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Jul 22 3:50pm PST

#tomactuesday you guys think @elitomac can keep it up and catch @kenroczen94 ?? #outdoors #supercross #supercross2014 #outdoornationals #lucasoil #love #dirt #ride

Michael Barr sick down n out
Jul 22 3:58pm

Bryan Bellinger No chance at championship but I'd bet some $$$ that he wins most of the motos left this yr
Jul 22 4:25pm

Dan Parsons I reckon he could do it on a 250 the way he rides
Jul 22 4:51pm

Mark Bastin So good I'm watching again tonight!
Jul 22 4:59pm

Mark Bastin Mike LaRocco said to Eli, Release The Kraken!
Jul 22 5:04pm

Robert Johnson Hes one bad dude and i know he doesnt like losing to roczen so it should be great racing!!! Go get him tomac!!!!!!
Jul 22 5:18pm

Josh Bell No chance pointless but can definitely see him winning races if he keeps riding like he has
Jul 22 5:23pm

Aaron James Shearron No
Jul 22 5:24pm

Jasson Smith Nope
Jul 22 5:34pm

Sawang Crf Songmue Yes
Jul 22 5:47pm

Ernesto Java As a fan of Eli, im not thinking of it anymore.The numbers are too big seems like.
Jul 22 6:21pm

Brian Merrill Yes
Jul 22 6:24pm

Supercross.com shared a link
Jul 22 3:43pm PST

Eli Tomac sweeps Spring Creek. Check out how and some photos below! http://supercross.com/eli-tomac-sweeps-at-springcreek/

Supercross.com shared a link
Jul 22 7:57am PST

This is pretty cool, be sure to head on over to TransWorld Motocross and watch Jeremy Stenberg's latest video, "Chasing the Storm," for free this Wednesday, July 23rd. http://bit.ly/1nxvUlu

Jul 21 1:12pm PST

Hang in there .... It's only #monday ... #supercross #supercross2014 #motomonday #mx #chariots #love

Kade Huotari Dakota Painter this would be us
Jul 21 1:15pm

Robert Stephens IV Kevin Copeland
Jul 21 1:23pm

Shaun Miller Johnny Collis I'll be in your sidecart!
Jul 21 1:56pm

Johnny Collis Wouldn't have it any other way Shaun Miller
Jul 21 1:57pm

Julio Tukuta Nikolai Crocce yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Jul 21 2:55pm

Eric Titi Gonzalez Luis Muñoz we can flip a coin for the driver seat
Jul 21 3:13pm

Karl Kuennen Chad Clink 😎👍
Jul 21 4:30pm

Bubba McCumiskey Mason Hightower
Jul 21 4:35pm

David Alexander Nath Bell Tyson Lind
Jul 21 5:36pm

David Alexander Ryan Earl this you and Trav? Haha
Jul 21 5:36pm

Ryan Earl Way to much style for us David Alexander
Jul 21 5:49pm

James Augostos Caesar idol
Jul 21 6:11pm

Bradford Finni I'll drive or ride shotgun let's ride
Jul 21 6:48pm

Tom Hamill Crazy rush right there.
Jul 21 6:59pm

Dan Burgert Been in a side car race = fun
Jul 21 7:13pm

Colt Christensen Russel Oyler
Jul 22 6:11am

Jul 21 8:18am PST

Went off without a hitch like usual... Thanks Red Bull for always pushing the sport!

Laurence Decarpentry Hot ont la regarder hier soir a la tv des pros !!
Jul 21 8:30am

Billy Brown Ryan Terrell
Jul 21 8:37am

Leonard Landeros Elke Wardl in your back yard!
Jul 21 8:39am

Jay Gauvin Hell ya !!
Jul 21 8:40am

Michael Martinez Anthony Raymond
Jul 21 9:12am

Elke Wardl that's cool. a lot of fun also...:-)
Jul 21 10:15am

Juraj Skála uber alles
Jul 21 11:58am

Douglas R. Leonel Philipe Araujo caretieie esse vídeo. As manobra dos cara e a pistinha poco massa
Jul 21 12:25pm

John Baker Badass!
Jul 21 12:34pm

Kerry Yarde Awsomeeee
Jul 21 2:07pm

Christian Ratering Julian Buzilowski :D da ist er !!!! :D
Jul 21 2:35pm

Billy Brown Ryan Terrell, they are wild!!!
Jul 21 7:29pm

Justin Zufelt Epic!
Jul 21 8:50pm

Simon Reynolds ALL unsung hero's in my opinion !
Jul 22 5:31am

Sebastian Uhl Steffen Demandt
Jul 22 12:10pm

Sam Wildman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frpmCtVgUv0
Jul 22 12:52pm

Jul 20 12:48pm PST

Congrats to @elitomac for bringing home the win this weekend ... #outdoors #outdoornationals #supercross #supercross2014 #race #winning#love

Dave Greco Very impressive
Jul 20 12:56pm

Kevin Lesser Eli put in a great ride.
Jul 20 12:57pm

Bryan Bellinger Roczen who
Jul 20 1:03pm

Lindsay Graves Red is right and no. One.
Jul 20 1:12pm

Jason Campbell he rode better than every one else ....great looking ride
Jul 20 1:12pm

Greg Gipe Domination. I love it Ride Red
Jul 20 2:34pm

Jack Rosenkrans Ava Morabito just for u
Jul 20 5:28pm

Ava Morabito Ahaha thanks ! Jack Rosenkrans
Jul 20 5:37pm

Travis Murray Great ride lets see if he shows up next week he seems to get injured after a Good Ride
Jul 20 7:16pm

Bill Reed To bad he was hurt in the beginning, I do believe hes going to be a champ in da 450 class. You go TOMAC, ELI. Good bye Rocsen or what ever his name is.
Jul 20 11:56pm

James Marshall
Jul 19 3:17pm PST

Monster EnergySupercross.com, Holeshot Heat 2, Anaheim 3. Exactly 7 days before my accident. This will be a great event w Pilgrim Powersports!

BJ Bailey I miss these days
Jul 20 6:36pm

Robbin Bostick 👍👍👍
Jul 19 9:30pm

Sally B. Pozas I will have to go back through my old pics and see if I have any of you. We were at this round too. :-)
Jul 19 7:34pm

Jul 18 1:11pm PST

#flashbackfriday to #springcreek last year .... Who do you think will win this weekend ?? #outdoors #outdoornationals #supercross #mx #raceday #love

Bruce Lowe Eli and Blake
Jul 18 1:24pm

Henri Luik Kroc#94 and Blake ;)
Jul 18 1:30pm

Kyle Stephenson The Fastest rider will win!
Jul 18 1:50pm

Brian Zimmer Dungey and Martin
Jul 18 1:52pm

Jeffery Bowman Blake an ken
Jul 18 2:33pm

Valentin Carayol Muñoz Malcolm or villo?? Jujij
Jul 18 2:46pm

Жан Крумов Ken n Martin
Jul 18 4:01pm

Gerald Gallison Dungey , Rock , Tomac
Jul 18 4:44pm

Stefan Einarsson Borquez james stewart #7 100% sure.
Jul 18 4:47pm

Bentley Spears 250 450 1Martin. 1RD5 2Webb 2JS7 3Martin. 3ROCK94
Jul 18 4:57pm

Matt Scribner Hope it's Dungey
Jul 18 5:32pm

Tom Reese No I was first
Jul 18 7:05pm

Angela Greer I'd love to see Chad Reed on the podium but Ken Rocxen has been dialled in!!
Jul 18 7:34pm

Eric Wellcome Dungy, Martin....#5 & #19
Jul 18 8:12pm

David Birch Canard......
Jul 18 9:09pm

Miranda Staley knock em dead reed 22
Jul 18 10:54pm

Angel Ennis Ryan Dungey and Jeremy Martin
Jul 19 7:48am

Michael Mascariñas Devenosa Dungey
Jul 19 4:37pm

Jaydan Michaele Tuiatua 6
Jul 20 5:07am

Supercross.com shared a link
Jul 18 12:56pm PST

Curious how Gopher Dunes up North turned out? http://bit.ly/1qOYE7a

Supercross.com shared a link
Jul 17 2:18pm PST

Be sure to check this out live via webcast if you arent going to be there. http://www.redbullxfighters.com/en_US/event/munich-2014#live