Monster Energy Kawasaki

Ryan Villopoto


Ryan Villopoto
#1 Ryan Villopoto

DoB: 8/13/1988
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: Minneola, FL
Hometown: Poulsbo, WA
Bike: Kawasaki KX450F


Career Highlights

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA 450 National Motocross Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA National Motocross Series Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Inaugural Monster Energy Cup – 1st Place

7 Victories in AMA Supercross season

Won first 450 Supercross – Seattle

AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

AMA West Supercross Litess Champion.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
First rider in history to win the overalls in both motos on Kawasaki KX250F against larger displacement bikes at the Motocross of Nations
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Also named the 2006 AMA Supercross/Motocross Rookie of the Year.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion

Won an impressive 24 titles while competing for Kawasaki’s Team Green™.












Ryan Villopoto Instagram

ryanvillopoto Apr 19

Go to @motoplayground and vote for HAIDEN Deegan @dangerboydeegan . Like his photo for him to win!

mya399 Apr 19

I love u!!!

mya399 Apr 19

Biggest fan!!!

austinpomeroy Apr 19


skaterboy_mark Apr 19

Loud Pipes, Save Lives

kaaayy____ Apr 19

I love you!(:

motorcycling_online Apr 19

He's fast!

marandahvint Apr 19


racer315 Apr 19

Rv1 rv1 i wish I could be you h aveing suck a fun life @ryanvillopoto

jeff_henkle Apr 19

@lesvin21 ahí esta Jose

t_baum88 Apr 19

2 days late bro

j2_in_the_tardis Apr 19

Took a while, but I found it!

gavint8 Apr 19

Why vote for Degan when they got caught cheating?

scarborough19 Apr 19

^^ exactly @gavint8

chase_976 Apr 19

😂😂 @t_baum88

therealchrisandrews Apr 19

Go look at my page!!

therealchrisandrews Apr 19

@t_baum88 😂😂😂😂

ice_hawks23 Apr 19

How?? @gavint8

markocross Apr 19

How did they cheat? @gavint8

reid_g_382 Apr 19

The bike was bored 3cc over the max bore in the mod class @markocross @ice_hawks23

ross_the_boss7351 Apr 19

Ily bae @ryanvillopoto

scott_koedam3 Apr 19

Everyone should actually go vote for @ryderlisadifrancesco he's fast and doesn't cheat

markocross Apr 19

Oooooooooooo...well its not Haidens fault. It's not like he did it. He just rode the bike.

markocross Apr 19


reid_g_382 Apr 19

Yea he has probably never even had to put gas in his own bike. He just runs what Brian furnishes him @markocross

markocross Apr 19 you should vote for him he didn't know he was cheating but I do agree with @scott_koedam3 Ryder Difrancesco is a beast. @reid_g_382

hidan_aenry Apr 19

Don't vote for haiden. Go vote for Ryder!!! He's haulin asss

jamisonr Apr 19

I voted for @ryderlisadifrancesco

reid_g_382 Apr 19

Yea he is @markocross

jamisonr Apr 19

And voting has been over.

zachry_10 Apr 19

Or u can vote for both u get the best of both worlds @scott_koedam3 @markocross @reid_g_382

finagleflynn Apr 19

@hidan_aenry @markocross @reid_g_382 running your mouth about a little kid? How low does it get? Get a life and let people vote for who they want to. Hating has gotten to a whole new level @briandeegan38 @ryanvillopoto @amanhomie

finagleflynn Apr 19


tullis_913 Apr 19

So I'm guessing voting is over..?

amanhomie Apr 19

Don't be jealous bros because @dangerboydeegan goes harder than you do!

finagleflynn Apr 19

Just shut your mouth and take the L before your eleventeen year old ass gets schooled even more. Good job on just learning cuss words btw @markocross @amanhomie

mxjay907 Apr 19

These little guys rip it up!

quesabradilla Apr 19

This little kid is amazing and is having fun doing what he does, and you guys have to come argue on his picture and on Ryans picture. Be good fans and stop what you are doing with the cussing and name calling. Be grown ups, be respectful. Stop making this sport look bad because you get mad over people who are idiots. Its called ignoring them. Please be nice and respect Haiden and Ryan. Act your age.

finagleflynn Apr 19

Yur speling is awesme sty n skool kidz @markocross I'm not threatening people on the internet and name calling. Take the L and end it. Someone's gotta have the 9 year old kids back.

gdubs_18 Apr 19

@reid_g_382 Haiden Is seven.... Not like he can just rebuild motors and buy his own gas and oil and get just go to the store and buy stuff for his bike. Get a life and quit talking shit about a little kid trying to live his dream

finagleflynn Apr 19

Exactly @gdubs_18 people are pathetic

markocross Apr 19


finagleflynn Apr 19

I need you to take your right hand and place an L right on your forehead for everyone @markocross

markocross Apr 19

Lol I can see you have nothing better to do. So ill stop and take the W. Peace bitch @finagleflynn

brendtly7 Apr 19

@finagleflynn people are pathetic? How many? Who? Who gives the the right to pass judgement on so many people? Judging by your glasses, u r a Obama freak. Now going by your comment I'd have to say u r not a kind caring person to pass judgement on so many. So while u put someone down for their comment yours was just as weak. Let people b who they want to b. And that is coming from a non liberal

finagleflynn Apr 19

Haha wow never saw this coming. We start with a kid riding dirtbikes and this loony bin brings a politics speech to the table? News for you. They're all crooks. Talk about a lurker @brendtly7

amanhomie Apr 19

How'd we go from a magazine cover to politics.... 😐

brendtly7 Apr 19

@finagleflynn p.s. u were picking on a 11 year old. Wow. Not that I condone his language @markocross and pick on haiden because he just put his opinion out there. What r u a communist? The kid only gets one choice who to vote for

brendtly7 Apr 19

Looney is correct. Go sit at your computer more and pick on 11 year olds u fit right in. Look how many posts I have. And tell me who's at the computer to much. Ciao. Going out for another moto

markocross Apr 19

Okay what? I never put anybody down #1 and #2 I'm not 11 Lmao just turned 17 yesterday :) and I never told anybody to vote for anybody I was just saying you should vote for haiden bcuz its not his fault. Somebody asked why should you vote for him when he cheated...well he didn't know. That's why. Him and Ryder are both crazy on a dirtbike. @brendtly7 @finagleflynn vote for anybody you want just don't blame a kid who isn't even out of elementary school for his bike bein over the max cc

scottyb718 Apr 19

You guys need a life...

g_arner Apr 19

Haiden has no clue how known or how famous his family is. Hes just riding because he likes it.

gavint8 Apr 19

Never said he was a bad kid. @purextractions @finagleflynn

jalenowilkins Apr 19

Hook me up with some free stickers

ryanvillopoto Apr 20

All you guys need to just mind your own business. These are kids and there just out riding there dirt bikes because they like it. Who cares if he cheated or not and if he did the poor kid probably didn't even know.

daxmorn Apr 20


ryanvillopoto Apr 18

Can't ever thank the people who believe in me enough! @kawasakionline @monsterenergy @oakley @gopro @thormxofficial @alpinestars @dc_moto @atlasbrace @falkentire and all my fans. Thank you!!!

its_schmidt_time Apr 19

you rock!!!😎😃😃 @ryanvillopoto

motokid07 Apr 19

You are my favorite

motocrossfan1 Apr 19

Congrats buddy. We need to go riding sometime. When are you coming to alabama I wanna watch you race again?

jamison11seales Apr 19

Ryan you are my number one fan

tobypricerules Apr 20

Congrats on getting first place at Houston PS:you are the best rider in the world and you are my idol for shore

jakecooke50 Apr 20

U are one of my fav riders. I'm a fan of chad reed and you.

jakecooke50 Apr 20

And Jake Weimer and Ken Rocsen

jakecooke50 Apr 20

And Ryan Dungey

ryanvillopoto Apr 15

Bout that action!!!

doppsterjr Apr 16


mxcarterbrothers Apr 16

Can you follow me and my brother we share

alexestebanzabaleta Apr 16

Villopoto crack

dirtbikeingathardrock Apr 17

Nice @ryanvillopoto can you plz follow me

texasjeepbby Apr 17

That ass 😍😍😍

kendyl_miceli_8 Apr 17


rmzrider66 Apr 17

Who thinks he should ride a 250 2stroke at Vegas @ryanvillopoto llopoto

boyo666 Apr 17

We aint really bout that talkin bitch we bout that action lost so many niggas turnt into a savage 🎵

ryanvillopoto Apr 13

What a night!! Thank you Seattle!

_aidanbrown_70 Apr 16

Congrats youry no.1idol since watching you on 80s

ctrefz Apr 16


giorgfornai Apr 16


langisawesome Apr 16


mjasan7 Apr 17

Champion your my favrite rider

kkmedeiros2013 Apr 19

#Awesome dude

_funney_pics_4_u_ Apr 19

Sat on your bike in seattle

christian_gentry51 Apr 19

Dat Kawi Dough!!!!

ryanvillopoto Apr 11

Feels good to be back in the pacific northwest!!

keeganktm150 Apr 11

First like yo

_willnorris_99m Apr 11

Where are you staying? @ryanvillopoto

mattc566 Apr 11

Get em champ!!

marcus_quiles Apr 11

Go buy a gas powered dildo machine you fuck nut ... @keeganktm150 no one gives a pigs asshole ring who got first like

rampagemotorcross Apr 11

Ryan cant wait for next race

rdcjuanb Apr 11

So bummed I'm missing it this year

nicomadriz Apr 11

@cmadrizv he's home !!!

marcus_quiles Apr 11

Nipple tassels are good for you're Heath

carli_rach Apr 11

Looks like the Y in silvy. 😏

kurva_vs Apr 11

Woah! What happen?? @marcus_quiles

marcus_quiles Apr 11

Idk @kurva_vs

benjimc24 Apr 11

Welcome home RV. Good luck tomorrow man

vk208 Apr 11

this escalated quickly.

motorcycling_online Apr 11

Happy for you

kurva_vs Apr 11

Lol @marcus_quiles

mr_mx_rockstar Apr 11

Lets go fishing?!?

marcus_quiles Apr 11

Person to get the 1,000 like he is giving a signed pair of anal beads away

lishhh_uh Apr 11

Can't wait to see you win tomorrow!!!!! #rv1 #pnw #winforyourhometown 👍🎉🗻

kellyshelffo Apr 11

On our way to Seattle to watch you win👍👍

country_barbie_sb Apr 11

Call @mattps10 !

turbo5efhe Apr 11


bince0317 Apr 11

Silverdale gig harbor or poulsbo most def

_caaassss Apr 11

@braybray5523 Dungey is still #1

morgan_the_gymnast Apr 11


mya399 Apr 11

I'm watching I tomorrow!!!!!!! I'm so exited!!!

marcus_quiles Apr 11

Follow my dumb ass people I follow back mostly

troy22turner Apr 11

Bring home the championship man!!

flego_my_eggo_ Apr 11

I'm gonna be there

cokeboirubbertoe Apr 11

@ryanvillopoto I'll be at the race I'm hella stoked

sled_neck Apr 11

So close up in Vernon,bc but not allowed in the states or I'd be there

larrysiler Apr 11

Wish I could come

lynssii Apr 11

Hope you win Tommorow night poto!

jack_monroe Apr 11

See you there buddy!!!!

mrplamer316 Apr 11

For what 48 hours?

bnilsen36 Apr 11

Ahh. The Y!!

jraptor11 Apr 11

You will win tomorrow!

zbs_jason Apr 11

Home sweet home.

_mikegentile Apr 11

Il be watching in seattle, Can I have a throwaway tire 19 inch? @ryanvillopoto

_mikegentile Apr 11

Il be watching in seattle, Can I have a throwaway tire 19 inch? @ryanvillopoto

markstella89 Apr 11


noahthinger15 Apr 11

Good luck man! You'll do great for sure!!✊✊

dylan238 Apr 11

Is that the Silverdale YMCA!? I'll be there in a second! @ryanvillopoto

smallcountryrose33 Apr 11

Y'all in my turf now 🇺🇸🏁

dc617kawi Apr 11

home sweet home .... enjoy

kylelambleyxo Apr 11

@ryanvillopoto cant let Stewart take this ryan show him whos champion :D from ur fan from the UK

mattbrown5101971 Apr 11

Spank 'em @ Home RV1, SEAL UP that 4th Consecutive SX Championship!!! Good Luck Brother!!! @ryanvillopoto

micharow Apr 11

I'll be there!

thomasr555 Apr 11

GO @ryanvillopoto

zaident78 Apr 11

See u there @much arow

zaident78 Apr 11


kx_dirtbikes_lover Apr 11

ryan is the best supercross riderrrrrrr u go ryan villopoto

cheyannedelarm Apr 11

See u there @ryan__villopoto

frankcampochiaro Apr 11

Welcome home Ryan !!!

burgandypearl Apr 11

Can't wait!

seeoffey182 Apr 12

Poblano @ryanvillopoto

seeoffey182 Apr 12

Poulsbo @ryanvillopoto

kennedy_rush Apr 12

See you tomorrow!!!!

sabo_syndicate Apr 12

Good luck

bloomsinseason Apr 12

You got this!

harkins917 Apr 12

Wrap it up this weekend I think you can do it you're one of the best!!!!!!

abomb450 Apr 12

They don't have a chance on your home turf but good luck anyways brotha👍

grantcain133 Apr 12

Thankyou for signing my sweatshirt!

tanmc301 Apr 12

Good luck

itsnyk Apr 12

I wanna be there should have just gone

bdog325 Apr 12

You better get first on main event this year! Last time you got second

connor_lawton2001 Apr 12

Can u please follow me

mattg312 Apr 12

I Hope these 'Rumours' about you not being 100% for outdoors due to a on going knee problem are false!? I've specifically booked flights to fly over to watch you show everyone what's up at Glen Helen!!!

topside498 Apr 12

North west is the best! Show them what's up this weeken for our boy tayler mier his life is going to sh$t but I know he wants to see you rap up # 4!

blake_pugh_24 Apr 12

How does it feel to be back in ur home state!!! I live in moses👌

peightonnxoxo Apr 12

I live in Seattle! I'm here right now waiting for the race to start! favorite racer here❤️

brandymontague29 Apr 12

Back home @ryanvillopotoofficial isn't the west beautiful good luck

ridegreen124 Apr 13

YOUR YHE BEST EVER… let's see 4 championships in a row @ryanvillopoto MAKE IT HAPPEN…

ridegreen124 Apr 13


cole700 Apr 13

Good luck to night🏁

wyattsharp123456789 Apr 13

Good job tonight! You just need to finish in atleast 18th place to get that fourth championship!! Whooo!

dubgana Apr 13

Great win tonight!!! So pumped for you. Enjoy your two weeks off you deserve it Champ!!!!

captxand Apr 13

Why do I follow u I would like you but you win too much

kaleyelyssa Apr 13

Good job see you next year you're honestly such and inspiration and I hope to ride as dirty and as crazy as you keep doing what you do and keep up the good work Ryan I love you and great win in first place I hope you see this and it would mean the world to me if you commented back to me bye Ryan please see this👊✊👊👏👏❤️😘😊

kenziiidawn Apr 13

Congrats on the win Ryan!

landeng99 Apr 13

Stewart rocks!!!!! 👊👊👊✊✊✊✊

daniel_muro999 Apr 13

Hey ryan I finally got to see you in person today in Seattle it was awesome to see my favorite rider to take the win @ryanvillopoto

preuwayne Apr 13

Seattle land of the legal weed

preuwayne Apr 13

Smoke something

ryan_1714 Apr 13

Hella good race man

cayden_mac_2 Apr 13

@ryan_1714 a What were the top 3 finishers

sharona002 Apr 13

@cayden_mac_2 1 7 and 5

fwbigbucks Apr 13

Nice too meet you. Great win! Also nice bull elk harvest $$$ your a great. Champion#1. God bless. Frank. Word

ryan_1714 Apr 13

Villopoto James Stewart Ryan Dudley @cayden_mac_2

dffl922 Apr 13

Great win RV I salute you young man

dirtbiker250r Apr 18

Ur amazing

ryanvillopoto Apr 9

A little whip it Wednesday. Stoked to be heading to Seattle this wknd!!

fair_girl Apr 11


hunterpatterson525 Apr 12

Hi @ryanvillopoto

marquez15_ Apr 13

Damn that's badass

marquez15_ Apr 13

Magine that was yu

chyann999kelly Apr 13


locobug99 Apr 14

You are pretty good try sup

unprolad Apr 16


tysith154 Apr 16

EPIC!!! @ryanvillopoto

ryanvillopoto Apr 6

Just posted my Houston post race recap on Check it out!

todd458 Apr 6

First comment

seanmac808 Apr 6

Andre? Step it up!

_alexander101 Apr 6


xoxobrookemariexoxo Apr 6

Congrats on 1st place😊

emily0tt0 Apr 6


that_boy_nolan Apr 6

Nice win last night

mrregoli25 Apr 6

At least you celebrated with me lol

fergiferfavari Apr 6


colea26 Apr 6

Follow me for mx content

kawi_king_701 Apr 6

@gilbert_dlo12 u suck

kawi_king_701 Apr 6

James is number two now

jgarfield933 Apr 6

Oh you sure showed him haha😂 @gilbert_dlo12

kawi_king_701 Apr 6

Cuz @ryanvillopoto is number one

peyton_ray1997 Apr 6

Hey @gilbert_dlo12 I hope you go to hell cause god don't like what you say idiot!

motofreek Apr 6

701st like

plymale_319 Apr 6

Cant wait to see @therealjs7 beat you at your home town and take the championship!! @ryanvillopoto

fissel_boy625 Apr 6

Yeah really @gilbert_dlo12 ryan is awesome

thee_sellsman_ Apr 6

@gilbert_dlo12 if you don't like him then why are you on his page?

__kit_kat_ Apr 6

Good race last night!! I always love watching the race and cheering for you! @ryanvillopoto

heyits_sjb Apr 6

James can't even finish a race after he falls off lol villo always #1

ajrobinson92 Apr 6

Good job last night in the main @ryanvillopoto

wilfert1 Apr 6

Andre 4 dollars champagne classy

makayla_foglia Apr 6

👏👏💕 good race

gdubs_18 Apr 6

@plymale_319 and i can't wait fur you to get hit by a train

ds217 Apr 6

@gilbert_dlo12 how rude hope nothing happens to you or no one in your family for sayn such a ride thing

saucy_96 Apr 6

I hope karma fucks you. @gilbert_dlo12

its_andreee Apr 6

hey there's my name😂

gbloomer396 Apr 6

Dude are you in fl @ryanvillopoto

ds217 Apr 6

The shit ppl wish just for James to win the championship fukn haters RV to the world!!!!

gabriel_gastman_81 Apr 6

haha his points lead is huge JS7 better do something even thoe he sucks @gilbert_dlo12

wyattsharp123456789 Apr 6

Even with one race win he still wouldn't catch up 😂 @gilbert_dlo12

tylertid_8 Apr 6

Andre??! lol Great racing though!!

mxrider511 Apr 6

@ryanvillopoto hey if your wife talked about some hooligans in the parts unlimited suite that was us sooorrryyy hahaa

mitchel101 Apr 6

@gilbert_dlo12 rides a crf 100

_andre_fernandezz Apr 6

Same theres my name

ds217 Apr 6

@gilbert_dlo12 you probably hate him cause you can never be him and ya probably the faget takes one to know one

rickycarmichael Apr 6


kylerexford670 Apr 6

Villopoto is a beast! I like James Stewart a lot, but villopoto all the way! 👊✊✊

jagius190 Apr 6

@gilbert_dlo12 for you to put that on somebody that works and trains day in and day out is fucked dude it doesn't matter how much you don't like @ryanvillopoto you don't wish that upon somebody. Why don't grow up and learn some fucking respect. And I would like to see you try and go out there and compete at their level I bet you wouldn't even make it a quarter of the first lap. #hatersgonnahate #justanothernoboby

bruciediesel Apr 6

The 4 dollar champagne is for the spraying. Why would you buy expensive stuff to cover everyone in. It probably fizzes better too. So yeah. I cant say im the biggest rv fan but I respect how much work it takes to get to where he is.

motoup_enterprises Apr 6

Way to MotoUp @ryanvillopoto 👍

bryanknox Apr 6


stavmaymoni Apr 6


brausch65 Apr 6

Lol $7 champagne

brandon_from_state_farm Apr 6

Fagggg @gilbert_dlo12

krista_1d Apr 6

Pop page

rachel_hanl Apr 6


_rorza_ Apr 7

Good on ya @Ryan nvillopoto

noelege Apr 7

RV showed up, took names n straight handed out #'s... GREAT ride @ryanvillopoto

cherlove222 Apr 7


bxxxqinthara Apr 7


michaelwilliams449 Apr 7

I gave you that good luck yesterday in the vip section when i seen you @ryanvillopoto !! You signed my hat👍

burrapwhip86 Apr 7

Good ride you got lucky now maybe you'll keep your focus frazzle brain if js7 wasn't sick hmm second place maybe or 16th haha

kingshocks4 Apr 7

See you in Seattle this weekend bro you Rock can't wait to see you clean house in your home town welcome home brother from a different mother

jackcwright Apr 7

Man shut up @burrapwhip86

dadadavin Apr 7

@burrapwhip86 if you're dick riding js7, why are you on RVs page lol

ds217 Apr 7

@burrapwhip86 hater fuk off

_bens33 Apr 7

Bet you don't even ride hahaha @blenfers

idaa_92 Apr 7


csykora7 Apr 7

Lol @davinguidry

ds217 Apr 7

@mitchel101 @gilbert_dlo12 Gilbert talk to me when you have a real motox bike Lofl

curttis125 Apr 7

Dush = @burrapwhip86

eastcoastmotocross Apr 7


alexander__the_great Apr 7


mohad_25 Apr 7


akintola_francis17 Apr 7

Good job rv

muzzysperformance Apr 7

#youearnedit ! GREAT JOB

cassidysara Apr 7

@burrapwhip86 how did he get lucky? He was 8 seconds ahead of everyone, id like to see you try be that far up ahead from all of the riders.

andre_parizotto Apr 7

My name is andré kkkkk

young_broccoli Apr 7

@kyle_rey yo my name is on that bottle

ambermccormick Apr 7

So sad we missed it this year!!!

marticaleb_124 Apr 7

Good job😝

mitchel101 Apr 7

@ds217 lmao ikr. What u got??

alexa1980 Apr 7


andresg1522 Apr 7

@antoniomoreano_3 se parece a los nuestros o que? Jajajaja

thebikinipost Apr 7


favoredfashion Apr 7


ryan__12345678 Apr 7

Great win!!

deer_hunter_zach Apr 7

Ryan how much cc is that dirt bike of yours

ryan_schmidt25 Apr 7

Thank you so much for your work!

jay_quiram Apr 7

450 @zachary4292004

deer_hunter_zach Apr 7


khoffman1234 Apr 7

You were a beast out there! And you inspired me to race motorcross!!!!!!!!

thedaneschadel Apr 7

You have 38 of those bad boys now! @ryanvillopoto

deivid_live Apr 7


cleiton_zimmer Apr 7

Segue ??

forceit15 Apr 7

Congrats on last night , bring it home in Seattle

thouck68 Apr 7

Love the $10 champagne @ryanvillopoto

ashleysvo Apr 7

@cordawglarochelle yup!!

brunabraem Apr 7


dadadavin Apr 7

Lol it's champagne to spray, not to drink dumbasses

louisromanov Apr 7


lucasm_ribeiro Apr 7

@andremendessantos olha o nome do Champagne

whiskeythrottle723 Apr 7

keep that streak alive for metlife champ!!!!

lala1019_ Apr 7

Congrats!!! @ryanvillopoto

k_reed413 Apr 7

great race i went to whatch u!!!

gabetocci Apr 7

Andre, really?

jerryzaiden Apr 7

Congrats man 👍🇺🇸💪

trock0218 Apr 7

I'm coming to watch u in Seattle hope I get the chance to say hi to u @ryanvillopoto

trock0218 Apr 7

And congrats on the Houston win

brooksayola Apr 7

Andre. The C division of champagnes.

liamludlage91 Apr 7

Nice outta be villipoto

herchubbell Apr 7

RedOne, you Rock! Bring those golf sticks up to seattle so we can go play!

matmienis_956 Apr 7


trevorj22gasser Apr 7

Great ride way to power through!!!

dirtbikers5 Apr 7

Can you give me any tips on motocross because I want to do motocross. @ryanvillopoto

parkerskawasaki Apr 7

Great job, Looking forward to a great finish, RV4!!! KAWASAKI!!!!!!!!

your_mom_105 Apr 7


chi_oe Apr 7

Its gonna be number 4 this year! Good luck!

delaat3 Apr 7

Thats my first name... on the bottle

dirtbiking_ftw Apr 7

I'm going to Seattle for the supercross. And the fact you might win the championship in your home town will be awesome. Can't wait

mattbrown5101971 Apr 7

The Man, RV1!!! @ryanvillopoto

isabelleohrnell Apr 7


summercarnival Apr 7


bran213cross Apr 7

Good work dilbert, you just keep dreaming about the day you get a peewee 50 and leave the professionals to do what they do hah.. Wow. Congrats Villopodo fucking legend! @gilbert_dlo12

atom6246 Apr 7

Don't you ever run out of space with all those wins?

bigbooger1 Apr 7

@jamesadkins1970 @jwoodling321

ibondar Apr 7

Красавчик!!! Так держать ЧЕМПИОН!!!!

bucks_dylan_6 Apr 7

Great Job Ryan, I'm hoping for 4 straight!! @ryanvillopoto

yzf182 Apr 7

Stewy fans kinda not saying much, where did y'all all go? And if your that sick, go back to the motor home, stop acting for all the cameras, really come on

monster_mason_410 Apr 7

U suck that should be in dungeys room and why would you kick your parents off the street!?!?!?!?😔😔

savymxmom Apr 7

@ryanvillopoto Congrats on a great win!!! Also wanted to say Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to sign a shirt for my son in Houston. He was in the hospital at the time and had been most of the week but a friend was there and you signed the shirt for him, I believe during track walk and let me tell you that made the rough week he had seem like it was nothing!! So thanks for that!!

tigerfood810 Apr 7

Monster mason Dungey is a chump. He can only win when RV and the rest of the top riders crash

isaiahjlewis20 Apr 7

Good job but at James Stewarts track or at ricky cars track your track James Stewart would merk yo ass

clrwtrbrian Apr 7

@isaiahjlewis20 to bad he couldn't do it @ houston. lets see how fast he is in the outdoors.

liamwaltermorgan Apr 7

Nice track

mark_mccoy1120 Apr 7

What a win! We had the kids out at Lazy River MX this weekend on their 85s. Ryan I hope you know what an inspiration you are to all these kids out there every weekend giving it their all. Just for them to know you were on the same track inspires them to work hard. Thanks man. Can't wait to see you at the Tennessee Nationals this year

motocross0904 Apr 7

Nice win more keep it up I race just like you

ds217 Apr 7

@yzf182 hahaha I said the same thing he definitely put on a good act for the cameras lol

diogomdiniz Apr 7

U @ryanvillopoto is the BOAS

diogomdiniz Apr 7


moto_is_life_12 Apr 7

You r the best I saw u at SUPERCROSS u had it won at the main event u r the boss at motocross

moto_is_life_12 Apr 7

U inspired me to give it more gass up the tabletops so much better

ktm0885 Apr 8

Ryan villopoto I trying trying my best to ride like u on my ktm I am 12 and can ride pretty fast

boss_unicorn_sprinklez Apr 8

I was there I lost my voice cheering for you!! @ryanvillopoto

drew_star_33 Apr 8

I suck Ryan rocks

suitandtie_morgan Apr 8

Ride good but broke stuff from crashing!!??....

94racicot Apr 8

Will do rv

sabo_syndicate Apr 8

Ride Kawi boys

felikawa007 Apr 9

Hi Ryan how you doing I just want to tell you that you are my hero and inspiration. I ride the kx 65 and I going to change to kx85 @ryanvillopoto

_luke_da_boss_ Apr 9

I ride a 80

_luke_da_boss_ Apr 9

Yz 80 1976

treyswope2 Apr 9

I ride a CR85r dirt bikes are life😁

treyswope2 Apr 9

If I got to meet Ryan I would be so happy😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

boss_ass_bich4567 Apr 9

I ride a' yz85 and a kx85

boss_ass_bich4567 Apr 9

And u kicked ass their even thought u feel in the first heat but u came back and won in the lcq and won the main event

brandymontague29 Apr 9

He won in the Semi not the LCQ

brandymontague29 Apr 9

And the main

jack_monroe Apr 9

See you on Saturday !!!

chandlermenard Apr 14

That a boy!!!

ryanvillopoto Apr 6

So pumped on tonight's win!! It was a long day but turned out to be a great night!!

corrisatwining Apr 13

Is this the real Ryan Villopoto?

mxrider696969 Apr 13


unprolad Apr 16


ctrefz Apr 16


tysith154 Apr 16

Did you backflip to celebrate? @ryanvillopoto

nothing_but_hucks Apr 19

If I look up like that, I wreck.

_funney_pics_4_u_ Apr 19

I sat on your bike when u were at seattle @ryanvilopoto

brybryluvs Apr 19

I really wanted your autograph rv I'm only 11 it would make my dream come true if I could just meet u! Your a great rider just cuz I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't ride like a guy my cousins call my Bryan because I act like a guy and because my name is Bry well I hope I get your autograph sometime see u next year and I'm gonna watch u race next week I was so upset when my dad said no races this week well I'm glad I can talk on here!! LOVE U RV! Keep racing

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