Joe Gibbs Racing

Joe Gibbs Racing

Coy Gibbs (Team Manager)

Joe Gibbs is known for saying; “in professional sports you win with people. Coy Gibbs knows that building a motocross team from the ground up is no easy task, and having the right people will make all the difference in the success of the effort. Understanding that success in NASCAR will not directly translate into success in motocross, Coy has hired a team with extensive backgrounds in the sport. Jeremy Albrecht manages the team. The team except for the riders is based in Huntersville, North Carolina.

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joegibbsracing Apr 16

The 2015 Toyota Camry made it's debut today! Talk about a mean machine! Can't wait to race this thing. @ToyotaRacing

fadi_94 Apr 16

That grill gonna need a lot of tape!

rowdyruts18 Apr 16

It seems like the 14's just came out!

officer_ridolfi Apr 16


jdmjag Apr 16


jracerx245 Apr 16

@joegibbsracing You could "grill" for the infield alone on one of these. πŸ˜‰

cbets122 Apr 16


tommyboy72 Apr 16

Race it like it's stolen!!!

cokezerocupseries Apr 16

Will they race it in 2015?

patmal_8 Apr 16

Are they going to update the stock car next year?

joegibbsracing Apr 16

Yes @cokezerocupseries @patmal_8

mimihark Apr 16

That's ugly

revkev1979 Apr 16

I want one

davey51 Apr 17

Is it rear wheel drive ? @joegibbsracing

joegibbsracing Apr 15

From the archives: a little fun with some Lionel #NASCAR diecast cars.

kylerowdy_elliotfan Apr 15

Cool @joegibbsracing

sofa_slayer Apr 15

What's up with the dasni flying by in first shot??

robert_szuty Apr 15

@mattszuty toys!

nickshort42 Apr 15


stopmotionmaker Apr 15

Matt Kenseth won my StopMotion Race !!! Watch it on YouTube

bigfat3mo Apr 15

Haha I remember this. It's still awsome!

cokezerocupseries Apr 15

I saw the water bottle!!

realtreeoutfitterscupseries Apr 15

Why is that water bottle flying by

trippcalhoun2860 Apr 15

Dat bottle doe!

justcassidy Apr 15


nickhues Apr 15


segantimetalworks Apr 15

@msseganti show Micah

nascardailynews Apr 15

Follow @nascar__news for live updates all year long on NASCAR news and updates

garyowenjr Apr 15

@nickhues thx for showing me this!

marissalogano28 Apr 15

Aww miss that!!!

wickenater75 Apr 16

1:24 scale too and smooth WOW #nascarstopmotion

bps_rainx_racingseries Apr 16

If you all liked this follow our page for stopmotions just like this one!

joegibbsracing Apr 15

Love this Darlington pic from @jeff_gluck - give him a follow. --- Quiet Track, Darlington. #nascar

kaylaajeannn Apr 15


joegibbsracing Apr 15

A sneak peek at a special scheme! #NASCAR

thershoemaker Apr 15

Toyota ten years in NASCAR?

jamesrg1019 Apr 15

@joegibbsracing what Is a left front and right front bead its on the switch panel for the cars

nickshort42 Apr 15

Pretzel paint scheme

thebigmccaul Apr 15

Patriotic scheme. Calling it

ericbeaudoin Apr 15

It's the pretzel scheme. Saw it at the shop

alter40 Apr 15

@jamesrg1019 they are fans that blow on the bead of the tires to keep them cool

cole_edmonds18 Apr 15

Agree with @ericbeaudoin @nickshort42

cokezerocupseries Apr 15

Maybe twice

cokezerocupseries Apr 15


coletimm57 Apr 15

Snickers paint scheme @joegibbsracing

coletimm57 Apr 15

Or red white and blue m&ms @joegibbsracing

badfast18 Apr 15

@joegibbsracing Show more!

jamesrg1019 Apr 15

Ok thanks @alter40

mikemast44 Apr 16


bobdare Apr 16


joegibbsracing Apr 14

Fast is fun. #NASCAR @sportclipshaircuts

zachvh0805 Apr 14

espiceally when u have matt kenseth

zebulun Apr 14


momma2matthew Apr 14

You nailed it @zachvh0805!

zachvh0805 Apr 14

yep come richmond we'll snag that win @momma2matthew

momma2matthew Apr 14

Oh yeah I hope and pray that will happen @zachvh0805! :-)

markalpaugh Apr 14

@kolin_ogrady22 look how fast they areπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

joegibbsracing Apr 13

#NASCAR vid: a closer look at our 3 Toyotas in tonight's race.

amomof2beauties Apr 13

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

small_spaz Apr 13

Ugh Kyle is not having a great night.

sprintcupnews Apr 13

@small_spaz he's 3rd now lol

onetheorymusic Apr 13


onetheorymusic Apr 13

20 sorry my kid hit my phone haha

elliottfanforever Apr 13

Really Denny had the same paint scheme as El?

joegibbsracing Apr 13

Darlington = Tire torture. Here a crew member burns off excess rubber to check tread depth. #NASCAR

amomof2beauties Apr 13

Thanks for sharing!

bhasting91 Apr 13

This is my biggest interest in NASCAR, tire specialist is my goal.

hawkdog110 Apr 13

Check this link to YouTube. I took this vid at Watkins Glen 2012.

joegibbsracing Apr 12

Kyle Busch's driving gloves are sitting on the dash. Ready to get down to business. #NASCAR

revkev1979 Apr 12

Hope he leads the lap that matters most #KBshow

bert_nascar22 Apr 12

@revkev1979 he won't!!!

dgrayson_1sickta Apr 12


emilylagore Apr 12

Nice to see you Boris - errrr your hand anyways 😜

jamesrg1019 Apr 15

Boris your the best in the biz thanks for answering all my questions if its ok with u I will give u a shout out

jamesrg1019 Apr 15


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