Monster Energy Kawasaki

Ryan Villopoto


Ryan Villopoto
#1 Ryan Villopoto

DoB: 8/13/1988
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: Minneola, FL
Hometown: Poulsbo, WA
Bike: Kawasaki KX450F


Career Highlights

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA 450 National Motocross Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion

AMA Supercross Series Champion
AMA National Motocross Series Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Inaugural Monster Energy Cup – 1st Place

7 Victories in AMA Supercross season

Won first 450 Supercross – Seattle

AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

AMA West Supercross Litess Champion.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion
First rider in history to win the overalls in both motos on Kawasaki KX250F against larger displacement bikes at the Motocross of Nations
Motocross of Nations – 1st Place

Motocross of Nations – 1st Place
Also named the 2006 AMA Supercross/Motocross Rookie of the Year.
AMA National Motocross Lites 250 Champion

Won an impressive 24 titles while competing for Kawasaki’s Team Green™.












Ryan Villopoto Instagram

ryanvillopoto Aug 19

I'm digging my new hat from @grundensusa thanks guys! #eattuna

caleburie Aug 20


bmuter Aug 20


pepicentanni Aug 20

@matiasbiscaisaque @justorsaa jajajajajajajajaahajaj

buccfan123 Aug 20

Just got back from westport had a great time

xx_monster_energy_xx Aug 20

Make a vid of u riding your dirtbike @ryanvillopoto

weider43 Aug 20


_jameshelley Aug 20

@dion_phaneuf3 haha thought you might like this #goleafsgo

tantanfeil Aug 20

@jakekinzer sick hat man

ryanvillopoto Aug 19

Side view.

nickkosmicki7345 Aug 19


sam___fleming Aug 19


dean_caudill4 Aug 19


zach_wilsooon Aug 19


_lameron_ Aug 19


_dominick_202 Aug 19

That's cool @ryanvillopoto

thevinest Aug 19


aaron9563 Aug 19

Bad ass

marcelomt14 Aug 19


hybridplumbing Aug 19


_grantburrack_ Aug 19


nickcolasanto Aug 19


victorugena Aug 19


ezra_stearns11 Aug 19

Sweet pic. 👌

zacastation Aug 19

That's awesome🚜

fisher_151 Aug 19


zachbeach15 Aug 19

I think he meant the other side

jakelaws0n Aug 19

@laurenpfeiffer this looks familiar

german_18_valdez Aug 19

How long did it take to grow like that @ryanvillopoto

elijahmitchell_ Aug 19


mrwolfsen Aug 19

@van_voorst don't show your dad. He'll make us go with him to pick it up

austinsmith_23 Aug 19

Wow I saw a big pipe in a tree like that at the ironman

_kfoster_88 Aug 19

Hey is that ur bike? @ryanvillopoto 

courtnizzzle Aug 19

its me from math

joshjacobs85 Aug 19

@malhar11112 sick

malhar11112 Aug 19

@joshjacobs85 wicked 😃

cofer5225 Aug 19

@ibesarahk thought you might like this

ridered711 Aug 19


ibesarahk Aug 19

THAS THE COOLEST THING!!!!!! @cofer5225

kleiman_68 Aug 19

Dat some bitch will crawl right out

adventure_wrencher Aug 19

Sweet tractor tree !

bradhalverson Aug 19

Been to the diner since you've been up?

themillershow Aug 19

Just hit that thing with a bit of starter fluid she'll start right up

gunner_jones Aug 19


caleb.perkins Aug 19


onephatkitty Aug 19


cbowlin27 Aug 19


countrygirlalltheway01 Aug 19

That is so cool

onephatkitty Aug 19


hulk_smash_82 Aug 19


jwhite66450f Aug 19

Clean the carb and your good to go...😂😂😂😂😂😂

skc_racing Aug 19

Showing your roots way🔙@ryanvillapoto

mithridates_ Aug 19

@gunner_jones now that's cool

xanderwolfe35 Aug 19


elworthy657 Aug 19


lans_patton52 Aug 19

@dewayne_y0 @caitlynmorgan_ 😳😳

mayoood2323 Aug 19


shovelhead2007 Aug 19

Thanks LOL

aklooz47 Aug 19

@st278thomas tree grew through the middle of his tractor

van_voorst Aug 19

Haha @mrwolfsen

thack538 Aug 19

@merlinonick828 @captaincromer damn nature you scary

special_kkl Aug 19

Amazingly amazing

ryanjbergin Aug 19

@2fletchjohnny @gmc999

underarmourman13 Aug 19

@cdial22 this is pretty cool if you ask me

wesley_howland245 Aug 19


adamdean672 Aug 19

@figbagobvi straight away thought of wayno hahaha

melvin4ou Aug 19


brianalee224 Aug 19

@schearerspeed, this reminds me of the one we pass heading to Pinecreek.

braaapin_till_death_ Aug 19

@kenzie_braaaap_hazel show pop

danielvanderziel Aug 19

@vandiepen145 isn't this cool

davidnewbry2 Aug 19

I know where that is.

napp_starr Aug 19


alliebowes Aug 19


luke_reilly621 Aug 19


vandiepen145 Aug 19

Ya that's pretty cool @danielvanderziel

hwhite_31 Aug 19

@shandirockwell @rockwell38 This is just like up by your house

rootball Aug 19

@taterpatch she's been sittin a while!

shandirockwell Aug 19

Wow that looks just like Waynes tractor @hwhite_31

mxjunkie4life Aug 19

This is so cool @danielavictoriaxo

dylan3333333333 Aug 19


danielavictoriaxo Aug 19

@mxjunkie4life whoa thats nuts!! Mustve been there for a while look at how big the tree is

kawi529 Aug 19

pretty cool

chrismoto2 Aug 19

Do you think it will run @ryanvillopoto

anthonypanaroni Aug 19

Wow that's cool

jamesmacdonald5 Aug 19


man_of_fortune Aug 19

Seems eco friendly

wilzzo Aug 19

That's sick fire it up

uellintonlaurenti Aug 19

Muito legal!!!

_self_15 Aug 19


ktjo777 Aug 19

Looks like a tomato planter ha was

poultryman88 Aug 19


schoents Aug 19

Really kool actually

pirateslife341 Aug 19


mattyreed113 Aug 19

@josiewheeler @john_bcb need to have your dad do this

vettechikk69 Aug 19


daremaclean Aug 19


rjp141 Aug 19

So cool!!!

strattoa Aug 19


mrr.stealyogirl Aug 19

Bet you I could get it running!

alexfishingflying1 Aug 19

Mean kawa

jnolan711 Aug 19

@thejeepcalledyeti @cavebuilt

thejeepcalledyeti Aug 19

Love This kinda stuff! @jnolan711

adamwaheed Aug 19


kotva82 Aug 19

@ryanvillopoto that an 8n tractor?

addisone123 Aug 19


385smith Aug 19

@_k_b_l88 I want in are garden

rogergriffin_62 Aug 19

That is so cool

gman_4_real Aug 19

I can fix it

tylorbryant Aug 19


kimpahh Aug 19


cableguyx2002 Aug 19

Awesome pic, gig harbor area??

leostromqvist Aug 19

Ha gta 5 secret tractor found in real life xD

fort_hans Aug 19


fjrmsouth Aug 19


johangutten00100 Aug 19


mason_notjewish Aug 19


keepbreathinggg Aug 19

So cool!

fabioraspanti Aug 19

@marco_prosperi @fabbrifilo

_k_b_l88 Aug 19

@385smith Without even opening this photo I knew it would be a tractor!!

gefance Aug 19

@philiploord glömt grollen?

philiploord Aug 19

Blev förbannad på den så körde ut den där o satte eld på skiten!

philiploord Aug 19


zachthirty8 Aug 19

Old school

dafunk_ch Aug 19

brilliant shot!

lblack27 Aug 19


mattmiller1999 Aug 19

@helpful_shoutz got me 1k

jackson_cowart_347 Aug 19


marvinschaefer1 Aug 19

@tbs_rms da ist auch so ein blöder Baum😐

pico777 Aug 19


rodriguo_mx Aug 19


william_belleville Aug 19


cykelmoped Aug 19


cdial22 Aug 19

Yeah that's cool as hell @underarmourman13

schuler57 Aug 19


jacqueline_daniels Aug 19

@schuler57 so cool!

olassen_00 Aug 19

Frakt te greie @johangutten00100

samantha.avilla Aug 19

😍wow that is sick

oldchevy36 Aug 19


beatrizhoritinha Aug 19


lesliebrown22 Aug 19

Where is this at?

jawesome_316 Aug 19

@helpful_shoutz got me 1k

jawesome_316 Aug 19

@ihelp.userss got me 1k

jared_murrill Aug 20


farmboyfactoryracing Aug 20


ivan_siempreracing Aug 20


ryanvillopoto Aug 19

Tree grew right through the tractor!

jonathansatina328 Aug 19


raico43 Aug 19


toxizzyty Aug 19


jonathansatina328 Aug 19


jonathansatina328 Aug 19

Are u riding the monster cup

mpshannon Aug 19


zach_wilsooon Aug 19


lcatmx Aug 19

That's gnarly!

ryliejo0025 Aug 19

Woah Ryan taking them #artsy pictures 😂😂 should give up riding for photography 😂😂 (just kidding by the way so don't actually do that)

cmstevens1991 Aug 19


ashlynnn_kay Aug 19

@nickjazevedo @domingodarcy I love this!!!

ztinkey144 Aug 19


compton_172 Aug 19

He's retiring this year anyway @ryliejo0025

brandongreenwood Aug 19

Looks good @ryanvillopoto

ryliejo0025 Aug 19

Yes I know that @compton_172

jaubrey29 Aug 19

Use to have the same thing at my place

holleecampbell Aug 19


shovelhead2007 Aug 19

Take a side shot,That's so cool

joey_stanco42 Aug 19

@compton_172 is he really???

joey_stanco42 Aug 19

Ryan NOO don't retire!!! You're so good

jwhite66450f Aug 19

Parked that tractor in the wrong spot !!!!!!!

samantharattray Aug 19

That's awesome!

tysonwhincup Aug 19

@emilysears #theabandoned 😂

ryliejo0025 Aug 19

I think the tractor is gone anyways 😂😂😂 @jwhite66450f

ashlynnn_kay Aug 19

@shane_r_h check this out!!! I love it

joeyt_426 Aug 19


i_am_the_bambam Aug 19

Well there your problem!

kordelcaro Aug 19


courtnizzzle Aug 19

Hey it's me from math class

mrogers357 Aug 19

Have you tried turning it off then back on again?

levibrandenburg Aug 19


hybridplumbing Aug 19


walker2221 Aug 19


rynoedwards Aug 19

Tractor Tree

xx_monster_energy_xx Aug 19


ridered711 Aug 19


yourmomsfishtank Aug 19

Sick tree art

eddieandheather Aug 19

@ridered711 that's sick! I've seen another just like this but like a 1920's truck

richa69 Aug 19


cbowlin27 Aug 19


jess_lynn_7 Aug 19

Ha, where is that?

versky_ Aug 19


elworthy657 Aug 19


kawilife Aug 19

The knew ktm 250! Lmao

pierce188 Aug 19

There is a truck on my farm like that

adamace14 Aug 19

I found my john deer @taylor8857

see_me_ace Aug 19

Oh shit, any things possible.

melvin4ou Aug 19


braaapin_till_death_ Aug 19


chase_guard_27 Aug 19


alliebowes Aug 19


neal_wheels Aug 19

Life finds a way @ryanvillopoto

toddsmuhlfelder Aug 19

@chrisadkins21 @jacobtookapicture @enf4mous

mausonn13 Aug 19

@chirinonathan03 esun di gta

ann_clambiss Aug 19

Why is he retiring?

jwinn509 Aug 19

That's bad ass!

seeoffey182 Aug 19

Some one shouldn't hVe been so lazy and moved the dang thing

frosty_frost448 Aug 19

@jcatxo you like this?

jake_string_d Aug 19

Has it been that long sense you prepped the track man ? 😳😂

edgarcamargo79 Aug 19

Sale lol@

man_of_fortune Aug 19

@seeoffey182 i don't think it would've run

_syddnnniiii Aug 19

@helpful_shoutz got me 1k

ktjo777 Aug 19

Wasn't that good you REAL good the ones you die to see kinda race lol lil bro c

porschalamaria Aug 19

👍 Aug 19


daremaclean Aug 19


rjp141 Aug 19

That was worth the wait!

kotva82 Aug 19

@ryanvillopoto than an 8n tractor?

addisone123 Aug 19


charles_landry143 Aug 19

It goes around it

its_garret18 Aug 19

Still better than your Eco boost!

its_garret18 Aug 19


_whitekobra_ Aug 19

@ber_72 wow

shane_r_h Aug 19

@ashlynnn_kay that's way cool

leostromqvist Aug 19

I can fix it

jason_424moto Aug 19


johangutten00100 Aug 19


gefance Aug 19


_tim_2002_weinbeer_ Aug 19


jackson_cowart_347 Aug 19


alexe87 Aug 19

Power of nature

paulorodrigues_mx33 Aug 19

The treeactor !

brysonsmith22 Aug 19


lesliebrown22 Aug 19

That is awesome!

jcatxo Aug 19

@frosty_frost448 need

aperkins03 Aug 20

Wow that's so pretty! @versky_

saveriocadoni Aug 20

Wow...sembra il mio kx...

ryanvillopoto Aug 19

Off big vally road! #pnw #pnwisbest

destinee_edwards_ Aug 19


mondore22 Aug 19

Great racer!

ccampo2003 Aug 19


vdcheathens Aug 19

Heck yeah, this time of year it can't be beat @ryanvillopoto

mattsilva103 Aug 19

Is it true that your retiring

wallieworld1 Aug 19

If you leave now you make racing tonight haha.

cadea55 Aug 19

I'm your biggest fan lol not really ur biggest but ur awesome

austinhardy13 Aug 19

Hey your back! Are you doing the supercross shootout? Tyler too?

austinhardy13 Aug 19


daniel_evans6 Aug 19


daniel_evans6 Aug 19

U r the best

ultibro Aug 19

#topofthewest #roots

brandon_brito87 Aug 19

@ryanvillopoto that's cool

christopherricca Aug 19


grableator Aug 19

I'll buy you a beer @ hood canal brewery! @ryanvillopoto

elizabethsay_tie Aug 19

Gotta love the pnw! I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else ♡

courtnizzzle Aug 19

hey it's me from math class

jixed12757 Aug 19

@ryanvillopoto that don't look like Bieber I live in Bieber

tommy_whit16 Aug 19


kurtsanabria17 Aug 19


davidnewbry2 Aug 19

My Town

aaronswayze Aug 19

I was right by you this weekend camping by lake cushman

gman_4_real Aug 19

Damn.. big valley. Keep it pnw brosef.

annaswihartstallings Aug 19

PNW summers are the BEST!

addisone123 Aug 19


mahmood_kxf Aug 19

Where are you from

nwsnowbunny Aug 19

Poulsbo in da house, lol

kpoitras1320 Aug 19

Is that jessica jorgenson and jake dales house? @ryanvillopoto

ryanvillopoto Aug 17

#northwestisbest checking out where I grew up from a birds eye view! #pnw

jakob_smith_24 Aug 17


charlierayfieldmx Aug 17

Hhh first

ddflips7 Aug 17

1st like

b_framp41 Aug 17


_jarredallentallent_ Aug 17

MYou are my idol and I want to be the twin RV someday😏

nickjacobs100 Aug 17

Look for sharks! It's shark week!!!

marshall927 Aug 17

133 like

bigfish9194 Aug 17

Puget sound

abov3daclouds Aug 17

That's awesome !

costelroy Aug 17

Whip it Ryan!

dirt_biker14 Aug 17

I saw your plane!!!!!

jasonslattery26 Aug 17

1000th like

lzijtveld7 Aug 17

You got good weather its raining like crap here

seeoffey182 Aug 17

Paulsbo holler

juancarlos30 Aug 17


the_legit_lettow Aug 17

I agree the PCW is the best.

landoncurrier Aug 17

The northwest is definitely the most rad area

jasonmeara77 Aug 17

Gps next year dude?

isaac_contreras_chivistas Aug 17


gabriel501 Aug 17


dkca Aug 17

Speaking from experience, CDM may get old eventually. We left Newport 5 years ago for Bend, OR. Haven't looked back. #vivathePNW! @ryanvillopoto

ultibro Aug 18

@ryanvillopoto ya brah #nwup

ayrton_loves_bikes Aug 18


luc_82 Aug 18

@andrewlancia your there

andrewlancia Aug 18

@luc_82 @ryanvillopoto I'll ask him to chill

lishhh_uh Aug 18

You should have come to Pacific Raceways on Friday for the night series!! We miss watching you on your home turf!! The final night of the season is this next Friday! @ryanvillopoto

sbuckshop Aug 18

Look pic at this acc 👉 @ressastrs 👈 amazingly amaze you!!

nbacoaching Aug 18

@cassandras_closet_ 👍

zhangkaixuan1 Aug 18


jessestavano200 Aug 18

@lishhh_uh i agree! Ill be there! Will u suprise us??

joelvlucas Aug 18

@ryanvillopoto I knew your grandpa Fred back when I was a kid in Washington. I still have a knife he or me for Christmas. He used to talk about you being up and coming badass and all. I remember his trophy room. It was at the house behind the car lot Todd worked at.

joelvlucas Aug 18

@ryanvillopoto if there is anyway I could get his contact info from you? Iv searched but no luck. You're a living legend. Keep it up!

therealmikesadr Aug 18

That's sweeeeet!

jwinkelseth17 Aug 19

Northwest is the best!

darlindebdunn Aug 19

This is the time of year we used to all go camping with the family! Sure miss those days at Blue Lake! Miss the fam...

ryanvillopoto Aug 17


co_keith87 Aug 17

@megkohr pretty neat landscape

joedirtthe3rd Aug 17

I did the exact same thing in a 1940's 180 over the wilderness known as alaska. Saw the valley of a thousand smokes. Gorgeous

megkohr Aug 17

@co_keith87 where is this

kitsap_photos Aug 17

Piaget sound!

gabriel501 Aug 17


_hurley_82 Aug 17

Scoping out Seabeck!

d_sedgebeer Aug 18

Danger Dan on the sticks

nbacoaching Aug 18

@cassandras_closet_ 👍

Aug 17

myamahone__ Aug 17


buffalo_warrior Aug 17

Awesome view!!

da_flow_ Aug 17


carson_stout_11c Aug 17

3rdd comment

dakota_edwards288 Aug 17

Third comment!

seth_drinkworth Aug 17

That's so cool!!!

cardinal_12602 Aug 17

100th like and 4th comment

dayver34 Aug 17


_mount_racing_1472_ Aug 17

Please notice me. I am a really big fan of you and motocross hope u win your 5th championship this year

motocrossgurl22 Aug 17

No ur 4th @carson_stout_11c

seth_souter141 Aug 17

you're an idiot. @cardinal_12602

attherealkingsiddeeq Aug 17


bobforeman68 Aug 17


troyu96 Aug 17

5534th comment

14_kyle_20 Aug 17

Cryan Villipoto

country_kid_48 Aug 17

Lol fr who gives af @brocpearson17

dickhead_smurf Aug 17

I think @troyu96 was being sarcastic....... @brocpearson17

lans_patton52 Aug 17

I can relate to this view today 😁👌 @ryanvillopoto @dewayne_y0 @justinbarcia @campbell647 @braily7257

thartman19 Aug 17

@brocpearson17 737th like!

brocpearson17 Aug 17

I know, I was talking to the others but alright 😂 @dickhead_smurf and true @cou

brocpearson17 Aug 17

@country_kid_48 *

arnold371 Aug 17


bodhi_dog Aug 17

Dude get outta there. Famous people die in those things all the time!

jaredmccombs13 Aug 17


baby._.badger Aug 17

@bodhi_dog oh so he's ovbiously just gonna jump out of it while it's in midair when there's nothing wrong so he doesn't die

wyatthendricks Aug 17

@bodhi_dog dont jinx him lol

wyatthendricks Aug 17

@baby._.badger dont be a dick you know what he means

gabriel501 Aug 17


ron808c Aug 17

You're over my house in this pic

gonzalosmcj Aug 17

Getting gilipollas

gman_4_real Aug 18


christian_gentry15 Aug 18

Sick view!

miki_motocross12 Aug 19

Good day

ryanvillopoto Aug 17

Well here we go!!

mendoza_wrestling_34 Aug 17


lewissuperboy Aug 17


lewissuperboy Aug 17


lewissuperboy Aug 17


imonamisson Aug 17


lewissuperboy Aug 17


jansteatt30 Aug 17

Missed you at Indy

lewissuperboy Aug 17


lewissuperboy Aug 17

Such cool

lewissuperboy Aug 17

Very fly

lewissuperboy Aug 17

Much wings

aaron_dalton13 Aug 17


chris_mantzoros Aug 17

@lewissuperboy 😂😂

andrew_graham27 Aug 17


huuuunnnnttterr Aug 17


zac_z105 Aug 17

I love mooneys

woah.its.emma Aug 17

U are my idol Ryan! U are amazing!!

it_designs Aug 17

Flew iT

mike_m_m Aug 17

45th like

brennansierra Aug 17


sc0tt_alexander Aug 17

686th like YAY👌👍!!!

joey.d_07 Aug 17

When u getting back into the races ? @ryanvillopoto

eazzyves Aug 17


bfell Aug 17

My 16 Expert on my BMX team has his license. He flies from south Florida to north Florida solo. Good stuff! @ryanvillopoto

bmuter Aug 17

Be careful dude!! That looks more dangerous than a muddy SX track!! Lol.

decout0 Aug 17

That's Lake Tahoe huh? Place is beautiful @ryanvillopoto

kimiviard Aug 17


andywilson89 Aug 17

Goin up in the Mooney are ya!

noelege Aug 17

Don't fly like u ride, need a factory plane for sure...

paul_blomgren Aug 17

Who's plane @ryanvillopoto ? Old school Mooney 👍

roversberg Aug 17

you ain't gonna be making it in that one to brussels ;)

warning_retard_alert Aug 17

Anyone??? Where is he going

klovnenigor Aug 17


deborah_hosmer Aug 17

So nice to have a dad that is a pilot. Enjoy your flight. Hope you aren't leaving the PNW so soon

pitlover117 Aug 17

Off to the GPs???

bmoney21 Aug 17


caroleena001 Aug 17

My dad was a pilot. Good memories flying around...

parkerdwilliams Aug 17

Little Mooney action. Nice.

adamwaheed Aug 17

I hope @tannerellingsen ain't driving.

dannyoutlaw22 Aug 17

Piper ?

hoodrich659 Aug 18


dope_fin Aug 18


lynn_ok_ Aug 18

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super_cake35 Aug 18

Hey guys! Give me a follow!

browneyedgeorgian Aug 18

@dannyoutlaw22 it's a Mooney, look at the tail. The only plane that has a vertical tail fin.

ibedolla951 Aug 18


rm6rider4 Aug 18

U should get ur ticket. @ryanvillopoto

darlindebdunn Aug 19

If you are in town you better stop in and say hi to "auntie" Deb and "uncle" Dave !

jontank660 Aug 19

Hey just admire your life story but I'm onley thirteen and want to do super cross ever since I was a kid my parent they all want me to try diffrent sports and I ve tried them all all I want to do is supercross I mean I know how to ride but they say racing bikes is to dangerous and they don't want to have to pay medical bills all I hope for you is you keep progressing in life

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