Frenchman Gautier Paulin, riding for Factory Kawasaki, wins MX 1 Motocross Grand Prix of Bulgaria. And the UK’s Tommy Searle, along riding a Kawasaki, edges out Jeffrey Herlings for the GP win in MX 2.

MX1 Results
1. Gautier Paulin 2/1 KAW
2. Chris Pourcel 1/2 KAW
3. Tony Cairoli 4/3 KTM
4. Ken d Dycker KTM
5. E Bobryshev HON
6. Xavier Boog KAW
7. D Philppaerts YAM
8. C Desalle 3/18 SUZ
9. S Simpson YAM
10. Seb Pourcel KAW
MX1 Points

Tony Cairoli 88
Gautier Paulin 79
Clem Desalle 67
Ken d Dycker 63
Chris Pourcel 59
Kevin Strijbos 51
Xavier Boog 49
Shaun Simpson 45
D Philippaerts 44
Tanel Leok 42
MX2 Results

1. Tommy Searle 3/1 KAW
2. Jeffrey Herlings 2/2 KTM
3. Joel Roelants 1/4 KAW
4. J. v. Horebeek 4/3 KTM
5. Max Anstie HON
6. Harri Kullas SUZ
7. D Ferrandis KAW
8. Alex Tonkov HON
9. Jake Nicholls KTM
10. Al Lupino HUS
MX2 Points

Jeffrey Herlings 94
Tommy Searle 87
Joel Roelants 85
J. v. Horebeek 74
Max Anstie 57
Jake Nicholls 51
Jordi Tixier 48
D. Ferrandis 48
Harri Kullas 43
Lupino, Tonkov 38

Gorna Rositza Circuit

News came before the race from Yamaha that title contender Steven Frossard would not be racing today. He twisted his right knee in yesterday’s qualifying race. He’s back in Belgium getting checked by his doctor’s to see about racing next weekend at the Italian Grand Prix.

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 2 - Bulgaria - Photo 1 of 2

Gautier Paulin on the podium courtesy Bavo Swijgers

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 2 - Bulgaria - Photo 2 of 2

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Gautier Paulin said after his win “I really love the MX1 class! The championship has only just started – we are here at the second GP and to get the win already is a great feeling. I was happy with my riding in Valkenswaard, but had an unfortunate crash. But today I felt safe on the bike and had good speed and came through with the win. The Factory Kawasaki worked well and the guys in the team did a great job. This is how I would like to continue for the rest of the season.”

Next MX GP: 28-29 April in Fermo, Italy