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Trey Canard

#41 Trey Canard

DoB: 9/17/1990
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 148 lbs
Residence: Elk City, OK
Hometown: Shawnee, OK
Bike: Honda CRF450

The meteoric rise of Trey Canard in the sport of professional Supercross and Motocross racing has definitely attracted loads of attention and given fans plenty to cheer about. In only a few seasons this remarkable young man has rocketed to the front of the pack; 2011 marked only his fourth year of full-time professional competition, yet there he was, beating the worlds best at an unbelievably demanding sport. Canard quickly leapfrogged to the premier 450 class after earning a pair of 250-class championships, and he was suddenly a threat to win at any given race. And win he did three times during the 2011 Supercross season, plus additional podium finishes that kept him in the lead pack, vying for the overall championship in his rookie 450 season.Go back to the tail-end of the 2007 Motocross season, and we find a teenaged Canard lined up against pro riders for the first time. The three subsequent years of full-time competition riding for the GEICO Powersports Honda team aboard a CRF250R saw him fine-tune his racing skills and rapidly parlay that expertise into the 2008 AMA Supercross Lites East Championship and the 2010 AMA 250 Motocross title.

Career Highlights

5th AMA Supercross Series (shortened season due to injury)
AMA Motocross SeriesΓ‘limited participation due to injury

3rd AMA Supercross Lites West Series
1st AMA Motocross Lites Series

6th AMA Supercross Lites West Series
13th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

1st AMA Supercross Lites East Series
10th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

18th AMA Motocross Lites Series (began racing at round 9 of 12)

Eight amateur titles in 2007
AMA Horizon Award, 2007





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treycanard Aug 29

Had a blast this morning with the @MuscleMilk crew. These guys are gonna be burning laps before we know it!

bryan_brenner Aug 29

Looks like fun to bad my home town track grizwald mountain isn't open yet hope to see you guys up here in northern michigan next year @treycanard

keithsautel Aug 29

Very nice Trey, Looks like the Honda Riders Center in Colton

larrydebressac123 Aug 29

Great work a utar

teamdcp1 Aug 29

@treycanard Thanks stopping by.

que_la_fregada Aug 30

it was great meeting you. thank you so much for taking time out of ur busy schedule to help us "beginners" out :-) (minnie: your moto buddy)

loststaarz Sep 2

I had a blast out there! :)

treycanard Aug 29

Psalm 46:10 Be Still, something we Americans do not like to do. Even when we are still, the phone is out the lights are on and the tv is blaring. We live very loud lives. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we didn't have all these distractions? I have a challenge for anyone who wants to take it today, Be Still. One of the biggest reasons we don't experience God the way he wants to be experienced is because we are constantly going, always stimulated and never stopping to reflect. So here's my challenge. Go somewhere secluded, quiet and calm. Turn airplane mode on your phone and set a timer for 10 minutes. Repeat the verse from today Psalm 46:10 slowly over and over and try and let everything else go. Try to fill your mind only with the verse. After the time is up try and think how that verse applies to your own life, you can pray, just reflect, take a nap or just get back to life. My hope is this, that we slow down for long enough to give God a chance to work in us. For us to be still and know he is God. This could change our whole outlook on the day, our life and our priorities, if anything it calms us for just 10 min. to let God have his time in our lives. Happy Friday people.

jcarraher64 Aug 29

πŸ™ @treycanard

hooper.dylan Aug 29


crob159 Aug 29


crunch724 Aug 29

U are a real one ahahah! Awesome to have some riders like u! We need all personnality in this amazing sport! πŸ’ͺ

joelparker Aug 29

Good word!

kks629 Aug 29


jethro8221 Aug 29

I would do this but I have classes today so if I stop for 10 minutes ill b late next class but.on my 2 hr break I will take some of that time and do this

stephie_lynn Aug 29

I'm taking the challenge 😊

motolife_609 Aug 29

I'm at washougal racing sorry canard...

horsegirlymx Aug 29

Definitely doing this

rom446 Aug 29

Tu nous casses les burnes

sanger47 Aug 29


mrsreddog Aug 29

My favorite verse @treycanard

panicrev Aug 29


blake_keefe14 Aug 29


brettydcshoes Aug 29

Amen brother! god is good all the time

jubaldavis Aug 29

Trey for president

jbeyer255 Aug 29

Amen! Definitely doing it.

mrsandypitan Aug 29

Every morning with my #readingplan on the #BibleApp

711kevin Aug 29

Hey Trey, tnx for your Ministry!! GB U ur family & ur riding & Racing!!!

michael_roach_1119 Aug 29

Thanks Trey.

volleyballwise Aug 29

Love this!!!

camarenajr31 Aug 29


amyarose26 Aug 29


gl0riae Aug 29


c_grinder457 Aug 29


julieforkner214 Aug 29

So true

mabv4 Aug 29

Thank You

learjetter Aug 29


learjetter Aug 29


jobreezy72 Aug 29


bruner223 Aug 29


johnnycguest Aug 29

Challenge accepted, @treycanard and I'm dragging my wife into this too!

jmorales104 Aug 29

One of my favorite verses. πŸ™

amcallahan12 Aug 29

Exodus 14:14 is a good one to go along with this too!! @treycanard

jeffa317 Aug 29


jessesgirl229 Aug 29

Love you @treycanard 😊😊 Know God & make Him known!!

dylantgod Aug 29

I'm gonna try this line at the bar

daveclaire Aug 29

Will do @treycanard your ministry is world wide. I'll be doing it down under! God bless.

mitchevans43 Aug 29

@kellyevans18 I think you need to read this

iwannabestanlee Aug 29

What if I have ADHD and Restless Leg Syndrome?

ta45motorsports Aug 29


tommycashmore Aug 30

Thanks trey god bless you

seestephgo Aug 30

Just found your ig! Jesus is lord!

ddracingllc Aug 30

Count your blessing, name them one by one! Thanks Trey

endurofreak_ Aug 30


treycanard Aug 28

James 1:19-20 Your Mom or Dad (a parent type) ever sit you down and tell you something very important because they loved you? That's what's happening here, the writer with every genuine attitude desires for the reader to listen to this advice he has that is life changing. Quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. I don't know anyone who wants the opposite attributes, slow to listen, quick to speak, quick to get angry. We don't care for those but we all pretty much tend to lean towards them. But what if we didn't? How would life change? Our relationships, our work, our attitudes and stress. My hunch is life would change a lot, for the better. That's why this week is about being quiet, when we are quiet we don't give near as much room for anger and more anger, I know when I just blurt out whatever I'm feeling emotionally it does absolutely nothing but causes harm and damage, that's why he says human (emotional anger) doesn't produce the righteousness of God. It only causes harm. So my challenge today is to do exactly as this scripture says, quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Let's see if life changes. (If you have an experience throughout the day where you do what this passage says and it makes a difference please share.)

replayactionsports Aug 28

Changed entire ATTITUDE 4 the day.. Thank you for sharing.

ashlynmarie131 Aug 28


diondp Aug 28

@jdp721 @mitch_motolife_71

2valve_roush Aug 28

Thanks, Trey! I needed that today!

layton_101_ Aug 28

Thanks trey good post man

megan_wallace91 Aug 28

Love this!

jordancarroll301 Aug 28

Great post!!!!

motodad450 Aug 28

My daily devotion... Thank you!

camarenajr31 Aug 28


ericmatthews_ Aug 28

I'm sure I share the same opinion as most, but I'm very glad to see you successfully recover and thrive following your injury ridden years. Huge fan yours bud, thanks for the post!

ryan22williams Aug 28


fullnoodle Aug 28

@jenijwoww perfect for me πŸ˜”

poinzzzy Aug 28


kdodd268 Aug 28

Thanks brother made me look at today completely different with a whole new attitude

spiritothewild9 Aug 28

Good stuff! @shann110

m3mphis19 Aug 28

To think that I've already been angry once today and it's not even 9AM. Thanks @treycanard for the post. Almost like it was written for me today.

gingervitisrampant Aug 28

@treycanard I completely agree with you. In the past, I've had a pretty short fuse (that may or may not be attributed to my being a ginger haha), and I had a tendency to just blurt out my hate and anger at situations/people and it cost me some important relationships with family, friends and coworkers. And every time I look back, I realize the reasons were so ridiculous and it just embarrassed me! So I've learned that if I can hold it in for a day, sleep on it, ride my bike and or consult my best friend about it, I will generally gain a clearer perspective on the situation and not overreact. Thanks for your posts man! Its awesome to have someone like you to look up to in this sport. Ginger power! Haha.

tlom63 Aug 28

Great post bro ,

zackskipper Aug 28

@teddyskipper @jlopes1717 @jason_lee413 @lawrencefreemanmetalart

smerch69 Aug 28

@jim_white553 stupid trey canard

dunger25 Aug 28


craycay_147 Aug 28


jim_white553 Aug 28

@smerch69 agreed

kimmarie428 Aug 28


csteelepics Aug 28

I needed to hear that one today

gleatonwe Aug 28

@treycanard thank you trey for these words this morning.. They made me stop and think. Blessed!

jojop0928 Aug 28


lucymarie_92 Aug 28

@camarenajr31 awesome

stephygirl97 Aug 28

@treycanard thank you for always encouraging with the Word and for standing for God.

moejmrc Aug 28


bruner223 Aug 28


bruner223 Aug 28

Love it

michaelllkim Aug 28


canabro Aug 28

@michaelllkim encouraging

matt_bates_23 Aug 28


cholupa_mexican Aug 28

@treycanard you really have your bible study on I love it

glenngdj Aug 28

@manthonyv i like this guy, he posts good things

francisgabriel23 Aug 28

Amen to that!

alex_marsha_clark Aug 29

I write & direct a big Christmas Drama for our church every year. What you've been saying this week goes right along with the storyline I've been thinking about for the play. You've been a huge confirmation for what I'm going to write. Maybe I'll send you a dvd of our play. You should just come to it (we're in Missouri) πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰

zimm763 Aug 29


ryancr250r Aug 29


treycanard Aug 28

Now @wadembaskin #artworkwednesday man these be some talented folks.

the_real_625 Aug 28

3 like please fill one

the_real_625 Aug 28


wadembaskin Aug 28

Had to make sure I got the beard in there! Miss you man, this picture is yours next time I see you! @treycanard

travisduncan580 Aug 28

Did u get mine at muddycreek?

ignacio_arroyop Aug 28

Bad ass

treycanard_fanpage Aug 28

Your one talented fella yourself πŸ‘

doyouliketoasttoo Aug 28


ljune93 Aug 28

@rayb981 they drew a picture of you!!!!

k_ballin__ Aug 28

@brandonsievers41 this is dope right?

slades_dbp Aug 28

Trey canard

tpitts87 Aug 28

@grit30 that you?

kikomx Aug 28

Grande Trey loco !!

slim4976yhoocom Aug 28


evans966 Aug 28

@treycanard so after we talked about the split lane s corners at washougal, how were they to race on, what could be done to make them better?

taybake21 Aug 28

@nikkkkkimoser looks like me. This is the ginger racer I took the pic with in Daytona. He said "gingervitis" when I walked up ahaha @treycanard

stephenvuckson Aug 28

Looks like dale jr

motocross_editer_ Aug 28

What apps that

r.i.l.e.y_z.27 Aug 28

Its not an app @motocross_editer_ somebody drew it

tannasaurus_rex Aug 28

This is awesome!

aidenpapa11 Aug 28


jakew1nston Aug 28

Awesome drawing

brandonsievers41 Aug 28

@aidenpapa11 that's canard

aidenpapa11 Aug 28

Woops @brandonsievers41

rayb981 Aug 28

@ljune93 looks like it!

courtneyyfrenchh Aug 28

@wadembaskin Awesome drawing bub! Looks just like him. #TC41

lukemiller_2 Aug 28

This is sweet

stokezilla333 Aug 28

Looks like you buddy haha! @dirtshark722

dirtshark722 Aug 28

@stokezilla333 bahahaha! He's my cousin!

cam_andrews1212 Aug 29

@therealchrisandrews_7 @timmy9419

dmcgraw44 Aug 29

@btees73 I want you to do one of these for me!!

btees73 Aug 29

Ok send me a pic! @dmcgraw44

treycanard Aug 28

Check out @Bshipmanfilms little art work!

cain.212 Aug 28

Can he do one for me? And how much would it cost?

moto571 Aug 28

@treycanard check me out on YouTube Tyler Vince

imoto111 Aug 28

Just watched REvival 41 for the thousandth time, your a huge inspiration to me @treycanard

jason66thomas Aug 28

Missing some logos.. Otherwise I like it

bobmarlayna Aug 28


wadembaskin Aug 28

Trey, did you see my drawing? @treycanard

mxcristian11 Aug 28

Check out ny work in progress of trey for trey

ausren374 Aug 28

What would it take to get that in print @treycanard?

mx_murray5 Aug 28

@jason66thomas just a 2016 design right?😜

chadthefireguy Aug 28

Do u ever go to any churches and talk ? Should love to attend

k_ballin__ Aug 28


justinbittinger Aug 28

U need to make a page specificly for people who draw u

tannasaurus_rex Aug 28

This should be a t-shirt! Btw where can I find some @treycanard gear?

n2motox Aug 28


timmygrimwade Aug 28

Yep. I'd buy a t shirt with that on it

timothynbutler Aug 28

Even caught your riding styl, leaning forward on your wip. Ever cool

cam_andrews1212 Aug 29

@therealchrisandrews_7 @timmy9419

oso_mtb Aug 29

Such a cool image!!

treycanard Aug 27

Ecclesiastes 5:2 We are a people of quick and probably way to often cheap words. We say whatever we wanna say, whenever we wanna say, to whoever we wanna say. We don't realize the impact of our words. Have you ever realized the impact of your words to God? I'm sure if we did we'd take em way more seriously. I know so many times I just start spouting of prayer and before I know it I'm thinking about how awesome chicken fried chicken is. Random I know but I can sometimes give God cheap and meaningless words just like I can do with people. Maybe I should try and spend a little more time being quiet before God and man and when I really realize who I'm talking to I will seriously wanna tell and listen and lift up and engage in true heart felt meaningful conversation. Instead of me giving my words. When I give God and people my heartfelt, genuine attention I just wonder how life would change.

j_gray316 Aug 27

Amen trey congrats on this past weekend

amyarose26 Aug 27

I LOVE this!!!

j_gray316 Aug 27

Unearned it

theardenb Aug 27

Amen Trey! I was battling this not 5 minutes ago.

matthewgray513 Aug 27

Thank you for these it starts my day of right and you killed it in Utah

the_real_leanord Aug 27

Well done

stevenshaw599 Aug 27

@treycanard that really just hit home for me while reading and thinking about that. Thank you

simplysmashing66 Aug 27

@treycanard Good words indeed. Love your heart, my brother.

kwardius Aug 27

Your such a great role model for so many @treycanard

craycay_147 Aug 27


christian_beauchamp55 Aug 27

@kwardius ur so right

andymeono Aug 27


jham36 Aug 27

@sallymunz26 @seedub18 @benjaminjosephbennett @flattrackmom

blinky400 Aug 27


julieforkner214 Aug 27

You should publish a devotional

jake_cyrus Aug 27


tannerkrysl Aug 27

yes! publish a devotional dude! please! for all us racers!!!

d.edge1 Aug 27

Well said Trey!

_roseleona_ Aug 27


thereal181 Aug 27

Every time trey amazing!

finita_pita Aug 27

@andymeono right back at ya babe 😘

dsheola Aug 27


scotty109b Aug 27

Amen brotha! πŸ™

missann882 Aug 27

God bless you Trey.

baileytucker23 Aug 27


tc_roady Aug 27

This is a really helpful and great insight for me today. Thanks!

jojop0928 Aug 27


gl0riae Aug 27


nate_ryan99 Aug 27

What Church do you go to @treycanard

matt_bates_23 Aug 27


jackhammer_33 Aug 27

Yes on the devotional ,please

jkarp730 Aug 27


beauxhoward Aug 27

I do think it's very important to be quiet before The Lord (how can you hear what He's saying if your doing all the talking) but at the same time, sometimes I like to just jibber jabber with my best friend (Jesus) like I do with my thee friends. There's definitely a time and a place for being goofy, being serious, and just listening. Good word man, love how your using the platform you've been given! Super inspiring!

treycanard Aug 26

Proverbs 17:27-28 When I was thinking on what topic I was gonna choose this week, nothing was really coming to mind. Then I thought, maybe I talk to much? There is something so accurate about that within our society, we talk to much, I talk to much. We want our wisdom our ideas our stories to be heard cause it's all about us! I think maybe sometimes we could just be quiet for a minute? I'm gonna try and listen today, chances are I will learn way more, be more genuine and show somebody else that they... are you ready for this? Are equally as important, most likely far more important than I am and that their life matters. Maybe showing love, the love of Christ to a person isn't always cramming them full of my own ideas and hope, it's being there to listening to theirs.

tsieg_21 Aug 26

First like

_littlepiratexo Aug 26

Yes. πŸ‘

_littlepiratexo Aug 26


wheelz918 Aug 26

Awe @mitchhalsey

blutes77 Aug 26


crob159 Aug 26


tyronpottow Aug 26

Amen brother. @treycanard Well said! When we talk too much sometimes we can't hear what the Lord is saying. Big ups for your win at Utah! Huge fan!

natural7even Aug 26


jgibby275 Aug 26


tylerjburns Aug 26

C'mon somebody!

dee_2006 Aug 26

You're A True Inspiration @treycanard

stein819 Aug 26

@tsmith111 start listening bro be humble 😎

ryanolsen1973 Aug 26

@bridgetanno @lexxiolsen @grayce_15_ega

cbmccargo Aug 26


nwagner801 Aug 26

Love you trey and your message!

johnbonner17 Aug 26

@knmeeks I love u

bobcacc Aug 26

@treycanard U are amazing, keep up the great work. And congrats on Ur win

timfromtexas Aug 26

First Trey I want to say congratulations for the #Utah and your success. Mostly for the inspiration you have become to so many. I like your post today. I believe we all have an innate need to communicate. Speech is just one such method. As I read this a song by Robert Plant came to mind, "Ship of Fools"... which is an allegory from Plato. The allegory depicts a vessel populated by human inhabitants who are frivolous or oblivious passengers aboard a ship without a pilot. ... something to ponder for anyone seeking direction. #inspiration

thereal181 Aug 26

Thanks trey.

ginger969 Aug 26


110mx Aug 26


rickylarryyy Aug 26


skiboog Aug 26

Our family loves you...thank you for your amazing quotes, verses, etc. πŸ™πŸ’™

queef413 Aug 26

Once again,Trey,you are one bad dude. Thanks for always putting out the good word....

chadthefireguy Aug 26

That was great soooo true

jrmx440 Aug 26

Good one trey!

kelliff133 Aug 26


baileytucker23 Aug 26


jongodman108 Aug 26


jkarp730 Aug 26


stevenicholas814 Aug 26

@tylerroper93 @daytonnicholas925 @casynelrod14 @cameron_reed101

randybotts Aug 26

Good call Trey! Having a seminar about that at Kicker this week!

tommycashmore Aug 26

Trey all I know is that sense you started doing this posting it has made a big difference in my relationship with our savior I like to see you ride but I love the way you show your faith you can tell god comes first in your life I strive to be that way I am thankful Thanks trey

motoman341 Aug 26

Great words trey it's Caleb follow back @treycanard

matt_bates_23 Aug 26


ducrider900 Aug 26

I need prayers for my daughter. She had spine surgery on July 9th and had some hardware put in. Since then she has had 3 nerve blocks that haven't really worked. Today we saw the surgeon and she needs surgery on Friday to remove the hardware because one of them failed and broke inside her he thinks the bone graft has worked and will remove them both.

jlclark763 Aug 26


treycanard Aug 25

Some amazing music coming out/out @lecrae @lincolnbrewster

fly_boy_honda11 Aug 25

Omg yasssss

team_faith_141 Aug 25

Trey you need to try an listen to B. Cooper or Derak Minor. Those are some awesome Christian rappers. @b_cooper an @ derak_minor

mikeike429 Aug 25

@treycanard check out Canton Jones

handstogether Aug 25

Bro we should be brothers... our taste is identical Motocross and christ @treycanard

mason_dobbs8 Aug 25

Same dude @handstogether

bentleys_mama Aug 25

Lincoln Brewster is the worship leader for our church, Bayside Granite Bay. So awesome.

bmiller207 Aug 25

@bentleys_mama im right there with ya! So cool to have him as our worship leader

slippytune Aug 25

3 doors down - krytonite #hero #champion @kenroczen94

fly_boy_honda11 Aug 25

Yes @madi_bow86

fly_boy_honda11 Aug 25


patsoffe Aug 26

@treycanard had a chance to talk with Lincoln just before the album release, great guy, enjoyed spending time with him and listening to him play. He has been a huge inspiration to me as a worship leader and guitarist. By the way congrats on your overall victory in Utah.

coach413_316 Aug 26

Lecrae is Dooope!

airhawk03 Aug 26

I love Lecrea

airhawk03 Aug 26


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