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News from August 2003

World MX GP – Round 11 – Czech Republic

Loket circuit Belgian heros take two world titles, and looking at third … Stefan Everts: Record setting seventh world championship. Record setting 69 GP wins. He won both the 125 and MXGP races. He is unprecedented in world motocross. Joel Smets: He won the 650cc race, and that championship. It’s his fifth title. He’ll end [...]

World MX GP – Round 10 – Germany

Gaildorf circuit Stefan Everts: ANOTHER double race win! Next weekend: August 31, at Loket in the Czech Republic. Everts is looking good to win his record breaking seventh world motocross title. [img1] Defending 250 World Champion Mickael Pichon injured ligaments in his knee, will have surgery tomorrow, and could be out of action up to [...]

Branden Jesseman – broken wrist – send him a get well message

American Suzuki’s 125 East Supercross champion Branden Jesseman broke his wrist practicing today at the Millville national motocross.Branden’s a good guy, and a hard worker. Send him a get well message right here. Branden

World MX GP – Round 9 – Holland

Lierop circuit Stefan Everts – man on a mission. Sixth win in a row. Fourth ‘same day double’ GP win in a row. Career leader in Grand Prix victories with 65 now. Heading toward a record breaking seventh World Motocross Championship. Defending 250 World Champion Mickael Pichon had a fall, and finished sixth. Motocross Grand [...]

2003 American Motocross des Nations team is named

Ricky Carmichael, Tim Ferry and Ryan Hughes have been selected to represent the United States at the 2003 Motocross des Nations as Team USA Chevy Trucks. The event will be held on October 5 in Zolder, Belgium. The team was selected by AMA Pro Racing through a collaborative process involving team managers and the riders. [...]