Joe Gibbs Racing

Justin Brayton

#10 Justin Brayton

DoB: 3/14/1984
Height: 5’10β€³
Weight: 160 lbs
Hometown: Fort Dodge, IA

Justin Brayton returns to the Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross Team in 2013, riding the Yamaha YZ 450. Justin warmed up for the 2013 Supercross season by dominating the Geneve Supercross in Switzerland. Look for Justin in both AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross riding the number 10 machine.

Career Highlights

4th AMA Supercross Series

9th AMA Supercross Series
7th AMA Motocross Series
Winner, 26th Geneva Supercross

5th AMA Supercross Series
12th AMA Motocross Series
ESPN X Games Super S Silver Medal Winner
Winner, 25th Geneva Supercross

4th AMA Supercross West Series
7th AMA Motocross Series
King of BercyΓ‘winner of Bercy Supercross, Paris, France
ESPN X Games Super S Silver Medal Winner

6th AMA Supercross Lites West Series
20th AMA Motocross Lites Series

10th AMA Supercross Lites East Series (shortened season due to injury)

12th Supercross Lites West Series

Limited participation due to injury

4th Arenacross Series
Arenacross Series Rookie of the Year




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justinbrayton Sep 8

Went back to my high school today. So fun to see some of my teachers and friends. Brought back a lot of great memories. #dodgers #fdsh #classof02

rothmeyer328 Sep 8

@justinbrayton if you graduated in 02 and still have friends in HS.. Id get smarter friends!!!

tj7alberto Sep 9

@rothmeyer328 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

perrigohard Sep 9

I remember riding 60s when you were in A back home...10 years later yer killin it. Keep up the good work man @justinbrayton

breamcneil_ Sep 9

I live in Fort Dodge, you know my cousins he races. You have been to his race when he was young!!:)

justinbrayton Sep 6

Hangin on the porch enjoying this nice weather with my girls and Ry man. Good to be home. #iowa #family @paigebrayton

breamcneil_ Sep 6

Are you back in Dodge?!?

csn49a Sep 6

Man you're in Iowa?! Come ride in new Virginia

breamcneil_ Sep 6

I think you know my cousin Ethan McMahon! You sent him a get well video when he got injured.

zach_schutt_90 Sep 6

Ride in fort dodge on Sunday

sterns816 Sep 6

Jb... golf

breamcneil_ Sep 6

@zach_schutt_90 wheres the race at sunday???

breamcneil_ Sep 6

Zach what time and where is the race?? @zach_schutt_90

suzi_b19 Sep 7

@justinbrayton @paigebrayton Hardest part of living this life of SX/MX with @spencerjgrmx; is having friends & good people come and go in and out of our family's life. Thanks for sharing so much with us. You're good people & you will be missed.

alec_amonson Sep 7

JJ golf tourny in eagle grove today.

justinbrayton Sep 4

Packing/Moving is no fun!πŸ‘Ž Back to CA. Excited for the next chapter. @paigebrayton

jimmiejohnson Sep 4

Thanks for the sponsor plugπŸ‘Š

ulisses.84 Sep 4

Hahaha, is true

mbeasley142 Sep 4

Man this sucks! I hate to see one of my favorite riders leaving my state of NC and JGR. Best of luck next season JB!

corleefmx Sep 4

Temecula bound!!!!

jeffjnice Sep 4

Haha @jimmiejohnson

jhodges343 Sep 4

Stoked to see you doing good man @justinbrayton and doing big things for 15! Hey if by chance when you move out here to Cali and you buy a house and you want that new houses garage floor done. Look me up at or @epoxy_it_socal. I'd love to do one of my favorite riders garage! All the best JB10

neser6 Sep 4

Sad to see you leaving JGR @justinbrayton!! Better things to come!

n_cabaniss Sep 4

If it fits it ships. 90% intact is all we're looking for haha.

flynbryan19 Sep 4

Was really hoping ud stay a NC guy. Was cool seeing ya at the mtn bike races. Good luck at the new team. @jasonygant is gonna have to move to Cali now... 😝

nicky_hayden Sep 4

Good luck

chappyhud Sep 4


quadtech115 Sep 5

@justinbrayton gonna miss seeing u ride in person at club mx..😒 i am still gonna route for u no matter who u ride for!!!! Good luck in the near future !!! πŸ‘πŸ

lpulley Sep 5

@justinbrayton @paigebrayton yayyy! I'm so excited for u guys to be out in Cali, can't wait to spend time with u guys!

justinbrayton Aug 31

My little beach babe.😍 Parker's first trip to the beach. @paigebrayton

jobey_823 Aug 31


andersen_wideout Aug 31


elizabethyork081012 Aug 31

Omg shes so adorable!

_jm1ll_ Aug 31


finetunedathlete Aug 31

Her glasses!!! 😍😍 what a cutie @justinbrayton @paigebrayton

rearte7 Aug 31


justinbrayton Aug 31

Gonna be a nice relaxing day. #myrtlebeach πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

rockingm Aug 31

Enjoy the time off! My kid is still trying to get me to let him race in your helmet!

big_reynolds_53 Aug 31

He'll yeah

zachmk_112 Aug 31

What part are you staying at? I'm from sc. @justinbrayton

blobberhamlincoln Aug 31

Was just at garden city last week @justinbrayton stay out during low tide! Jellyfish galore

travisyando Aug 31

Missed you by one week would have been cool to see you on the beach! Enjoy the trip with your family.

lamemechic Aug 31

😘 coming soon

justinbrayton Aug 31

@paigebrayton is a little hungry tonight 😜

crazygaminginc Aug 31

Oh god xD

crazygaminginc Aug 31

And ur a really good racer will u please follow me or like one of my photos

lilmarble Aug 31


trigaaaah Aug 31

come ride in my lambo bro

codydevanis Aug 31


jayjaye32 Aug 31

Brayton my friend. You need to follow me back

mattjcarter Aug 31

Tonys Pizza right? If so I love that place right by my house

winglerfam Aug 31

And she barely let us have any!!! πŸ˜‚

ashleyw928 Aug 31

@paigebrayton my goodness 😁

bradypatterson14 Aug 31

@sydney_riker our budget

quadtech115 Aug 31

@justinbrayton she pregnant again? HmmmπŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

kailah_is_awsome Aug 31


paigebrayton Aug 31


amydd75 Aug 31


justinbrayton Aug 28

Racing mtn bikes is so painful while your doing it, yet so fun and rewarding to keep you coming back for more. I love it! @iamspecialized @rideshimano @bikesource_clt #10

jamesp223 Aug 28

Try downhill?

kkark Aug 28

@justinbrayton how does it compare to a full moto?

seankerlin Aug 28

It's all about the chain bling! πŸ˜‚

joshstrang Aug 28

I knew I shoulda pushed you off that bridge!

pedalripper Aug 28

Yeah JB!!! πŸš΅πŸπŸ‘

justinbfit Aug 28

When you coming back to Murrieta?!!!

slasher200 Aug 29


brodiestringer Aug 29

Nice work @justinbrayton πŸ‘Š

tyswartz55 Aug 29

Hell yeah @justinbrayton

justinbrayton Aug 26

Me and @shawnulo having some fun in Park City. #braaap #motonoises @iamspecialized

zmanscm Aug 26

@rcya51 @wrxkidd @codyw100 @rhymesay3r i dont need no stinkin DH

rhymesay3r Aug 26

@zmanscm Could at least lower the seat lol.

lillis2nine Aug 26

You guys jump the next wood to wood double?? So sketchy hahaha

supermari0_7 Aug 26


520atkinson Aug 26

R u ready for this @almfb @jaredbmx

simplesteve Aug 26

True cross country boys have their seat ready for the next incline lol

avn_on2wheels Aug 26

Sandy ridge training @justinbrayton

jbreeze6 Aug 26

It's time for me to get a bike @mikefig336 @iroy149

mattmoosa Aug 26

@justinbrayton where is this trail!??!!!!!!

ashfurdw24 Aug 26


spencerrathkamp Aug 26

Sooo sick!

kga109 Aug 26

@mattmoosa it was Park City, UT - this looks like The Canyons.

jimmiejohnson Aug 26


seankerlin Aug 26

That sections got nothin' on Sherman! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ozzyoneeleven Aug 26

@deano_131 let's go to park city.

noahpawlik517 Aug 27


cory_hollander573 Aug 27

@kurtisolin @zackhollander

brianlopes Aug 27

Nice Lycra kitπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Ž

t_w_campbell Aug 29


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