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#33 Josh Grant

Josh returns to the Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross Team for 2013. Josh rides the number 33 Yamaha YZ 450 in both AMA Supercross, and AMA Motocross. Two of the biggest highlites in Josh’s career would be winning ESPN’s X Games Gold in Supercross (Super-X, 2010), and winning the opening round of AMA Supercross at Anaheim 2009.

Career Highlights

7th AMA Motocross Series
X Games 16 Gold Medalist

6th AMA Motocross Series
4th AMA Supercross Series
Won Anaheim 1 AMA Supercross

9th AMA Motocross Lites Series
5th AMA Supercross Lites East Series
X Games Supercross Bronze Medal

7th AMA Supercross Lites West Series
3rd AMA Motocross Lites Series

3rd AMA Supercross Lites East Series
3rd AMA Motocross Lites Series
4th AMA Supercross Lites East/West Shootout
1st U.S. Open SX Lites

8th AMA 125 East Supercross Series
7th AMA 125 National Motocross Series
3rd AMA 125 East/West Supercross Shootout

10th AMA 125 National Motocross Series

9 amateur titles, including two titles in the 125 and 50 Pro/Sport




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joshgrant33 Jul 20

Not a bad day today! Stoked to be healthy and layin it down. Thanks to all who support me! #happylivingthenow @hltnco

joshgrant33 Jul 20

Pic: @vitalmx thanks Guy B!

travis509 Jul 20

Great job man. 👍

acain21 Jul 20

Greasy @joshgrant33

arjmx383 Jul 20

👍job @joshgrant33

gostrander Jul 20


marcuscerepani Jul 20

That picture is soo sick! Good ride today!

thornyninethree Jul 20


treve58 Jul 20

All hail 33 🙌 @joshgrant33

jamesrot Jul 20

@pinned634 @raspberryhilllawn

brandondosch Jul 20


drfeelgoodmx Jul 20

Gnarly picture @vitalmx. JG was on it today!

timstime Jul 20


dmanley323 Jul 20

@jnaldo126 @dylanbauer_87

hltnco Jul 20

Bring it home Daddy O #hltnco

blzup_matto Jul 20


joe657 Jul 20


xxjoshteexx Jul 20

@xkatyxkrimex @micahh53 scrub

twoasandaron Jul 20

Nice job

tix2gunshowpunk Jul 20

Killer shot,glad your out there man

monkey6034 Jul 20


garrettwest1 Jul 20

Too sick! @hltnco #hltn #southofnicks

tylerwshearer Jul 20

Sick shot!

whosthomo Jul 20

Putn down some Grease 33

therealtoons Jul 20

@tt167 @cn_2

synkcase Jul 20

We want you to try our @syncase water proof case let me know if you want it Try our water proof case @syncase clear pictures and videos under water the experience never forget

scott_coons Jul 20


mhussey Jul 20

SIC PIC! @cstewy07 @stewartsmotors @sgrech72

cam_ibanez98 Jul 20


davebutler77 Jul 20

It should be called the #grantscrub. Sic!

taylorlindenrussell Jul 20

@rfhuecnkn @3b5

276motorsport Jul 20

@joshgrant33 awesome.

thevamorg Jul 20

So sick!!!

rgauley419 Jul 20

Rip it bro

gordonsalel Jul 20


prodigy318 Jul 20

Amped up! Good rides 👊

boston_781 Jul 20

That's the definition of a scrub, like a boss!!

mr_dylan Jul 20

Scrub dat shit! Epic shot

williameldridge Jul 20

Pumped on your rides this summer!

colt_147 Jul 20


soupgraphix Jul 20


eduran809 Jul 20

Esta loca ESA foto

mrofka_lion Jul 20

DEEP DISH! @conair215 @thor299

100dollahaircut Jul 20

#hellyes @joshgrant33 #machinegunblues #greasemeter9000 #dropinthebucket @hltnco

boarddesign Jul 20

Impressed by your year JG, keep it up! #mrconsistancy

mrstwotwo Jul 20


nfab_thomas Jul 20

Sic Pic 👍

chaz_lagoo Jul 20

You da man bro!

newty277 Jul 20

#grease over flow

tutinascamilo Jul 20


duncoo Jul 20


killer241012 Jul 20

Josh grant can you follow me please

vitalmx Jul 21


wiseco922 Jul 21

@killer241012 how about noooo scot!!!

motochick_71 Jul 21

😍 amazing shot!!!

detrimentalist Jul 21


colebridenbaker Jul 22

Such a bad ass shot!

mike_is_ Jul 23

@apple450 wooo!!!

joshgrant33 Jul 11

First day in the books! Thank you to all that stopped by the @hltnco booth today so epic! @Agendashow #agendashow #happylivingthenow

kylecowling Jul 11

Yeeeeah, bud. Happy for you guys!

cantrellfmx Jul 11

Congrats JG stoked for you

brodetti Jul 11

Ill take one 3x. #walkingbillboard

joey_tryon Jul 11

#ch33rs @joshgrant33 @tonyd831 and a special thanks to the legend @100dollahaircut for the assistance helping the @redbullspecops crew today! @hltnco lookin good!

cameronbroughton Jul 11

Where can I get @hltnco clothing @joshgrant33. I want some of these shirts cause this line is so sick. Watch it's gunna blow up. Great job guys!!

epicrideclothing Jul 11

Congrats man. That is so awesome.

steephillmedia Jul 11

Great to see what you guys have done! Congrats @joshgrant33 @tonyd831

xxambigous4xx Jul 11

@joshgrant33 you should sponsor my son he is 5 racing cobra at the moto x kid at star west I was good friends with your sister

suzi_b19 Jul 12

Best of Luck to you guys; been a long road. Your hard work's gonna pay off, this one's from the heart!

tonyd831 Jul 12

Lets go Bruva

tonyd831 Jul 12

@cameronbroughton buddy

joshgrant33 Jul 10

Agenda is going off today and tomorrow! Drop in with @hltnco crew! @agendashow #agendashow #happylivingthenow

joshgrant33 Jul 10


100dollahaircut Jul 10

@joshgrant33 social media captain of @hltnco! #hellyes #ch33rs

olechrbekkevold Jul 10

Wow! We will be there for sure @joshgrant33 @scott_champion 👌😎

joshgrant33 Jul 9

Who's going to #Agendashow you know @hltnco is gonna be firing!! Thursday & Friday stop by K-19 and give us a "Rebel Yell" #happylivingthenow

joshgrant33 Jul 9


jakekinzer Jul 9


jakerawlings Jul 9


joey_tryon Jul 9


tdandrea Jul 9

@joshgrant33 Nice Job

curious_jergg32 Jul 9

Sick pic @chaselock

hltnco Jul 9

#hellyes ..... lets Gooooo!!! #hltnco

lil_geezzz Jul 9

Rad !

frankiebdandrea Jul 9

Mental vid boys.

100dollahaircut Jul 10

#timetoshine #hellyes @joshgrant33 #ch33rs

dirty_d266 Jul 10

@100dollahaircut #certified see you boys tomorrow. Let's get legendary.

elementcase Jul 10


joshgrant33 Jul 4

Happy 4th! Off to RED BUD!!! @hltnco #happylivingthenow

josh_neuroth Jul 4

I want that beer coozie @joshgrant33

sheetmetal220 Jul 4


kylehollis Jul 4

Hell yes JG! Kill it this weekend brotha!

lando_evans Jul 4

Where can you get some good custom graphics? I have a yz250f.

therealjs6 Jul 4


themoto_nick Jul 4

Reeed Buuuuuuuuuud!

g_bullock9 Jul 4

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud

irisdelatorre Jul 4

Good luck this weekend! ✊🏁🏆

kirchbike Jul 4

@lando_evans Best graphics in the biz- @throttlejerky

kawimx38 Jul 4

Win it @joshgrant33

kawimx38 Jul 4


cycra Jul 4

#cycra @joshgrant33 can we get in touch with you?

hltnco Jul 4

#hellyes Grizwald SENDIT!!!

chaselock Jul 4

Good luck dude @joshgrant33

813_rider Jul 4

Get some JG..! We all need a repeat of GH first moto.. We're pulling for ya.. @joshgrant33 #digdeep

100dollahaircut Jul 5

21 gun salute @joshgrant33 we salute you! #ch33rs #acdc ocean bunker is riding the couch and screaming at the TV! #beautifulrebels #believedat

ray_martinez626 Jul 5

You got this put it on them bike looks sick

joshgrant33 Jun 21

Can't wait for Glamis season! This clip from my boy @jayschweitzer is crushing it. #BigBooters @hltnco #happylivingthenow

t_hiicks Jul 14


_chaviiita_ Jul 19


unmarked_athleticism Jul 20

@mva24 @ehumpp @702_jamal style for days

northcott319 Jul 21


justinklinger822 Jul 21

@austintyleroneal @ryanjohnston128

raymonjoseph Jul 22

Fukn hangin dog @jacbak09 @cudigif

johnnyb967 Jul 22

@richie_daze93 👍😬

jtwahster Jul 24


joshgrant33 Jun 20

Ain't that the truth!! Happy Friday yewww weekend off! @hltnco #happylivingthenow

conorcrory16 Jun 20

First like

codebrown121 Jun 20

Hell yea keepin the mountains blue!! @joshgrant33

_twitch17 Jun 20

That's the right kind of beer to drink!

hylanr266 Jun 20


ctrefz Jun 20

Coors man

tbrick563 Jun 20

Watch out that might not be WADA approved lol

matty_goodwin Jun 20

This grizzly wintergreen is for you @joshgrant33

chuckenscoe Jun 21

Happy Birthday @joshgrant33. Keep up the awesome work with @hltnco. Oh yeah, your ripping outdoors. Great ride at the opener. Have a good B Day.

dominguez_947 Jun 21

#onpoint. 🙌

crtwotwo Jun 21

Yep! Haha 🍻

cmw3101982 Jun 21

Got a Colorado Kool-aid in my hand right now!

100dollahaircut Jun 21

Happy Bday brother Grizz! #hellyes @hltnco

jesseboddam Jun 21

Something tells me @crtwotwo isn't taking the weekend off

dav_e Jun 21

I found that koozie on the boat a few weeks ago @hylanr266

buttphace Jun 21

Beer time !!!!! Nice lil pw goin back to starwest I see lol jk

buttphace Jun 21

Lil Joshie ha ha

hltnco Jun 21

#hellyes basically the story of life

k_lew24 Jun 21

Happy Birthday Josh!

kendall587 Jun 21

Happy birthday bro

brandonlmc09 Jun 21

Coors light for the win. If your still in riverside come have a birthday beer

513jordan Jun 21


stephanie_gonzales Jun 21

Happy birthday!

ozzytwotwo Jun 21

Happy B-Day

garthmilan Jun 21


jaredjstar25 Jun 21

Happy bday bro

vr204 Jun 21

Happy birthday buddy. Hopefully we can spend it in mammoth again some time @joshgrant33

coorslightkuhry33 Jun 21

@joshgrant33 happy birthday drink lots of coorslight it's my favorite.

jeff_black Jun 21

See you at muddy creek @joshgrant33

tashnicole04 Jun 21

@joshgrant33 happy birthday Josh!!! Hope this year is a great one! Ch33rs

chuchacabra Jun 21

Happy Birthday my bro!

skrany235 Jun 21

🍻 HBD Josh!

coop_three44 Jun 21

Sounds familiar @gratts_41

dgodfrey33 Jun 21

Laughing Clown Malt Liquor is the only way to celebrate Grizz! @joshgrant33

tanner.o_o.rennat Jun 21

Happy birthday!

joshgrant33 Jun 20

Whammin out to frozen with this little grease bucket today!! #HappyBdaytome #hltnco @hltnco

e_bash_33 Jun 20

Happy birthday JG!!! @joshgrant33

jamie__522 Jun 20

Happy birthday JOSH GRANT!!! @joshgrant33 #happybirthdayJG

mcd3zigns Jun 20

Happy Birthday JG! 🍻🍻

dylan_is_lord30 Jun 20

Happy Birthday dude! Have a good one

joey_stanco42 Jun 20

Happy birthday 🎉🎊🍻🍻🍻

motocross4life4ever Jun 20

Happy Birthday CH33RS

bryan__hartman Jun 20

Are you sitting in the back seat? Lol @joshgrant33

sarahwallwork Jun 20

Happy birthday josh! Hope it's a GREAT one! Cheers

ktmtbone Jun 20

Your the man. Have a great day.

naveenpowered Jun 20

Happy birthday Josh!!!

ashley_grant Jun 20


mrplamer316 Jun 20

Happy birthday josh! Much love from the NW!!

krystyn130 Jun 20

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Josh!! Hope you have a fantastic day!! @joshgrant33

davie_bandits Jun 20

Happy Birthday JG33!!

xoxkjs_321 Jun 20

Happy birthday Grant! Have an awesome day! !

erinbatestv Jun 20

Happy birthday @joshgrant33 🎉🎂

acain21 Jun 20

Happy bday bud! @joshgrant33 🍺

kylechisholm11 Jun 20

@joshgrant33 Happy birthday man!

maggard392 Jun 20

Happy birthday dude!!

georgiaalbertson Jun 20

@joshgrant33 happy birthday!!

hayvensmom Jun 20

Happy birthday

alisoneast Jun 20

Happy Birthday!!!

timstime Jun 20

Happy birthday bud

cantrellfmx Jun 20

Happy bday JG @joshgrant33

mrstwotwo Jun 20

"Let it goooooo let it gooooo " 😂✌️✌️👌 love it

jwinchak Jun 20

Happy birthday @joshgrant33 - ❤️ The Winchak/Crozier Families.

trevor_knapp_ Jun 20

Happy birthday man! Keep rippin! @joshgrant33

lil_geezzz Jun 20

Happy birthday jg. Have a good one @joshgrant33

noelege Jun 20

Family man, top stwp rider, company owner n all around great guy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @joshgrant33 Here's to unwrapping something special later... Podiums calling, Believe n Achieve, ur on the box...

noelege Jun 20


crtwotwo Jun 20

Happy bday bud @joshgrant33

_aidenwijbenga_ Jun 20

If you stop reading this you die. My name is Teresa figaldo if you don't post this on 20 pictures I will sleep with you forever. A girl skipped skipped this 29 hours later her mom died. I am real you can google me.

stone571 Jun 21

Happy birthday @joshgrant33 hltn buddy enjoy summer break.

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