Honda Muscle Milk

Trey Canard

#41 Trey Canard

DoB: 9/17/1990
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 148 lbs
Residence: Elk City, OK
Hometown: Shawnee, OK
Bike: Honda CRF450

The meteoric rise of Trey Canard in the sport of professional Supercross and Motocross racing has definitely attracted loads of attention and given fans plenty to cheer about. In only a few seasons this remarkable young man has rocketed to the front of the pack; 2011 marked only his fourth year of full-time professional competition, yet there he was, beating the worlds best at an unbelievably demanding sport. Canard quickly leapfrogged to the premier 450 class after earning a pair of 250-class championships, and he was suddenly a threat to win at any given race. And win he did three times during the 2011 Supercross season, plus additional podium finishes that kept him in the lead pack, vying for the overall championship in his rookie 450 season.Go back to the tail-end of the 2007 Motocross season, and we find a teenaged Canard lined up against pro riders for the first time. The three subsequent years of full-time competition riding for the GEICO Powersports Honda team aboard a CRF250R saw him fine-tune his racing skills and rapidly parlay that expertise into the 2008 AMA Supercross Lites East Championship and the 2010 AMA 250 Motocross title.

Career Highlights

5th AMA Supercross Series (shortened season due to injury)
AMA Motocross SeriesΓ‘limited participation due to injury

3rd AMA Supercross Lites West Series
1st AMA Motocross Lites Series

6th AMA Supercross Lites West Series
13th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

1st AMA Supercross Lites East Series
10th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

18th AMA Motocross Lites Series (began racing at round 9 of 12)

Eight amateur titles in 2007
AMA Horizon Award, 2007





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treycanard Apr 17

Just when just had every right to put these people in his place and have the ultimate burn! He chose not to because he loved them, he loved them in their beating and torture and slander and ridicule, he chose to hold his tongue because it was best for them. Jesus did that for you and for me. Note to self.. Remember that next time I wanna open my mouth and burn somebody into the ground.

therealchrisandrews Apr 17

Please trey go look at my page!!! By the way love this post!!

caseytrey16 Apr 17

@treycanard , he did speak" father forgive them for they know not what they do" grace under immense pressure and stress. He endured the worst day imaginable so we could enjoy our best days we can't even imagine.

crob159 Apr 17


scotty109b Apr 17

Amen brotha! πŸ™ So easy for us to hurt someone with our words. Closing our mouths sometimes is the best thing we can do. Thank you for that! God Bless!

gohardboyznyc Apr 17

Respect that

baker747 Apr 17

Awesome! Your truly an inspiration to me! I've always looked up to you, you've always been one of my favorite riders and you live for The Lord, and accept what he gives you regardless of how your day is going from what I've seen your always 100% for god!! Not many people are like that now days (famous people anyways) but you, you're always serving god and you may not know, but that really means a lot to me and I just want to say thank you!! @treycanard

paczowski123 Apr 17

goolay22 Apr 17

Preach preacha!

tlom63 Apr 17

@treycanard great seeing you at Seattle , thanks for your constant display of faith

bermbuster6 Apr 17

I learn more from listing that you then I do when I go to church. You make me feel better and give me inspiration. Thanks Trey

kelliff133 Apr 17

Thanks for the word everyone could learn something with this. Think before you speak. @treycanard keep up the good words I get so much out of it.

cdavis312 Apr 17

This is why you have so many who love and support you and wish you the best you have a great heart and mind and love life . I am touched with this

hhjakobsson Apr 17

Amen πŸ™

dee_plus Apr 17

To hold your tongue takes much more strength πŸ™

mitchmorales410 Apr 17


nyork323 Apr 17

@treycanard were you aware that Easter began as a pagan holiday that worshipped the goddess of fertility? That is what the eggs are for....just saying

jgibby275 Apr 17


saling610 Apr 17

@treycanard Isaiah 53 amen

edperry187 Apr 17

In our culture this is a great time to share the good news about God's gift- whatever "Easter" traditions you hold to!

treycanard Apr 16

The view from my FaceTime with Nanners and Frank man.. He didn't make it long!

foxmotocross7 Apr 16

First like

mx_murray5 Apr 16

What happen to Hannah's ig?

weezyfivetwo Apr 16

Nice mannnn @foxmotocross7

foxmotocross7 Apr 16

Yep @weezyfivetwo

bearsfan4life_34 Apr 16

Ur soo cool trey hope u luck during nationals this year

rodgers218 Apr 16

How was hangtown ? Saw you railing

zeagirlz Apr 16

I love bulldogs!!

dgrimes223 Apr 16

She looks a lot like my girlfriend!

taylorkcunningham Apr 16

Can u marry my sis @zoesteindl

cooperwells Apr 16

@zeagirlz you're a bulldog yourself

tennantparking Apr 16


02_4_life Apr 16

@taylorkcunningham he's already married

jordan_jeanette368 Apr 16

Made my dayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @cooperwells

melissa062184 Apr 16

So cute! It was awesome meeting you both in St. Louis.

danielgalarza21 Apr 16

Trey man you're the man bro ! Keep it up and go show them on the nationals @treycanard

jruinb Apr 16


chanatell Apr 16

He totally reminds me of my dog Web man!

chadthefireguy Apr 16

Ur doing great

bgardner119 Apr 16


jam_and_fig Apr 16

Adorable @jruinb

vladislavmalyshev151 Apr 16

Π“ΠΎ Π² скайп Π°Ρ…Π°

treycanard Apr 15

Awesome day of testing with the team, @lincolnbrewster showed up and made it even better topped it off with some sushi and the chef made it all the better!

jadengriffin615 Apr 15

Thats the mikunis in El Dorado Hills yo!πŸ’―

bermbuster6 Apr 15

Proud of you Trey!

bvargin452 Apr 15

Its so cool to see athletes that stay humble and give their glory to God, Trey. Definitly a huge fan but more importantly a brother in the Lord!! @treycanard

dominic_rueda Apr 15

Mr Mac

slaminline Apr 15

@bvargin452 couldn't agree more. @treycanard come by McClellan Field on your way out of town, I'll show you some beautiful helicopters

corleefmx Apr 15

You're such a huge inspiration to me, Trey!! Keep living for our savior!! You're the man!!!

dinobambino43 Apr 15

You guys must have been In sac at mikunis! Best sushi ever!

jongodman108 Apr 15


tommygun33 Apr 15

Sac towns finest sushi πŸ‘

derikdenzin101 Apr 15

I was the dude up on the hill by the whoops watching you @treycanard you did some sick boner airs haha you were by far the smoothest and fastest out there

carlman73 Apr 15

@treycanard hey boss, you were lookin good while lookin good in Seattle! Your riding looked effortless & u killed it ...I won't be surprised to see you on the box a lot this year. #keeppraisin'

mhussey Apr 15


cameronbeaubier Apr 15

@treycanard how long are you in town??

dgrimes223 Apr 15

@zananaaa I want sushi

dirt_bikes_4ever Apr 15

Be honest are you rinnie mac

dirt_bikes_4ever Apr 15


daredemartile Apr 15

You rode super good today! so cool to be out there riding with you guys! I was number 52 on the 2 stroke haha @treycanard

slow_clow Apr 15

@dirt_bikes_4ever he is not Ronnie Mac.. Ronnie Mac would be Jimmy Albertson.

motologsta Apr 15

I would just like to say u are an amazing rider and i really look up to you, thats how i got my number, 41

motodaddy44 Apr 15

Your riding really strong now brother!!

lloydxmas Apr 15

Nice ride last week

randybotts Apr 15

Looking great for a late entry!

dd_thundar Apr 16

So awesome to see you on the track again in seattle. Thanks for living your love for Jesus out loud for all to see, inspires me!

treycanard Apr 7

This guy makes my day..

matthewgross28 Apr 7

@treycanard he look like @therealreddog dog

5one7films Apr 7

@treycanard hey man Just wanted to let you know, of all the racers we meet, your the most sincere to your fans and we appreciate that! When we tell you good luck you don't just say "ya thanks".. You take the time to show that you mean it. That's pretty cool in our books! Best of luck, and hopefully I'll have the chance to video with ya like Kyle cowling lol

funkdaddy47 Apr 7


dpr57 Apr 7

Great ride. Than God!! Great to have you back!!!

hillkaitlynn Apr 7

Haha not when he scratches you right between the eyes! πŸ™ˆ

easybiggs Apr 7

He's animated @treycanard

mickeydora Apr 7

Is that Ronnie mac?

cathydavies210 Apr 7

Good job last weekend!!

krasian3000 Apr 7

@smadelynsmeva let's get one!!

red1x22 Apr 7

Where did you get him @treycanard looking for a good kennel or breeder to make the right purchase! Thanks in advance!

mr_colepenny Apr 7


mx_lax_mama4714 Apr 7

@treycanard he's a beautiful bulldog!!! His features r perfect!

stephanieriney Apr 7

Just saw the Muscle Milk Semi headed North on I-35 and the Geico Semi too!!! Good Job at Houston!!! @treycanard

pinkgrayracing Apr 7

It was cool seeing you thumbs up rocen on the gate. You are a great model of a follower of Christ

alb8633 Apr 7


camileta Apr 7


chadthefireguy Apr 7

Looking good so far can't wait to c u in Seattle

coach413_316 Apr 7


alonsocampos212 Apr 7

@mdanb_ todos tienen ese perro lindo:P

foxridernico Apr 7

Nice Bulldog treycanard

mdanb_ Apr 7

Jaja mejor otro mas lindo:( @alonsocamposmora212

treycanard Mar 29

So great to be back at the track with my boy Big B. #41 @musclemilk @dcshoes @hondaracing @kmc @flyracing @cannondale @Leatt @alpinestars @scott

trystan114 Mar 29

@treycanard good luck, everyone is excited to see you back!

karsenparker673 Mar 29

Good luck trey!! Pray for your safety and ride good!! Go get em'!!!!

saling610 Mar 29

@treycanard dude I'm praying for the Lord to look over you tonight and it is sweet to see you back

dillhauser Mar 29

Good luck tonight man!!!

slk55amg___ Mar 29

When in doubt just throttle.....

xjjeepinjosh Mar 29

Praying for you man hope you pull off a win!

rickysiordia Mar 29


hunt_sauce Mar 29

Get some T

saramxciel Mar 29


rex848 Mar 29

@kalebwhitener @brandonknowles @moto512 @dunn_133

dinobambino43 Mar 29

Great to see ya back buddy!

gwyn_masterson Mar 29

Omg yay my favorite rider is back!

pcastanheiraa Mar 29

some great news ✊✊

kirbynieland Mar 29

You were killing it out here man!

motohell35 Mar 29

Kill it Nard #41 just watch out for #800

foxridernico Mar 29

Welcome Back treycanard

shanksyb Mar 29

Good luck tonight mate . Good to see you back racing πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ @treycanard

gchoborda Mar 29

Good luck! Can't wait to finally see ya! @treycanard

ducrider900 Mar 29

Hey!!! Please be careful.

danielgalarza21 Mar 29

God bless you brother !!! Your the nicest guy out there you deserve to win tonight @treycanard

adubbble Mar 29


b_evans755 Mar 29

Gonna kill it

amandamutch Mar 29

My favourite rider! Looking forward to watching you race tonight!

teammusclemilkcannondale Mar 29


marcus_vella11 Mar 29

Good luck

kristentosh24 Mar 29

Great pic!!! Good luck!!! #team41

cjoiner_17 Mar 29

Good luck

ryanmize14 Mar 29

Good luck @treycanard

andrewshaak Mar 29

Good luck man! You are ganna rip!!

zachypoo25 Mar 29

Please win

badbegg Mar 29

So excited to see you back! God bless and good luck!

karley_kb Mar 29

Can't wait to see you race tonight!! Good luck thank you for being an inspiration and always in God's name. Good luck!

littledrummerboyyy_ Mar 29

C'mon!!!! I know you can do goodnight. Good luck.

motofarrell Mar 29

God bless and for goodness sake, have some fun tonight!!

lslspanda Mar 29

Glad you're back on the #41 !! Good luck tonight!

lukasgaldino Mar 29

Good Luck Canard#41 !!!! I'm a big fan of yours here in Brazil

masonhulsey Mar 30

We all missed ya man go kill it tonight

brockwhipple Mar 30

Take out Barcia!

aaronm206 Mar 30

So pumped right now!!

shelby_jo69 Mar 30

Good luck tonight #41!! Glad your back @treycanard

ouludachris Mar 30

Welcome Back Boss!

richtwo2 Mar 30

I'm pullin for you Trey @treycanard

chadthefireguy Mar 30

Good luck

bdobryce66 Mar 30

That was awesome of you man to hug Wils mom. Hope you do good tonight!! Good luck!!

justinbittinger Mar 30

Great job in the heat

kaschadel Mar 30

So excited you're back! God bless you!

a_aron33f Mar 30

Atta boy top five congrats @treycanard

thyde911 Mar 30

Great job @treycanard I had you fifth in rm fantasy sx once again great job

xericx12x Mar 30


green_709 Mar 30

@treycanard for being out the whole season sure couldn't tell you were on it man

airbournival Mar 31


amandamiles14 Apr 1

Such a great time! Welcome back Trey!

dpr57 Apr 6

Great job in Tx.....also!!

11hudson1 Apr 6

Stoked for you buddy! Keep givin props to The Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

officialtrentberry Apr 7

hey pleas follow me. big fan @treycanard

jacob_camp_202 Apr 7

Good to see you again out there competing, supercross hasent been the same without you,may the hands of God keep you safe

colerogerss Apr 13

Just to let you know some of the company's you tagged are not company s @treycanard

sawyerfraley136 Apr 17


treycanard Mar 26

I have been preparing for this day, see you this weekend! Thanks to my sponsors: @hondaracing @musclemilk @alpinestars @flyracing @dcshoes @scott @smoothind @myplash @leatt @replayxd @kmcwheels

madiayers418 Mar 27

You are seriously the guy I look up to the most out of any rider! You always come back stronger than ever! You never give up! I couldn't imagine someone better to idolize than you! Glad to see you back! Tear it up @treycanard

champlab Mar 27

That name number logo is sick!

bbumbaugh Mar 28

Can't wait to see you back in action!!! Also glad to see every time your on the podium you thank the man above. stay strong and keep her pinned @treycanard

mx_kings Mar 29

It's been forever since I watched you race man, I'm so excited to watch you tonight! My favorite racer and idol, your gonna do amazing tonight! @treycanard

boggsy22 Mar 29

Best of luck tonight!! Pumped to watch you ride!

d_evans134 Mar 29

Hell ya finally time to see u ride!!!

orionjackson319 Mar 29

U have something special imprinted upon your heart..that allows you to never give up!! Can't stop!! Won't stop!! God Blesses those who have suffered..God Bless u Trey..Happy for your wishes tonight and through your journeys my friend.. @treycanard

zionsteindl Mar 29

It's great to see you back in action

treycanard Mar 24

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Eph 4:29

mattwatson624 Mar 24

Cant wait to see you out there again Trey!

bdobryce66 Mar 24

^^^^ Same

abbiarneson Mar 24


kduarte25 Mar 24

Way too cute! Love that verse! @treycanard

therealnl15 Mar 24

so cute.

joekendall21 Mar 24

When u gonna be back @treycanard

oci105 Mar 24

Can't wait watching you race again

scotty109b Mar 24

Amen brotha! πŸ™

vrettos_nikos Mar 24

@panosplessas 😜

angeljusino7 Mar 24

@thesilent_h so cute!

lindseylean Mar 24

@zpiggy321 ur twin

zpiggy321 Mar 24

The dog or trey @lindseylean

lindseylean Mar 24

trey lol @zpiggy321

tennantparking Mar 24


rjperry Mar 24

True inspiration my hat goes off to you trey

therealchrisandrews Mar 24

@jesus_the_lord_ @jesus_loves_you_

kmyhan23 Mar 24


misty_lee_xoxo Mar 24


the_real628 Mar 24


hansen78 Mar 24

@kittykait I figured you'd love this haha

huntley115 Mar 24


tmyers51 Mar 24

@treycanard you would love the Book of Mormon. We use it and the bible together to learn of Christ.

spooner_56 Mar 24


ryannitzen411 Mar 24

@katiefrisz I want this to be my life

kittykait Mar 24

@hansen78 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸΆ so cute I want it

inijp Mar 24

Amen to that man..Godbless! @treycanard

ltdesmarais Mar 24

Keep up the bible verses bro ! @treycanard

panicrev Mar 24


micahbhook Mar 24

That bike is so sexy 😍

liveruthless Mar 24

Word #ruthlessbrigade

cmangus21 Mar 24

@treycanard Such a positive verse! Can't wait to see the 41 at the starting gate!

ky_719_ Mar 24

Are u gonna be healed up to make any of the up coming supercross rounds? Ur hands down my favorite rider and i look forward to seeing u race @treycanard

grbatgang Mar 24


rodgers218 Mar 24

Day bike though @paulson303

jruinb Mar 24

@jam_and_fig omgomg!!! We need a piggy shot like this

siegel723 Mar 24


richidavies10 Mar 24


bgardner119 Mar 24

@alb8633 look at that Bullie!

marcofromchipoya Mar 24

@dustinfit @garrrrebearrrr

k_basham8 Mar 24

I am a huge motocross and supercross fan. I've been a fan all my life. Since the old days. But out of all riders I have the most respect for you man. You made it to the big tracks you are a pro but you have not let all that fame and starlight make you stray from your faith and your belief. You have such a strong faith in The Lord and I truly believe he works through you everyday. You have these horrible injuries and you just get right back up on the bike and that is another reason I respect you. Keep doin what you doin man The Lord has a big plan for you. More than what you have already accomplished. @treycanard

karicop Mar 24

Aw he's so cute babe @paulson303

busse19 Mar 24


whimser Mar 24

Amen! @k_basham8 πŸ™β˜@treycanard

ludmila21 Mar 24

So adorable @treycanard

alonsocampos212 Mar 24


jr7one4 Mar 24

Look at his dog @kirsten_puccinelli

christineelias Mar 24

😍❀️😍 @ryan_rossier41

mdanb_ Mar 24

Asi quiere una foto?β™₯️ @alonsocamposmora

keepingupwith_jacks Mar 24

Ur at ahm ??? Trish didn't tell me

saling610 Mar 24


bob_burrrr Mar 25

@k_basham8 well said

xjoeymccauleyx Mar 25

Perfection;) trey canard and a bulldog @bengryh

bengryh Mar 25

Oh my god! This is the best picture ever! This is perfect @xjoeymccauleyx

antunano25 Mar 25

He's just being good!

marcus_vella11 Mar 26

So cute

jones_219 Mar 26

So happy you're back! @treycanard

mxsnowrider_812 Mar 27

Aha me and Maggie lol @michaeldodde

smathews220 Mar 27

Hey Trey in currently a senior in high school and one of the things we have to do in my English class is to write a book about our life so far and it has to be 10 chapters long and each chapter has to be 2 or more pages. One of my chapters is over my life hero, I have chosen you to write about, when I finish writing it is there anyway I could get a way to send it to you so you could read it?

callen_11 Mar 29

What Is your phone number

gcg123456789 Mar 29

You my mentor @treycanard

connertkeys Mar 29

Hey trey me and my bro met you at camp rev 2 years in a row can you follow me

johnnymarinos Mar 29


kaylee_maule05 Mar 29

@chazgarbarino @missy122198 @jared_garbarino aww look at the bulldog!!😍😍😍

jared_garbarino Mar 29

Hahahaha @kaylee_maule05

apriebe84 Apr 2


xkillynspreex Apr 6


allie_miles Apr 6

@xkillynspreex I love this!

gamers4christ Apr 7

@treycanard meet you on swan MX tower years ago. Matt 6:33

connertkeys Apr 7

Any of you go to camp rev

james_matthewz Apr 9

@keeleyray13 omg!

keeleyray13 Apr 9

Haha oh gosh, here we go again! ;) @alex_matthewz

james_matthewz Apr 9

You know thats freaken cute! I want desiel!! @keeleyray13

ms_rylee Apr 17

omg look at the puppy 😍 @sawyerfraley136

sawyerfraley136 Apr 17

@ms_rylee i know right 😍

ms_rylee Apr 17

its so cute 😍😍 @sawyerfraley136

treycanard Mar 22

No caption necessary... #13yearoldboyhumor

therealchrisandrews Mar 22


hadenhale_9 Mar 22


jaxon_canard41 Mar 22

what did you think?πŸ˜‚ @hadenhale_9

hadenhale_9 Mar 22

@jaxon_canard41 lol

jaxon_canard41 Mar 22

hahaπŸ˜‚ @hadenhale_9

hadenhale_9 Mar 22

What was that all about?? @jaxon_canard41

jaxon_canard41 Mar 22

just basically do when we are togetherπŸ˜‚ @hadenhale_9

jaxon_canard41 Mar 22

*what we do

hadenhale_9 Mar 22

Lol @jaxon_canard41

jaxon_canard41 Mar 22

yeahπŸ˜‚ @hadenhale_9

ccardoso317 Mar 22


nooough Mar 22

Are you taking some type of newly discovered drug to heal up faster?

mcjessika Mar 22

@micaela_webb @cali_gumpel4 @kaley_gage "Look guys it's a giraffe, it's a giraffe guys look!" Hahahaha. #17yearoldgirlhumor

micaela_webb Mar 22

Hahaha that's great @mcjessika

kaley_gage Mar 22

Hahahah @mcjessika

crisber00 Mar 22

I don't get it lol

jessiewharton_129 Mar 22

Poor @hannahcanard lol

victor444fransson Mar 22

Do you like toys? @treycanard

bandaralbahar Mar 22

@kalbahar52 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

swiftrick15 Mar 22

Thats soo funny...hahahar

rooxeer Mar 22

@imthefluffyman πŸ˜‚

james_damone11 Mar 22


courageousdad Mar 22

So dumb it made me laugh 😁

dolphinlover193 Mar 22

Yall are so werid

adambutler_ Mar 28


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