News from November 2002

Brazilian supercross season update

Brazilian supercross season ended this past weekend. Massoud Nassar is the 250cc Champion, with Roosevelt Assunção taking the 125 crown, and Rafel Zenni taking the 80cc title. The 2003 season will start in March. Round 3 80cc 1 Rafel Zenni – Honda 2 Renan Bunji – Yamaha 3 Cristopher Castro – Honda 4 Marcelo Lima [...]

MX Racing in Namibia, Africa, Part II

Part II Gallina Moto Cross Park Thousands of spectators flocked to the racetrack outside of the capital Windhoek in Namibia, Africa At the “Tafel Lager/Pepsi Dash for Cash” event, Daniel Siegl proved his desire to become the “Open Namibian Champion”. Daniel won the first heat ahead of countryman Dennis Schröter, Dane Jacob Almar and Dutchman [...]

Nate Ramsey update

Nate broke a bone (femur) in his leg while practicing. He had surgery on it, and is recovering now.Send him your message here in the Message Boards

More blue

An interview with David Vuillemin by Rick Johnson Rick: David, you were the only guy consistently beating RC in supercross last season. Then the shoulder injury. How do you feel now coming into 2003?David: There are two ways to look at it. One is confidence, and it’s motivating to feel that. It helps then to [...]

Red Dog – Tim Ferry

by Rick Johnson Rick: Tim, in 2002 you showed you have the speed, but luck wasn’t too good for you. Will you be doing anything different for 2003?Tim: Yes, I’ve changed some things a bit. I’m working more on riding technique. I’ve always taught myself, and that’s what I know with my riding style. But [...]

Lee McCollum Interview

What is your role ‘officially’? Lee’s handiwork Lee: Officially, I’m Travis Pastrana’s race technician. That’s what it would say on a business card. On my contract it says I work for Travis Pastrana, but I am employed by Suzuki.How did you get started being a technician? It’s kinda’ a long story (laughs). I started like [...]

A Day In The Dirt

Actually, it’s three days in the dirt … but who’s counting? It’s fun, family, and friends It’s a race, it’s a get together, it’s a party “Funnest race of the year” – quote from everyone that was there (Click on thumbnails to view larger images.) It’s the fifth annual Day In The Dirt, held at [...]

Welcome to the …. Limelight

Kawasaki celebrates 2002, looks forward to 2003 (click on small images below to view the larger photos) We walked towards the entrance of the futuristic looking building. Very impressive! (Editor’s note: We would tell you the secret location of this event, but if we did, we were told we would become lifeless, mindless, zombie-like robots, [...]

Yamaha knows how to ‘cook’!

And have fun! Yamaha introduces their 2003 race teams in a unique and fun way … A hot & sunny November day in SoCal. The Dromo One indoor facility. 90 go-cart drivers. All the 2003 Yamaha race team members. A full day of driving. Fun. Fun. Fun! After 466 laps – over three hours and [...]

Josh Demuth, Arenacross Champ Interview

by Rick Johnson Rick Johnson, Josh Demuth Rick: Josh, everything has been going very well for you. You are the defending arenacross champion, and you are currently leading the point standings again. Is this what you expected, or is it even better than you expected?Josh: It’s even better than I expected. I was just hoping [...]