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Trey Canard

#41 Trey Canard

DoB: 9/17/1990
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 148 lbs
Residence: Elk City, OK
Hometown: Shawnee, OK
Bike: Honda CRF450

The meteoric rise of Trey Canard in the sport of professional Supercross and Motocross racing has definitely attracted loads of attention and given fans plenty to cheer about. In only a few seasons this remarkable young man has rocketed to the front of the pack; 2011 marked only his fourth year of full-time professional competition, yet there he was, beating the worlds best at an unbelievably demanding sport. Canard quickly leapfrogged to the premier 450 class after earning a pair of 250-class championships, and he was suddenly a threat to win at any given race. And win he did three times during the 2011 Supercross season, plus additional podium finishes that kept him in the lead pack, vying for the overall championship in his rookie 450 season.Go back to the tail-end of the 2007 Motocross season, and we find a teenaged Canard lined up against pro riders for the first time. The three subsequent years of full-time competition riding for the GEICO Powersports Honda team aboard a CRF250R saw him fine-tune his racing skills and rapidly parlay that expertise into the 2008 AMA Supercross Lites East Championship and the 2010 AMA 250 Motocross title.

Career Highlights

5th AMA Supercross Series (shortened season due to injury)
AMA Motocross SeriesΓ‘limited participation due to injury

3rd AMA Supercross Lites West Series
1st AMA Motocross Lites Series

6th AMA Supercross Lites West Series
13th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

1st AMA Supercross Lites East Series
10th AMA Motocross Lites Series (shortened season due to injury)

18th AMA Motocross Lites Series (began racing at round 9 of 12)

Eight amateur titles in 2007
AMA Horizon Award, 2007





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treycanard Jul 23

Huge hats off to the guys coming out this week, not easy to race on a weekend travel to Ca and then to Ok and melt in the heat to try and improve. Thanks guys!

dnull199 Jul 23


diamonds.shine.1031 Jul 23


wilhahn23 Jul 23


jerrevdongen Jul 23

What app is this?

dbxtn346 Jul 23

Weather channel app @jerrevdongen

ridge_fairbanks___121 Jul 23

What's the app

jacobriver11 Jul 23

Haha it's pouring where I live and I live two hours away from you @treycanard

blutes77 Jul 24

Wow! Hope it cools off a little when I come out to shoot next Monday haha.

treycanard Jul 23

It's all about the heart, once again here I am talking about heart conditions. These religious people of Jesus time were wanting everyone to know their "religious" works. Jesus was not about that then and is not about that now, it's so important for us to be genuine, true and not self seeking. And when we are trying to impress others by our so called "holiness" we are none of the above.

logan_ktm_trigg570 Jul 23

@treycanard can you PLEASE run into my public school, go to the microphone that sounds across the whole school and literally preach this to every single kid in there?! Sooooooo many young people that do this these days and only want god when they need him so they just act like god is their bestfriend on occasion

missyball06 Jul 23

I love that my son looks up too! You inspire us! We need more like you in this world! @treycanard πŸ™πŸ

matt_bates_23 Jul 23


micrmoor Jul 23

Awesome keep inspiring the youth

noelege Jul 23

TRUTH AMAZING INSPIRATION @treycanard nice to see there are real christian's left in this world... It's a constant battle n I wear the full armor of Christ daily... Best wishes in Washougal, I've been riding great, here's to a spot on the box... Stay blessed #41

motodad128 Jul 23

Look forward all the time for what you have to say and the scriptures you put up for people to read. Thank you

mrsandypitan Jul 23

Don't be a #Pharisee

cameronc_31 Jul 23

God isn't hiding in a building. He is outside under a rock, he is in the trees, or he is in the mud working daily miracles side by side with nature. So walk out side, be alone, dig your hands and feet into the ground and appreciate the daily miracles you receive. Exalt thy father and you shall be exalt in heaven. Exalt thy self and you shall be humbled! @treycanard

treycanard Jul 23

Franklin getting himself a little post play recovery thanks to the guys at @MuscleMilk

tylerakatyty Jul 23


mrussell24fit Jul 23

Dude he is so weird!!

dirtydizzle148 Jul 23

What the?πŸ‘†πŸ‘† lmao weirdly faster then you ever dreamed of riding anything as good as trey lmao more like dudes a legend

motolife_490 Jul 23


jesstastickrush Jul 23


pereira_hudson Jul 23


franklin_wippler Jul 23

Lol my name is Franklin @treycanard

holeshot913 Jul 23


doof_jones57 Jul 23


colinccm Jul 23


sean_supernant Jul 23

@treycanard your my idol keep doing what your doing my friend

n_lemm726 Jul 23


bryanmilazzo Jul 23


bgreen9 Jul 23


victorgj199 Jul 23


mxrider_812 Jul 23

@josh_mccarthy51 @motocross_matt Ima see if Maggie likes it

jettj77 Jul 23

haha that's funny bro

unoistheone Jul 23

@binklebob haha

thereal138 Jul 23


royza_r08 Jul 23


luca_renouf Jul 23


daltonmorris479x Jul 23

@moto_kid672 sounds just like Ron in the beginning I told you he used to be Ronnie Mac and the albertson took it over. @moto_is_life41

jhaislip Jul 23


matthewgross28 Jul 23

@mrsreddog looks just like ferg

ethan_rogers_21 Jul 23

Pups πŸ‘‹ @angel_garcia23

gussy78 Jul 23


car12 Jul 23


mrsreddog Jul 23

Yes @matthewgross28 they look slot alike 😍🐢

alb8633 Jul 23

@bgardner119 is Leila's tongue that long???" Lol

drewgoodin Jul 23

@camsanford @cdunkel13

coach413_316 Jul 23

Cute @cruzer_99

luca_renouf Jul 23


cruzer_99 Jul 23

Love that face!

shcherbayev Jul 23


treycanard Jul 22

Galatians 1:10 What the writer is trying to get across is the fact that he'd been beat, whipped, kicked out and near death. So there was no questioning about his integrity in trying to teach people what God had in store. He was saying look, if I wanted to just wanted to get a bunch of people to follow me I could do it and do it way better physically. But the fact that I'm willing to go through nearly every challenging thing to be with you people that should attest that I'm not doing this for myself. Maybe that should be the cry of our hearts today?

limayrivera Jul 22


mx_sav259 Jul 22


jclarke3 Jul 22

@treycanard I have great respect for the way you carry your cross. Being in the public eye and doing what you do is not easy to stand tall all the time. You always put god first before fame, riding etc and I'm sure it affects you in positive and negative ways being a pro rider but god called ya to leave everything and come follow him. I say to my wife pretty much everytime we see a interview with you "now there's a kid with his head on straight and has true character" keep giving shoutouts to our lord Jesus as it goes farther than you think with the audience. All the best to you brother

joey_165_sendaaa Jul 22

I agree @jclarke3

brother_beddy Jul 22


matt_bates_23 Jul 22


rlj_lociraptor Jul 22


stephanie_stubblefield Jul 22

Amen! Love that you post such wonderful things. So thankful that my kids have such a good role model. Best of luck with racing. πŸ™

learjetter Jul 22

Humility TC! πŸ‘

seven4tynine Jul 22

What bible app do you use @treycanard

karsenparker673 Jul 22

777th like. Awesome @treycanard

cycra Jul 22

Amen brother. Keep it up

kaylamack93 Jul 22


_thereal131_ Jul 22


joemotoracing Jul 22

@treycanard to glorify God in all we do! Thank you.

brad_bicsak Jul 22

I am the same number as you and I got your side plate from Unadilla

jeeper4life Jul 22


mrwarlock Jul 22


rachel_darling7 Jul 22

Love this and needed to hear it! Thanks for sharing! :)) @treycanard

gl0riae Jul 22


rodgersjt Jul 22

Amen! Thanks @treycanard !

heatherrvaee Jul 22

@jeeper4life thank you for tagging me in this ☺️

jkarp730 Jul 22

That verse brought me to Christ @treycanard

jkarp730 Jul 22


l1v3s3y Jul 23


treycanard Jul 21

Romans 1:16 People tell me I should just post things and be normal, forget about the "God Stuff".. They ask me "why do you put that stuff on here?" This is what I say, this is the best thing I know of to post on social media. You see I could post things that make me look great but I'd only just be creating an illusion, but posting things about a creator, The Lord far more interest me cause this is life changing stuff here, I could get some ewws and some ahhs but that's not what I'm after, sure I love a good whip or a berm shot maybe a picture of my dog and I try and post that too, but I'm after telling the world what I believe and know to be the truth and I am unashamed of that. I want to see lives changed, people loving each other, a difference being made, not a number of likes and retweets. Thanks folks.

laurenroberts2 Jul 21

I love them, the world needs more of you.

spanknmy300 Jul 21

Right on

cbuck25 Jul 21

Amen @treycanard I hear you man. Keep doin what your doin. You the man

mxer96 Jul 21

U r an inspiration to me and my fam. Thanks

lopezj7393 Jul 21

Yes! Amen!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™

cam_styer Jul 21

Amen... @treycanard i love seeing "famous" people quote the Truth of God's Word and stand for whats right and not forming to the world like most of us do... i know im only 17 but im guilty of following the world and doing what the world wants me to do instead of what the Bible says... you are a true inspiration... thanks... :)

the_pearce_32 Jul 21

Your the man trey your gonna get a win this year I know it will happen!! You definitely deserve one!

djcadabra Jul 21

@treycanard I respect the fact that you stand up for what you believe as a living example. πŸ‘ŒπŸ™

curtktm Jul 21

Your a great ambassador for Christianity and motocross. Shows great character and heart to stand for what you believe! Paul wrote, "life is like a race". Handle your faith like you do your bike, pin it to win it!

kelliff133 Jul 21

Yes, Keep it up I love to read your post @treycanard

josue149 Jul 21

Your the man trey! God bless you and your family.

limayrivera Jul 21


taylor_362 Jul 21


jerbear110 Jul 21

I love reading these, keep up the good work!

110mx Jul 21

Amen Trey!

corbinsmom1 Jul 21

@TreyCanard You've been blessed with 2 exceptional gifts, riding & spreading the word. One you'll have to retire from, the other you should never retire from.

cjhall114 Jul 21

Gods number is 41

jrmx440 Jul 21

God bless you, for you courage and will to spread the word of God. @treycanard

econo_mig Jul 21

Inspiration for what really matters

truckinbarbie Jul 21

Right on! It's great that you feel this way! God, the creator is the best thing anyone can talk about. @treycanard

nick_wheat Jul 21


cztommy Jul 21


neesejl Jul 21

Amen brother! We love you @treycanard

dubbymcdubs Jul 21

It's quite a refreshing thing to see. I've learned a few things from your posts. You are fair dinkum about what you stand for and I have the highest respect for you. Keep on fighting the good fight. Cheers @treycanard

jessedanthony Jul 21

Don't go changing @treycanard stick to the truth!

choppe224 Jul 21

Trey you said it perfectly. We are to make decibels on earth. It's our mission from god to spread the word and spread the truth about Jesus. When you post scripture that's what you're doing. You're an inspiration Trey.

dddotson Jul 21

there's nothing better than CHRIST

lindseyybaker Jul 21


shilohnobriga Jul 21

#Awesome couldn't have said it any better πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ @treycanard

jsimpson618 Jul 21

God gave you a gift and the opportunity to be in the spot light yet you always give him the glory. Keep up the good work.

dmonlopez Jul 21


kaylamack93 Jul 21

Proud of you trey! You're an amazing person! Life is far larger than just motocross and I'm glad to see you expanding your territory! You do touch many hearts just through Instagram and you have a lot more people look up to you than other riders! #postivevibes πŸ˜‡πŸ‘Œ

james.ferris.3785 Jul 21

I like your ridding style that 's way i follow you I'm not in to God But that's your thing . One handed stuff year some one looking out 4 you or something .

zac_james_589 Jul 21

I love how you always post scripture God is great keep it up

zac_james_589 Jul 21

Btw you are my favorite sx rider

khilla18 Jul 21

And that's why you're my favorite. Yeah racing is awesome! But there is still something more important out there.

zach_pierce_33 Jul 21

These posts make my day

rsmith_8 Jul 21


alyssam_46 Jul 21

πŸ™ good way of saying it

johnny_mo311 Jul 21

@treycanard it's great to hear from a top pro about god, because it reminds us that no matter how accomplished you are or we get. The story still remains the same without God you have nothing. Thx

lucas_h_nikirk7 Jul 21

@treycanard I wish there where more people like you man! God bless!

theguyintheboots Jul 21

And this is why you are my favorite rider. Rare is the man who does not get wrapped up in the fame and fortune.

fmip222 Jul 21

Very well put Trey.

clint3791 Jul 21

You gotta do what you want to do! Braaap

sscalora806 Jul 21

And this is why I follow you @treycanard

pray4alex116 Jul 21


james.ferris.3785 Jul 21


teamgreen22 Jul 21

@kiandbrody that's why he is the man

gl0riae Jul 21

Continue doing this,we need Lord in our lives and you remember us the greatest of our LORD. AMEN.πŸ™

chili571 Jul 21

So proud of u dude and u know ole RC41 is to. God Bless U @treycanard

bekah_lizzie Jul 21

Galatians 1:10 "For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ."

cycra Jul 21

God bless. So proud

nateadams741 Jul 21

You're the man @treycanard! Don't stop! I look forward to your posts daily. Stay up brother

mxdad723 Jul 21

Well said!

jneumann14 Jul 21


jobreezy72 Jul 21

This is why you are my favorite rider right here. God bless!

kristenbeall5 Jul 21

My favorite (and theme) verse 😊

hashtag783 Jul 21

πŸ™ @treycanard you'd love the video Words of Wisdom from an Unexpected Citizen on youtube πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

matt_bates_23 Jul 21


johnryan92 Jul 21

@treycanard I look up to you man, an especially after I juss read that .. you couldn't have put it any better . Thank you man may God bless you X 10

sobritolife Jul 21

My boy TC41 up on that 116!! @josiah.carter @zachslater2211 @zechcarter

s_durr4 Jul 21

@treycanard so humble! A true inspiration and role model! God bless and keep that #41 rippin brother

hikerbiker65 Jul 21

Amen and Amen! Our society needs the truth!

msmedjo Jul 21

A true man of GOD!!! @treycanard

ddracingllc Jul 21

Thx for the comments Trey!

deeds111 Jul 21

Right on

ccbenoit Jul 21

Thanks for posting this... Comes at a good time as I just got asked to stop posting religious posts. Thanks for being so humble and proud of your faith.

jr_spirit_32 Jul 21

Yes. Agreed. Trey. I would be honored if you followed me. I have so much respect for you.

2_stroked Jul 21

Good for being yourself and tell Ronnie mac I said what's up ahahaha @treycanard

kawi529 Jul 21

Look forward to yr posts of Gods word

danielhatton2 Jul 21

Awesome keep the Faith

mxdad5 Jul 21

Look forward to your posts. It is my spiritual education and inspiration. God bless.

mr_colepenny Jul 21


hayeweld Jul 21

Read them every day... God bless.. An thankyou

scarylarryracing Jul 21


brianyatesintheov Jul 21

Thank you. World needs more people who are not ashamed or afraid to show faith.

mx471racer Jul 21

You're the man Trey!!!

danieljirwin Jul 21

Awesome , love it mate!! God bless , so much truth in what your writing and most of all reading.

dparker59 Jul 21

You are truly a icon as a man and a inspiration to the quality of the young people of our sport! @treycanard

lucaslong111 Jul 21

Thank u @treycanard u inspired me

sfordx2 Jul 22

Stand up guy ..

s_durr4 Jul 22


patrick_ross52 Jul 22


tiledrainageguy Jul 22

@treycanard keep posting bro.

jettj77 Jul 22

you know I love your posts they r so inspirational and your one of the most humble racers I've ever met I'd love to talk with you again when you get down to Calif for another keep on going praise god for people like you

messerman20 Jul 22

Keep it up Trey. I look forward to your posts and admire your willingness to post for The Lord. You've got your priorities where they need to be. Keep up the good work on the track too. Showing great speed and that hard work pays off!

nickf416 Jul 22

Yeah buddy couldn't have said it any better!

ppcalbimonte Jul 22

You are in the place you are exactly for this reason, for your testimony and inspiration with the word of God and his values for us, the new generation.

jeremoomoo Jul 22


treycanard Jul 18

Here is our identity are you ready, you and I are all of Gods creation, his children. In him is an eternal identity, in him is life he intended for all.

brother_beddy Jul 18


towtongie Jul 18

Amen @treycanard

ty_hall923 Jul 18

Amen @treycanard

schuring58 Jul 18

Amen @treycanard

c_nadeau8 Jul 18

Why do u post so many of these

rcb_27_ Jul 18

because religion is a large part of his life

rcb_27_ Jul 18


ajfisher_20 Jul 18

@c_nadeau8 because trey is a Christian and I'm sure if it came down to it he would take god over mx

dee.harris Jul 18

Love seeing these. Please keep it up Trey.

t_a_y_t_o_n_e_i_l_l Jul 18

Fuck god.

p2thec717 Jul 18

@rusclot_119 ?

stephanie_stubblefield Jul 18

πŸ™for taytoneill

matt_bates_23 Jul 18


kammin_da_sammin126 Jul 18

Trey, you are an amazing and very inspiring man!

awjudson_110 Jul 18

You the man Trey keep it twistin

howard.hanson Jul 18

Amen. Stay the course Trey. 2Thess. 3:3

cotrotter793 Jul 18

Your the man @treycanard . Im so proud to say I lined up with you all those years in oklahoma and see you become who you are. Were on our feet cheering for you every weekend. Your one of the best bud.

mrsthor444 Jul 18

@treycanard I'm not an actively religious person and though most of your posts are religious, I have always followed you because we support your riding. But your posts this week have really hit home for me and wanted to thank you. I have felt very lost with my core self and to read this and your other posts on identity have reminded me that I'm a child of god, and that's all that matters. Just wanted you to know you helped me out and thank you.

mrwarlock Jul 18

Before I rode my bike I knew me, and I knew I was born to be a good rider and a total wanker on social media aswell.

lopezj7393 Jul 18


brianbrinlee Jul 18


larryhannahoverton Jul 18

Praying God continues to use for the glory of his kingdom. Such a blessing to follow you on Instagram and see your faith walked out God Bless and praying you get the KTMs this week :) @treycanard

aperez911 Jul 18

@sterling635 @benper34 @jperez3869

gl0riae Jul 18


jonbond527 Jul 19

I've been really confused the last few days thinking about life and I can't figure out why we "detour" It's so hard for me to explain what I'm trying to say.. And reading the part on you're post that reads, "in him is an eternal identity, in him is life he intended for all" I can't help but think that there is no way God intended for us to detour the wrong direction sometimes in life.. I don't think how I said it makes much cense, sorry.. I'm Gona think on it for awhile longer.. @treycanard

ficed Jul 19

Holy baby Jesus what a save today during practice .... Very nice

treycanard Jul 17

Working on my @captain891 leg swag yesterday. Someday el captain!

simon_ocampo Jul 17


parker_the_original Jul 17


rhardy152 Jul 17

@benedict_251 he's not even trying

dimii74 Jul 17


stefano_petucco Jul 17

@nstecca1 @mxlinebambam51 @petuccoandrea

tristan_botteram Jul 17

@dewanne_84 @ricoradstake

honda_ryder Jul 17

The good ole dog pisserπŸ˜‚

kenny_107 Jul 17

Just cruisin

dewanne_84 Jul 17


dawson_mx113 Jul 17

So sickk bro! βœŠπŸ‘ @treycanard

lil_chris5 Jul 17

@calebdye_281 he's the manπŸ‘Œ

braapbrandon Jul 17

@makayla_burt he is Ronnie Mac!

willoughby38 Jul 17

Ayy @codythomas112

s421doc Jul 17

Ronnie Mac is multiple guys gee

nichoswart Jul 17


maxberry628 Jul 17


cballz_18 Jul 17

@erik_ravsten21 @ravsten24

jey397 Jul 17


jacobmiano14 Jul 17

Love your goon vids @treycanard

battencody Jul 17


skylerschrader17 Jul 17

Holy crap u didn't post about god 😱

james.ferris.3785 Jul 17

#About time a photo #

motocrossunion Jul 17


i_rebel12 Jul 17

Good job in outdoors man keep it up. Love watching you ride. It's like art

realbsmull Jul 17

@skylerschrader17 Hahahahaha so dam true. I wish he posted more stuff like this

jayb_205 Jul 17

Don't be rude man @skylerschrader17 @realbsmull

dyelon_the_moonshiner Jul 17

Damn. Ronnie getting down @blindbryan

michael_greenblatt Jul 17

@felipealbie coice!!!

brunoribeiromachado90 Jul 17


jonbond527 Jul 17

@skylerschrader17 @realbsmull that's real mature..

connertkeys Jul 17

Shut the fuck up he Dosnt have to to post god related stuff it's his choice and I don't know if your Christian or not but you shouldn't have said that

pray4alex116 Jul 17

@realbsmull @skylerschrader17 I like that he post more about God than moto shows @treycanard is worried about you and other people who might need Jesus more than just another moto clip #missionarymoto @treycanard actually cares about eternity keep it up #allglorygoesAbove

melindoe Jul 17


teesmith416 Jul 17

@skylerschrader17 yo skyler go fuck yo self you goon ass hoe

acarreiro991 Jul 17


aclokegb_lca_gfc Jul 17


jsroortx Jul 17


bwaldow14 Jul 17


whitlowracing730 Jul 17

Yeah we love motocross but we love God more! Go to Church!

daniel_hudspeth Jul 17

@connertkeys @teesmith416 what you to said is way more offensive and more blasphemous than what @skylerschrader17 said. So how about you guys go back to watching tv and let the grown folks talk.

iaind100 Jul 17


gtownallstars_11 Jul 17

C'mon taylor do that @taylor___witteveen37

jamescronk336 Jul 17


miltoncaputti Jul 17


mxdesigns Jul 17

That's sick

stirling3clare Jul 17

Cool πŸ˜„πŸ‘

stuarthanna Jul 17

The dog pisser!

mrplamer316 Jul 17

That bike looks so effortless to ride.

vua93 Jul 17

Bo @chitona65 hacer eso perece muy fΓ‘cil ! Un animal el canard

mduett211 Jul 17


paulson303 Jul 17

Do this shit tonight lol @rodgers218

lasko493 Jul 17


nicocerquiglini122 Jul 17


ktm122 Jul 17


john_lee257 Jul 17

The smoothness tho @nolanmartens34 @dustinklassen

christopher_emeis Jul 17

@tyleremery32 leg swag

dustinklassen Jul 17

@john_lee257 @nolanmartens34 we must learn his ways

jjboyle8 Jul 17


liveruthless Jul 17

Nice #liveruthless

spencerbureau Jul 17


chrisnevling314 Jul 17


skylerschrader17 Jul 17

@realbsmull I know he races dirt bikes look at @therealjs7 @kenroczen94 @ryanvillopoto they post cool stuff not every post is about god I'm just saying don't post as much just post like one a week not 1 a day

buzzard4747 Jul 17


lopezj7393 Jul 17

@treycanard should continue posting what's in his heart. No need to follow the crowd & post what other racers post. I absolutely love the daily devotional that he posts. Keep it upπŸ™

tmeehan4 Jul 17


wilsongreg132 Jul 17


strege134 Jul 18


randybotts Jul 18

@treycanard can do what he wants! Go Trey!

ficed Jul 18

Holy baby Jesus that was sweet .. Keep em comin .

j_leonard290 Jul 18

Need to practice dropping the leg like this @wesdennis

scottnelsonandson Jul 18

You put the Wow in Style!

urfdogs Jul 18

Trey thank you for being you. You inspire me with your daily devotional posts. Will always root for you, God bless!

andrew_463 Jul 18


jbbrozz Jul 18

@joeclayton10 @mxracer11 @brodge24 @jodowii2

nicholastasse Jul 20

@gab_808 @ffej155 malade

parker_reguera Jul 22

Ronnie Mac!

harshal_lal Jul 23


clayforenpohar10 Jul 24

@eltrentcj @dalton314

treycanard Jul 17

iΒ·denΒ·tiΒ·ty criΒ·sis- a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person's sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society. God never had an identity crisis, he's always known who he is, what he's about and why he made and loves us. At some point we all loose sight of who we are and where we came from, but thankfully we have an amazing love story where God becomes flesh to remind us who we are and what we were made for and that that he Loves us. He's the answer to an identity crisis.

nungaray141 Jul 17

Always great to read your post. Thanks from mexico

tross_v8 Jul 17

This is why ur my favorite rider all Tht fame and still manage to stay humnle

tross_v8 Jul 17


mxguy808 Jul 17

Are you going to dade city mx anytime soon? @treycanard

kmitch_stezz_27 Jul 17

Diggin the morning Motivation

ficed Jul 17

I'm going to pound laps

mrwarlock Jul 17

Put up pictures Man, be interesting.

ursch118 Jul 17

@treycanard I needed to read that! Thank you

kimakapriscila Jul 17


taco_mayo Jul 17

This is one of the reasons why @treycanard is my favorite pro amongst them all!

jpierson1 Jul 17

Perfect timing...Thanks!

10ccastro Jul 17

That was deep bro and so true. Keep being an example to us and never change for nothing.

randybotts Jul 18


sabimill Jul 18

Thank you for that! It's great to see a Christian man speak of God in mx! That's why your my favorite!!

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