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Eli Tomac


Eli Tomac

#17 Eli Tomac

DoB: 11/10/1982
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: SoCal & Colorado
Hometown: Cortez, CO
Bike: Honda CRF250


When Eli Tomac stepped on the professional motocross stage for the first time in 2010, he had already built an impressive amateur resume. Stories of the young rider lapping amateur fields followed the 16-year-old to his first pro event in a GEICO Honda uniform. Amateur races are one thing, but could the Colorado kid hang in Hangtown? Tomac’s historic win in his first pro race – Hangtown AMA National Motocross in MX LItes was a resounding yes to all doubters, and it sparked an impressive rookie campaign. “The GEICO team is an awesome team,” Tomac said. “We all get along well. It’s like one big family. Everyone’s comfortable with everyone else, so it helps the chemistry of the team.”

Career Highlights

AMA 250 National Motocross Champion
AMA West Regional Supercross Champion





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elitomac Apr 11

Kangaroo dog

cmt07 Apr 11

I got one of those kangaroo dogs too @Eli tomac

cmt07 Apr 11


toddstewartphoto Apr 11

He got hops

marcop11 Apr 11

He's just practicing for those nasty Seattle woops :) @elitomac

seaann_ Apr 11

@schmadri semore πŸΆπŸ˜‚

davis987 Apr 11

@kristen_cartwright94 @tdlsu

989studios Apr 11


christyb13 Apr 11

Like scruff @_bbbauer_ @the_real_dang

mattyboy7969 Apr 11


earlmay82 Apr 11

Will jump for food πŸ˜€

motomxman Apr 11

SX mode

hannastumvoll63 Apr 11

Its your dog? @elitomac

alyy_126 Apr 11


luccakelsch199 Apr 11


johnnydezendorf Apr 11

Haha sketch ball! @elitomac

126scubasteve Apr 11


niko542 Apr 12


cerro429 Apr 12

Almost like froggy doggy @Niko542

elitomac Apr 10

My new weapon ready to assault the mountains this year. 650B @trekbikes remedy with @srammtb xx1. πŸ‘ #HBfactorytuned#schweet#nothatsnotmycyclingkit

thetrout007 Apr 10

I have the Norco Sight Killer B1. I love the 650B wheel set.

casey_burkhalter Apr 10

@elitomac awesome boots!! πŸ‘πŸ‘

ryland418 Apr 10

Das wus up bra

instadekleber Apr 11

πŸš΅πŸ‘’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

_tb101 Apr 11


_y_it_ Apr 11

Thats me @_tb101

richard_rodrigues Apr 11

Maaano @dougtmax agora que eu vi. Hahahaha muuuuito igual

j_oceanman Apr 11

Trek fantastic bike ilove trek

elitomac Apr 6

Darth vadering it waiting for a delayed flight. πŸ’‚πŸ‘ŽπŸ™ˆ Only good thing going in DFW is this @americanexpress lounge.

definitionofswagger Apr 6


motopassion_989 Apr 6


motocross4life4ever Apr 6

Hahahaha @allierandolph28

krolikowski93 Apr 6

Arrow πŸ˜‚

allierandolph28 Apr 6

@motocross4life4ever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ adding to the reasons why he's my favorite rider. πŸ™ˆ

alida71 Apr 6


klenlaundry Apr 6

Keep it KLeN #socks #briefs #bamboo

motocross4life4ever Apr 6

@allierandolph28 ikr! Hes definitely a keeper how does he not have a gf next time u meet him sneak a kiss! Hahahah

allierandolph28 Apr 6

@motocross4life4ever πŸ˜‚ lol that's one way to get thrown out of redbud 😝😘

motocross4life4ever Apr 6

@allierandolph28 if u ask nicely hahaha! Hes too nice(: hes gonna dominate outdoors like last yr.

dr_burntski Apr 6

Haha dfw sucks man I flew out of there last year for Xmas and was there from 2 am till like 9 it was brutal @elitomac

thereal_seth_ivey618 Apr 6

darth vader never wore a hood. that was darth maul, and the sith

csavage762 Apr 6

Now I'm glad I was on that 5:55am flight!

elitomac Apr 6

@thereal_seth_ivey618 lol

oliveoilwar Apr 6

@elitomac, don't listen to him... Vader did!

oliveoilwar Apr 6

(Fuck, I feel like such a dork.)

thereal_seth_ivey618 Apr 6

I mean no offense, you're still my favorite rider. @elitomac

xericx12x Apr 6

Go broncos

chanatell Apr 6

The force is strong with this one.

victoriagrrrz Apr 6

Good job last night in Houston πŸ‘ @elitomac

dfaye11 Apr 6


brandonwillis292 Apr 6

Are you lds @elitomac?

elitomac Apr 6

@brandon_willis7 IDS?

brandonwillis292 Apr 6

Mormon? @elitomac

elitomac Apr 6

@brandon_willis7 no

brandonwillis292 Apr 6

Oh then your still a really cool guy! Good job last night! @elitomac

tgus_93 Apr 6

Better than being here in cortez cold and windy lol @elitomac

filipmatus Apr 6

Keep fighting @elitomac ! Cheers from Czech Republic!

stevebehunin711 Apr 6

Why would religion matter???

sylvestersam3 Apr 6

Good job last night!

dagumit Apr 6

Wish u were dungeys teammate instead of u know who @elitomac

spnlson Apr 7

Keep up the hard work Eli...your time will come again.

richardtaporco Apr 7

Are you talking about wil hahn? Because its pretty funny that you say that since wil is a class act rider with a championship title to his name. Don't get me wrong dungey is a great rider and a champion, but he started his pro career with no expectations and came out with championships, so now he has to deal with the pressure of beating out villopoto and he is not prevailing. I think eli is in a great position if he didn't have so much bad luck this season he'd be out there killing it! Wil and eli will cometo the next supercross season with experience and a lot of damage in the field @dagumit

dagumit Apr 7

Was talking about roczen I like tomac better than roczen @richardtaporco

tpeterson63 Apr 7

May the Force be with you!

honkytonkndirtflirtn88 Apr 7

Sleep well you must, moto Jedi.

richardtaporco Apr 7

Oh okay, same here, if only dung can get on a honda team, this whole ktm business hasn't been so good in supercross for him. Dungey, Tomac and Hahn would make a great geico honda premier class team.! @dagumit

elitomac Apr 6

Was in a decent spot during last nights main till I cased the quad god before the finish line. Salvaged a 9th on the night. Already looking forward to the ruts in Seattle. 😎#photocred @philcrab85

ttitus25 Apr 6

First like oh yeah

jd_854_racer Apr 6

First like

ttitus25 Apr 6


ttitus25 Apr 6

No!! I did @jd_854_racer

arek150 Apr 6

Who the hell cares @ttitus25

ttitus25 Apr 6

I do . πŸ‘Œ

jd_854_racer Apr 6

Yeah j boy

cxnnxr73 Apr 6

neither of you were sluts @ttitus25 @jd_854_racer

ttitus25 Apr 6

Look at my profile ok. @jd_854_racer I got the first like

jerichokid Apr 6

You were riding good.. The podiums will come. #3tomacbeastmode

crisber00 Apr 6

@pete_ber that's y lol

scottyb718 Apr 6

Who cares who got the first like on a picture ? Congrats it'll help you get laid now @ttitus25 @jd_854_racer

poppedamolly_13 Apr 6

When you and poto were battling it out.... couldn't have asked for better racing last night! @elitomac

_emblem_for_life Apr 6

You were amazing last night! @elitomac

rsc2727 Apr 6

@elitomac hooked me up with those pants (and signed em) last night after the race. Thanks and good luck bud.

bfg185 Apr 6

Can't wait to see your mug at #seattlesx @elitomac

motocross4life4ever Apr 6

Love you eli! :-)

noahdoak77 Apr 6

Good racing last night πŸ‘

waynewill444 Apr 6

Good ride last night! I was wondering what happened, that quad was the only area I couldn't see very well. Hope the shoulder is doing well, @elitomac

philcrab85 Apr 6

Great ride!!!! Thanks for the re-post!!!

as_oficial Apr 7


rodfowler14 Apr 7

Ouch that had to hurt a bit !!! Still looking good !!!

lala1019_ Apr 7

You did awesome last night!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘

nathenosullivan29 Apr 7

Nice @elitomac

shawneem4 Apr 8

Can't wait to watch you race in Vegas!! πŸ˜„

nicktetro Apr 10

Always got another race @elitomac

trevor_k_6670 Apr 12


elitomac Apr 4

Stretching the wings before flight at Houston press day. #Photocred@motoxaddicts

jessiem_149 Apr 4

Please follow me you r my inspiration @elitomac

alyssamcpoyle Apr 4


moto_kid19 Apr 4

i like your helmet which one is that @elitomac

natejanis39 Apr 4

It's a custom 6d helmet @moto_kid19

motocross4life4ever Apr 4

Gosh <3

rich5150 Apr 4

Welcome to TEXAS!

armi_63 Apr 4


dfaye11 Apr 4


jimjammagicman792 Apr 4

Dos elbows doe! @shane598

annafisetiawan Apr 4


allierandolph28 Apr 4

πŸ˜πŸ™Œ lookin good eli

apaggio Apr 4

Lol ✈️

uniqueegarcia Apr 4


pocahontas1010 Apr 4


gisellejvd Apr 4


penny_slotz Apr 4


butler276 Apr 4

brap brap braaaaaaaap

mr_max_boyd Apr 4

@dylanj22 Grayson?

_emblem_for_life Apr 4


daltonpreszler Apr 4


halim_2014 Apr 4


hustleburry Apr 4

Always pulling for you. My friends give up on anyone who isn't immediately on the podium but you will have your time.

kieranboyd Apr 4

I still always see Mike Brown when looking at the 3 plate

as_oficial Apr 4


peachman23 Apr 4

Mike Browns a good bloke but at no time in history was he ever the 3rd best rider in America. Glad to see the number on someone else's bike. Go Tomac!!

samanth_leigh Apr 6

You did great today

ttatumjohnson Apr 6

You did really good today.

martzy42 Apr 7

Elbows up

landonvanway Apr 11

@austinf323 not alias!

austinf323 Apr 11

Don't matter he's still sick @landonvanway

landonvanway Apr 11

@austinf323 he's sick because he doesn't have gay gear

austinf323 Apr 11

He was sicker with the sick gear! @landonvanway

elitomac Apr 4

Found some fun in Houston today! Say hello to my little friend! πŸ˜‚#tommygun#mp5

itroutman222 Apr 4

First like

country_gurl07 Apr 4


reckner007 Apr 4

First loser πŸ‘† @itroutman222

_hwalt Apr 4

Awesome! You should try the ranges here in MN!! @elitomac

nickfrey_244 Apr 4

45th like

mxruss129 Apr 4

@elitomac are y'all in humble?

nickingram26 Apr 4

Welcome to texas the home of shooting shit

whitesider108 Apr 4

@rockystrong sick

lifeof_ben Apr 4

Where are you?? I've for a track at my house to ride, come hit it!

mbrand721 Apr 4

Is that Shiloh?

galenas_yamaha865 Apr 4

That's freakin. Badass 😍 @elitomac

motocross4life4ever Apr 4

Love u eli

cousinbigshasta Apr 4


missmandyrw Apr 4

@nickingram26 that's funny

agus_magno Apr 4


jbaltimore74 Apr 4

Auto rifles always put a smile on your face

carolinacoraaa Apr 4


rich5150 Apr 4


kthomps0n7 Apr 4

I love you. That is all.

raysa_b Apr 4


dennisfoster8 Apr 4

Gotta love the Second Amendment. Thanks for the post @elitomac !

chrispass18 Apr 4


lanniebranham96 Apr 4

@brad_visilias @iron_v

hvlchk Apr 4


official_kylar_99 Apr 4


matt_schultheis Apr 4

@elitomac where's this at?

sydwazshawn Apr 4

You just shot Dungy number 5! Lol

premix_wimp Apr 4


sydnycharles Apr 4


bj248 Apr 4

Come check out our shop in pearland it's called Baileys House Of Guns

pollyp32 Apr 4

He failed

megmeisters Apr 4

Did my dad actually hit anything... @elitomac

simonssays_ Apr 4


jarroddd Apr 4

@mattsigz @tbhc

mhenriquebarcelos Apr 4


dws321 Apr 4

Did that in vegas haha. #battlefieldvegas

bareslyer25 Apr 4


motorcycling_online Apr 4


buddybear54 Apr 4

@allianceoffroad can we do this in SC?

allianceoffroad Apr 4

@buddybear54 #Fasho

mylesmarburger Apr 4

Welcome to Houston Texas buddy!!!!!!!

scotty_k89 Apr 4


alyshia42 Apr 4


amberherr2u Apr 4

Welcome to Texas, we learn how to shoot and load our own shells at a young age :-)

matt729 Apr 5

@elitomac you should stick to motocross lol

elitomac Apr 3


_christhoma_ Apr 3


abbaith Apr 3

I love you πŸ˜­πŸ’•

natahlyyy Apr 3

Can't wait to see you Saturday πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ™Œ

dbelch88 Apr 3

Good luck dude! Have fun! Braaap!

motocross4life4ever Apr 3


travis_290 Apr 3

H-town!! See ya there

murillosteffens Apr 3


victoriagrrrz Apr 3

See you there!!

mich_ievous Apr 3

Dude kick butt this weekend! πŸπŸ†πŸ‘Œ #braap #groundandpound #fullthrottle

jrv73 Apr 3


christophershane78 Apr 3

As a fellow DURANGO Co boy that lives here in Houston I will deff be cheering for ya bud

tj_stember Apr 3

You got it this weekend!! See you there!!

pete_ber Apr 3

@elitomac let's get that good start Eli!! Cheering for you πŸ‘

spnlson Apr 3

Ok time to go to work Elli, get in the zone man lets do this......visualize KNOW! You can do it, believe..... just like Hangtown man.

aidenblack25 Apr 3

Good luck man lest see that hole shot!!!!

penny_slotz Apr 3

Beautiful 😊

huntersullivan_197 Apr 3

Make sure the plane doesnt get lost lol @elitomac jk goodluck

poodgiecat Apr 3

That's a good omen for this weekend Eli!

elitomac Apr 1

When in doubt wheelie out!

jprs5 Apr 3

E esse ronquinho nas costela, sem palavras @marcelinho225

marcelinho225 Apr 3

Demais @jprs5!

raulmx120 Apr 3

Niiiiiiiiiceeeeeee @marcelinho225

s1mps0n42 Apr 4

I thought it was when in doubt, whip it out...? lol

bigdaddyyjake Apr 5


jkuyp13 Apr 6

@bikelifemerk ooph

skyrking477 Apr 13

@klintonadams417 that's how you do it

imkeithdavis Apr 14


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