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Trey Canard

#41 Trey Canard

DoB: 9/17/1990
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 148 lbs
Residence: Elk City, OK
Hometown: Shawnee, OK
Bike: Honda CRF450

The meteoric rise of Trey Canard in the sport of professional Supercross and Motocross racing has definitely attracted loads of attention and given fans plenty to cheer about. In only a few seasons this remarkable young man has rocketed to the front of the pack; 2011 marked only his fourth year of full-time professional competition, yet there he was, beating the worlds best at an unbelievably demanding sport. Canard quickly leapfrogged to the premier 450 class after earning a pair of 250-class championships, and he was suddenly a threat to win at any given race. And win he did three times during the 2011 Supercross season, plus additional podium finishes that kept him in the lead pack, vying for the overall championship in his rookie 450 season.Go back to the tail-end of the 2007 Motocross season, and we find a teenaged Canard lined up against pro riders for the first time. The three subsequent years of full-time competition riding for the GEICO Powersports Honda team aboard a CRF250R saw him fine-tune his racing skills and rapidly parlay that expertise into the 2008 AMA Supercross Lites East Championship and the 2010 AMA 250 Motocross title.

Career Highlights

5th AMA Supercross Series (shortened season due to injury)
AMA Motocross SeriesΓ‘limited participation due to injury

3rd AMA Supercross Lites West Series
1st AMA Motocross Lites Series

6th AMA Supercross Lites West Series
13th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

1st AMA Supercross Lites East Series
10th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

18th AMA Motocross Lites Series (began racing at round 9 of 12)

Eight amateur titles in 2007
AMA Horizon Award, 2007





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treycanard Jul 29

Galatians 6:9 One of my favorite verses, so much hope in this verse. If you ever feel like doing good and striving for The Lord is the loosing team in life. Hold on, cause the battle has already been won. If you are doing good things in business and it seems to be killing you, hold on. If you are abstaining from sex until marriage, hold on. If you are fighting an addiction, hold on. If you just feel hopeless in doing what is right. Hold on, the time is coming when every minute of doubt will be erased and every struggle will be worth not giving in. I cannot wait, Hold on.

sam_brooks51 Jul 29

Trey u da bomb.... Hey I found a way to compare the trinity to 2 stroke gas mixing process @treycanard

themrsowen Jul 29


guntobear Jul 29

@treycanard what app is this?

mrussell24fit Jul 29

Tc your the man lets do work this week..

nickvandenberg1 Jul 29

Legend πŸ‘Œ@treycanard

shawnyousea Jul 29


eight_six_inds Jul 29

Every knee shall bow. If anyone doesn't believe this, HOLD ON !

tyeagerphoto Jul 29

Thank you @treycanard I really needed to hear that.

gl0riae Jul 29


spooner_56 Jul 29


shawn_lincoln Jul 29

These always relate to what's going on in my life at the exact moment you post them! Keep spreading the word @treycanard because it's helping thousands of people get through their struggles, myself included. God bless

adamcianciarulo Jul 29

So true, thanks Trey

crob159 Jul 29


bscott4him Jul 29

@motoministry Amen Amen

joemotoracing Jul 29

I have definitely felt this in business many times when it appears someone is getting ahead by any means possible and you are doing what it takes to glorify God.

brodysgma30 Jul 29

Keep spreading the word Trey..we need more Godly men in this world

howard.hanson Jul 29

The cure for discouragement--a verse that we should regularly meditate upon!!

karp23 Jul 29

Thanks, Trey! Needed this reminder today.

panicrev Jul 29


everettyoung10 Jul 29

Awesome man

hhjakobsson Jul 29


austinfort Jul 29

Thanks for posting this, Trey. I needed this, for sure. You are a huge inspiration in not just moto, but just being strong in your faith. @treycanard

ficed Jul 29

Amen ... Now go pound Laps and show us some clips

aiperez22 Jul 29


brad_matson Jul 29

Thanks trey I needed this @treycanard

coach413_316 Jul 29

Great message! @the_real_316 @the_real_613 @brauch413 @cruzer_99 @hoffman_71_913

itz_carterrr Jul 29

You are my favorite rider trey cuzz you don't just say Id like to thank the man above you say I'd like to thank god yu are awesome

queef413 Jul 29

Trey,this verse says it all my friend,thank you for the positive words.

ber_72 Jul 29

@pete_ber Amen, the real truth, thanks Trey

red_bird4 Jul 29

Amen, your a class act Mr. Canard

kilbydeuce Jul 29

Ill hold on. Work is testing me, I work hard...just want a life and be free

gbfan97 Jul 29

Amen. Needed this.

wayneharwood Jul 29

You know Trey when you give us these verses it just brings to light that we need to hang on and trust in the Lord no matter what and it gives us strength for the day and we thank you for that!

treycanard Jul 29

Had a blasts today with @twmxdotcom always fun to play ride a little.

waldow41 Jul 29


gehrer254 Jul 29


officialleatt Jul 29

@officialleatt keeping it safe!

roczen_fanpage Jul 29

New ken roczen fan page right here

treycanard_fanpage Jul 29

Looking good as always πŸ‘Š

steviecab Jul 29


taylor_smith_412 Jul 29

Best looking bike out there and will always be. Lookin good

lvncr Jul 29

Yay I found one @treycanard_fanpage

lvncr Jul 29

@roczen_fanpage roczen weird. Canard all the way @treycanard_fanpage

sampson_288 Jul 29

@unashamed_of_the_gospel this is what it looks like when I whip..

carter_rain56 Jul 29

Good job Ronnie mac

madisonsteed Jul 29

<3 @greysonmoto251

chadthefireguy Jul 29

Enjoyed meeting you at washougal your a real stand up guy

dannymtz17 Jul 29

So cool!!!

dmdbustsbig Jul 29

@treycanard trey you are the man! I love watching you blaze through the pack on the DVR πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ😎

tyler_buckingham Jul 29

That leg swag!

bmuter Jul 29

What an awesome picture man!! Thank you so much for sharing! Stay blessed!! πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

veeleyy_ Jul 29

I saw you at that deli in Shawnee!!!

benjones831 Jul 29

Style for dayyyyssssss

treycanard Jul 29

Had a blast tonight with that cycling beauty in the background! Thanks @npbikeshopinc @RideCannondale @RideShimano

leosawatzky Jul 29

Right on man

trevorspotts2419 Jul 29


tommejia Jul 29

@nataliafrancov esa eres tu ?

maxmiliate127 Jul 29

Lucky man right there @kyler_chumbley

roczen_fanpage Jul 29

New ken roczen fan page right here

lvncr Jul 29

Where is a canard fanpage?

theartofmoto Jul 29

Glad you're out enjoying the beautiful day!

treycanard_fanpage Jul 29

Right here @lh.34 even canard follows it

nataliafrancov Jul 29


nataliafrancov Jul 29

Jajajajajaja tomassss Nunca en la vida jajajajajaja @tommejia

motohell35 Jul 29

@girocycling yeah! #41 keep killing it on that track!

lloydxmas Jul 29

Dude you are truly a inspiration keep it up and you've got a 1-1 coming your way ✊✊✊

treycanard Jul 26

Isaiah 40:31 Wait on The Lord folks, in due time..

dicker_dawg_dfl Jul 26

Go getem tomorrow Trey @treycanard_fanpage

bailee27w Jul 26

This one gets me every time :)πŸ‘Œ

tkraz2 Jul 26

Hi Trey I am huge fan of you your one my favorite riders

rbarks250 Jul 26

I love that section starting from verse 28 through 31

matthewktm85 Jul 26

Trey i met you at laje Elsinore last year and i would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to me and sign my shirt it was when the did the serves befor practice and thankyou again for beening my role model

matthewktm85 Jul 26

Lake ^^

chadthefireguy Jul 26

Met u today at washougal thx for the pic good luck tomorrow

bmuter Jul 26


red6seven_ Jul 26

My favorite part about following you as a fan is the Bible passages almost daily. Love seeing and reading them. Didnt get a chance to meet you at muddy creek but would be pumped to meet you in indiana in a couple weeks @treycanard

jlundin_1 Jul 26

Dude on of your quotes you said inspires me to keep on keepin on "I put to much work into it to quit".

aiperez22 Jul 26


noelege Jul 26

Inspiration served daily... THANKS @treycanard AWESOME...

gabrielbtk Jul 26

God bless you man , everytime more

austinb922 Jul 26

Our chaplain at boot camp gave us this scripture before we stepped for the crucible. Love it!

davejanks Jul 26

Thank you for these post. They always come in handy.

daveclaire Jul 26

Thanks bro! God bless @treycanard

sgtbperm Jul 26

@_trace_17 go follow @treycanard

kanga19 Jul 26

Seriously @treycanard this bullshits killing me stick to motocross pictures mate if we wanted to know this crap we would look it up ourselves

johnryan92 Jul 26

@kanga19 how bout not be ignorant like the ignorant statement you juss made playa. One day you will wake up an see why he did this .

ba371 Jul 26

It's simple @kanga19 quit following @treycanard

tommycashmore Jul 26

Trey thanks for the word you are spreading and as far as the ones that are negative all we can do is pray for them they are just lost and if you doing what you do just saves one soul that makes it all worth it good luck today and god bless

ddracingllc Jul 26

God is good all the time ,all the time God is good !

jfullmer7 Jul 26

Amen. Good food!

clayboy0311 Jul 26

Don't change a thing @treycanard - you are a hero and inspiration to so many! As a father I would like to thank you for setting the standard for what a role model should be!!

brookemaassmyers Jul 26

This is one of my favorites! @treycanard

that_dirtbiker_171 Jul 26

Awesome man! I love how ur not afraid to show ur faith to the world while being a professional rider. Keep em comin!

joeyabbinanti Jul 26

Just what I needed

ladonna_326 Jul 26

Good word for our family this week @treycanard this will be a tough one for us!

hopeloveandme Jul 26

My absolute favorite Bible verse of all time πŸ’š

mommabear1963 Jul 26

One of my FAVORITE verses!!

patrickjanson69 Jul 26

Haha! Who is god? Groove up! @treycanard

rosaliarvl Jul 27


treycanard Jul 25

I love this girl😍

tommymaffei72 Jul 25

1st like guys omg!πŸ’

datboyharley_77 Jul 25

But no fucks were givenπŸ˜‚πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

arek150 Jul 25


ducrider900 Jul 25

How much u pay for that hat?!?!

wac355 Jul 25

πŸ™ˆcan't tell if this is in oregon or Washington!

gwssocal Jul 25

- nice work @treycanard πŸ‘ŠπŸ™πŸ‘

lifeofmotororo Jul 25


jaredtrimnell Jul 25

He didn't pay anything or it. He has sponsor who give him cool stuff @ducrider900

graysonthekook Jul 25

Big Eddie

georgiaalbertson Jul 25

I love you guys! @treycanard @hannahcanard

dylaningram413 Jul 25

Washougal river

wild927man Jul 25

Washougal river so Washington @wac355

donitafcamx Jul 25

Me too!! Haha!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

wac355 Jul 25

@wild927man @dylaningram413 sick, can't wait for tomorrow. I'll be there.

azzmund Jul 25

@treycanard I need that cap in my life

wild927man Jul 25

Rivers cold year good luck @wac355

michaelk358 Jul 25

You're awesome dude

bross41 Jul 25

Enjoying the Washougal river I see...

jessiewharton_129 Jul 26

Yay! You guys are in our neck of the woods! Love ya both @treycanard

cmbush1995 Jul 26

Best cousin ever!

jfullmer7 Jul 26

Praying for the hearts you two encounter this weekend to be open to your testimony. Good luck this weekend! @treycanard

kurtisa22 Jul 26

Check out the rainbows over your eyes/sunglasses. Gnarly!

ja781 Jul 26

Good luck this weekend πŸ‘

strigle982 Jul 26

Have fun in the Northwest!

mrussell24fit Jul 29

She's a beauty!! @treycanard

treycanard Jul 23

Huge hats off to the guys coming out this week, not easy to race on a weekend travel to Ca and then to Ok and melt in the heat to try and improve. Thanks guys!

dnull199 Jul 23


diamonds.shine.1031 Jul 23


wilhahn23 Jul 23


jerrevdongen Jul 23

What app is this?

dbxtn346 Jul 23

Weather channel app @jerrevdongen

ridge_fairbanks___121 Jul 23

What's the app

jacobriver11 Jul 23

Haha it's pouring where I live and I live two hours away from you @treycanard

blutes77 Jul 24

Wow! Hope it cools off a little when I come out to shoot next Monday haha.

blooflamer Jul 25

Wow, that's good weather for being in a swim team, not MX. 😐

treycanard Jul 23

It's all about the heart, once again here I am talking about heart conditions. These religious people of Jesus time were wanting everyone to know their "religious" works. Jesus was not about that then and is not about that now, it's so important for us to be genuine, true and not self seeking. And when we are trying to impress others by our so called "holiness" we are none of the above.

missyball06 Jul 23

I love that my son looks up too! You inspire us! We need more like you in this world! @treycanard πŸ™πŸ

matt_bates_23 Jul 23


micrmoor Jul 23

Awesome keep inspiring the youth

noelege Jul 23

TRUTH AMAZING INSPIRATION @treycanard nice to see there are real christian's left in this world... It's a constant battle n I wear the full armor of Christ daily... Best wishes in Washougal, I've been riding great, here's to a spot on the box... Stay blessed #41

motodad128 Jul 23

Look forward all the time for what you have to say and the scriptures you put up for people to read. Thank you

mrsandypitan Jul 23

Don't be a #Pharisee

cameronc_31 Jul 23

God isn't hiding in a building. He is outside under a rock, he is in the trees, or he is in the mud working daily miracles side by side with nature. So walk out side, be alone, dig your hands and feet into the ground and appreciate the daily miracles you receive. Exalt thy father and you shall be exalt in heaven. Exalt thy self and you shall be humbled! @treycanard

aiperez22 Jul 26


treycanard Jul 23

Franklin getting himself a little post play recovery thanks to the guys at @MuscleMilk

tylerakatyty Jul 23


mrussell24fit Jul 23

Dude he is so weird!!

dirtydizzle148 Jul 23

What the?πŸ‘†πŸ‘† lmao weirdly faster then you ever dreamed of riding anything as good as trey lmao more like dudes a legend

motolife_490 Jul 23


jesstastickrush Jul 23


pereira_hudson Jul 23


franklin_wippler Jul 23

Lol my name is Franklin @treycanard

holeshot913 Jul 23


doof_jones57 Jul 23


colinccm Jul 23


sean_supernant Jul 23

@treycanard your my idol keep doing what your doing my friend

n_lemm726 Jul 23


bryanmilazzo Jul 23


bgreen9 Jul 23


victorgj199 Jul 23


mxrider_812 Jul 23

@josh_mccarthy51 @motocross_matt Ima see if Maggie likes it

jettj77 Jul 23

haha that's funny bro

unoistheone Jul 23

@binklebob haha

thereal138 Jul 23


royza_r08 Jul 23


luca_renouf Jul 23


daltonmorris479x Jul 23

@moto_kid672 sounds just like Ron in the beginning I told you he used to be Ronnie Mac and the albertson took it over. @moto_is_life41

jhaislip Jul 23


matthewgross28 Jul 23

@mrsreddog looks just like ferg

ethan_rogers_21 Jul 23

Pups πŸ‘‹ @angel_garcia23

gussy78 Jul 23


car12 Jul 23


mrsreddog Jul 23

Yes @matthewgross28 they look slot alike 😍🐢

alb8633 Jul 23

@bgardner119 is Leila's tongue that long???" Lol

drewgoodin Jul 23

@camsanford @cdunkel13

coach413_316 Jul 23

Cute @cruzer_99

luca_renouf Jul 23


cruzer_99 Jul 23

Love that face!

shcherbayev Jul 23


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