Joe Gibbs Racing

Joe Gibbs Racing

Coy Gibbs (Team Manager)

Joe Gibbs is known for saying; “in professional sports you win with people. Coy Gibbs knows that building a motocross team from the ground up is no easy task, and having the right people will make all the difference in the success of the effort. Understanding that success in NASCAR will not directly translate into success in motocross, Coy has hired a team with extensive backgrounds in the sport. Jeremy Albrecht manages the team. The team except for the riders is based in Huntersville, North Carolina.

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joegibbsracing Aug 27

Fantasy Football Draft Day: @DennyHamlin & @martysmithespn talk draft strategy before the JGR draft begins. #NASCAR

kjflye Aug 27

love the laptop cover that is in front of Marty

cpoz421 Aug 27

@mattkenseth @mattkenseth20 better get Rodgers! #GoPackGo

sprintcupnews Aug 27

#gopackgo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ ayyyy lol @cpoz421

joegibbsracing Aug 26

Funny Slow-Mo: The Reser's #NASCAR Nationwide team answered the #ALSIceBucketChallenge

kenny_wilkinson Aug 26


taylorcoffman30 Aug 26

@sam12mcaulay !! Lol

tootallmadill Aug 26

Haha @sam12mcaulay

jerseyshorerose Aug 26


joegibbsracing Aug 26

Our man Matt Kenseth is on the front page of USAToday Sports today! #NASCAR

alyt03 Aug 26


efred9 Aug 26

Hi can I have a follow back please? @joegibbsracing

knick_nak Aug 26

@alyt03 This is awesome! Thank you for tagging me!

houseyy51 Aug 26


ch12334 Aug 26

He is such a nice man. im glad that a driver such as him is doing this hey can i get follow back plz? @joegibbsracing im like huge fam.

ch12334 Aug 26


ewaldk Aug 26


nropen Aug 26

@joegibbsracing good for him! He's a winner on and off the track in my books!

billvanwagner1405 Aug 26

Matt Kenseth targets bullying on same page as Incognito visiting Bucs.... Coincidence?

daniel_aquilina20 Aug 26

Wow that's fantastic! I was bullied as a kid too, never a lot of fun. Way to go Matt!

jerseyshorerose Aug 26


ah_dalton Aug 27

woohoo matt! such an awesome guy!

joegibbsracing Aug 26

We're excited to tell you about Matt Kenseth's new children's book: Race Against Bullying - now available at

ajracing_18 Aug 26


napacupseries Aug 26


foxy_the_third Aug 26


jeanandwillw Aug 26

Need to send a copy to Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart!!

reneestotler Aug 26

Can't wait to get one

michelle_l_l Aug 26

Dose Kevin Harvick have a copy if not I'll buy him one.

gusismom Aug 26

I was leaning toward Carl Edwards need for this book

rubber_racing22 Aug 26

Send a copy to kyle busch lol he's a idiot

daniel_aquilina20 Aug 26

Gosh that is so cool!

ewaldk Aug 27


joegibbsracing Aug 24

Incredible photo from @pixelcrisp --- #NASCAR #bristol

redfalcon44 Aug 24

First like

ryanrepko Aug 24

Congrats @redfalcon44 you won it fair and square lol

redfalcon44 Aug 24

@ryanrepko I just wanna thank the fans my family and just Instagram for that refresh button

ryanrepko Aug 24

Lol @redfalcon44

jacksontate_ Aug 24

Can we start a petition to voluntarily mug Kevin harvick??πŸ˜‚

its.just.jae Aug 24

Holy amazing pic @pixelcrisp

cj_towns23 Aug 24

Is Carl Edwards new car going to be a Toyota or still a ford

jared_freier25 Aug 26


jared_freier25 Aug 26


joegibbsracing Aug 24

The mangled remains of the 11 & 88 after the 4 spun Hamlin while leading. #NASCAR

coloradocupseries Aug 24

I want that

addicted2r4cing Aug 24

Can i have that😭

jordan.elliott Aug 24

ugh I hate harvick

twitterdirectmessages Aug 24


19jmkelle Aug 24

Stupid Harvick

michael.rosado Aug 24

I wish they can fix Hamlin and then harvick can be out of the race like him. He's so stupid for racing like that, that early in the race

monicafitz80 Aug 24

I hope @dennyhamlin pays it back.

1973felicia Aug 24


_nascar_edits_ Aug 24

He will @monicafitz80

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

lol all these people think Harvick did it on purpose. It was a misjudgment by him. Haha

ahelton24 Aug 24

Obviously Harvick did it on purpose, he keeps doing it to everyone else. Mr know it all obviously doesn't know it all...apparently. HAHA

monicafitz80 Aug 24

Harvick was racing dirty. He always does. I can understand if it was the final lap but come on less than 1/2 way thru. He knew what he was doing.

bjbeall11 Aug 24

That green making that silver look good!

jacksontate_ Aug 24

Harvick can go f himselfπŸ˜‹

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

@ahelton24 your argument doesn't make sense. Who else has he done it to recently?

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

@monicafitz80 In my opinion that was clean racing, he just misjudged how far ahead Hamlin was. Even Denny acknowledged that it was a mistake

nascar_edits_ Aug 24

Go Harvick

kimmie4305 Aug 24

Sorry you can't "misjudge" HALF of your car guys...remember last year at Bristol? I think Denny was being sarcastic.

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

@kimmie4305 Yeah, but he nipped his bumper not half his car

monicafitz80 Aug 24

Harvick didn't have be as aggressive as he was that early on. I'm pissed that my driver is out. @dennyhamlin could have won tonight.

kimmie4305 Aug 24

@coolestnascarschemes He went up all in the side of him, got him squirrelly, caught his bumper and wrecked him. It's simple he wrecked him. Harvick & Hamlin have a history at Bristol.

kimmie4305 Aug 24

@monicafitz80 I agree with you 100%. @dennyhamlin could have been a force to be reckoned with especially here at Bristol.

kevin_mahoney1 Aug 24

It was a misjudge meant and harvick was having radio troubled too

monicafitz80 Aug 24

@kevin_mahoney1 Harvick can use radio trouble as an excuse all he wants.

kevin_mahoney1 Aug 24

@monicafitz80 why would they be changing the radio the next round of pit stops if it was an excuse? They aren't gunna waste time In the pits switching radios if it was an excuse

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

@kevin_mahoney1 has a good point, Harvick's communications with his spotter were also lacking. The 'history' you are referring to goes only back to last year where both Harvick and Hamlin made up on the spot and agreed that neither of them caused the accident. Harvick also apologized on the radio right after.

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

@kimmie4305 @monicafitz80

kimmie4305 Aug 24

@kevin_mahoney1 @monicafitz80 @coolestnascarschemes The radio malfunction would not cause you to hit the car directly in front of you. These are professional race car drivers. It was a very quick pit stop. Yes I know abt wreck last year. Was there. And being a fan we all know drivers don't forget & tend to remember the tracks where they have issues with certain drivers. They all get paid back sooner or later.

kevin_mahoney1 Aug 24

@kimmie4305 Hamlin was on harvicks outside harvick just misjudged the distance between them Hamlin wasn't directly in front of him he was to the outside of him also the cars dont have the best view from the drivers seat of the right front

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

@kimmie4305 That's dumb to say it was intentional. I think he was just racing for the lead and misjudged the distance between his car and Hamlins (which was slowing down for the turn). You can tell when a wreck is intentional, and that certainly was not, espically because Harvick acutely took the time to apologize and say it was his fault.

kimmie4305 Aug 24

@coolestnascarschemes my comment wasnt "dumb" thank you. It was MY observation/opinion just as you have yours. Many drivers over NASCAR history have said they were sorry even when intentional especially since they monitor radio traffic very heavily now. It is what it is. No money out of my pocket either way. I just think Harvick knew what he was doing. He has done it many times before. MY opinion. By the way you have a great Sunday! :-)

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

@kimmie4305 true that we all have opinions...I guess that we can agree to disagree, and thanks, you have a fabulous Sunday as well :-)

kimmie4305 Aug 24

@coolestnascarschemes Thank you fellow #NASCAR fan! :-)

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

@kimmie4305 anytime! I guess at the end of the day, we can all be just NASCAR fans!

kimmie4305 Aug 24

@coolestnascarschemes That we can! I have many favorites and many that I don't like honestly. But at the end of the day we are just racing fanatics & cheer for our favorites. I have been a fan of #NASCAR for 45 years. It's in my blood! :-)

coolestnascarschemes Aug 24

@kimmie4305 Agreed! Hope for a great rest of the season for both our drivers!

joegibbsracing Aug 24

Pre-race prayer & huddle before the race for the Dollar General Racing team. #NASCAR

tyracer2017 Aug 24

Go Kenseth!!

mamarie15 Aug 24


spencerburbank Aug 24

Go like hell guys!!!!

vifmaster Aug 24

Come on Matt pedal2themetal

jared_freier25 Aug 24


andrewmeagher14 Aug 24

What Chanel is it on

coltonchilds Aug 24

abc @andrewmeagher14

robertharkess Aug 24

Chanel #5, of course...

ccw_2020 Aug 24


marley182011 Aug 24

Your are only chance Matt πŸπŸ†πŸ™

bhayden20 Aug 24

#team20 #ftw

drewdyknowsbest Aug 24


nropen Aug 24

@joegibbsracing SO PROUD OF #TEAM20! They rocked it tonight!

cj_towns23 Aug 25

Go dollar general

joegibbsracing Aug 24

This isn't the only smoke we'll see tonight at #Bristol. #NASCAR

epicjameson Aug 24

Tony Stewart (Smoke)

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