Geico Honda

Geico Honda

Mike LaRocco (Team Manager)

GEICO Honda is managed by 3-time AMA Motocross Champion Mike LaRocco. Team riders include Eli Tomac, Justin Bogle, Wil Hahn, Zach Osborne, and Zach Bell. The team has it’s background with Factory Connection Racing, ounded by Rick “Ziggy” Zielfelder in 1998. Ziggy, along with fellow owners Jeff Majkrzak and Mike Grondahl, have developed the team to become one of the premier racing organization in AMA Supercross and Motocross.


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fchonda Apr 15

@elitomac had a great night in Seattle finishing 4th!

bwoods06 Apr 15

Good ride E!

jdowney38 Apr 15

So proud of you Eli!!!!!

fchonda Apr 7

@zacho_16 finished 5th in Houston and is ready to take on Seattle!

fuelclothing Apr 7


fchonda Mar 30

Keep this guy in your thoughts. @wilhahn23

bk_awesomeness_629 Mar 30

Watched him crash hopes he gets better

davidweldon51 Mar 30

What was the damage? (Like concussion, broken something)

dl42 Mar 31

itll be really interesting to see how that 6D performed in that crash

_paigecraig Mar 31

@dl42 so true. Wil wears shoei now but would definitely be awesome to see how the @6dhelmets would have handled the crash

mrslrkt Mar 31


sethpatison116 Mar 31

When did he go to shoeis??? @_paigecraig

rexroad925 Apr 1

Get well soon wilhahn

richardtaporco Apr 1

@sethpatison116 just this season, when he bumped up to the 450 class

fchonda Mar 26

Cool shot of @wilhahn23 from Toronto!

carter__24 Mar 26

@wilhahn23 is the man.

fchonda Mar 25

Awesome first career win by @captain891 in Toronto!

hugenbobbler Mar 25

Showin some drain plug

fchonda Mar 23

@captain891 celebrating his win with mechanic, @hutch594. Congrats!

malloree7 Mar 23

Yes yes yes yes yes yes 💕💕💕💕

jessbogle Mar 23

This makes my heart so happy❤️🏁 @hutch594 @captain891

bn766 Mar 23

Happy birthday @captain891 glad to see the okie up top!

that0nekid59 Mar 23


m_fonteyn Mar 23

It's been a long time coming, and completely deserved! What a birthday weekend @captain891 ! Congrats @FC honda! 😊👏👍

liveruthless Mar 23

Just the Beginning @fchonda

sabogle Mar 23

What a great night in ooohhhh Canada! @captain891 @hutch594 @fchonda

sloan55 Mar 23

👏👏❤️️❤️️👏👏love you boys!! It's been quite a journey for you both !!! Now sit back & enjoy the ride!!! @captain891 @hutch594

fchonda Mar 9

All three of these guys going straight to main tonight. Let's have some good racing tonight.

that0nekid59 Mar 9

@shanerossidesigns #shanerossidesigns

_the_official_puglum Mar 9


yoshimura_rd Mar 9

@fchonda Yes they are!👍

fchonda Mar 8

Go get you some @fuelclothing geico socks!

motoempire Mar 8


fuelclothing Mar 9

⛽️🔥💯👍 Thanks guys for the support.

javier1710 Apr 6

Eso es vida!!!!

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