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News from November 2001

The Men of Clear Channel

Interview by Rick Johnson Clear Channel is a big company. I’ve worked with a few individuals there, but never with the company as a whole. I feel it is important to hear what they have to say, and give you a glimpse of four people behind the scenes: Charlie Mancuso, Roy Janson, Ken Hudgens, and [...]

Mini-View: John Farris (V.P. AMA Pro-Racing)

RJ: You were with Chevy Trucks/General Motors, and now you’ve come on board with AMA Pro-Racing. Can you comment on AMA Pro-Racing’s decision to work with a new promoter starting in 2003? John: The AMA and Clear Channel were at the end of the contractual obligations to each other. Decisions had to be made for [...]

Who is Todd Jacobs?

OK, time is up. Put down your pencils. If you answered Jeremy McGrath’s new trainer – you are correct! RJ: You met Jeremy thru David Bailey a while back. What were your first impressions? Todd: I started with a person who I wanted to see what his true intentions were. He had just come off [...]

Mini-View: Skip Norfolk (McGrath Racing technician)

RJ: Last season finishing second was different for you and Jeremy. What are some of the changes you are pursuing for the 2002 season? Skip: We’ve been spending a lot of time reviewing and analyzing. I spent a lot of time looking at photos and videotapes all the way back to 1993. We analyzed Jeremy’s [...]

Day In The Dirt (MC, Fro, Kehoe, Miller, Ward, Lechien, Johnson, etc.)

L.A. County Raceway – The high desert of southern California – by RJ This weekend is the annual Day in the Dirt event, which attracts a lot of industry people, along with weekend warriors, and Hollywood stunt people. We had it all as far as weather – wind, cold, sun, dust, rain, mud …. and [...]

Interview – Stephane Roncada

(Why is this man smiling so much?) You’d be happy and smiling if you were in Stephane Roncada’s shoes. Factory motocross rider, business man, and newly married. function OpenWindow(url, width, height) { window.open(url, ‘img’, ‘resizable, width=’+width+’,height=’+height+”); } Click here to see a video of Stepane (Quicktime Required) What’s new with you? Nothing really, just getting [...]

Interview: Jeremy McGrath

by Rick Johnson RJ: First things first, which one of the Village People do you like most? The Indian, The G.I. dude, Biker/Leatherman, The Construction Worker, The Cop, or The Cowboy? Jeremy: I think I’ll go with the Indian. Yeah, I like the Indian. RJ: OK, at least we have something in common – I [...]

What is Jam?

A. Something you put on your toast B. What musicians do once in a while C. The AMA’s promoter of choice for supercross in ’03 The AMA has chosen Jam Sports as their promoter of supercross starting in 2003. I wanted to know… By Rick Johnson RJ: First off, tell me about Jam Sports, and [...]

Jeremy turns 30 – Surprise Birthday Party!

By RJ, Photos by SuperScott #1 Saturday night – November 17 – The Quails Inn – San Diego. Surprise party for Jeremy! Jeremy thought he was going to see his friends Jeff (Beaver) and Pam’s children at a Thanksgiving performance. Hah! Adult beverages were had by many, and a good time was had by all! [...]