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First off, I want to congratulate KTM, Roger De Coster, and Ryan Dungey for KTM’s first Supercross Class main event win. It’s huge. I know of all the work they have done in the past few years in developing winning machines, teams, and more. Look at what they did with Stefan Everts and Pit Beirer in developing the 350 SX model – two world championships so far with Antonio Cairoli.

KTM in America has been working on the new 450 that Ryan races. It’s a new effort, on a new bike. For Ryan Dungey, his win last Saturday in Phoenix goes a long way in many areas, but I feel the most important is that it adds confidence to the team and Ryan.

I wasn’t at the race in Phoenix, and I wasn’t able to watch it. I was just going off of the Twitter feed and emails and texts from my friends on what was going on.

My biggest concern on the season so far? James Stewart. It seems as though he is having the same problems as last season and even Round 1 in Anaheim. Another question, what is he going to do to get his consistency and confidence back? I don’t have the answer, but I guarantee that James and his team are doing all they can to turn the situation around.

At this point, just two races in, I think Ryan Villopoto is the man to beat, and it is his championship to lose. If he can remain consistent and fast, he’s still the guy to beat. He’s got it all going on right now – he is fit. He has confidence. He is fast. He has a good bike. Many times when a rider breaks thru with his first major Supercross championship, the next year he’s even stronger. A rider is usually better physically, and mentally – and confidence is a big component of success at this level.

Going into Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium this weekend … I’m excited about the race. This is the second year for this round, and I think it’s a cool venue with a lot of history when it comes to the Dodgers. I think everyone in California is excited and it should be a sellout.

I’m more excited about this Supercross season than I have been in a long time and I think it’s shaping up nicely. Everyone seems healthy, a lot of guys are fast, and there have been two different winners in two rounds. A fan can’t ask for anything more.

In L.A. you are going to see a Ryan Dungey with more confidence, and a Ryan Villopoto that wants to regain the top spot. Justin Brayton, James Stewart, and Chad Reed will all be trying to get to that top spot as well. Right now it’s shaping up to be the Ryan and Ryan show, but Chad, James, Brayton, Trey Canard, Andrew Short, Kevin Windham, and the rest of the field will need to figure out what it takes to beat those guys.

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