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Welcome to the …. Limelight

Kawasaki celebrates 2002, looks forward to 2003 (click on small images below to view the larger photos) We walked towards the entrance of the futuristic looking building. Very impressive! (Editor’s note: We would tell you the secret location of this event, but if we did, we were told we would become lifeless, mindless, zombie-like robots, [...]

Yamaha knows how to ‘cook’!

And have fun! Yamaha introduces their 2003 race teams in a unique and fun way … A hot & sunny November day in SoCal. The Dromo One indoor facility. 90 go-cart drivers. All the 2003 Yamaha race team members. A full day of driving. Fun. Fun. Fun! After 466 laps – over three hours and [...]

Josh Demuth, Arenacross Champ Interview

by Rick Johnson Rick Johnson, Josh Demuth Rick: Josh, everything has been going very well for you. You are the defending arenacross champion, and you are currently leading the point standings again. Is this what you expected, or is it even better than you expected?Josh: It’s even better than I expected. I was just hoping [...]

Europe, 1980

1980 was a good time to be in Europe. GP’s were king. The 500 class was for men. These are photos of our sport’s history. Names like De Coster, Malherbe, Lackey, and Carlqvist. 500 Grand Prix Motocross photos from the historic Citadelle circuit in Namur, Belgium, and the beautiful grass track in Ettlebruck, Luxembourg. James [...]

Three days of Bercy

Grant Langston is the 2002 King of Bercy! There is no other supercross event quite like Bercy. It’s the Crown Jewel of European supercross. They were the first to bring together all the top stars from the USA and the Grand Prix circuit. It’s three nights of action, and entertainment. Overall individual standings for Bercy [...]

These old tickets – v.2

I was looking for a photo. I didn’t find it, but I came across these old ticket stubs. Check out these old tickets. These are really old school! RJ p.s. The three additions from Ohio events on the bottom are from Michal G. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger versions. function OpenWindow(url, width, [...]

Bercy Redux II

Photos from the Bercy Paris Supercross of 1996 McGrath, Emig, Albertyn, Hughes …. photos by J. C. Solon Click on thumbnail to view larger image function OpenWindow(url, width, height) { window.open(url, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); } L Ward, S Tortelli, J Emig, J McGrath Jeff Emig Ryan Hughes J-Bone, Emig, Albertyn Emig, Huffman, Ward First corner [...]

Fill in this photo caption

Bailey goes down! Johnson goes down! Saddleback 1983! photo by Vic Armijo David Bailey and Rick Johnson have won a lot of championships. David Bailey and Rick Johnson are good friends. But ‘back in the day’, sometimes they were more than ‘competitors’. This photo is of David and Rick battling at the Saddleback Park National [...]

Supercross – Italian Style!

The Pesaro Pianeta Supercross. It was Jeremy McGrath’s first ever race for KTM. Jeremy won the first night, and then fell and suffered a concussion the second night. He wasn’t the only rider kissing the ground, as both Ernesto Fonseca and Steve Lamson crashed out as well. Next up was the 20th annual Genova Supercross. [...]

Nippon – Land of the Rising Sun

2002 All Japan Motocross Sugo, Japan, October 27 Yves DeMaria By Laurent Benchana/Nipponnews.netChad Reed won the last round of the 125 All Japan Motocross, besting Ernesto Fonseca. Chad rode a YZ 250 four-stroke, and Ernesto rode the new Honda CRF250R four-stroke. Each had a win and a second, with Chad getting the overall. GP regular [...]