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Supercross host a new FMX show with Kenny Bartram & friends

Published February 21st, 2009

New to the Supercross this year is a mini Free Style Motocross exhibition that is set to launch right before the Main Events. With Cowboy Kenny Bartram leading a group of guys into this new Supercross engagement, it’s bound to be a perfect match! I caught up with Kenny to get his thought on FMX and Supercross together again.

Supercross host a new FMX show with Kenny Bartram & friends - Photo 1 of 3

Kenny B. and Trevor Vines

Angela: Here we are at Anaheim 1, the start of Supercross and you, Kenny will be leading a group of guys in a Freestyle motocross exhibition this season that will take flight before the main events; can you fill us in on all the details?

Kenny: Yeah, US FMX, Jagermeister, and KTM got together and decided to pull together a 10 minute freestyle show for the fans of Supercross right before the main events. They are going to pull in ramp to ramp set up on the starting line at about 8:40 – 8:55pm. So it’s directly before the Main Event, it’s right in the prime time of the event, right when all the excitement and all the tension gets going. We’re going to come out and bust a few freestyle moves and it’s probably going to be a 5-8 minute actual jumping session. You have four guys all looking identical, we are all looking like a team out there, four guys riding, doing a flip train at the end, so it’s going to be a really exciting thing for the crowd.

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A:  It’s pretty cool to see FMX step into the Supercross venue again, what do you think about that?

K: I am very excited. It’s such a natural fit for freestyle to be at a Supercross. A lot of those people in the stands wait for that last lap when their favorite riders does a heal clicker or Can Can, so to bring in some guys who actually do freestyle, grab holes and cuts, seat grabs, and we can do back flips and that sort of stuff so I think the crowds really going to get excited about it.

A: Who are the other guys riding for the team?

K:  Dan Newth, he’s from Vermont, Eric Farr from Colorado, and Thomas Alves from Phoenix, and as far as I know it’s going to be the same four of us out there at all 17 rounds this year.  We will have a good choreographed show throughout the year.

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A: It sounds like a good show with lots of fun and you get to check out all the racing action throughout the racing season, are you looking forward to that?

K: I am definitely excited about it all. It’s cool to make a comeback to Supercross, this is where I started back in 1996 I raced my first Supercross, so it’s cool to come back here and see a lot of the mechanics are still around, the rider support reps, and the AMA officials any everybody, so it’s cool to get back in the swing of the racing scene. Being in the pits you get to hear about a lot of the behind the scenes racing battles and turmoil’s.

A:  Kenny you have an array of fans who have been watching your FMX career all over the US, what do you have to say to them as they get ready to come out here and check out the show?

K:  You know it’s funny, I talk to a lot of people and they were saying, “wow, you still ride?” I never stopped. In 2006 I made an announcement that I was going to start racing cars, and I’ve been racing Rally Cars ever since; 3 years now, but I’ve never stopped riding, I just started doing more exhibition style events, that were not highly publicized.  Like a small circle track in Nebraska or a grand opening for a sporting goods store; I ride about once or twice a month doing shows and I ride about once a week when I am out playing. So, I still ride a lot but I am not doing those high profile gigs anymore, so to my FMX fans, sorry I disappeared there for a while, but I didn’t stop riding I swear, and come out to the Supercross and check out the show.

A:  It’s going to be good, I can’t wait; now Kenny what about those sponsors?

K:  KTM, Jagermeister, USFMX, AlpineStars, Smith Goggles, FMF, Thor… you know this deal came together at the last minute. I literally picked up a bike on Tuesday, the 23rd of December, and rode it for the 1st time, Monday of this week. So I have about 4 days on my bike, everything is all new, gear and boots and all kinds of stuff.

A:  Wow, well I’m glad to hear that things are underway, you sound busy Kenny; I look forward to seeing your show out there tonight.

K:  Okay, thanks.


~ It was great to talk with Kenny and WOW, I hope everyone loves the FMX shows as much as me?!   I have a small FMX album started in My Photos – Check them out, let me know what you think!!

thanks ~ Ange