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Apr 24 2:58pm PST

#tbt to that one time your old man wanted you to go faster at the track .... #supercrosstraining #supercross #supercross2014 #ama #amasupercross #race #love #pushharder #raceday

Jorginho Jocker Gamorra Este nieto mio no vale pa na!!! Mecgo dio si pillo la bota vino 😂😂😂😂
Apr 24 3:04pm

Kane Hampson Andrew Leigh
Apr 24 3:17pm

Edvardas Slusnys Benas Ibianskas
Apr 24 3:28pm

Beto Monn Kada Go go go €&%#£$
Apr 24 3:38pm

Donald McKinley Andrew Mckinley
Apr 24 3:45pm

Luis E Trejo Crazy granny
Apr 24 4:12pm

Aaron Speer Is that Keith Speer
Apr 24 5:51pm

Supercross.com shared a link
Apr 24 2:14pm PST

Alright who thinks Ryan Villopoto will clinch the championship this weekend in the newest venue at MetLife Stadium in NJ ?? http://bit.ly/1fvj8vs

Joshua Partridge Not me it will come down to the last race
Apr 24 2:21pm

Justin Bellman Last race
Apr 24 2:23pm

Andrea Bascopelitis Jaye Brodie Jr.
Apr 24 2:23pm

Nancy Williams Cooley Rooting for James Stewart
Apr 24 2:24pm

Bigal Smith It's gonna happen ...go ahead and make that trophy with RVIV on it
Apr 24 2:30pm

Dale Vanname He will win it on sat he has almost a 50 point lead I don't see how he can't unless he get hurt or dnf but I think it would be great for the sport because it a big market
Apr 24 2:30pm

Robert M Holguin With a 48 point lead doesn't Villopoto have to just basically finish the race to win the championship?
Apr 24 2:30pm

Denise Buggert YES! #teampoto
Apr 24 2:33pm

Chad Ellsworth Think he only needs to get 3 points and has the championship!
Apr 24 2:38pm

Bigal Smith Only needs 3 points ? That's a no brainier basically all he has to do is not DNF
Apr 24 2:41pm

Ron Garrington A deserving champion...He worked his tail off for it
Apr 24 2:54pm

Stair ClimbLunatic Unless he's kidnapped by aliens, I think he's got a slight shot at it.
Apr 24 3:20pm

Tim Hill go poto!
Apr 24 3:22pm

Dennis Petrus yup
Apr 24 3:44pm

Mohd Agus When i come ....oh my dream.
Apr 24 4:17pm

Jaye Brodie Jr. No doubt
Apr 24 7:05pm

Tommy Hill JS7.
Apr 24 7:46pm

Supercross.com shared a link
Apr 24 9:57am PST

Does it feel like it has been forever since we have had a race to anyone else but us? There are still tickets available for this historical race! Don't miss JS7 trying to fight of RV for his 4th supercross Championship ! http://bit.ly/1lJ9oWr

Nolan Cutler Seasons over RV's got it unless he wrecks hard gets hurt and can't race and JS7 or RD finish 1st both races... Lots of Ands! but all racing will still be exciting to watch.. Ready for some Glen Helen action!!!
Apr 24 10:07am

Nicholas Mcdonald Bring on the outdoor season .
Apr 24 1:14pm

Stefan Neary Im going to the SX and i cant wait!
Apr 24 6:24pm

Chris Looney Any bets on RV getting DNF?
Apr 24 7:17pm

Apr 23 1:13pm PST

Nate Adams bringing you our #whipitwednesday photo today .... #supercross #supercross2014 #whip #whipit #follow #photooftheday #killingit #sxonfx

Kenty Michael Bernstein Bernstein This is good.Anytime you get the back above the front I say.This work for me.( An older ex FMF,Yoshimura sponsered dude).
Apr 23 3:38pm

Kenty Michael Bernstein Bernstein Enjoy a young mans sport when young.Old Mx guys are Broken,Trust me man
Apr 23 3:39pm

Apr 22 4:27pm PST

Happy #earthday from all of us at supercross.com .... Now get out there and enjoy it .... #supercross #earth #outdoor #supercross2014 #amasupercross #track

Joe Ralph Wat track is this?
Apr 22 4:31pm

Donald Grove Ready for Hangtown !!!
Apr 22 5:00pm

Donald Grove Looks like Glen Helen !!
Apr 22 5:00pm

Jennifer Adair Potter Haha we went straight passed it on the hwy when we came over from Aussie thought it was a hill climb track
Apr 22 7:24pm

Danny Lee Tieben Glen Helen for sure!
Apr 22 9:17pm

Kenty Michael Bernstein Bernstein Carlsbad,Saddleback,Bay Mare,OLd,Like me.Now I just tear up stages with METAL.Still Kicking Ass.
Apr 23 3:41pm

Apr 22 1:33pm PST

Can't wait to watch the 250 sx east battle it out to see who takes the red plate to Vegas .... Only 8 points between 1st and 2nd ... Who do you think will win at MetLife stadium this weekend ? #supercross #supercross2014 #love #nj #ny #newyork #eastcoast #instagood #raceday #moto #motorcycle #winning #redplate #250 #250sx #metlife

Myron Hardy Anderson
Apr 22 1:39pm

Bryan Carroll ^Neither of those two are even racing this weekend
Apr 22 2:42pm

Jennifer Adair Potter They are west coast it back to east one of the green bikes
Apr 22 3:03pm

Donald Grove Seely
Apr 22 4:37pm

Chris Terril Hopefully Davalos isn't seriously injured.
Apr 22 5:58pm

Supercross.com shared a link
Apr 22 9:08am PST

We are going through with drawls with no race this weekend. Cant wait to watch the 250 East class battle it out to see who takes the red plate into Vegas. Check out the recap and standings of the Season heading into Metlife Stadium. http://bit.ly/1rf3USl

Ron Garrington Yeah right
Apr 22 9:42am

Kenty Michael Bernstein Bernstein Villopoto Show HOPEFULLY.He da MAN.I think.
Apr 23 3:45pm

Apr 21 2:09pm PST

What are your thoughts of having a #supercross race in the #newyork market? Will it help grow the sport? Think we should have kept the race in #saltlakecity ? You tell us .... #supercross2014 #sx #bigapple #cantwait #excited #gamble

Fernando Boechat yes, more money more sponsors
Apr 21 2:11pm

Tobias Klotz Yes
Apr 21 2:11pm

Kevin Burrell I'm going to miss it in Salt Lake City, I went every year bad weather and all!!!
Apr 21 2:13pm

Abby Thomas Should of kept it in salt lake!!
Apr 21 2:13pm

Timothy Muhlmichl I think it's awesome. So many fans on the east coast but until now we gad to drive to Atlanta or Indy.
Apr 21 2:13pm

Len Cannon ....new york is accross the water...Metlife Stadium is in New Jersey...
Apr 21 2:27pm

Robyn Bruno Brobst You should have kept it in SLC
Apr 21 2:28pm

Juraj Skála Wher is it in North Korea?
Apr 21 2:29pm

Kace Allen Could have kept Salt Lake City and replaced a SoCal date with NY.
Apr 21 2:31pm

Juraj Skála No met,but Mad american Life
Apr 21 2:31pm

Brock Hansen Salt lake city for sure! Even though bad weather and small track. It was nice to be able to go every year.
Apr 21 2:58pm

Joseph Kennedy Great move..they needed one up in that area..have to agree with Kace Allen and take at least one race out of SoCal..
Apr 21 2:58pm

Nolan Cutler Do both add races... Make it 20 total
Apr 21 3:01pm

Larry Golden New Jersey!
Apr 21 3:01pm

Chris Terril no A3 but do NY during the East Coast races. Keep Salt lake
Apr 21 3:10pm

Nancy Williams Cooley Stay out of NY!!
Apr 21 3:11pm

Kaley Ridge I'm so sad that super cross isn't coming to Utah anymore. I'm not happy that we lost the venue to New York. There are some huge supercross fans here in the Salt Lake area and I'm one of them. I have attended the race every year and am sad to not be able to go now.
Apr 21 3:26pm

Nochie Norman Won't know until they try it , I say go for it
Apr 21 3:30pm

Dale Vanname It great to have it in a big market to extend the sport of supercross and you need to make motor cross a lot better
Apr 21 3:34pm

Tobias Lee Arvizu Keep cali just the way it is and open ny
Apr 21 3:43pm

Eric Bachicha Denver needs to put a dome on so SX can go there. That and come to Hawaii!
Apr 21 3:49pm

Jennifer Adair Potter We are coming from Australia to watch Taylor Potter and it's so expensive in NY we are going to Vegas which is much better
Apr 21 3:50pm

Dion Campbell Should have left it in salt lake and added new York as well. Plus you could have scheduled it better so the teams don't travel back and forth across the country.
Apr 21 3:58pm

Kevin Allred keep it in S.L.C.
Apr 21 3:59pm

Austin Olson SLC for sure!!!
Apr 21 4:35pm

Apr 21 9:07am PST

Don't let Monday get away from ya ... Start the week like you meant to .... #monday #supercross #supercross2014 #sx #fx #getit #love

Juraj Skála Nice old picture.Where is our old Sverepec in Slovakia,where I saw Mc Grath,Seb Tortelli and many others.Olso older good riders raced there.Now there is just motorway and lot of idiots around....
Apr 21 12:41pm

Gladys Lara I love it! <3
Apr 21 7:32pm