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Eli Tomac


Eli Tomac
#17 Eli Tomac

DoB: 11/10/1982
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: SoCal & Colorado
Hometown: Cortez, CO
Bike: Honda CRF250


When Eli Tomac stepped on the professional motocross stage for the first time in 2010, he had already built an impressive amateur resume. Stories of the young rider lapping amateur fields followed the 16-year-old to his first pro event in a GEICO Honda uniform. Amateur races are one thing, but could the Colorado kid hang in Hangtown? Tomac’s historic win in his first pro race – Hangtown AMA National Motocross in MX LItes was a resounding yes to all doubters, and it sparked an impressive rookie campaign. “The GEICO team is an awesome team,” Tomac said. “We all get along well. It’s like one big family. Everyone’s comfortable with everyone else, so it helps the chemistry of the team.”

Career Highlights

AMA 250 National Motocross Champion
AMA West Regional Supercross Champion





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elitomac Jul 26

#shankapotamaus next up on the #tee⛳️

garrett_martin243 Jul 26


carson._5 Jul 26

U da man. Win this week end

californiagoddess Jul 26

Haha u got thisβœŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜

vincebruington Jul 26

Kick some German ass tomorrow! ✊

motogramm Jul 26

Send that Foreigner back to Germany!

ctrefz Jul 26

@vincebruington x2 so awesome !!

motocross4life4ever Jul 26


powskier78 Jul 26

Rip it tom !

vincebruington Jul 26

@ctrefz πŸ˜†

jwhite66450f Jul 26

Got to love hotel golf

codydevanis Jul 26


ericrupe Jul 26

No better way to pass the time in ur hotel room at the races. Sweet ⛳️

josh_hoffman13 Jul 26

Yea tomac! Braap it up tomorrow!

wiseco922 Jul 26

@powskier78 tom? U do know his name ant tom rite?

chandytate Jul 26

Hippos are my favorite animal, so I'm especially excited you named shanking skills with that πŸ˜‚ @elitomac

thewildlifespecialist Jul 26

Too of the tee today,, Top of Tha Box MaΓ±ana!!!!

smithy_31 Jul 26

You bored bro? Haha

joelange27 Jul 26

Mile M.F. High 5280 + I threw down my tats at Budds Creek, remember? You are a bad man. 1,1 tomorrow Eli. Luck you don't need just your mad skill. I'm here. I'm Joe, Evergreen colorado.

andykamp1 Jul 26

Get them ktm boys this weekend @elitomac

ja781 Jul 26

Good luck this weekend πŸ‘

jhammy424 Jul 26

Good luck tomorrow! ! Drove all the way from colorado to see you win again !! @elitomac

benjimc24 Jul 26

Good luck tomorrow @elitomac pullin for you man

bmuter Jul 26

Go get em Eli!! Hope you go 1-1 again and remind orange team what's up!! πŸ‘

newyork919 Jul 26

"It's in the hole!"

brauort Jul 26

Why is this shit popular in my country?

chasemilner Jul 26

See you tomorrow pimp!

thelly_55 Jul 26

@therealrickiefowler I think he is calling you out.......

989studios Jul 26

@jhammy424 seriously?!

jhammy424 Jul 26

Hahah I love it wish I brought my golf clubs too!!! @989studios

kakloose Jul 26

@bongsonthings dude... #shankapotomus lol

kakloose Jul 26

@bongsonthings @kisses

zackgurley592 Jul 26

Let's play penion next time ur in town @elitomac

masonwiegerink117 Jul 26

You gained like 100,000 fans just from last week! Love it! Good luck this weekend.. Two in a row sound good? I know you can do it!

colton_comer_52 Jul 26

Just tap it in

hjbanks2002 Jul 26

Eli, go get it again this weekend! Very impressive, young man! You've gained a top spot with me! @elitomac

elitomac Jul 26

@zackgurley592 ya well get out there sometime soonπŸ‘Œ

jlundin_1 Jul 26

You are the man @elitomac you are going to dominate tommorow

alyssaflores53 Jul 26

Clearly your too bored haha kill it tommorrow!

jonci.taylor Jul 26

I just love you @elitomac

zackgurley592 Jul 26

Cool deal dude. I'll be watching you tomorrow good luck @elitomac

pchad555 Jul 26


lokey216 Jul 26

Get another one!!!

tjm339 Jul 26

Tomacs a Woppa @ranze29 @pipon176

ranze29 Jul 26

Oh dear Geyyy besterd @tjm339

jasonstyer Jul 26

@elitomac if there's ever a time I need you to do well, it's now! Made a bet with @gizmx_racing_team that, starting from this weekend if you and Ken were both on 0 points, that you'd make more points than Ken in the last bit of the championship... @gizmx_racing_team let the games begin! 😜😜

mxdrew007 Jul 26

Nice room

caseyhl91 Jul 26


dfaye11 Jul 27

What a nerd πŸ˜†

daltonpreszler Jul 27

How'd u do today saw the first moto u were hauling how did the second moto go?

ruperider Jul 27

Lolz. Yes!

jasonstyer Jul 29

@elitomac You beauty! @gizmx_racing_team 4 points ahead on our little bet buddy!

elitomac Jul 24

#tbt then and now...✊ @prodigy318

amorriss10 Jul 25

@_miller12_ @thereal61

baileyslife_ Jul 25

Living the dream! Keep up the good work! I raced for your dad and he was always a legend to me! Stoked to the Tomac name still whoopin ass!

stikmanglaspell Jul 25

Yeah @elitomac wishing you the best this weekend

twood214 Jul 25

Haha yeah @elitomac I remember that yellow 85

panupong93 Jul 25


7scottylee Jul 25

#letmegetafollow @elitomac πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

landoncurrier Jul 26

@_alecwatts haha stretching it all out.

airryno17 Jul 26

Well established #badass

elitomac Jul 24

#throwback Tractor pull action! Looks like I have some good sound effects going on with the lip action! 🚜

nico_brusk Jul 24


tmeddy5 Jul 24


bwm113 Jul 24


smg1612 Jul 24

Eli I've been trying to get ahold of you! Saw you at Millville but to many people to try and get to you. Follow or message me! Your a tough one to talk to.

justinbud Jul 24

Who does this remind you of @hilightz23 ??

22powpow Jul 24

We had the same tractor!

l4j2s4 Jul 24


kaylamack93 Jul 24


ruleej32 Jul 24

2015 MX champ. Stamp it stamp it stamp it stamp it.

khrystaw304 Jul 24

Good ol Montezuma county fair!

bstarr250r Jul 24

@mikerocheleau20 @k_starr944

loganhindsmx Jul 24

Dude, I had like the exact same toy tractor hahaπŸ‘ŒπŸšœ

thartman19 Jul 24

@ruleej32 heard of RV2?

elicrothers Jul 25


elitomac Jul 24

Its not easy finding better trails and views for MTBing in the summer . πŸ—»πŸš² #CO#rockymountains #wheeliesfortheπŸ“·πŸ˜œ

zachply762 Jul 24

Looks like Durango. @elitomac

rockycouder Jul 24

What's good bike that won't break the bank?

isracing Jul 24

Yeah buddy! Johnny style! Give him regards from Israel from Spain πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

adulka91 Jul 24

I have the same bike. @elitomac

coachseiji Jul 24

Dude everything is better with an overall win in the bank

apaggio Jul 24

@elitomac wheelie Wednesday was yesterday 😜

zmanscm Jul 24

What bike is that?

cmil5849 Jul 24

Beautiful Colorado Rockies

kaylamack93 Jul 24


idofmx333 Jul 24

Dont let big john put a mtb whoopin on ya ! Ha ha

gastonschmitt Jul 24

Gottttttemnnm in the πŸ‘œ

bwoods06 Jul 24

Want to go to Colorado do bad to ride the trails there.

michelcontreras2 Jul 24

That a niner? @elitomac

elitomac Jul 24

@coachseiji lol this is true

elitomac Jul 24

@michelcontreras2 27.5 trek

moto227corbin Jul 24

I am so happy u win last sat, do again this sat braap

mrfoot77 Jul 24

You have the same posture on a bike as your dad, seen him world cup at plymouth England in the 90'S

soccer_polska Jul 24

Mountain biking πŸ‘Œ

dubclub7 Jul 24

You the man, shut them ktm's down @elitomac

crujones65 Jul 24

are you racing "over the hump" in castaic again? @elitomac

jape_628 Jul 24

@elitomac slash 9? How does it climb? Just ordered one, itchin to ride it bad.

waltman222 Jul 24


newyork919 Jul 24

@elitomac no Kenda "Tomac" tires or bike?

thewildlifespecialist Jul 24

Careful u have the rest of a 2014 season to sweep,, crazy little Broom guy.

dschmoke670 Jul 24


andykamp1 Jul 24

Come out to denver @elitomac let's hit up thunder valley

d_williams121 Jul 24


ruleej32 Jul 24

gorgeous trails

ruleej32 Jul 24

man Colorado is fn beautiful

donald_galvin Jul 24

Roxborough has some pretty good mountain biking!

tix2gunshowpunk Jul 25

Damn......go champ

jpeterss Jul 25

@elitomac how do you like the sid fork?

elitomac Jul 20

Dreams.... Do.... come True!

the_real_212_king Jul 22


moto_bot250 Jul 23

That's my boy!!!

mxgt14 Jul 23

If u win, u get more likes on ur photos so keep doing that. Next time u win, add a nice whip picture too. You'll get a lot of like amonkeysbananaπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

mx_is_my_thang Jul 23

Finally seeing tomac on the top step of the podium

motomatt4anddiesel Jul 24

@elitomac nice Win at Millville taking it away the win from red bull ktm team

sadam212 Jul 24

I trust u tomac! U can !!! U can !!!

7scottylee Jul 25

@elitomac #letmegetafollow πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

bmx_bike_crew Jul 27

Yesterday was awesome dude you did great actually your now my new favorite rider

elitomac Jul 19

Here's the TV schedule for Millville.

motox72 Jul 19

Good luck @elitomac

garrett._.watts Jul 19

U better win @elitomac

tanner_harbin Jul 19

Good luck

chadrzz Jul 19

Ready to see @ryandungey and @jeremy19martin πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ - @scmxpark

dmc853 Jul 19

Good luck bud I got you picked in my league if you win I win a couple hundred bucks Haha #pinittowinit

jluzzardi Jul 19

Vamoos @elitomac 3βƒ£πŸ‘ŠβœŠβœŠbraaap

dirtbiken Jul 19

Good Luck @elitomac Colorado Proud!

shelbieeeeeesixx Jul 19

Good luck

gogorobert38 Jul 19

Good luck man

thewildlifespecialist Jul 19

Kill it like last year!

rockingrodmoto Jul 19

U R killing it!

mluder19 Jul 19

Dominate the dirt!!

ridin_a_kawi713 Jul 19

First like oh ya deeze

panupong93 Jul 19

The king #tomac3

gussy78 Jul 19


mattg312 Jul 19

G morning! Ready for you to kick some ass today, good luck!

silentj808 Jul 19

I cannot wait until you catch and pass roczen every race πŸ‘Š

fabiomuniz260 Jul 19

Go go Tomac ... Good luck ...

connerkeegan Jul 19

Good job. @elitomac

mattg312 Jul 19

Killed it, go kick ass 2nd @elitomac

bchisholm213 Jul 19

Do the same in 2nd moto, show the ktms who's boss! Go Tomac!

jlipp522 Jul 19

Dude holy shit killer today

andyshipway Jul 19

Awesome rides today! @elitomac

braaap39 Jul 19

Way to go!!!

bajamotox Jul 19

Congrats @elitomac you're awesome

jdb733 Jul 19

You're a badass!!!

fruutluup73 Jul 19

Dude your on a mission;!!!! Love it!!!!!

martylynch693 Jul 19

It's such a pity that you missed the start of the season. That red paste belongs on your bike

follette161 Jul 19

Atta boy tomac! ✊ @elitomac

rodfowler14 Jul 19

You are the man !!! Great job. !!!

dfaye11 Jul 19

Got er done today! That battle with roczen was what I've been waiting to see all year lolπŸ‘πŸ‘

brianhassell Jul 19

Nice win!!! Stuck it to em.

jason_gamst Jul 19

Great Ride Kid!

kc.927 Jul 19

You are my favorite rider because you work hard and you come off of injury and you win! Great job today, and keep it up!!!

captain_peg_leg Jul 19

Dude you killed it! Dungey was pressing all day and you never gave in! Great ride!

mluder19 Jul 22

Does black and blue go with a red dirt bike?

live2hunt_cg Jul 23

Congratulations on both of your wins

elitomac Jul 18

Who's ready for Millville !?! #whoops#sand#hillsπŸ‘Œ #P/C @cudby

noahlovesmotocross Jul 18

I'm ready for the chadapolt

cotrotter793 Jul 18

Ready to see you in the front. Soo close. You got this

rjmurphy255 Jul 18


andrewjauregui28 Jul 18

Lets go tomac!!!

ohshitsomeoneactually Jul 18

@elitomac I'm ready to see that number 3 on the top step of the box!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ go get it!!!

motostuff_com Jul 18

What oshit said^^^^

goschey5 Jul 18

im so pumped

essjay44 Jul 18

This should have been the round #84 raced in. #bringonunadilla

dan54simpson Jul 18

Gta start winning man!!!

nickrandrup Jul 18

God luck! Ride smart be safe!

justinlocke14 Jul 18

Put that gieco Honda on top of the box man

devine497 Jul 18

@elitomac good luck tomorrow!

thewildlifespecialist Jul 18

You Are!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

galenas_yamaha865 Jul 18

Your gonna kill it!! 😁πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š @elitomac

jarret440 Jul 18

Kill em 3li

dillon783 Jul 18

Good luck man

sammey_jo Jul 18

I have a feeling you will.. but it would make my day (or year) if you win at Washugal πŸ™ #alwaysrootingforyou ❀️ @elitomac

trevmunro21 Jul 18

Best track on the circuit

t_ful15 Jul 18

See u there man! Good luck get on the box, just not in front of dungey, u know home field gotta be nice πŸ‘

captainviticus Jul 18

Tomac, you're my pick for this race. Make it 3 years in a row that you win at Millville! @elitomac

ranidaeindra Jul 18

Ready to see you make shit happen- know u got it in you to get that top spot! Good luck my man I'll be rooting big like always! πŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸš΄πŸ’¨

compton_172 Jul 18


mxnews20 Jul 18


jruinb Jul 18

You are ready for millville @elitomac now put roczen in his place like you did all year on the lights last season. You da man

_jm330_ Jul 19

Keep pushing to the top of the podium, then once you're there, ex

_jm330_ Jul 19

Everyone will realize your power @elitomac and speed

florestafarm Jul 19

Good luck!!!😘

carpy213 Jul 19

Kick some ass bro

prestond329ktm Jul 19

Your good at corners

brianhassell Jul 19

You did it!

kaylamack93 Jul 21


vitor_trabuco Jul 22

Andou mto

trinoarreazinimx14 Jul 23

Mi Γ­dolo suerte campeon

james151brown Jul 27

This kid in unbelievable dont think everyone realises his actual talent! @elitomac

elitomac Jul 18

Caution! All berms will be destroyed! #Roost at your own #riskπŸ˜‚

benevans255 Jul 24


sanderjsa Jul 25


7scottylee Jul 25

@elitomac #letmegetafollow πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

jack_pitstick Jul 26


tannerronn Jul 27


gavenwayne Jul 27

@tannerronn damm

tormentality Jul 27

So rad!

brandon_35g Jul 27

Damn he's fastπŸ˜‚ @35ethan35

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