebaggett

ben_dalton10 Jul 13


kaws51 Jul 13

Thanks for the jersey.... I knew your your great gram Madge @blakebaggett4

bsharff150 Jul 13

Keep it Rollin kid

cory_hollander573 Jul 13

Amazing ride, keep it up! @blakebaggett4

randaddy27 Jul 13

Congrats buddy!!

randaddy27 Jul 13


socalsupertrucks Jul 13

Keep it up my man, you got this!!! πŸ‘

kaylamack93 Jul 13

Congrats! I'm so pumped for you! Can't wait to see you and kel next weekend πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

vurbcamps Jul 13

Congrats killing it!

shah149 Jul 13

the man killing the yammie campaign! @blakebaggett4 @rudy_aka

adamj193 Jul 13

Hope you enjoyed the air horn in your face turn before the drop off !!! βœŠπŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸ‘ŠβœŠbrapppp !!! @blakebaggett4

ottly_oj Jul 13

I knew you were gonna take it! @blakebaggett4

putterx Jul 13

Strong ride, keep the wins going #bb4

trekzookie Jul 13

You are a badass, love watching you race.

chris_woodward Jul 14

Your a beast!!!!!

crazycatmommy75 Jul 14

i love watching my cousin win 😊😊😊

neal_wheels Jul 19

I'm so bummed for you dude. You can't seem to catch a break with Bike problems. Keep your head up!

blakebaggett4 Jul 11

Tune in for the Buds Creek National this weekend @promotocross @monsterenergy @pcraceteam @thormxofficial @scottmotosports @ridedunlop @officialleatt @wristbraceguy @alpinestars @maximausa @kawasaki @kawasakionline

j._o._s._h Jul 11

I'm going

aeichlin140 Jul 11

Ill be there

shastaking17 Jul 11

@j3ffth0ma5 :o

randaddy27 Jul 11

@blakebaggett4 Good luck brother !

yoitsdjohn Jul 11

Get that shit man i wanna see you with another title @blakebaggett4

olliedenyer Jul 11


timcagledrywall Jul 11

@blakebaggett4 you got this !

justinpischke Jul 11

You wad up today??? @blakebaggett4

rickyhemme Jul 11


martiewellssup Jul 12

Finally somebody posts some useful information-sometimes you have to be a broadcast analyst to figure out where to see find good stuff

j3ffth0ma5 Jul 12

@shastaking17 you guys hitting Ikea today?

grinehart2 Jul 12

Hell yea top of the podium good job chupa

mneilson25 Jul 13

@blakebaggett4 congrats on the win and see you at Millville!!! I'll be rooting for you!

shah149 Jul 13

great ride at Bud Creek!! @blakebaggett4

blakebaggett4 Jul 1

Photo finish at Muddy Creek | Photo: @mxptv | @monsterenergy @pcraceteam @kawasaki @thormxofficial @scottmotosports @alpinestars @officialleatt @iamspecialized @srammtb @socalsupertrucks @shockdoctor @wristbraceguy @ridedunlop | #muddycreek #checkers #finish #2014 #blakebaggett

rm_rider175 Jul 1

Bro you just barely won

correr92 Jul 1

Key words "won" ^

minimerrick Jul 1

So true @rm_rider175

sandellzach Jul 1

@rm_rider175 if he had starts; nobody would have caught him and u know dis

matt.coleman Jul 1

Funny thing is he dont have starts and cooper does and cooper won @sandellzach

brightwell716 Jul 1


williams891 Jul 1

But at end of the moto who has the number 1 on the sheet? That is why you never give up and fight till the finish!

jlucio198 Jul 1

Last win for coop garentee bb4 well be working twice as hard now

taylor_titoni Jul 1

Ya @blakebaggett4 that was an epic steel man!!!! Great season.

rm_rider175 Jul 1

If that was true the why did copper web destroy him in the motor... they both had a good start.. @sandellzach

jacobmj16 Jul 1

That was a nice pass I was sitting right there

gordon147 Jul 1

There both amazing racers but a Yamaha just ain't gunna pull a kawi side by side in a rut srry just doesn't happen

cma671 Jul 1

@blakebaggett4 best race & pass of the day, watched it from right there beside the fence. βœŠπŸπŸ†

bighossmx11 Jul 2

Me too @cma671

putterx Jul 2

that was epic! Nicely done #bb4

noelege Jul 2

That race was straight down to the wire, El chupacabra was on fire... Way to take the win, I know that 1 put a smile on Mitch's face... 1 for the record books @blakebaggett4 too bad u can't run Stompgrip, miss u bud...

james151brown Jul 2

Bunch of fucken haters on here he puts fastest laps of the day in regularly on a 250 ? He won 5 in a row stop being fucken morons and give the guy credit this is only the begining BB ftw !

patkeller1 Jul 2

Great ride! Way to charge all the way to the finish!

dcoloni Jul 2

Please beat that fucking joker webb next week.

brookie_5242 Jul 3

I was SO excited when this happened! I was at the podium screaming "BLAKE WON!!!!!!! YES!!!!! EL CHUPACABRA IS BACK!!!!!"πŸ˜‚

ally_murdock13 Jul 3

I was there!

craighaydu Jul 3

Good luck this year. You are my favorite rider and I can't wait to see you win the outdoor title this year. Take Webb out next time haha

zoran949 Jul 6

Can't wait to see you and Jeremy go up against each other

blakebaggett4 Jun 27

Coming in for landing. Oh boy there's the track. Landing gear in the way of my shot on this puddle jumper. #propplane

axel_despain Jun 27


mxdirtlove Jun 27

Track looks great!

ridin_a_kawi713 Jun 27

Second @axel___despain

kbirish16 Jun 27

Red buuuuuud!

thesangst523 Jun 27

@kbirish16 that's not redbud!....

bcriz814 Jun 27

It muddy creek.. @kbirish16

tbiertzer22 Jun 27

LolπŸ˜‚ @kbirish16

kitsap_photos Jun 27

@kbirish16 isn't that mammoth

rylan_134 Jun 27

Psh no it's glen Helen @kbirish16

natopotato124 Jun 27

Nah guys its washougal

willieluvscruze Jun 27

Muddy. Creek ..kingsport tn

kawjumper201 Jun 27


frank_rm127 Jun 27

Muddy creek Blountville tn

xsims_93 Jun 27

It's muddy creek.

supaxr907 Jun 27

Its soo hot here to ....muddy creek , tn

kaylamack93 Jun 27

Celebrity status πŸ‘ good luck Blake

brookie_5242 Jun 27

I hope it doesn't rainπŸ™Good luck tomorrow!

torrez722 Jun 27

Yo, you forgot to pick me up.....

jdub4422 Jun 27

Muddy creek. Where i got my start on bike

alejandrofrancisco Jun 27


chris_woodward Jun 27

Let's see another overall !

randaddy27 Jun 27

@blakebaggett4 Good luck this weekend !

tbwheelieking Jun 27

This the life!! @live_2_ride13 @pastycakes25 @nn1992nn

olsonb211 Jun 28


ericlbzlaine Jun 28

Way cool !! never forget bringing u n ur dad to millvile in the road master super truck. Keep rippin.

dillon7887 Jun 28

Definitely not washougal. That's at the end of July. Much more trees and natural terrain.

ally_murdock13 Jun 30

I was at that race. U did awesome! Love u. @blakebaggett4

blakebaggett4 Jun 26

@timmyweigand teamed up with @taggerdesigns and @6dhelmets to create his own version of a @kurtcaselli66 #tributehelemet. This @kurtcaselli66 inspired helmet will be auctioned off on EBay beginning Monday June 30th in honor of Kurt's birthday. All proceeds will go to the @kc66foundation .

donna.canfield Jun 26

First Like and comment!

hurt247 Jun 26

That's so sick @ccotten1 @lexiquinn16 @brendonstarr30

muddininmurica Jun 26


jorgegonzalez22 Jun 26

Q talco bro @bambamm66

bambamm66 Jun 26

Arreeecho ayer lo estaba viendo @jorgegonzalez22

caden_smith121 Jun 26


bcotton792 Jun 26

#Ride4Kurt #66

_juliastockstad_ Jun 26

πŸ‘ #sick

trailerspecial Jun 27


biianca_pugas Jun 27

@juninhopugas919 poode me daar um desse!!! Kkkk

juninhopugas919 Jun 27


gw97 Jun 28


1vilopoto Jun 30

The new 6D helmet is so awesome

db118 Jul 5


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