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Youth is served, American Style — Loretta Lynn’s 2003

by Rick Johnson Mike Alessi This is the second time that I’ve been to Loretta Lynn’s. This year, the Coombs family had to work extra hard in pulling off the event because of the amount of rain that fell. It was incredibly muddy at times. My hat’s off to Timmy Coombs and his whole track [...]

Youth is served, European style — 24th Youth International MX

Kids. Motocross. Holland. Sand. Fun. Friends. by Hans Stolk Hans Stolk, Herman Hoff 2003 Youth International Motocross: The finals were held in Hummelo, Netherlands, on August 2 & 3. The track is sandy, rough, and winds in and out of the forest. This year’s organizing committee was TCD Hummelo. Families from 12 different nation were [...]

Helmet: Head covering made of hard materials.

Worn to protect head from injuries. Often times part of a uniform or other protective equipment. Photos of 12 top pros crash lids. My boss said I was slacking. Said I needed to create more exciting and compelling articles with photos. Hey boss – how about this? (Maybe this will keep him sidetracked for a [...]

James ‘Bubba’ Stewart interview

by Rick Johnson The 125 championship, 250′s, four-strokes, RC, ballers, 23′s, God … RJ: James, I’ve been trying to track you down for an interview for some time now, and I want to say ‘thanks’ that we could finally get together. Before we get started, I also want to say congratulations on how you’ve started [...]

Flashback: 2000 Bercy Supercross Photos

18th edition of this classic. Past winners include O’Mara, Bailey, Glover, Johnson, Bayle, Stanton, Leisk, Ward, Emig & McGrath. This was 3 days of dominance by David Vuillemin Special thanks to Valentin and Christophe Guinberteau, and http://www.mx2k.com It was October 27-29 at the Palais Omnisports de Bercy near Paris. It’s 6 motos run over 3 [...]

Unadilla Rocks!

Or, Bigger is Better 39 large photos in a Tour de Force of American motocross racing The pictures tell the story by Steve Bruhn from Round 7 of AMA MX at Unadilla Valley Sports Center in upstate New Yorkclick on the thumbnails to view the larger images function OpenWindow(url, width, height) { window.open(url, ‘img’, ‘resizable, [...]

KTM becomes the first

First to introduce their 2004 models to the public The new ‘SX’ line-up for KTM in 2004: 85, 125, 200, and 250 two-strokes, and 450 and 525 four-strokes. On Tuesday, July 15, KTM invited us out to the Cahuilla Motocross Park in Southern California to check out their new bikes. A beautiful, hilly, and sandy [...]


Photo recap of the National MX series after six rounds Click on the thumbnail image to view the larger photoTo see the results from any of the races, visit this link Photos by Steve Bruhn, Frank Hoppen, Kinney Jones, Bill Q function OpenWindow(url, width, height) { window.open(url, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); } The cream of the [...]

Tentative 2004 World Motocross (and SuperMoto) Calendars

“I am proud to be able to announce in such a short time an excellent Motocross calendar” says Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream. Mr. Luongo continues “After a long time of not having any overseas events, we have an overseas race in Dubai and it is possible we will have another as we are in [...]

Mammoth MX, page 2

Andrew Short says it best “Mammoth is my favorite race” To see Part I of the Mammoth MX journal, you can visit this link—- Thursday night, June 26th —- The Mini’s were on the gas here the past few days – it’s amazing how fast these kids are going. Now, the reality of the Mini-Dad [...]