Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana

DoB: October 8, 1983
Residence: Annapolis, MD
Hometown: Davidsonville, MD
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 205 lbs.

Where to start with Travis Pastrana’s accomplishments? We can’t even list them all! AMA 125 East Supercross Champion in 2001. AMA 125 Outdoor National Motocross Champion in 2000. Then there is ESPN’s X Games – Travis has won more gold medals than we can count. He does Rally Cars. He makes videos. He does TV shows. He’s … Travis!

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travispastrana Jul 25

Fun times at Evel Knievel days hanging with legends Spanky Spangler, Robbie Knievel and @condorbmx plus @cowboykenny690, @street_bike_tommy, @AaronWheelz and all Evel's grand kids!

edu_illeskas Jul 25

Eres el puto amo @travispastrana

jus_bein_amaya Jul 25

Aweaome!! :)

iam_hunna Jul 25

Legends!! Soon there will be TP days!! @travispastrana

mackenzie_oneil Jul 25

That looks like a fun time

cocois1 Jul 25

Ur awesome bro

mariohtato Jul 25


martylee31 Jul 25

Strap a steel shoe on and come out and ride daytona short track again! @travispastrana @amaproflattrack

rogerbgom Jul 25

Fuck yeah!!

exoticmetalworks Jul 25

Pastrana and the condor him self cant get any more legend combo right there

keriolsen Jul 25

@jenniferlynns650 Does that guy in the pic look familiar πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

theron_williams Jul 25

Stop by Havre! Lots of fans would like to see you!

jenniferlynns650 Jul 25

@keriolsen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

henry_knights Jul 25

@travispastrana u are the best

nissanmt Jul 25

I thought I saw you on the news this morning @travispastrana

cole_181 Jul 25

I live there

paulnolan35 Jul 25

Was Awful Kanawful there? I miss that dude.

mitchweidner Jul 25

I have Travis's fan phone!! Call 5414019864!!

larmos44 Jul 25

@travispastrana did u meet a kid a vagus about a week ago

justin_est.19xx Jul 25

@travispastrana Robbie is one cool dude I met him two years ago. Ask him about his trip to the Poconos. He'll mention me

novak_nik Jul 25

@antonija_cuncic follow her <3

beccasmalley Jul 25

Wow Mat Hoffman is looking old.

seven1nine Jul 26

Great show today guys!! Mad props to all the riders and wing suit flyers

kohltyn_199 Jul 26

Are you still in butte everyone said you left @travispastrana

elias_chagui Jul 26


alayshajade Jul 26

@melody_mccloud @jessemccloud you guys are pretty awesome! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

_treavis Jul 26

@cheif_hash this you top left in 20 years?

cspangler1116 Jul 26

What an honor for Travis to watch my father-n-laws stunt! What a nice bunch of dudes!

mandymaatta Jul 26

So sad I missed you. I got to meet you a few years ago for the Upper Michigan Rally. :)

kknievelhansson Jul 26

Love it Travis! So glad you made it to EK Days! You are always welcome with the Knievel fam dam ;)

a_lab1991 Jul 26

Why does that look like matt hoffman

dm629 Jul 26

Robbie looks smashed

murr__9 Jul 26

#GoDawgs @jessemccloud

livelifefullthrottle Jul 26

@travispastrana this is sweet man, thanks!

jake_snake128 Jul 27

Have you still been doing competitions for a dollar Haha

jake_snake128 Jul 27

I remember on nitro circus you said: hey anybody who can do a backflip over an 18ft. Dirt gap on a trycycle gets a dollar haha. Andy bell got the dollar though haha

_christian_nolan_ Jul 27

I live in your uncles neighborhood in Maryland it's called amberley

gweeda25 Jul 27

Man I hope in for your atougraph but you left the morning I came to ek days

ckspangler Jul 28

#spankyarmy .com#spankthetank#spankyjr#loveu

travispastrana Jul 25

Wakeboarder brad smeele suffered a sever spinal cord injury recently.Help him and his Fam out by visiting bradsmeelefoundation.comΒ Β repost!

melwab Jul 25


csh.018 Jul 25


sssmilemoreee Jul 25


cami_lavatai_ Jul 25

U still at evel days??(:

colenallin72 Jul 25

Praying for him and his family. The lord will not abandon you Brad. Be well.

zach.ennis17 Jul 25

Get better Brad ! Big fan !

needfixed Jul 25

@travispastrana shoot us a DM, we want to set you up with a custom iPhone πŸ‘

brockdoonan2 Jul 25


dariushbagheri Jul 25

Hero hero ❀❀❀

jeffweatherall Jul 25

@travispastrana #thanksforthesupport

baywoodz Jul 25

Rest Well & Heal Duder

anton.schultz Jul 25


lucasjsnider Jul 25

@travispastrana super legit!!!! Thanks.... you are a hero if mine

tyler_kammerer Jul 25

Sad story but def not gonna donate he has money for this it's terrible people are donating to this when they could be donating to someone that actually needs it

vloskiraptor Jul 25

@tyler_kammerer I second that.

annareeve_ Jul 25

You have no idea what you are talking about @tyler_kammerer. Brad and his family wouldn't be asking for help if they had the money to pay for his treatment which is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Brad does "actually need it". Hardly think it's "terrible" if people decide they would like to help out with a few dollars.

gram15times Jul 25

Some of you need to remember "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"!!!!!!

andy_nintzel Jul 25

@tyler_kammerer @vloskiraptor you assholes don't know a thing, way to be total douche bags.

pegman1184 Jul 25

@annareeve_ pretty sure he will be well covered in terms of insurance I agree completely with @tyler_kammerer

buxeda Jul 25

No @tyler_kammerer he actually doesn't. He needs the funds to pay for medical costs in the US so he can get back to Nz where his medical is covered and he can start rehab. But thanks for being such a uninformed dickhead

jose_martinez199 Jul 25


tylerbullenart Jul 25

I say douche nozzels.... Those are worse.

wesleymarkjacobsen Jul 25

Thank you @travispastrana !!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

annareeve_ Jul 25

@pegman1184 no he doesn't have insurance that covers him in the US. He isn't a hugely sponsored millionaire professional athlete that can afford the huge fees for insurance in the states that would actually cover a professional athlete in a sport with high risks. He needs the money to get well enough to get a medivac flight back to New Zealand where his medical costs will be covered.

brucecookfmx Jul 25

@tyler_kammerer dude, you're clueless

braedohhh Jul 25

@brucecookfmx spot on dude

goolay22 Jul 25


danicanestrari Jul 25

#staystrongbrad we know he needs our help, keep on the good vibes!!!

whitnayyee Jul 25

Definitely in my prayers. My brother just recently injured his spinal cord as well. It's a devastating thing but it can be overcome!

jordon_hensley Jul 25


alan_montagna Jul 25

@fedemattson @jcruzcarrasco

mikegolledge Jul 25

@tyler_kammerer the only sad story here is YOUR life. If you knew the facts of the story you would realise how wrong you are.

olmomma Jul 25

For anyone saying it isn't a worthy cause to help another human being out and their family during a time of traumatic injury and total chaos; I pray you never experience it yourself. The costs each day are astronomical to care for someone critically injured. I know, I have been in this families nightmare when my son suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. I wasn't in another country, but the family has to pay for a place to stay. If you are working, you soon no longer have a job which means you then have no means to pay for your home, utilities, food, etc. So, before you so heartlessly say you wouldn't or someone shouldn't give to help...really think what you are saying.

andy_laz Jul 25

Thanks Trav! You're awesome

kanar00 Jul 25

My friends told me that on http://clashofclanshelper.com/ - you receive free Clash of Clans gems instantly! I just tried that! (40i09cBAbM)

nzskoty Jul 25

@tyler_kammerer did you get smacked in your head with a lacrosse stick??? I hope you never have to experience such a tragic turn of events in your life and need help in a foreign country. He has to get home so we can look after him....at a huge financial cost to his family who have enough to deal with right now. I am glad there is such a thing as karma....coz your fucked

kiwi_tucker Jul 25


alexsmeele Jul 25

Thanks for the support Travis!

nilsgranger Jul 25


tinasdope Jul 26

I hope you feel better

elias_chagui Jul 26


hunter_kds Jul 26

That must suck

_bryan_mcmichael_ Jul 26


travispastrana Jul 25

Legend! I remember watching this guy doing stunts when I was a little kid.. And he's still going big! #merica! #SpankySpangler

mason_pena_ Jul 25

First comment

jadenmoto333 Jul 25


fredgrocha_ Jul 25


jeremy_dumouchel Jul 25


austinstam14 Jul 25


jd_vandrunen_17 Jul 25

Fuck Yeah

t.wrecks4 Jul 25

You give me a tower and I'll fly off that mofo! Your the man Travis...live fast!

djamescortez Jul 25

Yo I made fun of that car when I was in Montana wtf!!! Lol

umpierre94 Jul 25


chaltas356 Jul 25

@mparrish_65 #spanky !!

devinvanderloos Jul 25


the_menace94 Jul 25


brit_maddx Jul 25


trenton_webster Jul 25

He does all of the same crap jump from 70 feet onto an airbag

braap122 Jul 25

See the guy in the background

brunogarciabg Jul 25


superfly_ty1 Jul 25

@j_bails6 @blakee97

joeyhillbmx Jul 25


b_radlancaster Jul 25

The new bright side company vehicle @bradbright @amber8883

braap122 Jul 25

I bet I have trophies taller than Travis pastrana from races

in_gods_handz Jul 25

@juanspank your famous

raider_yogz Jul 25


jahoop Jul 25

@spanky162 that your ride?

speedy_kkklaxxton Jul 25


addisone123 Jul 25

You don't even race you fucking pussy @braap122

bubbadade Jul 25

Let's get this for Evan @bubba909

braap122 Jul 25


bacon_n_greggers Jul 25

@iaintnofncapper #SPANKY

larsjohnson7 Jul 25

@roscoe_am_albis @spanky71

novikgloves1 Jul 25


crisr35blacklist Jul 25


choatefam Jul 25

Good times last night! Freezing cold tho! 😱

jacksonteal Jul 25


dperry_03 Jul 25


kvalliere08 Jul 25


morse_cole359 Jul 25

@rmzrider_07 ol spanky still at it

dominic_emanuel Jul 25

Spanky @travis_braund

jenkyanker Jul 25

I used to watch him all the time!

markfitzurka Jul 25

And his coat tail riding son sales chicken sandwichs for Carl's Jr's

andyatx_ Jul 25


rup_a_loop Jul 25

@kelkel147 spanky

jack_13_magee Jul 25

@carsonprugh @maxmiller18 @jake_kohn19 do you see the guy falling off the platform in the background

npaudolfo77 Jul 25


flaviomonteiro___ Jul 25

Yoooo. Brow πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

life_behind_bars1 Jul 25

The guy falling

hudaknation Jul 25


ralphchadwick Jul 25

Him and super Dave are #legend

felix__bmx Jul 25

He is a legend as you travis:)) @travispastrana

scottfowler58 Jul 25


scottfowler58 Jul 25


epz831 Jul 25

I leave stunts to super Dave

scottfowler58 Jul 25

AaMe3aa@#s.?"! @ chi iccocxxx xf

landon_chase Jul 25

evel days man!

bubba909 Jul 25

@bubbadade that's funny

bruss47 Jul 25


julesheitkamp Jul 25

@kimberlywolles - Joan used to date Spanky

oplu2013 Jul 25

δΊ’η²‰εΏ…ε›žοΌε‡η²‰ε‹ΏεŠ οΌ

cameron_bialac Jul 25


money_mike_ Jul 25


cummins_hauling_ass Jul 25


alexanderchay Jul 25

@alspank @breatheusa

spankydoyle Jul 25

comprare ese carro puΓ±eta! jajajaja. @umpierre94

carter_h_99 Jul 25


roseyrosaine Jul 25

Crazy!! Spanky Spangler!! I remember watching him on a VHS called 'blood, sweat and gears'

thelifeoftheparty Jul 25


jake_angelovich Jul 25

@_thebraxton33 your carπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ssmillo Jul 25

@fufireol @doliveira27 @kikedeoliveira el carro de squanky spanky

ms_gaming Jul 25


spankynr Jul 25

@thelifeoftheparty that's sweet

positivelife.quotes Jul 25

🌷Follow MyAccount for positive quotes🌷

_kowalsky_ Jul 25

@alliemariecrain spanky has his own car! πŸ˜†πŸΎ

anto.serrano Jul 25

@casechile esta regalando carcasas

fisker858 Jul 25

Spanky Spangler!

simba_wa_los_angeles_ Jul 25


lryskamp1 Jul 25

@justin_sytsma @ben5huitema @verndouglas_42 @sterkboysracing spanky!!!!!

_ryandutra_ Jul 25

@_btrenholm_ car

keilan_price Jul 25


townsend_adam Jul 25


jcfarmer47 Jul 25


younggun88 Jul 25

@jessiiee_ryaan πŸ˜‚

jessiiee_ryaan Jul 25

Spanky! @younggun88

hannahnoel2013 Jul 25


1spank93 Jul 25

Lol hell yea @hannahnoel2013

hannahnoel2013 Jul 25

Hahaha I had to! @1spank93

beltran_blendz Jul 25


gagelkenne96 Jul 25

I'm at the Mat hoffman's danger defying daredevils @travispastrana

spankky_ Jul 25

Ahahaha ayy #SpankySpangler lol @beltran_blendz

where_is_dawardo Jul 25


__ryder_nash__ Jul 25

It looks like a dinosaur flying in the back @liam_segar

shit_fuck Jul 25

@hinesy16 @fuzzylip

laurenirvine Jul 25

#showtimefmx this must be your ride #spanky

spanks1010 Jul 25

I want that @where_is_dawardo

spanky162 Jul 25

@jahoop you know it!

sambuffa Jul 25


jordankerr__ Jul 25


imcomingover Jul 25

@sambuffa Ha!

thatguy1266 Jul 26

My nickname

mtutalo Jul 26

@danieldoherty24 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸš‘πŸ’¨

travis_braund Jul 26

#merica yeah @dominic_emanuel

spanglersaundershoulihan Jul 26

Epic! World famous! Love my daddy! 😘

spanky_143 Jul 26


kailob238 Jul 26

@wonderlandofrape this should be your car πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

drdangerstunts Jul 26

Hail to The King! #tootoughtodie

dallasbrye Jul 27

In Montana Travis? @travispastrana

andrewbarrett23 Jul 27


zumiez_couch_tour Jul 27

Yo Travis

ckspangler Jul 28

Legendary.... My dad Big Spank the tank, and brother lil Spank deezy, spankyarmy.com.... spanky spanglers last stunt of his career, give him.props. <3

travispastrana Jul 25

Butte Montana shuts down the streets for a week to showcase stunts of all kinds for Evel Knievel days. @street_bike_tommy taking notes on how to wheelie!

jacko_dye Jul 25


ndundon_9 Jul 25


ruben0165 Jul 25


rally_america_news Jul 25


jacko_dye Jul 25

No @ndundon_9 @ruben0165

tontoro13 Jul 25

191 likes in 44 seconds

brianmw87 Jul 25

@bennyhawk you there? Lol

the_duck_commander_14 Jul 25

Does that bike have a snow track on the back ?

ndundon_9 Jul 25

Yeah well does it really matter me and you were 3 seconds apart

ndundon_9 Jul 25


mgarske_299 Jul 25


the_duck_commander_14 Jul 25

Wait I see it now lol

jacko_dye Jul 25

ok @ndundon_9

henshin_yo Jul 25

@brogpetterson were I used to live

ivankov_fmx_nick Jul 25


michellejmarks Jul 25


michellejmarks Jul 25

@eliatytell Calling our chase truck rudecat!!!!! πŸ±πŸ™ŒπŸš²πŸ’¨

luke_lister1999 Jul 25


cheech199 Jul 25

Travis is the modern day Evil Knievel

firefighter357 Jul 25

Lol glad he's ok and you were able to fix your bike. Be safe @travispastrana

wittywer232 Jul 25

Where is this at?

chris_masullo Jul 25

@__justinw__ we out?

kkk_caylyn Jul 25


dayonebootywarrior Jul 25


red_neckk Jul 25

@_coltonfrost_ she's flying

johnnytizzle686 Jul 25

@markasael you can still cancel your flight to go to Butte!!!

chachi_2 Jul 25

@therealhighrolla @kuzi_77 @bears_hockey_07 this is where we are going to live

_molly_jo_ Jul 25

@kaitrenken @badams54 @matthart0360

sam.boryczka Jul 25

Haha butte

bennyhawk Jul 25

In Colorado @brianmw87! Evil Knievel ain't got sh*t on me!

ronniereality Jul 25

I'll teach you @street_bike_tommy πŸ‘

bulthelmets Jul 25

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @street_bike_tommy @travispastrana

eliatytell Jul 25

@michellejmarks meow! 😸 reporting for duty

putterx Jul 25

wth is that thing?

utahrd Jul 25

@fishandie @natesrosenlof might need to make a trip of this next year

sharkshit425 Jul 25


nick_menter Jul 25


colbyleatham Jul 25


laismaurer Jul 25

Dope!! πŸ‘Œ Come to Brazil

michellejmarks Jul 25

@eliatytell I knew I could count on meyou! 😹

alawicous Jul 25

That's Butte America, @travispastrana

marissamnm411 Jul 25


princess_ammmyyyy Jul 25

@little_country_45 dude where grandpa is from!

tmuscles19 Jul 25


flysitdies Jul 25

@_sajeev_ @abelugioyo

johnworthingtonhastings Jul 25

@anjelikalayton u better go to this!

kyleives1 Jul 25

Circus una!

christopherstewart10 Jul 25


bryals_coon720 Jul 25


johnathan_lima Jul 25

@brenolfa @gustavoadiniz

lax_lizard_360 Jul 25

Dude I live an hour from there! I'm in Bozeman! @travispastrana

gumball1965 Jul 25

Have fun boys

ashleeeylockhart Jul 25


britnasssty Jul 25


itsgoochy Jul 25

Am I witnessing 3 babe's on a redneck engineered zip line powered by some 4 stroke Powaaaa!? @travispastrana

tj_mcnasty Jul 25


im_abu3li Jul 25

@lshntr u missed it!!!!!!!!

ril3yhahn Jul 25


alexlombard92 Jul 25

Check out @visionwall

thegent111 Jul 25

On my way to Montana right now. Hope to be there Saturday.

akamattboyer Jul 25

@tlfranci is this near you?!

tlfranci Jul 25

@akamattboyer it's 3 and a half hours away so yes

akamattboyer Jul 25

@tlfranci hahaha yeah it's "close"

sunnyboost4 Jul 25


majeff75 Jul 25

also having the great America hill climbs in billings

crisr35blacklist Jul 25


kirabrianne Jul 25


vdubnrc Jul 25

Wasn't there a bunch of rapes and murders in the town of butte??? @travispastrana

liveridemoto Jul 25

@javafreak Montana !!!

jcristk Jul 25

@btrux101 let's go

breanna_raiha Jul 25

@vdubnrc No. There wasn't πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

instadunc Jul 25

Did you go to this @hvictory10

tadeo_g802 Jul 25

@b_rad771 @dod42

hvictory10 Jul 25

I did @instadunc!

dod42 Jul 25

Right on @butteisthe bomb

tannerv34 Jul 25


kc_cannon246 Jul 25


crystalicious7 Jul 25

For a week lol

never_last_place Jul 25

Haha, I bet that big spill he took got him thinking. @travispastrana @street_bike_tommy

jsabini Jul 25


theshortofshane Jul 25

I live 30 minutes outside of butte. Evil knievel days are the bomb

elias_chagui Jul 26


alex_littlez Jul 26

Are u still there @travispastrana

jericho2861 Jul 26

#butteamerica :)

travispastrana Jul 24

Just landed in Montana for an awesome Evel Knievel Days event.. @street_bike_tommy took a spill trying to wheelie my rm250 that I'll be jumping later and these guys at Stacks Suzuki hooked me up with the parts I needed to fix it! Thanks guys!

keatonp74 Jul 24

First like and comment

jeremyaguirre Jul 24

That's very cool. @keatonp74

rachel_marie_23_ Jul 24

MT represent πŸ™ˆπŸ’•

little_nick_style Jul 24

Seccind comment

street_bike_tommy Jul 24

My bad.....

dpatty09 Jul 24

Fuckin @streetbiketommy what an idiot

mike__compton Jul 24

@krizzy42 @kellenv27 @naterismon

chandler_nida Jul 24

Haha you guys are rad @street_bike_tommy @travispastrana Travis I have a really old Suzuki jersey of yours

chandler_nida Jul 24


fungov Jul 24

@Travispastrana any sign of Robbie?

stillbornbls Jul 24

Some things will never change lol. Hope @street_bike_tommy is ok?

rolyat1983 Jul 24

Damn I wish I was going!

beck_est1987 Jul 24

FUCK , I should skip work & come over I'm only 40 miles away! #monfuckintana STAND UP!!!

warren8989 Jul 24

I'm thinkin you guys need to make a pit stop in Oregon ;) @travispastrana @street_bike_tommy

rolyat1983 Jul 24


7hari_tinggi_langsing_gemuk_ Jul 24


taylormullins32 Jul 24


hll_zch Jul 24

In Butte? @travispastrana

224coffman Jul 24


bryceroberge101 Jul 24

Love the truck but only because of the Suzuki @travispastrana

chalvorsen__17 Jul 24

Awesome man I'm a local i here in butte! @travispastrana

mattjung96 Jul 24

@troutjohnson @nickreiser96

jrthompkins Jul 24

@sarahuknowit evil knievel days? Is this true?!?!

lt_dann_ Jul 24

Everyone is looking at a different camera hahaha

future_ryan_villopoto Jul 24

What truck is that @travispastrana

connorsandefur Jul 24

@preston_peterson2 pastrana in MT

wyattlutz Jul 24


motopassion66 Jul 24

Stupid tommy lol

brandon__dyer Jul 24

FUCK YOU @wyattlutz

cozzabro Jul 24

Hi @travispastrana , Corey here. Just thought id let you know, that if you ever consider designing a competition where someone has to complete a challenge in order to ride with you and the crew for a day, I will be the test subject and try it out 😁. There is not one thing I wouldn't attempt on planet earth in order to ride with you guys.. Peace from a life long AUS fan✌️✌️

beau_rodgers Jul 24


paigefelldown Jul 24

#gkc ##GKC

wyattpowers Jul 24

hi travis i am going to be there friday hope i am able to see you!!!!

shawnscholler98 Jul 24

Can't wait to watch you guys tomorrow! What times do you perform??

daltonjones144 Jul 25

I'm in Wyoming come down and get my autograph... i a pretty good D class rider. lol

rdubby Jul 25

Trav Im here in butte and all i want for christmas is to shake your hand. Is there anyway i can meet you before the fmx event later???

jamie_lorraine Jul 25


crtwotwo Jul 25

You spill? NoooooπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @travispastrana

alexbeasley18 Jul 25


fill_signs Jul 25

@biggame_james same truck same rims

biggame_james Jul 25

Crazy it is, just single cab @fill_signs

lindseygreenn Jul 25

U live in riva!

kawasaki354 Jul 25

@adamrides646 @illwilliestyle

ipartycauseican Jul 25

Wish I could be there πŸ’”

weihaopeng Jul 25


ispacco Jul 25

@travispastrana @motopassion66 @kawasaki354 @lindseygreenn @wyattlutz @jamie_lorraine @cozzabro @beau_rodgers @weihaopeng Hi, can u help me? Can u tell me if in your Country you can see my app on your store? Please tell me also from where. Thank u very much!

erniemathisen Jul 25

@dillon_arens @tbartylla711 look at Travis's bumps😏

matto_4 Jul 25

@bk375 how cool would ot be if it was yamaha

matto_4 Jul 25

Truck @bk375

seven1nine Jul 25

I'm stopping by tomorrow for an autograph #199 @travispastrana

jeep0jeep09 Jul 25


goldenarms45691 Jul 25

Be safe and rock hard

motoislife55 Jul 25

I'd be going to that but I've got cda endurocross

mitchpetersen7 Jul 25

I hope you had fun here in my hometown!!! I'm glad I got an autograph from you @travispastrana before you leave!!

trenton_20 Jul 25

Great show tonight! It was amazing to meet you today!!! @travispastrana

sebo_199 Jul 25


phillipkirk199 Jul 25

@chadzassel @soltischase @kayderbug @gagethomas187 @palmermoylan @7racey_mccaul3y

hammy_ Jul 25

I LOVE YOU TRAVIS πŸ’—πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ @travispastrana

chrisryanracing Jul 25

@jaikag paint ur truck like this

smitty032001 Jul 25

Serious question, are you going to be driving in the Rally tomorrow???? Trav I'm gonna be crushed if your not gonna be here, you was the coolest cat to talk to here in Charlotte last year! @travispastrana

hunapage Jul 25

Hey I think I just saw you at SLC airport! You are the best! And I hope that really was you I saw this morning!

kboultwood Jul 25

Have a load of funπŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž

phillipkirk199 Jul 25


7racey_mccaul3y Jul 25


annuo_ Jul 25

very best!

travispastrana Jul 22

Fun times at @woodwardwest hanging with @AaronWheelz, @stevemccann, @beaverflemming and @street_bike_tommy.

united_marine_ Jul 22


willeolsson Jul 22


rcjenkinsjr Jul 22

1st Comment! Travis you are awesome. :)

shoemark_43 Jul 22

Lol no @rcjenkinsjr

thechelseyhicks Jul 22

@travispastrana hiiii

con19lol Jul 22


ray_smith35 Jul 22

How was crowd surfing last night?? @travispastrana

kyle_jackson199 Jul 22

Ur my main idol in motorbike riding

jmanquaife Jul 22

Hey @travispastrana where is Woodward camp?

chad_2423 Jul 22

Little beaver!!!!!

dylanknappy Jul 22


life_behind_bars1 Jul 22

Yah beaver

levkaizer Jul 22


cheyenneeeec Jul 22

@_camden_gilbert_ and @travis p

randy_myers Jul 22


quinten_elliott Jul 22

Where u just in paso Robles ca

hulkhlogan Jul 22

If I were to guess if say the guy in blue is you @dennisfaust chillin with pastrana these days? Lol

jmanquaife Jul 22

@domdom_ramos is there 1 in brisbane?

dennisfaust Jul 22

@hulkhlogan thats to funny i have same hat,beard&throwin devil horns lol

arezojafariii Jul 22


jmanquaife Jul 22

@travispastrana what do u like better? Dirt bike riding or rally car racing

nippleann Jul 22


paco_mendoza Jul 22

That tbog looks fat

sleepysteens Jul 22

Ahhh!!@nippleann im like 100ft away:(

hickkks_ Jul 22

@thereal_stavi ?

alexisawesome03 Jul 22


twager49 Jul 22

Yo Travis u know what would be nice, if u would send me a 2 stroke 125 Suzuki or Kawasaki moded for the track or a 400cc Kawasaki quad πŸ˜ƒ just givin a idea @travispastrana

tyleralderete17 Jul 22

You were awesome last night at Florida Georgia line last nightπŸ‘

karll_with_a_k Jul 22


thealexleroux Jul 22

Dude u should hook me up with a dick in my ass

reece797 Jul 22

@thealexleroux gay much?

chris__byrnes Jul 22

@drj_johnson did u see hime their???

nippleann Jul 22

Aaahhhhh i know!!!! @sleepysteens

hobie_cat_188 Jul 22

I was there

im_sassy_the_sasquch Jul 22

Looks like FUN!!!

drj_johnson Jul 23

Nah that's the one in California dude @chris__byrnes, I wish

aksenanton Jul 23


zjacobs100 Jul 23

Bmore reppin I see @street_bike_tommy

hickkks_ Jul 23

@twager49 yeah Travis is going to just send you a dirtbike because you asked on instagramπŸ˜‚

will_fulks Jul 23

Hahahaha that was great!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @hickkks_

twager49 Jul 23

Ya man @hickkks_

scb4ktm Jul 23

You should be in Charlotte this weekend! Come back to grc!!! Lol

mkrank03 Jul 23

@travispastrana Hey can't wait to see you this weekend at evel days you will see what a arty is buddy!!!!

dirt_bike_hugh Jul 23

Have a look on my home page have a look what bikes i ride a 14 years old Travis

chris_burkman_ Jul 24

When are your North America tour dates coming out so hyped and can't wait to see you in Cali @travispastrana

rebelgirl Jul 24


rebelgirl Jul 24


c25nieves Jul 24

Can't wait see u guys

choatefam Jul 24

Welcome to Butte; I hear y'all have arrived! #evelknieveldays

millostoke_ethan Jul 24

hope u come Australia

dawson_sprinkle Jul 24

Shout out plaeseπŸ˜‚

iflip4chips Jul 25

U guys gotta come to the original Woodward

cwill213 Jul 26

@matt_alamo that should be you brotha haha

travispastrana Jul 22

What a day! @lynzskate and I stole @gkc4life's @PolarisRZR's and battled it out with @thubbmusic and @hayleychristines all afternoon. Can't wait to see the @FLAGAline concert tonight!

andre_abdala Jul 22


andre_abdala Jul 22

@travispastrana how awesome am i!!?

travislaubacher Jul 22


aug_nudy43 Jul 22

Hi @travispastrana

caitieceee Jul 22

We need to do this @jakewallwork

traviseichner Jul 22


kadenwilding Jul 22

Your gay @andre_abdala

hulkhansen Jul 22


_tyler.allen_ Jul 22


terrgomr Jul 22

tipo normal @edbadiali

hansenw6 Jul 22

@hulkhansen nice

carlos_904_ Jul 22


sara__craft Jul 22

Ya boi! You're up in my neck of the woods

ellisonmenacof Jul 22

What year is yours? Mines a 2014 1000

dreamsbecomereality_ Jul 22


cameron_plourde Jul 22

@chloe_hilt well have our own

morgan_elizabeth86 Jul 22

@mich6six6 let's go do this!!!!!

nicorf9 Jul 22

@gonzalorfh estos

daniellll_ Jul 22

I like how Travis is driving the crappiest rzr

samuel_j_white Jul 22


ty_shelton1 Jul 22

Those r soo fun

kicksnsneakers Jul 22

Looks like fun

geffari Jul 22


thecojack Jul 22

Check out @superatv_com get in touch with me for sick accessories for your machines!

zackypoo23 Jul 22

This will be us @axel_jm

axel_jm Jul 22

Ugh hopefully soon! @zackypoo23

frankiemendo Jul 22

@jonwinsolo we need these!!!

jd_vandrunen_17 Jul 22


andre_abdala Jul 22

You are** @kadenwilding πŸ˜‹

edbadiali Jul 22

@terrgomr si marico un dΓ­a cualquiera, para ir a la uni

ktgiants87 Jul 22


catieklarke_9 Jul 22

@kyleemccormack_j it's gonna be us on wednesday😍😍

kylee_mccormack Jul 22

Omg I am sooo fricken excited!!! I am like shitting myself with happiness!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’© @katieclarke_9

laauraamaarie Jul 22


catieklarke_9 Jul 22

Shitting yourselfπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you might be shitting yourself of scaredness when you see me driveπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @kyleemccormack_j

kylee_mccormack Jul 22

Ohmyyyy didn't even think of that oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @katieclarke_9

kukalienert Jul 22


francotincani Jul 22

@tolosamateo 😭

lawrencefowler Jul 22


mrbobs Jul 22

From Long Island to this @franco3190 @nick_8d1

jonwinsolo Jul 22

@frankiemendo these would be so much fun

eck_226 Jul 22

@travispastrana and #polaris should get something going!!

evaconnors Jul 22

@playbkplay awesome!

scottmort_27 Jul 22

Stephanie? @seth_dee @yungtraplord420

faulkenburg Jul 22


seth_dee Jul 22

Stephs cousin @scottmort_27

clayhayden Jul 22


shawn_a_currie24 Jul 22

Hey Travis I went to the salt lake show

shawn_a_currie24 Jul 22

Of nitro circus

arielaf6 Jul 22

My two heros are hangin out with eachother now?? Ughh!

youcancallmeb Jul 22

I just lost a bit of respect for you for liking that band lol

karladiaz551 Jul 22


meganradams Jul 22

To much awesome in one picture you and Florida georgia line are my favorite people ever !!!

238_likes Jul 22


238_likes Jul 22


andywatson48 Jul 22


xx._._._.xx Jul 22

U rock dude

xx._._._.xx Jul 22

I wish i met u

koz_lpc Jul 22

He'll ya glad to be there and meet all of you #GKC for life

slim_tyty722 Jul 22

@travispastrana we were there today!!hahah good ass time once again me @gkc4life @marc625 @koz_lpc @timtolbert77 WE HAD A BLAST YOU GUYS THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS AND BANGERS ALL DAY!!!

slim_tyty722 Jul 22

@flagaline you too bro!!! THAT RAZR JUMP BY SKATE CROSS WAS SICK!!!!! Dont tell angelo me @koz_lpc did it too hahahah HELLA COOL TIME BRO HAVE A GOOD SAFE CONCERT TONIGHT

geanfrizon Jul 22


colbertgilbert Jul 22


taytayj24 Jul 22

@jonbretz15 ours look better lol

trent_chappell Jul 22

This reminded me of wild America

grettageo14 Jul 22

@ladydianarose too much hot & awesomeness in one picture!

jrrayray Jul 22

@abelgonzalez55 buy me one of these.

nickrodene22 Jul 22

@sammyk127 that rops on pastranas rzr looks familiar doesn't it? Lol

khalaidoff Jul 22

РСбята Π²Ρ‹ Π»ΡƒΡ‡ΡˆΠΈΠ΅!!!!

mauricioodz Jul 22

Que buema vida chinga @romarsada @juanchof2 @betociriaco

jake_crimmins Jul 22


annaol_11 Jul 22


alybri_16 Jul 22

Can't believe you're here at the @flgaline concert!!!!! @travispastrana @street_bike_tommy

ladydianarose Jul 22

@grettageo14 #Dayum

desertworks Jul 22

@travispastrana let us build your #rzr for you. Give us a call. 909-626-8899

chuckxero Jul 22

@jasonfinnie need to do this in merica

skbrownies Jul 22

Right here

maxime797 Jul 22

@jeyjey151 πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

spicoli83 Jul 22

@travispastrana how many ad shoutouts in one post!?!? πŸ˜‚

s_j_mather Jul 22

Bad ass!!!

ddlee96 Jul 22

I see you've rolled the one on the right a little bit. No big deal.

anthony_jowsey Jul 22

So cooooool

nathan2929 Jul 22

I've got some of them they only 900 though

skillsnewton Jul 22

You have the life @travispastrana πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

mrquick11 Jul 22


iamshellk Jul 22

@elleheartsgirls you need to take me riding in one of these!

abbyvoogd Jul 22

Hey you guys are right down the road from me. My boys keep asking to pull over on the road so they could try and see you guys ride. But I tell them it's hard on that road to pull over. They love you guys and just want to see some riding!!! @travispastrana 😊

chris_van_dale Jul 22

Looks like fun πŸ˜πŸ™Œ

bullsergio Jul 22


drewpaas Jul 22


muffin_mc_blueberry Jul 22

It that a rzr 900efl

nanigutierrez Jul 22


__liveyourlife___ Jul 22

You are crazy

lawrence_what Jul 22

Drugo in the background

jakebrake186 Jul 22

@jartib we need to do this!!!!

abreualexandre Jul 22


agustinlemacks Jul 22

@mathiaslifestyle @martintryonce

thor_anders_lereng Jul 22

You guys play hard. My toys stand still. :( house and family. Dam. Where did it go wrong.

riccardosangalli Jul 22

Good man! @travispastrana

sam_maljers Jul 22


logan_monaghan Jul 22


mreinhard86 Jul 22

Nice rzr! I jumped my rzr4 off a huge table top jump. Thing handled it great

brookewilks Jul 22

Dang...what color is your 1000 Jw @ellisonmenacof

teddy_30 Jul 22


clay_mo Jul 22

@landon_pearson @_tannerpearson Pearson ranch

_tannerpearson Jul 22

@clay_mo would be to clutch

jo3y0429 Jul 22


jo3y0429 Jul 22

I'm ur biggest fan u inspire me I just moved to Colorado and I'm going to BASE jump off the Colorado gorge bridge plz follow I'm ten plz follow @ travispastrana

eliasncarvallo Jul 22

Grande travis

grizz7778 Jul 22

Who's on the dirt bike

aodorizzi23 Jul 22

Went to the @flagaline concert too so awesome

jamesb_thatguy Jul 22

Yeah you guys had good seats for Florida Georgia line

jartib Jul 22

@jakebrake186 YUP!

tidstrom Jul 22


ellisonmenacof Jul 22

Red, white and black

ellisonmenacof Jul 22

Red white and black @brookewilks

jairrel Jul 22


taylor11andrews Jul 22

You have to try out the CanAm Maverick 1000 I just got one its bomb

ashlyn_krutko_ Jul 22

@stefnyhansen lets just both gets these next year

filip.dasic02 Jul 22

Buy RZR 1000

dynamicfilmsjohn Jul 23


thorstrike10 Jul 23

You need a maverick way better

not_trev Jul 24

I love you please please please give me a shout out

dawson_sprinkle Jul 24

Shout out please

sarahlutz805 Jul 25

I saw you up on stage at the concert! How'd ya like paso?!

its_gavindozer Jul 25

Where is that?

kelly_will1 Jul 27


travispastrana Jul 22

Had a blast at @gkc4life house today! Filming for our new project has been amazing. Thanks @dustywygle for killing it today! #lifeisgood #forgottoturnmychokeoff

23_y.o.l.o_23 Jul 24


thorstrike10 Jul 24

Is that a kx65

jakeplue187 Jul 24

@thorstrike10 no I think thats a klx110

pablohodniki Jul 24

Guinness book .

tgm199 Jul 24

Hey Travis can u give me a shoutout pleaseeeee!! @travispastrana

cwilson212 Jul 24


mike_mancini91 Jul 24


brodie_is_amazing05 Jul 25


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