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Jeremy “RC” McMichael set to ride for Team CZ in 2003!

Washington DC: In a shocking and surprise press conference, Jeremy “RC” McMichael has announced his plans to ride for Team CZ starting in 2003. The multi-time champ from the USA has decided to relocate his entire racing operation to CZ’s headquarters in the Czech Republic. McMichael had this to say: “Since I was a little [...]

2002 schedule released!

Press Release: New York, NEW YORK 1. Anaheim CA – January 5 2. Chicago IL – January 12 3. Anaheim CA – January 19 4. New York City NY – January 26 5. Anaheim CA – February 2 6. Miami FL – February 9 7. Anaheim CA – February 16 8. Tampa FL – February [...]

Rick Johnson wins a supercross …. in a car!

Mooresville NORTH CAROLINA: Rick Johnson becomes the first person to win a supercross …. in a car!At the first annual running of the Mooresville supercross, Rick Johnson and his #22 Chevy Monte Carlo make history with the first ever win in supercross by an automobile!Rick Johnson comments ‘I’ve always had racing in my blood, and [...]

World MX Grand Prix of Spain – Round 1

125 Main Event:1. Dobb – Great Britain – KTM2. Traversini – Italy – KTM3. Chiodi – Italy – YAM4. Ramon – Belgium – KAW5. Gundersen – Denmark – KTM6. Seguy – France – YAM7. Belometti – Italy – YAM8. Puzar – Italy – KAW9. Sheak – USA – HON10. Stevanini – Italy – HUS250 Main [...]

Chevrolet’s concept truck for motorcycling

AMA Awards Banquet – December 8, 2000 – Las Vegas, NV. This new truck is a joint marketing effort between Fox Racing and Chevrolet to create a concept vehicle that appeals to motorcycle enthusiasts. It has special features that enhance a motorcyclist’s use of a truck. Using extensive input from Fox Racing and the Team [...]

Flashback: Have you ever ridden in the Honda big rig?

by Tom Gildea (This article was originally published May 2000) Hi, My name is Tom Gildea. I’m the ‘truck driver’ for American Honda’s Motocross racing team. Our team for this year is Sebastien Tortelli, Ezra Lusk, and Kevin Windham. Many fans see the riders on the weekends, but not too many people get to see [...]

So, do you REALLY want to be a professional motorcycle rider?

Riding motorcycles is fun. But it can also be dangerous. If you do it long enough, chances are you’ll get hurt. This article shows photos from a surgical procedure: WARNING: Some of these pictures are VERY GRAPHIC! Viewer discretion is advised. Dr. Jose Borrero & Dr. Margarita Borrero. Riding motorcycles is fun. But it can [...]

Daytona 2001 Photo Feature

Overview of Daytona supercross track Brown, Pastrana, Vohland celebrating Brown, Pastrana, Vohland 250 start LaRocco, Carmichael, Lusk KTM’s Brock Sellards (yes, the track has grass!) Balls of Steel performers Daytona is many things, including lots of Harleys Mike Brown 250 winnner Ricky Carmichael The sandy white beaches of Daytona Daytona Beach pier Coming into Daytona [...]

Interview: Privateer Power – Erick Vallejo

We’ve seen Erick at the first five ‘West’ events. We gave him the opportunity to tell us about himself. But first let’s start with the basics: Birthday: March 20, 1979Hometown: Monterey (Mexico)AMA National number: 179Favorite music: Pop/RockFavorite TV show: MartinFavorite food: MexicanHometown while in the USA: Tustin (California)Years racing: 16Favorite track: Budds CreekFRIENDS & FAMILY: [...]

Lights! Camera! Action!

Here are photos from the first race of the year at Edison International Field in Anaheim California. Jeremy McGrath was the winner in the 250 class. Ernesto Fonseca was the winner in the 125 class. It was a sell-out, with 45,050 people in the stands. 250 Results: 1. Jeremy McGrath – YAM 2. Ezra Lusk [...]