News from February 2003

PointXCamp’s new Motocross Training Program

Aguanga CA February 10, 2003: PointXCamp has developed its new Motocross Program for 2003 and beyond in parternship with 7-time AMA Champion Rick Johnson. The programs will span a wide variety of off road motorcycling, including a complete Motocross Training curriculum for beginner, expert, pro, or mini. This curriculum will focus on skills including jumps, [...]

Rick Johnson & American Suzuki team up

Rick Johnson has joined with American Suzuki in four major capacities, thru the year 2005. RJ will help Suzuki as a race team consultant, primarily their 125 team riders. He will continue to assist Seb Tortelli, and will help Stephane Roncada in a limited capacity as well. Also, the Rick Johnson School of Champions will [...]

Texans put CR125 Elsinore up for auction to help Billy Grossi

A group of Texans, along with a long list of supporters, have restored a beautiful 1975 CR 125 Honda to help injured motocross legend, Billy Grossi. Billy (AKA SugarBear) was seriously hurt last May at Sears Point, and will receive 100% of the proceeds. The Honda is on Ebay under “Elsinore”. The winning bidder will [...]

AMA Pro Racing comments on supercross rules & officiating

Lots of fans have been calling, e-mailing, and posting about the rules of supercross, especially with the close racing of the past few weeks. Below is a statement from Merrill Vanderslice, the Director of Competition with AMA Pro Racing, and it might help in understanding the rules and officiating of AMA Supercross Series events: “In [...]

RJ’s School of Non-Champions!

Supercross & motocross are very demanding sports. Only the best can succeed. That’s why you need an instructor. Are you wanting to be the best, but have no talent? Do you need a calendar to check your lap times? Having trouble getting air off jumps? Then you need an instructor! RJ’s credentials as a teacher [...]

The race that could of been …

St. Louis 2003 Carmichael v. Reed Everyone has been waiting for it. Carmichael & Reed, head-to-head for 20 laps. It almost happened this past weekend in St. Louis. Carmichael and Reed, Reed and Carmichael. The defending champ vs. the 250 supercross rookie. Honda vs. Yamaha. #1 vs. #2. Almost! It was looking good for the [...]

Daytona is different

by Ryan Mahoney To see the results and point standings from Daytona, visit this linkTo see more of Ryan Mahoney’s work, visit this linkHow different? It’s the 33rd annual running of the prestigious Daytona event – more than any other. The track itself is longer, rougher, bumpier, sandier, and by far the most grueling on [...]

Bruhnie goes big!

Steve Bruhn shows what the Daytona Supercross is all about – 36 big photos! by Steve Bruhn / Motonewsto see the results and point standings from Daytona, visit this link Click on thumbnail to view the larger image function OpenWindow(url, width, height) {, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); } The 250 podium – Ferry, Carmichael, Reed [...]

A message from me to you

by David Vuillemin (AKA The Cobra, #12, DV) Greetings to all of the people that have supported me thru I would just like to thank everyone for all your good words and thoughts. It means a lot to me. It is a tough time for me right now, but you messages keep me in [...]

Daytona Supercross

Photos direct from The World Center of Racing by Ryan MahoneyTo see the results & point standings from Daytona, please visit this link.To learn more about Daytona International Speedway and the World Center of Racing, please visit this link. function OpenWindow(url, width, height) {, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); } Ricky Carmichael dominated. Again. RC 125 [...]