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Team San Manuel Visits St. Alban’s Boys & Girls Club

Team San Manuel Visits St. Alban's Boys & Girls Club - Photo 1 of 3

Team San Manuel Yamaha Red Bull’s James Stewart and Kyle Regal visited St. Alban’s Boys & Girls Club in Toronto on Friday as part of the Team San Manuel Community Outreach Program.   Nearly one hundred kids of all ages were in attendance to meet the riders and hear about their journey to Supercross, riding for Team San Manuel, and what it takes to keep them in top performance.

Stewart and Regal answered questions, signed autographs, and posed for pictures with the kids.  Some of their questions were about when and how they began riding, how many times they’ve won, and more.  Both riders started at the young age of only four years old and have been riding ever since.  For Stewart, he has 40 Supercross wins and several hundred wins overall since he started racing.  “It takes a lot of practice and hard work to get good at something and I’ve had a lot of support from my family,” Stewart said.   “But I wasn’t ever allowed to ride until I had all my homework and chores done.”

Team San Manuel Visits St. Alban's Boys & Girls Club - Photo 2 of 3

Regal also stressed the importance of eating right and being active so you can have a competitive edge.  “Eating right is just like putting gasoline into your car,” Regal said.  “You want to make sure you put the best things possible in your body so you can do well.”

The Outreach Program is intended to teach children healthier lifestyles by eating right, exercising, studying, working hard, and having goals.  Both Stewart and Regal will be visiting several other Boys & Girls Clubs across the country throughout the year.

Team San Manuel Visits St. Alban's Boys & Girls Club - Photo 3 of 3