Monster Energy Kawasaki

Ryan Villopoto


Ryan Villopoto
#1 Ryan Villopoto

DoB: 8/13/1988
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: Minneola, FL
Hometown: Poulsbo, WA
Bike: Kawasaki KX450F


Career Highlights

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA 450 National Motocross Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA National Motocross Series Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Inaugural Monster Energy Cup – 1st Place

7 Victories in AMA Supercross season

Won first 450 Supercross – Seattle

AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

AMA West Supercross Litess Champion.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
First rider in history to win the overalls in both motos on Kawasaki KX250F against larger displacement bikes at the Motocross of Nations
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Also named the 2006 AMA Supercross/Motocross Rookie of the Year.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion

Won an impressive 24 titles while competing for Kawasaki’s Team Green™.












Ryan Villopoto Instagram

ryanvillopoto Jul 16

My racing away from racing!! This stuff is so fun. @tannerellingsen @kristenv2 @teamassociatedrc

levibrandenburg Jul 18

Mine broke from jumping it

bhuntt427 Jul 20


xbsears Jul 20


dakota_metalik Jul 21

When do you get the okay from the doctor?

ktmfreak604 Jul 21

So i heard villopoto is gonna be a quiter and go to Europe to race and that because he dais Racing here is to hard.. wossie

moto_trippin_ Jul 22


_dylan_harink_ Jul 22

I have dat stuf

hdmx13 Jul 22

Ryan... You are sweet #imnotgay

ryanvillopoto Jul 10


almeidaf22 Jul 10


rmuguinho101 Jul 10


j_almazan17 Jul 10


twood_94sx Jul 10


janibano Jul 10

Yeeeaahh ^^--**

johan_bang Jul 10


fshred_ Jul 10


_joshcole_ Jul 10


claytonlane21 Jul 10


jake_ernst112 Jul 10


rosario_dato Jul 10


alex_panzarella327 Jul 10


agarcia315 Jul 10


ryanbarker41 Jul 10


nickaustin211 Jul 10


mattbrett77 Jul 10


jenkinscollin Jul 10


bentoye Jul 10


2buches Jul 10


bedford3 Jul 10

@tylervoell go find the ginger

jroot174 Jul 10


dirt_ripper71 Jul 10


kozain_8 Jul 10


dirt_ripper71 Jul 10

Get it? Haha smoke weed!!!

wall11wall11 Jul 10


_chrisuni_ Jul 10


tjk314_ Jul 10

@dirt_ripper71 you're like 6. You should be doing kid things.

jjblecha12 Jul 10

My home turf!! Nothing like riding the woods here @ryanvillopoto

dante_kite Jul 10

Come and stay with us if need be... @ryanvillopoto

dwilkes43 Jul 10

You're an idiot @dirt_ripper71

ohthankevin13 Jul 10

We all know why he came to colorado 😏

mangum489 Jul 10

God that is so beautiful

harris_bagley Jul 10

Got heem @tjk314_

jhen1493 Jul 10

@cparks14 niggas blazin

braycobb Jul 10


wilson_925 Jul 10

Best place on earth. I love it there.

brycehunnings305 Jul 10

@keeton_snell18 hes in CO

goonboy911 Jul 10

That place is hell in the winter!

corabug2002 Jul 10

U are in my home state cannot believe it

keeton_snell18 Jul 10

I live in CO @brycehunnings305

brycehunnings305 Jul 10


mxjay907 Jul 10

You'll never see anything more beautiful than Alaska in the summer

ericagknupp Jul 10

CO love ♡

chappyhud Jul 10

Back to dr?

miss_katharineanne Jul 10

You gotta go to someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Aspen 😂 no but really...Aspen is better

_that_colorado_kid_ Jul 10

I'm coming for you

amkrise Jul 10

Aspen is not better than Vail...

joshclark970 Jul 10

What are you driving so I can watch for you? You're almost to Grand Junction pal. @ryanvillopoto @ryan_clark01 @cc284 @_basketballl_14_

ryanvillopoto Jul 10

@chappyhud yep flew in this morning and flying back out tonight

chappyhud Jul 10

Hope it's all good buddy.

jhammy424 Jul 10

Just got done riding thunder valley track was prime wish you were riding there!!! @ryanvillopoto

mxbars Jul 10

Ma vai dove???

amkrise Jul 10

@ryanvillopoto prayers buddy! Hope your lovely wife is accompanying you.

mattbrett77 Jul 10

You're like 6 @dirt_ripper71

cmtarka12 Jul 10

Not quite skiing weather

justinwoltz Jul 10

Love vail! One place you can drop 30k on art in seconds.

ndellym Jul 10


tneubank Jul 10

Not a better place in the world to get a new ACL. #steadmanclinic #Vail

slice_ofmylife Jul 10


marcogenovesi Jul 10

Vail non vai 😂 comunque siete i migliori vi seguo su face e condivido tutto 🔝✊👍✌️@mxbars

declan_casey Jul 10

Vail is AMAZING for skiing

declan_casey Jul 10

I mean snowboarding

zoc_is_gone Jul 10


nsardoo Jul 10

Seriously! Hahaha what the hell @tjk314_ @dirt_ripper71

flyrant Jul 10

Come rip up some mtn trails in aspen

karter_a_96 Jul 10

That's one awesome mtn bro

pman686 Jul 10

Next time ur in Colorado u should come try out the track in Dillion Colorado @ryanvillopoto

mxbars Jul 10

Hahaha grande @marcogenovesi grazie!😁😁 comunque lo abbiamo scritto apposta!😉😜👊✊✊✊

brandonnnn719 Jul 10

U racing at buds this sat. ?

soleil.jpg Jul 10

holy shit I'm in vail right now!!

leaoelias Jul 10


mark_bloom84 Jul 11

Come on over to grand jct @ryanvillopoto

caleb_mx_1 Jul 11

@ryanvillopoto why aren't you racing at redbuuuuuud

vinny2524133 Jul 11

@ryanvillopoto man if you can get at me and come race some rc cars this weekend we are having one if our biggest sickest races this weekend

yammerhammerttr125 Jul 11

I ain't no Europe expert but I woodnt go there heard all chicks have bushes and the guys are queers. Retire and buy me a truck thanks

marcogenovesi Jul 11

👍👊✊💥🔝🏆🇮🇹 @mxbars

marcogenovesi Jul 11

@mxbars puoi seguirmi perfavore 🙏?

maxlazzarotto Jul 11

@yammerhammerttr125 yeah you're deff not a Europe expert? Chicks got bushes? Yeah maybe 20 years ago... And there's just as many "queers" as in America... The stereotyping needs to stop... Honestly

yammerhammerttr125 Jul 11

Bro just what I heard and I agree to many queers everywhere @maxlazzarotto

seanlloyd962 Jul 11


strmrdr89 Jul 12

Been there done that.

arlen421e Jul 14

Da vail!!! @zackguebara

dylankx85 Jul 15

Wen can you race again

ryanvillopoto Jul 9

Had a blast today cruising newport with @kristenv2 @tannerellingsen @adamwaheed !! #goodtimes

chasejohnson_359 Jul 9


blakehastheswag Jul 9


gwynethcrispano Jul 9

Dat bike basket doe😂👌

tyler_thomas_22 Jul 9

Are you ok @ryanvillopoto

herchubbell Jul 9

Did you hit Charlie's?

elemen0hpee Jul 9

Newps br0

djay_32 Jul 9


mattportugal Jul 9

@mxfreestyle51 you're pissed

edub202 Jul 9

Did ya grab a schooner at mutts?

brockway9 Jul 9

Love the old skool sissy bar on your bike. Hope you are doing well my brotha. Keep me in your thought so you can help bring a new photographer up to take some killer shots of you man. Been a fan from the start. Keep up the hard work man you are at the top of your game and looks like you are gonna stay there. #brockwayphotography @ryanvillopoto #brockwayphotography

bre_sanchez Jul 9

@bzd so close

atomaspired112 Jul 9


_andreeee Jul 9

@blainebaker88 wtf this is bullshit

victorialynn_kelly Jul 9


rdcjuanb Jul 9

The turbo against @tannerellingsen on the old wheelie bike.... Hahaha

tannerellingsen Jul 9

I got 5 speeds of awesomeness bro @rdcjuanb 😂

markyd93 Jul 9

Baby!! @marissariddell_

rdcjuanb Jul 9

@tannerellingsen my bad. Now I feel sorry for RV, you look good and perform. Win, win

jake.parsons Jul 9

I was doing this yesterday. ONE DAY EARLY!

dan_flannery Jul 9

@grow.fame gets you more followers

ryan_spraggz Jul 9

When is the next time you are gonna be there because I just wanna say hi

tdnichols115 Jul 9

Ahh I was just there today!! 😩 that would have been so cool to see you

1titolopez Jul 9

That basket tho!

_em9_ Jul 9

I was just there!!

hrod1999 Jul 9

I was there this morning @ryanvillopoto @47_till_infinty @cameronortiz42

supermari0_7 Jul 9

@cudi_malc_x damn

ironhidefabrications Jul 9

@ryanvillopoto there are a whole lot of rumors Fly'n around about where your at next year !

tadcock227 Jul 9

Do u have skype ryan

souljahfire Jul 9

Nice baskett ❤️

laninha422 Jul 9


dtrogg Jul 9

Holy butthole I was just at the wedge Right there

brendanms1997 Jul 9

@briananicole1 dammit Briana we missed him again!!

shayne_andre Jul 9

@drakerr what!!!!

kris98360 Jul 9

Gonna put your next championship in that basket @ryanvillopoto

businesscasual224 Jul 9

@adamwaheed apparently I should have called you today, I was down the street. Lol

jt_hotkowski Jul 9

Dat basket @ryanvillopoto

witnizer Jul 9

I'm in Newport for vacation right now! @ryanvillopoto

chrismills43 Jul 9

@moto429 Jul 9

Gotta love living here @chrismills43

chrismills43 Jul 9

@moto429 I bet you pass so many famous people and never know

j_pappas38 Jul 9

Isn't this by your house😂 @_chlosterr_

_chlosterr_ Jul 9

Yea you can see it @jenna.__.pappas

j_pappas38 Jul 9

Boss ass bish😎 @_chlosterr_

thrashedkid Jul 9

@tannerellingsen is killing it on the 6 speed, speed machine!

airhawk03 Jul 9

I was there last week

cmay2400 Jul 9

@razorblonde @may191

carson_scheenstra Jul 9

That's seriously my house

suzysays333 Jul 9

Good for you!

farvadaminer Jul 9

Congratulations to the guy that thinks "that was his house" cause the beach is still the beach to the rest of us

briananicole1 Jul 9

@brendanms1997 they went our exact route on the one day we didnt go 😂fml

coltonthurmeier Jul 9

I just gained 10k from @quicklygain

jeremy_clendenin Jul 9


klsakaske324 Jul 9

@jeremy_clendenin I saw this earlier!! I should have been there to meet him again haha

jeremy_clendenin Jul 9

i wish I could have met him lol @klsakaske324

klsakaske324 Jul 9

@jeremy_clendenin he's a pretty cool guy! He's got a raptor too :)

fran_raitzin3 Jul 9

I just gained 10k from @quicklygain

aldenchambers75 Jul 9

I bet like no one recognized you. That's the cool thing about being a pro motocross racer rather then like a football player. Everyone would recognize the football player and want their autograph and stuff. @ryanvillopoto

brendanms1997 Jul 9

@briananicole1 I know! Just our luck! 😭😭

bentley_kyle Jul 9

@ryanvillopoto let me know when you need a real tour guide. #barhop #beenkickedoutofthemall

plays_in_dirt Jul 10

Yaaaaa you rock

taylormuto Jul 10

could be chillin with poto @moyer3

ryanvillopoto Jul 6

Had an awesome time out at red bud. It was good to be back at the races! I just posted an update on my site on what I've been up to. Check it out at @racerxonline @twmxdotcom 📷 @mattyfranmedia

football_and_bball_life Jul 6

1st comment

palladino554 Jul 6


meganmagill154 Jul 6


perezz69 Jul 6


javierorillac Jul 6

Are you going to be racing the 2015 SX Season??

christianphillip19 Jul 6

You should put the link to your site in your bio

tpeterson26 Jul 6

@thook118 #fellowgingerbeard

saulozanella Jul 6

Missing race? Fan in Brazil.

burrapwhip86 Jul 6

Monster energy had it planned he had to win the sx series but outdoor rolls up he gets surgery if you can ride sx you can ride mx monster just wants him to win events they sponsor....... Lucas Oil pro motocross ......think about it.

_ogkattykit Jul 6

^ no

jacktgod Jul 6

@burrapwhip86 either you high as fuck or you must know the politics of the sport better than any other 😂😂😂

selfmadef8 Jul 6

@burrapwhip86 you're stupid.

_shortstuff_12 Jul 6


brendan_murray15 Jul 6

@burrapwhip86 dude his knee has been screwed up for a while he just wanted to finish the series then rest and get it repaired

ayealexander Jul 6

🔥🔥 @_shortstuff_12

jasonmurray24 Jul 6


sebasconejo19 Jul 6

Le gusto el pelirrojo papi @willy_seven10

michaelfisher128 Jul 6

Yup the CEO of monster even preformed the surgery on him 😂😂 #retard @burrapwhip86

emmygirlrocks Jul 6

Hottie 😍

math_f1gures Jul 6

I heard ryan villopoto is actually a robot. He is just undergoing a software update, routine stuff guys

abbie_boyee Jul 6

Baeee @_shannonhunt

brad__longo Jul 6

alpha ginger of motocross

killerkittty Jul 6


jleebear Jul 6


jake807 Jul 6


enzi404 Jul 6

Model pose right there villi haha

rowdybrew Jul 6

Totes ma Potes!!!

clanytf Jul 6

Wish I could race @jackson_moon3

clubine222 Jul 6

@mattjahner_39 I told you I saw him there!!!

mxmurray88 Jul 6

Hope the rumors of you going to mxgps next year aren't true.. Go for 5 in a row

mxmurray88 Jul 6

@burrapwhip86 you can't be serious?

nikkitony51 Jul 6


rosscain Jul 6

@thebiermann you taking selfies again?

burrapwhip86 Jul 6


thook118 Jul 6

@tpeterson26 #Inspiration 👌

jake_carella199 Jul 6

He's racing mxgp in Europe next year I heard, the stuff pourcel used to do

huffingtonpaint Jul 6


bellahellsen Jul 6

Must feel like a dream to be back :) @ryanvillopoto great pict;)

coleschroeder_ Jul 6

@account.helpers arehelpingsmall accounts get big

rwhitegon Jul 6

He's not racing mxgp next year that's been a rumor for years

rodrigoperez34 Jul 7

facha colooo

perezciprian Jul 7

@gralvarez a ti que te encantan los pelirrojos 😋😍 aunque este está un poco Orange

hunterrobinson22 Jul 7

Any body need a Kwai 250

zohair9 Jul 7

@account.helpers are helping people get followers!!! Go check them out

kaymartin12 Jul 7

😍 😍

gralvarez Jul 7

@perezciprian hahaha bellisimo 😍😍

chu3ice Jul 7

@marcavells that kid at the bar looked damn close to that

wayne_barrineau Jul 7


death_flames Jul 7

Keep doing good on the racing,some day i want to race as good as you😃

cburger Jul 7

@brandonnn1002 your twin :)

katiekate235 Jul 7

Thought this was lobbe for a second so rangaaa @clarkeee11

kevinromerodiaz Jul 7

@felizmendoza asi pero fit y mas joven

kjack715 Jul 7

@jacktgod yea he's high ....

chandler_nida Jul 7

Hey man. I just heard about the move. You should really stay and get that record. You will be missed here in the states if all goes through. Good luck to you over in Europe

marcavells Jul 7

WHOA. literally spot on!!! @chu3ice

rivimadison Jul 7

@crinklechip This. This is red hair.

shelby.kristina Jul 7

Your dumb @unkle_orrin

3lettersant Jul 7

@the_trevorsoety your twin

the_trevorsoety Jul 7

Hahahaha I kinda see it @3lettersant

samscranchia Jul 7

@nikkitony51 hell yea

kirarosejohnson Jul 7

Are you racing washougal?

auburnmamba14 Jul 7

@bigrache me

clarkeee11 Jul 7

@katiekate235 oh my!!

b.kubik_ Jul 7

@ryanvillopoto my home state!!

jakeboelcke Jul 7

How long are you staying in berrien county for. @ryanvillopoto

rodrigovsc Jul 7


tannertauldridge Jul 7


sampey_711 Jul 7


lorimarie_jo Jul 7

You obviously know I follow him.. can't wait for this years SX.. His hair is on point in this pic lol @sampey_711

therealmikesadr Jul 7

Good to see your taking some time to reflect and enjoy the spoils of your hard work, all work no play, makes for retirement. Enjoy your time off, and get your ass back to winning lmao!

dustinchandler615 Jul 7

Hey ryan I ride And ur my role model and it would be awesome if u could notice me

kylejay11 Jul 7

Saw you. Didn't want to bug you for an autograph. Rest that knee.@ryanvillopoto

meganjeandaniels Jul 7


nathannagengast88 Jul 7

Can't wait to see you back dominating again!

pietromenassi Jul 7

i'm your fan

dirtlife42 Jul 7


10_rorza_10 Jul 7

How's your knee @ryanvillopoto

leah_marie67 Jul 7

Sexiest leprechaun I've ever seen. Mmm damn my husband is fine. @meganjeandaniels

meganjeandaniels Jul 7

@leah_marie67 naw bitch. My husband haha

lesayurii Jul 7


suzysays333 Jul 7

My son was there and came home and gave me an earful on what a great time he had. You're his favorite!

johnny_sobeck Jul 7

I live kinda close to red bud

kfjr730 Jul 7

Real big fan

chase_herriman Jul 7

@tannertauldridge haha we'll get a side by side picture going

tannertauldridge Jul 7

Hahahahah @chase_herriman

jjmoto613 Jul 7


dirt_bike_007 Jul 8

I ride dirt bikes to!When I grow up I'm gunna be like u

kmcdaniels03 Jul 8

Ryan I can already see it that you are going to come back and win

max_donoghue_ Jul 8

@big.gain gets you more followers

imtylersnorek65.gsus Jul 8

@gain.helper gets you more followers

joejoeracing23 Jul 8

Y didn't u race

joejoeracing23 Jul 8

At red bud

carlosmendoza20 Jul 8

@rlottici es algo asi tigre pa q me entienda

derekmesser4 Jul 9

@ryanvillopoto can't wait to see you recover

skuszmaul Jul 9


colby_perry_18 Jul 10

I just gained 2k from

naate_jaansen Jul 12

Haha love the red head

naate_jaansen Jul 12

Ryan is one of my favourite riders

mooch_969 Jul 13

@mooch696 #barciakiller

_football_queen_ Jul 13

@5weet_ did u c him at red bud?

_football_queen_ Jul 13

I'm going to red bus next year with my cuz and I need signatures

5weet_ Jul 14

Yeah I saw him @_football_queen_

kenzideigh_ Jul 15

kenzideigh_ Jul 15


colin_snyder_14 Jul 15

I aw him there he signed my shirt and hat

alyssa.l._ Jul 16

@jesseca_lynnnnnn 😻😻

jesseca_lynnnnnn Jul 16

😋😋😋😋😋😋 @alyssa.l._

johnny_boy_18 Jul 22

Mr. Villopoto i was at struthers brothers the other day and some people said i look like the young you!

ryanvillopoto Jul 4

Happy 4th of july!!! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!

misterwiggy Jul 4


gusttavo_paolinelli Jul 4

You too brother !!!

milesrupiperjg96 Jul 4

Repost from @monsterenergy

gusttavo_paolinelli Jul 4


ian_rule10 Jul 4


mvtt.erixson Jul 4


mhubot Jul 4

@ggolsong jaydore

danielmx12 Jul 4

😯 😯

sharonrogers1 Jul 4

That's cool👍🇺🇸

chiefs_man Jul 4

@ryanvillopoto you are awesome

srssteve Jul 4

Is that your garage?

seanrogers03 Jul 4

Reported from @monsterenergy

jesus_p04 Jul 4


jesus_p04 Jul 4


kawilife Jul 4

You to man

nitsud300 Jul 4

@philcrab85 monster heaven

justjim633 Jul 4


motochick67 Jul 4

Probably @srssteve 😂

such_a_boss47_ Jul 4

That is awesome

kyle_koster712 Jul 4


chrisgeeee Jul 4

That is badass @ryanvillopoto

conorcrory16 Jul 4


little__italy_ Jul 4


nicobotti43 Jul 4


klenlaundry Jul 4

Checkout KLeNLaundry #socks #bamboo #briefs #notlikecotton #happybirtdayamerica

kawasaki_for_life_ Jul 4

You to ryan be safe @ryanvillopoto

05expedition Jul 4

Same 2 you

pro_skateboard Jul 4


nickgopro1020 Jul 4


tavocastro15 Jul 4


laneyrose98 Jul 4

I love yoy

emarquezz21 Jul 4


emarquezz21 Jul 4


camiii.collins Jul 4

this is probably the best thing I've ever seen😂😂 @jimmy_serlenga427 @jonniee95 @cj_sidoli_72

jfitness79 Jul 4

@bogey_golf11 yessir

kloperfied Jul 4

Hahaha @chris_bandz_ that's why u follow almost triple the people who follow you!! I can tell ur scam is working out lmao

calen_98 Jul 4


hugo_krucial Jul 4

@hector_bribiesca crazy

christrejo21 Jul 4


bbrookez Jul 4

@emmahalvorsen @avadorto 😻😻😻😻

steven_goldi Jul 4

That's is the coolest thing ever @ryanvillopoto

yasmin_sam15 Jul 4

@aylarsam1771 haha niceeee👍👍

1k2go Jul 4

Pretty rad.

aylarsam1771 Jul 4

@yasmin_sam15 crAzzy!! #happy4ofjuly

jypolt126 Jul 4


tucu_b Jul 4

Jojojojo very nicee

cristinafiorentino Jul 4


cassie_swenson Jul 4


true_champ45 Jul 4

Hey your awsome I saw u race u are good

victoriaoconnorx Jul 4

@saranunemaker can I have that...

x_black_jesus_x Jul 4

@haydenchandler96 look at this shit

lynnloma Jul 4


therealrileymcbang Jul 4

Redbull did it first!! @merrickstauffer

macanas69 Jul 4

@pujan_259 💪🇺🇸

jeremy209holden Jul 4

YuMmy @princesspooks32

cgs92 Jul 4

Check this out @photo_balls @chrisandbeckymunsey

_miss_princess_16 Jul 4

Go check out @fxturechloe she's giving out some really cool stuff!!! Hurry tho!!!

_kasey_k_ Jul 4

This is perf for me ! 😂😋😃😃😍 @_madi_allen_

kha_tibo Jul 4


isaiah_bmx360 Jul 4

I need a monster right now

jasonjay785 Jul 4

Au ciel sa ressemble a sa d'après moi @jean_seb15 hahaha

roadsidepeek Jul 4


_madi_allen_ Jul 4

Lmao @_kasey_k_ 😂😂😂

rubenjhb Jul 4


miriamsophie96 Jul 4

A dream 😍

exposing_america Jul 4

Everyone should read my posts. It is very important every american is woken up

mavallone997 Jul 4


infamousdsmitty Jul 4


cooter_buddies24 Jul 4

thts AWESOME... how long did it take

monteride11 Jul 4

Fantastico.....w usa.... Italy shit

alanathatsme Jul 4


jakeellis112 Jul 4

Woo that would make u die a million times

tuckermiles70 Jul 4

@hayden_lillie @ktm252714

christlauren Jul 4

cool 💪💪

curlz36 Jul 4


briannaswaggie1015 Jul 4


mariiadaviis Jul 4

@nick_luhn bc it's all monsters

sarasandusky10 Jul 4

@infamousdsmitty best flag ever

rogergriffin_62 Jul 4

@jacob_ryan_rodriguez Lol. Monster energy

jacob_ryan_rodriguez Jul 4

Dam @rogergriffin_62

rogergriffin_62 Jul 4

@jacob_ryan_rodriguez lol😂😂😂

rasmusp85 Jul 4

Sweet burns on the floor ✊

gypsydash15 Jul 4

Way cool

bellamehler Jul 4


rabrams82 Jul 4


ktm252714 Jul 4

Yes i saw dat @tuckermiles70

christinafenui Jul 4


colby_brierley Jul 4

I'm an Aussie

c_hisky19 Jul 4

@k_b_h_ @jenhisgen @kyleehisgen @paige_wilson22

f_a_n_g_3 Jul 4

@adrenalinejunkie18 the clones have probably drunk this much monster in there life time

suzysays333 Jul 4


merrickstauffer Jul 4

@therealrileymcbang no shit I posted it last yeah!!!!

emmettforbes Jul 4


428md Jul 4


bryce_bryce14 Jul 5

That's sick

danielbroughton227 Jul 5


danielbroughton227 Jul 5

#ryan Atkins

cjmotocross126 Jul 5

@danni_1226 @atathedam @budcephus

pietromenassi Jul 5

i love monster energy

tullis_913 Jul 5

Saw a guy down here in hot springs arkansas that looked just like you. Do you have a long lost twin? Lol

tristan.fidler Jul 5

Lol u to #i love your dogs 🐶

cheesegram Jul 5

Miss seeing on the track

countryboy__24 Jul 5


motomx5 Jul 5

#rv2isawesome #rv2isdabomb #RV2

death_flames Jul 5

Thats alot of monster

ziggydoe504 Jul 5

God bell America

justcookandride Jul 6


carsonkx2 Jul 6

I got shot at by fireworks

monster_energy_kawasaki_1 Jul 6


monster_energy_kawasaki_1 Jul 6


brian_beukers Jul 6

I'm from canada, i went to see the 4th of july fireworks in washington state. I didnt see any americans though, just a bunch of little bitches:P

pietromenassi Jul 6

i love monster energy

enes_rifat Jul 6

@helpin.accounts is helping accounts grow

willy_knudsen Jul 6


moto.kid Jul 6

Love MOTOCROSS/SUPERCROSS? Check out @Ace_MX for AWESOME Mx pics!

skyman213 Jul 8

if that's beer that murica

debbiefrost717 Jul 8


jordancolby1 Jul 9

That's what its about!

1vilopoto Jul 9

That is so dope freshness

chayce261 Jul 15

It's different kinds of monster

ryanvillopoto Jul 3

A little morning coffee with my @kawasakionline koffee brake cup #letthegoodtimesroll

matthews424 Jul 4


baenadiego Jul 4

Kawasaki lo mejor en el mundo.......

rasselifrendi11 Jul 4

Kawasaki is the best

muhdnor_kawasaki Jul 4

Love it..

mailalopez Jul 4

I want it!!

emma_fisher_9 Jul 5

Hey I want that!!!!!!

charlie.marshallmalt Jul 9

I love my kawasaki

zac_kenny Jul 16

Kwakers are shit ktm are so mutch beta

ryanvillopoto Jul 3

Had a good night of racing at OC-RC my @teamassociatedrc B5m was hooking up.

mr.fantamazing Jul 5

U guys r soooo dramatic. I don't think rv posted this to have a couple immature little baby's argue about something that doesn't even matter.

rc_rider Jul 6

I DIDNT KNOW YOU LIKED RC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tyberius7147 Jul 7

@rc_rider just fan girled...thats awesome

rc_rider Jul 8

@tyberius7147 what?

tyberius7147 Jul 8

Fangirled? Like when a bieber fan sees him wearing the same shirt she'll flip out

rc_rider Jul 8

ohhh well i like rc if you cant tell and mx so ya.... @tyberius7147

jeff_stokes115 Jul 16


moto4life21 Jul 16

Wow you have my dream life! I race dirtbikes a lot and rc race. But to race like you and race rc is the best life ever. You should come down to homedale Idaho and Boise for some really fun rc racing. @ryanvillopoto @ryanvillopoto

ryanvillopoto Jul 2

Starting to miss this green machine!! @kawasakionline @monsterenergy @thormxofficial @gopro @oakley @falkentire @dc_moto @alpinestars @atlasbrace

brunette_2419 Jul 2


tedwardvogel Jul 2


rickyrdgz Jul 2


magrao_mt Jul 2


gustavobonfante Jul 2

The best!

dcooper132 Jul 2

Should have been missing it a long time ago buddy! You need to get back out on them tracks, ain't no fun watchin motos with out the champ in the mix! @ryanvillopoto

chino_bonnard Jul 2

Mira la poscincion @dgonzalezp87

monsterenergydaily Jul 2


jburtonphoto Jul 2

Race Washugal!

julian_stein_41 Jul 2

Cool pic

juandivillaverde95 Jul 2


rampage_aaa Jul 2

Me too

james151brown Jul 2

If RV was there we all know that the red plate woulda had a green background right about now! @ryanvillopoto

dswitt Jul 2

Washugal!! @ryanvillopoto

ljames522 Jul 2

Redbud won't be the same without you man

schoents Jul 2

Cant wait for the 2015 green machines!

dan54simpson Jul 2

Get back at it! The comp is getting very fast whilst your out 👎

tuck_244 Jul 2

Yeah it won't

tyrobertson1 Jul 2

Did you get rid of it? @ryanvillopoto

rob_74_ Jul 2

How long are you out for??????

codystone5 Jul 2


kyndahlcole927 Jul 2

Probably thor @danosethatknows

kolby_lundberg Jul 2

Thor @danosethatknows

brvvnoo Jul 2

Man when are you riding again?

chrisjones_11 Jul 2

Get back on that track @ryanvillopoto

alexrideer Jul 2

Awesome photo!! @ryanvillopoto

bestwest79 Jul 2

RV to ktm 2015 bahahaha

bradgebhardt88 Jul 2

I feel like when RV is injured he begins to forget the sacrifices of his program and starts to miss the competition again @ryanvillopoto

codystone5 Jul 2

He still loves it! But if you had to train like him it would become more like a job than a weekend thing. @ryanvillopoto

joshua_alarcon_ Jul 2

What bike is he on now

king_loco_taco_24 Jul 2


cohlmason Jul 2


devlin_aka_viperrr Jul 2

@joshua_alarcon_ he's recovering from surgery.

cnelly138 Jul 2

@joshua_alarcon_ he's still on the same bike, he just hasn't been riding.

joshua_alarcon_ Jul 2

Oh that sucks thx dude @devlin_aka_viperrr

_cs414 Jul 2


dru_brooks Jul 2


bestwest79 Jul 2

Going to ktm 2015

dennisreinacher84 Jul 2

You are my Favorite motocrosser:) @ryanvillopoto You are the Best @ryanvillopoto

cygrace974 Jul 2

@bestwest79 he still has more on his contract. stop starting rumors with no basis

keith_yoder Jul 2

@ryanvillopoto Are you coming by @oc_rcraceway on the 4th for the party?

dieguingo46 Jul 2

Gaaaassssss @ryanvillopoto

charliebednar Jul 2

Omg poto looks so good gawd damn trynna mx! @stephenszot

keith_yoder Jul 2

@purextractions yeah lol. But he races his rc car at @oc_rcraceway all the time

cassandracstark Jul 2

Well said @codystone5

summerpaige_ Jul 2

I thought this was dad @omorrowlnr4

doeme_schnyder71 Jul 2

Ride on ;))

evanpetrie94 Jul 2


desertrobert Jul 2


therealtw7 Jul 2


jtuck250f_xj Jul 2

Nothing more can be said besides badass. @ryanvillopoto best to ever grace the sport.

shea_powers Jul 2

Starting to? I miss my bike after not being on it for a couple weeks. Of course, it's not a job for me.

cole_miller_71 Jul 2


kronndizza420 Jul 2

Get thay red plate bacck quicccck bike looks way difff hahaha

thartman19 Jul 2

@cole_miller_71 #js7isgay

cole_miller_71 Jul 2

Js7 would beat the crap outta villipoto anyday

shanemiller323 Jul 2

#potoisapuss @thartman19

cole_miller_71 Jul 2


ajabuell Jul 2

Where do you people come up with these dumb ass comments??

thartman19 Jul 2

@cole_miller_71 @shanemiller323 we all have are opinions 😂😂 atleast villo didn't take illegal drugs

lbizzle305 Jul 2

Cole_miller_71 right that's why RV IS THE 4 TIME CHAMP LOL smart guy

alyssam_46 Jul 2

Villopoto!!!!!! Best ever 4x

thomasperger Jul 2

Keep missing it! Gonna be a super beast when you can ride again!

jackmanvk Jul 2


cole_miller_71 Jul 2

You retard its from his doctor @thartman19

chris_x2c Jul 2

Get well soon maan

bstixx_28 Jul 2

@sweetbrown91 @ktripp430 this is a message to james stewart.

ijustwanttogofast Jul 2


ms_spanish_harlem_usa Jul 2

Good luck

dcorvisuals Jul 2


_trevor_242 Jul 2

@justinbarcia will beat u anyways @ryanvillopoto

amazing.griers Jul 2

@doingdallas is helping small accounts gain! ;)

codystone5 Jul 2

@_trevor_242 you're full of shit! RV1 is the new Goat!

space_dandy_bradley Jul 2

Damn dude! Supermoto?

alghanim21 Jul 2

And we miss watching you racing ✊ get well soon RV

yuleeenka Jul 2

Круто 👌

kawilife Jul 2

U need to teach some riders to fuck off...get back on the track soon...get well tho :)

dgonzalezp87 Jul 2

Simón con el cuerpo adelante, es un chepo este man @chino_bonnard

hrod1999 Jul 2


one4thegetdown Jul 2

Just now starting to miss it? @ryanvillopoto

josiah__hook Jul 2

RV is an extremely fast rider... But @ryanvillopoto why would you miss your bike if you don't even like the sport any more?? Just a thought

motorcrossforlife122 Jul 2

He does like it,he had to have back surgery

jayowenwilliams Jul 2

Get well soon rv b

bradjones935 Jul 2

The competition doesn't like the sound of this I do though love watching you ride especially outdoors

andrelaghi Jul 2


thartman19 Jul 2

@cole_miller_71 yeah you right retard but he had to tell the officials he was taking it and he didn't. So retard that you dumbfuck. I was jk in the first place

cameron_belly Jul 2

When are you going to get back on

gavin_martin2004 Jul 2

Fuck you go James stuwert

ryanktm34 Jul 2


schoents Jul 2

"James stewart could be rv anyday" yeah thats why rv is a 4 time consecutive champion...

jonathan__lorenzo Jul 2

Cool bike

origami_owl_22 Jul 2

Enter @pastel.feg giveaway

alissa.campbell Jul 2

@doingdallas is helping smaller accounts gain

goonfields31 Jul 2

Drive for 5 like my spurs this year @ryanvillopoto

cyller_c_17 Jul 2

He's really gonna miss it when he retires

shanemiller323 Jul 2

Well you look slow af and gay so shut the fuck up @thartman19

joey_regan64 Jul 2

Wait is he off the bike or is he hert

sniperwolf1989 Jul 2

Go @ryanvillopoto ! GO GO GO!!! BRAAAAP!!!

argenisjomi Jul 2


22jman22 Jul 2

Get well soon @ryanvillopoto can't wait to see you back on the bike

landonh_42 Jul 2

If u repost ur crush will realize u like them and like u back, don't repost this 4 times and u will have bad luck for 10 years, repost!

twisted97ram Jul 2

As always bad ass @ryanvillopoto never disappoint !!!!!!!!

tatyanegirl Jul 3


moyer3 Jul 3


vasilysokol1 Jul 3


hutman99 Jul 3


ryanjaprax26 Jul 3


brandon_joyal Jul 3

You are boss

mubarak23falhum Jul 3

Why rv? Are u gonna leave kawasaki??

dennisreinacher84 Jul 3

Rv=Ryan Villopto

jake_spriggs Jul 4

@jedstinson this you?

jedstinson Jul 4

Clearly not? @jake_spriggs

jake_spriggs Jul 4

@jedstinson oh

its_snocumms Jul 4

I love dirt bikes

motoxzayd Jul 5

I love dirt biking

mason_beddo Jul 7

@account.helpers are helping smaller accounts get big

zachthirty8 Jul 7

@one4thegetdown he's got things to do lol

ryder_horrell_434 Jul 7

When do you thing you'll start racing again

ryder_horrell_434 Jul 7

Roczen is flying out there

kmcdaniels03 Jul 8

Right now I'm riding a kx 65 and when I grow up my goal is to be like you

prolaxplayer51 Jul 8

Right now I'm on a kx85

_cole_b_ Jul 9


toxic_o Jul 9


15_christian Jul 10

And then there's me with a Honda cr85😂

iyla_kuznetsov Jul 11

@ryanvillipotosx I love u so much and is it true u might retire???? Please don't!!! Racing CANNOT go without u😄😄

will_108_awsome Jul 12

I am your big ist fan you are awesome I hop you win all your race is 😀 #⃣awesome

crigger12 Jul 12

Great that your back on the bike

adamcianciarulofan Jul 13

Ryan why are you not using our gear anymore

keagan_white Jul 16

Hey Ryan can I please have a signed shirt? I'm in Australia and a massive fan

evanwolfe924 Jul 16

You rock

alyssa.l._ Jul 16

😻😻 @jesseca_lynnnnnn

ronnie________9 Jul 16

What is the best pipe a 2 stroke

jared_500 Jul 17


wyattcole61 Jul 17

Please come check out my channel and I will post a video of me racing my kx85

airsoftdaily22 Jul 18

Your my favorite racer @ryanvillopoto my riding gear is the same as yours and my dirtbike is the same as your

graciy_ Jul 20

You should go check out my brother he thinks ur a great racer. Plz his name is mhancock303

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