Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team 2013

Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki

Mitch Payton (Team Manager)

The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki roster is stacked with riders fully capable of winning championships and finishing on top of the podium every weekend. And the Pro Circuit history of riders reads like a who’s who of AMA Professional Supercross and Motocross – including Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Villopoto, and more.
For 2013, their riders are Dean Wilson, Tyla Rattray, Darryn Durham, Justin Hill, Blake Baggett and Martin Davalos.The team is managed by the legendary Pro Circuit founder, Mitch Payton.

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pcraceteam Apr 17

#tbt to @mdavalos31 celebrating his first career SX win in Atlanta #WeRace #ChampagneShowers

iainsouthwell Apr 17


aussie34 Apr 17

@pcraceteam. Got a little champagne in my eyes that night

bryce_walker13 Apr 18

Dear Pro Circuit Race Team, my name is Bryce Walker. I'm a armature racer with a big dream. Me parents recently got divorced, and it's been becoming harder and harder to race to try to fulfill my dreams. With race fees, bike repairs, traveling. If there's any way is could get race support from you guys at all, I'd be glad to take it. Hopefully you will notice this comment, and help me out. Big thanks. My email is My two current sponsors are Rock Oil USA and Adrenaline Moto.

pcraceteam Apr 15

Photo of the Weekend - @deanwilson15 grabs the hole shot in Seattle #WeRace @monsterenergy @procircuit78 @kawasakionline

jared_271 Apr 15

@jakecanada "I'll just go straight"

rossblankenship818 Apr 15

@jared_271 👆lmao!!

theseven2three Apr 15

Is this Mitch on this Instagram??

pcraceteam Apr 13

Two holeshots, two heat race wins. @deanwilson15 @justinhill35 #SeattleSX

kewin_feula131 Apr 13


billmerc321 Apr 13

Jalous?? @kewin_feula131

troy22turner Apr 13

Hater ^^^^

kewin_feula131 Apr 13

Tuts tuts tuts

tysonmoll801 Apr 13

Why does it bug me so much that the PC guys NEVER match up the goggles and gloves with everything else? Ha ha

jared_271 Apr 13

They ride for PC @tysonmoll801 Wat fucks do they have?

tysonmoll801 Apr 13

Solid point ha ha @jared_271

pcraceteam Apr 11

@justinhill35 does his best Ron Burgundy with the local Seattle media

jbark789 Apr 11


djhess22 Apr 11

If you don't like Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki, you can get the hell out! @nrlynn

kdubsteezey Apr 11

What do I do with my hands?

pcraceteam Apr 4

#Repost from @scottmotosports @justinhill35 is coming off a win in San Diego and ready for Houston along side @deanwilson15 #WeRace

raylandryiii Apr 5

Get m' Dean-O

manercardenasaguilaresos Apr 18


pcraceteam Mar 30

Big win for @mdavalos31. Holeshot and led every lap. @blakebaggett4 comes through the pack to take third in St. Louis

carlosluisfvv Mar 30

Felicidades @mdavalos31 arriba #Ecuador

chino_bonnard Mar 30

Grande martin!! @mdavalos31 #Ecuador

chinosuarez Mar 30

Excelente @mdavalos31

bobemaya Mar 30

#Ecuador @mdavalos31

sebasmautv Mar 30

Vamos por el campeonato!!!! Go Davalos

victorgj199 Mar 30

#ecuador ✊

pearce223 Mar 30

One more lap and bogle @pcraceteam

motodaddy44 Mar 30

If your not riding a PC built bike then your not winning!! Awesome night for PC!

speedychad813 Mar 30

Great ride! @mdavalos31 for the win #stl #SXonFox #werace #kxproof

ryan_rust Mar 30

You did it!!! @jason66thomas

pcraceteam Mar 29

@mdavalos31 is fastest in St. Louis with @blakebaggett4 3rd #WeRace

pstolpete Mar 29

You got the championship @mdavalos31! Good luck make it happen!

mckiennen_hayes28 Mar 29

He's gonna crash out!

ctschoepe726 Mar 29

finally someone who agrees with me. ^^

pcraceteam Mar 29

The No. 31 machine of @mdavalos31 #redplates

craigathan_404 Mar 29

@kspaulding88 lol your arguing with a 16 year old? And the AMA does have a pro atv motocross series. Go take care of your fucking child or something.

kspaulding88 Mar 29

@craigathan_404 Why are you bringing up my daughter? I'm not trying to argue with you, I'm trying to tell you to stfu. 😀

craigathan_404 Mar 29

Dude don't you got to go change some shitty diapers or something? Id ask you to race me sometime but your probs gonna be baby sitting or playing call of duty like a fucking loser. Have a nice day sir. 😊

craigathan_404 Mar 29

@kspaulding88 rides a CR125 and he's talking shit 😂😂😂😂😂

kspaulding88 Mar 29

Ya I had a 125? I wish I still had it, 125's are awesome. I grew up on 2 strokes, a little different than quads. I don't get what you're trying to prove? I have other bikes too if you would like to judge them as well. @craigathan_404

rpc225 Mar 29

Not getting involved but any bike is better than a quad 😁 @craigathan_404 @kspaulding88

tim_finemore Mar 29

Spuds on quads these days

kspaulding88 Mar 29

Careful @tim_finemore he might tell you how slow your 125 is 😂😂😂

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