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Ryan Villopoto


Ryan Villopoto
#1 Ryan Villopoto

DoB: 8/13/1988
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: Minneola, FL
Hometown: Poulsbo, WA
Bike: Kawasaki KX450F


Career Highlights

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA 450 National Motocross Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA National Motocross Series Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Inaugural Monster Energy Cup – 1st Place

7 Victories in AMA Supercross season

Won first 450 Supercross – Seattle

AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

AMA West Supercross Litess Champion.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
First rider in history to win the overalls in both motos on Kawasaki KX250F against larger displacement bikes at the Motocross of Nations
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Also named the 2006 AMA Supercross/Motocross Rookie of the Year.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion

Won an impressive 24 titles while competing for Kawasaki’s Team Green™.












Ryan Villopoto Instagram

ryanvillopoto Sep 15

Well this sums it up @2driver_big_b as uncle would say we have the nicest people in Idaho. Well they must lose there mind when they get behind the wheel.

j_taylor781 Sep 17

Love ya

sean_hyland_2 Sep 17

Pa is the worst

g_g_goodlife Sep 18

Ummmmm no @bhanna98

jaredkern_ Sep 18


timileighton Sep 18

@jaredkern_ this is a complete and utter lie✋ I think this is top 10 for nicest drivers.

mattlogan527 Sep 18

Wait til you start doing GPs! You'll see some REAL a-hole drivers over there haha

lax_555 Sep 18

Whoa. There are meaner driver than New York drivers?

josilin96 Sep 18

It's because of all the slower drivers. Hah

ryanvillopoto Sep 14

I was lucky enough to land this nice rainbow! Thanks @gopro for the kill shot and @tannerellingsen

motomom_36 Sep 15

Good for you man relaxing the soul

harleymichael Sep 15

Enough fishing pics RV.... What's happening with the bikes

andy44k Sep 15

Stoping to smell the roses

nicolasperdriau1 Sep 15

Relax and go fast :)

jordan_aka_afrodude Sep 16

Fishing is awesome

c_dean16 Sep 16

Nice bud! That's in my backyard! Casey Stewart was one of my best buds growing up here in the Owens valley. I'd love to go fishing with you. Nice Reagan's hat! I'm putting on an arenacross series here at our fairgrounds starting October come up and have some fun with us! @ryanvillopoto

j_taylor781 Sep 17

Love ya man

evanstills375 Sep 18

Are you going to gp's

ryanvillopoto Sep 14

Couple more coming. Shot on my @gopro

itz_schrock412 Sep 14


jake67__ Sep 14


johnashlaw5277 Sep 14

Do a lot of fishing? @ryanvillopoto

fieldy.46 Sep 14

Suck picture

aidan__t Sep 14

Fly wheeling

webcamcory Sep 14


rabino359 Sep 14

Looks so peaceful

austin_355 Sep 14

Owens river👌

elijah.lamboo Sep 14

Is that right outside mammoth?

elijah.lamboo Sep 14

By the campground and hot springs

camh429 Sep 15


andreelalla Sep 15

Ele e o cara mesmo

cody_gottfried Sep 15

Walker river?

bjones982 Sep 15

That's just north of Crowley.

tobytate18 Sep 15

@ryanvillopoto I hope your not hangin up your boots man but if so keep us redneck followers up on the fishing an hunting trips. #livetheredneckdream

bennytree1 Sep 15

Provo river?

mj2glf Sep 15


lautiroude Sep 15

Tas re lay @ryanvillopoto

benhagle Sep 15

@backroad_bandit_gus poto at middle Owens river where we are going to fish.

newman889 Sep 15

@chartiermatt now I want a fly rod lol

jessestavano200 Sep 15

Beautiful shot!!

lybrico Sep 15

Nice place, ryan enjoy it @ryanvillopoto

maurobambam51 Sep 15


knighter_77 Sep 15

Beautiful place!!!

mxdrew007 Sep 15


_pabloamutio_10 Sep 15

Le da a la moto y encima pesca truchaaas!!! ERES UN MAQUINA!!

c_dean16 Sep 16

Another in my back yard. Love fishing at the Owens. I heard you stopped into Reagan's. Come back and ride and fish with us. I'm putting on a arenacross here starting next month! It will be relaxed an fun for you. @ryanvillopoto

dadwee Sep 16

Is it just me or did u just cast into the marsh? Lol

ryanvillopoto Sep 14

Here's a cool shot taken with my @gopro It's nice to have the best camera on the market to Capture great moments and memories like this!

jabullfrog Sep 14

Hey @ryanvillopoto

jake67__ Sep 14


pbnj_all_day Sep 14

Look familiar? @fillyfillmore

shanefonseca_74 Sep 14

I race 85s any advice on how to go faster?

shanefonseca_74 Sep 14


devon_pina Sep 14

Buy a bigger bike lmao @shanefonseca_74

kr351mx Sep 14

Hold it wide @shanefonseca_74

dallasgrabher Sep 14

pin it @shanefonseca_74

syko_seth Sep 14

With the throttle lol jk xD @shanefonseca_74

blake_301 Sep 14

Hit that jump @shanefonseca_74

kevinkelsheimer Sep 14

It's a shame to see a champion just step away from racing

motoracer104 Sep 14

@ryanvillopoto u racing this season man?

smokinhotdj Sep 14

Enjoy!! Life is good.

j_doerksen102 Sep 14

Good luck on the fishing Ryan!

andreelalla Sep 15

Anda e pesca muito rsrs

ride4all Sep 15

@ryanvillopoto if u are into flying fishing...well u should contact my older bro...he has many fishing tours arround the globe.... plus he has more than 25 world records doing what he some of them here in venezuela...we have amazing fishing here.... cheers

jmd427 Sep 15

@shanefonseca_74 less brakes and more throttle kid. It'll take you far!

jordanrodger14 Sep 15

No @ride4all

georgestaz Sep 15

Love seeing pictures of you life you seem like a great dude deep down!!!

k_jone_z Sep 15

The Owens River!👌 Pretty much in my hometown!

decarli74 Sep 15


maurobambam51 Sep 15


stesarto46 Sep 15


supermxpro14 Sep 15

Are u still riding

dustinsterlingc Sep 15

@ryanvillopoto is the mutha FUGIN champ always and forever 4 straight! Haters gonna hate and apparently you got the right bait! BOOM bitches AMERICA!

crossgrainllc Sep 16

What is your rod/reel of choice @ryanvillopoto

ryanvillopoto Sep 14

What amazing views up in mammoth!!!

arnold371 Sep 14


larrytyerman_y66 Sep 14


jake.01 Sep 14


preston_565 Sep 14

Are you done with supercross @ryanvillopoto

nicholasg2002 Sep 14


deegan74 Sep 14


kawasaki__mx Sep 14


_kawi_racer_ Sep 14

@ryanvillopoto I love u

that_dirt_biker_boy Sep 14

All the rumors I hear are yes @preston_565

dreamtraxx Sep 14

👌 yeah buddy

moore_on Sep 14

@ryanvillopoto Grew up with you as our generation's phenom as im 27, go win us a World Title my man. That's the cherry on top. #killit

dreamtraxx Sep 14

No gators on that lake! Haha @ryanvillopoto

chadclark14 Sep 14

Like he's going to tell you @preston_565

cassandramarie129 Sep 14


joedbk Sep 14


brock383 Sep 14

@cassandramarie129 .... he stalks me. Follows me around to all the RC tracks and now to Mammoth. It's getting kinda old :)

lurrydeantucker Sep 14

Lake Mary?

pbnj_all_day Sep 14


jphil8 Sep 14

Dude.... @dae_dae318

therealmikesadr Sep 14

That's a nice pic!

crazycraig83 Sep 14

Dang @the_ryguy1122

rickycarmichael Sep 14

So bad ass!!! Enjoy bud, you've earned it

mxmurray88 Sep 15

@moore_on agreed, definitely the best rider of our generation.

nikkijohnson129 Sep 15

I live in mammoth!!:)

fatboy524 Sep 15

If your going fishing check out Virginia lakes!!!

tategarr77 Sep 15

@lovenmyboys8 hook him up! Haha

scootinnewton Sep 15

Hey @fatboy524 my son just pulled out a 4lb 12oz rainbow out of little virginia...

benhagle Sep 15

Anybody know how far down the Owens this is in relation to Crowley

benhagle Sep 15


taylor_macall Sep 15


locralle Sep 15

@jphil8 did you see him while you were there this weekend? 😄

cherepashechka Sep 15

@ryanvillopoto so beautifull place...

jphil8 Sep 15

Nooooo 😢 @locralle

liam0921 Sep 15

Awesome view! @ryanvillopoto

jens194 Sep 15


darty_darcy27 Sep 15

@yeh budthats darty

hectos926 Sep 15

Hit up lake George bro

davidnewbry2 Sep 15

practicing for June already?

ryanvillopoto Sep 11

Can't thank the men and women enough who fight for our freedom everyday. #respect #gonebutnotforgotten

hawks_1618 Sep 12

Is that in New York?

hawks_1618 Sep 12

Oh yea twin towers the celebration thing I forgot about it

rebikoff Sep 12

Hey Guys, the Mystery chest is behind these buildings"- Richtofen

z.riley Sep 12

Man your a straight badass if you go over there and win the GPs 👍 #Geterdone

christian12finotti Sep 13


chiefs_44 Sep 13

Will u ever ride agin hop u get better @ryanvillopoto

kleiman_69 Sep 14

You should like one of my photos @ryanvillopoto please

bobbyprendes Sep 17

Ryan you said I won 1st place a go pro over a month now did someone skam you?

ryanvillopoto Sep 8

Out exploring the beach with beautiful wife @kristenv2 today.

nightpoacher Sep 10

HOW DO YOU NOT GO FOR A FIFTH!!! Wth! @ryanvillopoto go after the 5th Europe can wait!

villopotos_biggest_fan Sep 10

@ryanvillopoto how did u get injured this year

moto571 Sep 10

Wow cAnt believe u retired already

motodad_113 Sep 11

@ryanvillopoto...sure hope everything I've been hearing about u walking away from your 2015 contract is untrue! Our son idolizes you

mxgt14 Sep 11

@moto571 why can't u believe he retired?

mxgt14 Sep 11

@squints625 he's not racing in Europe anymore......

moto571 Sep 11

@mxgt14 he is still young

mxgt14 Sep 11

Not for motocross. @moto571 it's so stressful and tough on the body every single day

ryanvillopoto Sep 4

Rollerblades in the airport...? Guess it's faster!!

michael_welsh4 Sep 4

That's me next time I go to the air port. 😩

canadianmafiamx Sep 4

He was thirsty ;)

amyarose26 Sep 4


allen_metz Sep 4

Get yo ass on the track cuz roczen is trash

crazymoneyproductions Sep 4

No that's @tylervillopoto who never calls a brotha back... son!

kalib43 Sep 4


davidmaiorino Sep 4

Its @justinbarcia

abomb450 Sep 4

@ryanvillopoto one more season bud come on😎

codyhirschman Sep 4


rudz_199 Sep 4

Fruit boots

joeee1220 Sep 4

Looks like he's taking a piss Sep 4


raskugler22 Sep 4

Lol @codyhirschman

webcamcory Sep 4


becca_andre Sep 4

Probably a pain to take off and put back on going through security though 😂

mvnnytho_ Sep 4

@pmar_2 Is that who I think it is

lcatmx Sep 4

No way!

joshstatham25 Sep 4


ericgrossheim Sep 4

People still roller blade? 😞

asimon313 Sep 4

Why not😂

garrettpassmore Sep 4

@53_trevor this would be you

dfwmoto Sep 4

Good idea to avoid pee on floor

tylermx747 Sep 4


mudbike__honda.cr125_usa Sep 4


logan_rendulic Sep 4

@stefanbrandow you ever done this? Lol

cloiselle1 Sep 4


bbewmada Sep 4

Fruit booter!

wej_head Sep 4


justjim633 Sep 4

@ericgrossheim Yep. Fruitboots still show up here and there. The goon factor is through the roof, but people still use 'em I guess. Ha!ha!ha!

rotatingbolt Sep 4

Dude has no idea he's on Ryan's Instagram right now.

dirtymax__16 Sep 4

hahahaha thats funny

instachad94 Sep 4


theadventuresofalexx Sep 4

I'm more concerned about the height of the bubblers

dkca Sep 4

Must be a Euro. #backsweat

wilked1 Sep 4

@tooth_and_nail 😂

aaroncable Sep 4

That is cool

chaserdavid500 Sep 4

"No dad I swear, I was just trying to make my flight. I'm not gay"

garrett.fetisoff Sep 4


snowsurfer_95 Sep 4

Haha @quinlan.lloyd

toddpotter1 Sep 4

This is the norm for @twitchthis1 @ryanvillopoto

howie5252 Sep 4

@richelleriann @mbuck1975 rocking fruit boots in the airport! Nicco?

dannyjm_714 Sep 4

Funny post RV but I wanna know what's up with 2015 sx #driveforfive

nickshirley618 Sep 4

@stankdog726 this you?? Got them flowing locks

halfsack10 Sep 4

@tylerm0ra #bladelife

offroadcartel Sep 4

Sneaky way to get through Carry On rules

vecakd Sep 4

Barcia? Lolllll

jessestavano200 Sep 4

Sweaty too! Must be doin laps!

landon_bittrick Sep 4

Fruit booter

tstreetmx14 Sep 4

Takin his blades off at security must be a bitch

ttr125racer Sep 4

Hay villopoyo yer coach roger d coaster is gon be mad that yer own rollyr blades in the airport i kno thats u u kan tell

milkmanorama Sep 4

Fuckin fruit booter!!

charliebednar Sep 4

Fucking genius @stephenszot

tyson6ak Sep 4

Not to mention he must of pushed hard getting there with that sweat patch down his back! Haha. You coming fishing or what?

brack1050 Sep 4

@_logankyle looks like timmayy

_logankyle Sep 4

He don't have his Boy Scouts uniform on 😂😂 @brack1050

jakekinzer Sep 4

Don't let me forget my blades @tantanfeil

ams_ralliart Sep 4

@ttr125racer your joking right? You can not tell me you think that is @ryanvillopoto and can you please learn to spell

kadehardley Sep 4

Barcia??? 😂

pmar_2 Sep 4

@mvnnytho_ who??? Haha

austinljunggren Sep 4

The dudes got back sweat from bladen to hard 😂 @nickmyers293 @two_seven_three @bsmile_766 @ryanvillopoto

cs_enrqz Sep 4


_rylee_rene_ Sep 4

OMG I thought he had mistaken the fountain for a urinal until I seen the caption😂

ttr125racer Sep 4

@ams_ralliart u kno nuthin man becus me N bryan villopoto R frands an hang out all yhe time plus im his ridin coach an my lap times R quickur then his i also train kin rockzun and allin cinkaralo

milharrison Sep 4

@justinbarcia yeaaa brahhhh

milharrison Sep 4

@justinbarcia yeaaa brahhhh

mbargs111 Sep 4

@erik3132 let's go rollerblading in the airport !

nickrosen26 Sep 4


zaneherrdogsleezdizzle Sep 4


megstewart22 Sep 4


danielp.12 Sep 4

Everything is wierd about this guy

dontcallmegary Sep 4

Is this @darryndurham Rollin into PGH?

oi2heart_justanti Sep 4

Dats hard life man!!! Lol

richtwo2 Sep 4

That's Justin Barcia

helldogowen Sep 4

@megstewart22 average everyday hero.

sasha_182 Sep 4


nilsgranger Sep 4

@garthmilan is that you?!? LOL

mcfly_73 Sep 4

Looks like hes peeing.

britt10wilson Sep 4

@haileymcfaddenn this is legit us

adamwaheed Sep 4

Haha it's @chrisfillmore11 @tannerellingsen

tannerellingsen Sep 4

Yeah @chrisfillmore11 sweet blades bro

mrserikaa Sep 4

@cs_enrqz omfg!!! Lol omg I need that! Next year

haileymcfaddenn Sep 4

That's sick! @britt10wilson

ogbobbydigital Sep 4

Bro! #arentyouembarassed

charlie.douglas2004 Sep 4

Lol hi ryan

korys348 Sep 4

That nigga pee his back?

davewassel Sep 4


crisber00 Sep 4

Is that's @justinbarcia? lmao

donny_dg Sep 4


rudysainzjr Sep 4

@alexandergay found u bro

sbaxter41 Sep 4

Hahaha😂😂😂 @ryanvillopoto

rg264 Sep 4

Looks like bambam @justinbarcia

curtwhitaker Sep 4


alexandergay Sep 4

This is amazing

theirishdude Sep 4

It's called efficiently look it up #DoWhatYouWant

loffy15inc Sep 4

Fruit boots!!!!!!

vincebruington Sep 4

He was a skater boy so she said see you later boyyyy

ray_wey Sep 4

Racing GP? Not SX? SNATCH!

scotty_k89 Sep 4

Hardest thing about roller blading is telling your parents you're gay.

basshunter7611 Sep 4

lol he must be skating really hard too look how sweaty his back is bahahaha

b.o.a.t Sep 4

Do those skates have a 450 motor in them haha cool pic

603jetlife Sep 4

Fruit booting

slippytune Sep 4

we german love america, so many crazy people 👍👍😂🎊

bknox51 Sep 4


spcimaging Sep 4

Looks like @justinbarcia

ultibro Sep 4

@ryanvillopoto just think how easy you could get around the pits bro??? #smarternotharder

camila_dominique Sep 4

@mel_murdaaa 💯

joepassalacqua97 Sep 4

Until there like please remove your shoes sir!

mxjeff12 Sep 4

Pretty smart really lol

fhritp__rocketjon14 Sep 4

Is that a cast on his right arm? Lol

kimpic Sep 4

Its you @timmysflow ! Blond hair n in a airport 👱✈️ !! Ahah!

juanten875mx Sep 5

Just read two tribes in racer x . I wished you stoppped trying to be an ass. Or a non chalant guy and just be your real self. That wasnt you. What a dissapintment

its_friggin_lindsel Sep 5


the_yz_lover Sep 5

How does it feel to be number one

josephsonger10 Sep 5

When are you gonna get back to racing? Because I miss seeing u your my hero. Don't forget my name please!

maculey_loves_my_dog Sep 8

@ryanvillopoto Ryan I hope you have time to read this. I know you've heard his a million times but I am your number one fan, when I say I am your number one fan that is not an exaggeration. The reason why is not because I ride a kawasaki too or because you're famous it's because you're the best rider to exist. I don't just mean your riding skills I mean your dedication, appreciation, and care for not only the sport, but your competitors as well as you're fans. The posters of you in my room as well as the other merchandise of you that have can't tell the true fan that I am. By now I've seen story of a champion 3 times and I love to watch your races whenever I can. After all the fame you've had your still caring for everybody as well as you're not "big headed". Not to mention how tough you are considering all the injuries you've had and especially all the hard times you've had as a kid. It would mean the world to me if you did something as small as follow me, reply to me, or just read this. I really hope this message stands out to you. I hope you're happy doing what you're doing ( who wouldn't? ) and thanks for every thing you've done. You're the best.

jake_medlar Sep 9

Cool @maculey_loves_my_dog

stevenwilliams34 Sep 10

I'm actually his number 1 fan bub..

mxgt14 Sep 11

@maculey_loves_my_dog 😂😂 cause the love he has for his fans and the sport. Come on dude, I mean really. He's so tired of this sport

maculey_loves_my_dog Sep 11

@mxgt14 yeah everybody will eventually get tired and drop out. Look at Ricky Carmichael he was tired of the sport and is now retired. He still loves the sport but is just tired of it. He still rides dirt bikes but just Doesn't race anymore. And if Ryan is really tired of the sport then he could just retire too. I mean the dudes a millionaire yet he is still in motocross, but eventually he probably will.

nathan_141 Sep 14


montanaj77 Sep 15

Bladders 😒😂

two_twenty Sep 15

Looks like @justinbarcia from behind

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