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Trey Canard

#41 Trey Canard

DoB: 9/17/1990
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 148 lbs
Residence: Elk City, OK
Hometown: Shawnee, OK
Bike: Honda CRF450

The meteoric rise of Trey Canard in the sport of professional Supercross and Motocross racing has definitely attracted loads of attention and given fans plenty to cheer about. In only a few seasons this remarkable young man has rocketed to the front of the pack; 2011 marked only his fourth year of full-time professional competition, yet there he was, beating the worlds best at an unbelievably demanding sport. Canard quickly leapfrogged to the premier 450 class after earning a pair of 250-class championships, and he was suddenly a threat to win at any given race. And win he did three times during the 2011 Supercross season, plus additional podium finishes that kept him in the lead pack, vying for the overall championship in his rookie 450 season.Go back to the tail-end of the 2007 Motocross season, and we find a teenaged Canard lined up against pro riders for the first time. The three subsequent years of full-time competition riding for the GEICO Powersports Honda team aboard a CRF250R saw him fine-tune his racing skills and rapidly parlay that expertise into the 2008 AMA Supercross Lites East Championship and the 2010 AMA 250 Motocross title.

Career Highlights

5th AMA Supercross Series (shortened season due to injury)
AMA Motocross SeriesΓ‘limited participation due to injury

3rd AMA Supercross Lites West Series
1st AMA Motocross Lites Series

6th AMA Supercross Lites West Series
13th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

1st AMA Supercross Lites East Series
10th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

18th AMA Motocross Lites Series (began racing at round 9 of 12)

Eight amateur titles in 2007
AMA Horizon Award, 2007





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treycanard Aug 27

Ecclesiastes 5:2 We are a people of quick and probably way to often cheap words. We say whatever we wanna say, whenever we wanna say, to whoever we wanna say. We don't realize the impact of our words. Have you ever realized the impact of your words to God? I'm sure if we did we'd take em way more seriously. I know so many times I just start spouting of prayer and before I know it I'm thinking about how awesome chicken fried chicken is. Random I know but I can sometimes give God cheap and meaningless words just like I can do with people. Maybe I should try and spend a little more time being quiet before God and man and when I really realize who I'm talking to I will seriously wanna tell and listen and lift up and engage in true heart felt meaningful conversation. Instead of me giving my words. When I give God and people my heartfelt, genuine attention I just wonder how life would change.

j_gray316 Aug 27

Amen trey congrats on this past weekend

amyarose26 Aug 27

I LOVE this!!!

j_gray316 Aug 27

Unearned it

theardenb Aug 27

Amen Trey! I was battling this not 5 minutes ago.

matthewgray513 Aug 27

Thank you for these it starts my day of right and you killed it in Utah

the_real_leanord Aug 27

Well done

stevenshaw599 Aug 27

@treycanard that really just hit home for me while reading and thinking about that. Thank you

simplysmashing66 Aug 27

@treycanard Good words indeed. Love your heart, my brother.

kwardius Aug 27

Your such a great role model for so many @treycanard

craycay_147 Aug 27


christian_beauchamp55 Aug 27

@kwardius ur so right

andymeono Aug 27


jham36 Aug 27

@sallymunz26 @seedub18 @benjaminjosephbennett @flattrackmom

blinky400 Aug 27


julieforkner214 Aug 27

You should publish a devotional

jake_cyrus Aug 27


tannerkrysl Aug 27

yes! publish a devotional dude! please! for all us racers!!!

d.edge1 Aug 27

Well said Trey!

_roseleona_ Aug 27


thereal181 Aug 27

Every time trey amazing!

finita_pita Aug 27

@andymeono right back at ya babe 😘

dsheola Aug 27


scotty109b Aug 27

Amen brotha! πŸ™

missann882 Aug 27

God bless you Trey.

baileytucker23 Aug 27


tc_roady Aug 27

This is a really helpful and great insight for me today. Thanks!

jojop0928 Aug 27


gl0riae Aug 27


nate_ryan99 Aug 27

What Church do you go to @treycanard

matt_bates_23 Aug 27


jackhammer_33 Aug 27

Yes on the devotional ,please

treycanard Aug 26

Proverbs 17:27-28 When I was thinking on what topic I was gonna choose this week, nothing was really coming to mind. Then I thought, maybe I talk to much? There is something so accurate about that within our society, we talk to much, I talk to much. We want our wisdom our ideas our stories to be heard cause it's all about us! I think maybe sometimes we could just be quiet for a minute? I'm gonna try and listen today, chances are I will learn way more, be more genuine and show somebody else that they... are you ready for this? Are equally as important, most likely far more important than I am and that their life matters. Maybe showing love, the love of Christ to a person isn't always cramming them full of my own ideas and hope, it's being there to listening to theirs.

tsieg_21 Aug 26

First like

_littlepiratexo Aug 26

Yes. πŸ‘

_littlepiratexo Aug 26


wheelz918 Aug 26

Awe @mitchhalsey

blutes77 Aug 26


crob159 Aug 26


tyronpottow Aug 26

Amen brother. @treycanard Well said! When we talk too much sometimes we can't hear what the Lord is saying. Big ups for your win at Utah! Huge fan!

natural7even Aug 26


jgibby275 Aug 26


tylerjburns Aug 26

C'mon somebody!

dee_2006 Aug 26

You're A True Inspiration @treycanard

stein819 Aug 26

@tsmith111 start listening bro be humble 😎

ryanolsen1973 Aug 26

@bridgetanno @lexxiolsen @grayce_15_ega

cbmccargo Aug 26


nwagner801 Aug 26

Love you trey and your message!

johnbonner17 Aug 26

@knmeeks I love u

bobcacc Aug 26

@treycanard U are amazing, keep up the great work. And congrats on Ur win

timfromtexas Aug 26

First Trey I want to say congratulations for the #Utah and your success. Mostly for the inspiration you have become to so many. I like your post today. I believe we all have an innate need to communicate. Speech is just one such method. As I read this a song by Robert Plant came to mind, "Ship of Fools"... which is an allegory from Plato. The allegory depicts a vessel populated by human inhabitants who are frivolous or oblivious passengers aboard a ship without a pilot. ... something to ponder for anyone seeking direction. #inspiration

thereal181 Aug 26

Thanks trey.

ginger969 Aug 26


110mx Aug 26


rickylarryyy Aug 26


skiboog Aug 26

Our family loves you...thank you for your amazing quotes, verses, etc. πŸ™πŸ’™

queef413 Aug 26

Once again,Trey,you are one bad dude. Thanks for always putting out the good word....

chadthefireguy Aug 26

That was great soooo true

jrmx440 Aug 26

Good one trey!

kelliff133 Aug 26


baileytucker23 Aug 26


jongodman108 Aug 26


jkarp730 Aug 26


stevenicholas21 Aug 26

@tylerroper93 @daytonnicholas925 @casynelrod14 @cameron_reed101

randybotts Aug 26

Good call Trey! Having a seminar about that at Kicker this week!

tommycashmore Aug 26

Trey all I know is that sense you started doing this posting it has made a big difference in my relationship with our savior I like to see you ride but I love the way you show your faith you can tell god comes first in your life I strive to be that way I am thankful Thanks trey

motoman341 Aug 26

Great words trey it's Caleb follow back @treycanard

matt_bates_23 Aug 26


ducrider900 Aug 26

I need prayers for my daughter. She had spine surgery on July 9th and had some hardware put in. Since then she has had 3 nerve blocks that haven't really worked. Today we saw the surgeon and she needs surgery on Friday to remove the hardware because one of them failed and broke inside her he thinks the bone graft has worked and will remove them both.

jlclark763 Aug 26


treycanard Aug 25

Some amazing music coming out/out @lecrae @lincolnbrewster

fly_boy_honda11 Aug 25

Omg yasssss

team_faith_141 Aug 25

Trey you need to try an listen to B. Cooper or Derak Minor. Those are some awesome Christian rappers. @b_cooper an @ derak_minor

mikeike429 Aug 25

@treycanard check out Canton Jones

handstogether Aug 25

Bro we should be brothers... our taste is identical Motocross and christ @treycanard

mason_dobbs8 Aug 25

Same dude @handstogether

bentleys_mama Aug 25

Lincoln Brewster is the worship leader for our church, Bayside Granite Bay. So awesome.

bmiller207 Aug 25

@bentleys_mama im right there with ya! So cool to have him as our worship leader

slippytune Aug 25

3 doors down - krytonite #hero #champion @kenroczen94

fly_boy_honda11 Aug 25

Yes @madi_bow86

fly_boy_honda11 Aug 25


patsoffe Aug 26

@treycanard had a chance to talk with Lincoln just before the album release, great guy, enjoyed spending time with him and listening to him play. He has been a huge inspiration to me as a worship leader and guitarist. By the way congrats on your overall victory in Utah.

coach413_316 Aug 26

Lecrae is Dooope!

airhawk03 Aug 26

I love Lecrea

airhawk03 Aug 26


treycanard Aug 25

Man what a day yesterday, I'm so thankful to share that moment with people that mean the world to me. Wish @karicanard and @jaxon_canard41 and @bigmystery141 coulda been there. Much love and thankfulness to the people who support and strive! I'm grateful to be in this community for a purpose and get to enjoy racing in the process. Sponsor plug time! @therealreddog @deangolich @FlyRacingUSA @dcshoes @HondaPowersprts @officialleatt @scottmotosports @alpinestars @RideCannondale @MuscleMilk @RePlayXD @KICKERaudio @rideshimano @KMCWheels

treycanard Aug 25

P.S. Look at my beautiful wife 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

teague_seccuro_429 Aug 25

First comment

tanner__48 Aug 25

Good luck next year became a fan of yours this season

rds_929 Aug 25

So good to see you back from what you've gone truly and an amazing journey massive congrats @treycanard

curtktm Aug 25

Congratulations trey, you deserve it. Thanks for praising God on the podium also!

jasonl149 Aug 25

Fantastic way to end the season. Keep the momentum going right into SX.

swilson_99_218 Aug 25

Good for you, you deserved the win. Glad to have you as the face of our sport. #⃣4⃣1⃣

insta_durr Aug 25

Stoked for you. Can't wait to see you next year in supercross and outdoors

cathydavies210 Aug 25

Congrats. I knew you could do it!!!!!

dpr57 Aug 25


soccer_kass_14 Aug 25

Good job trey

_littlepiratexo Aug 25

Congratulations you're an incredible and inspirational rider and man. Keep it up. So awesome! ☺☺☺@treycanard

michaelk358 Aug 25

FAVORITE RIDE!!! Rock on man... You amazme me how you come back and still a top 5 contender... Good work man. God bless

dirtbiikeee Aug 25

You deserved it more than anyoneπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―

mitchell512 Aug 25

Next year's MX champ for sure

dee.harris Aug 25

Great job. God was looking down on you yesterday, blessing you for all your hard work and service. I am glad to hear you give God all the glory for you wins. He truly has giving you a platform to spread his word and you are doing what he has commanded you to do. Please keep it up.

110mx Aug 25


galenas_yamaha865 Aug 25

Great race! I loved it! ☺️

treycanard_fanpage Aug 25

Awesome season trey! I bet it felt great to finish a whole season of outdoors and getsolid finishes Now let's take this moment right into 15 sx!

j_deanda569 Aug 25

@pray4alex116 @snapshotforgod that's my nigga lol

jcr207 Aug 25

So stoked for you. Greater things ahead for you!!!

jacobtuffy Aug 25

Good job trey i was rootin for u man yur style is sick

motodaddy44 Aug 25

Awesome! Praise the Lord for keeping you safe.

dottjh Aug 25

go trey!!

carnage747 Aug 25

You the man! I was so stoked when you won both motos! @treycanard

johnnycguest Aug 25

Congrats @treycanard ! Can't wait for supercross!

the805local Aug 25


bwaldow14 Aug 25


redmond301 Aug 25

Great job @treycanard your an inspiration to us all πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ

danmitch6641 Aug 25

You deserve it@treycanard!

bsharff150 Aug 25

Your a superstar bro!! Great role model for our sport !!! #treystime

brodysgma30 Aug 25

You are the BEST! I was so excited to see you win! @treycanard

b_colligan Aug 25

Great job this year! @treycanard

kaylee_ann_3 Aug 25

Great job Trey!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸπŸ’― Thanks for the goggles, there sick!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’― @treycanard

reginazhubbz Aug 25

So stoked on your 1-1 overall win! May God bless you. 450 champ for 2015!!! @treycanard

nico_lombardi Aug 25

Such a mean bike

meryhew_291 Aug 25

@treycanard you deserved that overall!! I would love to see you win the championship next season! ✊

5teveoo Aug 25

Whoever said nice guys finish last has never met @treycanard ! Congrats!!

maverickmillsbeast Aug 25

Amazing job hope to see you on top in supercross too🏁🏁🏁

hapa21 Aug 25

Stoked for u bud!!!

sergiosolares41 Aug 25

You're the man!! Congrats!! @treycanard

jcarraher64 Aug 25

Awesome and amazing to see you back on top!!! #keepthefaith @treycanard

mandipants22 Aug 25

Great job this season @treycanard #hometownfan

the_firstenberger Aug 25

Gratz trey

gusco21 Aug 25

Congratulations on a solid outdoor season! @treycanard

dungey12 Aug 25

Awesome TC41 so stoked to see you at the top of the box! legendary

glenking130 Aug 25

Proof that God is in the business of restoration! Awesome job by an awesome guy... #TC41alltimefavorite

brandon_lyons_biii Aug 25

Fuck ya dude good see the Hondas out there kickin ass

hannahmeetsworld Aug 25

So happy for you Trey! You absolutely deserve it. πŸ‘

a.m.l.o.v.e Aug 25

that was the fastest bike out there. you won because you were the one having fun!

clesio127 Aug 25

The best rider today!

the_ralphcourtney41 Aug 25

Best rider all the time

motomoms Aug 25


hjay92 Aug 25

Ur Awsome man

ludmila21 Aug 25

What a nice picture :) @treycanard

noelege Aug 25


james.ferris.3785 Aug 25

Good work:-)

matti27 Aug 25

Congrats..good result!!

brett_sturgeon Aug 25

Great job @treycanard well deserved moto wins. Next year you are gonna be there for the championship.

19_tanner Aug 25

I'm predicting you to win 2015 outdoor season @treycanard

ladonna_326 Aug 25

Sweet victory @treycanard and always so nice to hear you give credit to Jesus Christ! Couldn't be happier for you!

julieforkner214 Aug 25

Congrats Trey

jackhammer_33 Aug 25

@treycanard is the example of how people including myself should live their life's through Jesus Christ . Way to spank em in Utah , you make me proud to be a okie

dylangroat223 Aug 25

@treycanard you deserved the moto wins! And you rode great! Keep it up for next season

kelliff133 Aug 25

Great job, This shows if you work hard and have faith the Load will take care of you. @treycanard

basstegeman Aug 25

@joeybak93 TC CHAMP

mcschindydoodle Aug 25


jruinb Aug 25

So happy for you Trey! Congrats on your first, you sure got on a roll at the end of the season. Can't wait for sx. Jersey loves Trey! @treycanard

hemi1971 Aug 25

X2 on the Jersey comment!

bigairbeagle Aug 26

You are an inspiration, not only because of how awesome you ride, but more importantly because of your love for Christ and how you are not afraid to share it. Seeing you share Christ has inspired me to not be afraid what people think and share Christ. It is obvious that you are in this sport for a reason and that you are doing HIS will. Thank you for all you do God Bless and congratulations. @treycanard

mrwarlockofficial Aug 26

Top Ride man. You really fired over the last few rounds. I think you read the book of Eli, then found an extra gear! Good luck in Supercross season with Honda and Cole.

limasomur Aug 26

God bless

nilsxddd Aug 26

Check Out my Account ;)

treycanard Aug 22

Galatians 1:8 Truth is here, it's been given to us through scripture, confirmed by Christ resurrection and miracles. It's been given to now wait until eternity. There is one Truth, it's within the pages of the Bible. If anyone, he says even an "Angel" were to teach anything else consider it a lie. The answer is right in our grasps, it's not over hard. It's not to complicated, it just takes a heart that is willing to take that step and let go of it's own pride and trust in a life that is in Christ, fullness of life and eternity. Don't look to the stars, don't look to religion, don't look to another so called god or prophet. Look to Jesus.

crob159 Aug 22


nickkordana Aug 22

@hunterbrockway @patroy120 remember

__kourtneyds13 Aug 22

Amen πŸ™

tingey199 Aug 22

Quit preaching #unfollowed

j_gray316 Aug 22

Amen trey

austinwright87 Aug 22

Don't ever stop preaching !

110mx Aug 22


mamashelstad Aug 22


adair4ou Aug 22


chrislharris Aug 22

What version of The bible are you reading? The context of the meaning seems way different in king James...

idekkatie121 Aug 22

Amen Trey :) dont ever quit preaching!!!

kyle_cox27 Aug 22

I needed that man thanks Trey

tristan_hillman14 Aug 22


chad_mahony Aug 22

@chrislharris no one reads king James any more he is ready NIV new international version

glenngdj Aug 22

A lot of people do @chad_mahony

beret45 Aug 22

Thanks Trey and get a W this weekend huhπŸ˜‰

carmencacc Aug 22

@chrislharris @chad_mahony @glenngdj King James is a word for word translation in 16th century English. Language evolves, new words are added to our language constantly. There are lots of great translations out there, find one you can understand and read it. If you are studying inductively and going to Greek/Hebrew original language, KJV, NASB, ESV are great, but clunky to read.

captain_159 Aug 22


tq_bunga Aug 22

Good luck I'll be there to watch this weekend! @treycanard #inspired

poinzzzy Aug 22

Nicely said !

glenking130 Aug 22


braplife Aug 22

another amazing preach trey.πŸ™ŒπŸ™

jorch_barragan12 Aug 22

Hey @treycanard you should be on usa team :(

gl0riae Aug 22


enriquevarela471 Aug 22

Under gods curse. He is so loving!! And you guy are so sick for worshipping him. I am the best mx rider ever. Who ever denies that is lying or is mistaken. My book says so. But since im not that sick i wont curse you. Peace.

brotherbeddy Aug 22

You make everything so easy to understand, keep it up 

glively34 Aug 22

The New Testament is filled with warnings of 'false doctrines.' Well said @treycanard

glively34 Aug 22

@charrielively @laurenrae3292

dkca Aug 22


lucas_h_nikirk7 Aug 22

@enriquevarela471 you truly don't know who Jesus is.

stein819 Aug 22

@tsmith111 @christenstein_

toddfaravelli Aug 22

Amen brother

treycanard Aug 22

@enriquevarela471 The warning was for people who where and are misleading people. God is for you and about you not against you.

showtime287 Aug 23


rod_3333 Aug 23

trey, if your referring to the Mormon religion aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints with this quote (& I'm not saying you are)..... the angel that visited Joseph Smith was preaching nothing but Christ's gospel in its fullness & entirety ....p.s. you would make a GREAT Mormon!! .....just sayin :)

nessadawn821 Aug 23

Love that you keep it real and don't ever lose who you are. God is so important in our lives. And glad you aren't one of those people who are afraid to admit it!!! God bless you and thank you for spreading his word openly in your everyday life but in your public spotlight too!!!

motorbikemike279 Aug 23

Good luck today

carnage747 Aug 23

Great Moto 1!!!!!!!& @treycanard

oso_mtb Aug 23

Thanks for your boldness trey! And good job in moto#1

kamden_miller52 Aug 23

Good luck today trey may god bless your efforts @treycanard

nmiguel_pbc Aug 23

@treycanard, are you coming to Bercy supercross?

cwoody3wvu Aug 24

@treycanard congrats on your overall today! Love seeing you have success in your races! You are definitely my families favorite rider because of how you testify about your faith and what Jesus done for all us! Love seeing a strong Christian in the spotlight like this! We pray that God continues to bless you and give you many more opportunities to testify to His amazing steadfast love for all of us! Good luck in supercross!

dustinklassen Aug 24

Hey I don't know how else to contact you haha just wanna say congrats on the win today. I was super excited for you!

strigle982 Aug 24

While I am just now able to watch the race from yesterday, one verse comes into mind. Psalms 30:11 "You turned my wailing into dancing"

jdwdesign Aug 25

@geoweiss can you show Joel this guy? Look how much scripture he posts. Great great stuff.

kihlgrendude Aug 26


jorddanroberts Aug 26

@tommy_gg thought you might like this dude

treycanard Aug 21

Acts 17:11 Our culture is so good at taking things we've either heard, saw or read, either on the internet or on t.v. and believing or even stating them as fact. I know I've got info and said it as if it was hands down the truth before but I had no idea. The same goes for Gods truth, I know I am too good at hearing something or reading something from somebody of notable character and believing it to be fact. What would happen if we continued to either affirm or disprove what we hear with wisdom and knowledge? This scripture is great because these are men that experienced Jesus Christ in the fullest yet these noble minded peoples aren't just taking their word for fact, they are affirming it with there own experience. I think that's what we should strive for. Nothing is more valuable to a person than when they experience they've heard for themselves. Don't just take my word, get a bible app, read the pages, read the book, don't wait for the movie.

glively34 Aug 21


gl0riae Aug 21


lajoshg Aug 21


dreday141 Aug 21


nell_777 Aug 21


michaelllkim Aug 21


jimmy_endear Aug 21

@michaelllkim wow. nice.

bellowsdan Aug 22

You should put these in a book. Well said.

treycanard Aug 20

Acts 2:42 This is the picture of the very beginning of the Church. (Remember it's not a building it's 1 group of people, Gods called out people) Sounds like a pretty amazing thing to be apart of, unity, community, spending enjoyable sincere time together, eating just having a grand ole time. What I want to pay attention to is this, "The Lord added to their number" Notice it wasn't a board of directors, it wasn't a council, it wasn't the elders, it wasn't a preacher, it wasn't a creed. "God" added to their number. Being apart of the true church is not decided by anyone but God, through Jesus. Has he given steps and means to do that? Yes. But that is your choice and it is his doing. Let Him set your life free through Jesus and through His church. Not by another's approval.

treycanard Aug 20

46&47 ya'll

_littlepiratexo Aug 20

I think you may be one of the most positive people I have seen on TV and after reading your posts wowπŸ‘ Very inspirational.

_littlepiratexo Aug 20


mxmom529 Aug 20

Can't wait to hopefully meet you this weekend in Utah. You are an amazing rule model to my 12 year old who also races. @treycanard

wadegray208 Aug 20

I look up to you so much @treycanard you are a super super good mx racer and a very inspirational guy thank you

jrmx440 Aug 20

Wish I could repost the comment!

nick_wooldridge14 Aug 20

Have you ever talked to steve wise? Amazing dude @treycanard

bmoore275 Aug 20

"Let Him set your life free through Jesus and through His church. Not by another's approval". Thank you for this @treycanard

mistajared34 Aug 20

Hey @treycanard it's my dad's birthday and him and I are huge huge fans of urs. U think u could call him on his birthday and just say happy birthday to him?

mistajared34 Aug 20

@treycanard I don't know if u remember me but I wrote u a letter when I was in 6th grade and u responded with a signed poster and my name on it. Then this year at Seattle supercross, my first supercross btw god also gave me the greatest opportunity to meet u again through the Christian moto camp u do. I would just really love it if u could call my dad on his birthday! He would be just speechless and u would make his day and many more!!!!:)

jkarp730 Aug 20

πŸ™ amen to that @alexgrace6

motodad128 Aug 21

God bless you Trey, this is what he is telling us in these times we're in.

taylor_titoni Aug 21

@treycanard So proud of you man!!! Coming back from such adversity. You are a top guy on that track. You can be a champion!! You are fierce on that bike and a true warrior. You inspire so many dude. Go get em brotha!!!

melissa_schneider155 Aug 21

I hope you know the truth about the passah

treycanard Aug 19

John 17:17 Truth, it's something we all want. No matter what it is we want the truth. Have you ever put something together with directions to it but you didn't follow the directions and it came out all messed up? I do it pretty much anytime I put something together. I didn't use the true way to put whatever it was together, so it came out messed up. Gods word, aka the Bible is like those directions. The true directions, a manual to our lives. This verse says Gods word aka the bible, is truth and that truth will sanctify us. Sanctify simply means to make holy and holy simply means to be set apart, set apart from anything that is bad. So what this verse is saying is this. "God your instruction manual is the only truth that puts me together the way I'm suppose to be put together, put me together the perfect way by what you have said in the Bible your manual." A lot of people out there searching for truth, Gods worth is the truth. Anything else that we measure ourselves up to when it comes to eternity besides his word are just like those times we forgot to read the directions. No creed, no organization, no group will ever be true, unless they follow Gods instruction manual and rest in His grace.

rausta279 Aug 19

I like that.

nickbaugh19 Aug 19

Hi Ronnie Mac

crob159 Aug 19


everettyoung10 Aug 19

That's the truth

joshtownsend Aug 19

Well said!

ryanolsen1973 Aug 19

@bridgetanno @grayce_15_ega @lexxiolsen

scotty109b Aug 19

Amen brotha! πŸ™β˜οΈ

matt_bates_23 Aug 19


glively34 Aug 19


ajh_258 Aug 19


ducrider900 Aug 19

Where is the pic with u sportin 2 goggles???

gnarlydave1 Aug 19

Nice way of breaking it down TC thx

gl0riae Aug 19


ruggedbonehead Aug 19


dstout54 Aug 19

You are an awesome person! It is so great to see people like you sharing this with 62k people! It must feel good to spread the Lords word to so many!

aw_gooner Aug 19

I want to thank you for taking the time every morning to post this and share it with 62k people. Many may not agree with you but i know it helps many more people.

ronbear7 Aug 19

gduuub Aug 19

Good stuff. True stuff

jojop0928 Aug 19


dkca Aug 19

Simply teaching the bible simply. Love it. @treycanard

luvmythree2010 Aug 19


pwhiteheadd Aug 19

BIBLE- basic, instructions, before, leaving, earth.

jrjeffs90 Aug 19


cdub2is Aug 19

I hear ya brother I keep throwing the directions out try on my own mess it up then beg for his direction if I was only smarter . Such a Homer sometimes

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