Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team 2013

Blake Baggett

#4 Blake Baggett

DoB: 03/31/1992
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 135 lbs
Hometown: Grand Terrace, CA
Bike: Kawasaki KX250F

Career Highlights

2012AMA 250 National Motocross Champion

Secured multiple AMA Supercross Lites East podiums and captured wins in Daytona and Las Vegas on his way to fifth overall in the series. The momentum continued into AMA Motocross 250cc series where he achieved the most overall wins of the field and ended the championship in third place.

Captured an AMA Supercross Lites win in his rookie season at the Dallas SX. Finished sixth overall in the AMA Supercross Lites East Region. AMA Motocross Lites season cut short with an injury at Budds Creek.

In his last year as an amateur, Baggett earned his second career championship at the prestigious AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s. Earned the highly competitive 250A/ Pro Sport championship with a 1-2-1 finish.

Baggett earned three championships including his first title at the esteemed AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s in 2008.







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blakebaggett4 Aug 22

After morning press yesterday Kel and I went and did the raptor off road course. @k_shai @millermotorsportspark

cade_mc12 Aug 22

1st like!!

jacob_121_12 Aug 22

2 comment!!!

pantazes_87 Aug 22

Kroc this year ?? @blakebaggett4

motodad179_220 Aug 22


chadzulian Aug 22

Yeah buddy!!

millermotorsportspark Aug 22

@blakebaggett4 πŸ‘ Thanks for coming out to our @fordracingschool for a #RaptorAssault

npicchiottino Aug 22

Now he's gonna want one of those too!!

fordracingschool Aug 22

@blakebaggett4 Thanks for joining us for a #RaptorAssault with @chadzulian and company!! Best of luck tomorrow in @promotocross at @millermotorsportspark

johnrwilliamsiii Aug 23

@blakebaggett4 thanks for taking the time to check out the #raptorassault program. Glad you had a good time!

ben_ellz Aug 23

@thenewsimpledude haha Blake's cooler than you

clamslam Aug 23

@tshow38 @blakebaggett4 let's get some

luvsummerlove Aug 23

How fun

__mandymo__ Aug 23

@k_shai looks so impressed and sexy with that donut around her! 😜

k_shai Aug 23

@__mandymo__ doesn't he post the most attractive pictures of me?

landoncurrier Aug 23

Nice man πŸ‘Š

nanni21277 Aug 23

This is great. Never a dull moment with my grandson. Lol

torrez722 Aug 24

@k_shai looks pumped πŸ˜‚ how's he rope you into that?

jeremycurrie23 Aug 24

Post more riding videos

rogergriffin_62 Aug 25

Blake are you going to Glen Helen on Thursday. @blakebaggett4

handicappedhampster Aug 28

@blakebaggett4 what bike do u ride

blakebaggett4 Aug 22

Antelope Island- in the middle of salt lake. @k_shai and some monster bison.πŸƒ

lauren_meikle Aug 22


mgk505 Aug 22

Is this love that in feeling @blakebaggett4

cheyscott434 Aug 22

A great place to visit here in Utah.

brianwilkinson Aug 22

Dude those things are going to eat you guys for a snack!!

motodad179_220 Aug 22


miss_micala_layla12 Aug 22

@k_shai you look beautiful dear! 😊

breezylindsay Aug 23

Last time I was there, there was spiders EVERYWHERE!!!

k_shai Aug 23


chazmoto100 Aug 23

Of all the places in salt lake area to visit ha ha ha you picked a terrible one @blakebaggett4

kassymwolfe Aug 23

@k_shai where's the pic of you guys petting him? πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„

k_shai Aug 23

@kassymwolfe I tried... Bb wouldn't let me lol

luvsummerlove Aug 23

I lived 2 hrs from slc for four years I move and ur there figures lol

motodaddy44 Aug 23

Hey Blake come on up to Canada for a great fishing trip.

mduett211 Aug 23


nanni21277 Aug 23

Great pics.

themotobender Aug 23

Spotted in the wild, Matt before he moved into society @sasquatchbeast @adrianv207 @jonathan_camarena_

feliperestrepov Aug 25


blakebaggett4 Aug 17

It was a bit muddy yesterday to say the least. Moto on went down the first lap in 9th back to 14th after a pit for goggles. Moto 2 4th! @monsterenergy @pcraceteam @kawasakionline @scottmotosports @ridedunlop @thormxofficial @iainsouthwell @srammtb

joeytaylor24 Aug 17

@samwaterboy_35 @jordanmoore747

davi_wakelin_ Aug 17

We'll done @blakebaggett4 rip it hard!

pcabestany Aug 17

Gass @ignaciodemoragas @poleaultralitessx

sinab6262 Aug 17

@helpful_shoutz got me 1k

action_motocross Aug 17

@accountbuilders got me 1k

gateway86 Aug 17

Good job brotha!

maystephanie__ Aug 17

Thanks for your jersey after the second moto

socalsubs Aug 17

Love this picture @blakebaggett4

as_oficial Aug 17


devilsbeauty Aug 26


blakebaggett4 Aug 10

Buy any sweatshirt and receive a free t-shirt right now on #blakebaggett #merchandise

erikmatinez22 Aug 10


justinstarling Aug 10

Hmm, I think I will be doing this!

zdog636 Aug 10

Dude your chick is so hot. Damn

carterwayne7 Aug 10

Awesome will try

k_shai Aug 10

@justinstarling u get free ones silly goose!

anna_rubino Aug 10


ryan22williams Aug 10

Chupa cobra? @blakebaggett4

colin_skeoch117 Aug 10

@quick.shouts got me 1k

jcfreshsocks Aug 10

That was me ye'll chupacabra at the Washougal podium @blakebaggett4 Always impressive outdoor Championship!!

ccannon726 Aug 14

Go follow @moto_photos_vids for @zaysolis119 and @nathan_berge putting together some sick pictures and videos!!!

blakebaggett4 Jul 25

Autograph signing tonight 6-7pm Pro Caliber Motorsports 10703 NE Fourth Plain Rd. Vancouver, WA 98662 Photo @cudby | @monsterenergy @pcraceteam @kawasaki @thormxofficial @alpinestars @scottmotosports @officialleatt @wristbraceguy @shockdoctor @iamspecialized @srammtb @ridedunlop

therealalghisi Jul 25


camspam Jul 25

I'll be the first in line :)

caleb858dive Jul 25


andrewsanchez124 Jul 25

Makin that #4 #plate look #epic @blakebaggett4 keep up the hard #laps and hard #motos #braaap

calismail143 Jul 25

It's really muddy here out at the track

baggettsis Jul 25

Hahahaha @camspam πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

mx_editz_002 Jul 25

In Vancouver?

taylorslocum23 Jul 25

I'll be there πŸ‘

kaylamack93 Jul 25

Goodluck Blake ! πŸπŸπŸ’―

boyracer2 Jul 25

Good luck

tylerhagerman4 Jul 26

Hey Blake.. Coming from Salem Oregon. If you could stay at Pro Caliber for an extra 30minutes I would be so happy. I was begging a ton of people to take me and I finally got someone to take me and we'll be there at 7:12 according to the GPS. I'd really appreciate it if you'd stay for a bit longer. Thanks for considering - Tyler

tylerhagerman4 Jul 26

Got there at 7:02... Darn

yan_tubias Jul 26


finfinley123 Jul 26


mattyboo58 Jul 27

@blakebaggett4 check ur DM man sent a vid from today

skater_1_2_ Jul 27


max.biederbeck Jul 27


valeriomarsella Aug 3


beastmode_edits13 Aug 6

Hey blake! I make edits and wanted to know if u wanted one. DM me if u do please! Thanksn

westongiem_723 Aug 9

@helpful_shoutz got me 1k

mx101_rm85 Aug 11

@_.x.zoo.x._ my kik is brokein😟 can ye text me on google hangouts instead or i message?

_.x.zoo.x._ Aug 11

Okie dokie @therealmoto711

terry.fisher Aug 16

Are you flying??^^

joeybak93 Aug 19

Baco bagget @basstegeman

blakebaggett4 Jul 25

Just got my USADA test results back that were taken at Thunder Valley. To see the whole report, visit

jackdrogan734 Jul 25


bps338 Jul 25

Aye! El chupacabra is clean

jordonnwomack Jul 25

That's dope πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

knel_ Jul 25

People are hating @blakebaggett4 , we just had RZR front sway bar outlawed in the Lucas oil regional series because it was too good.

picchbike Jul 25

@blakebaggett4 is clean...of course! It's about the integrity and respect for the sport. Way to represent @blakebaggett4 @vurbmoto @vitalmx

coreynorth Jul 25

@knel_ seriously..,about the sway bar? I run GORs in Georgia in my xp1k.

th3kidd225 Jul 25

@jakebergonia57 it was aderall and it's funny that your taking a picture with him..

dbxtn346 Jul 25

Calling him out @jakebergonia57 ^^πŸ‘

timcaruso Jul 25

Want some salsa?

knel_ Jul 25

Ya @coreynorth it's a shame. We're working in getting it resolved though. Lucas deemed it illegal because on page 1 of the rulebook it says "anything not stated in the rulebook will be considered illegal", which is a bullshit rule because they don't say you can run aftermarket shocks or axles and everyone does.

dylaningram413 Jul 25

Come over to smiths corner and hang with me☺️

dbauer428 Jul 25

@blakebaggett4 time to step up to the 450 class. Then you will need some drugs...!!! Ha ha

blakebaggett4 Jul 22

Traction is the πŸ”‘ to Winning and fun. Thanks @ridedunlop for always hooking me up moto and now street! πŸ‘

noahbroc737 Jul 22

fat tits

scottnoblemx852 Jul 22

@blakebaggett4 bring her over tonight lets see those bad boys in action !

justincpower Jul 22

fat tits

lancecoury Jul 22

Dude, send me my set!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀

datbearsfandoe24 Jul 22

I saw u at comp today man u were shreddin

mike_gonz Jul 22

Yea Blake

patrickblanch2 Jul 22

What place did u get in millville @blakebaggett4

tjtaylor926 Jul 22

Thanks for flagging people off that jump for me @blakebaggett4

landoncurrier Jul 23


ali_fricken_tee Jul 23

@blakebaggett4 what kind of roady do u ride?

jrod_racing Jul 23

Pics of the street machine!

blakebaggett4 Jul 13

Budds Creek 2014 | Photo: @cudby | @pcraceteam @kawasaki @thormxofficial @scottmotosports @alpinestars @ridedunlop @iamspecialized @srammtb @socalsupertrucks @wristbraceguy @shockdoctor @renthal_moto | #buddscreek #motocross #mx #moto #blakebaggett

ben_dalton10 Jul 13


kaws51 Jul 13

Thanks for the jersey.... I knew your your great gram Madge @blakebaggett4

bsharff150 Jul 13

Keep it Rollin kid

cory_hollander573 Jul 13

Amazing ride, keep it up! @blakebaggett4

randaddy27 Jul 13

Congrats buddy!!

randaddy27 Jul 13


socalsupertrucks Jul 13

Keep it up my man, you got this!!! πŸ‘

kaylamack93 Jul 13

Congrats! I'm so pumped for you! Can't wait to see you and kel next weekend πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

vurbcamps Jul 13

Congrats killing it!

shah149 Jul 13

the man killing the yammie campaign! @blakebaggett4 @rudy_aka

adamj193 Jul 13

Hope you enjoyed the air horn in your face turn before the drop off !!! βœŠπŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸ‘ŠβœŠbrapppp !!! @blakebaggett4

ottly_oj Jul 13

I knew you were gonna take it! @blakebaggett4

putterx Jul 13

Strong ride, keep the wins going #bb4

trekzookie Jul 13

You are a badass, love watching you race.

chris_woodward Jul 14

Your a beast!!!!!

vegassupergirl Jul 14

i love watching my cousin win 😊😊😊

neal_wheels Jul 19

I'm so bummed for you dude. You can't seem to catch a break with Bike problems. Keep your head up!

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