Fill in the photo caption v.8

Daytona – Jesseman and Johnson What are they saying?Can you come up with a caption for this photo? If so, visit this link in our Message Boards. We know you can do it! Click on thumbnail to view the larger image function OpenWindow(url, width, height) {, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); }

Taste of Daytona

Daytona’s atmosphere during ‘Bike Week’ is unique. Here’s a small taste of Friday ‘Bike Week’. Photos by Ryan Mahoney The ‘Daytona Supercross by Honda’ isn’t until Saturday. But much is happening during ‘Bike Week’ in Daytona Beach! Lots of people, racing, bikes, fun, and more fun. Daytona is the mecca for motorsports. You need to [...]

In any language, it’s East

Est, Del este, Ost, Orientale, Do leste, East …. Photos highlighting the East Click on a thumbnail to view the larger photo function OpenWindow(url, width, height) {, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); } Steve Boniface Mike Brown Michael Byrne – out with a broken thumb now Ricky Carmichael Ernesto Fonseca Sean Hamblin Branden Jesseman is your [...]

125 West Champion Travis Preston Interview

Audio interview by RJ. Listen using Real Player.

West Coast Swing

Let’s review what happened while the circus was in California & Arizona, shall we? 39 great photos of AMA Supercross Jeremy retired … Travis was fast … Travis crashed … Ricky was booed … Chad won a race … Ezra won a race … Travis got injured … A new venue in SF … Dirty [...]

My San Diego Supercross

12:30: Picked up my friend Bill. Perfect day for a supercross. Blue sky, about 70 degrees. 1:00: We picked up Gustavo, and we head towards the stadium. 1:17: Pulled into the ‘Q’. Lots of people here already tailgating. BBQ’s, frisbees, footballs, beachballs, skateboards, and more. 1:48: Walking around in the parking lot, ran into Armando [...]

90 seconds with Art Eckman

Art Eckman has one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the industry. You’ve probably seen and heard him on TV many times. Rick: Art, last time I saw you we were at the 2002 supercross awards banquet, and we were all saying our ‘good byes’ to you. You are back now, but in [...]

Friday night in San Diego – The mini’s are ripping!

What do people do Friday night in San Diego before the supercross? They race minis! El Cajon Motocross Park. It’s different – a motocross track right in the middle of the city! To view the larger images, click on the thumbnails.To learn about El Cajon Motocross Park, visit this link function OpenWindow(url, width, height) { [...]

I am Joe Sixpack, Average Supercross Fan

I got a ticket, grabbed my $299 digital camera, and went to the Anaheim supercross last night Do these photos tell the whole story? No. Do they capture all the riders? No. But this is some of what I saw last night. And don’t laugh at my photos! You try it!If you’d like to tell [...]

Bud Light says goodbye to McGrath Racing & MX?

Bud Light has pulled out of the plan to have a McGrath Racing Bud Light/KTM semi at all the supercross events this year. Jeremy McGrath was going to be at each supercross, and do an extended autograph session within the Bud Light/KTM pits. Instead, Jeremy will sign autographs in the Thor/Parts Unlimited area, and he [...]