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Amanda’s blog has been hijacked!

Amanda’s blog has been hijacked! »

Actually, Amanda is sleeping right now. In seat 4a. We are on a 30 hour trip back home to California after attending the

Team USA all the way! (Karen tell’s what it’s like to be part of Team USA!)

Team USA all the way! (Karen tell’s what it’s like to be part of Team USA!) »


Amanda talks to Karen from the AMA about what’s it was like to go thru the event and how she

Tim Ferry talking about the USA’s win at Motocross of Nations 08! »


Amanda talks to Timmy on his 1st place overall in the Open class, and in being part of Team USA’s

Team USA taking their photo on the podium of the 08 Motocross of Nations! »


The AmandaCam in action! For the 19th record breaking time, Team USA takes the win at the 2008 Red Bull

2008 Red Bull Motocross of Nations, Sunday »

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It was the 62nd edition of the Red Bull Motocross of Nations, held at Donington Park in Great Britain.

2008 Motocross of Nations, Saturday »

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Action started up on the track today at Donington, with James Stewart and Ryan Villopoto of the heavily favored

2008 Motocross of Nations, Friday »

Friday, September 26, 2008

Things started heating up today, with Friday being primarily the day to introduce all the teams to the press

Is Superman at the Motocross of Nations? »


Amanda talks to Great Britain’s SuperFan!

Tarah Gieger at the 08 Motocross of Nations »


Amanda talks Tarah Gieger at the 2008 Motocross of Nations in England! She rode for Team Puerto Rico!

2008 Motocross of Nations, Thursday »

Thursday, 25 September 2008

This year’s annual Motocross of Nations is being held at Donington Park, in England. The Motocross of Nations, always

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