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News from September 1999

Interview: Jimmy Button

by Steve Bruhn SB: I saw you walk in, it was good to see. JB: It’s not much of walking yet but its getting better every day – slowly. SB: How long since you got the halo removed, did that help? JB: It will be a week on Wednesday. It’s been off five days now. [...]

Images from Daytona’s World Famous Bike Week

Overview of Daytona supercross track Brown, Pastrana, Vohland celebrating Brown, Pastrana, Vohland 250 start LaRocco, Carmichael, Lusk KTM’s Brock Sellards (yes, the track has grass!) Balls of Steel performers Daytona is many things, including lots of Harleys Mike Brown 250 winnner Ricky Carmichael The sandy white beaches of Daytona Daytona Beach pier Coming into Daytona [...]

Interview: AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath

What is a typical day like for you when you are not riding? This morning I did an interview with ‘Mens Fitness Magazine’, then we did a photo shoot for that, then I worked out at the gym. After that I went to the Troy Lee Design offices in Corona (California) to discuss some business [...]

Interview: AMA 250 National Champion Greg Albertyn

Team Suzuki’s 250 AMA National Champion Greg Albertyn Finish this sentence: “I love motocross because….” I love motocross because it’s one of the most exciting sports in the world. The rush of high speeds, the fast and high jumping, guys banging handlebars, the first turn action. It’s definitely the most exciting and adrenalin filled sport [...]

Interview: 500 World Motocross Champion Andrea Bartolini

by Filippo Ceccucci 500 World Motocross Champion Andrea Bartolini (The Bartman!) Andrea Bartolini is a great rider, but also a great person. His humility and seriousness are proverbial: you’ll never hear of someone that has something against him. He is universally known as a fantastic test driver, but he also has the speed on the [...]

Interview: Multi-time World Champion Stefan Everts

by Filippo Ceccucci Stefan Everts (a new adventure with the Husqvarna 4 stroke) I met Stefan Everts during his first tests with the Husqvarna four stroke in Castiglione del Lago, the same track in the center of Italy that saw the 500 MX World Championship in ’97 and ’99, and where the Italian Grand Prix [...]