Monster Energy Kawasaki

Ryan Villopoto


Ryan Villopoto
#1 Ryan Villopoto

DoB: 8/13/1988
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: Minneola, FL
Hometown: Poulsbo, WA
Bike: Kawasaki KX450F


Career Highlights

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA 450 National Motocross Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA National Motocross Series Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Inaugural Monster Energy Cup – 1st Place

7 Victories in AMA Supercross season

Won first 450 Supercross – Seattle

AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

AMA West Supercross Litess Champion.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
First rider in history to win the overalls in both motos on Kawasaki KX250F against larger displacement bikes at the Motocross of Nations
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Also named the 2006 AMA Supercross/Motocross Rookie of the Year.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion

Won an impressive 24 titles while competing for Kawasaki’s Team Green™.












Ryan Villopoto Instagram

ryanvillopoto Jul 30

#selfies at Loretta's with the man behind my @gopro at the races. @jkuzo25. Always fun to come back to the ranch!!

gman314 Jul 30


anthonyj61 Jul 30

1st like

02_4_life Jul 30


brett_johncock Jul 30


vaughan1010 Jul 30

I'm not understanding why they're holding up a Tyler bowers sign

haileypin15 Jul 30

Yay! Have fun

phoebebarber14 Jul 30

@lovemarycatherine HE BETTER BE THERE TOMORROW

kenzideigh_ Jul 30

Bæ your awesome😍😍

ollie82mx Jul 30


lilmetz823 Jul 30

Looks like davi millsaps

jameslukehopwood Jul 30

And Edgar torenteras!! (Not spelt right)

thacristinas Jul 30


wesleysharpston Jul 30

@maegan_collum he is at lorettas right now lol

maegan_collum Jul 30

Yassss @wesleysharpston

wesleysharpston Jul 30

Haha @maegan_collum

kelswils Jul 30


nacho_kawa Jul 30

You're the best Ryan!

godsy2 Jul 30

@hippo1_3 look like @sayulitakid haha

robert_malvaez Jul 30


vernouillechui Jul 30

Coll. Ryan

vernouillechui Jul 30

Cool Ryan

mxer96 Jul 30


kparsons543 Jul 30

Monster energy girl in the back sucking on a sucker haha

seyarat_cars Jul 30

حوادث 🔞 accidents 🔞 accidents 🔞 accidents 🔞

nikki6ix0405 Jul 30

@ryanvillopoto My husband and I own a New York pizzeria right here in waverly!! We are huge fans!! Come in so we can buy you dinner!!

erik58sic Jul 30

Moster energy forever

carls810 Jul 30

For #easymoney 💸💸 #needjob #money #jobs $200 a week in your house.!!

mneilson25 Jul 30

@baseballloverrrrr how did you find his number?

thepat115 Jul 30

@carls810 go fuck yourself

davidnewbry2 Jul 30

I want one of those Kawasaki Monster hats Mr.V@ryan villapoto

obi_one_kanobi Jul 30

Ryan when are going to ride

btubie2_ Jul 31

@help_shoutz got me to 1K

warrenofficial Jul 31

@ihelp_gainn got me 1k

justinmccoy1999 Jul 31

Hit me u man I want to talk to u

lewishenderson56 Jul 31

Are you planning on racing this season

aestvermilion Jul 31

Cause he is really gonna spill it to you people!!!! LOL

737pablo Jul 31


dane_mccants328 Jul 31

@shoutout1us got me 1k

ryandungey_ Jul 31

come visit my page

roczen_fanpage Jul 31

@help_shoutz got me 1k

jl548 Jul 31

@help_shoutz got me 1k

zach_195 Aug 1

Braaaaaaap forever!!!!!

nikkihkoala Aug 1

@help_shoutz got me 1k

ryanvillopoto Jul 29

Just picked this bad boy up. Can't wait to use it! Shot on my @gopro

johnny_barela Jul 29

First like!!👌

xx_ywf_xx Jul 29

R u gunna retire ?

_union5wildcats Jul 29

Second comment

charleskblosser Jul 29


ryan_mx250 Jul 29

Get some yellowtail on that

grant_worthington118 Jul 29

^^ coool

avery.grierrr Jul 29


kaihessler Jul 29


charleskblosser Jul 29

You getting better

joeyybruno Jul 29

You can see in the reflection its not a gopro 😂😂

cmoney3.1 Jul 29

@joeyybruno yeah it is lol

luc_82 Jul 29

@garretthey26 what is this?

brapping_all_day Jul 29

Congrats guys on your amazing accomplishments @_union5wildcats @johnny_barela

adam_bury747 Jul 29

Hahaha @ @joeyybruno

zach_360 Jul 29


dronomics Jul 29


deselle_221 Jul 29

What is it?

_cooperphillips5 Jul 29

Yes it is lol. @joeyybruno

andreazs99 Jul 29

Then u have not seen a gopro before @joeyybruno

fishnfinatic Jul 29

Let me know when you are ready.

two_wheel_life Jul 29

Looks like a gopro in the reflection to me

tigers_baseball24 Jul 29

Its a reel. For fishing rods its a baitcaster. @deselle_221

4_anderson_4 Jul 29

It's a go pro😂

koochrox Jul 29

@deselle_221 it's a fishing reel

reagan_cookie Jul 29

Defiantly not shot on a gopro

gangsta_isssh Jul 29

Fishy fish

r3con125 Jul 29

Nice ry

cerhardt161 Jul 29

@cmoney3.1 dude thats a fishing reel

jaredgaylord27 Jul 29

It's a picture of a fishing reel with a go pro you idiots

wilhahn23 Jul 29

@ryanvillopoto that's what I'm talking about

ryan_evenson420 Jul 29

Come to soflo the snook are goin off @ryanvillopoto

chris_piazzoni Jul 29

Thats sick

merriklofquist Jul 29

It has a tiny bit of boat rash

dirtbikingdevon Jul 29

Lol ^^^^ true @jaredgaylord27

chris_silva217 Jul 29

What is it? @ryanvillopoto

johnny_mo311 Jul 29

@ryanvillopoto Fish On!

lil104 Jul 29

@betojmejia @dzu22 @aljndr9225 quien lo ve mas pesconnn

camsbeast Jul 29

It is a gopro but without the case @joeyybruno

dupre43 Jul 29

U should have have got a talica they are 1000 times better!

jeff_861 Jul 29

Penn is better

e_________m Jul 29

I have the trinidad 20a reel on the black offshore terez 👌

doublea591 Jul 29

Doing things the right way. 👌 @wilhahn23

sanger47 Jul 29

Too bad it's not gold! #trinidadedition @vlad_calugaru @rayboy0401

garretthey26 Jul 29

@luc_82 something for a road bike i bet

daniel_oliva1 Jul 29

Nice !!!!

colton_pitch783 Jul 29


caseylawson7924 Jul 29

Is this a fly reel ?? With some electronic s

jake__shaww Jul 29

It's a fishing reel @garretthey26

jesse501 Jul 29

Musky Fishin ??

wgabbard_00 Jul 29


rjay_jazirae Jul 29

@ryanvillopoto you should've got the 30a I use that to catch the giant trevally from shore in Hawaii

elliotflubber Jul 29

I thought it was a piston! Lol

dirtbikingdevon Jul 29

HAh that's what I thought it was too

akalexismccarty Jul 29

@shimano #shimano #shimanoreels

kawpow156 Jul 29

@mintons_ trinidad. Dont belive me just watch

mpkink Jul 29

I am getting the same one @ryanvillopoto

guys2002 Jul 29

My granny's from Trinidad

dankfishtacos Jul 29


bradenwuesthoff Jul 29

What is that

boddied88 Jul 29

@bradenwuesthoff it's a fishing reel

bradenwuesthoff Jul 29

Oh thanks @boddied88

dre54 Jul 29

Fishing reel @bradenwuesthoff

ssammygirl Jul 29

Why does ot say trinidad?

808_slide_bait Jul 29

That's the best reels they make

hhharden Jul 29


zcain45568 Jul 29

It's a fly reel retards

beano_24_24 Jul 29

Y would someone fish for flys @zcain45568

mackmah3 Jul 29

I have that it is sick @ryanvillopoto

ryanleary Jul 29


garrettwade13 Jul 29

@zcain45568 are you stupid ? It's a bait caster . That doesn't even look like a fly reel .

chipdog505 Jul 29

@ryanvillopoto we need u back on the bike, can't let ktm win anymore 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

nickrood Jul 29


m_mccord Jul 29

You're right @garrettwade13 it's not a fly reel. It's a shimano bait caster/jigging reel

alexe87 Jul 29

Shimano´s doing some fine equipment. Ive got the Torium and its a beast =)

pete_1991 Jul 29

Come to Fla. An get on some snook dude @ryanvillopoto

kris98360 Jul 29

That's a quick 500 bucks

dawson_517 Jul 29

It's a fly reel you idiot @garrettwade13

braydenc706 Jul 29

@trinn_8 Wut😂

bankshaft_henry Jul 29


brothanate587 Jul 29

@ryanvillopoto buy Able reels!!!!

braap_on_q22 Jul 29

@dawson_517 it's a salt water reel

jgarfield933 Jul 29

I think it's a time machine

maeshirocustom Jul 29

@dawson_517 You have the internet at your fingertips. Look it up.

gmoney_nj10 Jul 29


yo_monn Jul 29

@dawson_517 that's not a fly reel that's used for bottom fishing or trolling

yo_monn Jul 29

@garrettwade13 ur totally right I work at a bait and tackle shop and @dawson_517 has no clue about fishing obvisly

sydwazshawn Jul 29

It's a new time piece he hangs around his neck for bling bling. Duh

trinn_8 Jul 29

I created that lil nig @braydenc706

jessbuck39 Jul 29

@kosa190 Trinidad hahaha

dylangaly Jul 29

Trinidad boi @matthewwelch97

mxpimp47 Jul 29

Don't let @bfulton67 cast it, sumbitch will birdnest that mug! 👌😬

robbiemiller26 Jul 30

Why doesn't he race anymore??

scottyb718 Jul 30

@robbiemiller26 he had knee surgery after the supercross season ...

robbiemiller26 Jul 30

Ya I'm that but will he race again @scottyb718

yamaha2stroke Jul 30

Really nice reel Ryan

kongstyle Jul 30

let get B bass!!

biddybidwell88 Jul 30

Nice reel when will u be returning to motocross @ryanvillopoto

nicholasjoseph199 Jul 30

Goo follow instasupercross

ingludwig Jul 30


tattoochops Jul 30

Yank fish!!!

bdi_bwb Jul 30

Cortez bank here we come!!!

markkrinkel Jul 30

Looks like your all set for retirement with that reel aye...

nicholasrgrantrobinson Jul 30

I'm from sa and you've purchased well very strong reel use mine for shark fishing and it works like a dream

reidpatterson84 Jul 30

So I've heard some rumors about Europe or a total Retirement?😥😔 @ryanvillopoto

go4thewin Jul 30

Get your fish on bro and heal up then kill it at Supercross this coming year. Enjoy the Vacation

__aaron18__ Jul 30

What exhaust do u use @ryanvillopoto

greyson_murphy Jul 31

What kind of pistons holders do you use?

hunter_layton60 Aug 1

@help_shoutz got me 1k

ryanvillopoto Jul 28

Had a blast on our fishing trip. Thanks @bdi_bwb @fishing_football_pro !!

wbn_142 Jul 28


emily_wilson4 Jul 28


_jaasmmiinee_ Jul 28


mobrown100 Jul 28

Do u eat deer meat

taytayc07 Jul 28


con14_ Jul 28


therealbl587 Jul 28


travis_ar Jul 28

Do u even moto bro

matchbox12 Jul 28

Did you go out of Dana Landing? @ryanvillopoto

nathonverdugo Jul 28

when's the BBQ? @adamwaheed and I are starving

bturner250 Jul 28

^^^ 😂😂😂

robbiecapossela Jul 28

@colelizarraga what you doing today?

scottnoblemx852 Jul 28

@ryanvillopoto heading out Thursday for 1.5 day sea forth #tunaareonroghtnow

moto4life242 Jul 28

How much you catch? @ryanvillopoto

2tall4all Jul 28

Missed ya at Washougal man! Would've liked to see you rip it up out there. Track conditions were fantastic. Hope the knee is recovering. Peace.

223mad Jul 28

@ryanvillopoto I hope u aren't really retiring you are the man and your riding is unreal there's unfinished business u need to show the young kids why u have 4 straight sx championships

bmuter Jul 28

Nice work man!! Hope all is well!! Missed watching wax the competition at Washougal!! 👍

michael__whalen Jul 28

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

dankfishtacos Jul 28


go4thewin Jul 28

I agree with RV. Yes we both miss you there throw back 2006 your picture is on my 1 st place plate award. God speed on recovery. .

dylan_yz125 Jul 28


s_remer12 Jul 28

Does your trip leave at seven o'clock on the 6th @dankfishtacos

firefighter357 Jul 28

That's Awesome! Good job dude!🇺🇸👍🍻

seyarat_cars Jul 28

حوادث 🔞 accidents 🔞 accidents 🔞 accidents

dancndee Jul 28

👍way to go RV next time take @bobbynichols7 and we'll have a fish fry!

colelizarraga Jul 28

Nothing @robbiecapossela

gmoney_nj10 Jul 28

Hi ryan villopoto I'm a big fan

barretthowarth Jul 28

Patron in 2 weeks, we're gonna crush it!

habroush Jul 28


dustinsterlingc Jul 28

@ryanvillopoto when is the champ gonna race again?

eedvart Jul 28


justjustin310 Jul 28

Ryan villopoto is retiring people.

roversberg Jul 29

BBQ time now?!

itslindseylouu Jul 29


ashsostaric Jul 29

@ryanvillopoto what do you think about Alessi moving to Canadian circuit just saw him run out of gas in Delhi what a joke

suzysays333 Jul 29

Oh happy day.......:)

monster_energy_kawasaki_1 Jul 29


kaihessler Jul 29

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

ryanvillopoto Jul 26

Getting ready for a overnighter!!! The fishing is going to be epic!!! Shot on my @gopro

summmersong Jul 27

cool !!!

kawasaki_250 Jul 27

Catch much fish

aliriomx26 Jul 27

Cuando arranca saludos

flatlife_sf5 Jul 28

Keep us posted not.much action on the 14 today or.the 277 but Goodluck an have a blast!!

flatlife_sf5 Jul 28


barlowboccacio Jul 29

Hope you and the Binquist clan had a good time. Thanks for coming out on the Impulse. @bdi_bwb @ryanvillopoto @fishing_football_pro

frennchfries Jul 29

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

kaihessler Jul 29

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

ryanvillopoto Jul 24

Venice very cool place to see at least once! #tomanytouristforme

chillsoccer25 Jul 24

First like and comment

gillie._.gilstrap Jul 24

Second both

turamx926 Jul 24

Sos otro nivel man

kawi_rider_317 Jul 24

Looks like a ninja on that pillar @ryanvillopoto

rickyusai Jul 24

You must come in sardinia !!!! @ryanvillopoto

cam_0077 Jul 24


aurora_maffina_100 Jul 24

Italy, my country

micahbhook Jul 24

@chillsoccer25 you're not the first like

abov3daclouds Jul 24

Glad to see your enjoying your off time man, you deserve it. Hope to see you back on that green machine soon !

_kfoster_88 Jul 24

Ryan, stop spamming with photos please! Have a nice day

scotty7sauce Jul 24

There's two o's in too

landonvanway Jul 24

I went there!!! That is an amazing city! Also if you can try to go to Florence @ryanvillopoto

knotalmighty Jul 24

I was just there this morning!!!!!

hscott66 Jul 24

Don't like it unfollow bro

vitamin_j__ Jul 24


jwilson553 Jul 24

Rv come back to the states and defend your title! #nwnative @ryanvillopoto

markhickerson Jul 24

You live 30 minutes from EPCOT. You could have saved some money. #justsayin

rwhite541 Jul 24

I'm pumped to see @kristenv2 and @ryanvillopoto just enjoying life and being there for each other that's awesome to have the balance of life. Their is more to life than just racing and grinding and big thank you to them for sharing their time away from the races with us on Instagram. #enjoy #earnedittogether #team #respect

thickdickjenkins Jul 24

Cool shot

soybien_mamon Jul 24


thomasperger Jul 24

Meet any Donadio's?

stone_cowan22 Jul 24

When r u going to race again @ryanvillopoto

bammbam70 Jul 24

You come to Siciliy 😜

cshawnsisk Jul 24


dafunk_ch Jul 24

@ryanvillopoto way too many!

noah_licavoli Jul 24

I was there 2 days ago!! St. Marks square is a beautiful place @ryanvillopoto

doohan74 Jul 24

Ti aspetto nel litorale di cavallino treporti @ryanvillopoto

ricky_339 Jul 24

Come in conegliano veneto for a beer @ryanvillopoto

taylor_metcalf_ Jul 24

Lol how's Venice

kamrynmohr_ Jul 24

been there, done that 💁

dannyseaman21 Jul 24


dannyseaman21 Jul 24

Go at night it's way better and less people @ryanvillopoto

braden_ries Jul 24

Way less people! And super beautiful at that with all the lights over the waterways.. @dannyseaman21 @ryanvillopoto

cjamesohara Jul 25

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

ajrobinson92 Jul 25

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

trent.jones Jul 25

@010k_shoutout_u got me 1k

umbipj Jul 25

Ohh.. you was in Italy..?? Why you don' t come visit me....ok i' ll be happy to see you next time...mabye bacause you don' t know me...!! Ah ah.! Have a nice days in Italy..great Ryan. Our house is your house..!!

mxfein213 Jul 25

umbipj just a little creepy...

tessa_dreossi Jul 25

I just went today my family is a big fan of you still in Venice leaving tomorrow!!!!

cjamesohara Jul 26

My friends told me that on - you receive free Clash of Clans gems instantly! Best players use this!! (sOBc7FuTZG)

fjtessa Jul 28

@clementnuzzo 😘😍😘😍💑💑

go4thewin Jul 28

Very cool

c_h_e_e_r31 Jul 28

You rock @ryanvillopoto

ryanvillopoto Jul 24

Tech3 garage shot on my @gopro #hero3+

jmcgowen23 Jul 24

First like

chase_sansom_20 Jul 24

Second comment

_dr.clutch_ Jul 24

No one cares @jmcgowen23

jrod_racing Jul 24

Motogp rocks!

jmcgowen23 Jul 24

Thanks man @_dr.clutch_

sofiaconswag Jul 24

Nicee! @ryanvillopoto

pray4alex116 Jul 24

@ryanvillopoto hope your enjoying the recovery time looks like it's going smooth ......can't wait to see you back on the bike

kaauevaz Jul 24


lukeyelton007 Jul 24

Ya ass hole no one gives a shit @jmcgowen23

sara_luckyru Jul 24

Love you. ♥ @ryanvillopoto

blake_the_official_ Jul 24

6th comment

jmcgowen23 Jul 24

Feeling the love guys @lukeyelton007 @_dr.clutch_

shakeandbakelol Jul 24


lukeyelton007 Jul 24

Wow the first like no one cares mother fucker @jmcgowen23

ignaciodiaz327 Jul 24

@lukeyelton007 hhahahahaha

lukeyelton007 Jul 24

Lol what @ignaciodiaz327

jmcgowen23 Jul 24

Oh wow @lukeyelton007 can use big boy words. Soo scary

lukeyelton007 Jul 24

Stfu u r like 2 @jmcgowen23

bellahellsen Jul 24

It does help that hes both rider and hot :) @ryanvillopoto

lucasfranco15 Jul 24

@lukeyelton007 hahaha talk about age pip squeak!! @jmcgowen23 check out this little guy.

bmuter Jul 24

Thank you for sharing!! Cool stuff!

dave_lenny Jul 24

When you idiots say no one cares apparently you do or you wouldn't comment

karter_5225 Jul 24

It sucks u are not going to washougal this year I really wanted to see u

ryanvillopoto Jul 24

Just pulled out my @gopro hero3+ been slacking in my post but here is a few from our euro trip. #onthegrid #motogp

blake_the_official_ Jul 24

7th comment

ignaciodiaz327 Jul 24

@blake_the_official_ youre sooo coooll

motoman428 Jul 24

When do you get back on the bike

motoman428 Jul 24


motoman428 Jul 24

How is your knee

ruleej32 Jul 24

@motoman428 who said he's getting back on the back? lots of speculation he could retire.

riding_kay_is_boss Jul 24

Do you ride street bikes to?

crownmotousa Jul 25


ryanvillopoto Jul 23

Tough not to love this place.

katyreed_16 Jul 23


dylanb191 Jul 23

First like.

bobforeman68 Jul 23

Is that Carlsbad

daxirvin13 Jul 23


danmcman714 Jul 23


danicastilho14 Jul 23

what a view!!

brllarson233 Jul 23


ryanpenhall Jul 23


kaylacx__ Jul 23


courageousdad Jul 23

So you saying it beats Florida. To bad they tax the crap out of you.

tix2gunshowpunk Jul 23

You kick ass my wont do a wheelie for your fans :-)

zach_195 Jul 23

Plz like one of my pics it will mean sooooooo much

skc_racing Jul 23

Nothing beats the Pacific Coast Hwy 😎

tate700 Jul 23

Cool pic u r right love it there

garrrrgoyle Jul 23

El Morro.

lbarnaby255 Jul 23


codinortham Jul 23

My ex and I used to always ride there when I had my harley.

kitsap_photos Jul 23


echrismen Jul 23

Photo cred to the wife

jjboyle8 Jul 23

I drive on that highway every day!

lopiccolo_racing Jul 23

Ya buddy enjoy!

nnnaeslund Jul 23

Never seen this much updates from u man. What happened? Finally realized ur phone got a cam? Whatever..get healthy soon, i bet my money on u at the MEC. Dont let me down :)

naumcheff Jul 23


owens1 Jul 23

Laguna is good stuff!. 👍👍I work not to far from there stop by Mozambique stakehouse if your ever in south Laguna

rochelle165 Jul 23


braden_porter_ Jul 23

Heyy Ryan can u please give me a shout out I don't have alout of followers @ryanvillopoto

pete142 Jul 23

Who u holding onto back there?

badassdad21 Jul 23

Killer view

nixxterrr Jul 23


vixendoll919 Jul 23

Aww! Laguna!! Love that view always

ccrrules Jul 23

Lived there from 2000-2005 best years of my life .

dirtrider615 Jul 23

Damn I hope the champ races sx next year...... It'll be a bummer if you don't.

mr_max_boyd Jul 23


apaggio Jul 23

Told ya

redmoonglows Jul 23

Gotta love south county

jordynsedlak1 Jul 23

We Were ther today😂 @skysky_rae

adamwaheed Jul 23


skysky_rae Jul 23

😂😂 @jordynsedlak1

dustin_418 Jul 23

@stayhumble47 what kind of question is that?

cruzestagram Jul 23


nick_osuna720 Jul 23

Nice beach house👌

melcon_2277 Jul 23

This is amazing

kong0036 Jul 23

Remember this road and view @jiffy15 @buffalo137

hunter_robbins21 Jul 23

I cant wait for my uncle to race against u at nationals!! Hands 503 Russ Robbins

hunter_robbins21 Jul 23

Sponsered by inside moto

awsomeswag45 Jul 23

Want your atagraf at unidilla

tyler_thomas_22 Jul 23

Your picking me up tomorrow right? @ryanvillopoto

maarvie Jul 24


sparkylocal441 Jul 24

PCH coming from Laguna, love this drive!!!

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