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Supercross pre-action

The racing doesn’t get going until later tonight … but here are a few photos from the pits. It’s been a perfect day … 75 degrees and blue sky.

We’ll have the race results up in the Results section around 11:30pm Pacific Time when the racing is over.

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Thanks to Angela, Chase, Ricky S., Doug, Brad, Amanda, and a few other people too.

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Supercross pre-action - Photo 1 of 6

Jeremy McGrath will be racing the 450

Supercross pre-action - Photo 2 of 6

Chase with Jim Pomeroy (first American to ever win a Grand Prix – Spain 1972

Supercross pre-action - Photo 3 of 6

Chase is five. Amanda thinks he’s cute. We think she’s cute!

Supercross pre-action - Photo 4 of 6

Chase is one lucky dude (again)

Supercross pre-action - Photo 5 of 6

Chase with Akira Narita

Supercross pre-action - Photo 6 of 6

The KTM Juniors were getting cramps in their hands from signing so many autographs