Monster Energy Kawasaki

Ryan Villopoto


Ryan Villopoto
#1 Ryan Villopoto

DoB: 8/13/1988
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: Minneola, FL
Hometown: Poulsbo, WA
Bike: Kawasaki KX450F


Career Highlights

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA 450 National Motocross Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA National Motocross Series Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Inaugural Monster Energy Cup – 1st Place

7 Victories in AMA Supercross season

Won first 450 Supercross – Seattle

AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

AMA West Supercross Litess Champion.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
First rider in history to win the overalls in both motos on Kawasaki KX250F against larger displacement bikes at the Motocross of Nations
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Also named the 2006 AMA Supercross/Motocross Rookie of the Year.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion

Won an impressive 24 titles while competing for Kawasaki’s Team Green™.












Ryan Villopoto Instagram

ryanvillopoto Aug 29

Some @gopro video from throwing the first pitch at the @padre game.

underwaterlumberjack Aug 30

You guys are a buncha queers

menaquale196 Aug 30


thabrycycle Aug 30

Go Friars

calfaro213 Aug 30


timesarentgood Aug 30

Least he threw it better than that peanut 50cent

blong_to_something Aug 30

Cool view

cvanerman Aug 30

Did you get it across the plate @ryanvillopoto

chrisfromthrone Aug 31

@look_shouts got me 1k

ryanvillopoto Aug 28

Had a blast out here at the padres game tonight. This stadium is so nice!! Stoked @supercrosslive is coming to petco.

joshhansen100 Aug 29

You make the plate?

ryanmoto212 Aug 30

Agreed @natedawg_141 and ken eoczena

ryanmoto212 Aug 30


ryanmoto212 Aug 30


ryanmoto212 Aug 30


baller_ryan31 Aug 31

My name ryan

nadiahg7 Aug 31


nadiahg7 Aug 31


ryanvillopoto Aug 27

He's a shot of me pulling up one of the crab pots we set when we were in WA. Shot on my @gopro #pnw #pnwisbest

austin25lattan Aug 27


c_o_l_t_o_n17 Aug 27


connorsmall912 Aug 27


austinljunggren Aug 27

Ginger crabber 👌 haha

willjuare11 Aug 27


boehme_ethan Aug 27

I wish I has crab rn.

bigfish9194 Aug 27


tix2gunshowpunk Aug 27

Well deserved champ

moto224 Aug 27

#pnw @ryanvillopoto 👌👍

disgruntled_roo Aug 27

@ryanvillopoto All lucky, i never been crabbing off a boat. Only off a pier

ryancarlinhos Aug 27


_colecrawford_ Aug 27

Where in Washington

jaroddeshong Aug 27


fishnfinatic Aug 27


ashleynichole_42 Aug 27

Could you please give us a yes or no on racing next season?? @ryanvillopoto

slide_king Aug 27

@ashleynichole_42 please

nickrood Aug 27

Puget sound

luismarvil Aug 27

Good 👌👌👌👌

mxgrammy34 Aug 27

Don't need to know what your plans are for next year! Just glad you are back in the Great Pacific NW enjoying yourself! Born & raised here as well! #thegreatpacificnorthwest, #welcomehomerv!

blondehair_blue_eyes Aug 27


miguelgrana2 Aug 27

@paolladino51 aquí estás tú mrco

tij3an Aug 27

Not a big shot for gopro

tij3an Aug 27

Gopro deserve better

j_0ls0n_ Aug 27

Get back to work RV you ain't done yet I wanna see a outdoor championship

joshua_miller48 Aug 27

Where are you @ryanvillopoto

moomaster Aug 27

@ryanvillopoto What part of Washington are you in? San Juan Islands?

santiagomasdeu Aug 27

RVVVVVVVVV are you going to kick supertony's ass

crabb37 Aug 27

@ryanvillopoto We need you back! #wfo #nfg #mxnotthesame

chuckenscoe Aug 27

You suck

chuckenscoe Aug 27

Even more you are a sorry person to represent such a awesome sport. Go on deadliest catch, might make you happier. @ryanvillopoto

jcr207 Aug 27

#bradshawstyle let's see horseback pictures next.

laurengbailey1978 Aug 27

Yum!!!! Enjoy

mattg312 Aug 27

@chuckenscoe I feel sorry for you

cory_jackson57 Aug 27

Hater haha @chuckenscoe

crobbee Aug 27


chuckenscoe Aug 27

Don't feel sorry for me @cory_jackson57 feel sorry for your boy @ryanvillopoto. He shits on the sport that made him millions. Sucks to have all that money and still be unhappy. Study up on your motocross bud. Have a good night.

sbaxter41 Aug 27

Yes!!!! So rad!! @ryanvillopoto

only_enemy Aug 27

Is'nt he out because of knee surgery? He'll be back. And if he does'nt come back that's his fucking choice. How many years has he given to the sport? Dude can't get a break. He races and wins, 'its boring to watch' he has time off 'you've turned your back on the sport'. For fuck's sake, leave the dude alone.

kylelambley66 Aug 27

@ryanvillopoto was the only reason I watched last years season he is the only reason I started to watch supercross hope he comes back

hunterrr434 Aug 27

@chuckenscoe you have no clue what @ryanvillopoto has been through . the training everyday for his whole life you would eventually get tired of it and Ryan doesn't hate his sport dude if he hated it then he would've gotten out of it a long time ago so stop talking crap about Ryan really haha and call me whatever you want Irdc man . But he works his ass off to become a champion and after a while it would get annoying and frustrating and you know it .

mirdep Aug 27

This haters hahaha u should takr carr of your own business, really. Rv will get back or not when he wants, he is rich, he can live normally

brend63 Aug 27

Whatever @ryanvillopoto does in the future, fishing, car racing, motocross etc etc, he will always be a legend :)

earthmomof5 Aug 27

How big were the crabs, send a up close picture of the biggest crab

danielebotti15 Aug 27

Hahahah 😂 @ryanvillopoto

thesportsdude186 Aug 27

Your a fisherman and a motocross champion

andreelalla Aug 27

Muito show

motomom_36 Aug 27

You need your own commercial fishing vessel for the n.w. and alaska ,spot on ! ...takin some well deserved time off !!

yellogarcia Aug 27

Ahhhhhh, fresh crab. You sick cause I'm in Colorado.

rjgmx4life Aug 27

Dudee please come back to racing @ryanvillopoto

chuckenscoe Aug 27

@hunterrr434 True just a bummer not having him on the gate. I understand. Have a good one.

dbpracing Aug 28

Rumor is @ryanvillopoto is going to Europe to race?

erasmo_circulado Aug 28

Where at in washington did u catchem

kaytshawnellis Aug 28

Come up to Toyota terrace suite 3 we have a good group of riders who would be honored to meet you @ryanvillopoto

motodream35 Aug 28

Hey Ryan what's the name of the 4 stroke kawi u ride??

s.devin220 Aug 28

Kx450f @motodream35

pittraffic Aug 29

Don't know if I can eat my body weight in crab, but I will try. Nice catch!

2strokedez Sep 2


ryanvillopoto Aug 25

Big congrats to @kenroczen94 !! Congratulations on the outdoor season. @cudby photo

jayden_vecchio100 Aug 25


kait_tallamy Aug 25


gh2626 Aug 25


aneuryj Aug 25

@rickyrdgz papa

dillonmurrow Aug 25

Congrats!!!!! @kenroczen94

alfredhcid26 Aug 25

You are the best RV2

nicolebriggs_219 Aug 25


jaroddeshong Aug 25


1titolopez Aug 25


_trishagreen Aug 25

@darringerb3 😈

jackkilgen45 Aug 25

Your still the best can't wait got sx 2k15 with the 5 peat

goodolemitch Aug 25

@tannerberry14 still showing the respect

mx614 Aug 25

Where's our respect,he should tell his fans his plans for 2015!!

wilson_925 Aug 25

Oh shut up. Stewart is way worse and no one bitches about him. @mx614

frankd_____________________ Aug 25


isaacrwhite Aug 25


haden_austin Aug 25


dsarg75 Aug 25

@kenroczen94 - congrats on the outdoor Championship and bigger thanks for bringing it to KTM. I wish you continued success on the Yellow bike next year!

fmx_life Aug 25

Respect!!! Like seeing you guys support each other!

brwests_18 Aug 25


motojoe00 Aug 25


moto_fanpage_ Aug 25

Check my page out? I follow back?

holmes3oneone Aug 25

@mx614 he doesn't have to tell shit idiot

kinsanchez5 Aug 25

Very good @ryanvillopoto

matiasbahamonde108 Aug 25


jake_carella115 Aug 25

Anyone know if Pourcels going back to MX1 or staying in the US?

xxcobiezz Aug 25

Way to go roczen:) you are my hero man. I pray that one day I will get to meet you:)

jasonsinclair2 Aug 25

Haha nice thing to say

austinsmith_23 Aug 25

Your bein a good sport @ryanvillopoto 👍

fergisf Aug 25

Buen hombre por saver no ganar @benjaminh7

moto_is_life_325 Aug 25

Can sombody plz tell me if Ryan is goin to race again 😭😩?

grayson_654 Aug 25

Of course @moto_is_life_325

captainviticus Aug 25

As of right now, it is looking like he will either retire or race the gp's in Europe. @moto_is_life_325

kitsap_photos Aug 25

@moto_is_life_325 yes is is!!

foppe_898 Aug 25

What should he tell us @mx614

thedu_mx Aug 25

@kikoporras 😌😄

brandon_lyons_biii Aug 25

Kids the real deal

taylynnhatch Aug 25

Best race to watch in person. 😍😍

kingcutthroat552 Aug 25

❤️ my dad ! Greg King 4th in from the left ! He has the best job ever !

cjloomis11 Aug 25

Called it from the start @natesmith2125

misslana01 Aug 25

This season rocked! Can't wait for monster to start!

dub716 Aug 25

See what happens RV, leave the kid alone for a few minutes and he's sit'n in your seat. @ryanvillopoto

rayneyeh Aug 25

show him whatsup in supercross poto

laiguanita29 Aug 25

Congrats @kenroczen94 @prin_mj

ricklagemaat Aug 25

Yeh buddy way to go

the_bike_bomb Aug 25

YEAH motorbikes are the way to go and congrats

bjornleines Aug 25

U #killed it @kenroczen94. #bigleagues #champs

gor_illa_whk Aug 25

Good job bro!! Glad u took it on your first year.. Do you think you could beat @ryanvillopoto next year? Hahah he's a beast.. Maybe u should jump ship from redbull ktm and hit monster Kawasaki cuz they have some badass bikes and u already train w villopoto

studawes155 Aug 25

Time to shine in Europe and be the first USA guy to prove he's the best all round rider like nobody else is capable of these days

littlewolfie87 Aug 25

He came from Europe and he always did well there it's just there is no beating cairoli Ahaha that guy is a machine @studawes155

kenroczen94 Aug 25

thanks mate

blues41 Aug 25

Well done on ur first yrs success

mxboy92 Aug 25

@littlewolfie87 wait untill jeffrey goes to the MXGP class cause cairloli doesnt know what will happen ;)

littlewolfie87 Aug 25

Aha that guy is rapid @mxboy92

mxboy92 Aug 25

@littlewolfie87 only a bid sad that he is stuck at home right now but on the other side. the world championship is now a lot more fun to watch

mxboy92 Aug 25

@littlewolfie87 amen #ThumbsUp

slayerlayer44 Aug 25

Mxboy92 Jeffery would never make it over hear... He's a bitchhhh

tedwardvogel Aug 25

Let see what he does in supercross before he goes and thinks he's #1

shreed_nare Aug 25

@shoutout.helperz got me 1k

ktmrider701 Aug 25


nickywot Aug 25

He just won the outdoor championship and we're talking shit about his supercross performance....? Classy!!!

bigleggy14 Aug 25

Congratulations from Australia absolute world class proformance all year.! Enjoyed every round

littlewolfie87 Aug 25

@mxboy92 that @slayerlayer44 don't know what he's talking about Ahaha 😂 he started walking 14 days after he broke his femur so can't exactly call hi a bitch Ahaha

mxboy92 Aug 25

@littlewolfie87 if you search 'beast' in a dictionary it only says: #JeffreyHerlings ;) that guy is a walking god man hahaha

mxboy92 Aug 25

@slayerlayer44 you talk shit man. jeffrey is gon kick ass over there

xikofrancisco Aug 25

Campeão de MX outdoor @goncaliferrero @carlosnoxcrom KTM

rafa_lasalvia Aug 26


itss0c0 Aug 26

@tedwardvogel he did pretty well there as well

tedwardvogel Aug 27

@itss0c0 don't get me wrong, he's a fav, but the comp was a little light for motox this season.

itss0c0 Aug 27

@tedwardvogel they had Canard Dungey tomac. Pretty good comp

tedwardvogel Aug 27

@itss0c0 how about this, I understand that he has the #1 plate and you understand that all comp wasn't on the track. ✌️

chriismiith Aug 28

And @tedwardvogel , we understand you are a douche. 💩

tedwardvogel Aug 28

@chriismiith fuck you!

gavin.sorensen Aug 28

Is he going to race supercross in 2015?

abov3daclouds Aug 29

You would smoked his ass !

nadiahg7 Aug 31


nadiahg7 Aug 31


ryanvillopoto Aug 24

Here in Madison for the parts unlimited dealer show!!

nickmxer Aug 28

But it's was last weekend @michael_mcdermott22

michael_mcdermott22 Aug 28

Damnit. Haha @nickmxer

nickmxer Aug 28

I couldn't go I was racing so sidnt went for me lol @michael_mcdermott22

michael_mcdermott22 Aug 28

Lol. They did! @nickmxer 😂😂👌

nickmxer Aug 28

Yeah the surprise was awesome

michael_mcdermott22 Aug 28

Haha. Was it a fathead??

nickmxer Aug 28

What? @michael_mcdermott22

tboom101 Sep 2


ryanvillopoto Aug 22

#throwbackthursday to utah Mx last year. We had some good times there!!! @monsterenergy @thormxofficial @oakley @kawasakionline @gopro @falkentire @alpinestars @atlasbrace

aleeiigghhaa17 Aug 22

Cutie @ryanvillopoto

babenotincluded Aug 22

@ryanvillopoto you are the man RV!

justinwoltz Aug 22


nicksmith114 Aug 22


bradjohnson590 Aug 22


cameron7150 Aug 22


adamrizzardo Aug 22

Ur amazing

cameronkessler108 Aug 22

U gonna be back soon or what? @ryanvillopoto

pog113 Aug 22

@bubz2 👌👌

alyssa.leighann Aug 22

Bæ @jesseca_lynnnnnn

jesseca_lynnnnnn Aug 22

😻😻😻😻 @alyssa.leighann

davecapella Aug 22


bmuter Aug 22

Miss ya ripping out there RV!

horsegirlymx Aug 22

Miss seeing you out there!

crisber00 Aug 22

When are you coming back?

t_tipp111 Aug 22

Reminding them all who the real champ is

andreseg55 Aug 22

Te falta el reto #icebusketchallegue

_shortstuff_2 Aug 22

@ayealexander 👌

ashleynichole_42 Aug 22

Are you racing supercross this coming year??? @ryanvillopoto

dunaway321 Aug 22

Guess he is done racing

mattlogan527 Aug 22

@crisber00 he's probably not lol

gusttavo_paolinelli Aug 22

You deserve it champ !!! God bless you.

gusttavo_paolinelli Aug 22


michaelwilliams4491 Aug 22

Dont worry @ryanvillopoto ima take your spot for u when u retire!!!

jakem.32 Aug 22

Your terrible just retire you ginger #rvsucks#retire @michael_geraci

michael_geraci Aug 22

Thats fucked up jake he's the best! @jakem.32

brenden_clark565 Aug 22

@jakem.32 how is he terrible? Hes the fastest and most consistent guy on the track so that makes him bad? Shows that your terrible and a retard.

mitchfisher969 Aug 22

Why don't you unlock your profile so everyone can talk shit about you @jakem.32 #hater #pussy

jakem.32 Aug 22

He sucks SUPERCROSS and motorcross is always better without him all he does and win 4 yrs in a row doesn't that get tiring

jakem.32 Aug 22


jontank660 Aug 22

Fuck you jakem .32 I thirteen and he's my the guy I look up to for my moter sport

alexadamson211 Aug 22

@ryanvillopoto please stay in the US

sicknick Aug 22

@johnnyd333 Das my hitta

michaeldcleary Aug 22

Ice bucket challenge support ALS I challenge you @ryanvillopoto 24 hours to complete or donate 100 dollars to

nathanbosson8 Aug 22

We all no u must like all the preppy riders because they suck cause no one can touch him but I guess that it sucks to always see ur favorite rider get beat every damn time by the legendary RV😂 @jakem.32

lukelankford361 Aug 22

Yea he wins because he is good now leave this kid alone no one wants your gay ads on here if you wanna talk shot go somewhere else.@jakem.32 @jontank660

jontank660 Aug 22

Hey just wanted to give a shout out to rv for all the hard work he has done over the years to succeed and all the exta work nobody was willing to do but he did it and that's why he's a champion

tannergrinde Aug 22

Hey, @ryanvillopoto how are you feeling going into Supercross this year compared to last year, considering you didn't race outdoors?

tlc911 Aug 22

Because gingers are always #1 @33_bruce

alyssad52 Aug 22

@mrs_brookemcintosh seriously kinda looks like @jaredmcintosh in this pic! 😂

mrs_brookemcintosh Aug 22

It's the nose 😂😂😂 @alyssad52 @jaredmcintosh

brettyager23 Aug 22


d_rosas301 Aug 22

Kitsaps finest!

ctrefz Aug 22

Yeah for the guy who doesn't like what he does...thought we would forget...wrong we will never forget

lawrencewilliams11 Aug 22

Yo when are u gonna race again ?

soligteroligt Aug 22


j_blokk Aug 22

Just rubbing it in that he can beat then any day 😂 @jaytee_27 @martyblok

johanlundgren101 Aug 22

You win ?!!

kyle_cowan27 Aug 22

@lawrencewilliams11 he's not racing anymore. He's retiring

larvotto Aug 22

He's racing for kawasaki monster energy in europe.

jimbomonton Aug 22

@kyle_cowan27 did u say he's retiring, whyyyyyy??? He's ace

alexmakarski Aug 22

If he goes threw second knee surgery he is hanging up his boots.. Can't blame the kid 8 years of this sport is a lot of wear and tear on a humans body.. I'd say it's a average carrier these days. Plus he has won titles in every class both sx and mx his resume is pretty great

cait_marb5 Aug 22

Hey who won gopro

cole__elliott Aug 23

Sup ryan

ryliemac257 Aug 23

Fuck Ryan he's a selfish fag and doesn't respect his parents for what they did for him as a child to get him where he is at today if my parents did what his do for him "in motocross" I'd be pro to but I'm not as lucky @ryanvillopoto

ryliemac257 Aug 23

My parents still rock tho ahah

shortymignuget Aug 23

Um they pushed him hard anyone that gets pushed hard probably wouldn't like it and he does respect his parents for what they did for him that's fucked off for you to say something you have no idea about!!!! JS!

ryliemac257 Aug 23

@shortymignuget why don't u crawl back I inside @ryanvillopoto butt hole and fuck it some more ?

mattg312 Aug 23

@ctrefz @ryanvillopoto why have you not blocked this fag yet? This guy needs a bitch slap!!! I bet you get a laugh from his comments the fucking joker!

moto_is_life_cj Aug 24

@ryliemac257 if u dislike/hate Ryan then y do u comment it is a waste of ur god damn time u white trash go get a fucking life

reschy321 Aug 24

U would of one

cburkholder31 Aug 24

@ryliemac257 it's seems like you need to watch Ryan Villopoto a Story of a Champion. The ending is what your gonna want to turn your attention to. RV is plenty thankful

chandler_onthebeach Aug 26

Come on @ryanvillopoto time to hate alden again and get on the bike and throw scram scram barcia around in sx

pimheesakkers Aug 26

When are u back on track?

tbh.chey Aug 26


telf422 Aug 28

Are you going to race supercross and try and top mcgraphs and your own mark or are you quiting? @ryanvillopoto

j_ide711 Aug 30

He's racing in Europe for 2015 @telf422

rodrigo_santibanez Aug 30


nadiahg7 Aug 31


ryanvillopoto Aug 21

I was pretty stoked to see these results. Looks like hard work pays off in the press too. Lol.

reynaa_gabie Aug 21


trigaaaah Aug 21

dude im ur cousin

travisk74 Aug 21

Ur killing it

cate9876 Aug 21

Dude that's funny😄😂😂 @trigaaaah

that_subie_life2 Aug 21


bgamg2013 Aug 21

@dc_2014skd @cobrafreak04 @dgoins96

jz427 Aug 21

Poto rules!!!

motoman341 Aug 21

You shouldn't retire next year at least do it through 2016 @ryanvillopoto

jake_5280_11 Aug 21

That's y I look up to u

a.l.l.i.e19 Aug 21


kxracer11 Aug 21


joaodeh Aug 21


justin_case_ Aug 21


kylecaballo Aug 21

I think ken roczen shows a lot more personality than you do. And more moto photos

reavismx12 Aug 21

Lol youre still a puss. You have never had a true challenger all 17 rounds of a season. Dungey doesnt count. Reed, stewart, always end up hurt. The real champs are people like Carmichael, Reed, Mcgrath. They had to work extra hard for what theyve got!

dylangosling Aug 21

Yew @elhombre_17

alessiocorno Aug 21

Hoping to see you back in sx and mx 2015 👍

jcerqueira19 Aug 21


motoxjosh Aug 21

^He's a puss because hes too fast for everyone else? Better check your theory bud

_insta_bikes_ Aug 21

U flogged

j_bruc3 Aug 21

@reavismx12 dude stop hatin on him he's got damn good competition he obviously just works hard to be where he's at. You don't hear the dudes losing bitchin like you are. Stop being a hypocrite and recognize greatness.

gkg_nardo Aug 21

@reavismx12 how many championships did you win? You're the fucking puss real tough guy behind a keyboard huh?

stangbro01 Aug 21

@reavismx12 who did the other guys race that top Dungey Reed and Stewart? Douche

tearin_it_up109 Aug 21

Nice way to go villopoto at least your beatin Dungey and I look up to you and I would pay my life to meet you . A kid at sjo was like I got to meet Ricky Carmichael and he taught me how to ride and signed a pair of boots and I was like dude Carmichael sucks Villopoto is the SHIT

maxpeters472 Aug 21

@reavismx12 shut the he'll up. He all the guys fair and square 4 years in a row. James when he was perfectly healed. Roczen, reed when we wasn't hurt. The last 4 years have been the most staked class ever. When carmicheal was in it was only mccgrath and emig. And when mccgrsth was in it was only emig

guitarguy92b Aug 21

Lol um no one could touch Mcgrath because he was good so he had "no real competition" until Carmichael came along. So saying he has no real competition means he's just that much faster than everyone else, think before you speak bub... @reavismx12

markballance Aug 21

Villopoto is not a "puss" he's a champion. I remember the year he cleaned up at the mini O's. We all knew he was going to be the next great one. Pussy is not the word for any man that can win the in the outdoors!

dirtbike_man_55 Aug 21

Nice job👍👊👏😛

pulpmx Aug 21

Must be all those Pulp shows

ibanooc Aug 21

@reavismx12 I guess you don't know what it is to work hard to be a champ, can't say anything because you haven't been in any of their boots.. Goes to show you can't appreciate living legends or champs because I'm sure @rickycarmichael wouldn't be bitching and would cheer and appreciate new champs.. Goes else where if you don't like @ryanvillopoto #legend #RV #soontobe#goat

hemipowers1 Aug 21

Check this out @trippridehard @lindsaycpowers

reavismx12 Aug 21

@ibanooc a true champion overcomes challengers, and challenges. Who has challenged him? Nobody. Case closed.

mikeyhonda15 Aug 21

@coleseely good job man

jimbissey62 Aug 21

Someone sounds jealous

ibanooc Aug 21

@reavismx12 No one has challenged him because he's that good, makes no sense in arguing, just make the best of a living legend and go on any other legends instagram and bitch about @ryanvillopoto ..

ajrobinson92 Aug 21

You are my inspiration

dirtrider615 Aug 21

It's defiantly not because of the @pulpmxshow ...... It's cuz your a beast and you kill it on and off the bike! Rv2 all day!

greedyredy Aug 21

Lets go fishing! Come visit the northeast again

gkg_nardo Aug 21

@reavismx12 it just looks like nobody challenges him. He's that fast

lindsaycpowers Aug 21

Must I point out this is an exposure chart not a skilled or champion chart otherwise Reed would be #1 on that chart. Skills don't come from popularity! @hemipowers1 @trippridehard

bradjones935 Aug 21

Just Imagine If He rode outdoors just remember dungey was nowhere close this time last year

bigbaker71 Aug 21

U euieheueu r

comptonbrandon300 Aug 21


cpasta Aug 21

Bs... @crtwotwo kills it...

jordan_carson18 Aug 21

Great job!

robin_ur_hood Aug 21

Lol at everyone arguing about whos a champ and who isnt. This chart has nothing to do with skill 😂 its about POPULARITY.

mattjordan68 Aug 21

Oh please James doing drugs was off the Richter scale

doutman4 Aug 21

A god on a dirt bike right here > @ryanvillopoto

countryboy_tristan63 Aug 21

James is goin to beat u all day and u now it @therealjs7 @ryanvillopoto

super_coop_12 Aug 21

Go rv

tiggerthetiger10 Aug 21

I love rv and js but I'm surprised he's next in points rankins both sick dudes as well as some others

huertabyrd09 Aug 21


obi_one_kanobi Aug 21

Ha ryan when are you going to race again

obi_one_kanobi Aug 21


rogergriffin_62 Aug 21

This is so true.

kawarv Aug 21

Rv the best rider ever

mcsgator2 Aug 21


vincebruington Aug 21

Awesome to see @coleseely up there!

byrong24 Aug 21


nickharmon525 Aug 21

Heck yes @byrong24

nicbrignarrr Aug 21


ryan_1vaughan Aug 21

He'll ya man ur killing Stewart... I don't really like hi@lm

ryan_1vaughan Aug 21


oliverbowles_ Aug 21

How is @crtwotwo 9th?!

teamdesmadre Aug 21

Your only number one because they are paying Stewart to lose so the sport seams more fair

ryan_logue Aug 21

You good at sx but all around dungey and roczen rape you... no hate just saying

markhickerson Aug 21

Yep. And a year from now no one will remember you. Please don't retire to early. You got your whole life to fish. Take the millions and suck it up for a few more years. Think about it. 10 years from now you won't understand why you didn't race longer.

asti.n Aug 21

You suck.

richtwo2 Aug 21

@crtwotwo should be number 1

thereal518 Aug 21

@teamdesmadre you're stupid, RV2 earned every single championship and he will go down as the greatest to ever throw a leg over a Dirtbike!

hestonbarela Aug 21

@teamdesmadre #joke

herchubbell Aug 21

All you haters just keep flipping burgers at your job, you might get promoted to be able to wear the heAd set and you'll be able to actually take peoples order!

hestonbarela Aug 21

@reavismx12 you would die after one day of training on his program.

jjl59 Aug 21

One of the best @thereal518

supra_andrews Aug 21

@herchubbell haha good one.. Haters "Js7fanboys" I can see RV giggling when he posted this sarcasm to pissoff the haters 😂 @ryanvillopoto

tylersilvestro1 Aug 21

^ all you people should stop hating and talking shit because he would be number 1 if he didnt earn it!

tylersilvestro1 Aug 21


davin.y0 Aug 21

@reavismx12 I watched a video yesterday and RC and McGrath both said in their days, they didn't have as many competitors as villo has. And for rv to go out and tie mcgraths recorded, that's insane. get your shit right kid

fredjacobi Aug 21

Olha que interessante @maurofaucon

snocross315 Aug 21

Why is chad reed so far down

snocross315 Aug 21


cam_andrews1212 Aug 21


joemanetta16 Aug 21

Lets gooo

owenstryker Aug 21

Yea Ryan great job bro!!!! How was LRH on Monday? @ryanvillopoto

dj_def1 Aug 21

Congrats champ!

kawasaki_65_racer Aug 21

Well done Ryan

chandler_onthebeach Aug 26


obi_one_kanobi Aug 27

Congrats bro

ryanvillopoto Aug 19

I'm digging my new hat from @grundensusa thanks guys! #eattuna

bmuter Aug 20


pepicentanni Aug 20

@matiasbiscaisaque @justorsaa jajajajajajajajaahajaj

buccfan123 Aug 20

Just got back from westport had a great time

_jordan_randolph_ Aug 20

Make a vid of u riding your dirtbike @ryanvillopoto

weider43 Aug 20


_jameshelley Aug 20

@dion_phaneuf3 haha thought you might like this #goleafsgo

tantanfeil Aug 20

@jakekinzer sick hat man

dbattistin Aug 21

Amico de Lele...@rudyv121 @emylabase55

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