David S. Wills
Sep 1 11:01pm PST

Aug 30 3:43pm PST

What plans do you have for Labor Day ??? This is an amazing photo taken of our lead mechanic and his turbo'd #rzr Xp 900 ... This is how we spend our Labor Day.... Thanks for the pic @utvguide ... #laborday #supercross #dunes #wheelies #love

Juliano Internazional Art !
Aug 30 4:55pm

UTV Guide
Aug 30 12:58pm PST

As the storm rolls in, HCR Racing holds the fourth card in the Supercross.com Poker Run! #UTVInvasion

Chris Johnson Where is this?
Aug 30 11:49am

Chris Johnson Looks like fun. Putting that place on the list.
Aug 30 3:21pm

UTV Guide
Aug 30 12:57pm PST

Muzzys Performance is the last stop on the Supercross.com Poker Run! Time to turn your cards in! #UTVInvasion

Muzzy Racing Great shot of Team Muzzys
Aug 30 10:07pm

Dave Kuskie 2 class acts pictured there
Sep 1 1:15pm

UTV Guide
Aug 30 12:55pm PST

The line is starting to grow for drivers turning in their hands. The Supercross.com Poker Run is almost over, but the festivities are just getting started here at #UTVInvasion!

UTV Guide
Aug 30 11:07am PST

For those with enough guts (and fuel), Starting Line Products (SLP) has set up a "Wild Card" stop out here at Devil's Dune. This is where the big stuff is! Supercross.com Poker Run #IdahoDunesUTVInvasion

Bill Holesworth Glad we made the trip out for the extra card.
Aug 30 11:46am

UTV Guide
Aug 30 9:41am PST

Third stop at the Supercross.com Poker Run at the #UTVInvasion - second in the dunes - TMW OFFROAD is perched on top of Thunder Mountain. #UTVInvasion

UTV Guide
Aug 30 9:21am PST

First dune stop of the Supercross.com poker run - Devious PowerSports at Egin Lake #UTVInvasion #IdahoDunesUTVInvasion

UTV Guide
Aug 30 8:39am PST

The Supercross.com Poker Run is kicking off here at the #UTVInvasion with stops sponsored by Starting Line Products (SLP), Muzzys Performance, HCR Racing, TMW OFFROAD, Devious PowerSports and Meyer Media..