Monster Energy Kawasaki

Monster Energy Kawasaki

Dan Fahie (Team Manager)

Monster Energy Kawasaki is returning two championship winning riders. Multi time AMA Motocross and Supercross champion Ryan Villopoto, and former 250 West Supercross Champion Jake Weimer. Both are riding the powerful KX 450 F machines, and will race both the AMA Supercross Series, and the AMA National Motocross Championships. The team is managed by Dan Fahle.

Team Riders



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monsterenergy Apr 16

It's #DirtSharkWednesday and you know what that means! The latest episode of @dirtshark just dropped at

jr7corona Apr 16

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duddyhein Apr 16

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moto227corbin Apr 16


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jerfersoncarlos Apr 16

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tfng Apr 16

Drop Hill, keep Tickle, bring in Ivan in the mean time. What a waste RCH

_ricardohavanna_ Apr 16


thevamorg Apr 16


penalltaharris10 Apr 16

Go mate wish I could do it

monsterenergy Apr 15

@austin_poynter getting some quality airtime during his trip to Chile... Head over to to check out the #ReyDeReyes skate video!

billyfoster07 Apr 15


ibricetyler Apr 15

Legit air

clayton22eagle Apr 15

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mawebster Apr 15


jj00x Apr 15


_5aled0 Apr 15

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a__a__a__a__a__a Apr 15

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renatinhosales Apr 15

@rasta1987lam ve se pode ne nego ! Kkkkk, fiquei de cola nessa pista e nao colei, to devendo essa agora ! Hahhaha

pabloazocar Apr 15

Tuya @saavedraphoto?

space_invaderss Apr 15

Parque bustamante ! Aguante Chile

chocolatestarfish420 Apr 15


intensesullivan7 Apr 15


zodiak59 Apr 15

That's sick

_thedisturbedone_ Apr 15

Everytime i do this i never see the fucking story

nate_dugas Apr 15

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_ardenc_ Apr 15

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the_great_and_powerfull_oz Apr 15

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bobguyton Apr 15

Fuckin sick pic dude

nicolaskiedis Apr 15

Bustamante, santiago de chile :)<3

nate_dugas Apr 15

Gotta love how @zodiak59 took the post down. He actually did something right!

felipe_t19 Apr 15

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mountainbikeracer Apr 15

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lauritano12 Apr 15

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_m4rtin___ Apr 16

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th30nl7n3g4m3r Apr 16

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cknelo Apr 16

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rodrigoaljaro Apr 16

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chechooxman Apr 16

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chechooxman Apr 16

Nada de chilitoooo viva Chile mierda nomas! !!

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nosevalepo Apr 16

Chile present now!!! Bustapiante on fire!!!

dirtlife42 Apr 16


fabrosandoval Apr 16

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showtimeking99 Apr 16

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mlarrain98 Apr 16

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diego2hskr Apr 16

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theanomicguy Apr 16

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jelmer_vdm Apr 16

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bennyjacobbmx Apr 16

This spot is in skate3 ?!

mtb_bmx_life Apr 16

spot from skate 3 :-)

stavrosrazis Apr 16

Muy bueno!!

monsterenergy Apr 15

Throwing it back to one of our favorite edits #DreamYard from @patcaseybmx with this sick 360 Triple Whip! Video: @caseymcperry

marcialsedanooo Apr 16

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alexeikmssrv Apr 16

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kimkimchaves Apr 16

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ricardo_molina6 Apr 16

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chadchamplin Apr 16

@sole_neti does Doty have Instagram? He needs too be tagged in this

a_bombaa Apr 16


kco_mondaca2 Apr 16

@ricardo_molina6 muy penca ;/

monsterenergy Apr 13

The championship is in his sights! Congrats to @ryanvillopoto on his hometown #Supercross victory last night!

andrewhutchison11 Apr 13


therealraytoro Apr 13


elliotweaver3 Apr 13

First like and comment

therealraytoro Apr 13


mohammed_aldoseri Apr 13


joshua_m_13 Apr 13

Didnt stewart win??

dirtking42 Apr 13


alexmakarski Apr 13

@mcrfives @elliotweaver3 ummm looks like u got beat by the they dude who actually left a comment... Kids tisk tisk

kaaayleee_7 Apr 13

No @joshua_m_13

sergiol22 Apr 13

Oooou yeahhh

jasonsmith_15 Apr 13

yeah thats what i thought @joshua_m_13

eleazarviani Apr 13


sdaaam511 Apr 13


brandon_will Apr 13


izaanmohammed Apr 13


mohammadayoob Apr 13

@monsterenergy πŸ‘πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‘πŸ“·

edeniabr Apr 13

Cowboy and bull

tdawgthegreat Apr 13

@joshua_m_13 Stewart got 2nd

tucarroenventaptoz Apr 13


dariosic58 Apr 13


nickkx85 Apr 13

I wish Stewart won but sadly he got 2nd @tdawgthegreat

nickkx85 Apr 13

Srry I meant @Joshua_m_13

rafaelmaggio Apr 13

Este es tu dios? @nicocontrerasc

matthewwautlet Apr 13

@michelle_esparzax What now? πŸ˜‚

nicocontrerasc Apr 13

Este es mi dios ❀️❀️😍😍 @rafaelmaggio

nordvek Apr 13


joshua_m_13 Apr 13

Shit thats my bad! My dad had the wrong race on! Dissapointed @therealjs7 didnt win!

mero_doza Apr 13

@almostchar46 😍

9_am_in_oc Apr 13

Fucking sickkkkk

almostchar46 Apr 13

@mero_doza 😍😍

esr1899 Apr 13

Love it

standal12345678910 Apr 13

@gopro #gopro #be #a #hero

schiassi1914 Apr 13


nikm1999 Apr 13


chawkryan Apr 13

That's my man

justmejamesb Apr 13


diego_besoain Apr 13

I am better because i have @monsterenergy @beatsbydre @gopro @redbull of patrocinators

brandon_miller_26 Apr 13

i was there

jdm_gramcracker Apr 13

Im mad at u @monsterenergy because when i was at ucon and ther givin out free minster i asked for one and they said im to young im 13 like how old do you have to be its not drugs or aomthin so why

biteemnbeatem Apr 13


quinnmccoy18 Apr 13

@jdm_gramcracker technically they're not supposed to be sold to anyone under 16. It's about development issues. When you're entering your teenage years your body starts to grow again this includes your heart. Monsters have been known to cause cardiac problems especially to people under the 16-18 range. It's a safety and a liability issue. They don't want their name on anymore teenage heart attacks.

jdm_gramcracker Apr 13

O ok thanks @quinnmccoy18 i did not know that

codyparker7 Apr 13


brodes161 Apr 13

Nice wheel tapping Ryan you had a good ride

catboy_martinez Apr 13


marioigic Apr 13

Damn. Beautiful

boosted54 Apr 13

@ryanvillopoto was the big winner but we had many of the #pacificnorthwest riders do well, congratulations to all, great racing!!!!

sk862 Apr 13


musikmaker Apr 13

@steviefelice show Emmett

v_parilla11 Apr 13


natecrittend_dod Apr 13


usmaaaaaaaan Apr 13

πŸ‡«πŸ‡΄πŸ‡±πŸ‡±πŸ‡΄πŸ‡Ό β™₯ πŸ‡²πŸ‡ͺ

hondas_rule_7 Apr 13

Its ok james stewart won the other day so im good and he did good @therealjs7 @natecrittend_dod

angel_gdiaz Apr 13


candywarrior007 Apr 14

Follow @DARK_LTD

scootadawg Apr 14

Villipotal domination!!

luulac10 Apr 14

Visto asi enamora <3 @randypadron26

noahbrande Apr 14

Does boots doe!!

sup_ppls Apr 14

Getting dirty sweet!!!!!

dirt_is_life7 Apr 14

could we get a shoutout? bmx account trying to get popular

509valle Apr 14


shawnmorrow1219 Apr 14


adamcolbert98 Apr 14

Photoshopped, no mud on tires..

mattf1229 Apr 14

He can still wad and end up in the cheap seats too lol

tyler_d_18 Apr 14

No mud on the tires means photoshopped? Are you an idiot?

dub_punk Apr 14

I know right

wstanton23 Apr 14

It means he's going so fast the mud can't even clump to the tires

lea_marie_13 Apr 14

Just killin er!!!

turnerj_91 Apr 14

@ben_alex100 sweet boots

akafredlfc Apr 14


suzybaelan Apr 14


annieeeee_12 Apr 14

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_ryandunne98_ Apr 14

That's me @tomstar_

tomstar_ Apr 14

I know they're stealin ya photo πŸ˜‰ @_ryandunne98_

jordan__murray Apr 14

The champ

paniik626 Apr 14


baja_weekly Apr 14

Hey come follow us if you love supercross and baja

lukas_efu96 Apr 14


zxpinklady Apr 14

酷哦!! ❀❀❀❀❀

ekaterinburg95 Apr 14

Good super good!

ir_salehin Apr 14


yourdreamskater Apr 14

F4ll0w me. :)

matirodriguezsj Apr 14

Perfect pic

redneckwolff Apr 14

Bad ass

rubent_barea Apr 14

Q motarra

horizun13 Apr 14


horizun13 Apr 14

Please follow me your my hero @ryanvillopoto

manson1980 Apr 15

I have a cobra 300

merethepus Apr 15


ivenst2002 Apr 15

@merethepus ❀️❀️

lottaghost Apr 15


abel_macias Apr 15

Fuck ya Ryan vilopotoe sry I don't know how to spell ur last name

diandremiller Apr 15

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averymoore2 Apr 16

Awesome win at hometown

Apr 13

philippuuu Apr 15


nicklasnd03 Apr 15


kristianknapstad Apr 15

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funnycake1 Apr 15

Yes sexy girl @kristianknapstad

faganjordanymailcom Apr 15

Sssoooo sexy

leon_musikal Apr 16

Dios que hermosas *_* @esther_ale08

abel_macias Apr 16


imxtmed Apr 16

101% 😍 beautiful

monsterenergy Apr 12

Looks like @jorgelorenzo99 is ready for battle! #RideOn #MotoGP

nolandieter Apr 12


stephan_azulay22 Apr 12


emanuelesabo Apr 12


rykeryker_23 Apr 12

@daniel__griffiths @keith_griffiths

_brennulsifer Apr 12

@_schlosser @itsricowayooo

paige_klar13 Apr 12


brennenswanson Apr 12


dongovea Apr 12


olassurfgrill Apr 12


ballermatt Apr 12

Wow that's close to the ground πŸ˜‚

vdubwardo Apr 12


dude_itsanna Apr 12

Way to break physics

kyle_225 Apr 12


mind_ur_bizness Apr 12


skyline_r34_94 Apr 12

@drive_sideways @transitionbikes93 brother got skill!!

guzmjav Apr 12


slow_t4r Apr 12

Mm goes lower haha

drive_sideways Apr 12

@skyline_r34_94 haha leanin just a tad

coop_1996 Apr 13

People who race these bikes have some fuckin balls I'm tellin ya that's crazy

andrehagen123 Apr 13

@chriztiangp oss to med scooter pΓ₯ mopedkurs

bursztynskib Apr 13

Damn is that you @djmarkiemark825 . We know it's not @urcousinvinnie

timclarke25 Apr 13


transitionbikes93 Apr 13

Leaning big time! @skyline_r34_94

captainbootyflakes Apr 13


__elemental_ Apr 13


pattyveeeee Apr 13

@colton_gh @bikerlegan

cheitochico Apr 13

Tocando rodilla

miss_katharineanne Apr 13


light_writer Apr 13

@kyle_sadler1998 oh my god it worked. Just kidding, you're an idiot.

kyle_sadler1998 Apr 13

Thanks asshole @light_writer

light_writer Apr 13

@kyle_sadler1998 πŸ‘

light_writer Apr 13

@kyle_sadler1998 it's ok, I remember my first time on the Internet.

kyle_sadler1998 Apr 13


kyle_sadler1998 Apr 13

Whatever @light_writer

jvierra21 Apr 13

Imagine me doing this... 😳 @khodikian @tonyydelgadillo

light_writer Apr 13

@kyle_sadler1998 cool dude! Have a good one.

dk7898 Apr 13

I was there best track ever

jhoyt22 Apr 13


thusband Apr 13


austinhemmann Apr 13


patrickphillips750 Apr 13

@austinhemmann I can get lower!

antalari Apr 13


_fado_ Apr 13


bring_ur_own_panda Apr 13

You gotta lean this much (x @kcrider45

hudsongraff Apr 13


dylanbooger Apr 13


stephen_made_it Apr 13

@fubarbrewing check it out

kcrider45 Apr 13

Almost theree @bring_ur_own_panda

calvin_the_man1 Apr 13

This is how you turn boy

calvin_the_man1 Apr 13

@kphillips30 ^

christiandeloach Apr 13

No that's how u reck @calvin_the_man1

christiandeloach Apr 13

Bs @patrickphillips750

wallsmith_evan Apr 13

@taylorthewizard chicken strips be gone!

squadleaderzone6 Apr 13

@maddnaper @alex_3o5

sultistunt Apr 13


mat_free_ski Apr 13


jl99sland Apr 13

#jorgelorenzo cool!

priscila_estay Apr 13


pretty_pink_fluffy_bunny Apr 13

What a turn

ackornfeld Apr 13


pyr0w0lf64 Apr 13

Like a boss

blake_kingfisher Apr 13


guitarsandcars Apr 13


cycleworld Apr 13


tremblizzy95 Apr 13

How the fuck is that even possible

nickmandaro Apr 13


richard_walker63 Apr 13

The bikes made to do that @tremblizzy95

tanguy_brgs Apr 13


austinlindsayy Apr 13

@tremblizzy95 abs and traction control lol

ts185r Apr 13

I sat watching those corners last year they do them with ease

sir_stancealott Apr 13

Get on that level @s13_fbgm

_hayley_fizzy_ Apr 13


jonnylicauuu Apr 13


_torin_christianson_ Apr 13

@jonnylicauuu yah ik im following this person πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

jonnylicauuu Apr 13

Ohhh hahaha @_torin_christianson_

tylerkeller1481 Apr 13

Those must be some seriousness tires

bloomis914 Apr 13


gkap123 Apr 13


swaggri94 Apr 13


_schlosser Apr 13


krcjoy1129 Apr 13


patrickphillips750 Apr 13

@christiandeloach its a joke bud

christiandeloach Apr 13

Hahah k @patrickphillips750

nakieshamitchell7895 Apr 13


marinlombard Apr 13

Fouuu le batteur 😍 @tanguy_brgs

tanguy_brgs Apr 13

Tu devrais dormir petit con @marinlombard

atomic_zane Apr 13

I was there I saw the monster crew

lucaspina1 Apr 13


jeffery604 Apr 13


nstouffer272 Apr 13

Now imagine falling off there... You would just skip across the track and the bike would go flying

r_neezee Apr 13

Lean wit'it......

jdonfolklord Apr 13


danielpit Apr 13


maorcohen57 Apr 13

@danielpit Χ–Χ” Χ‘Χ‘Χ•Χ€Χ¨ΧœΧ Χ“ לא?

jefro1 Apr 13


sportsbikesuk Apr 13

No it doesn't did you see FP and qualifying?

swapnil36050 Apr 13

2 cool

1up5d0wn Apr 13

@sportsbikesuk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

fraancoxd Apr 13

I preefer rossi 46 yeiiiiii

omarvalencianoo Apr 13

El mejor.

tomgirl72 Apr 13


ertif Apr 13


gustavsen11 Apr 13

Amazing.. How is that even possible!

johnji98 Apr 13


lukato37 Apr 13

Is this in Texas?

agidestari Apr 13

come on jorge πŸ‘

corne912 Apr 13


landry711 Apr 13


nsmash Apr 13

@fr33r1d3r. So dirty

rynamite19 Apr 13

His knee is touching the ground!!! 😱😱😱😱

ellabella0505 Apr 14

Lblblb 100% promise βœ‹

dance_me_down Apr 16


Apr 12

adamjohnson17 Apr 12


joshuabrazier8 Apr 12


chase_sansom_20 Apr 12

Yea baby go Poto!!!!!!!!!

yolas207 Apr 12


rich_than_famous___ Apr 12


clutch1hill Apr 12

No Poto! Go @therealjs7 or anyone else for that matter!

jfelk Apr 12


hunterthorpe122 Apr 12

@lalasaruh game over for dungey haha

osnapitztish Apr 12

@flying_fisch12 is this still gonna be you one day? Lol

dapper_pander Apr 12


abby_like_weeeee Apr 12

Ahhhh yeaaaa there's me xP @dapper_pander

skylar_myers_ Apr 12

Agree with @clutch1hill

aperfectcolorme Apr 12

Get em Ryan

chazgreen1 Apr 12

Well done lad

davef430 Apr 12


lucasrask30 Apr 12

Going to the race

skiing1080 Apr 12

I will be there

landondirtbike Apr 12


ikebtaylor Apr 12

Why is the suspension so tight and coiled?

brent_alpaugh Apr 12

Ya sure

tymfuckinrumley Apr 12


tylercuster424 Apr 12

Hole shot device, keeps the forks down so the bike won't wheelie as much @ikebtaylor

bdogg129 Apr 12

What needs to happen in order for him to win?

jwelborn123 Apr 12

For home to get 5 more points!

jwelborn123 Apr 12


lalasaruh Apr 12

@hunterthorpe122 noooo Dungey has it in the bag!

chrispass18 Apr 12


phixallracing Apr 12

He is the man its all bout Championship winning. Go villio

brand0n_richter Apr 12


maximusracing Apr 12


mx_is_better Apr 12

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murphalicious47 Apr 12

@robert47x @justinh47

albinwahlden Apr 12

Fet cykel @lukas_hagg

lukas_hagg Apr 12

Ryan villopoto @albinwahlden

thecreatormason Apr 12

Go Ryan

thecreatormason Apr 12

I ride

thecreatormason Apr 12

I race

brett_abel Apr 12

I ride

mulishagurl101 Apr 12

Come on @kenroczen94 you got this!!! πŸ˜ƒ

jesus_gj_mx_ Apr 12


majesticunicorn101 Apr 12

@snowboardingguy thats me

raykhan144 Apr 12

Im a dirt rider i ride 125cc customized to the max

jimsteiger970 Apr 12

Come on Ryan u got this I ride 85cc

its_tarik Apr 12


kristinatandara Apr 12

😍 @arianazr87

lane_hyatt16 Apr 12


otcrane_swag12 Apr 12


vitupqsim Apr 12

i saw his GoPro, omg

isaiahkirtley9696 Apr 12

I'm at supercross right now😱

ignix5 Apr 12

Fuck Yeah #seattlesx

manya_wandersee Apr 12


ridektm4life Apr 12

Break a leg RV1! #rubbersideup

cam_g2 Apr 12

I have that gear!!

roryburke232 Apr 12

Hey I always buy monster energy and lovvveee it. :) I would really appreciate it if you follow me back

dakotabear3857 Apr 12


timbo_128 Apr 12

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ridektm4life

tomgirl72 Apr 12


beantownbadboy Apr 12

#Holeshot #Braap

alanabanana112 Apr 12

@greenmachine146 hope your having fun here!

anthonyh_100 Apr 13

What channel is the race on anyone know?

myinsta120 Apr 13


cheitochico Apr 13


crakerjack098 Apr 13

Is that your job. Cause it looks cool

lamar__watkins Apr 13


ramrodu Apr 13

I want to do that

blackjoker8888 Apr 13


alexiscanttopthis Apr 13

So exciting!!!

alexiscanttopthis Apr 13

My nephew is gonna be a great #mx rider one day!!

malenaskyy Apr 13

πŸ™€ coool

jayden_t_is_awesome Apr 13


andrea_andie16 Apr 13

I love it

ellethompson933 Apr 13


official_vonzys Apr 13

Shout me out please! Means a lot if you do!

juliarossinii Apr 13


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_annyazevedo Apr 13


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Follow me if u would ride that bike!

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thedaileybailey Apr 13


foxrider757 Apr 13

AhhhπŸ™ˆ @thedaileybailey

bloomis914 Apr 13


claytonblaser Apr 13

@austin_frash oh quit this dumb crap nobody cares

skate_is_life3 Apr 13

U gay bro

selijaneselani Apr 13


ginzburg_little Apr 13


n3manaqel Apr 13

FΓΆllow me and I will fΓΆllow you

mohammeda335 Apr 13

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arianazr87 Apr 13

@kristinatandara πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»

austinneff36 Apr 13

Hole shot

auinsta2011 Apr 13


lucke344 Apr 13

Awesome i love mx

robinlerch Apr 13


skatermalthe019 Apr 13

Very Nice

dirt_bike_king412 Apr 13

I race them tho 😏

emmagraham99 Apr 13


guilhermee123 Apr 13

Caralho bixo ta macera Ein !!!!! πŸ˜‚

jackgreer03 Apr 13

That's what I'm talkin about

agidestari Apr 13

πŸƒπŸšΆπŸšΆπŸšΆπŸšΆπŸšΆπŸšΆ πŸ’ƒ

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monsterenergy Apr 11

@kblock43 perfecting his flame throwing skills during testing! Badass right?

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owlo___o Apr 13

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