Joe Gibbs Racing

Justin Brayton

#10 Justin Brayton

DoB: 3/14/1984
Height: 5’10β€³
Weight: 160 lbs
Hometown: Fort Dodge, IA

Justin Brayton returns to the Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross Team in 2013, riding the Yamaha YZ 450. Justin warmed up for the 2013 Supercross season by dominating the Geneve Supercross in Switzerland. Look for Justin in both AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross riding the number 10 machine.

Career Highlights

4th AMA Supercross Series

9th AMA Supercross Series
7th AMA Motocross Series
Winner, 26th Geneva Supercross

5th AMA Supercross Series
12th AMA Motocross Series
ESPN X Games Super S Silver Medal Winner
Winner, 25th Geneva Supercross

4th AMA Supercross West Series
7th AMA Motocross Series
King of BercyΓ‘winner of Bercy Supercross, Paris, France
ESPN X Games Super S Silver Medal Winner

6th AMA Supercross Lites West Series
20th AMA Motocross Lites Series

10th AMA Supercross Lites East Series (shortened season due to injury)

12th Supercross Lites West Series

Limited participation due to injury

4th Arenacross Series
Arenacross Series Rookie of the Year




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Justin Brayton Instagram

justinbrayton Apr 17

Airport life. #10

motocross4life4ever Apr 17

Back racing?

lacihinds Apr 17

Are you racing!?! Pleeaseee

klenlaundry Apr 17

He's back @justinbrayton #klenlaundry #bamboo #socks #briefs

ilirio Apr 17

Thats the number man πŸ‘#10 on yamy @justinbrayton

justinbrayton Apr 7

Huge Thanks to the whole @asterisk_com crew! They help each and every one of us riders at some point! Thankful to have them at the races every weekend!

fmf73 Apr 7

Heal up soon brotha! 

desarno_nick Apr 7

Get well soon man! Yamaha or die

quadtech115 Apr 7

@justinbrayton get well soon. !!!

tmc151 Apr 7

Hope ya back soon an healed up good. You where on fire this year. Really want that helmet but. @justinbrayton

alexahpearson124 Apr 7


peytonniendorf Apr 7

What did u do

hofmaster110 Apr 7

Get well soon JB

adam_engbrecht Apr 7

Sickest helmet ever

bfg185 Apr 7

Will you be at seattle @justinbrayton

haylee_829 Apr 7

We'll miss you heal fast πŸ’ͺ

grit30 Apr 7

@rschmelter34 your gear?

heidermurph Apr 7

Wish I'd known you were in Houston!! I'd have tried to come see you!!

sprx_mdc Apr 7

Tough night Justin! Glad we are there for you guys!

rschmelter34 Apr 8

@grit30 hell ya πŸ‘

hemithis Apr 11

Will you be able to race Saturday? Hope you heal up fast. You had such a strong year going.

andrew_spence_ Apr 12

Can u start to help me ride I'm about to get a 125

justinbrayton Apr 6

Here's my second get off that ended my night. Just made a mistake and missed a whoop with my front wheel. Planning to get checked out tomorrow to see exactly what's wrong.

troodlepoodle6996 Apr 6

Damn. Sorry to see that.

themxlab Apr 6

That sucks. Now is a good time to get to 100%.

mepmx Apr 6

@justinbrayton 😱

gotopless141 Apr 6

@justinbrayton Heal up man!

lacihinds Apr 6

This makes me so sad😭 please get better soonπŸ’• @justinbrayton

cudby Apr 6

@justinbrayton hope you are ok πŸ‘Š

traub454 Apr 6

Get better man! Hope to see you for outdoors

matthew_r91 Apr 6

@justinbrayton hope your better for next race

kkeefer120 Apr 6

Get better soon!! @justinbrayton

cts_82 Apr 6


rafael_loera Apr 6

Bummed for you kid. ;-)

seandoyle618 Apr 6

Get back soon u were killin it this year

fdbulldog Apr 6

Go hard or go home @justinbrayton

newmsl416 Apr 6

@danicrawford @campos409

maddie_marie_montgomery Apr 6

Get better soon @justinbrayton

racrx451 Apr 6

Tough sob jb. Respect from Iowa!

dbo360 Apr 6

Man that is a rough morning to start your day with. Happy you're somewhat OK. Heal up and look fwd to seeing ya at Millville!

ulises528 Apr 6


brianlopes Apr 6

Damn that was an abrupt stop bro. Glad it wasn't worse.

melton139 Apr 6


dnaddy_94 Apr 6

@wuttonhoods @moeller821

masonwaylnad Apr 6


ruleej32 Apr 6

Ouch man

blonde_taun Apr 6

Get better soon :)

kv_lilbear12 Apr 6


calebalger Apr 6


rybecht Apr 6

@kerrbulm can't wait for this!!

fakeplasticbyke Apr 6

Man, that sucked to watch. you're one of my favorites out there; heal up soon and I look forward to seeing ya back out there. Hopefully, Dirtwerx never builds whoops like that again.

pixracing Apr 6


mt_701 Apr 6

@paulmartinez26 @r

mt_701 Apr 6


rickbosley Apr 6

Damn dude crazy crash!

sterling_vh111 Apr 6


alextrasancos21 Apr 7

Your biggest fan right here! Glad your alright @justinbrayton

tyhildenbrand Apr 9

Get well soon

zach_andrade33 Apr 15

@cjl902 @oreo718

oreo718 Apr 15

Dropped that front wheel @Zach_andrade33

zach_andrade33 Apr 15

Yeah dude no bueno 😳 @oreo718

justinbrayton Apr 6

Here's my first get off from yesterday. I was ok after this one, just a bit sore. Still all good to race.

broton79 Apr 6


trevor_k_6670 Apr 6

You still did good!!!!

jeycrunch724 Apr 6

Your foot is alright after that @justinbrayton 😱

trand11 Apr 6

#ejectmode @justinbrayton just come back stronger!

fields_45 Apr 6

Glad you're okay man @justinbrayton

originally_chris Apr 6


trevor_k_6670 Apr 6


dp853 Apr 6


thechadandrews Apr 6

Oh #10…. that stings.

clay175 Apr 6


smasheton Apr 6

Ouch πŸ™Š

the29machine Apr 6

Hope your tip top soon. Good change of direction by I think JS7 to avoid any contact on the down side πŸ‘

ssolares_51 Apr 6

Wil Han's style

cts_82 Apr 6


newmsl416 Apr 6

@danicrawford @campos409

ulises528 Apr 6


motocross4life4ever Apr 6

Glad ur ok!

akaydin918 Apr 6

@bklippel914 you about did the same thing

jramos992 Apr 6


p_harris26 Apr 6

Just like wilber's

joncitaylor Apr 6

@493_anderson @captain_smiff

braydan_sims21 Apr 6

Ohhhhhhhhh shitβ—οΈπŸ˜‚

jaaafff_bro Apr 6

@mike_montano @tank3one0

calebnerstad Apr 6

Am I supposed to like this?

superman_crittendon Apr 6

@cioreh he supermanned off the bike

chappyhud Apr 6

Bro that is CRAZY!

zane159 Apr 6

U pulled a will Hahn.

kc_king10 Apr 6


honda_rider_119 Apr 6

Wtf happens to you're camera @justinbrayton

honda_rider_119 Apr 6


rybecht Apr 6

Oh an definitely this! @kerrbulm

lorisvergier Apr 6


pixracing Apr 6

Bordel il ce met deux boitasses sale @stancult

mt_701 Apr 6

@paulmartinez26 @romaintonicello

rickbosley Apr 6

Rough night buddy, I hope you get better

macanas69 Apr 6


gmbfast89 Apr 7

Hope your in seattle.

jt_sanders_ Apr 8


ryan_rossier41 Apr 8

Holy fuck @Jt_sanders_

zach_andrade33 Apr 15

Gnarly @cjl902 @oreo718

oreo718 Apr 15

He pulled a tomac @zach_andrade33

thiskiddwagner_4 Apr 17


justinbrayton Apr 5

Walking off the track after a crash in practice. Ended up with a broken left hand, not gonna be able to race tonight. Super bummed, but I'm a big believer in everything happens for a reason, it's very hard to see it now but I know God has a bigger plan!

smcelrath87 Apr 6

You're the man

dre_beats14 Apr 6

In 2012 the number 10 had 5 podiums and ended up 4th in point will the jgr ride beat that in 2015 and get career win 1

devrogers Apr 6


fireitupbmx Apr 6

Bummed I didn't get to see you on that yamaha on the track tonite in person in Houston #healup

aniedling Apr 6

Get well man. Race sucked watching without you.

sherron_abel Apr 6

Hope you heal fast! Its not the same without you.

maddie_marie_montgomery Apr 6

Heal soon @justinbrayton

tristan_smith24 Apr 6

Love your attitude manπŸ‘

justinbrayton Apr 4

@pbarker20 has the #10 ready to roll for tomorrow! @jgrmx @teamtoyota

its_kz23 Apr 4


ajrobinson92 Apr 4


amasupercross2014 Apr 4

I know this probably know this won't happen , but could you shout us out? @justinbrayton

stoeckert_181 Apr 4

Dope bike as usual. Good luck this weekend. You deserve a podium.

fernandonetoo11 Apr 4


markus_pilz Apr 4

Yamaha. Is the best

jaretboston Apr 4

Idk what it is, but ur bike looks wayyyy better than everybody elses. Btw ur my favorite rider @justinbrayton

basherdesigns Apr 4

@justinbrayton crazy good stuff u were hitting that gap NO ONE else was in STL, that was right in front of our seats !! Keep it up #teamblue πŸ‘Š

j_james92 Apr 5

Please let me ride it

sh_mx22 Apr 5

@pbarker20 is the man good luck bro go getcha one tomorrow πŸ‘

dre_beats14 Apr 5

I belive jgr can get a heat win and a podium

andrew_spence_ Apr 12

What type is it 85

justinbrayton Apr 4

Excited for the weekend in Houston! @jgrmx @teamtoyota @yamaha @onealracing @bell_powersports @factoryeffex @adidas @gaerneusa @oakley @nfabinc @pirelli

motomom512 Apr 4

Even with a hurt foot & pinky.. Ull be racing?

justinbrayton Apr 4

@replayxd @motorcyclesuperstore

dbreezy07 Apr 4

Let's go @justinbrayton , put Iowa on the map!

motomom512 Apr 4

Well if so dang your tough!! πŸ’ͺ haha goodluck!!! Awesome season so far!

austin_greenleaf Apr 4

Good luck man I hope you take it this weekend you deserve it

kill__dennis Apr 4

I'm going see you there

krista_1d Apr 4

Wow broken foot broken finger and still riding

rowdyrob88 Apr 4

take care of business brotha. I'll be pulling for you #teamyamaha

jacko1two Apr 4

Come on bud. Let's win a race! Your looking great. Just get that damn holeshot and kick villipotos ass. Keep it up mate. You can do this #teamblue #yamaha

gmbfast89 Apr 4

The red o'neal looks awesome on your bike

tfeist70 Apr 4

Fuck ya @jacko1two πŸ‘ŒβœŠ#braap #teamblueallday

dland2112 Apr 4

Ride it like you stole it.

tristan_smith24 Apr 4

Good luck buddy

ctrefz Apr 4

@justinbrayton with a broken foot ?

gunnxr268 Apr 4

@brianshives them boots and oneal

brianshives Apr 4

Those boots are sick but why weren't you at school @gunnxr268

myrick553 Apr 7

@joemclafferty2 that bike though...

joemclafferty2 Apr 7

In point. . @myrick553

myrick553 Apr 7

@joemclafferty2 no choice but the blue fmf

joemclafferty2 Apr 7

None whatsoever. . @myrick553

joemclafferty2 Apr 7

Cheaper too.. lol

justinbrayton Apr 3

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wild__willie Apr 3

I have a specialized

totalcyclistcoaching Apr 3


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