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News from June 2002

World Motocross – Round 7 – Bulgaria

Alessandro Puzar, Mickael Pichon, and Joel Smets are victorious on the Gorna Rositza circuit. The weather was very hot, almost 105 degrees (40 celsius). 125 Grand Prix Results: 1. Alessandro Puzar – HUS 2. Philippe Dupasquier – KTM 3. Ben Townley – KTM 4. Stephen Sword – KTM 5. Josef Dobes – YAM 250 Grand [...]

Supercross TV viewing records

AMA Supercross, second in motor sports popularity in the USA only to NASCAR, announced a record for the most television viewers in a single season – fifteen million fans, that tuned to the broadcasts on ESPN2 & ABC Sports. Says Mike Weber, executive vice president of Clear Channel Entertainment Motor Sports. “All fans, riders, and [...]

KTM helping Supermoto come to the USA!

Supermoto? Supermoto? What is Supermoto? In simple terms, Supermoto is a combination of motocross, dirt track, and road racing. KTM is helping introduce Supermoto to United States motor sports fans. KTM invited members of the media to Cajon Speedway in El Cajon, California to actually ride Supermoto machines on a sample Supermoto track.A typical Supermoto [...]

World Motocross – Round 6 – AUSTRIA

Austrian Grand Prix – Karntenring Circuit The three current World Champions all won (Dobb, Pichon, Everts). In the 500 class, Everts won by passing Yves DeMaria on the last lap in the last corner. It’s Everts 53rd Grand Prix win. Joel Smets fell. Mickael Pichon won his fifth 250 race of the year and third [...]

Point X Camp: Largest extreme sports camp in the western US set to open

The boys (and girls) who brought you the Mini Warriors Video Series and Travis Pastrana’s Revelation 199 are about to open Point X Camp. After years of planning and preparation, the camp will open later this month (June 2002). Point X Camp will provide the most extensive action sports training and camping facility in the [...]

Info on Kawasaki/Suzuki alliance

Here is more info provided by Bob Moffit of Kawasaki USA Bob: We are of course aware there has been some talk about the arrangement between Kawasaki and Suzuki. Our relationship with Suzuki is an alliance. It is not a merger. There has been no exchange of equity between the two companies. It’s a relationship [...]