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Aug 30 3:43pm PST

What plans do you have for Labor Day ??? This is an amazing photo taken of our lead mechanic and his turbo'd #rzr Xp 900 ... This is how we spend our Labor Day.... Thanks for the pic @utvguide ... #laborday #supercross #dunes #wheelies #love

Juliano Internazional Art !
Aug 30 4:55pm

UTV Guide
Aug 30 12:58pm PST

As the storm rolls in, HCR Racing holds the fourth card in the Supercross.com Poker Run! #UTVInvasion

Chris Johnson Where is this?
Aug 30 11:49am

Chris Johnson Looks like fun. Putting that place on the list.
Aug 30 3:21pm

UTV Guide
Aug 30 12:57pm PST

Muzzys Performance is the last stop on the Supercross.com Poker Run! Time to turn your cards in! #UTVInvasion

Muzzy Racing Great shot of Team Muzzys
Aug 30 10:07pm

Dave Kuskie 2 class acts pictured there
Sep 1 1:15pm

UTV Guide
Aug 30 12:55pm PST

The line is starting to grow for drivers turning in their hands. The Supercross.com Poker Run is almost over, but the festivities are just getting started here at #UTVInvasion!

UTV Guide
Aug 30 11:07am PST

For those with enough guts (and fuel), Starting Line Products (SLP) has set up a "Wild Card" stop out here at Devil's Dune. This is where the big stuff is! Supercross.com Poker Run #IdahoDunesUTVInvasion

Bill Holesworth Glad we made the trip out for the extra card.
Aug 30 11:46am

UTV Guide
Aug 30 9:41am PST

Third stop at the Supercross.com Poker Run at the #UTVInvasion - second in the dunes - TMW OFFROAD is perched on top of Thunder Mountain. #UTVInvasion

UTV Guide
Aug 30 9:21am PST

First dune stop of the Supercross.com poker run - Devious PowerSports at Egin Lake #UTVInvasion #IdahoDunesUTVInvasion

UTV Guide
Aug 30 8:39am PST

The Supercross.com Poker Run is kicking off here at the #UTVInvasion with stops sponsored by Starting Line Products (SLP), Muzzys Performance, HCR Racing, TMW OFFROAD, Devious PowerSports and Meyer Media..

Aug 29 3:32pm PST

#flashbackfriday to back in the day with @rickycarmichael and @therealjs7 ... @rchracing #fbf #supercross #rchracing #js7 #throwback #youngcats

Angelo Amici Jacopo Castiglia
Aug 29 3:37pm

Diego Quirino THAT was BADASS days!!! Days when Bubba was motivated FOR REAL! After RC retirement JS lost the REAL desire for winning. After that Bubba became just a Profissional and unhappy worker. I can see James is trying his best, but his skills are a lot better when real motivated.
Aug 29 3:51pm

Lindsay Graves When the goat is on the line there is no other
Aug 29 4:09pm

Paula Ketterling Naber Bubba and the goat .. Dynamic duo !!!
Aug 29 4:26pm

Paul Burleson The Best days of motocross!
Aug 29 4:37pm

Charlie Hanks JS working the 2stroke in their final days.
Aug 29 5:18pm

Paul Foley James stewart before he turned into a douche
Aug 29 5:58pm

Andrew Repko Dave Payne
Aug 29 6:35pm

Raymond Hickey This looks like the year of the down hill unifuckindilla incident! Never herd a crowd go that crazy before that or since that at dilla!
Aug 29 8:24pm

Tony Schoenborn When those two raced, it was a battle in till the end...., thank you guys
Aug 29 10:06pm

Rob Van den Broek Miss their battles
Aug 30 12:44am

Costas Polatidis Real riders.
Aug 30 7:05am

Mike Sullivan Those were unbelievable battles. Nothing since compares.
Aug 30 7:10am

Vincent Vega Legends !!! Stefan BöhmeBüchsen Piet
Aug 30 10:55am

Remy Sylvestre Le bon vieux temps
Aug 30 11:33am

Ralton James Roebert ,Las Vegas 2005?
Aug 30 1:57pm

Michael Lester Yes one great champ the other a chump
Aug 30 7:55pm

Brock Litanski Ya Carmichael is a chump fast badass chump but still a chump (; hi Ricky
Aug 30 8:54pm

Vernon Rodriguez WTF are you talking about ..the best days of Motocross was the BOB HANNAH days..these guys were good cause motocross sucked when. They were at. There best..
Aug 30 8:55pm

Murphy Kudrna I miss these guys racing on Kawasakis. Best racing with the most talent was the mid to late 80s, and right now. Anybody can Win.
Sep 1 6:37am