Jeremy McGrath


Jeremy McGrath
Jeremy McGrath

DoB: 11/19/1971
Residence: San Diego, cA


Best Supercross Rider Ever

Jeremy McGrath helped elevate the sport of supercross to where it is today. Not only is he the best supercross rider in the history of the sport (most supercross victories, and most supercross titles), Jeremy is one of the true classic gentleman of the sport – always has a smile on his face, always takes time to acknowledge his fans, goes out of his way to say ‘Hi’ to anyone he knows, and is appreciative of all that he has.

Today, Jeremy stays as busy as ever, doing a multitude of things both two wheeled and four wheeled. He lives in San Diego with him wife Kim and their two daughters.

Career Highlights

7 – AMA Supercross Championships (1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000)
1 – AMA National Motocross Championship – 1995
72 – career Supercross wins








Jeremy McGrath Instagram

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 15

Out getting some laps on today! Seat time is seat time! Had a blast in my @polarisrzr #thanksChad #thanksElsinoreMX

thescottroberts Apr 15

Yeah Buddy!!

ryang_629 Apr 15

Put a huyabusa motor in it and you'll be in for a ride @jeremymcgrath2

ganomuer Apr 15

Nice !!!

jereisrael Apr 15

Getting ready to race Dakar???

gustavogolan Apr 15

@al_gm9 @juanjo0720

rodamp36 Apr 15

Hell yeah!! I need the seat time, Can i rent your polaris?? Jajaja

chadazevedo Apr 15

Anytime MC! @jeremymcgrath2

mlapaglia31 Apr 16

"Seat time is seat time" πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘. @jeremymcgrath2

bodhi_dog Apr 16

4 wheel yuck! 😝

skull_10_17 Apr 16

Yes please !

tix2gunshowpunk Apr 16

Fun factor......BOOM

firefighter357 Apr 16

That's Awesome!

dmoney4life Apr 16


msj_luv Apr 16

@dmoney4life :)

lovenezt Apr 16

You and Renner must go at it!

lovenezt Apr 16


derekcoleusa Apr 16

@brutusjlee look at the LED

amydd75 Apr 16

@fredbrayton @proarmor #proarmor

jf16x Apr 16


toryjelinek Apr 16


robbymyer Apr 16

Not quite as fast as the truck tho. @jeremymcgrath2

guiden916 Apr 16

Thanks for the info at stl @jeremymcgrath2

podium_productions Apr 16

πŸ‘ @jeremymcgrath2

stevesillman Apr 16

@jeremymcgrath2 is that the new one

xatracing Apr 16


jeremymcgrath2 Apr 14

Come check it out folks! Kids 12 and under are free.... Night racing at Elsinore! @loctite @fuelracingwheels @maxxistires @polarisrzr @alpinestars

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 14

@fox @ioncamera

geovannyceli Apr 14

@johnrodriguez71 @charlyecheverria @sucoeguiguren

budlight_lady11 Apr 14

@jeremymcgrath2 so excited to go!! But I wish they would bring them back to Pomona.

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 14


firefighter357 Apr 14

Hell Yeah!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘ a That's Awesome! Good luck! HAMMER DOWN!πŸπŸ‘Š

hezk5 Apr 14

I can't believe it's almost time again. The girls are excited to hang with Rhowan!

lucasoiloffroad Apr 14

Thanks for the plug @JeremyMcgrath2 ! We cant wait to see the #LOCTITE truck rip at Lake Elsinore! #MajorAir

tjlavin Apr 14

That track is rad

mattweberg Apr 14


lucasoiloffroad Apr 14

@tjlavin we were hearing you might make a run in the trucks ?

charles_has_a_camera Apr 14

@tarasellslockets let's go Friday!

tarasellslockets Apr 14

@charles_has_a_camera ok

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 14

I know, it's here already! @hezk5

dustinjcamp Apr 14


xobeauty3 Apr 14

@dustinjcamp let's go!!

tim_buc_tu Apr 14

I like the iON Sticker! Let's golf soon.

rally_monsters Apr 14


pathracer9 Apr 14

Let's go @jessemx833 @hacker_1979

jessemx833 Apr 15

@pathracer9 iv heard that Elsinore kinda sucks for spectating any event ..

bblountfmf11 Apr 15

I'll be there hope you win πŸ‘

motoguyhd Apr 15

Fuck I was there last weekend

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 11

Dinner date with my lady!

vicfromlift Apr 11

What kind of watch is that Jer?

baybeachy Apr 11

She's a doll 😍

thetintpros Apr 11


patrickdailey Apr 11

They're growing up way too fast.

jaredjstar25 Apr 11

Such a little cutie!!!

mxvacations Apr 11

Mr. Mxv likes this post. King & Queen

mustbeniceee Apr 11


ryeasley Apr 11

Love some Wahoos #champ

robbymyer Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 Lookin thin. Pedaling a bunch?

missprkr Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 you and your lovely wife make absolutely adorable kids! keep it up. πŸ’™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

parttimegolf Apr 11


jetttuning Apr 11

Wahoo s awesome

steveruff Apr 11

The best!!

dinobambino43 Apr 11

The best dates! Huh

ryderlisadifrancesco Apr 11

Soooo cute!! @jeremymcgrath2

strigle982 Apr 11

Just me and my 5 year old daughter going to Seattle SX.. She is so excited! Father and daughter relationships are so awesome

aellison2010 Apr 11

To cute!!! @jeremymcgrath2 follow me please!!!

jrkinc Apr 11

Yeah dood!

thedragon05 Apr 11

Wahoo's Fish Tacos!

ferrisspain Apr 11


hahn725 Apr 11

All the trophies don't compare to this #fatherhood #daddysgirls

robspring81 Apr 11

@vicfromlift Rockwell coliseum

vicfromlift Apr 11

@robspring81 Thank ya sir.

klenlaundry Apr 11

Building memmories

kristibutton Apr 11


robspring81 Apr 11

@vicfromlift πŸ‘

brittshel Apr 11


mikeyk209 Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 just like my little daddy's girl, gotcha wrapped around her finger ha.

bmwjeesh Apr 11

Daddy daughter time is always the best : )

landeslarry Apr 11


brianlopes Apr 11

What a cutie

chris141bremer Apr 11


ryanb_001 Apr 11

Banzai Bowl, carnitas, w/ Mr. Lees πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Ž

launi_lee Apr 11


skull_10_17 Apr 11

Mine is 17 now it goes by fast ! Slow down and enjoy every moment

trevorlack Apr 11

Maui bowl is where it's at. I'm guessing your at the Encinitas one?

jimmykmaui Apr 11

Nice work Champ!⭐️🚲

sorby917 Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 hello to the full family all@the way from france. Sorby

brentnz46 Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 hope we get to see ya on Sunday..

umbipj Apr 11

The best thing in the life....!

andreascanlan Apr 11

Miss you guys!!!! xo

motoup_enterprises Apr 11

πŸ‘ @jeremymcgrath2

timmyweigand Apr 11


fernandoramos19 Apr 11


propowerfactoryhardware Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 is this the future of women's supercross!

terrimenzies_ Apr 11

So cute!!!

thewildlifespecialist Apr 11


rockstarhonda Apr 11

Good dad πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

dserskine Apr 11

You're a good dad

johnmelcher423 Apr 11

Best date ever man!!_

coeletteisme Apr 11

Mmm, Wahoos! Funny, @jeremymcgrath2 I actually met you once at a Wahoos before I ever had the pleasure to work with ya... Yay to father daughter time!! πŸ‘«

mtnviewmxpark Apr 11

So cute you 2! So happy for you!

slasher200 Apr 11

Awesome they won't forgot thoseπŸ‘Œ

joanalejandrino Apr 11

/hi...I'm from the Philippines..my husband really look up to you...you are a motocross hero for me...God bless you more....great rider and great dad...

henryhawk Apr 11

Wahoo tacos?

mrskilak Apr 12

Cute as ever!

colliflower26 Apr 12

@jeremymcgrath2 hey! I'm in the seattle pit right now, but I missed the auto session at the dc tent. When I was like 10 I took part in sound test in Aguanga and my dead Shawn used to do security at Qualcomm in SD. Do we have any chance of catching you around somewhere tonight and saying hi? :) it's cool

colliflower26 Apr 12

@jeremymcgrath2 *its cool if you can't, just thought I'd ask! It would be rad

colliflower26 Apr 12

@jeremymcgrath2 *dad not dead lol. He's definitely alive lol

awbender Apr 16

So cute:)

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 11

#tbt the year of the Suzuki, 1997.. Wow is all I have to say! Wtf

mrstwotwo Apr 11


pitbikepimpz Apr 11

πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚fucking big pimping !!!! Rocking those burns like a king !!!! πŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸ‘Š G O. A T

yeeyee671 Apr 11

πŸ˜‚ @jeremymcgrath2

matty_merc4130 Apr 11

Good thing you're on a red machine now!

prestonhuff215x Apr 11

Nice chops @jeremymcgrath2

jaikag Apr 11

Omg!!! Hahaha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

stellarmx Apr 11

Still almost won @jeremymcgrath2 !

mrsmcdz Apr 11

@mrstwotwo ^^πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

lesibelle Apr 11

Best year ever

rjsmoyer Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 biker chops!

cnellythacreator88 Apr 11

1997 was a great year

bigrigormortis Apr 11


miguellitoproductions Apr 11

Spy mc's look

bowman127 Apr 11

Those are some badass chops Boyyyy!!

mrplamer316 Apr 11

The king! Lol reminds me of the mascot you had years latter when you rode for Larry.

molly0thompson Apr 11

Is that you?

1fastss Apr 11

Forever ago! @jeremymcgrath2

glennmyers395 Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 you should have inverted the forks a lot sooner and not slice you heel.

williemccall760 Apr 11

That was a great year for suzuki

jaroddeanda Apr 11

Lead singer of Sugar Ray kit?

p_dawg82 Apr 11


jesse_turner Apr 11


juanferlara Apr 11

I was born that year (y)

_cr_71_ Apr 11

@scottrichardson_ wog tried to copy maccas side burns back in the day. Not regulation sizeπŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸ‘ŠβœŠ

miss_katharineanne Apr 11

I lost it with that sugar ray commentπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

kylewillardson Apr 11

Those sideburns brah @her emymcgrath2

eddiegrimm14 Apr 11

Sweet sideburns bro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

wavejunky757 Apr 11

That's what happens when you hang around the Suzuki camp! @jeremymcgrath2

shredheadedstepchild Apr 11

Steel roots / Terra Firma ? The one w Megadeth Secret Place / Jimmy Button / I watched it so many times

bj898 Apr 11

I got your autograph at Hangtown that year...you were very scary angry! Lol. You must have been focused! Every other time I've meet you (in Australia), you've been awesome! Always the king!!!

michaely51mx Apr 11

I knew suzukis made you gay

dbo360 Apr 11

Haha Wow is right. Man the 90s were rough fashion for us all.

rowdy__rae Apr 11

sexy sideburns lol must have been the thing that year. I have a pic of my hubby with the same style

russelltwo6 Apr 11

Watched your race at Millville trackside...not sure if it was your setup or your program leading up to the race but damm brother... Glad to see you recover and go on to be the champ you are... Go team M-C!!!

lance_harp Apr 11

The 90's !!!

brettdizzle11 Apr 11

Look like you're trying to be the lead singer of Pantera hahaha @jeremymcgrath2

n8tve_az Apr 11

Oh good LAWD you were/are a handsome man!

paulscrow Apr 11

Bring back the beard

tiffrdubya Apr 11

Those were the days we used to play kickball. #BrockHomes #murrieta

arjmx383 Apr 11

STEEL ROOTS!!!!! @jeremymcgrath2

oliveoilwar Apr 11

Rocking the Fox Racing Rockstar!

garibaldis_revenge Apr 11


dbo360 Apr 11

Haha Wow is right. Man the 90s were rough fashion for us all.

nolanbartol15 Apr 11

Nice sideburns

torilynnwilson Apr 11

Lol @bigrigormortis is this a picture of you?

overthebars57 Apr 11


bmsaunders Apr 11

So hot

the_davin Apr 11

Those chops are rad

2wheel_caleb Apr 11

@gnarlygnathan it's Brandon Nix

jimmyt727272 Apr 11

Nice !!!

the_dude128 Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 bro.... lol

jakezemke Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 You should bring that look back for the next #SXonFOX πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

t_sanderson Apr 11


jaredrogers55 Apr 11

Was an all around bad year...

coleseely Apr 11

Bring it back!

f1chad Apr 11

You were just being the first Kenny mf'in Powers!

dally_56 Apr 11

Lol @coleseely

robbymyer Apr 11

Those chops tho. @jeremymcgrath2

tix2gunshowpunk Apr 11

Still the king.....not a big deal :-)

t_harmon1 Apr 11


angler_away Apr 11


cigsarentmystyle Apr 11

@toinfinity_doc do it you won't

five4one_ Apr 11

@grantdog πŸ‘

mliles121 Apr 11

Dirty ol chops haha

seancrig Apr 11

Conventional forks...

tank3one0 Apr 11

@mike_montano @jaaafff_bro

909moto Apr 11

Fucken bad ass !!!!!

brettdimanno Apr 11

@motopartstrader just can't let them go! @dakota_tedder @joshhansen100 @tykady

chris_harlien Apr 11

Nice chops!

goldenst8boss Apr 11

Them sideburns are badass Mc

angler_away Apr 11

@cigsarentmystyle oh my lanta will i ever

mistyz23 Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 you were my crush then!! Love this pic

sickimages Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 both Ricky Bobby and Elvis Presley called, they want there sideburns back lol

motonicko Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 not only that remember the funny beanie style black hat thingy you wore oh 97

cgratch83 Apr 11

@sickimages haha lmao

peachman23 Apr 11

They're some awesome lambchops! :-)

bradmx421 Apr 11

Was 17.... 125 intermediate, raced @perrismx2 all the time..... Ran the same graphics and same @foxracing gear..... Only time i ever raced a Suzuki....Only because @jeremymcgrath2 did

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 11

The choose are out of control... @robbymyer

erinbatestv Apr 11

There's definitely a lot going on thereπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Š awesome pic

ogdeano Apr 11

It was cause of that frickin Beverly Hills 90210 TV show --- ;-) lol. @jeremymcgrath2

jerryzaiden Apr 11

πŸ‘† lmao @ogdeano πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .. Trying to fit in here in HB? @jeremymcgrath2 😜

peyton_ray1997 Apr 11

Mc you're my favorite! @jeremymcgrath2

mattdad Apr 11

Time to jump on the #duck dynasty wagon. Get that beard goin!!! Ha ha

firepolicemx Apr 11

Sideburns for days. πŸ‘

mrs129 Apr 11

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ @jesse_turner

underpahr Apr 11

Hahahahahahahah!!! @jeremymcgrath2

jennytaft Apr 11

This is amazing.

naygarcia Apr 11

πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ nice!

cory619olsen Apr 11

George Michael? 😜

alexmorris319 Apr 11

All he needs is a mullet and he's joe dirtπŸ˜‚

blakesnake56 Apr 11

That damn flat tire πŸ˜”

rickmcu Apr 11

@jaroddeanda hahahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

thedragon05 Apr 11

Ohhhh snap who is that dude? @jeremymcgrath2 Classic!

foxpetefox Apr 11

Those were great days!!

foxpetefox Apr 11


mammamc02 Apr 11

Oh lord babe!! If I knew you I would have never let you out of the house like that! Ha ha. Just kidding! Love seeing your style over the years, You were so brave.

muhhfuggn Apr 11

Joe dirt looking ass haha

parker352 Apr 11

I remember those days the Suzuki sucked that yesterday!!!! I had a 125

pulpmx Apr 11

At this point in ur career you could've come out with a red nose and clown shoes and people would have thought it was cool #theking

kevin_turner13 Apr 11

Sons of Anarchy

chautereleven Apr 11

John travolta lol

azhunnie1977 Apr 11

Omgoodness @ando34

srvan89 Apr 11

That's a set of pork chops!

luisthegreat1 Apr 11

Hooligns skinhead @jeremymcgrath2 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

launi_lee Apr 11

πŸ’‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jeremymcgrath2

nickmsaydat Apr 11

@tankk48 those got damn chops

mikemcgill Apr 11

Is that really you? @jeremymcgrath2

rally_monsters Apr 11

Brilliant !

nickmsaydat Apr 11

@tankk48 DIDJA SEE EM

tankk48 Apr 11

SEENT IT @nickmsaydat

umbipj Apr 11

Like a Village People...!!!???

batteryparkoffroadsc Apr 11

I had to get those earrings too, lol;)

ride_red108 Apr 11

Good olΓ© 90's

east623 Apr 11

Those Elvis side burns though hahaha

rangersfan07 Apr 11

@crazystuntn is this where you got your style from minus the side burns? Haha

tykady Apr 11

@jeremymcgrath2 , I tried to tell u back then too man!!😜😘

smith5one8 Apr 11

That was the year I became a true @jeremymcgrath2 fan!

slasher200 Apr 11


weniger29 Apr 11

@kthomasey who used to look exactly like that?

braap13 Apr 14

Joe dirt copied the best

allprostickers Apr 17

But your graphics looked awesome !!!

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 6

Got to throw a couple of high fives to the KTM Jr SX kids before the show tonight! It's always fun to watch them ride...

motoempire Apr 6


nickspeedin Apr 6

Awesome Mac!!! #therehero

clintmcnally Apr 6

That's rad

rfaukner Apr 6

Very cool!!! Smiles!!! @jeremymcgrath2

cgratch83 Apr 6

Thanks for the autograph and picture man

schwehm226 Apr 6

I rode in the kingdom in Seattle wa on the ktm jr team when it was still there! @jeremymcgrath2 and met u at open house at skagit Powersports! Still got the gear u signed

pinche_castillo Apr 6

Honestly Jeremy, you're just a strait up good man! Those kids will never forget that.

crazy82phil Apr 6

What a bad ass @jeremymcgrath2

renuzal Apr 6


jdebekker Apr 6

Showtime doin it for the kids

johann_marquez69 Apr 6

Thank you for sign my shirt @jeremymcgrath2 I appreciate that one 😁😁

gabifarrar Apr 6

@jeremymcgrath2 you did the same thing for my son in 1999 was the high light of his night. Thanks for caring and being a true sportsman ❀️

tjblood102 Apr 6

Still got a pic of me & you when I raced the KTM jr SX!

stevea100m Apr 6

You made there nigh @jeremymcgrath2

smithy245 Apr 6

The goat of supercross

r_v_e Apr 6


jacko1two Apr 6

Love it

luke_124 Apr 6


jim_mcdonald Apr 6


ridiculoussness Apr 6

MTV's Ridiculousnessβ„’ is here! Watch now and support our page! @jim_mcdonald @luke_124 @jacko1two @r_v_e @smithy245 @stevea100m @tjblood102 @gabifarrar

hannahleighannnn Apr 6

Awe :-) #meltmyheart

jaketurnbull77 Apr 6

So cool! First time I met you and your dad and mike larocco under the Suzuki semi in 97 Seattle supercross I was doing the Ktm challenge. Those kids will remember that forever

__stefanie_31 Apr 6

@jeremymcgrath2 see you in Seattle Saturday! #badass #braap

ckomp Apr 6

Appreciate it sir

litmihail Apr 6


lauracadinha Apr 6

Great show tonight!!!

watzup13oo Apr 6


800j Apr 6


mariah_mx Apr 6

The future of Motocross!!! @jeremymcgrath2 giving a little motivation to the mini racers

casey_g_usmc Apr 6

Throw one my way @jeremymcgrath2 Yuma az is calling your name

randini_martini Apr 6

Aw how cute!

abdulmalek888 Apr 6


joncone Apr 6

@weskain was all in the mix this weekend @maykers

thick_ass_queen Apr 6

Y'all ff me I'll ff baq

circlemc Apr 6

I would die..

ryderlisadifrancesco Apr 6


jordanjameson Apr 6


fofomofo Apr 6

Hi 5 βœ‹

b_colligan Apr 6

@jeremymcgrath2 another good job in the booth tonight!

a1adaze Apr 6

Lame....not very personable. These kids look up to you.

kt100spd Apr 6


foxpetefox Apr 6


smitty5211 Apr 6

@jeremymcgrath2 your still a class act. I'm still your #1 fan

whatstheredbuttondo Apr 6

Do you think any still ride their dirt bikes to pop Warner.....jk ...good to see ya @jeremymcgrath2 1982 flash back.

arinamitrokhina Apr 6


hellokarenx Apr 6


kvittetoe031 Apr 6


jeremy_82 Apr 6

Absolutely @smitty5211 class act dude huge fan @jeremymcgrath2

alejandrokim451 Apr 6


misskirstenn Apr 6

Love it!!

weskain Apr 6

@jeremymcgrath2 sorry ab the photo bomb MC lol

motomom_36 Apr 6

The Mc MAN!!! Also king of class big shout to KTMJRSX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jennylynnadams Apr 6

I bet they thought that was the COOLEST!! You are always SO nice! I stopped you in the hotel lobby to ask for a pic in St Louis & you were so nice about it! Thanks! @jeremymcgrath2

alyssawashburn Apr 6

Omigod if I was one of those kids I'd be dying right now LOL πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

henriquejorge1974 Apr 6

I am your Fan , the King Mr MC!

quinner250 Apr 6

so sick!! that rules,, @jeremymcgrath2 πŸ‘Š

steveruff Apr 6

Epic @jeremymcgrath2 πŸ™Œ.. You guys crushed it again tonight!!

bansh442 Apr 6

Im sure you made those kids night right there good shit man nice to see there are still some good people left @jeremymcgrath2

randy40p Apr 6

Great seeing you back involved SX and giving back.

pitbikepimpz Apr 6


hollyhood612 Apr 6

Your awesome bro you'll always be one of my favorite riders

naygarcia Apr 6

Love this! πŸ‘βœ‹

aarontrumbull Apr 6


mxkied253 Apr 6

So awesome

underpahr Apr 6

So cool @jeremymcgrath2 u are the man

motoklahoma Apr 6

True champion

dylansara Apr 6


dcsmith587 Apr 6


sammil924 Apr 6

You're awesome!! β™₯β™₯

mammamc02 Apr 6

Don't let Rhowan see this! πŸ™ˆ

ohkallii Apr 6

You were my hero as a kid, so getting to see you again last night was legit ❀️ thanks for waving at me when I was 7!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βœŠ

crf250xrider007 Apr 6

Great job in the broadcast booth. At one point during the broadcast I could've sworn I heard you say "Oh Crap!!". πŸ‘. Dude you rock!!

dat_rider_429 Apr 7

Jackson glather is a sick little kid

dat_rider_429 Apr 7

I saw him in the vid

jeffsurfratarganda Apr 7


luisthegreat1 Apr 7

@jeremymcgrath2 awesome

rendawgfmx Apr 9

U da man @jeremymcgrath2 .. Save me one of those high 5's brotha

nickjacobs100 Apr 10

Defiantly the best rider ever! And biggest heart for EVERYONE! Your the king for a reason!! #kingforever

moto__gram Apr 11


jeremymcgrath2 Apr 6

Here it is again in slow mo! Wow #sxonfox

buckmommy Apr 11


boosted54 Apr 12

@bsherman211 @dirtbikerob

mattsbbarker Apr 13

@trentperry65 and we thought we bottomed out ha

corey199crook Apr 13


trentperry65 Apr 13

not that bad @mattsbbarker

_dakotalarue_ Apr 13

That was seriously the best case scenario. @kglover40

wiltuc13 Apr 14


tony791999 Apr 16


jeremymcgrath2 Apr 5

Ok, you guys know I love KW, but I think he is nuts. Here is a shot of why I think he is nuts. This was yesterday at Houston SX, thank GOD he is doing fine but definitely one scary moment! Be sure to watch #SXonfox tonight.. 7 30pm central. Glad your ok @kdub14

jaymack56 Apr 13

@afistfulofdollars thus proving....kdub is immortal

bofosho324 Apr 14


heathwoodley94 Apr 14

@tanner159 @butler_94

samrasberry Apr 15

@jkopmx @ddavidson15 @zscooter

ddavidson15 Apr 15

I was wonderin why there was no transfer!? @samrasberry @zscooter @jkopmx

ddavidson15 Apr 15

SOOOOO big. When a 450 with a seat hop isn't enough, it's too far haha

rthomas364 Apr 16


rthomas364 Apr 16

@zburkez @cewasko

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 5

Just chillin with my boy @jimwhitten here in Houston! Make sure to check out #sxonfox tonight at 7 30pm Central. @monsterenergy #monsterenergySX

motonicko Apr 5

@jeremymcgrath2 how's the back from the Coleman bed ? πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

brittshel Apr 5

Ugh! Wish I was there!!!! @therealjs7 for the win #51

jeremymcgrath2 Apr 5

Ha ha, all good. @motonicko

mrsreddog Apr 5

Love those pants!

swagner815 Apr 5

Hopefully I can meet you at the races one day @jeremymcgrath2 huge fan! I remember watching you in the kigdome as a kid #KingOfSX

jrkinc Apr 5

Bow tie. 😜

asianpower12345 Apr 5

Are you doing autographs?

skull_10_17 Apr 5

@jeremymcgrath2 let's ride ! Come out to Auto Club Speedway Fontana Fastrack Riders / Superbike shoot out / WERA weekend 4/25-27 #roadrace #yamaha #zerogravityracing @gravesport @amo46 @jdbeach95 @4theriders

miltoninman Apr 5

@jimwhitten is a LEGEND!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘@jeremymcgrath2

jimwhitten Apr 5

Good times as usual. @jeremymcgrath2

bereell Apr 5

@jeremymcgrath2 red shoes are on point..!πŸ“

rubendawg Apr 5

Nice boys, have fun @jimwhitten @jeremymcgrath2

cmann785cc Apr 5

Hey @jimwhitten how's your injuries from Baja? Looks like you're all healed up nicely and ready to take another beating next year.

poodgiecat Apr 5

Love the red shoes MC!

carlywoz Apr 6

Lookin good you two @jimwhitten @jeremymcgrath2

jimwhitten Apr 6

Lol. Healed up. @cmann785cc and thanks!! @carlywoz

amy_veredas_13 Apr 6

Lmfao! I like how ur wearing camo pants with a nice bottom up shirtπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

amy_veredas_13 Apr 6

Obviously not in this pic but on tvπŸ˜‚

krsinsd Apr 6

That's a dynamic duo right there @jimwhitten @jeremymcgrath2 πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

underpahr Apr 6

legends @jeremymcgrath2 @jimwhitten

txmoto11 Apr 6

So glad I was able to meet you @jeremymcgrath2. #legend #therealgoat

jimwhitten Apr 6

Thanks Taylor! @underpahr

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