Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana

DoB: October 8, 1983
Residence: Annapolis, MD
Hometown: Davidsonville, MD
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 205 lbs.

Where to start with Travis Pastrana’s accomplishments? We can’t even list them all! AMA 125 East Supercross Champion in 2001. AMA 125 Outdoor National Motocross Champion in 2000. Then there is ESPN’s X Games – Travis has won more gold medals than we can count. He does Rally Cars. He makes videos. He does TV shows. He’s … Travis!

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travispastrana Apr 18

The @DC_Moto team will be at the DC Soho store in New York City next Thursday, April 24th from 6:30 to 8PM. If you are on the east coast, that is going to be a fun event. If you're on the west coast, I'll be racing short course trucks at Lake Elsinore, CA and will be happy to say hello if you stop by Friday or Saturday the 25th and 26th. #dcshoes #dcmoto #dcsx2014

jmfc__ Apr 18


jmfc__ Apr 18


carson_armitage Apr 18

Huge fan man@travis

firefighter357 Apr 18

That's Awesome!

will_hudgins Apr 18

Follow me @travispastrana

edrickmiranda Apr 18

Someday, i want to be like you #inspiration

mckaymafia Apr 18

Dude your so awesome @travispastrana

shafferman2022 Apr 18


shafferman2022 Apr 18

You are very awesome @travispastrana

ty_mcnany Apr 18

Your an American badass

thisishowmatthewshifts Apr 18

@shawnethon Elsinore?

itspepe Apr 18

Would you happy enough to accept a challenge to K-1 in Anaheim ? @travispastrana

chadwickk34 Apr 18

Bring this to good ol planet P!

danbdibenedetto Apr 18


blindguymcsqueezy Apr 18


shawnethon Apr 18

@thisishowmatthewshifts would be Hella dope

b_boygoku Apr 18

Yo Travis I'm a big fan of yours I'm hoping to join Nitro Circus One Day !! πŸ˜†βœŒοΈ @travispastrana

stacey_and_kason Apr 18

Next stop Vegas please! @travispastrana

bettencourt9 Apr 18

They should have put you in the front next to mc ! @travispastrana

ry_enn0ss Apr 18

Can u guys come to Australia

fmsvandal Apr 18

Well being as your doing in #NY on my #birthday and I live in #Florida this doesn't do me much good....#fml @travispastrana

nyssanchez24 Apr 18

Dang.. Too bad I'm in South Texas

sillyboy13 Apr 18

@travispastrana dude, you're the man. Truly humble

brayden_777 Apr 18

I wish you legends could come over to Australia every day of the year @travispastrana. #legend #travispastrana

taylorslocum23 Apr 18

Villo isn't in the picture

khowz1 Apr 18

β™₯ Maybe 1 Day You Come Ride In Our Mountains On The North Shore Side Of Oahu At The Kahuku Motocross Track... β™₯

jjlover12 Apr 18

Been waiting for this for a long time, happy your back to racing trucks, your the best entertainer of all times keep up the good work!!! Can't wait to see you tear it up!!! @travispastrana #badass #bestever #daredevil

joshb_450 Apr 18


_the__kidd___ Apr 18


quadia_yaya Apr 18

You're buying me a ticket to ny? @_the__kidd___

nblaze64 Apr 18

I have that poster signed by Nate and Jeremy

toddfarva Apr 18

@kistenfeger @jeffharker @nolwalsh

chris_harlien Apr 18

Travis, wanted to thank you for having @gavin_harlien out to your house on Tuesday. Look forward to meeting you at the race track next weekend! He said he learned a lot and is extremely grateful for the time you spent with him.

liljrioux Apr 18

Please like Devin Coffin for fan favorite. She is beautiful inside and out. @stingreyclassic2014

00kique Apr 18

When are u coming to L.A

00kique Apr 18

Or circus team

5150rage Apr 18


jawknee21 Apr 18

What if we're in the middle of both of those? @travispastrana

enzogrande84 Apr 18

And RV ??

_cibmax Apr 18

@dankeator get me some autographs

samuelepepe Apr 18

Ti tocca andare a trovarli appena arrivate a NY @pialla915

motocrossmx1 Apr 18

Follow me I will show you motocross pics everyday

ryanjb90 Apr 18

Damn I get to elsinore on the 27th

queencharleses Apr 18

@alessandro_wolfango @cezcesare vi piacerebbe?

geejaysee Apr 18

@jthomas484 @honda_racer_324 @stephenpk21

nathan_mcmutrie Apr 18

Follow me its ur destiny

alessandro_wolfango Apr 19

@queencharleses sicuramente!!! Tu sei a NY proprio in quei giorni?

goliekid18 Apr 19

I met you

joe_gatt Apr 19

Sp@m for sp@m

cezcesare Apr 19

@queencharleses decisamente si!!

coenwestcott2 Apr 20

I'm going to your show in May @travispastrana

p_grinds Apr 20

El puchancho

jakecooke50 Apr 20

Cool as

davidbrah101 Apr 20

@travispastrana i cant wait to see u at nitro circus live in may 16 so stocked man

jay_milne Apr 20

Hey trav you are my idol you are so awesome and I would love it if you could please follow me thanks so much. You are awesome

travispastrana Apr 17

My mom is the best.. "Gram" went all out for Addy's first Easter celebration!

lynnadams900 Apr 17

Wow.. she did go all out

aiden_peoples_56 Apr 17

Like father like daughter she's gonna jump off that counter doing back flips

lenakarlmeyer Apr 17

Lindt ❀

wwesuperstar756 Apr 18


tommyxbox360 Apr 19

She's cute

nathan_mcmutrie Apr 19

That's nice

jaxsonsteele34 Apr 19


p_grinds Apr 20

El puchancho

travispastrana Apr 12

Subaru Forester XT... Family tested, father approved! @srtusa @subaru_usa

bummer199 Apr 16

your awsome travis

bummer199 Apr 16

i want to be like you

billy_lane Apr 17


annabelleirvine Apr 17


dylanjhartshorn721 Apr 17

Cut baby. She is cut(:

motocrossmx1 Apr 17

Follow me I will show you motocross pics everyday

ellafunnyone Apr 18

Hey @travispastrana can you please follow me πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜³

mxgt14 Apr 18

Hahahaha start em' young

travispastrana Apr 10

For all the @NitroCircus fans down under, don't forget to check out the new episode Sunday!

ktm_joe_a Apr 10

First one @travispastrana

ktm_joe_a Apr 10

Your a beast @travispastrana

shibbyshibby1 Apr 10

So stoked!

koby_mccubbin5275 Apr 10

Second comment and wouldn't miss it for nothing @travispastrana

_drewmaier_ Apr 10


darcysj1 Apr 10

Victoria, Australia!!!

dcjordan14 Apr 10

My question is did tommy really punch Travis?????

isabellamartiin Apr 10

me!!! @michaelmooore

joey2628 Apr 10

I went to one of your rally car races and I got signature!! Thanks I look up to you and I want to be like u.

dillz_dio Apr 10


julien_da_bates Apr 10


julien_da_bates Apr 10

Wana be you

julieswatssup Apr 10

What channel

blockahoweird313 Apr 10

What channel? @travispastrana

365bridger365 Apr 10

I am your biggest fan your my idle

justh98 Apr 10


roll_away Apr 10

Yes fuck yes can't wait

dyanaamarie Apr 10

29th of May can't come quick enough! @travispastrana @nitrocircuslive @nitrocircus

199spanky Apr 10

Tommy is the shit ...

dysfunctional_josh Apr 10

@kinda_functional_kev πŸ˜‚

rebel_243 Apr 10

What channel is tht on direct tv?

maximilianoe Apr 10


nyk58 Apr 10

@199spanky God Bless!

gage_36 Apr 10


liivhunt_ Apr 10


julien_da_bates Apr 10


cam_puzey24 Apr 10


nick_bordt127 Apr 10

@travispastrana what channel is it on

devonbutters Apr 10

@thmotox aww geeze πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰

alexington175 Apr 10

Hell yeah! Love the Tats Tommy!! #410

teullet Apr 10


cameronpaulc Apr 10

Why doesn't Merica have nitro circus on MTV anymore?

lilmonster1230 Apr 10

I can't wait for it

alexmanz_ Apr 10


taylor_w1 Apr 10

Ikr @cameronpaulc

wadeph21 Apr 10

What Chanel?

crapyface123 Apr 10


tomhannon_ Apr 10

@ronniemcxvoy what does this remind you of? πŸ˜‚

ronniemcavoy Apr 10


esmoa Apr 10


sherby22 Apr 10

Streetbike looks like Roy Nelson

jasem1989_ Apr 10

ΨͺΨ§Ψ¨ΨΉΩˆΩˆΩˆΩ†Ω€Ϋ’follwo me

diego_saturno Apr 10

Exelent :) :)

baileysalmonn Apr 10

GO^^^^ it's says it, only for us Strayans.......

hardstyle199 Apr 10

Shaved the beard tommy

jack_naylor13 Apr 10


mmmmmortalluscious Apr 10


ducckky Apr 10

Can't wait!

carlotinhapassos Apr 10


gregwoods1 Apr 10

@travispastrana we able to get #nitrocircus in the UK?

addictionfit Apr 10


tajahasson Apr 10

Looking forward to it

chandler_biondi Apr 10

Wat channel is go wat happend to mtv

chancebergesson Apr 10

Ikr @chandler_biondi

cduplessis70 Apr 11


pussball Apr 11


lucygg2001 Apr 11


csisco2091 Apr 11


the_juans_show Apr 11


alicialasnik15 Apr 11


chuckeecheesetokens Apr 11

That punch tho lol

melswefy Apr 11


jm_alshammeri Apr 11


hannerdu1 Apr 11


neoramirez Apr 11

Rayos!!! Jajaja

gimaluri Apr 11


tuckdamato Apr 11


will_7s Apr 11

Holy shit thought this day would never come!!

reiche_9 Apr 11

Like my last Instagram I will do the same

juanbejarano13 Apr 11

@chino_bonnard pilas esta huebadaaaaa jajaajja

torrie_loves_alaa_koala Apr 11

I love Nitro Circus!!!!

kause20 Apr 11


mx4life15 Apr 11

What channel for cox cable

bbrendon38 Apr 11

Your amazing

diddydaddy2217 Apr 11


pdaawg20 Apr 11

Soooo ttrrruuuuee

pdaawg20 Apr 11

Soooo ttrrruuuuee

luke_castleman11 Apr 11

Travis i was going to do you for my biography

steffazz_ Apr 11


zackvallentyne Apr 11


dantasluma Apr 11


azoko Apr 11


xnever2muchx Apr 11


fhd_alotaibi Apr 11


smoochytait Apr 11

I remember the good days...when they were actually having fun... not this live crap

rajamuz Apr 11

Roy Nelson!

dead2fake Apr 11

@3finganigga jaw gone

noah_nespoli Apr 11


colbster199 Apr 11

What Chanel is go on?

jmtz017_soccer Apr 11


ktm85202 Apr 11


martylynch693 Apr 11

Go is a channel in Australia @colbster199

_marshall23_ Apr 11

Too bad SBT doesn't have the balls to actually do it. I wish you'd put it on a real tv channel like MTV again.

rogerbgom Apr 11

Nice!! @travispastrana

baiilleeyyy_ Apr 11


dafuqquotes Apr 11


craig_waldo Apr 11

@red_beardsballs you need the red dragon beard this long!

porchmonkey4lifee Apr 11

@eiland434 tommys beard still lives on

ariel_anat Apr 11

Ooops :)

campton12580 Apr 11

I used try stuff jumping but not the tricks you do

red_beardsballs Apr 11

@craig_waldo Red.......Dragon

blakequilt_81 Apr 11

Like for like everyone?

craig_waldo Apr 11

@red_beardsballs ditto

dariushbagheri Apr 11


colbster199 Apr 11

Thanks marry lynch 693

baytate19 Apr 11


jakesampson98 Apr 11


isalinas127 Apr 11


ktm_anton Apr 11

Damn.. We dont have GO in Sweden

rebekahwalkerr Apr 11

we are watching this sunday arvo! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š @baytate19

nygren_2 Apr 11

Hej @ktm_anton

ktm_anton Apr 11

Hej? @nygren_2

lew1e199 Apr 11

Not going to change the channel ever @nitrocircus

jonasnilsson1980 Apr 11

Hello are you coming to sweden any time

ruu180 Apr 11

Hej @ktm_anton @nygren_2

ktm_anton Apr 11

Hej @ruu180

javipinedo37 Apr 11

Travis tioo!! Eres mi idolo y no me gusta que te peguen fucking gordos

javipinedo37 Apr 11


jvitale881 Apr 11

@routeoneapparel check the tat

kkegymnast4life Apr 11

Nice Maryland tattoo!

diego124567 Apr 11

Pastrana you're the Best in the World!!!!!!! :-D

selarom1 Apr 11

@enriquee_24 my father's beard hahahaha

shift_9 Apr 11

Yes! Thank you jesus

lcfc_callumcooke_2004 Apr 11


nygren_2 Apr 11

Kul att man ser svenskar hΓ€r @ktm_anton @ruu180

calebbartolozzi Apr 11

Nice watch

20nickfraser20 Apr 11

Can u give me a shout out please

christianm2004 Apr 11

Will u be at the NH moto speedway

luna_kangaroo_cat Apr 12


alex_paintball_freak Apr 12

Is your leg doing better travy

farmerham03 Apr 13


jakederidder Apr 13

Love it

caleabcarter Apr 13

In 2013 I went VIP to Nitro Circus Live in Toowoomba, it was the best experience I have ever had. I would give up anything to see them again. Is there anything I can do to have the opportunity to see them exclusively. @travispastrana

bmx_all_about_me Apr 13

I'm going to die there so good

bmx_boy_3000 Apr 14

Did hi want a donut

carson_melillo Apr 16


conor_j_mccaul Apr 17

I'll see u in OZ

conor_j_mccaul Apr 17

Also bring tommy

jakecooke50 Apr 18

Nitro Circus is so cool

t_mann1237 Apr 19


travispastrana Apr 6

First day back riding since my broken leg. Was awesome to get to ride with my hero Doug Henry. Fun times in the Maryland mud!

benaventemaite Apr 12

@aylaculebra the king bro...

aylaculebra Apr 12

Ajajajajaj β™₯ hasta que aprenda yo @benaventemaite

benaventemaite Apr 12

today is the day @aylaculebra

aylaculebra Apr 12

Esa cancion es buenisima @benaventemaite

benaventemaite Apr 12

a lala a lala gimme three wishess @aylaculebra

goliekid18 Apr 12


janoschopp199 Apr 17

What a great backyard @travispastrana thats awesome

keatoncolca Apr 19

Glad ur back riding

travispastrana Apr 6

For those of you in Australia, don't miss @nitrocircus live tonight in GO!

lcfc_callumcooke_2004 Apr 8


doublegrindking Apr 9

hey Trav. that crowbar method scientifically speaking provides the most powerful traction to 1000's og angles. so even if you use every other method... you still neglecting traction at all those angles my method works. thats the reason many athletes retire or cant fix there knee issues or ankles. truth

doublegrindking Apr 9

i invented a similar product for spine rehab. i have a prototype. 569 page report. i really believe in this and want to help people avoid surgery or chronic issues. we need this

doublegrindking Apr 9

i can send you pics or vid on you FB page. you know i keep it real homie. i never BS. put my life on it

doublegrindking Apr 9

the bathtub trick is necessary because it increases flexibilty and allows the crowbar to dig deeper. like hot yoga proves heat and steam increases flexibilty. its common sense really. we live in such an advanced society it truly baffles me the current rehab methods we use??

rhyce2003 Apr 11

Naild it

ahnikakatness Apr 13

You guys are crazy

jakecooke50 Apr 18

U guys are not afraid of anything

travispastrana Apr 3

@brycemenzies7 and I get to spend a lot of time in some awesome playgrounds. Post a picture on social media using #UltimatePlayground and you'll be automatically entered to win an awesome prize pack from @MenziesMotorsports and our friends @bfgoodrichtires and @discount_tire

tristanskater_ Apr 3


auto_addicts Apr 3

Awesome shot

jwig2 Apr 3

First like

piercethehunter Apr 3


flippyboy14 Apr 3

🐭Sweet Travis im a huge fan

niklasosbeck Apr 3

@mattiasosbeck sΓ₯ jÀÀÀÀÀÀvla coolt va!

win_baino9 Apr 3


ari8a Apr 3


dirt_bikes_4ever Apr 3

Looks like an rc car

cookler997 Apr 3


joey___24 Apr 3

Hey @travispastrana you signed my hat

lbarnaby255 Apr 3

Travis can u please follow me u r awsome I saw u at the southwick national please follow me

lautarodeanta Apr 3

For dakar 2015?

q_uinten Apr 3


joey___24 Apr 3

Do you remember me

ty_mcnany Apr 3

That's awesome

mzmarah_2blessed Apr 3

I want to play

onocop Apr 3

@palmart4 gonna be us in my truck

colbster199 Apr 3

When did u get that???

colbster199 Apr 3

It's awsome

dariushbagheri Apr 3


jonluke_81 Apr 3


flavioloboo Apr 3


codycloyd Apr 3

@paytonray_ @zac_291 dammit

jonahkelly605 Apr 3


tylerstiles199 Apr 3

That looks like an rc car

dreamsbecomereality_ Apr 3


lilbreeeezy Apr 3

@corilee94 u should post one of ur pics to enter! U guys have tons of great glamis pictures 😘

fernthegreat18 Apr 3

Looks fun as hell

crazypezlady Apr 3

@dbm151 you should post a pic from the Mint

andrewcarm0na Apr 3


ryeleypalfi_3 Apr 3

Follow mee please kind sir

blakethebeast40 Apr 3

Awsome travis

troyjrmcq Apr 3


seandoran72 Apr 3

@dhett22 😳

jersonvargas13 Apr 3

Dakar or scare

ceubro Apr 3


deezcustoms Apr 3

Sick photo @travispastrana @brycemenzies7 @MenziesMotorsports πŸ’―

bee1_760 Apr 3

I want a ride @travispastrana please

jared_skaggs11 Apr 3


zach107warnock Apr 3


britterrrrr Apr 3


cmoneyreaves Apr 3


fixoutdoors Apr 3

Shit yeah!!

aniegsch Apr 3

@cole_atchison @woodylane

norkkron Apr 4


materaja Apr 4

@loosebail we need to build a trophy truck

lucas1128 Apr 4

Looks fun

ruymanestvz Apr 4


kblock43 Apr 4

Huh, seems like I have heard that term "Ultimate Playground" before...oh yeah, I made it up for (and used it) the gymkhana videos!

mquinta7_ Apr 4

@kblock43 he's try still your style

matthewsharrison Apr 4

What about a discount tire tech at #AZP55 ? πŸ™

alonsocampos212 Apr 4

Incredible pic @travispastrana

naleboi Apr 4

Dam I wana drive that !

courtbradley3 Apr 4

Check this out @robertmann13

walterreynaga Apr 4

#UltimatePlayground isn't @kblock43 gymkhana stuff?

365bridger365 Apr 4

I am your biggest fan!!!πŸ˜ƒ

ch_visuals Apr 4


renuzal Apr 4

Crispy shot

janoschopp199 Apr 4

@travispastrana u are my Hero, pls follow me

direct_photo_ Apr 4

@166janoschopp199 i love tomato

janoschopp199 Apr 4

@direct_photo_ i cant eat that shit

lew1e199 Apr 4

Your my hero first number that I put on everything

lew1e199 Apr 4


par5y Apr 4

Epic pic man folo me

scrubcycles Apr 4


flippyboy14 Apr 4


lubinator14 Apr 4

@mavallone997 coffee redbull cocktail

dereko12 Apr 4

@abnel_44 el duro

joanb2020 Apr 4

Sick shot

adimechh Apr 4


bendrakeford04 Apr 5


rcboy222 Apr 5


brookebeckstrand Apr 6

U are seriously my favorite! I have loved u and wanted to meet u forever! I saw u at NASCAR in Vegas once but never got to meet u :( I was so sad I have wanted to meet u or get an autograph or something for ever I think u are awesome! U are absolutely ridiculously amazing! Hope u know u have some fans who adore you... Like me :) anyway I hope u see this and at least smile :) I hope u respond! U should definitely respond tho :) please? It would seriously make not only my day but make my life haha anyways ur freakin amazing I love u!!! ❀️ 😎 please respond with a comment, direct message, snapchat, or kik is in my bio!! Anyways I wish I could meet u or talk to u! Coming to Vegas anytime soon?? Awesome! Sorry for the long message but ur amazing. Love ur stuff Travis!!! U rock later :) please respond 😍😝😁

brookebeckstrand Apr 6

I might scream and cry if u responded just sayin I love u and ur great

tombuckleykx65 Apr 7

That is me in the future

graydog101g Apr 8

You're brother and sister are in my grade and go to my school Andy And Jessica @travispastrana

awesomeness_to_the_max_1234 Apr 9

U are so awesome. I love what u do you are the awesomest person in the world :-).

skateboardergorilla Apr 9

Travis I wish I could meet you your my idol

otaviojunqueirab Apr 12

Oooooooo #13memo

otaviojunqueirab Apr 12

Oooooooo #13memo

jake_377 Apr 15


luke_blunt Apr 15

@jake_377 .. Haha that's me. Summers gunna be good

jake_377 Apr 15

@luke_blunt were gonna have to go in a convoy your jimny and me and my dad on the bikes we found sone awesome new byways :D were going out saturday if your up for it

luke_blunt Apr 15

@jake_377 .. Ahh man. I would but I'm headed to Arizona tomorrow. We'll do it another time! I look forward to it πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

jake_377 Apr 15

@luke_blunt well I am jelous :( haha

luke_blunt Apr 15

@jake_377 .. Awh bro! Hahaa i'll see if i can hire a 4x4 and have a blast about in the desert!

aleksgumenyuk Apr 16


travispastrana Mar 22

Thanks @rocket47s for the great deal on my truck. Took it straight to @discount_tire to put on these sweet @KMCwheels! Next stop @KickerAudio installation! #lifeisgood

tannerscottwtf Apr 10

I wish I could meet you I've prayed every night since I was 6 I'm begging you contact me @ 580 716 0909 PLEASE respond if you see this just a call would make me so happy I would be in tears

gabriel_alves06 Apr 13


yuriaquino01 Apr 13

Show @gabriel_alves06

colletti19 Apr 15

Could u help me out with a sponsor

colletti19 Apr 15

Of some sort @travispastrana

colletti19 Apr 15


dancing_beauty Apr 17

I am Tyler clairs sister

kellansplain Apr 18

Your awesome you still ride

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