Joe Gibbs Racing

Joe Gibbs Racing

Coy Gibbs (Team Manager)

Joe Gibbs is known for saying; “in professional sports you win with people. Coy Gibbs knows that building a motocross team from the ground up is no easy task, and having the right people will make all the difference in the success of the effort. Understanding that success in NASCAR will not directly translate into success in motocross, Coy has hired a team with extensive backgrounds in the sport. Jeremy Albrecht manages the team. The team except for the riders is based in Huntersville, North Carolina.

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joegibbsracing Jul 27

2-3-4 at Indy! #NASCAR

kylebusch_the_best Jul 27

JGR's the best!

kylebusch_the_best Jul 27

Where's the JGR success selfie?

ch12334 Jul 27

Go jgr!!!! #18 #11 #20 all did an amazing job today!

murphdog70 Jul 27

But who won? That's right @jeffgordonweb ! For the fifth time baby

19jmkelle Jul 27

But not 1!

msudawg7880 Jul 27

Congrats teams!!!!!

cindyleija Jul 27

Congrats to JGR team great job!

chris_kelly4 Jul 27


nascarchickie Jul 27

His paint schemes this year have been the best of recent years. Snickers car looks awesome.

_mattdefante_ Jul 27

Next week should be 1 2 3

johnston.tina Jul 27

Sweet a little nutty

jgr112018fan Jul 27

On to the tricky triangle. Let's get that W.

nanna_thompson Jul 27

Love it!

jerseyshorerose Jul 28


donnienorris Jul 28

Those Toyota looked so good today!

vifmaster Jul 28

Well done @joegibbsracing bad restarts made the 20 going backwards sad...

joegibbsracing Jul 27

Another strong showing by the Dollar General Racing team! #NASCAR

aflaccupseries Jul 27

Much needed run for Matt. Hopefully he gets a win soon to get him into the chase

wildjacques Jul 27

We need a win soooo bad! #team20 #nascar #JGR

onetheorymusic Jul 27

Your doing great team #20!!! Not worried at all!!!!!

nropen Jul 27

@joegibbsracing really thought it might be his day. He did a great job! #loyal #fan

jgr112018fan Jul 27

A win will go a long way. This team is getting closer but only 5 races before the chase. #team20 can do it.

117_th0mas Jul 27

Ohhhhhhh yaaaaaaaeeeeee!!! #20#mattkenseth @mattkenseth

joegibbsracing Jul 27

Amazing shot by @nigelkinrade! It's time for Indy - arguably the biggest race of the year. #NASCAR

edritchie Jul 28

Biggest race of the year and the stands are half empty.

joegibbsracing Jul 27

Check out our lineup for the Brickyard 400 today! #NASCAR

ecscausa Jul 27

The Brickyard Garage #IMS #TheBrickyard400 #TheBrickyard #Nascar #NascarFamily #RaceDay #HelmetforHope #TheWorldisWatchingECscaUSA #XclusiveInsideECscaUSA

117_th0mas Jul 27

Matt all the way!! His biggest fan!! #20#mattkenseth @mattkenseth

pro_bound_chris Jul 27

Kyle Busch

speedfan94 Jul 27

rowdy Busch

monicafitz80 Jul 27

Denny Hamlin

bprescott7 Jul 27

@117th0mas I'm with ya! #20

therealbear73 Jul 27

@joegibbsracing Go JGR! #LetsGoPlaces

vicgenotte Jul 27

Go Snickers!!!!!!! :)

117_th0mas Jul 27

Yep!! @bprescott7

kaijero Jul 27

@joegibbsracing Boris, here is the lineup in a sentence for you: I bought a SNICKER at DOLLAR GENERAL and I am sending it by FEDEX to you at Indy. 😁😁

buffalo_warrior Jul 27

Carl Edwards is moving to JGR next year!!

vifmaster Jul 27


admiral_13_kamal Jul 27

@vifmaster 👍

ibavamarine Jul 27

Only thing missing is Carl Edwards #19 with Kellogg's sponsor on board!

davey51 Jul 27

How about the lineup for 2015 @joegibbsracing

reesescupseries Jul 27

Why 19? Haha @ibavamarine

joegibbsracing Jul 26

A JGR front-row to start the race at Indianapolis. Pic: @NASCAR

stamp2k1 Jul 26

@joegibbsracing GREAT SHOT!!!!!

bsohollywood Jul 26

Perfect view @joegibbsracing

joegibbsracing Jul 26

Getting ready to "Go!" at Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Thanks for the pic Byron G. #NASCAR

joegibbsracing Jul 26

Reser's Fine Foods on the no.20 means two things: a good chance to win, & great food back at the hauler. Yum. #NASCAR

ccw_2020 Jul 26


joegibbsracing Jul 26

This is our lineup for today's #NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Indy: Busch starts 1st, Kenseth 2nd, Sadler 12th.

cokezerocupseries Jul 26


_willstuart_ Jul 26

Sadler!! @joegibbsracing

chipketelaar Jul 27

Great to meet you again today, Boris. Thanks for all that you do for us fans.

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