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Sep 16 1:58pm PST

A little teaser of our trip to Indonesia. Full edit coming soon.

Sawang Crf Songmue Why no come Thailand?
Sep 16 3:48pm

Yuswan Maulana Excelent,we always waiting james stewart,RV to coach our crosser..
Sep 16 4:04pm

Eka Varanda is vidio on the borneo
Sep 16 4:59pm

Sep 16 1:40pm PST

Today's #twowheeltuesday we celebrate how bad ass @rickycarmichael is ... How do you guys think the @rchracing team will do this year ?? #supercross #rch #goat #thegreatestofalltime #winning

Travis Murray They will get some wins still think they shouldhave ditched tickle and kept peick but it is what it is
Sep 16 2:04pm

David Fox They will have a champion in K-roc and top 10 rider with tickle...that's pretty damn good I think.
Sep 16 2:15pm

Eric Barcellos It's tough because anything less than another championship for Kroc will look bad for RCH and Suzuki. Almost a no win situation.
Sep 16 2:54pm

Brian Grady I think halfway through the season K-roc will wish he was still with De Coster. Maybe I'm wrong, but in my 30 plus years in/following the sport, I don't remember anyone willingly leaving a Roger De Coster managed team. He's made Champions wherever he's been.
Sep 16 2:55pm

David Williams They'll do good but should have kept pieck
Sep 16 8:49pm

Bill Reed Not well. U got to hire da best rider not middle of road rider. Rocsen a has been u will see Tomac is more hungery. Dungey lost his grangdad during the outdoor MX. Villapoto back, Davi Millsap back, Canard killin it. So the German out, team suckxzuki just sucks not the bike.
Sep 17 6:47am

Sep 15 11:16am PST

Don't let Monday get you down ... Grab the #holeshot and run with it ... #supercross #supercross2014 #monday #startyourweekoffright #attitudeiseverything

Carlos Alberto Muñoz Morales ohhhhh fuck.............
Sep 15 11:20am

Jody Mercer Ouch !!!
Sep 15 3:58pm

Loressa Hardee Or run over it...
Sep 15 4:09pm

Steven Cram Bagget down. 2012
Sep 15 8:09pm

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Sep 16 2:04pm

Jérémy Wagijo Oh shit
Sep 16 9:41pm

Sep 15 10:59am PST

This is by far one of the best movie trailers we have ever seen. Well Done Vurb Moto well done. Go check out the Platinum trailer if you haven't already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEVYvIdQ_8w&feature=youtu.be

Marcelo Quinteiro Francisco Cardoso entra este para o lugar do roczen queres ver
Sep 15 11:04am

Sean Logie What's the movie?
Sep 15 11:19am

Francisco Cardoso roczen na suzuki (usa) e herlings confirmado em mx2 na ktm na mesma (eu) Marcelo Quinteiro alem disso ja ha substituto para ele na ktm usa, o dean wilson vai andar ao lado do dungey...
Sep 15 1:25pm

Terry Thorpe To funny !!!
Sep 15 7:02pm

Mikkel Andreas Nielsen Se den lige Sebastian!!!!!
Sep 16 2:26am

Sep 12 3:51pm PST

It's Friday.....Time to go send it ... What's everyone doing this weekend ?? ... #finallyfriday #supercross #fridaynight #love

Brian Voyles Seattle
Sep 12 4:15pm

Dawn Carroll-Militi Thinking about A1!!! Yeahhh Buddy!!! #supercross #finallyfriday
Sep 12 6:23pm

Steven Cram Can't ride. I must work $$$. !!!!
Sep 12 7:29pm

Leroy Ahana Ride
Sep 12 8:01pm

Conrad Paul Klusmeier Heading to the Motocross track for a full day of BIG AIR FUN. Trailer is all loaded up and ready to go. Whoop Whoop.
Sep 13 3:30am

Adriano Sawatzky Waiting for supercross like crazy
Sep 13 9:42am

Sep 11 11:24am PST

Today is a day of remembrance ... Never forget .... #9-11 #nineeleven #neverforget #rip #unitedwestand #america

Joe Macieo
Sep 11 7:34pm

Joe Macieo
Sep 11 7:35pm

Sep 11 10:21am PST

Ok what do you guys think of this beast??

Travis Huggett I want one .
Sep 11 10:23am

Bryan Carroll Nick Clem they stole your bike dudeee
Sep 11 10:26am

Scott Narvell Alex Acevedo
Sep 11 10:26am

Robert Libres Bad ass!
Sep 11 10:27am

Paul Monty Moncrieff Amazing! Can't wait to see it in action.
Sep 11 10:27am

Michael Rosenbeck Is it a CR 500 engine? Niels Bommer
Sep 11 10:28am

Mustafa Dereci Bayram Tabur
Sep 11 10:30am

Dub Shack they said KAWI motor earlier!
Sep 11 10:30am

John Baker Oh ya !!! Ring ring ding ding ...... Braaap !!!
Sep 11 10:30am

Austin Branum Logan Hall
Sep 11 10:30am

Justin Le Clercq Honda frame?
Sep 11 10:32am

Bayram Tabur Musdafa Mustafa Dereci BraaaaaP
Sep 11 10:33am

J.P. Gosselin Bring back the two stroke 500's
Sep 11 10:34am

Gage Garl Mitch Susner
Sep 11 10:34am

Mustafa Dereci Nasil gardss
Sep 11 10:34am

Bayram Tabur Eidir eiii
Sep 11 10:35am

Dan Schramm Ok! Now you're my HERO!
Sep 11 10:37am

Aubrey Sweatt That sounds healthy!
Sep 11 10:38am

Kevn Woodbury sounds mean
Sep 11 10:38am

Steven Senter I have to say I got a little giddy with the site and sound of that big 2SMOKER!!!!
Sep 11 10:41am

Brian Snyder Grip it and rip it
Sep 11 10:42am

Jason Warren That's serious
Sep 11 10:52am

Eric Eaton I doubt it handles very good.... add torque take away handling.
Sep 11 10:56am

Jonathan Karlsson Rasmus Uhde
Sep 11 10:56am

Joseph F Rodrigues Get it bud!!
Sep 11 10:59am

Supercross.com shared a link
Sep 10 10:07am PST

So pumped on this! How do you think Travis Pastrana will do in this event?? http://bit.ly/1p7E3Iu

Britton Tiner He's gonna get smoked.
Sep 10 10:09am

Ben J Searle I think it depends on if he can ride that far without throwing in a backflip ha ha!
Sep 10 10:11am

Shawn Reed Who care it will just be badass seeing him on the 500!!!!!
Sep 10 10:12am

Kane Hampson Bubba's gonna' smoke em' all
Sep 10 10:12am

Tony Pybus If he can figure out how to make a 500cc 2 stroke hook up, nothing will touch him.
Sep 10 10:13am

Timm Lucher as long as he dosnt have to turn he should do great! He is probably going to come up with some crazy jump combinations to.
Sep 10 10:16am

Davey Boyd I don't see how he will compete with the top 450 riders but regardless I'd still watch it even if it was just to see him alone ride. He's super awesome to watch even Lose miserably because he puts all of himself in it, looks amazing doing so & that's what it's really about.
Sep 10 10:16am

Chris Sittman Will bet he does better than most people think he will, the guy is very talented on a bike, i say top 5!
Sep 10 10:17am

Vince Baioni you will do great bro...top 3 ..if you dont win it!.
Sep 10 10:17am

Holden Pruitt First one eliminated due to a crash trying to backflip in the whoops
Sep 10 10:18am

Henri Zambello for Travis, please insert a double back flip section !!!
Sep 10 10:19am

Eric Coutermarsh Ace Waak
Sep 10 10:19am

Eric Coutermarsh Ride Red!
Sep 10 10:20am

Nathan Dallas Hate to say it but he'll probably wreck...it will be spectacular either way
Sep 10 10:22am

Arnie Powell This looks awesome.
Sep 10 10:23am

Anthony Nash When is it ?
Sep 10 10:23am

Aaron Boerger Bubba might smoke something else first. Like a pipe!
Sep 10 10:24am

Scott Hall no 4-stroke is gonna beat the mighty 500 powerplant
Sep 10 10:27am

Nicholas Reed Eli Libby now you gotta go!
Sep 10 10:31am

Eli Westrup I think Travis' lengthy legs will do him a huge favor
Sep 10 10:31am

CJ Brous Travis is talented no matter what he is on, in, or near. As long as he can stay safe and finish I'm sure he'll be in the top 5.
Sep 10 10:31am

Reggie Henne Lol.....he must need money
Sep 10 10:34am

Jason Warren He's probably going to do one of two things. Crash or win.
Sep 10 10:35am

Jason Warren Also he's on a fuckin 500 2 stroke haha
Sep 10 10:35am

Kim Goddard Trav youre gonna kick ass brother!!
Sep 10 10:40am

Sep 10 8:16am PST

If we aren't on the track we defiantly want to be at the beach surfing... What is your second favorite past time (assuming Moto is your 1st). So what do you like to do if you cant make it to the track?

Jamie N Marcus Go surf or ride the CBR1000RR... :-)
Sep 10 8:20am

ThrottleJunkieNews Stand up jet skis in the surf.
Sep 10 8:23am

John Light Skiing the deep or flat out!!!
Sep 10 9:00am

Brendan Smith sk8, bmx
Sep 10 9:15am

Keith Gillespie Bowling.
Sep 10 10:08am

J.P. Gosselin Mountain biking
Sep 11 12:06pm

Ross Olfers Hunt
Sep 11 12:46pm

Sep 8 5:19pm PST

A nice little edit from our lead mechanics second day over in Indonesia ... #utv #rzr1000 #turbo #race #supercross #motomonday

Igor Sousa Gustavo Gehrke MaierĂĄ Gabriel Cestari
Sep 8 5:36pm