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#33 Josh Grant

Josh returns to the Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross Team for 2013. Josh rides the number 33 Yamaha YZ 450 in both AMA Supercross, and AMA Motocross. Two of the biggest highlites in Josh’s career would be winning ESPN’s X Games Gold in Supercross (Super-X, 2010), and winning the opening round of AMA Supercross at Anaheim 2009.

Career Highlights

7th AMA Motocross Series
X Games 16 Gold Medalist

6th AMA Motocross Series
4th AMA Supercross Series
Won Anaheim 1 AMA Supercross

9th AMA Motocross Lites Series
5th AMA Supercross Lites East Series
X Games Supercross Bronze Medal

7th AMA Supercross Lites West Series
3rd AMA Motocross Lites Series

3rd AMA Supercross Lites East Series
3rd AMA Motocross Lites Series
4th AMA Supercross Lites East/West Shootout
1st U.S. Open SX Lites

8th AMA 125 East Supercross Series
7th AMA 125 National Motocross Series
3rd AMA 125 East/West Supercross Shootout

10th AMA 125 National Motocross Series

9 amateur titles, including two titles in the 125 and 50 Pro/Sport




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joshgrant33 Apr 24

Here's a little #tbt my beautiful wife and I cruising on the podium! 5 years ago. Dang getting old sucks! @ashley_grant #hltnco #happylivingthenow

cakiliprandi Apr 24

Get the FLOW!!!! @joshgrant33

mrstwotwo Apr 24

Go girl ! @ashley_grant btw I like that 22 was up there too! Good night all round - bring these back !

hltnco Apr 24


theseven2three Apr 24

Hell yeah been a jg fan even before then

mcadam703 Apr 24


rays_raven Apr 24

Hell ya! Jg33

therealbieber7 Apr 24


lynn_acosta Apr 24

Old but can still kick some ass πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š @joshgrant33

dominguez_947 Apr 24

You still got it bro. Keep charging always rootin for you

tashnicole04 Apr 24

Your wife is HOT! πŸ”₯😜 @ashley_grant @joshgrant33

rrehnquist Apr 24

Suck it up and go have fun doing what you love. Plus she's already on your team, enjoy!

ashley_grant Apr 24

So many more miles left in the tank babe! Dig deep! I Love you... Forever! #choosehappy

ashley_grant Apr 24

PS. You don't appreciate the thing/ success that comes easy. It's the tough ones you cherish...

tennantparking Apr 24


marcosholtman Apr 24


finetunedathlete Apr 24

@ashley_grant you're one smart woman πŸ˜‰ TRUTH!

joshgrant33 Apr 14

Started interviews last night with the whole @intersection_official crew last night. So excited to see things being put together #NewChapter #happylivingthenow #hltnco @intersection_thefilm

soupgraphix Apr 14

Can't wait to see it!

todd_gutierrez_photo Apr 14

#TGphoto #intersectionthefilm

cruze76 Apr 14

What happened to UNIT? #chapter11

natsuk729 Apr 14

HLTN is the best I respect JG which wants to imitate the style

hltnco Apr 14

#pureradness ! Good people doing rad stuff . The way it should be #beautifulrebels

peacelifehere Apr 14

Lookin good Grant lets pull it together and live your life your bad dude watched and been your baddest too easy βœŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ don't worry bout nothin !

peacelifehere Apr 14


joshgrant33 Apr 14

@peacelifehere only way there is!

loz_ox Apr 14

Can't wait to watch the film! Is there a date yet?

kylecowling Apr 14

@loz_ox No official release date, but aiming to have it complete late 2014 and then put this sucker into some film festivals before a proper release. I can assure you you'll have it in your hands early-ish 2015.

831nagrom77 Apr 14

Yessiree, nothin to it but to do it. Get healthy, and continue enjoying your family! @joshgrant33

mxloaf123 Apr 14

Can't wait to see it. Never thought I would have met an awesome person 12 years ago to be where your at now @joshgrant33 congrats on all your success

loz_ox Apr 14

Thank you @kylecowling will be really good to find out more about @joshgrant33 and @ashley_grant's story.

joshgrant33 Apr 14

@mxloaf123 thanks bud it's been a long time hope all is well.

mxloaf123 Apr 14

Everything is great. Got a lil one on the way. Couldn't get any better. Need to make your way back to Alabama sometime still have the track going. And it has been a long time. Take care @joshgrant33

100dollahaircut Apr 14

#certified the grizz! #ch33rs

sheldon_devantier Apr 17

@kylecowling @joshgrant33 Very excited. Met JG33 and @ashley_grant in Houston, finally! πŸ˜‰ Such wonderful individuals. Can't wait for the priemere.

joshgrant33 Apr 13

Any purchase made at by tomorrow (Monday the 14th) at 8am makes you eligible to win one of these bad boys. Winners will be announced Mon. evening on @hltnco ENJOY YOUR SUNDAY!

bryan__hartman Apr 13

Should of posted the one of turtle wearing it ha

ewingalex Apr 13


nagy938 Apr 13

Grant much respect clothing looks great and you have the heart of a champion!#onebadass

maddmattharris Apr 13

Dope @joshgrant33

joshgrant33 Apr 12

Just flyin high today. #wyattsworld #happylivingthenow

williemccall760 Apr 12

Good shot!

33mg Apr 12


buttphace Apr 12

You gonna race tomorow man. @joshgrant33

force245 Apr 12

Faith, family and kids is where it's at. Thank you for being so cool to mine at the Houston race. They are still saying how cool you are.

nicolemwey Apr 12

Such a cute little guy!!

hltnco Apr 12

Big Bro

britneychisholm11 Apr 12

Gosh I love him!!! β€οΈπŸ’—πŸ˜

sgrant1411 Apr 12

Hey josh, your son is getting so big. Really miss you Erin and Uncle Mike. I would like to see you guys. Hope you are doing good. Love ya. @joshgrant33

veekayyy Apr 12


mrsmilan101 Apr 12

Big handsome boy!

natsuk729 Apr 12

A child is pretty I respect it

blakesnake56 Apr 12


joshgrant33 Apr 11

Awesome video w/ me and my son Wyatt shot with @TeamToyota: Thanks guys! #blessed #familyman #EpicMoments #motocross #JGRMX #HLTNCO #happylivingthenow

c0dy631 Apr 11

#twostrokesounds @joshgrant33

blue_eyed615 Apr 11

He did great! U did too!! @joshgrant33

andy927 Apr 11

Bad ass dude jg @joshgrant33

the_80s_socal Apr 11

Sweet vid! @joshgrant33

ryno_filmz Apr 11

Love it other then the 2smoker sound with the 4 stroke bike

cody_temple128 Apr 11

@vroomvroom15 #teamtoyota

chaz_lagoo Apr 11

You the man JG. Get well soon πŸ‘Š

nick_bruce218 Apr 11

Can't wait to see ya back out there dude πŸ‘

turbogjcolorado Apr 11


matteason24 Apr 11

Your day will come man.

chris_114 Apr 23


joshgrant33 Apr 7

Before Social Media, Before EBay and EComm, You used to go to your local boardshop and buy your deck or surfboard and favorite Brand. This guy Bob Mitchells shop Surf and Skate in Sacramento was there then, and still is 30 years later, and has the Tom Selleck Stash to prove it! Thanks Big Bob and Surf and Skate for the support, if your in the SacTown area hit them up! Support your local scene! #supportyourlocalboardshop #hltnco #bornin14 #happylivinthenow #beautifulrebels #hltnhumans at Surf And Skate Sacramento

theseven2three Apr 7

Cheeyuh! #supportyourlocalskateshop

racinjason38 Apr 7

Mannnn I been goin to surf and skate for over 10 years!! I spent all my money there as a kid on clothes and stickers

racinjason38 Apr 7

@seanysikkstikks and @henrygee87 was never about that #SurfAndSkate life back in the day haha

seanysikkstikks Apr 7

@racinjason38 fuuuck!! Dope!

dub690 Apr 7

@spen_diesel @poohman5

spen_diesel Apr 7

@dub690 oh shit I know where I'm going

dub690 Apr 7

Sactown baby right around the corner for you @spen_diesel

drewdog822 Apr 7

Hell yeea I worked there for a while! Made hella money thru that shop! Good ass time

jkmoore157 Apr 8

Hell ya was wondering if I had to buy it online but I drive by there every day for work..... Stoked to help support a legit brand

hltnco Apr 8


caseymalm Apr 8

Atta kid @kramerpatterson

joshgrant33 Apr 6

It's nights like these that I'm thankful to be in the best helmet possible! Thank you @shoeihelmetsusa for keeping me safe tonight. #20years #imold #hltnco

765mxschool Apr 6

Shoei and arai only helmets not made in China! I'm w u on the @shoeihelmetsusa tho they kept me safe for 15+ years

ohsnaps_itsjosh Apr 6

@joshgrant33 nar crash man

paul_vitale721 Apr 6

Hey man hope you are good after that fall I want to meet and ride with you so bad

vr204 Apr 6

Glad your ok bud

brady670 Apr 6

And 6D @765mxschool

tjames436 Apr 6

Dude you were killing it until that happened

mickey_scheumaker93 Apr 6

Good thinking to scramble off the track, could have gotten a lot worse!

mickey_scheumaker93 Apr 6

Especially with alessi behind u

tjames436 Apr 6

Hope you are doing well

chase_916 Apr 6

did good in the heat!!!!!! @joshgrant33 @joshgrant33

765mxschool Apr 6

Ya 6 d is great but 1 lil crash n u need a new 1 n ppl like me don't have 800-900 bux to replace it so I'm shoei life @brady670

jdmwhiteboy Apr 6

I am beyond impressed with my #bellmoto9 @bell_powersports makes an AMAZING fitting product with amazing quality. In the end, the one that fits the best protects the best. ALWAYS size a helmet before you buy

765mxschool Apr 6

@jdmwhiteboy bell is made in China n has nothing close to a shoeis quality or the 12+ inspections a shoe I goes way to see how good your dot and Snell approved helmet is see how hard the foam is under pads .....if its hard its a cheap way to pass Snell test if its soft its engineered much better n protects better

derochea43 Apr 6


kirton178 Apr 6

@hoodrich659 Josh Grant knows what's up!

mariohsoodope Apr 6

TRUUUUU πŸ‘† @765mxschool

james_tho Apr 6

I second what @765mxschool said.. I had a bell and the foam was able to come out of the shell after a little while, It fit and felt well but im @shoeihelmetsusa for life

_payton52_ Apr 6

6D is good too @765mxschool

mikeylouderback Apr 6


765mxschool Apr 6

Bell= trying to sell a 200 dollar helmet at shoe I or arai prices.....there 299 on motorcycle superstore y do u think no1 sells a shoei for under 500 bux? Cuz there's not much mark up n they don't discount something that's worth what you pay for it

mikeclyburn133 Apr 6

@westcoastcameron wasn't a small crash haha

buttphace Apr 6

Send it to me. I need it for my wall lol. Hope your alright man. You were lookin good and fast tonight. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

tyrenshaw27 Apr 6

That was sure nice of you to cushion the fall for Weston! That's a lot of dude comin down on top of you. Your the man @joshgrant33

buttphace Apr 6


austindas922 Apr 6


xxr1derxx Apr 6


lips395 Apr 6

@joshgrant33 hope you are ok your on the brink of big things to come

hoodrich659 Apr 6

@kirton178 for real dude!!

thewildlifespecialist Apr 6

@lips395 what's to come?

koenmeestringa Apr 6


lips395 Apr 6

@thewildlifespecialist maybe you haven't seen @joshgrant33 race motocross when he's on he's on

mt_701 Apr 6

@paulmartinez26 😩😭

travis509 Apr 6


ryanscott28__ Apr 6

I want your broken helmet. Please, and thank you! @joshgrant33

kyle_krause Apr 6

Dang dude! Glad you're ok.

the_80s_socal Apr 6

So happy your not hurt... Helmets are lifesavers.

popcornplaya23 Apr 6

@joshgrant33 @ashley_grant hope all is good . Jg stay positive budd was looking good out there. When u get to Vegas hit me up I'll have to come say hi .

amedina114 Apr 6


jakekinzer Apr 6


mrsmilan101 Apr 6

Protect your melon with @shoeihelmetsusa! Only the best. Glad you're safe @joshgrant33! πŸ‘

boarddesign Apr 6

Such a gnarly crash, hope you are solid!

jdaugh2 Apr 6

Sorry to see that I'm glad you ok.

chasecurtis154 Apr 6

@yz4l @wesley627

tonyd831 Apr 6

Dome Protector! Glad your ok Grizz

ttruittt Apr 6

That was a heavy one, glad your okay manπŸ‘

pirateslife1623 Apr 6

@buttphace gnar! Yea @joshgrant33 send it too one of us

paulkocina Apr 7

@joshgrant33 with your wife doing so much pointing out about Peick's inability to ride today, maybe you should tell her how many times you have been to aggressive on the track. I do remember a few times you going after Alessi and putting him down. I'm not a fan of the 800 but for her to call out Weston seemed kinda bogus.

joshgrant33 Apr 7

@paulkocina Out of frustration she made a comment about the crash that all racers use "goon" because they did both goon out and collected me in the mess. I'm not blaming them it was a racing crash shit happens and you move on. But she isn't pointing fingers or talking bad about anyone so I think everyone will be ok!

ashley_grant Apr 8

@paulkocina like a Christian being harshly judgmental bogus?

paulkocina Apr 8

@ashley_grant I understand that it's your husband and you'll always look after him. I'd do the same for my wife I just wouldn't call other people out for an accident that was just that, an accident. How about the time josh took out Allesi during the outdoors and Mike got hurt. Mike ended up with a badly hurt knee after that get together and I'm not a fan of Mike at all. Just think you calling out Weston like that was a bit much that's all. It wasn't an attack on you, just remember that josh wasn't the only one that could have gotten hurt when it wasn't even his fault.

paulkocina Apr 8

@ashley_grant also don't feel like what I said was being harshly judgmental, just speaking the truth. If you took it as me being harshly judgmental towards you then I apologize.

cmocy Apr 9

@paulkocina 800 was hurt & rushed back to soon to salvage points for CO. Just sayin. My husband raced too & i've been a raving lunatic when someone took him out & I too am a strong Christian. Frustration sometimes causes us to say things "in the moment". Plus, preggo hormones, gives us wives a lot of leeway;) IMO

mxgt14 Apr 9

Jeeze man

joshgrant33 Apr 3

Can't wait for tomorrow miss this little dude so much and of course his momma! @ashley_grant #wyattsworld #hltnco

estam_rider253 Apr 3

Hey can u prove my friends wrong and comment or request to follow me please

motoxnhra_ Apr 3

Little dude is straight up rollin

mxmom535 Apr 3

What a great pic!!!

lindsymalinoski Apr 3

I can almost hear him laughing! πŸ˜„ Love it!

paul_vitale721 Apr 3

Hope you get better herd what happened in that crash in the semi last week some pretty bad injuries hope your better

33mg Apr 3

Straight up funny

ashley_grant Apr 3

Thank you for cropping 😜

hltnco Apr 3

Tha Dude

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