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News from April 2001

World MX Grand Prix – Round 4 – Genk BELGIUM

125 Main Event:1. James Dobb – KTM2. Sven Breugelmans – YAM3. Mark DeReuver – YAM4. Patrick Caps – YAM5. Erik Eggens – KTM250 Main Event:1. Gordon Crockard – HON2. Mickael Pichon – SUZ3. Yves DeMaria – YAM4. Mickael Maschio – KAW5. Chad Reed – KAW500 Main Event:1. Stefan Everts – YAM2. Joel Smets – KTM3. [...]

More Photos from the 2001 Motocross des Nations

Photos by Mr. Fernando Bianco The French team won the 55th edition of the Motocross des Nations in Namur on the last Sunday in September. It was the first-ever victory for France. The Belgian and New Zealand teams finished second and third. The French team of Luigi Seguy, David Vuillemin and Yves Demaria had a [...]

Mickael Pichon: 250 World MX Champion

He began his career very young: only 15 when he made his debut in World MX. He immediately was considered a sure promise for the future. That was ten years ago – 1991 Mickael was one of the first to follow the road pioneered by Jean-Michael Bayle to the U.S.A. Mickael won the 125 French [...]

Photo Special – The U. S. Open – 2001

It was October at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. RC’s first race for Honda. McGrath and Pastrana return to racing. RC swepts. It was Ricky Carmichael’s first race for Honda. Jeremy McGrath and Travis Pastrana made their return to racing after time away. But Ricky Carmichael swept both nights of action.Carmichael was dominant [...]

Mini – Flashback – 1996 AMA Motocross

Jeremy McGrath had finished waxing everyone in supercross. He was the defending 250 National Champion. And he rode for Honda. Jeff Emig would go on to win four races and the championship. Jeremy finished second, but won seven events. In the 125 class, Steve Lamson took the championship with nine wins. Kevin Windham would finish [...]

Interview: Jimmy Button

With the support of family and friends, along with words of encouragement from around the world, Jimmy Button has come a long way to rediscover his passion for motocross. On January 22, 2000 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego California, Jimmy’s life changed dramatically. He fell while practicing for the supercross that evening, and sustained [...]

It is official – Carmichael to Honda!

Ricky Carmichael – the hottest name in motocross on the entire planet …. Las Vegas NEVADA – American Honda announced their 2002 Motorcycle Racing Teams at the company’s annual dealer show Wednesday night, September 19 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Motorcycle Division Vice President Ray Blank said, “Motorcycling is really about performance, and [...]

Photo review: 2001 AMA/Chevy Trucks U. S. Motocross Series

Ricky Carmichael. Mike Brown. Kawasaki. Champions. But there was a bit more to it than that. 12 rounds. 48 motos. Mother’s Day to Labor Day. Early season problems for the defending champions (Travis Pastrana and Ricky Carmichael). A new contender from overseas (Grant Langston). “Old time” guy making good (Mike Brown). Challengers to Carmichael’s dominance [...]

San Diego salutes it’s motocross heritage

San Diego has a tremendous motocross heritage. Many riders, tracks, championships, and history came from right here in San Diego. And San Diego saluted that great heritage at the World Famous Del Mar Fair which concluded it’s 2001 run on July 4th. During that time over 1.1 million persons came thru the turnstiles to sample [...]

Mammoth Mountain Motocross

It’s not for any big championship points. It’s not for big amounts of money or fame. But it is one of the most famous races in the world. It’s Mammoth! The Mammoth motocross is in the same area as the world famous Mammoth ski resort. Mammoth is a small town way up in the Sierra [...]