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Media updates: World MX & SM TV, Little goes Big, TimeBomb Ent. and Parts TV

World Motocross and SuperMoto TV coverage – Courtesy of Youthstream Television Dept.

Europe: Eurosport * 6 MX1 Grand Prix live (Flanders (Zolder), Spain
(Bellpuig), Benelux (Valkenswaard), Wallonie (Namur), Ireland
(Ballykelly) and South Africa (Sun City)

* The remaining 11 MX1 Grand Prix will be a delayed programme of 30 minutes showed on the following Monday night.

* All the S1 Grand Prix have a 30 minute programme broadcasted on the following Monday night.

AB Moteurs * All MX1, MX2, S1 and S2 Grand Prix live.

TMC France * All S1 live.

VRT Belgium * All MX1 live.

RAI SAT Italy * All MX1 live.

Telesport Romania * All MX1 and S1 live.

TV7 Russia * All MX1 and S1 delayed.

VIA SAT Scandinavia and Baltic * All MX1, MX2, S1 and S2 delayed.

Great Britain: SKY Sport * All MX1 and S1 delayed.

Middle East: ART * All MX1 and S1 live.

Al jazzera Sport * All MX1 and S1 live.

North and Central America: FOX Sport World * All MX1, MX2, S1 and S2 delayed.

Africa: ART * All MX1 and S1 live.

AB Moteurs * All MX1, MX2, S1 and S2 live.

SuperSport * All MX1 and S1 delayed.

Latin America: ESPN/RPM * All MX1 and S1 delayed.

Asia: Star TV * All MX1 and S1 delayed.

Yes TV * All MX1 and S1 delayed.

Oceania: FOX * All MX1 and S1 delayed.

In addition, highlights and news in nearly all other countries on the
following stations: FOX Sports, ATV, RTBF, RTL, Globosat, Bandsport,
CSBN, CzechTV, Dalycartoon, Sport+, Nuvolari, Doordarshansat, Jsport,
BBCable, Antena 1, ProTV, TVE Teledeporte and TV4. Where the Grand Prix
is being held they show the event live on their local television

News programmes are broadcasted on EBU (Eurovision), SNT , Reuters and Gillitte Sport World.

The potential TV audience of MX1 is 870 million and of S1 is 780 million.

Youthstream’s President, Giuseppe Luongo, said, “Thanks to the intense
work of Philippe Rahmani (TV and IT Marketing Director of Youthstream)
now we have suceeded in having TV coverage that is much more than ever
before. This is a major step in bringing MX1, MX2, S1 and S2 to a
higher level than ever in its history. With this huge improvement in
TV, motorcycle manufacturers will be glad to invest in these FIM World
Championships as this will provide them with an enormous world wide
promotion. It is a remarkable feat that we have managed to sucessfully
increase the amount of TV coverage without touching the value of the
sport or the fans. It took a lot of convincing to make the TV stations
understand that Motocross especially needs to have 2 heats and it needs
to be broadcasted in the afternoon in order to forfill everybody’s
needs. Currently we are aiming to involve Japan, China and USA in the
FIM World Motocross and SuperMoto Championships, it looks like we will
acheive this in the very near future. I want to wish everybody a Happy
New Year and a 2004 year full of Motocross and SuperMoto.”

For every event, Youthstream will produce the following programmes:

Live – Showing the 2 races of MX1 and MX2, and the Superfinal of S1 and S2.

3′ NEWS – Sent by satellite immediatly after the event, showing news of MX1, MX2, S1 and S2.

52′ HIGHLIGHTS – Sent by satellite to be broadcasted at 9pm the same
day of the event, showing highlights of MX1, MX2, S1 and S2.

52′ HIGHLIGHTS – Sent by tape to be broadcasted on the Tuesday after the event, showing highlights of MX1, MX2, S1 and S2.

26′ HIGHLIGHTS – Sent by tape to be broadcasted on the Tuesday after the event, showing hightlights of MX1, MX2, S1and S2.

For any other information regarding Youthstream’s Television, you can contact Philippe Rahmani at [email protected]

Youthstream is the company that manages the exclusive television,
marketing and promotional worldwide rights of the FIM SuperMoto World
Championship, the FIM Motocross World Championship, the FIM Motocross
Of Nations (from 1st January 2004), the UEM Motocross European
Championship (from 1st January 2004), the UEM SuperMoto European
Championship (from 1st January 2004) and the FIM Snowcross World Cup.


Little Goes Big

Remember when Jamie Little was … little? Well not anymore! Jamie is
BIG time! And she’s launched her official web-site,

Jamie started out in the late 90’s as an eager journalist intent on
learning all she can. She’s pursued her broadcast and journalistic
dreams to become a broadcaster on ESPN, along with many, many other
goals. To see all that she’s accomplished, you can visit her new site! has all the latest news, info, photos, and more


3, 2, 1 … meet TimeBomb Entertainment

The newest action-oriented multi-media company is TimeBomb
Entertainment, founded by Scott McLemore, will put its initial focus on
video production in the motorcycle industry of Supercross, Motocross,
Freestyle, Supermoto and Road Racing. Services include flag to flag
race series production, television feature packages, team media,
documentaries, freelance shooting, directing and more.

McLemore, 37, has over 23 years of video production experience
including the Executive Vice President of Programming and Production
role at Seals Communications, producers of the popular “MotoWorld”
television series. Directing credits include 10 years on the AMA
Supercross Series and AMA US Motocross Championships on ESPN2 and the
first ever Supercross race to air on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. In
addition to two-wheeled sports, McLemore has produced hunting and
fishing, fitness, soccer, music videos, wakeboarding and water skiing.

“Timebomb has been an idea for a couple years now and I’m proud to say
it’s finally a reality,” said McLemore, President and CEO of Timebomb
Entertainment. “My niche in this business isn’t just experience. I’m an
enthusiast of the sports I cover. I’ve jumped into this project head
first and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.”

For more information on Timebomb Entertainment log on to


Parts Unlimited TV program

Don Emde and Parts Unlimited have done it again(they support the sport
you know!) and launched their own TV show, called Inside Motorcycling.

The shows will air each Saturday morning through March at 10 a.m. PST and EST on Spike TV. Check you local listings though!