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Behind the Scenes with Travis Pastrana & Nitro Circus!

Behind the scene’s with Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus

On Monday night I got a call from my friend Malcolm McCassy. He said “Hey I’m leaving around 4am tomorrow with my girlfriend and Rico to head to Lake Havasu. Nitrro Circus is filming and I need to hook everyone up with some Ethika Underwear. Wanna come?”

It took me a whole two seconds before I responded with a “HECK YEAH DUDE!!” I knew right away this trip was going to be fun. I mean what more can you ask for during the middle of the week for fun? Great friends, road trip, Havasu and NITRO CIRCUS! So I quickly packed up a couple outfits, grabbed some sun-block and a swimsuit …. slept for about 20 minutes, woke up at 3 am, then drove over to my friend Rico’s house, dragged him out of bed, and said “Let’s Go!”

We blasted the music as loud as we could, and we were on our way! With big smiles on our faces.

Those smiles didn’t last long though – BOOM – we hit a big nail in the road at high speed and my tire went flat….. and my tire started going flat! OH MAN …. What do we do? I want to go to Havasu … I want to see Nitro Circus!

Rico saved the day with a bottle of Fix a Flat! YESSsssssssssss! On the road again we go!!!!

We made it to Havasu in less then 4 hours. Rico was a speed racer! After arriving at the hotel and meeting up with Malcolm and his awesome girlfriend Christine we put on our swim suits and went on the hunt to find the Nitro Circus crew. We couldn’t wait to see what crazy stunts they had in store for the show!

After what felt like an hour we finally walked upon the set of where the guys were filming! They were out on a boat and we were stuck on the beach! Hmmmmmmmmmmm …… what do we do now? AH HA! I got it! I picked up the phone and called my friend Brandy Leach who works at Eliminator Boats. With in one hour Brandy ‘Hooked a Sista” up with a 29 Foot Deck Boat fully loaded! She even had her friend Ross there to drive us around. I couldn’t help but think I needed to wake up from a dream. Nitro Circus, great friends, Havasu, and an amazing Eliminator DECK BOAT! SCORE. Of course after talking to Brandy I insisted she join us, … how could she resist? She hoped in her car and began making the 4 hour drive asap! I couldn’t wait to see her!

While waiting for Ross and our PIMP Daddy Eliminator Boat, we stepped into the Turtle to take a picture.

Malcolm had some time to get his Ethika Underwear out and pic out the best ones for each guy. Just in time too, ‘cuz guess who showed up as we were hanging out? The whole Cast and Crew. It was lunch time!

After their lunch break we all hoped in the boats, and Travis Pastrana took a look at the Eliminator and was already thinking things up in his head that he could do with such a fast boat. I was scared to ask what he was planning!

We take off and begin to head to the location where they are shooting. And once the boat hit about 50 mph TP looks at me then gets up and JUMPS OUT! Yup! Right off the side!!! I looked at Ross, who was driving the boat, and he didn’t know what to think! He probably thought “Who are these kids? They are nuts!”

LOL … after picking up our MAN OVERBOARD we were back in action, headed to see what kind of shanegins these guys were up to. I would have never guessed what i saw next! The biggest Slip ‘n Slide u can imagine covered in soap and KY jelly. At the end of the Slip ‘n Slid was a ramp that would launch them into the water!

They suited up with helmets and funny outfits, grabbed a floaty of some sort and got in line and ready to hit the Slip ‘n Slide.

You may be thinking “Slip ‘n Slide? That’s not so crazy!” I certainly thought all these guys were pretty much crazh, and I thought “this was NITRO CIRCUS!?!”

But please forgive me, … I failed to mention a small detail, Each Cast member had to lay down at the beginning of the slide, Grap onto a bungy cord … and hold on for deal life – because a big ol’ boat would now be launching them into the Lake. (Ha ha ha!)

Watching them was so much fun. And the tricks and outfits they wore were very funny as well. You are going to have to watch Nitro Circus all of next season, because I’m not sure when the Havasu episode will air.

After a long day of shooting, and a hard day of watching them as I worked on my tan and photography skills, I called over X Games Front flip tryer-outer and Downhill Pro Mountain Biker Jim DeChamp to the boat and asked for a Sea Doo ride! I put a life jacket on, jumped on the the back and held on for dear life. I had no idea what would come next!

As the three boats already out on the lake that were filled with Nitro Circus Cast & Crew were heading back to home base, Jim and I sped up. To try and keep up! Getting right up next to the boats we started jumping the wakes, and we were getting some good air!

Now what I thought was a little dangerous yet extremely fun, Jim probably thought was boring. He is after all a cast member to the Craziest stunt show on TV! Almost like clockwork he tells me to hold on tight as we pin it up to the other boats, which are side by side, and going fast. We speed up past them, flip a U turn and head straight towards them – like a game of chicken! I screamed and tried to not close my eyes! WTF was he doing!???! Just as I thought I made the worst decision even in my life by jumping on the back of that Sea Doo (and starting saying my prayers), we squeeze right in-between the two on-coming boats and jump the biggest wake of the day! We GOT SOOOOO HIGH!

I wanted to smack Jim in the head for not warning me we were playing Chicken, …. but I didn’t. Instead, I thanked him and wanted to do it again!!!! The whole cast were cheering us on and clapping, saying “OMG, that was big!” I hope they got a good shot of it on camera!

I got back to home base (The Turtle) just in time to meet up with Brandy, and gave her a big hug to thank her and her company for bringing out an Elimnator Boat for us!

The next day, the stunts for the Nitro Circus show with Travis Pastrana and crew got even bigger and better. (Although Im not allowed to tell you about them, but the pictures might give you a little clue. Maybe!)

I’d like to thank Nitro Circus for letting us come hang out …. Eliminator Boats for the awesome ride and for pulling around the Nitro guys all week ….. Ethika Underwear, ….. and Malcolm and Rico for talking me into coming along. What a great mid-week adventure!


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You figure it out!

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Travis Pastrana – man overboard!

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