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Photo special from the 2000 Motocross des Nations

1999 500 World Champion Andrea Bartolini 1999 & 2000 250 World Champion Frederic Bolley – was hit by a rock and broke his nose Frederic Bolley and enthusiastic French fans Ricky Carmichael in practice Ricky Carmichael in pits Carmichael and Sebastien Tortelli battle to the delight of the fans Start Tortelli and Carmichael in after [...]

Interview: Grant Langston

Grant is the 2000 125 World Champion. I had the good fortune to spend time with Grant and his uncle (and mechanic) Andrew at the des Nations … Grant finished sixth and eleventh in his motos (first and second 125, respectively) against 500cc and 250cc bikes, and assisted the South African team to a magnificent [...]

What it’s like to be married to a professional racer?

by Amy Albertyn Amy Albertyn is an attractive, intelligent, 23 year old woman. She enjoys working out, hiking, camping, and generally being outdoors. Learning more about nutrition and nursing are goals of hers, and she is also pursing a career in modeling. She grew up in Corona (California) and has three siblings. Amy is also [...]

2000 Motocross des Nations Preview

August 10, 2000 – St. Jean D’Angely, FRANCE With the help of Pascal Haudiquert, Valentin Guinberteau, Christophe, El Ellks, and Frank Hoppen. Both the host country France and the USA are fielding very strong teams for the 54th edition of the event. Could this be a battle for world motocross supremecy between the French and [...]

Interview: Stephane Roncada

Supercross.com: Tell us a little bit about yourself …. Stephane Roncada: I’m 21 years old. I’m originally from Chambery, France. I haven’t seen anywhere like it yet in the States. It’s at the base of a mountain, with many pine trees. The first time I got on a bike I was four years old. My [...]

Interview: Team FMF/Honda Race Tech Mike Williamson

I was lucky enough to catch up with national #32 Danny Smith’s race tech, Mike Williamson Mike gave me a tour of the mechanics area and we talked about what it’s like to be a part of this team. I wanted to better understand what his main responsibilities are as a mechanic and all of [...]

Interview: David Vuillemin

Greetings! First off, I must say “thanks” to everyone. I’m surprised by the number of questions …. thousands of them from all over the globe. I’ll talk to you a little bit about myself, and I’ll answer some of your questions too. I love motocross. I am truly enjoying motocross, and it’s lots of fun. [...]

A day at Yamaha USA’s Race Team Headquarters (AKA “Area 51″)

by Chris Rotberg It isn’t everyday that I get to venture out beyond my keyboard and 17 inch monitor to break bread with some of the best racers in the world. So when Yamaha offered the chance to leave the office and participate in a tour of their secret race facilities, I jumped at it. [...]

Photos from the 2000 AMA Chevy Trucks U. S. Motocross Series event at Glen Helen

(click to see larger image) 250 Champion Greg Albertyn Ricky Carmichael John Dowd Ezra Lusk Dowd, Ferry, Windham, Ward Glen Helen sign Wide angle shot of track and hills Jeremy McGrath Steve Lamson Mike LaRocco Ezra Lusk Ricky Carmichael Stephane Roncada Brock Sellards Start of 125′s Start of 250′s Sebastien Tortelli Travis Pastrana Tallon Vohland [...]

Interview: Jimmy Button

by Steve Bruhn SB: I saw you walk in, it was good to see. JB: It’s not much of walking yet but its getting better every day – slowly. SB: How long since you got the halo removed, did that help? JB: It will be a week on Wednesday. It’s been off five days now. [...]