News from April 2003

125 East Champion Branden Jesseman injures thumb

Team Sobe Suzuki rider Branden Jesseman, who just wrapped up the 2003 125 East title on April 5th, is out of action with an injured thumb. Branden fell while practicing in SoCal for the upcoming National MX series. He suffered torn ligaments in the thumb area, is flying back to Pennsylvania, and will have surgery [...]

Sand storm

Southwick is unique 100% sand Photos by The Factory Spectator – Steve ‘Showtime’ Bruhn Click on the thumbnail image to view the larger photoTo view the results from the Southwick race, visit this link function OpenWindow(url, width, height) {, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); } Craig Anderson, from Australia, won his first 125 National Ando Anderson [...]

Was it really just two years ago?

2001 USA motocross photo flashback Ricky Carmichael and Kawasaki dethroned Jeremy McGrath for the supercross title Ernesto Fonseca beat Rodrig Thain for the 125 west series Travis Pastrana beat Nate Ramsey in the east Carmichael won the 250 outdoors Mike Brown was the 125 outdoor champ after a season-long battle with Grant LangstonWas it really [...]

A day some in the industry feared?

CBS News and their 60 Minutes II TV program decided to do a segment on off-road motorcycling – supercross, motocross, and freestyle. Some in the industry were fearful – how would CBS portray our sport? Many were concerned that CBS would portray the sport negatively. (A TV news segment years ago helped in the demise [...]

Fun with photos, fill in the caption v.10

Langston, Brown, and crew Boniface with no goggles? Hughes and Brooks are … Put your bone-headed comments for these three photos in the message boards. Come up with something good, or we’ll put more of them in here.It’s “Fill in the caption, version 10!” Click on the thumbnails to view the much larger images. Fotos: [...]

60 Minutes II, part II

This is the letter I sent to Jim Stewart after our 60 Minutes II interview … The CBS News program 60 Minutes II is airing a segment on off-road motorcycling. As you might know, I was one of many people interviewed for the segment. If you’d like to see some photos from my interview, you [...]

Name the race

Photos of Travis Pastrana, Ezra Lusk, and David Vuillemin. All from the same race. Name the location and year. Name the race here in the Message Boards. (Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images) Photos Bill Q function OpenWindow(url, width, height) {, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); } Travis on a 125 with [...]

World MX GP – Round 2 – Netherlands

Valkenswaard Mickael Pichon wins #2 … 650 Results: Joel Smets KTM Javier Garcia Vico KTM Cedric Melotte HON Danny Theybers HUS Avo Leok HON 125 Results: Steve Ramon KTM Erik Eggens KTM Marc DeReurver KTM Ben Townley KTM Alessio Chiodi YAM Motocross Grand Prix Results: Mickael Pichon SUZ Joel Smets KTM Ken Gundersen KAW Kevin [...]

California No More

The AMA/Chevy Trucks U. S. Motocross series heads east now. Three Anaheims, a San Francisco, a San Diego, a San Bernardino, a Sacramento … remember all those big AMA races in California? No more for 2003! The series heads east now for outdoor motocross as it should be. The first two outdoor races were held [...]

Fill in the photo caption v.9

RJ (left) tells Sean Hamblin (right) “OK, …. ” Can you come up with a caption for these photos? RJ is saying something really important to Sean Hamblin after practice Saturday at Hangtown. We know it’s important because RJ told us so! If you know what they are talking about, let us know … Click [...]