Apr 16 9:02am PST

What do you think FX rider Lance Coury FMX does in his spare time when he isn't practicing, or performing death defying stunts? The same thing all of us do in our spare time ... Duh... check it out! LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPYgmFMjXAI&app=desktop

Apr 15 3:52pm PST

Happy #taxday .... Hope you already turned your taxes in .... If not this is what the post office is going to look like today ... Lol ... #supercross #taxes #supercross2014 #follow #relax #sx

Stefan Neary Thats what it looks like everyday apparently, Im still waiting on mail that was sent last Tuesday, from a town 30 minutes away., gotta love the US mail :)
Apr 15 4:18pm

Richard Frausto Ha did my taxes and feel good two years in a row I don't need to pay, feeling like a citizen again!
Apr 15 4:36pm

Supercross.com shared a link
Apr 15 1:11pm PST

This is an awesome write up from Red Bull Racing that shows just what can happen when you work hard and train even harder. These 5 guys are awesome and deserve everything they get. http://win.gs/1eFAIBX

Matt Dewar Badasses
Apr 15 1:14pm

Chad VanCalster Aren't they all privateers at some point?
Apr 15 1:24pm

Apr 15 10:43am PST

@lancecoury showing us how it's done for #tailwhiptuesday ... Video cred: @crossfit .... @rchracing #freestyle #tuesday #tailwhip #whip #fx #crossfit #supercross #love #instagood

Cory Lindsay Just finish the spin.......that's gotta be next.......
Apr 15 10:45am

Tyler Miesse Pimp shit!!!
Apr 15 10:45am

Bill Miller Sick!
Apr 15 10:58am

Stefan Neary Thats amazing, i bet the 360 is right around the corner. What talent and skill.
Apr 15 11:11am

Jeferson Vargas Awesome....
Apr 15 11:20am

Marion Camus DĂ©dicace a Corentin Senechal ^^"
Apr 15 12:05pm

Barbara Kalogeras Can I just ask a question? Rob, do you do this or train people who do this, or are you just interested in it. Looks like real fun!
Apr 15 9:10pm

Jeffery Leonard So sick
Apr 16 7:19am

Brian Stever
Apr 15 6:26am PST

shawn stever

Supercross.com shared a link
Apr 14 3:01pm PST

See what 54,000 Supercross enthusiast look like in one location, and get a play by play of saturday nights races at Century Link Field in Seattle. Feel free to share it will all your closest friends. http://bit.ly/Q7NGx9

Joe Hanez Itu Aan Villopoto is a living legend in supercross, and he really deserves to be world champion this year.And also very proud of the crashing guy james stewart, this is a good year after crashing down almost every race last year.
Apr 14 11:39pm

Supercross.com shared a link
Apr 14 10:53am PST

With his win in Seattle this weekend Ryan Villopoto has an almost unreachable lead over James Stewart and Ryan Dungey. See where everyone sits heading into New Jersey. Tell us how you think this season will play out! http://bit.ly/1n6OdNu

Jezerniczky Győző (Y)
Apr 14 11:03am

Mickey Owano James deserves the championship.
Apr 14 11:37am

Romeo Bravo ^ based on what? Being 48 points down? Finishing 12 seconds behind RV?
Apr 14 11:44am

Justin Bellman RV hasn't had any of the bad luck James or Dungey has, championship would be a lot different. Case in point, Mike Alessi crashing and ripping off James Stewarts head pipe.
Apr 14 12:01pm

David N Aislinn Ernst Have to agree Romeo they have both won 5 races each but the most consistent and the fastest, which RV was more times than not, wins the championship, and 4 championships far out weighs 2
Apr 14 12:03pm

Todd Burritt 4 in a row for TV
Apr 14 12:17pm

Dave Greco Call it bad luck are whatever you want villapoto is way smarter and don't ride over his head when he don't have too anyone that has followed these two throughout there careers knows that James has always been that way not very smart
Apr 14 2:02pm

Myron Hardy bubba never could take pressure either back when he was racing rc all rc had to do was stay on back wheel and wait for the faceplant
Apr 14 2:29pm

Myron Hardy and as for dungey he's way to nice on the track and should.get off that ktm and go back to Suzuki
Apr 14 2:38pm

Linda Mackling Macaulay Being the fastest on the planet means riding almost always on the edge of oblivion; it's great to watch, but all hell breaks loose, guicker than one can spit!! s.
Apr 14 4:49pm

Marketa GP Season over for JS7 and Dungey.RV deserve your 4th championship Lets see how will be the MX
Apr 14 6:40pm

Justin Bellman Yeah, RV deserves it for sure. Bad luck, crashes whatever racing is racing and 1st place is just that 1st. It's too bad RC and RV never went head to head, that would have been interesting.
Apr 14 11:19pm

Joe Hanez Itu Aan Very proud for the crashing james stewart, this is a good year after crashes down almost every race last year.
Apr 14 11:44pm

Ron Garrington Simply stated,,,,Ryan V, knows how to be a champion. and it shows...
Apr 15 2:08pm

Apr 13 4:43pm PST

Chalk up another one for this guy .... Congrats @ryanvillopoto for the win at #seattlesx last night ... Think there is any chance of someone catching him ??? #supercross #supercross2014 #sxonfx #realtime #love

Mark Bates The King!
Apr 13 4:47pm

Marketa GP Championship over RV 4 titles and lets start to think on MX
Apr 13 4:51pm

Myron Hardy good work rv all ya gotta do is roll the next race and its In the bag
Apr 13 4:53pm

Luis E Trejo Js is the real king
Apr 13 4:59pm

Romeo Bravo ^ you must be high. JS is extremely talented and you cant deny the 50 wins....buuuut, rv has 39 wins and 3 consecutive championships in his 5 years, vs JS 50 wins and 2 championships in 9 years
Apr 13 5:05pm

Timothy Scott West That is a sick pic!!
Apr 13 5:18pm

Geoffrey Broomberg Sik pik for sure
Apr 13 5:38pm

Eddie Steinmetz 2nd. place... the real 1st.
Apr 13 5:50pm

Todd Burritt Nope
Apr 13 6:10pm

Mickey Owano James really deserves the championship.
Apr 13 6:35pm

Lindsay Graves 2nd place is the first loser
Apr 13 7:56pm

Crystal Clanton No way!! He's got this!!
Apr 13 11:50pm

Luke Hoover How can you say James deserves the championship? Lol!!! No one deserves a championship, it is earned and won, fair and square.
Apr 14 1:19am

Sean McIntyre Hope he makes rank for record next to McGrath for 4 in a row SX wins ..!
Apr 14 3:41am

Adam H Pask Awesome!
Apr 14 4:26am

Howard Hunt No not at all
Apr 14 6:55am

Mark Hughes He has it in the bag and he is going to keep winning them year after year if the rest don't pull up there socks
Apr 14 9:02am

Rick Lafountain no
Apr 14 9:27am

Georgia Barnette Boy I sure hope so, I was once a huge fan but now its time for someone else to reign as king.
Apr 14 11:06am

Ray T. Barros "THE MAN!!!!"
Apr 14 11:54am

Jan Fabey M Championship #4 for RV. Good luck and ride smart.
Apr 14 1:57pm

Al Lewis Not a chance.
Apr 14 2:16pm

Crystal Clanton
Apr 13 12:32am PST

Got his autograph....

Supercross.com Thats awesome ... Love that
Apr 14 3:40pm

Crystal Clanton I'm soo excited!!! Here's my story, last year's supercross in Seattle I won his autographed jersey, out of over 9,000 entries mind you :-) well then last fall a gas station in my town had a drawing for his front # plate and well, obviously I won that too!! Soo I took it to Seattle this year and was hoping and praying he would sign it, and my dream came true!!!! #LUCKIESTGIRLEVER
Apr 14 4:51pm