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KTM helping Supermoto come to the USA!

Supermoto? Supermoto? What is Supermoto? In simple terms, Supermoto is a combination of motocross, dirt track, and road racing. KTM is helping introduce Supermoto to United States motor sports fans. KTM invited members of the media to Cajon Speedway in El Cajon, California to actually ride Supermoto machines on a sample Supermoto track.A typical Supermoto [...]

World Motocross – Round 6 – AUSTRIA

Austrian Grand Prix – Karntenring Circuit The three current World Champions all won (Dobb, Pichon, Everts). In the 500 class, Everts won by passing Yves DeMaria on the last lap in the last corner. It’s Everts 53rd Grand Prix win. Joel Smets fell. Mickael Pichon won his fifth 250 race of the year and third [...]

Point X Camp: Largest extreme sports camp in the western US set to open

The boys (and girls) who brought you the Mini Warriors Video Series and Travis Pastrana’s Revelation 199 are about to open Point X Camp. After years of planning and preparation, the camp will open later this month (June 2002). Point X Camp will provide the most extensive action sports training and camping facility in the [...]

Info on Kawasaki/Suzuki alliance

Here is more info provided by Bob Moffit of Kawasaki USA Bob: We are of course aware there has been some talk about the arrangement between Kawasaki and Suzuki. Our relationship with Suzuki is an alliance. It is not a merger. There has been no exchange of equity between the two companies. It’s a relationship [...]

Genichi Kawakami, Founder of Yamaha, 1912 – 2002

Genichi Kawakami, the man who established Yamaha Motor Co. in 1955, died Saturday May 25th at the age of 90 in Hamamatsu, Japan. [img1] His success story begins in 1937. After commercial studies, Mr. Kawakami joined the company was run by his father, Nippon Gakki Co. He became president in 1950 and revolutionized the manufacturing [...]

World Motocross – Round 5 – ITALY

Castiglione Del Lago French riders win all three classes. Smets bike broke in the 500 main. 500 Grand Prix Results: 1. Yves DeMaria – KTM 2. Marnicq Bervoets – YAM 3. Stefan Everts – YAM 4. Javier Garcia Vico – KTM 5. Pierrick Paget – HON 250 Grand Prix Results: 1. Mickael Pichon – SUZ [...]

World Motocross – Round 4 – FRANCE

Stefan Everts win his 52nd career GP on the St. Jean d’Angely circuit, and lead the 500cc points chase. Mickael Pichon wins the 250 race on his ‘home’ track, with countryman Frederic Bolley second. Steve Ramon of Belgium wins 125 Grand Prix. 500 Grand Prix: 1. Stefan Everts – YAM 2. Yves DeMaria – KTM [...]


It’s a two day event, combining top moto riders & surfers. First day is moto, next day is surfing – combine the scores and see who wins! It was Monday August 5 at Saddleback MX Park, and Tuesday August 6 at San Onofre State Beach. Boniface, Byrne, Campbell, Ferry, Fonseca, Garcia, Gonzalez, Johnson, Langston, Reed, [...]

A Day In The Dirt – The Movie!

World Premiere. Beverly Hills. World famous Academy of Motion Pictures building. (Yes, THE Academy of Motion Pictures where they give out those small, gold statuettes to famous performers!) Red Carpet, Celebs – Alexander, Brown, Chandler, Fonseca, Gonzalez, Holley, Johnson, Keefe, Lackey, Lee, McCoy, McGrath, Roberts, Cousin Tracy, etc. etc. The Day In the Day movie [...]

Una @#$%&*! dilla!

24 photos from Round 8 of the AMA/Chevy Trucks US Motocross Series at Unadilla! Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version.If you’d like to see the results from Unadilla, please visit this link. 125 Start! 125 Start II! 250 Start! GP regular Josh Coppins Tim Ferry Tim Ferry Branden Jesseman Husqvarna’s Steve Lamson [...]