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Eli Tomac


Eli Tomac
#17 Eli Tomac

DoB: 11/10/1982
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: SoCal & Colorado
Hometown: Cortez, CO
Bike: Honda CRF250


When Eli Tomac stepped on the professional motocross stage for the first time in 2010, he had already built an impressive amateur resume. Stories of the young rider lapping amateur fields followed the 16-year-old to his first pro event in a GEICO Honda uniform. Amateur races are one thing, but could the Colorado kid hang in Hangtown? Tomac’s historic win in his first pro race – Hangtown AMA National Motocross in MX LItes was a resounding yes to all doubters, and it sparked an impressive rookie campaign. “The GEICO team is an awesome team,” Tomac said. “We all get along well. It’s like one big family. Everyone’s comfortable with everyone else, so it helps the chemistry of the team.”

Career Highlights

AMA 250 National Motocross Champion
AMA West Regional Supercross Champion





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elitomac Jul 20

Dreams.... Do.... come True!

ktm10barker Jul 22

Well done

jschultzzz Jul 22


the_real_212_king Jul 22

U were super fast through whoops at Millville

the_real_212_king Jul 22

I was there

the_real_212_king Jul 22


moto_bot250 Jul 23

That's my boy!!!

mxgt14 Jul 23

If u win, u get more likes on ur photos so keep doing that. Next time u win, add a nice whip picture too. You'll get a lot of like amonkeysbananaπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

mx_is_my_thang Jul 23

Finally seeing tomac on the top step of the podium

elitomac Jul 19

Here's the TV schedule for Millville.

motox72 Jul 19

Good luck @elitomac

garrett._.watts Jul 19

U better win @elitomac

tanner_harbin Jul 19

Good luck

chadrzz Jul 19

Ready to see @ryandungey and @jeremy19martin πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ - @scmxpark

dmc853 Jul 19

Good luck bud I got you picked in my league if you win I win a couple hundred bucks Haha #pinittowinit

jluzzardi Jul 19

Vamoos @elitomac 3βƒ£πŸ‘ŠβœŠβœŠbraaap

dirtbiken Jul 19

Good Luck @elitomac Colorado Proud!

shelbieeeeeesixx Jul 19

Good luck

gogorobert38 Jul 19

Good luck man

thewildlifespecialist Jul 19

Kill it like last year!

rockingrodmoto Jul 19

U R killing it!

mluder19 Jul 19

Dominate the dirt!!

ridin_a_kawi713 Jul 19

First like oh ya deeze

panupong93 Jul 19

The king #tomac3

gussy78 Jul 19


mattg312 Jul 19

G morning! Ready for you to kick some ass today, good luck!

silentj808 Jul 19

I cannot wait until you catch and pass roczen every race πŸ‘Š

fabiomuniz260 Jul 19

Go go Tomac ... Good luck ...

connerkeegan Jul 19

Good job. @elitomac

mattg312 Jul 19

Killed it, go kick ass 2nd @elitomac

bchisholm213 Jul 19

Do the same in 2nd moto, show the ktms who's boss! Go Tomac!

jlipp522 Jul 19

Dude holy shit killer today

andyshipway Jul 19

Awesome rides today! @elitomac

braaap39 Jul 19

Way to go!!!

bajamotox Jul 19

Congrats @elitomac you're awesome

jdb733 Jul 19

You're a badass!!!

fruutluup73 Jul 19

Dude your on a mission;!!!! Love it!!!!!

martylynch693 Jul 19

It's such a pity that you missed the start of the season. That red paste belongs on your bike

follette161 Jul 19

Atta boy tomac! ✊ @elitomac

rodfowler14 Jul 19

You are the man !!! Great job. !!!

dfaye11 Jul 19

Got er done today! That battle with roczen was what I've been waiting to see all year lolπŸ‘πŸ‘

brianhassell Jul 19

Nice win!!! Stuck it to em.

jason_gamst Jul 19

Great Ride Kid!

kyndahlcole927 Jul 19

You are my favorite rider because you work hard and you come off of injury and you win! Great job today, and keep it up!!!

captain_peg_leg Jul 19

Dude you killed it! Dungey was pressing all day and you never gave in! Great ride!

mluder19 Jul 22

Does black and blue go with a red dirt bike?

live2hunt_cg Jul 23

Congratulations on both of your wins

elitomac Jul 18

Who's ready for Millville !?! #whoops#sand#hillsπŸ‘Œ #P/C @cudby

noahlovesmotocross Jul 18

I'm ready for the chadapolt

cotrotter793 Jul 18

Ready to see you in the front. Soo close. You got this

rjmurphy255 Jul 18


andrewjauregui28 Jul 18

Lets go tomac!!!

ohshitsomeoneactually Jul 18

@elitomac I'm ready to see that number 3 on the top step of the box!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ go get it!!!

motostuff_com Jul 18

What oshit said^^^^

goschey5 Jul 18

im so pumped

essjay44 Jul 18

This should have been the round #84 raced in. #bringonunadilla

dan54simpson Jul 18

Gta start winning man!!!

nickrandrup Jul 18

God luck! Ride smart be safe!

justinlocke14 Jul 18

Put that gieco Honda on top of the box man

devine497 Jul 18

@elitomac good luck tomorrow!

thewildlifespecialist Jul 18

You Are!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

galenas_yamaha865 Jul 18

Your gonna kill it!! 😁πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š @elitomac

jarret440 Jul 18

Kill em 3li

dillon783 Jul 18

Good luck man

sammey_jo Jul 18

I have a feeling you will.. but it would make my day (or year) if you win at Washugal πŸ™ #alwaysrootingforyou ❀️ @elitomac

trevmunro21 Jul 18

Best track on the circuit

t_ful15 Jul 18

See u there man! Good luck get on the box, just not in front of dungey, u know home field gotta be nice πŸ‘

captainviticus Jul 18

Tomac, you're my pick for this race. Make it 3 years in a row that you win at Millville! @elitomac

ranidaeindra Jul 18

Ready to see you make shit happen- know u got it in you to get that top spot! Good luck my man I'll be rooting big like always! πŸ‘ŠβœŠπŸš΄πŸ’¨

compton_172 Jul 18


mxnews20 Jul 18


jruinb Jul 18

You are ready for millville @elitomac now put roczen in his place like you did all year on the lights last season. You da man

_jm330_ Jul 19

Keep pushing to the top of the podium, then once you're there, ex

_jm330_ Jul 19

Everyone will realize your power @elitomac and speed

florestafarm Jul 19

Good luck!!!😘

carpy213 Jul 19

Kick some ass bro

prestond329ktm Jul 19

Your good at corners

brianhassell Jul 19

You did it!

kaylamack93 Jul 21


vitor_trabuco Jul 22

Andou mto

trinoarreazinimx14 Jul 23

Mi Γ­dolo suerte campeon

elitomac Jul 18

Caution! All berms will be destroyed! #Roost at your own #riskπŸ˜‚

darianfice Jul 21


_jakejackson_ Jul 21


mattwillems547 Jul 21

@daynejer @sencion243 @ogcrookedarmigo @brandogloria

k_ram32 Jul 21


twk13m Jul 21


gslice185 Jul 22


ishomin22 Jul 22

@ls537 Elis moving

jake.longhurst1 Jul 23

@max_kelly55 @will.turner

elitomac Jul 15

Working that clutch at Budds Creek. #P/C @vurbmoto

ericrupe Jul 15

Mad skills Yo !!!

rjbaker37 Jul 15

That gear is bad ass! @elitomac

partin_410 Jul 15


lukeboxjump Jul 15

Your the man ET!!

sethstinson Jul 15

Sick style!

scottymag7 Jul 15


thompson101g Jul 15

Heats up a lot during a moto and needs adjustment @tknapp521

abandonedbaker Jul 15

The clutches get so hot they get loose and they are tightening them up @tknapp521

galenas_yamaha865 Jul 15

You have some mad crazy skills!! 😜😎 @elitomac

racknor184 Jul 15

Tknapp521 i recently bought a set of ARC leavers and I've noticed I've had to play around with the setting alot more than the stock leavers. Sometimes there nice, other times they can be a pain in the ass

swope124_ Jul 15

I race all the time and I mess with it all the time. The more they use it and the hotter it gets the losser it gets so they have to tighten it up.

racknor184 Jul 15


landon_267g Jul 15

@benspohr @_sketchyeli @suzuki_power_151 @

nick_johnny Jul 15

Nice gear!

nolanhindman Jul 15

No hydraulic clutch for a factory guy

arcangelmike Jul 15

πŸ‘πŸ‘flying out there sucks you missed the beginning of the season keep it up

beasleycj Jul 15

@jakebrake501 #clutchswag

talbo3 Jul 15

Mad skill @tkerr611

daniellll_ Jul 15

Is that a 2 stroke ?

erica51rn Jul 15


donaldchilds512 Jul 15

Some people like the basic clutch more @nolanhindman

ztinkey144 Jul 15


briggskalish_68 Jul 15

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚did u really just ask if that's a 2 strokeπŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @daniellll_

put_put43 Jul 15

Hahaha bro look at the pipe, it's small, it's a fourstroke @daniellll_

daniellll_ Jul 15

I know. I was trying to piss off gay boys like you. @put_put43

daniellll_ Jul 15

I was messing around @put_put43

put_put43 Jul 15

This "gay boy" can probably out ride you an trails. Think brah. U want to be a troll but it's just annoying. @daniellll_

put_put43 Jul 15

Ok @daniellll_

daniellll_ Jul 15

I didn't mean to tag you @put_put43

daniellll_ Jul 15

You can put put outa her @put_put43

daniellll_ Jul 15

And you "putput" on the track.

daniellll_ Jul 15


put_put43 Jul 15

I PutPut in 4th gear over whoops @daniellll_

daniellll_ Jul 15

You would bog down. I hit the rev limiter in 5th over the whoops scrubbing tables and tripples. @put_put43

put_put43 Jul 15

I ride a twostroke 125. I have to be on the powerband or else I won't make it through the whoops. Trails I'm in 4th an fifth. I've made it up all the hillclimbs I've tried except one. On not an amazing rider. But I'm not bad. @daniellll_

put_put43 Jul 15

I'm not an amazing rider*

put_put43 Jul 15

Ohh an I've only been riding for three years. That ain't that bad for only three years I don't think @daniellll_

supra_andrews Jul 15

Et3 is taking off!!

caseyhl91 Jul 15


djpaulone Jul 15

That W is on the horizon

sumoktm Jul 15

No hydraulic for you boys ??

nick_johnny Jul 15

^^^ @djpaulone yep! Tomac is VERY impressive missing a quarter of the season and still running up from his rookie 450 year

jake_49_ Jul 15

Nobody gives a shit about what gear your In over whoops. You little kids sound so pathetic when you argue like thatπŸ˜‚ @daniellll_ @put_put43

daniellll_ Jul 15

How old are you ? @jake_49_

put_put43 Jul 15

Obviously you do or else u wouldent have said anything bud @jake_49_

lil_chris5 Jul 15

That's what the clutch fo @jimmymcgarthjr

jake_49_ Jul 15

A lot older then you dude @daniellll_ Good comeback. "Bud" @put_put43

thomasperger Jul 15

Sick Eli! You kids quit using this feed for jibberish...

shane_bates939 Jul 15

@put_put43 @daniellll_ no @jake_49_ is just sick of seeing stupid arguements over nothing on instagram

put_put43 Jul 15

Well I'm sick of arguing. I'm wasting time on nothing drop it @daniellll_ @jake_49_ @shane_bates939 ur all probably great riders, probably better than me. I'm going to sleep it's like midnight in Oregon

jake_49_ Jul 15

πŸ‘ @shane_bates939

psierra317 Jul 15

@sens85 quin tiu es pot fer pisto mentre roda jajaja

daniellll_ Jul 15

@jake_49_ I'm 23 bud.

jake_49_ Jul 15

Hahaha! Then you have growth issues. Cuz it looks like you just graduated kindergarten @daniellll_

daniellll_ Jul 15

Those are my kids. @jake_49_ get to bed. You up past bed time.

jake_49_ Jul 15

Aw dude don't say that kind of stuff I'm gonna cry @daniellll_

pascalraymond Jul 15


daniellll_ Jul 15

Don't cry man @jake_49_

jake_49_ Jul 15

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ @daniellll_

rysiethomas Jul 15


aaronrose282 Jul 15

Fixing clutch mod air no biggie @jraadd

buck_75 Jul 15

Liking the toe under the foot peg @elitomac

bmjernigan Jul 15


saysanai Jul 15


crav0062 Jul 15

@hashtag_danimals @craven146

cycra Jul 15

Great shot man!

blakebaker423 Jul 15

@claybarnett adjusting the clutch cable lol

bbrouillette11 Jul 15

@lejeune37 @c_richard320_

scotty140e Jul 15

So sick to see you back out there charging from the back of the pack tomac style. It was a good weekend for the tomac fans!

sta7js Jul 15

@elitomac bro u killed it and looked great. At budds....keep trucking bro

cadenfrosty55 Jul 15

That is gnarly

claybarnett Jul 16

Noway lmao @blakebaker423

elitomac Jul 14

Sunday couch surfing is in full force right now with my buddy "camo".🐢#puppy#frenchie

brittanylynn38 Jul 14

You finally got your frenchie!?! SO cute @elitomac πŸΆπŸ’•

alyssam_46 Jul 14

Cool dog!

jpfilms Jul 14

@elitomac what would I have to do to get you and your pops out to Lake Tahoe so jt and max jones (my boss) can ride together after all these tears

jpfilms Jul 14


jpfilms Jul 14

@elitomac would be so cool your dad would be pumped and so would max

jluzzardi Jul 14

@elitomac good luck for Spring Creek! Why you don't use the 17? Everybody know you are beter than rocksen

glennmerg Jul 14

@elitomac So great to see you up and running. On point!!!

860_kalen Jul 14

nice nose

aidenblack525 Jul 14

Good Job in your race βœŠπŸ‘Š

vanessa_karyn_ Jul 14


allierandolph28 Jul 14

That pup is too cute!! 😍

cycra Jul 14

@elitomac nothin wrong with some relaxin every now and then with man's best friend

acalzadillak Jul 14

@acalzadillaq @luiscalzadillak

sigler130 Jul 14

My dog looks like yours

bird995 Jul 14

#mcm :))

nikimajor Jul 14

@sara_logan @jessicaaalaa FRENCHIE #PERFECT

clayton_diplip Jul 14

Big fan my numbers 3 to

jacoboneal566 Jul 14


metzler77 Jul 14

You are on fire this season!! Keep it up...all the way thru elk season.

carly_manna Jul 14

Good job at budds creek!! I was there 😊

socalmx Jul 14

They are good buddy's to have

dirtrider615 Jul 14


mich_ievous Jul 14

Y'all are studs lol 😁 Jul 14

Ummmm #skittles πŸ˜‰ Sooo glad to see ya rocking it the last few weeks! Much deserved! @elitomac

katelynxo19 Jul 14


pnash5p Jul 14

Yeah, I bet after that heat/humidity. Great comeback this late in the season! It shows you ride smart and with heart...

motoxgurl Jul 14

You are so cute 😊

cbeasley174 Jul 14


ballinchris636 Jul 14

3-2-3 you're a beast, let's get that win at Dungey's home track!

casey_burkhalter Jul 14

Most of my Sundays look like this! @elitomac

dthompson42 Jul 14

@elitomac you better get that bow out for September elk hunting it's coming quick

stephreese123 Jul 14

So handsome

ctrefz Jul 14

Your getting super close to dominating that German like you used too!! Go get em✊

cheyannelove0 Jul 14

Show em up tomac :)

davy219 Jul 14

Ya got the frency

cmuse22 Jul 14

@tchurchill888 are you Eli tomac?

dfaye11 Jul 14

Dawh 🐢❀️

patriciabardin28 Jul 14

Ok....tomac is a babe

buck_75 Jul 14

Be careful @elitomac you'll be couch surfing a lot with that breed I've had n bred frenchies for over 10 yrs now great dogs enjoy man!!

joelange27 Jul 14

Nice podium Saturday. Your killing it but Colorado wants to see you on top this weekend. On the way to Millville front Budd's.

samieeed Jul 14


santospalazzie Jul 14

You have been getting closer and closer to the rithm of the ktm's in these three races, i bet my money youll win this weekend, you are the fastestsss GOOO!!✊✊✊ @elitomac

oscar_the_frenchbulldog Jul 14

Badass frenchie Eli!

tanner_way12 Jul 14

@atalie25 look who has one too!!!

motox113 Jul 14

Awesome job Eli!! Can't wait to see you on top of the podium!

sur_ace_ofspades Jul 21

Tomac sweet dudee

elitomac Jul 11

TV Schedule for tomorrow. ✊

ben_ripping Jul 11

Keep it rolling Eli. You're killing it man. @elitomac

dailydirtbikes Jul 11

Can't wait good luck!

dan54simpson Jul 11

Turning point of the season? Show ken how it's done ✊

californiagoddess Jul 11


datbookid Jul 11

Eli, I'm going to be one of your bike mechanics soon... so watch out.!

troyman163 Jul 11

See you there

t_ful15 Jul 11

Watch out for tomac this weekend bois. Second overall last week and the fitness is only getting better

nbloomer526 Jul 11

Every fathers day had the best tradition.....budds creek MX national...

jason_covey Jul 11

Thanx for posting that its always a pain figuring out when its televized horrible coverage of outdoor every year :(

joseph12100 Jul 11

What channel is mav tv for comcast!?

dshelton2000 Jul 11

Might see u in the pits

love_mx_dh Jul 11

Let's go @elitomac bring that first Win tomorrow! 🚲🏁...

arianna_brennan15 Jul 12

Go get em! πŸ‘πŸ‘

casonhill Jul 12

Thanks bro, tell MAV TV that HD exists, keep coming with a purpose @elitomac

arron_mac Jul 12

@elitomac #FTW

dirtbike_racing6 Jul 12

Go @elitomac

colton_comer_52 Jul 15

Probably the baddest rider to ever live @elitomac

elitomac Jul 11

Check out @6dhelmets new Super Cool liners!

jeremydoe291 Jul 11

Do they only work in 6d helmets?

yung_lil_bill Jul 11


ashweezy814 Jul 11


connerr936 Jul 11

No. They are cut to fit for all helmets @jeremydoe291

galenas_yamaha865 Jul 11

Ayyyye 😍

dnestle94 Jul 11


chewiekid Jul 11


sawyerspears3 Jul 11

@chazmoto100 need these

nikimajor Jul 11


mandyutley Jul 11

@21_utley this is sweet!

jeremydoe291 Jul 11

Thanks @connerr936 πŸ‘Œ

michealnellynelson Jul 11

@lachysummers @__lvke fuckin mad

passion_racing Jul 11


braaper42 Jul 11

Will the work in a fly racing helmey ?

bambam_11_ Jul 11

@stevecramerproducts ???

adair4ou Jul 12

@brandonbb92 @supralb

taylyn271 Jul 12

That's awesome! Can't wait till I finish saving for one n ill be cool like @elitomac haha :D

callum597 Jul 12


danclutts Jul 13


moto_676 Jul 13

Looks kinda like brandon @brandonfair40 @graysonfair @laricajfair

mxracer618 Jul 13

@braaper42 @connerr936. They only fit in a 6D, they're the same size and shape as the stock liner, but made from a different foam that allows significantly more airflow!

nikimajor Jul 14

@sara_logan love me

blake0howard Jul 20


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