Monster Energy Kawasaki

Monster Energy Kawasaki

Dan Fahie (Team Manager)

Monster Energy Kawasaki is returning two championship winning riders. Multi time AMA Motocross and Supercross champion Ryan Villopoto, and former 250 West Supercross Champion Jake Weimer. Both are riding the powerful KX 450 F machines, and will race both the AMA Supercross Series, and the AMA National Motocross Championships. The team is managed by Dan Fahle.

Team Riders



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monsterenergy Sep 14

#TreeTap Congrats to @kevinhenshaw who snagged the latest cover of @alliancewake with this insane shot! What do you think?

travischappell Sep 15

Where's here?? @furrrshurrr

furrrshurrr Sep 15

@travischappell morro bay/cayucos

ajcupsand Sep 15

@furrrshurrr sometimes I can boogie board better then you.

ericmaierrehm Sep 15

@boarding_girl wΓ€re was fΓΌr dich oder? :D

boarding_girl Sep 15

Jaaaaaaaaaa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š @ericmaierrehm

joshdaboss360 Sep 15


g_knott Sep 16


stephenibarocks Sep 16

@reidrx808 @lisamikami @lhfsam

monsterenergy Sep 14

#TheDoctorIsIn! It's been 5 years since his last win at #Misano, but @valeyellow46 returned to his hometown race #VICTORIOUS with @jorgelorenzo99 in 2nd! #MotoGP

hennern47 Sep 14


christian17mm Sep 14

Goooo !! VR46

monsterenergyliz Sep 14


il_deo Sep 14

Grande ValeπŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

west04_ Sep 14

VR46 monstro πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

jarr78 Sep 14

Maybe ! @ryan_wissel @tyler_w222

jackgomes7 Sep 14


denilson_anjos2 Sep 14

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Vale the best!!!!

luismanuelgb Sep 14

The doctor VR46

mario_roma_donie Sep 14

Vale_46 numero uno.....

viveradrenalina Sep 14


rob_flob_official Sep 14

Folgt mir ich folgebzurΓΌck

manjeo27 Sep 14

Good jobbbbb kak ross πŸ‘πŸ‘

hood_vines Sep 14

Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live.

idasagma Sep 14

The que en doctorπŸ‘πŸ‘ @valeyellow46

gblancom Sep 14


sabrina299x Sep 14


artur1radicalmoto Sep 14

Tava ligado em ksa curva anda d mais Valentino

massa_go Sep 14

Torna a vincere mitico super vale46

kai_ahnig_man Sep 14


goggia3m Sep 14


classiclager Sep 14

my hero!

xato111 Sep 14

Grande rossi

sellicy661 Sep 14


jrduarte14 Sep 14

valentino doctor you are the best in the worldπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸπŸ‘β˜οΈ

torstenrocks2014 Sep 14

Der pure Wahnsinn!!!

valentinorsi Sep 14


razoved2 Sep 14


amenta7 Sep 14

Best return

robin_g_46 Sep 14

He have 5000 WM points know

stevieguitar40 Sep 14


seyarat_cars Sep 14

حوادث πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž

legit_money14 Sep 14

Anyone Interested in making up to $2500 today I can help...DM me or Leave your mumber...Thanks and Be Blessed...THIS IS NOT THE MONEY FLIP SCAM

astar0783 Sep 14

@jaime_r1_rider1st this is the shit I'm into!! Love watching the pros ride!!! πŸ™Œβ€οΈ

jaime_r1_rider1st Sep 14

@astar0783 , I'm no pro ;)

lintangtls Sep 14

Vale victory yey @valeyellow46 semakin didepan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

abdayogasyah Sep 14

@valeyellow46 welcome homeπŸ‘πŸ‘

alealvarezcesin Sep 14

Patrocinado por #Repsol, la mejor!!!

kenny_107 Sep 14

Hell yesπŸ‘πŸ‘

henryvan7 Sep 14

Salute @valeyellow46. Long wait for the outcome. Nice euphoria since Assen 2013. Give us more shows on the next race. The Doctor is on fire!!!

dafaz3 Sep 14


diomonix Sep 14


flyingon2 Sep 14

Finally !!!

heruhermee Sep 14

Awesome!!! Welcome back the Doctor..

bone_phone Sep 14

A #BadAss

alexmtzrgz Sep 14

Exelent raceπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ

yafet_17 Sep 14

Like My newest pic and i do the same i promise πŸ’—

alessandrocostanzo79 Sep 14

Pedrosa sempre a testa bassa!!!!!!

elmironetto Sep 14

The best ever and ever...

dannyy1992 Sep 14


raffaele_capocasale Sep 14

Grandeeee valeeee

bvbbetsy Sep 14

Ya se merecia un primer lugar

chrismcr123 Sep 14

My boy!!!

drew_boy81 Sep 14

Still a fucking legend !!!!!!!

josemanuel_altet Sep 14

Jjja @paabloo_17

tilen1356 Sep 14


electricguigs Sep 14

Allez marquez

merlysyovera Sep 14

Mi valentino 46 Bellooooo

the_doctor_down_under Sep 14

The Doctor - The Greatest β˜† Congrats Vale!!! β˜…β˜…β˜…

kayz_oakley4699 Sep 14

Forza Vale....... Vale Vale Vale Vale Vale :-D :-D :-D xxx

im_a_girrafe__________ Sep 14


drbildz Sep 14

@monsterenergy I need stickers can u give me some 4 free?

dirt_unlimited Sep 14

Follow dirt_unlimited

mynameis_jaime Sep 14

Grande vale! Finalmente @valeyellow46

seaham_freerunners Sep 14

Dear @monsterenergy how would you like to sponsor the seaham freerunners yes we aren't the best but with your help we will . We have mixed talent in this group and we all have potential. You sponsor nearly every sport except the best one freerunning and parkour. Think about it you are benefiting from this more than us because your product is going to be out there even more.

seaham_freerunners Sep 14

Btw I love your product it's awesome

andrewlanci Sep 14

The best pilot of ever, goooo Valentino!!!

lenstino Sep 14

@mejiawillie you about this life yet?

raaffamuniz Sep 15

Espeeetacuuuuularrrr @valeyellow46

akbarusd Sep 15

Andalan @valeyellow46

energydrinksmalaysia Sep 15

Spectacular !!!

niko_savio Sep 15

Ricordando il Sic β™‘ 58

mightbeacreep Sep 15

Go on valey its been so long but so worth it

fabiotoniazzi Sep 16


fabiotoniazzi Sep 16

O mestre estΓ‘ de volta

monsterenergy Sep 13

#LetsDoThis @jorgelorenzo99 starts the #MotoGP weekend off by qualifying 1st with @valeyellow46 not far behind in 3rd at #Misano!

atrain326 Sep 13


_zakenman Sep 13


elchapox24 Sep 13


nater_123 Sep 13


elchapox24 Sep 13


cerwin27 Sep 13

Boo!! Go 46!!!

jake.01 Sep 13


rodolfomanfredine Sep 13


alanrangelrom Sep 13

1r comentary and mg 55

nater_123 Sep 13

I wad first

djstatik23 Sep 13


juanmorenosb Sep 13


louis_vuitton_ Sep 13


bernypowa Sep 13

Gaaasssss maquinaaa!! βœŠπŸ’¨

atrain326 Sep 13

Nope i was 1st boiyyyyy!!! @nater_123

bernypowa Sep 13


killingthebryan Sep 13

One day @robynlynn_h

uwendi Sep 13

semakin di depan

yogadaryawan Sep 13


sapo213ss Sep 13

Pure power eneos

evosd Sep 13


sachigonzalez9 Sep 13

AhΓ­ va el eche por llanogrande @aech4 @juanesmurillotrd

henriq_m Sep 13

Like in the last photo?

paigebechard Sep 13

@dannnyd13 helmet helmet helmet

bwareone Sep 13

@mikeruiz848 @crash28 @server1028

tonymoz Sep 13

@ricky58sic #VR46 3rd place fir tomorrow race πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

_samx7 Sep 13


nater_123 Sep 13


beets46 Sep 13

Full gas ✊

shan_n_sawyer Sep 13

@j_c_sawyer956 @sj12mas

gabrielbomtempo Sep 13


matt_art Sep 13

Che foto spettacolo! @gian188 @andrepetrons @guido86 @g.distefano22

xxcharliejohnsonxx Sep 13

@angiedesimone shamazing

aech4 Sep 13

🏁🏁🏁🏁 @sachigonzalez9 @juanesmurillotrd

meouchi97 Sep 13

@josemtzgza no mms es mexicano

amirhasri Sep 13

@adamyscalextrix semakin didepan ????

felixgem Sep 13


kevindlad Sep 13

@marcstaff heavy diddleys

reda__sue Sep 13


burckind Sep 13


mustaphayamaha Sep 13

I love it

d_williams121 Sep 13


jon_jordan Sep 13


southern_girl_loves_to_sing Sep 13

That's ssoooo cool

flyhigh_guy Sep 13

@mdotmarksburg @warnerbr5 movin

stasgraschenko Sep 13


ricky58sic Sep 13

@tonymoz Tomorrow great race and battle! πŸ˜†βœŠ

pracodayat Sep 13

Π’ΠΎΡ‚ это ΠΌΡƒΠΆΠΈΠΊ, Π²ΠΎΡ‚ это Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎ Π½Π°Π΄ΠΎπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

dattebayo14 Sep 13

Go jorge!

apple_mann Sep 13

It's photoshop i swear

nioelzbaeschor Sep 13


mark_stone96 Sep 13

when I dump the clutch on bae. @michaelv216 @lk_murphy13 @colt_e1996

moeashkar Sep 13

So photoshoped. Holy shit

mohamadkhoda Sep 13


wilmackers Sep 13


tnrboral Sep 13

O ne lan ben daha iyi yapiyorum @wilmackers

tim_hopp Sep 13

Hey guys Check out @4stroke_killerzz :)

papityrone Sep 13


ch74321 Sep 13


shohajk Sep 13

@the_samsonite beast mode

the_samsonite Sep 13

@shohajk great to see him on pole. Here's to hoping for a good race!

cowboy_503 Sep 13

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jaaaaaaa!!!!

amari_smith56 Sep 13


asafaydin Sep 13


paulcthawkins Sep 13


cassioalima Sep 13


luissenent Sep 13


dawson_5ive Sep 13


ponce.rj Sep 13

:3 genial!!!

afrigania Sep 14

Semakin di depan rossi

charliekite Sep 14


rocmf Sep 14


luizpfreire Sep 14

Top!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

filipefernandes90 Sep 14

@diogocbragaa que pta de foto

seth1447 Sep 14

Look at the angle of his ankle!?!?

champanolix_99 Sep 14

On fire loren.. Gas

13antiphysic13 Sep 14


akkinenijaji Sep 14


sir_lorris Sep 14


wonks_16 Sep 14


itsfredddd Sep 14

Go on Jorge!!!

crisaugusto Sep 14

@israeltrajano9 saca essa..

conoraveley Sep 14


brunet41 Sep 14

@de_re_de @loristhemaster @sgabry88

rowdy_rambo Sep 14

😍😍😍 @smokin420princess

gavinneufeld Sep 14


israeltrajano9 Sep 14

@crisaugusto top

asiergonzalezortiz Sep 15


mightbeacreep Sep 15

Go Lorenzo

monsterenergy Sep 13

It only gets bigger & better... #RecoilTWO with @bjbaldwin drops Sept. 16th! Is anyone else as excited as we are?

employmentfor_all Sep 13


_zakenman Sep 13


benjamin_lacock44 Sep 13

First like

risterl2000 Sep 13

@gopro πŸ˜„

aust_y_n Sep 13

Do i make first comment?!?!?

xlomotion Sep 13

Where is this?

aust_y_n Sep 13

nope...fifth haha

jarod_boyer10 Sep 13

@loganphillips04 @davidakonrad

alex2469hanson Sep 13

First lol

alex2469hanson Sep 13


flawlessslawless Sep 13


seyarat_cars Sep 13

حوادث πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž accidents πŸ”ž accidents

mikeyg805 Sep 13

@xlomotion Ensenada or somewhere else in Mex

ervin_14 Sep 13


funkinmunky Sep 13


deaner292 Sep 13


benja_ferro Sep 13


__thejoseee__ Sep 13

Ensenada <3

guccigutta Sep 13


steven23mammen Sep 13

Skyy hiigh bitch high @nouffy97

xlomotion Sep 13

Oh nice thank you @mikeyg805

feruzsultanov Sep 13


n2rockn Sep 13


daytonthecreator Sep 13

Pretty sure that's Vegas @__thejoseee__

_goodad007_ Sep 13


shanesannini Sep 13


elcamionerojoe Sep 13

@daytonthecreator baja california

miltoncarelli15 Sep 13

Please, see my last draw. Thanks

imnotvicfuentes Sep 13

That's what she said πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

imnotvicfuentes Sep 13


juaneduardocarrillo Sep 13

A fondo!!! πŸ‘Š

maaaaannnnnuuu Sep 13


joelgutierrez_94 Sep 13

Only in Mexico lol

buckles_7 Sep 13

Im exited!

luigiir Sep 13

@guilhermenagahara @cidaoneto

watas__ Sep 13

#sanvicente ?

roddrigosoares Sep 13

@thaistarrasconi vai ser assim ou mais, te segura! Haha

felixdetijuana Sep 13

#vivamexicocabrones #vivamexicocabrones

diabetic_gunslinger Sep 13

@_matt_prosser What we think we did last night

guimonsterrj Sep 13


mcnab112 Sep 13


cjjodlaug Sep 13


jacoboiii Sep 13

@nella_luap hopefully better than the first

cowork2010 Sep 13


jan_konopka Sep 13


runtska Sep 13


kevinduarte323 Sep 13

@jraibley @dannyseaman21

ayye_its_alexander Sep 13


bigbcoleman Sep 13


gblancom Sep 13


shan_n_sawyer Sep 13


katherinekateh13 Sep 13

wuuu cool

ivanpetrakov Sep 13


sean19inch Sep 13


burckind Sep 13


thebajakid05 Sep 13


aestrada2000 Sep 13

I wish I could do this stuff like him or with him :c

luca.fischer.988 Sep 13


tony_hasabig_d Sep 13

@chrisdrivesas14 easily my favorite form if racing

rafaelwilliames Sep 13


__s.e.b.i__ Sep 13

Ken block??!

yasoof11799 Sep 13

@__s.e.b.i__ No, it's @bjbaldwin

harley_stylo702 Sep 13

Cant do that in the States!

loris_ch Sep 13

@__s.e.b.i__ Non c'est @bjbaldwin ;)

nietoogohd Sep 13


ctrain420 Sep 13

How boot some air @tron_242

shahinqavidel Sep 13


giovanni_brenes23raulbrenes95 Sep 13

Bad ass picture guys

gotthatkilla Sep 13

Super excited

smitherines63 Sep 13


icepg_garvell Sep 13

Yolo mode activate

wesleyfallin Sep 13


garrett_levi Sep 13

@jnstrong92 #2!!

mattwilcox_57 Sep 13


alonkaplan Sep 13

Shrek is love, shrek is life

jareth_rosalez Sep 13

thaistarrasconi Sep 13

Hahahha ah nΓ£o, ja vou desistir entΓ£o! Haha @roddrigosoares

roman83da Sep 13

So beity

abowman274 Sep 13


epikaction Sep 13

Super sick.

max_vino Sep 13


giangia43 Sep 13


isuck_h3r_pearl Sep 13


20angel11 Sep 13

@cowork2010 wouldn't that be fun lol

cowork2010 Sep 13


dani2022000 Sep 13

Cuidado esa amortiguacion a ver si rompe ;D

luckyboy72 Sep 14

Late for work again

joshm169 Sep 14


david_loppes Sep 14

Kkkkkkk fui tΓ£o alto que enroscou nos fios kkkkk

conoraveley Sep 14


bombsmccherry Sep 15

@bigmatt220 epic!

bigmatt220 Sep 15

@bombsmccherry they actually hired me to co-drive this... haha.

nickp1518 Sep 15

@_damphousse_ most def us when we get our FJ

_damphousse_ Sep 15

Hahahaha Yusss most def @nickp1518

monsterenergy Sep 12

#StraightUp @owright killed it yesterday at Day 1 of the #HurleyPro with the highest wave score of a 9.43! πŸ“· @jimmicane

yaeloosthuizen Sep 13


manu_bayer Sep 13

@herr.shoutout. got me 1k

x_at0mic_x Sep 13


fabian_schroeder Sep 13

@herr.shoutout got me 1k

umbi29 Sep 13

@Andrea_cuccu com'Γ¨??

andrea_cuccu Sep 13


chris_wire Sep 13

Did you take your board today @sarah_wire?

abrahamnosepofull Sep 14


monsterenergy Sep 12

Are you ready?! #RecoilTWO with @bjbaldwin launches Sept. 16th!

mista.will Sep 15


cody4244 Sep 15

@daltonhayes1238 fuck yes

daltonhayes1238 Sep 15

Fuck noo @cody4244

cody4244 Sep 15

Yessss @daltonhayes1238

ricky_tota Sep 15


joe_fletcher_4 Sep 15

Shit this

forgew132 Sep 16


forgew132 Sep 16


monsterenergy Sep 11

What are these guys up to this time? @Ratboy_Bryce takes a huge win in New York and @StevePeat goes mental in new #ThisIsPeaty Watch it NOW at

benza35 Sep 12

@shantalina te queiro ver asi

nonneschonfeldt Sep 12


kasey_iwikau Sep 12


alberto_horti Sep 12


shantalina Sep 12

@benza35 u will seee babe

mel_tena Sep 12


mitch_moto Sep 14

@briandiazzz @mike_vaperev @pogi_si_david get ready

reeseisboss55 Sep 15

Hay could u support me on insta cause I bmx for a living

monsterenergy Sep 10

Sit back and enjoy the style from @willjackways! #NothingButStyle

staygold93 Sep 11


mikocycle Sep 11

@maxin_relaxin what's that line in the comments

mundo_i Sep 11

Follow @world_01

white_and_nurdy24 Sep 11

Damn thats cool

white_and_nurdy24 Sep 11

@monsterenergy β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

afernandoramirez Sep 12


willjackways Sep 12


xx_baylor_mars_xx Sep 13

Maws one

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