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Eli Tomac


Eli Tomac
#17 Eli Tomac

DoB: 11/10/1982
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150 lbs
Residence: SoCal & Colorado
Hometown: Cortez, CO
Bike: Honda CRF250


When Eli Tomac stepped on the professional motocross stage for the first time in 2010, he had already built an impressive amateur resume. Stories of the young rider lapping amateur fields followed the 16-year-old to his first pro event in a GEICO Honda uniform. Amateur races are one thing, but could the Colorado kid hang in Hangtown? Tomac’s historic win in his first pro race – Hangtown AMA National Motocross in MX LItes was a resounding yes to all doubters, and it sparked an impressive rookie campaign. “The GEICO team is an awesome team,” Tomac said. “We all get along well. It’s like one big family. Everyone’s comfortable with everyone else, so it helps the chemistry of the team.”

Career Highlights

AMA 250 National Motocross Champion
AMA West Regional Supercross Champion





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elitomac Aug 26

That just happened...πŸ˜†#2stroke#music

rafi_1219 Aug 27

@lucaoll25 @pascal1325

blackley572mx1 Aug 27

That is music to my ears

joacocastilloperez Aug 27


danielhatton2 Aug 28

That thing sounds very solid

mr_ace_729 Aug 29

Would love to see Eli race that at supercross !!!!!!!

vitorchipiakoff Aug 29


nkrueg422 Aug 29

@derbyracing978 damnn

davidshaffer1 Aug 29

Bring back the ring dings ! Last two stroke I owned was a YZ490

Aug 26

martijn_nr.14 Aug 27

Haha wat een baas @misterr_nine

therealchrisandrews_7 Aug 27

@timmy9419 @redneck_cody97 @cam_andrews1212

hugh.mcveigh Aug 27


thereal_lt104 Aug 27


sasatogni Aug 28

Crazy @fetogni

hotsauce9 Aug 28


devanshdev_55 Aug 28


lilspicer94 Aug 29

Is that 125

elitomac Aug 26

#Repost from @ktsmith616 --- The little fans are the best fans.πŸ‘

_littlepiratexo Aug 26


_littlepiratexo Aug 26

@elitomac 😍😍😍

allierandolph28 Aug 26

How cute is she?! ☺️ little ET3 fans πŸ‘ŒπŸ

csmith385 Aug 26

@m_casey716 @colten_876 @superdavesmith @soccasey @soclori

superdavesmith Aug 26

Oaklee's grandpa here. She says @elitomac is next years champ!

kvittetoe031 Aug 26

Well that's adorable.

sgcallaway1994 Aug 26

Agreed! How cute!

thelifeofspicoli Aug 26

Tomac I got kicked out the pits on Saturday hook me up with your autograph!!πŸ™Œ

kg_ox Aug 26


michael_leo81 Aug 26

Who gets kicked out of the pits

ktsmith616 Aug 26

@elitomac She is seriously your biggest fan! Thanks for coming out to meet her, it made her year! You are the best!

soccasey Aug 26

That's my cute niece Oaklee!!! She adores you and was so bummed she didn't meet you, so we tried the pits one more time and she was soooooo excited! So were my kids:) you're such a great role model:) thanks @elitomac!!!

brittanylynn38 Aug 26

Aw, you're such a sweetheart @elitomac

caseyhl91 Aug 26

So cute!

toriegates Aug 26

adorable !

arygomes_bloomwink Aug 27

@chloesimpatica and you???

elitomac Aug 25

Dialed in the 50-60 yard pins today#keephammering 😎

prestopen_249 Aug 25

Hell yaπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

vermillion_66 Aug 25

First like

maddie.norris Aug 25

I LOVE YOUβ€οΈπŸ’—

brewha143 Aug 25

Making @cameronrhanes proud @elitomac

gwat8 Aug 25

What kind of bow do you shoot @elitomac ?

_littlepiratexo Aug 25

Good eye! Shooting g a bow is tough but so awesome!

_littlepiratexo Aug 25


d.delozier118 Aug 25

@elitomac let's see the group! πŸ‘€πŸ‘

jonjonhon Aug 25

Hey buddy u should buy the new trophy ridge sight with smartpin if u like shooting 50 60 yards

t_reeev999 Aug 25

That's a prime by G5 @gwat8

harley_quinlan Aug 25

50-60 @saulymate @toppdog

hestonbarela Aug 25

Better switch to @sitkagear so you can match that bow!

cameronrhanes Aug 25

Yeah buddy!

savanawest71 Aug 25

I'm probably in love with you kinda

jonci.taylor Aug 25


toppdog Aug 25

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @harley_quinlan

cmbnett Aug 25

Show it's the group!!!

dthompson42 Aug 25

Getting ready to kill that big bull elk! I'm headed out to steamboat Sunday for two weeks #Elkhunting @elitomac

skc_racing Aug 25

Let's see the 60 yd group @elitomac

mbarnouski Aug 25


amy_instagrams Aug 25


bodacious_bean Aug 26

are you Huntin elk or deer this year @elitomac

elitomac Aug 26

@bodacious_bean elk

_kameron_515_ Aug 26

What kind of bow @elitomac ?

finestartist Aug 26

Great stuff!

sweeneyphoto Aug 26

I love the sound of an arrow taking flight

jalop515 Aug 26

@sweeneyphoto. I like the sound of it hitting the target.

garrettoth Aug 26

Coming out to CO sept. 8

dalton_ktm Aug 26

I cant wait for some bow hunting this is my first year and season starts saturday here in idaho. @elitomac #bowhuntin

jakeclark818 Aug 26


sanger47 Aug 26

@vlad_calugaru @rayboy0401

novotny326 Aug 26

What kind of bow is that? Hoyt?

brokenmxer Aug 26

Eli just an observation but what if someone walks around the corner of the house as you let one go?? No safer way to set that up?? Good luck at the mxdn to the three of you kick some butt!! @elitomac

garrett_shaffery Aug 26

What kind off bow do you use

skymoto3 Aug 26

@alexander_bmxer @baylee_mia

elitomac Aug 26

@brokenmxer lol I don't live in the city ......

higgins989y Aug 26

Elk meat is bomb!!!

emiller1017 Aug 26

@elitomac you ever check out unit 9 in northern Arizona for elk? Met some Colorado boys up there two years ago when I drew the tag. Some serious trophy bulls in there.

pr2racingengines Aug 26

Shall I book my ticket Eli? Colorado elk/muley...JP

sandburlandscapes Aug 26

@elitomac did u figure out what broadhead you are going to use? Good Luck and Happy Hunting

connorcoutinho2005 Aug 27

What was he shooting at

horta21 Aug 28

Too bad you left mathews for that G5 Prime! @elitomac "Catch Us If You Can"

elitomac Aug 25

#Repost from @racerxonline It's always nice to hit reset and recharge for a couple weeks at home, but I can't wait for des nations this year! #nosupermansthisyear#ET6#USA

buckhunter707 Aug 25

So are you gonna hunt on this time off? Haha time for chasin bulls!

22powpow Aug 25

Loving the gear! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

matt_wolfkiel Aug 25

You're gonna kill it at des nations @elitomac

joecollins139 Aug 25

@elitomac who would win in a winner takes all Pro class 110cc Supercross Main?

treetard125 Aug 25

Can't wait to hear that first bull rip one off!!!

joe_n_azalea Aug 26


plawrenc Aug 26

Bring home the W for Colorado and Merica! Good racing in SLC

bmuter Aug 26

Go USA.... Beat the world!!!

armyz_kzl Aug 26

@elitomac the last year you landed superman pretty good! :D

holeshotracing Aug 26

S4s ??? I make logos DM me or kik

chi_oe Aug 27

Redemption time man! You guys can win this thing @elitomac @ryandungey #teamusa

elitomac Aug 18


zedlaray Aug 18

<3 Colorado !!

_littlepiratexo Aug 19

Aw! ☺😍

tylerrayanne Aug 19


the_original_van_hicks Aug 19

Colorado ftw

lawrencewilliams11 Aug 19

Ford raptor

drowse77 Aug 19

@elitomac in the raptor club πŸ‘Œ

coldenmcgarvie205 Aug 19

Nice dog

kmyhan23 Aug 19


lsmith1710 Aug 19

@kressbrandon this looks like muffin

baseballstud_22 Aug 19

U should come back and race at bullhollow raceway if u can

t_ful23 Aug 19

πŸ‘Œthe raptor

courtnizzzle Aug 19

Hey it's me@form marg class

_prince.adam302_ Aug 19

@courtnizzzle ... Are you gonna say that every rider ?

csavage762 Aug 19

Cleo is loving it! πŸΆπŸ’—

andrewshortmx29 Aug 19


dmctatts Aug 19


norcalruckus10 Aug 19


yellogarcia Aug 19

That's Colorado

mizzmtzz Aug 19


aussiemoto Aug 19

@accidentalbroadcast master yodi in a year or so

mr_ginos Aug 19

U stole my truck and ur dog is gettin all over that black leather lol

mralarie653 Aug 21

Eli, y r u #6 now

mccarty_323 Aug 22

@mralarie653 it's just for des nations

bfg185 Aug 25

You going to race monster energy cup or red bull straight rhythm!?@elitomac

elitomac Aug 17


lachlankelly723 Aug 17

I'm your #1 fan @elitomac

sam_weekes Aug 17

Ronnie mac? Goon? Is that you

djanci Aug 17

#scattered #shattered #splattered

djanci Aug 17

That's how I'm like my women & eggs!

math_f1gures Aug 17

I'm your #6 fan eli

goldwing234 Aug 17

Definitely some different music for eating breakfast thats for sure

chuckmx99 Aug 17

That's what I like on my waffles. Vanilla ice-ing. Haha

45_fletch_45 Aug 17

Man been missin seeing you around hometown! Maybe me you and Corey can hook up soon. @elitomac

dfaye11 Aug 17

Thanks for the jersey! Made my day πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

_littlepiratexo Aug 17

Waffle houses are everywhere out there! I remember family road trips to Florida, we would count the Waffle Houses haha @elitomac

dkca Aug 17

Having a little coffee with your cream? πŸΌπŸΌβ˜•οΈ

kalenl817 Aug 17

I just raced one of your home town tracks and raced against a kid that you train with yesterday in Monticello bullhollow!

mx_murray5 Aug 17

Any sighting of @jason66thomas ? Haha

gharmon7139 Aug 17

@elitomac staples of the southeast. Love home!!! Go team usa!!

beauwilloughby Aug 17


mr_bush17 Aug 18

That big boy breakfast tho πŸ˜‚ @elitomac

ericrupe Aug 18

πŸ‘ Stumpy's favorite place! BMX Legend Randy Stumpfhauser !! πŸ‘

danro424 Aug 23

@elitomac have a good lunch at Back Door Deli in Park City today? I walked in with my girlfriend to return our food basket and you were eating lunch. Was gonna say hey but didn't want to interrupt! Good luck tomorrow!

elitomac Aug 16

Good looking race track here in Indiana!

dean_caudill4 Aug 16

ima feel all special c: 1!

isracing Aug 16

Go Eli !! Hello to dad πŸ‘

kawpow156 Aug 16

Win tommorow

twist724 Aug 16

I may come down

adamjones760 Aug 16

Yeww! I love watching you guys work your asses off while I drink beer on the couch, good luck tomorrow!

swk92 Aug 16

@beefybeefybeefy looks nastyyy

twix023 Aug 16

I'm ready for my race😍 hope I win

_renanpr Aug 16

@murisiqueira olhe que sonho imagine isso em pgπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😱

murisiqueira Aug 16

Animalll 😍 uma só jÑ tava ótimo kkkkk aí sim evoluía nos treinos

chris_mcleod271 Aug 16

πŸ‘†πŸ˜‚ your on rails Eli keep it up!

colton_rostvet Aug 16

Right now ur playing xbox @adamjones760

tracy_cloy Aug 16

That rock looks nice

pochitomx Aug 16

Go ET @elitomac god luck tomorrow ✊✊

jonathan_51 Aug 16

@luisandres_17 la cancion πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

matt_one6six Aug 16


rtnidif Aug 16

That techno though @elitomac

roadndirt46 Aug 16

Good luck for tomorrow!!

prestonjb511 Aug 16

@handstheman24 track lookin sweet!!

yamaha__122 Aug 16

@cumminscoalroller1 , this is sick

galenas_yamaha865 Aug 16


laughingmorgan Aug 16

Good luck eli go 3

cumminscoalroller1 Aug 16

Haha yeah it @yamaha__122

jalop515 Aug 16

Looks good except for the start. Nobody on the right of the doghouse has a chance. Gate pic will be key.

maartinmq Aug 16


248cdope Aug 16

Though rocks tho dam!!! those must feel good comin Off of that 450 #geturdone

deanbrown303 Aug 16

@elitomac #fresherthanapopsicle

zackgurley592 Aug 16

Wish I was there looks so fun.. Good luck tomorrow

cn_2 Aug 16

Lol i was just literally right there...what do you think about that table to cliff in the back? @elitomac

bmuter Aug 16

That looks sweet!!

sixfignig Aug 16


colbyraha Aug 16

Looks like a reflex track, with that fuckin step up @sixfignig

matt_nooch Aug 16

@jace_nooch another cracker for tomorrow

jace_nooch Aug 16

@matt_nooch recording it :-)

td_825 Aug 16

Good luck Eli Tomac! 🏁

ryankleindienst Aug 16


14titans Aug 16

Kill it tomorrow!!!

selock53 Aug 16

Big ass rock sittin there haha

evanrhodes782 Aug 16


cam_138 Aug 16

@joey_lynam_42 this is the new track. So who's going to win the first race?

scottmort_27 Aug 16

DJ raking the track in the Deere? @seth_dee

seth_dee Aug 16

Dirt @scottmort_27

scottmort_27 Aug 16

You know you came from it @seth_dee @fglfanclub

luishenrique_94 Aug 16

@lucas_lpo q pista emm

flowcultur3 Aug 16

Slay it

chase312johnson Aug 16

Looks really similar to Red Bud

vollmer59 Aug 16

@taylors.baby46 @kline_122 we should have been here!!!

lewin223 Aug 16

DΓ€r har vi harv @infiniticz

masa_50 Aug 16

@ngugiwaweru_999 @hala_backk @vanzguya this track wins! And I think so does he!!✊✊

davideeden Aug 16


bradjones935 Aug 16

@chase312johnson I'd say it looks more like budds creek

jordanschulze Aug 16

@dirtbikeaddict_ @jakedaneberg looks super loamy!!!

shah149 Aug 16

@rudy_aka its here!!

rysiethomas Aug 16

Good luck @elitomac keep the wire tight ✊

jason_covey Aug 16

My stomping grounds :)

chase312johnson Aug 16

@bradjones935 Budds creek is more sandy

delgadojlds Aug 16

Come on Eli... hammer it.. we want you in the top two

dfaye11 Aug 16

Do I still get my jersey? πŸ˜” @elitomac

carlj54 Aug 16

Oakley Bomb in the slop!

bradjones935 Aug 17

I just rode red bud last week it's a sand track I think you are confused @chase312johnson

chase312johnson Aug 17

I'm not confused @bradjones935 I've been there too.

bradjones935 Aug 17

Well either way Indiana was no sand track that's for sure which is what you were calling it right sure they had a small sand section but that was man made

krukas38 Aug 17

Nice music :)

dkeep12 Aug 17

Its how we roll out here in the sticks..go big or go home .

skullfree Aug 17


tdubs262 Aug 23

What is the track called @elitomac

franbruno757 Aug 23

@tb737 mira como aran los saltos tambiΓ©n

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